BoD Wednesday Night Thread

Tonight, you have NXT, Lucha Underground, TNA Impact, and Ring of Honor all on television. And feel free to talk about anything else going on tonight here.

And be sure to check out the newest What If… column from Place to Be Nation as some staff members explore What If the NWO’s Third Man Wasn’t Hulk Hogan…

PTBN’s Wrestling What If… The NWO’s Third Man

BoD Tuesday Night Thread

Tonight, we have the MLB All-Star Game, Tough Enough, and anything else you want to talk about tonight here.


Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to head on over to Place to be Nation for the latest installment of the “Kevin Kelly” show as he welcomes guest “The Patriot” Del Wilkes. Click on the link below to listen to this interview, which is quite revealing.

Sunday Afternoon Thread

Have at it everyone. Baseball across the board and still lots of fallout from UFC 189.

Also, be sure to check out our Bash at the Beach 1996 Rewind podcast with special guest Scott Keith. There is also a new Exile on Badstreet podcast that deep dives in Bob Backlund’s WWWF title reign in the early 1980s. Exile’s catalogue is tremendous across the board, and I highly recommend the two parter that broke down the collapse of Jm Crockett Promotions in 1988.

BoD Thursday Night Thread

Tonight, Smackdown is on SyFy at 8pm EST, highlighted by Mark Henry vs. Ryback. Plus, MLB action, NHL & NBA free agency and more.

Also, as a quick programming note, I will be reviewing the Brickhouse Brown shoot interview next Thursday as I will be reviewing episodes of Brickhouse TV every other Saturday night, alternating them with my RoH reviews. And the shoot interview after that will be the 1994 WCW Timeline with Eric Bischoff.