Spoiler: Superheroes are Silly

Hey Scott,

I don’t know if you’ve heard the hubbub recently with screen writer David Goyer. For one, he made some disparaging remarks about She-Hulk, stating that she was created basically to give The Hulk someone to bone. Which is crazy on multiple levels (including that she’s his cousin). Secondly, he said he hates the Martian Manunter because the whole concept of him is goofy. Chris Sims wrote about recently, here: http://comicsalliance.com/um-actually-man-of-steel-writer-david-goyers-remarks-on-green-porn-star-she-hulk-and-other-nasty-business/

Anyway, spinning off of the Martian Manhunter business, I was inspired to write about it on my blog. Basically? The superhero genre is and has always been inherently goofy or silly. Even Superman or Batman (he dresses up as a BAT!) are silly if you put too much thought into them. Except that’s part of what makes the superhero genre so great. If you want to see me discuss the matter further, I welcome you and your readers to have a look at what I wrote:

It could create some good discussion, since I know something similar splits wrestling fans, as well. There are plenty of ridiculousness things about wrestling that we accept and many others that we hate or call WrestleCrap. Some wish wrestling was devoid of gimmicks and just focus on the wrestling. Others welcome and embrace the silliness that’s always been a part of the business. The same goes for the superhero genre, I’d say.

Nick Piers

Well, it could be argued that John Byrne kind of fetishizes She-Hulk in his run, but that’s a totally different topic.  And Red She Hulk is Betty Ross, so she literally IS someone Hulk can bone.  

Spoiler Alert

You’ve been warned.

Nice to see Del Rio finally win it after a YEAR of title shots and one half-assed babyface turn.  And yet Ziggler still won’t cash in the damn briefcase.  Apparently this is somehow all leading to Sheamus v. Orton at Wrestlemania for that there belt.  Timing just seems kind of weird, especially doing a major change on Smackdown when no one watches anyway.