Smackdown – June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013
Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

past Payback now and the main story is the double turn by Ziggler and
new world champion Alberto Del Rio. That’s the best outcome as Del
Rio was only working to an extent as a face while Ziggler was getting
over more and more as a good guy. Other than that we have Bryan vs.
Orton tonight in a continuation/rematch from their stopped match on
Raw. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the results from Payback. That’s one thing I
liked about WCW: other than the main events, they made sure to not
tell you who won a lot of the matches until the replays were off PPV.
Now you have clips of the endings to most of the matches, leaving no
reason to buy the replay.
Daniel Bryan to open the show. Until Monday, he had never had a
match stopped due to injury in his entire career. The doctor asked
if he could continue and he said YES, but the company line was that
they were worried for his health. Realistically though, they stopped
the match because they think he’s the weak link and not tough enough.

worst person in all of this was Randy Orton and we get a clip of
Orton helping Bryan up after the match. Bryan says that if Orton
thought he was the strong link, he would have begged for the match to
keep going. The match should have kept going, but Bryan’s YES chant
is cut off by Randy Orton.
comes to the ring shaking his head and mouthing the words “you’re
wrong.” Randy says the match was stopped for Bryan’s well being,
not because anyone thought he was weak. Bryan kept coming during the
match and that made Orton respect him even more. When Orton helped
him up, it was out of respect, not pity. Bryan yells that Orton is
patronizing him after giving Bryan respect for beating Shield last
week. Orton says fine, if Bryan wants a rematch he can have one
tonight. This time though, Bryan will be carried out.
vs. Cody Rhodes
drew the long straw to get this match tonight. Sheamus gets two off
a quick suplex but Cody elbows out of the fireman’s carry roll. Cody
goes to the middle rope but gets snapmared down before rolling to the
floor. Rhodes sends Sheamus into the barricade before stomping away
back inside. A running knee to the head gets two for Cody and it’s
off to an armbar.
fights up but misses a charge into the corner, giving Rhodes two off
a rollup. The slingshot shoulder is countered into a Fujiwara Armbar
but Cody just lets it go. Sheamus shrugs all of the offense off and
hits a sledge to the Cody’s face. The fireman’s carry slam looks to
set up White Noise but Cody rolls out, only to be pulled into the
Cloverleaf for the tap out at 5:37.
D. This was bad even by this
pair’s standards. The total lack of selling of the arm by Sheamus
was surprising as Cody worked on it for a few minutes before Sheamus
just fought back like it was nothing. The main problem here though
is the same we’ve seen with every one on one match between the
Scholars and Sheamus: the winner is never in doubt.
jumps Sheamus post match.
Family promo.
Title: Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett
title looks good on Axel. Miz is on commentary for this rare heel
vs. heel match. Axel grabs a headlock to start but Wade forearms him
down for two. Curtis comes back with a good looking dropkick to take
over and drops some elbows to the chest for two. Wade grabs a quick
suplex for two of his own as the announcers debate if Barrett should
have gotten his rematch on Monday. Barrett hits his big boot to send
Axel out to the floor and another big boot hits for two back inside.
Axel avoids a middle rope elbow and hits a Hennig necksnap followed
by the McGillicutter to retain at 4:40.
D+. This was an 80s punch/kick
for the first few minutes until Barrett turned things up a bit at the
end. Axel pinning Wade clean is an important step for him as now
he’s pinned the former champion without any help at all. It would
appear that Miz is next but hopefully there’s more to the title after
that match.
match Miz gets in the ring to stare down Axel but Heyman gets the
champion out of the way.
on Mark Henry’s fake retirement and attack on Cena from Raw.
Lee vs. Natalya
Natalya immediately takes AJ down but can’t hook the Sharpshooter.
Instead she puts on a strange looking leglock where Natalya’s knees
are between AJ’s knees and stretching them apart with both girls on
their backs. AJ makes the rope and puts on a quick sleeper… we
take a break? In this match? Back with Natalya getting two off a
snap suplex and a clothesline. Natalya shouts that AJ has no respect
but AJ counters a slam into the Black Widow for the pin at 2:20 shown
of 4:50.
and Kaitlyn are watching in the back when Aksana comes up and calls
Katilyn trash. Kaitlyn snaps and beats Aksana up before pouring
trash on her.
Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio
again. Jericho takes him into the corner to start and chokes Del Rio
on the middle rope before getting two off a knee to the back. Del
Rio gets a boot up in the corner to drop Jericho but misses a running
kick and falls out to the floor. Jericho hits the springboard
dropkick to drop Alberto again. A Ricardo distraction lets the
champion get in a cheap shot to take over as we take a break.
with Del Rio sending Chris back to the floor and whipping him into
the barricade. They head back inside and Alberto misses a charge
into the post to shift momentum again. The top rope ax handle looks
to set up the Walls but Alberto spins out and kicks Jericho in the
head for two. The corner enziguri misses though and Jericho hits the
running bulldog and Lionsault. Jericho loads up the Walls but Del
Rio counters into the cross armbreaker which is countered into the
Walls but Chris has to go after Ricardo. Jericho puts Rodriguez in
the Liontamer but Ziggler runs in for the DQ at 5:34 shown of 8:04.
C+. The sequence right before
the ending was good but I’m not wild on the ending. It wouldn’t hurt
Jericho to lose here and make Del Rio look good, even if it was by
cheating. The Ziggler vs. Del Rio feud is getting good in a hurry
and the match should be a solid blowoff. This was fine for a TV
match though and could have been better with more time.
Rio runs off and Jericho gives Ziggler a Codebreaker post match.
Jericho leaves and the champion comes back to pick the bones with a
hard kick to Ziggler’s head. The audience sounded like they were
looking at a heel turn by Jericho but I don’t think it was meant to
be one.
McIntyre vs. Christian
sends him to the floor and hits a baseball slide to take Drew down.
Back in and Christian tags him with an uppercut but dives into a
spinning sitout Rock Bottom from McIntyre for two. Not that it
matters much as Christian takes out the other Band members and hits
the Killswitch for the pin at 1:50.
match Christian says it feels great to be back here for one more
match. Cue Shield to lay Christian out with the TripleBomb.
on Brock Lesnar.
recap the events of Raw with Punk splitting with Heyman and fighting
Del Rio in the main event. Alberto walked out on the match and was
jumped by Ziggler, only to have Lesnar come out and attack Punk.
doesn’t want to talk about the Punk issues so he turns the interview
around on Renee Young, asking her a lot of personal questions about
topics like her father and her ex-fiance. Heyman suggests that next
time, she should talk about Curtis Axel.
Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
charges right at Orton and they slug it out in the corner. Orton
throws him to the mat and stomps away but Bryan gets up and fires
right hands. It’s rare for Bryan to throw punches and they’re better
than I expected. Randy knocks him right back down but misses a knee
drop to the face. Bryan kicks away and hooks a leg lock, only to
have Orton counter into a headlock. Orton blocks the NO Lock and
hits a backbreaker to finally give them a breather. The first few
minutes of the match were continuous punching and holds.
drapes Bryan ribs first onto the top rope and suplexes him over the
top and out to the floor as we take a break. Back with Bryan
fighting out of a superplex and dropping Orton with a missile
dropkick. Daniel fires off the kicks in the corner and hits a
running dropkick for two. Bryan moonsaults over Orton out of the
corner but walks into the snap powerslam for two. Orton gets caught
in a backslide for two and Bryan fires off the kicks to the chest and
head for a two count.
goes up again but gets crotched and superplexed down for a very close
two. The Elevated DDT connects but Bryan rolls to the floor to avoid
the RKO. Orton drops Bryan back first onto the barricade but Bryan
shoves him into the barricade. The flying knee off the apron sets up
the FLYING GOAT and Bryan beats the count back in at 10:36 shown of

Rating: B-. This was a nice back and forth match and they did a good job of making Bryan look strong after last week’s big win over the Shield.  The idea of Bryan being able to get back in at the last second kept both guys looking strong which is a good idea for Orton going forward.

wants the match restarted but Orton just stares at him as the show
B-. This was another
good show as we had some solid action and nothing bad on the entire
show save for a dull Sheamus vs. Rhodes match. Bryan continues to be
so over it’s unreal and the Ziggler face push is coming quickly. The
WWE is starting to get on a roll which is a good sign after a very
dull spring.
b. Cody Rhodes – Cloverleaf
Axel b. Wade Barrett – McGillicutter
Lee b. Natalya – Black Widow
Del Rio b. Chris Jericho via DQ when Dolph Ziggler interefered
b. Drew McIntyre – Killswitch
Bryan b. Randy Orton via countout
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Smackdown – June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Payback tonight so hopefully we can get to some
more interesting stuff soon after this. The main story tonight is
the continued rise of Daniel Bryan in his war against the Shield.
Other than that Dolph Ziggler is back and will be in the ring on
Sunday, meaning we may get a warmup match for him tonight. Let’s get
to it.

opening recap focuses on Ziggler returning in a tag match with
Langston to face Jericho and Del Rio. We also focus on Shield vs.
HELL NO/Orton in a six man tag tonight.
an upset Daniel Bryan to open the show. If you had asked him when he
debuted in the WWE if he would be world champion, he would have said
YES. If you had asked him if he would lose the belt in 18 seconds,
the answer would be NO. YES he could win the tag titles with anyone,
but NO he didn’t think he’d spend nine months teaming with Kane.
Either way, HELL NO is one of the best tag teams in WWE history, so
Bryan asks kane to come out here.
says all he cares about is the six man tag tonight. Bryan thinks
they need to get everything out in the open because the last nine
months were awesome. They’ve become a better team and better friends
over the last few months, but on Sunday they’re not going to be
teaming together. After that, they’re not going to be a team anymore
because Bryan is going to win the tag titles with Randy Orton to make
Team RK-NO!
doesn’t see why Bryan is getting this excited because no one can beat
the Shield and Bryan and Orton can’t get along. Bryan says he’ll
prove he isn’t the weak link because he and Randy will do something
that HELL NO could never do. Kane asks if he’s the weak link but
Bryan won’t answer. He finally admits that Kane is the weak link and
is grabbed around the throat. Cue Orton to keep Kane from killing
his partner. If Kane chokeslams Bryan then it’s going to cause an
gets mad at Orton for meddling in his business but Orton says he’s
just helping his partner. Kane goes to leave so Bryan says go run
off like you always do. All three are about to fight when Shield
shows up on screen and tells them to keep fighting. They’d be
fighting too if the Shield had beaten them up for six months.
Ambrose asks if they believe in the Shield after every super team has
been beaten. Orton and HELL NO argues a bit more in the ring.
vs. Antonio Cesaro
gets the jobber entrance in case there were a few people that thought
he had a chance. Before the match Sandow comes out to say that he’s
already humiliated Sheamus physically and intellectually, so Sunday
will be Sheamus’ Irish wake. Cesaro takes Sheamus into the corner
and slaps him in the face before hiding on the floor. Back in and
Sheamus pounds on him in the corner before taking him down with a
clothesline. A tilt-a-whirl powerslam gets two on Antonio as Zeb
Colter rants on the WWE App.
comes back with the gutwrench suplex and a big forearm sends Sheamus
to the floor. Sheamus catches a diving Cesaro coming off the apron
and rams him into the barricade as we take a break. Back with
Sheamus getting two off a backbreaker before they head to floor.
Cesaro rams him into the steps before hooking a chinlock back inside.
Sheamus fights up and hits some running forearms, only to be taken
down by a European uppercut for two.
double stomp to the chest gets two for Antonio but Sheamus sends him
to the apron for the ten forearms to the chest. The Irish Curse gets
two back inside but Cesaro comes back with the modified Angle Slam
(looked more like an AA here) for two. Cesaro shoves Sheamus into
the corner but the Celt comes out with the Brogue Kick for the pin at
7:26 shown of 10:56.
C. Cesaro has the same problem
that Rhodes, Sandow or almost anyone else that faces Sheamus runs
into: Sheamus hardly ever loses so it’s hard to get into the matches
as a result. The Brogue Kick out of the corner looked good but it’s
supposed to set up a match on Sunday that no one cares to see.
match Sandow jumps Sheamus from behind and lays him out.
Wyatt Family is still coming.
Punk is returning on Sunday.
Long plugs Hardee’s for sponsoring the show tonight. Ziggler and
company come in and make fun of Teddy for his poor handling of
Smackdown. Langston steals the burger.
Khali vs. Heath Slater
is in different attire tonight. Khali pounds away to start but has
to swat away the other Band members. Slater gets in some shots in
the corner but gets caught with the big chop. Khali has to go after
the other Band members again, allowing Slater to hit a DDT for the
pin at 2:20.
Del Rio/Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big E. Langston
Rio wants to start with Ziggler but gets Langston instead. Big E.
takes him into the corner and pounds away with shoulder blocks, only
to have Del Rio come back with a running enziguri. Off to Jericho to
pound away on the big man and hit an enziguri of his own. Langston
takes him down and brings in the world champion for the first time in
over a month. Dolph drops an elbow drop for two and brings in
Langston to face Del Rio. A backstabber puts Big E. down and it’s
back to Dolph who immediately runs away.
take a break and come back with Jericho sending Langston into the
steps. AJ interferes with a slap to Chris’ face, allowing Langston
to run Jericho over. Back in and Ziggler drops Jericho with a
neckbreaker for two. Ziggler misses a charge into the corner and
it’s hot tag off to Alberto. Everything breaks down Langston runs
Alberto over. A dropkick puts Alberto down but he rolls up Ziggler
for the pin at 8:10 shown of 11:40.
C+. This was a fine return for
Ziggler but the feud was built up enough for Sunday without having
Ziggler lose in his comeback match. I get the idea of Del Rio
pinning the champion, but he didn’t need to do it. Jericho was just
kind of there but he’s perfect for filling in a spot like this.
recap the opening segment.
says he’s going to be ready for Punk on Sunday and goes over his
history in Chicago. Heyman comes in and says that Jericho can claim
to be the best in the world until Punk pins him or makes him tap out
at Payback.
on Kaitlyn’s secret admirer being revealed on Monday.
vs. Aksana
goes right at her and pounds away before the bell. The referee tries
to pull her off and takes a quick beating as well. Aksana finally
runs away so no match.
of Ryback vs. Cena over the last few weeks with a focus on the events
of Raw.
Axel vs. Wade Barrett
of course. Before the match, Barrett wants to have a businessman to
businessman with Heyman. He doesn’t know why this match is happening
as he could injure Axel on Sunday, thereby taking away his title
shot. Wouldn’t it make sense to save this until Sunday? Cue Miz to
say really a lot and make some thinly veiled gay jokes. Barrett
pounds away to start but gets caught by a dropkick for two. They
head to the floor where Axel blasts Miz in the face for no apparent
reason. As they come back in, Axel hits a horrible looking
McGillicutter for the pin at 2:05.
match Miz lays out Axel.
on the Wyatt Family with Bray quoting the Bible and talking about the
riddles of your mind.
vs. HELL NO/Randy Orton
starts with Bryan and pounds him down into the corner, only to have
Bryan come back with kicks to the chest of his own. Kane comes in
with a low dropkick and suplex for two each. Off to Orton for some
headbutts to Ambrose in the corner before it’s back to Bryan.
Rollins comes in and fires off elbows to the head before Ambrose gets
the tag for a dragon sleeper. Bryan hits some knees to the head and
one to the ribs to escape before bringing Orton back in to clean
and Rollins break up the Elevated DDT before Rollins hits an enziguri
for two. We take a break and come back with Orton being elbowed down
for two. It’s back to Reigns who pounds on Orton’s head but gets
caught in the Orton backbreaker to give Randy a breather. Reigns
misses a charge into the post and it’s off to Kane vs. Ambrose with
the big man getting two off a side slam.
misses the top rope clothesline and stumbled into the hot tag to
Bryan. Daniel hits the springboard missile dropkick on Ambrose and
gives Reigns and Rollins a dropkick each. FLYING GOAT puts the tag
champions and Rollins takes a pair of dropkicks in the corner for
two. Bryan kicks the tag champions down again but can only get two
on Seth.
delays the swan dive and allows Rollins to roll away at the last
minute. Kane and Ambrose go to the floor but Reigns spears Orton
down. Kane avoids a spear from Roman and chokeslams Dean onto Reigns
on the floor. Rollins hits the buckle bomb but Kane shoves him off
the top into the RKO. Bryan throws on the NO Lock and THEY DID IT!
Rollins taps out at 13:48 and the Shield loses for the first time
B+. The ending was INSANE and a
great bit of storytelling as HELL NO and Orton finally learned from
their past mistakes and made the adjustments to beat the Shield.
That is a huge win for Bryan as he is looking more and more like a
star every day. They had to lose eventually and while I’d question
doing it on Smackdown, the moment was awesome and the place went nuts
at the ending.
announces it as the first time the Shield has ever lost a six man tag
as the winners celebrate to end the show.
B. This is the kind of
wrestling centered show that Smackdown needs to be. Tonight was
about longer matches which built up the matches on Sunday. I’m not
sure on having Shield lose here, but it certainly launches Bryan up
the charts and gives him his biggest win in a very long time.
Payback is going to do horrible numbers due to the lame build, but
tonight was a good show.
b. Antonio Cesaro – Brogue Kick
Slater b. Great Khali – DDT
Del Rio/Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big E. Langston
Axel b. Wade Barrettl – McGillicutter
NO/Randy Orton b. Shield – NO Lock to Rollins
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Smackdown – June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
coming up on Payback with the big story at the moment being the rise
of Daniel Bryan. Since HELL NO lost the tag titles Bryan has been on
a rampage to prove that he isn’t the weak link, which has provided
some very entertaining moments from him in the past few weeks. Other
than that we have Orton teaming up with whomever he can find to fight
the Shield. Let’s get to it.

opening recap is a video of the contract signing for Jericho vs. Punk
at Payback. We also see Bryan yelling at Orton about not being the
weak link.
open the show with MizTV with guests Randy Orton and HELL NO. Bryan
thanks Kane for being the best partner he could ask for and not
helping him in the match against Ryback on Raw. Miz talks about
Bryan cleaning house of the Shield last week and we get a loud YES
chant. Bryan thinks people still look at him like a goat faced vegan
troll so Orton and Kane think that Bryan’s head is a bit messed up.
insists that everyone respects Bryan although Orton is getting tired
of Bryan whining about respect. Bryan blames Orton for the loss to
the Shield on Monday, so Orton says we’re back in crazy town. Kane
tries to get Bryan out of there but Bryan yells that Kane should have
his back. Kane says he always has Bryan’s back but he’s tired of
Bryan not trusting him.
wants to know why he should trust Kane. That’s a good question given
Kane’s history. He also wants to know why Kane doesn’t come to his
aid more often and thinks Kane is only teaming with him because
there’s no one better for Kane to hook up with. Kane bails and Miz
thinks we just saw the breakup of HELL NO. Bryan says yeah we did
but NO he is not to blame for this. Teddy Long comes out and makes
Orton/Bryan vs. Shield for later. Pretty solid opening segment
Jericho vs. Curtis Axel
the way to the ring, Heyman brags about Axel beating HHH and Cena
twice with Axel saying that Jericho will learn what it means to be
perfect. Paul jumps in on commentary as the guys in the ring run the
ropes a bit. Jericho takes him down with a dropkick and chops away
at the chest. They head to the floor with Jericho ramming Axel into
the announce table before heading back inside. We take a break and
come back with Axel chopping Jericho for two and hitting the Hennig
Necksnap for two more.
hooks the chinlock as Heyman guarantees that Punk will be in Chicago
for Payback. Jericho elbows his way out of the hold and drops him
with a top rope ax handle. Axel kicks out of the Walls but Jericho
takes him down with a quick bulldog. The Lionsault misses and Curtis
hits the McGillicutter for two.
gets up an elbow in the corner and hits a top rope cross body for two
of his own. The Walls go on this time but Axel gets to the ropes
before too much damage can be done. Jericho dropkicks him to the
floor so Heyman shouts IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME! Punk’s music hits and
the arena explodes, but it’s a ploy allowing Axel to roll Jericho up
for the pin at 7:05 shown of 10:35.
C. This was fine and it’s a
pinfall win for Axel which is what he’s been needing for awhile.
Jericho is still perfect in his role as the king of the jobbers since
he’s never going to fall down the card because of losses. It sets up
the Punk match even better and we get some credibility for Axel.
Even if it wasn’t an entirely clean pin, Heyman can spend a week
bragging about another world champion losing to Axel.
match Jericho charges back into the ring and hits Axel with a
comes up to Kane and brags about beating Bryan last week. A match is
made for later tonight. Ryback says he rules, but Kane says he’s
tombstoned a priest and buried his brother alive, so the rules don’t
apply to him.
Wyatt Family is coming.
from Raw on the McMahon family drama with Vince and Stephanie trying
to talk HHH out of fighting anymore.
Del Rio vs. Heath Slater
at least it’s not Langston. All three members of the Band jump Del
Rio but he fires off kicks to throw them out. There’s the armbreaker
on Slater but I don’t think the bell ever rang to start the match.
Del Rio and Ricardo clear the ring with Ricardo hitting a dive off
the top to take out Mahal and McIntyre.
Alberto still in the ring, Ziggler pops up on screen and says he’ll
be back on Monday.
vs. Kane
shoves him into the corner to start and tells Kane to do something
about it. Kane comes back with an uppercut but Ryback runs him over
with a shoulder block. Kane clotheslines him down and hits the low
dropkick for a quick one count. Ryback comes back with a gorilla
press in a very impressive display of strength. Kane no sells a kick
to the chest but can’t chokeslam him down. The side slam gets two
for Kane and a clothesline puts Ryback on the floor.
head outside with Kane being pulled into the barricade with Ryback
ramming the masked head into said barricade over and over. It’s
table time but Kane comes back with uppercuts to slow Ryback down.
Back inside and the top rope clothesline misses but Ryback takes too
long walking around and Kane hits the chokeslam for two. Now Kane
gets the table but Ryback rakes him in the eye and powerbombs Kane
through the table for the DQ at 5:45.
D+. This was a decent power
brawl and much like Jericho, Kane doesn’t lose anything by losing the
match here. Having Ryback powerbomb anyone he can find through a
table is a decent enough idea to set up the 3 Stages against Cena.
If nothing else they can use the people he’s attacked as the
lumberjacks to get revenge on him.
Sandow to talk about the mental challenges he’s been giving Sheamus
lately. Sandow insults the people of Long Island, saying that
they’re a bunch of checker minded people living in a chess world.
The only thing that can match Sandow’s intellect is a supercomputer,
so meet Deep Blue, a computer which won a major chess match several
years back. The computer tries to talk but is quickly silenced by
Sandow. Damien is going to recreate the chess match against Kasparov
(one of the best chess champions ever) right here for us tonight, as
long as there is SILENCE!
computer compliments Sandow for his opening move but Sheamus
interrupts the game. Sheamus says he’s going to interrupt the chess
match (Sandow: “That is obvious. Baby steps Sheamus, baby steps!”)
and thinks he can beat Deep Blue in one move. Sheamus can’t figure
out what move to make so he Brogue Kicks the computer. Damien gets
in a cheap shot and actually lays Sheamus out before sending him into
the computer’s table. He rams Sheamus’ head into the table over and
over and stands tall. I still don’t get why they’re wasting Sheamus
in this feud.
vs. Zack Ryder
is on commentary. The triple threat title match is announced for
Payback with Wade Barrett defending against Miz and Fandango. The
place goes NUTS for Ryder who is growing his hair out for the first
time in years. Fandango pounds Ryder down to start and hits a hard
European uppercut. Miz says Skittles Boy needs to quit looking at
him before he makes Fandango taste the rainbow of a Skull Crushing
Finale. Ryder comes back with a middle rope dropkick and the Broski
Boot for two. The Rough Ryder is countered into a powerbomb and the
guillotine legdrop gives Fandango the pin at 2:17.
and Fandango stare each other down.
on Ryback destroying Bryan and Cena from Raw.
and Natalya are in the back. The secret admirer are going to show up
on Raw but Natalya isn’t as happy as Kaitlyn thinks she should be.
The meeting should be private instead of on national television
because the guy could be a creep. Kaitlyn thinks if he was a creep,
he would be texting Natalya instead of her.
Rollins/Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton
again here. Daniel’s arm is taped up after the attack on Raw. Bryan
starts with Rollins and fires off those hard kicks to the chest. Off
to the surfboard with the double stomps to the back of Rollins’ legs
to keep Seth down. Bryan cranks on the arm and drives some knees
into Rollins’ ribs for extra damage. Rollins fights up and brings in
Reigns to pound on Bryan in the corner. Reigns whips Rollins into
Bryan for a splash and clotheslines Daniel down for two.
hooks a headlock as Seth talks trash from the apron. Bryan fights up
but is almost immediately stomped down in the corner to stop his
momentum. Reigns misses a charge into the corner and it’s hot tag to
Orton for some house cleaning. The Elevated DDT hits Rollins and
Shield bails to the floor as we take a break. Back with Rollins
taking Randy down before bringing Reigns back in for a chinlock.
quickly fights up with a belly to back suplex but Rollins breaks up
the tag to Bryan. Reigns is quickly back in but misses a charge into
the corner, allowing for the hot tag to Bryan. Daniel comes in with
a double dropkick off the top before kicking both guys in the chest
for two. Reigns is sent to the floor and Bryan backflips over
Rollins to hit a German suplex.
heads to the floor and the FLYING GOAT takes them both down. Back in
and the flying headbutt gets two on Seth. The RKO takes Reigns down
but Bryan accidentally dropkicks Orton in the corner. There’s the NO
Lock on Rollins but Ambrose runs in for the DQ at 9:00 shown of
B-. Solid tag match here which
has become the norm for the Shield. Usually people would get tired
of the same bit where the team gets close to getting pinned but only
gets DQ’ed etc, but the Shield matches are so good that no one seems
to mind. This was another solid match as you can pretty much take
any two top level guys and throw them against Shield for the same
match Orton hits the RKO on Bryan, likely setting up a Payback match.
C+. They did a good job
of setting up Payback this week and thankfully Ziggler will be back
on Monday to further the feud with Del Rio. It really is amazing how
much more entertaining Smackdown can be than Raw without all the
hammer fisted drama and the stupid WWE App nonsense you have to sit
through. Good show this week.
Axel b. Chris Jericho – Rollup
b. Ryback via DQ when Ryback powerbombed Kane through a table
b. Zack Ryder – Guillotine Legdrop
Bryan/Randy Orton b. Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins via DQ when Dean
Ambrose interfered
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Smackdown – May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013
Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show of the Canadian tour and the main story tonight is of
course Shield vs. whomever they can find to face tonight. Other than
that we’ve got Ryback trying to get people to care about his feud
with Cena and the three guys fighting for the Intercontinental Title.
Right now is a pretty lame time in the WWE as they’re in a very slow
mode so tonight’s show probably won’t change much about that. Let’s
get to it.

open with a list of names that Shield has taken down in the last
week. Tonight Shield is in singles matches against various people.
Rollins vs. Kane
pounds away on Kane to start but all the speed only gets him taken
down by a shoulder. Seth jumps over Kane in the corner but gets
kicked in the head for two. A delayed vertical suplex gets two more
for the big man and it’s off to the chinlock. The fans are really
into Kane here for some reason. Rollins finally gets in a shot and
goes after Kane’s knee with some solid kicks and elbow drops. Kane
comes back with some right hands, only to have his knee kicked out
cannonballs down onto the knee but has a leg lock blocked before it
can go on. Seth goes to the middle rope and kicks away a chokeslam
attempt before hitting a tornado DDT for two. Back from a break with
Kane slugging Rollins down and hitting the top rope clothesline.
Reigns gets on the apron, only to be shoved to the floor. The
distraction lets Rollins hit a dropkick, but Reigns’ distraction lets
Bryan shove Rollins off the top and a chokeslam ends this at 9:22.
C-. For a nine minute match,
this was pretty overdone. Rollins losing a singles match is fine
because Shield is always about the team mentality. I’m not sure if
they need to keep going with HELL NO vs. Shield at this point, but
it’s not like there are any other teams worth fighting right now.
Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
starts immediately after the previous match ends. Bryan sends Reigns
into the corner and kicks away at the arm to take over early before
tying his legs into Roman’s and dropping forearms to the face. The
fans also love Bryan which isn’t all that surprising. He fires off
more kicks in the corner before hooking a dragon screw leg whip to
put Roman down again. Roman hits a hard clothesline to take over as
we take a break.
with Bryan trying to speed things up but getting caught by another
clothesline for two. Bryan gets all fired up and hits a hard set of
kicks to the chest followed by a running dropkick in the corner for
two of his own. Reigns drills him in the stomach to slow Bryan down
but Bryan hooks the NO Lock out of nowhere. Reigns crawls over to
the ropes but only gets there with Seth pushing the rope towards him.
Kane goes after Rollins but hits Reigns for the DQ at 9:20.
C. This was a better match than
the opener, but that’s likely because the smaller guy as the face is
an easier formula to work with. Bryan’s kicks get more awesome every
week and it’s very wise of him to use those as his main strike. I
mean, can you imagine him throwing a convincing punch given his size?
Kicks are far better for a guy like him.
match Bryan yells at Kane for costing him the match. Bryan is
completely right here but Kane walks off anyway. Bryan follows,
shouting that he doesn’t need Kane’s help.
Damien Sandow with something to say. He says that last week he
proved that his mental strength is superior to Sheamus’ physical
strength. Apparently Canada has limited mental strength because they
gave away Wayne Gretsky. When it comes to intelligence, Sandow is
the real Great One. To prove his intellect, he has a simple
challenge in the form of a shell game. There are three cups and a
ball on a table. The idea is to put the ball under a cup and shuffle
them around. It should be easy to win, but here’s Sheamus to
congratulates him for tricking him with the knot last week, but now
Sandow is out here playing with his little balls. Sandow lets
Sheamus play the game and shuffles the cups pretty slowly. Sheamus
guesses wrong, thereby renewing his idiot license for another year.
Sandow allows him to try again with just two cups but Sheamus gets it
wrong again after a lot of thinking. Sheamus wants to see the ball
under the third cup but Damien seems reluctant. Fans: “SHOW YOUR
BALLS!” There’s no ball but Sandow says it was magic, earning
himself a Brogue Kick. Are we really building towards a big match
between these two?
Axel vs. Sin Cara
they drop the level of competition for Axel on Smackdown. On the way
to the ring, Heyman says that he always tells the truth about his
clients. In his first two weeks, no one has accomplished what Axel
has done. Axel says that Cena and HHH have 26 world titles between
them, but in two matches he’s made HHH refuse to continue and made
Cena get himself counted out. When you’re a Paul Heyman guy, life is
perfect. Cole: “That was cute.”
hits a quick backbreaker and dropkick to take over before ripping at
the mask a bit. After a quick chinlock Sin Cara comes back with some
kicks of his own, followed by a springboard crossbody. A Tajiri
elbow is countered by a forearm to the back of the head though and a
PerfectPlex ends Cara at 2:00.
E. Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio
pounds him into the corner to start and fires off some shoulders, but
Del Rio comes back with a kick to the ribs. Big E. drapes him across
the top rope and Del Rio is right back down. Del Rio comes back with
more kicks and a running clothesline, only to walk into a belly to
belly for two. The Backstabber staggers Langston and a German suplex
puts him down again.
hard kick to the face gets two more for Alberto and there’s the
armbreaker but Langston picks Alberto up to escape. Langston runs
him over for two but gets caught in the armbreaker over the ropes.
Del Rio falls to the floor and gets posted after an AJ distraction,
allowing the Big Ending to finish Albert back inside at 4:50.
D+. This match is firmly in the
category of matches we don’t need to see for a good while. They’ve
fought something like four times in two weeks now, which is way more
than any pair should be going at it. The match was nothing special
either as they didn’t have time to go anywhere with it.
look at Cena’s challenge for a 3 Stages of Hell match from Raw.
Kingston vs. Ryback
charges right at him and pounds away in the corner before getting two
off a springboard dropkick. There’s the Boom Drop but Ryback catches
trouble in Paradise in mid air. Kofi rolls through that as well and
hits a middle rope cross body for two. Ryback blocks a kick in the
corner though and slams Kofi down to take over. The Meat Hook sets
up Shell Shock for the pin at 2:48. This was better than I expected,
although Kofi injured his elbow somewhere in there and will be out
4-8 weeks.
match Ryback powerbombs Kofi through three tables.
talks about all the diseases Punk has from sleeping with dogs like
Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes
starts fast and takes Cody to the floor, only to walk into a front
suplex onto the top rope for two. A boot to the face gets two more
for Cody and it’s off to an armbar. Jericho comes back with a top
rope ax handle but the Walls are broken up. An Alabama Slam gets two
for Cody but he jumps into a right hand to the ribs. Cross Rhodes
are countered into a Walls attempt which is countered into a small
package for two. Now the Walls get the submission at 4:46.
C-. My goodness Cody Rhodes
matches are hard to sit through anymore. It’s not that they’re bad
or anything because Cody is really good at making his matches work,
but there’s no reason to believe he’s got a chance. Cody hasn’t won
a match of note in months now and it’s hard to care about watching
him lose to anyone at all.
Family video. These guys are awesome.
Orton vs. Dean Ambrose
takes it to the corner to start and goes Anderson by raking Orton’s
eyes across the top rope. Orton comes back with right hands of his
own in the corner, only to have Ambrose fire off some knees to the
chest to take over again. They head to the floor with Orton dropping
him on the barricade, only to be sent into it himself as we take a
break. Back with Ambrose in control with knees to the back followed
by stomps in the corner.
comes back with a quick suplex to get himself a breather and they
trade headbutts and right hands. Orton gets the advantage but has
the Elevated DDT countered by Ambrose. Dean goes up but jumps into a
dropkick followed by the Elevated DDT. Ambrose bails to avoid the
RKO and here’s the Shield for the DQ at 11:55.
C-. Not much here but they were
getting a nice flow going right at the end. The good thing about
Shield is they’ve attacked so many people that you can swap in any
combination and have a good match with them. Not a bad match at all
and thankfully you never can tell if Shield is going to run in or
not, meaning the endings aren’t obvious.
match HELL NO comes in for the save, with Bryan down almost all of
the work himself, and Shield is sent running. A HUGE YES chant ends
the show.
D+. Is there any reason
to watch Smackdown anymore? It’s nothing but a supplement to Raw as
nothing significant happens here and all the good long matches happen
on Mondays as well. The show isn’t even really bad, but rather
really uninteresting. I need a little more fresh content than
Sheamus playing a shell game with Damien Sandow. Shield continues to
be a highlight and there’s some decent stuff in the midcard, but
anything with Sandow or Rhodes in it is incredibly dull, although
that can’t be blamed on them. Very uninspiring show this week.
b. Seth Rollins – Chokeslam
Reigns b. Daniel Bryan via DQ when Kane interfered
Axel b. Sin Cara – PerfectPlex
E. Langston b. Alberto Del Rio – Big Ending
b. Kofi Kingston – Shell Shock
Orton b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
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Smackdown – May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013
CenturyLink Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
past Extreme Rules and the main story is of course HHH. He collapsed
at the end of Raw while Curtis Axel was laying in the ring with no
one paying a bit of attention to him, so odds are we’ll hear about
getting an update on him on Raw tonight. Other than that we have Del
Rio confirmed as the #1 contender for Ziggler whenever Dolph is
healthy again. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the HHH/Heyman stuff from both Extreme Rules and
Raw. We also get a little bit about Shield winning three belts as
tonight it’s Kofi vs. Ambrose for the US Title.
the Miz for MizTV to open the show. Miz says that he’s versatile
because he’s going to host this show and then he’ll win back the
Intercontinental Title soon after. The guest tonight is Fandango who
thankfully brings Summer Rae with him. Before Miz can ask him a
question, Fandango stops him for the correct pronunciation of his
name. Miz counters with some “reallys” and shows us a clip of
the tag match from Raw where Fandango stopped for a dance.
wants to know how obnoxious Fandango is. Fandango threatens to dance
all over the face of anyone who comes near Summer before questioning
Miz’s own ego. Miz says that Fandango looks like a dancing bag of
Skittles which isn’t too far from accurate. The fans chant bag of
Skittles, making Miz declare Fandango the new Fruity Pebbles. This
brings out Wade Barrett with his horrible new music.
says he’ll get to Miz in a minute but first of all he’s angry at
Fandango for tiptoeing through the tulips instead of being Barrett’s
partner. Wade threatens Fandango if he ever does that again, so
Fandango corrects his pronunciation. Miz says Barrett needs to focus
on him because Miz has a title shot later tonight. Barrett punches
Miz in the face and the brawl is on. Fandango and Summer leave as a
referee comes out to break it up.
Title: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett
is joined in progress after a break with Miz challenging. Fandango
is also sitting in on commentary. Miz fights out of a chinlock and
hits a flapjack, only to be taken down by a back elbow. Fandango
says that he had to go to the back on Monday because his glitter was
coming off. Barrett puts Miz on the top rope for a kick to the ribs
for two and it’s off to a chinlock.
up and Miz hits a running knee lift and a bit boot. Fandango asks
JBL to hit his music because apparently Bradshaw can do that. It’s
time for some dancing as well as for the Winds of Change to Miz for
two. Miz gets two of his own off a rollup before hitting a baseball
slide to Fandango. A dropkick takes out Barrett’s knee but Fandango
kicks Miz in the head for the DQ at 2:56 shown. This was angle
advancement and barely a match at all.
and Barrett double team Miz post match but Barrett hits Fandango with
the Bull Hammer as a receipt for Monday night. In something you
almost never get to say anymore, Barrett stands tall.
Bryan is muttering to himself in the back when Kane comes in. He
says that they both lost the titles, which Bryan interprets as Kane
blaming him. Bryan insists that he isn’t the weak link as his
paranoia continues.
Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan
entrance for Swagger again. Bryan goes right at Swagger and pounds
away before sending Jack to the floor for the suicide dive. He fires
off kicks to the chest against the barricade before taking it back
inside for a near fall off a missile dropkick. Jack takes Bryan down
off of a clothesline before putting him in the Tree of Woe for some
knees. We take a break and come back with the two of them colliding
before Bryan hits a running kick to the face in the corner.
kicks to the chest have Jack in trouble and a running kick to the
face gets two. Swagger finally catches one of the kicks in a high
angle belly to belly for two of his own. Daniel rolls out of a
gutwrench suplex but gets caught in the Patriot Lock, only to be
rolled through for another near fall. The Vader Bomb hits knees and
a HARD kick to Swagger’s head sees Bryan not cover but rather stomp
Swagger even more. There’s the NO Lock for the tap out at 5:36 shown
of 9:06.
C+. This was pretty decent and
it’s cool to see a far more aggressive Bryan. I could go with the
idea of him destroying people because he wants to prove how awesome
he is in the ring. Also, when is the last time he beat someone with
the NO Lock? It also seems that Swagger is back in the midcard all
over again, which is pretty much what was expected once this feud
with Del Rio died down.
match Bryan beats on him even more. The referee mentioned something
about reversing the decision but no official announcement was ever
get a package of stills from the last man standing match on Sunday.
Cena will be back on Raw.
also get all the Ryback stuff from Monday with him challenging for an
ambulance match and throwing Ryder in the ambulance.
Damien Sandow in the ring wearing a suit. There’s a table in front
of him and as usual, he seems annoyed. Sandow talks about seeing two
people compete in a series of stupid competitions, ranging from a tug
of war to arm wrestling to a truck pull. Tonight, Sandow wants them
to deal with some mental issues. There’s a tied up rope on the table
and we hear the story of the Gordian Knot. Sandow has Matt Striker
try to untie the knot while making fun of the education system when
Striker can’t do it.
Sheamus who makes fun of Sandow’s hobby of playing with knots.
Sheamus talks about playing with Rubic’s Cubes as a kid before
picking up the knot. He tries to untie it but Sandow gets impatient.
Damien pulls out a pair of bolt cutters and hacks it up. Sheamus
tries a Brogue Kick but Damien bails to the floor, shouting I KNEW
IT! Instead Shaemus offers to teach him about Newton’s Law, which
means he throws Striker through the ropes at Sandow. Your lesson of
the night: when you get outsmarted, throw human beings.
Jericho vs. Big Show
a pretty fast recovery from Orton’s punt. Jericho charges straight
at Big Show for some reason as Matthews compares Jericho to Johnny
Depp. JBL: “Johnny Depp never has been been inside a WWE ring and
neither has Jay Silverheels or Tonto.” Show shoves him down with
ease and catches Jericho in a bearhug. He lets it go for no apparent
reason, allowing Jericho to dropkick Show’s knee out and pound away,
only to be caught by a spear for two. Jericho escapes the chokeslam
attempt and goes up, only to jump into a loud chop to the chest.
goes to the middle rope but misses an elbow drop, allowing Jericho to
hit the Lionsault for two. The Codebreaker is countered into a
sunset flip attempt but Show pulls him up with a chokeslam, only to
be pulled down by a DDT for two. The Walls are easily shoved away
and there’s the chokeslam but Jericho rolls to the floor. Jericho
escapes a ram into the post by sending Show into the post himself.
Jericho hits a decent Codebreaker to send Show into the timekeeper’s
area which is good for a countout win for Jericho at 6:30.
C. As usual, there’s only so
much Jericho can do with a guy Big Show’s size but they tried. The
Codebreaker was better than I would have expected and Jericho managed
to not get crushed. This is also a good win for Jericho to bounce
back with, as both guys are capable of losing match after match but
be just fine.
match Big Show picks up a chair but Jericho kicks it out of his hands
and beats Big Show with it for fun.
Raw ReBound is the introduction of Curtis Axel and the match with
HHH, followed by HHH collapsing.
are Heyman and Axel with something to say. Heyman brags about his
success with Lesnar and Punk and now he’s pointing his finger at
Axel. Curtis himself gets to speak and says that in one night, he
accomplished more than his father and grandfather ever accomplished.
He took HHH’s best shot and then left him laying. Curtis says that
he won on Monday and says his name a few more times. That was just
day one and tonight is day two.
Axel vs. Sin Cara
is joined in progress after the break with the stupid lights back
again. Sin Cara spines out of a fireman’s carry before firing off
some kicks. A standing rana takes Curtis down and there’s the wrist
drag out of the corner. Curtis throws Cara to the apron and stomps
away in the corner. Randy Orton is talking about Curtis Axel RIGHT
NOW on the WWE App. Cara comes back with the Tajiri handspring elbow
and a crossbody for two. A top rope version of the crossbody misses
though and the formerly known McGillicutter (running one arm
neckbreaker) gets the pin on Cara at 3:00 shown.
D+. Not much to see here but at
least Axel got the win. Why he couldn’t have hit that move on Monday
and won by countout or something is beyond me, but I’m sure he
somehow got a bigger rub by not winning than winning or something
like that. Anyway, he looks fine here and while it would be
interesting to see him go straight at someone like Orton right away,
I can’t picture that happening.
Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose
is challenging of course. Dean goes it alone on this one and seems
to have some fans on his side. Kofi fires off some kicks and right
hands but gets taken down by a fast shoulder block. Back up and Kofi
gets no count off a dropkick before getting taken down by another
shoulder. Ambrose chokes with his leg on the mat but Kofi fires off
more dropkicks. A middle rope ax handle gets two on Dean but as Kofi
goes up top he has to dive on Reigns outside. Roman and Seth come in
for the DQ at 2:30.
match Shield beats on Kofi until Sheamus and Randy Orton make the
save. If you’re a Smackdown fan, you know the drill from here.
Kingston/Randy Orton/Sheamus vs. Shield
in progress again with Sheamus slamming Reigns down for two. Off to
Orton for some headbutts to Rollins and right hands in the corner.
Kofi comes in to work on the arm for a bit before it’s back to Randy
to crank on the arm as well. Rollins finally gets in a knee to the
face and makes the tag off to Ambrose who takes the US Champion down
with ease. A knee rake across the face allows for the tag back to
Sheamus but Ambrose gets in a shot to the ribs.
to Rollins who pounds away in the corner, only to get caught in mid
air off a middle rope cross body. Reigns and Ambrose have to save
their partner from the ten forearms to the chest as we take a break.
Back with Ambrose hitting a knee to Sheamus’ ribs before it’s back to
Reigns for stomps in the corner and a lot of trash talk. Sheamus
fights out and avoids a charge from Reigns, sending him shoulder
first into the post. Hot tag brings in Orton for all his favorites,
including the Elevated DDT.
bails to the floor to avoid the RKO and Reigns gets in a shot to
Orton. Reigns comes up limping though, which is apparently a legit
ankle injury. Back in and Rollins pounds on Orton before it’s back
to Dean for a front facelock. Rollins comes in again for some right
hands to the head as this is basically a handicap match now. Randy
gets in a right hand but gets caught in a downward spiral into the
middle buckle to put him right back down. Orton comes back with more
right hands and snaps off a quick superplex to put both guys down.
hot tag brings in Sheamus to face Ambrose (Reigns didn’t have his
hand out but was instead waving Rollins over to Ambrose) and house is
cleaned. Even Reigns takes a shoulder to the ribs before Ambrose is
hit with the rolling senton into the forearms to Rollins’ chest.
Reigns breaks up White Noise on Dean with a spear but rolls to the
floor for an RKO from from Orton. Kofi comes in and gets two on
Dean, but it’s Rollins tripping Kingston up, allowing Dean to hit the
bulldog driver for the pin at 11:48 shown of 15:18.
B-. The usual good wild six man
tag for Shield here. The fact that Reigns was able to take a shot to
the ribs, throw a spear and then take an RKO suggests that the injury
isn’t all that bad so maybe he just tweaked the ankle a bit. We also
got the ending we needed here with Dean pinning Kofi, so hopefully we
don’t have to sit through another rematch on PPV between them.
B. This show worked
well for the most part. We got the potential start of a three way
feud for the Intercontinental Title, Bryan being edgier, Axel winning
a match and the usual good Shield match. On the other hand, I’m not
sure where Jericho vs. Big Show can go that would be all that
interesting. Also what was up with that Sheamus segment? I can’t
imagine him in a feud with Sandow after how many times he’s beaten
Damien up. Also the segment didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t
already know, so what was the point of that? Good show this week for
the most part though.
Miz b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Fandango interfered
Bryan b. Jack Swagger – NO Lock
Jericho b. Big Show via countout
Axel b. Sin Cara – McGillicutter
Kingston b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
b. Kofi Kingston/Sheamus/Randy Orton – Bulldog Driver to Kingston
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Smackdown Tapings

You may have heard this already but at the Smackdown tapings tonight, someone was holding up a sign that said "Scott Keith Fears Fuj". It was on the main camera side so it may have made TV.

During the tapings, the loudest pop was for Orton followed by Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. The next loudest pop was for Dean Ambrose. During the match he had with Kofi Kingston, there was a loud "Let's go Ambrose" chant. WWE will most likely dub over that.

I did notice that they were protecting Roman Reigns tonight. The match between Kofi and Ambrose became a 6-man between The Shield and Kofi/Orton/Sheamus. Reigns briefly tagged in but spent most of his time on the apron or floor. After the match ended and the cameras stopped rolling, Reigns was escorted to the back while Ambrose and Rollins took finishers from the faces.


Joe Ryan

I would dispute the accuracy of that sign.  What are the sources on that?  Why do they think they KNOW who I fear?  Where's the Shield to exact some justice when you need them?  
I guess I gotta watch Smackdown now and look for it.  

Post Smackdown Video Game Streaming

Hey there guys, if you need something to do after Smackdown tonight. I’m streaming again over on Twitch TV if you’re up for watching some simmed Fire Pro Wrestling Returns matches. Originally I had plans to sim extreme rules in WWE 13, but apparently the servers are down and I couldn’t download creations for the shield.

Here’s the link if you’re so interested.

Smackdown – May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013
Intrust Bank Arena, Wichita, Kansas
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
finally the last show before Extreme Rules. On the Smackdown side
(assuming there still is such a thing), the main event has been
changed over to Del Rio vs. Swagger in an I Quit match due to Ziggler
being injured. As for tonight, expect a lot more hype for the major
matches on Sunday, including Ryback vs. Cena. Not with Cena around
of course as this is Smackdown but you get the idea. Let’s get to

open with the voiceover guy talking about how Ziggler is out of
Extreme Rules with a concussion. Also Orton and Big Show will be on
MizTV. I believe that was originally going to be the Highlight Reel.
the arena we have MizTV already set up. Here are Big Show and Orton,
complete with clips of both guys being knocked out with the others’
finishers. Their match on Sunday will be an extreme rules match
meaning anything goes, but Big Show says he has all the weapons he
needs on the end of his arms. On Sunday, it’s not going to be an RKO
but a TKO. Orton says that Big Show is crazy if he thinks Show is
going to beat him in Orton’s hometown. Randy says this feud is all
about trust, so trust him when he says he’s taking down the giant at
Extreme Rules.
brings out Swagger and Colter for some reason. Colter talks about
how people are really going to remember Sunday night because Swagger
is going to become #1 contender, making his America a reality. This
brings out Del Rio and Ricardo who say Alberto is going to win on
Sunday. Del Rio also calls Colter Jumanji Man.
we get to see Mark Henry who says what’s going to be remembered about
Sunday is Mark Henry setting world records for pulling semis.
They’re also going to remember him beating up Sheamus within an inch
of his life. This brings out Sheamus as we’re running out of room
out here. He says why wait until Sunday and pulls out a strap to
clear the ring.
break, Teddy comes out, six man tag, all is right with the world.
Reigns/Seth Rollins vs. Usos
Usos actually get their full entrance for the first time in months.
Jey takes over on Rollins to start and rams him into the corner
before bringing in Jimmy. Reigns gets the tag and runs over Jimmy
with a clothesline. The beating carries on in the corner before
Reigns spears Jimmy down for the pin at 1:40. Total squash.
tries to make the save for the Usos but gets knocked to the floor.
Kingston grabs a chair and sends Shield running.
welcomes Miz back to Smackdown when Damien Sandow comes up. Damien
says he should have his own show since Miz nearly started a riot.
Teddy is offered to be a co-producer, but instead he makes Miz vs.
look at the end of the elimination tag on Monday and Ryback attacking
Cena’s leg.
of Funk vs. Prime Time Players
pounds on Young to start before it’s quickly off to Tensai and an
elbow/side slam combo. Young bails to the floor and Titus dives on
Tensai as he goes after Darren. O’Neil comes in and runs over
Tensai, only to miss a charge into the corner. Hot tag brings in
Brodus to splash Young in the corner. A powerslam gets two as Titus
makes the save (despite being late and the referee having to pause
his count early), only to be thrown to the floor. The double splash
ends Young at 2:44.
look at the dance off or lack thereof from Raw.
Jericho vs. Antonio Cesaro
out process to start with JBL saying Cesaro is the strongest man in
the WWE. When you have another guy on the show earlier who is the
strongest man in the world, I have an issue buying that. Then again
the WWE Championship is far bigger than the World Heavyweight
Championship so it’s hard to say. On the WWE App we see Summer
pretending to hurt her ankle in the back. Interesting that they
never give the sales pitch on Smackdown at all but we get it shoved
down our throats on Raw.
knocks Cesaro to the floor but Antonio comes back with hard chops in
the corner to take over. The Canadian comes back with a missile
dropkick off the middle rope to send Cesaro to the floor and the
springboard dropkick puts him right back down there. We take a break
and come back with Cesaro holding a chinlock. Jericho fights up and
hits some shoulder blocks followed by a top rope ax handle. Cesaro
kicks away from a Walls attempt but the Lionsault hits knees. He
picks Jericho up but gets caught by a quick enziguri for two.
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two on Jericho as Cesaro stays on the
ribs. Cesaro stalks Jericho and puts on another chinlock which isn’t
exactly working over the ribs. Jericho fights up and goes up top,
only to jump into the European uppercut for two. The gutwrench
suplex is countered into the Walls and Cesaro taps at 8:28 shown of
C+. Not bad here but Cesaro’s
stock continues to fall. This is his third straight high profile
loss on TV since he said he had no competition, which makes him look
even lamer than his losses do. The company line seems to be that
he’s boring, which clearly couldn’t have anything to do with him
losing all the time, thereby giving the fans no reason to believe he
could pull off a win. It has to be him just naturally being boring,
despite being fed every line he says.
match here’s Fandango through the crowd but Jericho catches him.
Fandango is run off so Cesaro gets the Codebreaker, just in case he
had anyone believing he wasn’t a total loser anymore.
from Colter/Swagger on extremism, including stuff about Benghazi and
budget cuts.
look at Langston vs. Swagger from Raw which resulted in Del Rio
standing tall.
Miz vs. Damien Sandow
Rhodes is on commentary as he faces Miz at the pre-show on Sunday.
Miz quickly takes him down with a headlock but Damien stomps away in
the corner to take over. Miz comes back with a clothesline, only to
charge into an elbow in the corner. We discuss Cody’s bromance with
Sandow as Damien bails to the floor to avoid a left hand. Back in
and Sandow hits him with a knee lift to take over. Cody grabs a mic
and says that everyone should get on their feet and show Damien some
suplexes him down and drops a knee for two. Wade Barrett is talking
about Miz on the WWE App. Not that we can hear what he’s saying or
anything but you get the idea. Sandow drops Miz throat first on the
middle rope before hitting the Russian legsweep. The Wind-Up elbow
hits for two and it’s off to the chinlock. We go back to the same
overused joke of Cody having a mustache similar to some guy from the
30s (actor Errol Flynn in this case) and no one knowing who that is.
Miz comes back with the corner clothesline and the top rope ax
handle. After knocking Cody to the floor, the figure four ends
Damien at 4:54.
C-. This was fine for the most
part. I’m still not wild on Miz using the figure four but at this
point it doesn’t seem like it’s going away. Miz fighting Sandow is
the perfect way to set up the match on Sunday against Rhodes so I
don’t have many complaints here at all. Not a bad match here but it
was pretty dull for the most part.
vs. Kaitlyn
here. Earlier today, Kaitlyn got flowers from her secret admirer.
Apparently the secret admirer is now tweeting and Josh thinks he
knows who it is. Kaitlyn runs Aksana over with a shoulder block but
the reverse DDT is escaped. Josh thinks the admirer is Sin Cara
because he wears a mask and therefore is ugly and needs to hide in
the shadows.
drives a knee into Kaitlyn’s back as the announcers talk about why
JBL should call Aksana. Now we talk about how Josh is poor as Aksana
hits a bad Russian legsweep for two. Off to a chinlock on Kaitlyn as
the announcers now make thinly veiled references about disgraced
Congressmen Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner, because their scandals
were almost two years ago. I’m sure EVERYONE gets what they’re
talking about, right? Anyway Kaitlyn hits a hard spear for the pin
at 3:34.
D. The spear and Aksana’s
outfit looked good and that’s about all I can say here as far as
positive aspects of the match. The commentary here was like a DVD
audio track with nothing but stupid jokes and references that almost
no one is going to get. I know the Divas are nothing of note, but
this is almost all you hear on Raw anymore. It doesn’t make me
chuckle but rather makes me want to mute my TV.
on Lesnar vs. HHH from Raw.
Henry/Big Show/Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio/Sheamus/Randy Orton
introduces Ricardo in Spanish and Ricardo introduces Del Rio in
English, which might be a first for him. Del Rio and Swagger get
things going here with Jack grabbing a headlock. Del Rio comes back
with a hard kick to the back for two before firing off more kicks in
the corner. Off to Orton as Swagger is in early trouble. Randy
pounds away in the corner but Swagger comes back with a shoulder
block to Orton’s leg.
leg seems to be just fine though as he snaps off a dropkick to put
Swagger down. Back to Del Rio for a dropkick of his own for two.
Some forearms to Swagger’s back sets up the Backstabber to send Jack
out to the floor. A suicide dive puts Swagger down again but as they
come back in, a Big Show distraction lets Jack slam Del Rio off the
top. Big Show comes in now and stands on Alberto’s back and fires
off some chops in the corner.
comes in and headbutts Del Rio down before bringing Swagger back in.
Alberto gets up a boot in the corner to stop a charging Jack,
followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to put him down. Show breaks
up the tag though and we take a break. Back with Del Rio kicking out
of a leg lock from Swagger before sending him face first into the
middle buckle. Big Show breaks up another tag and tries the Alley
Oop (backwards falling powerbomb) but Del Rio counters into a
finally gets the tag and cleans house before hitting White Noise on
Big Show. That is scary power. The Brogue Kick is caught though and
Sheamus walks into a chokeslam for two. Back to Swagger who drops
some elbows, only to be caught in the fireman’s carry roll to put him
back down. Off to Henry who breaks up the attempted tag to Orton.
Henry pounds away while shouting about Sheamus taking his beating
like a man.
Show comes in again and hits rapid fire chops to Sheamus’ chest.
Swagger is in again and fires off knees to the ribs and a clothesline
for no cover. The Vader Bomb hits for two but as he loads up another
attempt, Sheamus catches Jack in an electric chair. Hot tag brings
in Orton who goes right into his finishing sequence on Swagger, only
to be run over by Henry. Sheamus and Show go to the floor as Del Rio
kicks Henry in the head. Swagger tries the Patriot Lock on Del Rio
but takes the RKO for the pin at 12:04 shown of 15:34.
B. Good solid six man tag here
which was the right call to set things up on Sunday. The ending was
the usual insanity with Orton hitting the RKO for a big pop so no
complaints there. I’ve always been a fan of mixing multiple feuds
into one match as you can develop each story while giving us some
fresh pairings at the same time. Good main event here.
B-. I liked tonight’s
show so much better than anything WWE’s main shows have put out in
awhile. First and foremost (long recap aside), tonight wasn’t about
the world title match or the cage match. The other, and far more
interesting matches, got the spotlight and it made for a much more
interesting and entertaining show. It’s also amazing how much easier
it is to sit through a show with only one ad for the WWE App.
Reigns/Seth Rollins b. Usos – Spear to Jimmy
of Funk b. Prime Time Players – Double Splash to Young
Jericho b. Antonio Cesaro – Walls of Jericho
b. Aksana – Spear
Orton/Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio b. Big Show/Mark Henry/Jack Swagger –
RKO to Swagger
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Smackdown – May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013
PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Mathews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
only two Smackdowns left until Extreme Rules, the biggest question is
obvious: will more furniture be destroyed here tonight? Oh wait this
is Smackdown, meaning Lesnar and HHH will never appear here. Anyway
tonight we’re likely to get more build up towards the triple threat,
meaning some combination of the people are likely to fight each other
so that one can look weaker than another. Let’s get to it.

open with the voiceover and a video on the triple threat stuff from
Raw, with Swagger destroying Ziggler and Del Rio with the ladder.
It’s Swagger vs. Langston tonight, as well as Ambrose vs. Bryan.
is in the ring for the Highlight Reel. His guest tonight is Ryback
so we see some clips from Raw with Ryback beating Cena down. Jericho
says he sees where Ryback is coming from but Ryback doesn’t really
care. It’s Jericho’s show though so he gets to talk about what he
wants to. Jericho knows about all the times Shield has beaten Ryback
down and all the times he’s lost the WWE Championship. He says he’s
been WWE Champion six times so he understands what Ryback is going
through. That’s a bit confusing as he only held that title once.
He’s held six world titles but only one WWE Title.
Jericho wants to know what Ryback’s Rules are. Jericho has gone
through a period with people gunning for him because he had a chip on
his shoulder the size of the big show. Ryback doesn’t care so
Jericho talks about how the Jericholics are judging Ryback. The fans
understand the difference between beating Rock and Austin in one
night and beating a one legged Cena in one night.
tells Ryback to be careful what he wishes for, because no one will
respect him if he wins the title. Ryback says Jericho talks to much
and threatens to drop him right now. Jericho says he doesn’t think
Ryback will do a thing, so here’s Teddy to make this the main event.
Does Booker do anything on Smackdown anymore? Ryback lays out
Jericho with a right hand.
Henry is going to try to pull two tractor trailers tonight to break a
world record.
Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes
of course. Cody trips him down but gets caught in a flip over
armdrag as Kofi speeds things up. Rhodes gets in an elbow to the
face and hits a knee to Kofi’s thigh followed by the front suplex for
two. Off to an armbar on the champion but Kofi easily escapes and
chops Cody down. A rollup gets two on Rhodes but he rolls through
Kofi’s spinning crossbody for two. Both finishers miss but as Cody
loads up the Disaster Kick he jumps into Trouble in Paradise for the
pin at 3:28.
C. This was fine given the time
constraints. I’m not wild on Cody losing again but he’s way past the
point of being a threat on Smackdown. Kofi is still his same old
self, having decent to good matches but never rising above the
midcard at all. In other words, this was exactly what you would
expect from these two.
look at Lesnar destroying HHH’s office on Raw. Calling it
frightening and a workplace invasion over and over again doesn’t make
it suck any less than it already did. I don’t know about you, but I
have a problem getting upset that Lesnar destroyed a bunch of
furniture and a TV that the company probably paid for. Oh wait he
also broke a replica belt and some photos. How ever will HHH replace
those things?
talks about how Swagger is going to climb the ladder like an
AMERICAN, one step at a time.
E. Langston vs. Jack Swagger
Rio is on commentary. Before the match, he slides in a ladder but
Swagger kicks Dolph in the face before he can do anything with it.
Langston is knocked to the floor but Ziggler dropkicks the ladder
into Swagger’s face. Del Rio comes in and hits the low superkick to
Dolph’s face and rams the ladder into his head. Swagger has the
ladder thrown at him and Del Rio stands tall atop the ladder.
Somewhere in there Ziggler got a concussion and as of this writing,
his status is still in doubt for the PPV. No match of course.
Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan
slug it out in the corner to start until Bryan hits a running knee to
the ribs to take over. Some hard kicks to the back have Ambrose in
trouble but he comes back by sending Bryan face first into the
buckle. Bryan moonsaults out of the corner and hits a clothesline to
set up kicks to Ambrose’s chest. Dean rolls to the floor and there’s
the big suicide dive to take both guys out.
take a break and come back with Ambrose dropping elbows on Bryan
before putting on a cross arm choke. Ambrose transitions into a
nerve hold and neck crank, giving him the rest hold trifecta. Bryan
fights up but gets kneed in the ribs to stop his comeback cold. A
running dropkick gets two for Dean and it’s back to the chinlock.
Back up and Ambrose misses a charge in the corner, slamming his
shoulder into the post.
fires off the kicks in the corner before putting Dean in the Tree of
Woe for even more kicks. A running dropkick to Ambrose’s ribs gets
two but he comes back with a quick backslide for two. Bryan kicks
Dean down again and goes up top for the headbutt, only to be
distracted by Shield. The delay makes him switch over to a missile
dropkick for two instead.
comes back with a forward belly to back suplex (he picked Bryan up
for a belly to back and snapped him forward onto the mat instead) for
two. Ambrose is starting to snap and fires off knees to Bryan’s
face. Bryan grabs the NO Lock out of nowhere but Reigns comes in for
the save while the referee is watching Kane and Rollins fight. Dean
loads up the bulldog driver but Kofi Kingston runs in for the DQ at
9:21 shown of 12:51.
B-. Good match here as Ambrose
continues to look good in the ring. I like the Kofi run in as it’s
pretty clearly setting up Ambrose challenging him for the US Title
either at Extreme Rules or soon thereafter. The match here worked
well as both guys got to look strong and the ending saves both guys
from losing while also setting up future stuff. That’s how I like my
run in finishes: efficient.
is cleared out post match.
recap the Highlight Reel, because we can’t remember something that
happened 50 minutes ago.
see a clip from earlier today with Mark Henry attached to a semi
truck and pulling it down the road. Apparently that’s a warmup and
next he’ll pull TWO of them, which combine to weigh over 110,000lbs.
from Raw of Sheamus getting taken down by Henry and whipped with a
belt. The photos of the welts on his body are rather disturbing.
The match at Extreme Rules is a strap match, where you have to touch
all four buckles.
go live to the parking lot where Henry is attached to two semi
trucks. Before he starts he promises to destroy Sheamus at the PPV.
Henry can’t pull it at first but after Striker asks him some annoying
questions, Henry gets all fired up and finally pulls them forward.
That’s rather impressive looking, whether it was rigged or not.
Henry is spent….and Sheamus doesn’t appear. That’s kind of
Raw ReBound recounts all of the Ryback/Cena stuff from Raw.
Orton looks at a clip of Big Show knocking him out on Monday. He
says that vouching for Big Show got him knocked out twice, which has
only made him more venomous.
Show vs. Tensai
pounds away at Big Show and knocks him into the corner with right
hands. Not that it matters as Show hits a single right hand and wins
in 50 seconds.
gets speared down by Big Show but before Show can load up the WMD,
Orton runs in with an RKO for the giant.
runs into Kaitlyn as she gets another text from her secret admirer.
Kaitlyn suggests that it’s Dolph and they get into a catty argument
until Natalya comes up to scare AJ off. Khali pops up in a Mysterio
mask which is his undercover attire. He takes off the mask to reveal
that it’s actually not Mysterio before leaving. Kaitlyn says the
mask isn’t really needed and he just needs to keep his ears open.
Natalya tells Khali he doesn’t have to dress like Rhodes, as he now
has a mustache on.
Jericho vs. Ryback
shoves him into the corner to start but gets caught by a dropkick to
put him down. Jericho is thrown to the floor as Ryback shrugs off
whatever Chris throws at him. Back in and Ryback pounds Jericho down
as the fans chant for the Canadian. Off to a chinlock by Ryback but
Jericho fights up and elbows Ryback to the apron for the springboard
dropkick. Ryback starts getting fired up but that might be too
interesting for a heel so he stops to think instead as we take a
with Ryback stomping on Jericho in the corner before working over the
leg a little bit. Now it’s off to a body vice as Ryback can’t seem
to pick a body part. Jericho fights up but gets caught in a big
spinebuster for two as JBL gets annoyed with Josh being an idiot on
commentary. Josh: “Ryback will be in the ring with John Cena in
ten days.” JBL: “WELL DUH!” Off to a neck crank on Jericho as
Ryback mocks the fans chanting for him. Back up and Jericho is sent
over the top, only to hold on and go up top for an ax handle to the
slams him down again but misses a splash, allowing Jericho to hit a
Lionsault to Ryback’s back for two. As usual, the announcers are
surprised that the Lionsault only got two. The Codebreaker is
countered into another spinebuster and there’s a jackknife powerbomb
to keep the Canadian down. Someone needs to use the powerbomb as a
finisher again. It’s been far too long. Josh is totally behind
Ryback in this match and criticizes Cole for hanging on to Cena,
complete with comparing Cole’s love of Cena to JR’s love of Austin.
That’s very odd to hear coming from Matthews.
makes a quick comeback and tries the Walls but Ryback is just too
strong. He kicks Jericho away before catching a cross body in a
fallaway slam for no cover. The Meathook connects but Chris rolls
through Shell Shock into the Walls of Jericho but Ryback easily gets
the ropes. Now the Codebreaker hits but Ryback falls out to the
floor. Jericho follows him out but gets thrown into the barricade
and crotched against the post…..for a DQ at 11:00 shown of 14:30.
C+. Not bad here but the ending
was kind of lame. I guess the idea was to show that Ryback will be
able to do whatever he wants to do at the PPV, but it really fell
flat here. Instead the ending could have been beating Jericho down
and counting to ten, but again that might make Ryback look too
intense and he might be effective as a heel. Also what was with Josh
being a Ryback fanboy here?
match Ryback knocks Jericho over the announce table to end the show.
C-. This wasn’t a bad
show but it felt like nothing happened at all. There were four
matches and two of them didn’t even make it to three and a half
minutes. The Henry thing, which impressive, didn’t do much for
anyone, Ryback continues to flounder as a heel because everything
that got him over as a face has been taken away because it might make
him too interesting. The world title stuff is the same schtick we’ve
seen them do for months now. The show definitely isn’t bad but it
continues to have Smackdown’s main problem: there’s no need for it to
Kingston b. Cody Rhodes – Trouble in Paradise
Ambrose b. Daniel Bryan via DQ when Kofi Kingston interfered
Show b. Tensai – WMD
Jericho b. Ryback via DQ when Ryback sent Jericho into the post
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Smackdown Issues

I just read a report saying how WWE was concerned about the attendance at last night's Smackdown taping.  Apparently, it was one of the lowest in the past several months and over half of the venue needed to be tarped off.

My question is whether this is something WWE should be legitimately concerned about for the future.  Since the end of the brand split (which has occurred whether WWE admits it or not), Smackdown is not even billed as an equal show to Raw.  It's a big deal when guys like Cena or Punk bother to make appearances on the show.  Should WWE move it to smaller venues to avoid looking foolish with no one in the seats on TV?  Should they go back to how it was prior to the brand splits and have everyone on the show, treating it equal to Raw?  They already run house shows on Friday nights.  Maybe they should just air one of those live.   Thoughts?

They SHOULD cancel it because it's not needed to follow the narrative of the story, but I can certainly understand why they wouldn't.   It's funny how fast things can cool down again once the Rock leaves, because they were selling out Smackdown tapings and house shows for weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, and now I can get floor seats for the house show in Regina on the 25th right now if I wanted.   I think it's just too much product and fans are getting burned out after three hours of RAW, and unfortunately Smackdown is the main victim.  Maybe they should jettison the whole concept and do an hour of Main Event and an hour of NXT for the show?  

Smackdown – May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan
John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
back stateside for Smackdown now with a main event of Ambrose vs.
Kane. I’m liking the idea of the Shield having some singles matches
as it’s the next logical step for the group at this point. You can
only have so many three man combinations they can fight before the
idea gets stale. Also we’re likely to get more on the triple threat
title match at Extreme Rules. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the end of Raw with Shield pinning Cena after
Ryback walked out on Cena earlier in the night.
Ryback to open the show. He says he couldn’t tag with Cena on Raw
because he knew Cena was hurt. Ryback isn’t Cena’s keeper and it was
Cena that lost the match against the Shield. After the match, Cena
was hobbling around and in the law of the jungle, the bigger animals
like Ryback always eat the smaller ones.
vs. Daniel Bryan
fires off some quick kicks to start but gets caught in the corner.
Daniel goes back to the kicks to the legs but gets caught in the
corner again. A powerslam puts Bryan down but Ryback spends too much
time celebrating and gets kicked in the leg some more. Now Bryan is
sent to the floor but he suckers Ryback down, allowing Daniel to hit
the suicide dive. Back in and Ryback pounds Bryan into the corner
but Daniel fires off even more kicks to the leg.
finally catches a kick coming in and shoves Bryan down. He loads up
a suplex but Bryan drives knees upside down onto Ryback’s head to
escape. Ryback will have none of that and throws Bryan to the floor
as we take a break. Back with Ryback steadily pounding Bryan down,
including blocking a sunset flip and slamming Bryan’s head into the
mat over and over.
fires off about his seventh set of kicks to the leg before countering
a Thesz Press into a half crab on the weakened leg. Ryback kicks
away so Bryan goes with even more kicks to the leg to keep Ryback in
trouble. A pair of running dropkicks in the corner stagger Ryback
and a missile dropkick takes him down for two. The crowd is getting
way into this.
tries another kick but gets caught in a powerbomb position, only to
catch Ryback in a rana out to the floor. Ryback catches Bryan diving
at him through and sends him spine first into the post. Back in and
Ryback plants him down with a slam followed by the Meathook. Bryan
gets Shell Shocked down for the pin at 9:39 shown of 13:09.
B-. This is what Ryback is
perfect for: marching through people after being in some trouble. It
makes him look like a monster again and was a completely clean pin.
Bryan threw everything he had at him and just couldn’t stop him.
That’s the kind of stuff you need from a monster and Ryback looked
good in the process.
look at the triple threat from Monday and Del Rio announcing the
triple threat at the PPV to be a ladder match.
Rodriguez says a lot of stuff in Spanish very quickly until Del Rio
comes up to say calm down.
vs. Zach Ryder
takes him down with an armdrag for two but Fandango kicks him in the
head to take over. Fandango ties him up in the ropes and fires off
some hard forearms to the back of Ryder’s head for two. Ryder gets
up a pair of knees in the corner and hits the middle rope missile
dropkick for two. The Broski Boot connects for another near fall but
the Rough Ryder is countered into a hot shot. Fandango’s guillotine
legdrop ends Ryder at 2:20.
is in the back with a bouquet of roses and has gotten a love text.
Natalya and Khali tell her to relax like Khali does.
recap the Make-A-Wish stuff with Cena from Raw.
Colter tells “Rhonda” Young that he was sick on Monday when he
lost in the triple threat match. Also, Ricardo Rodriguez stole from
him on Monday so tonight they have a rematch.
Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter
and AJ are on commentary with Langston next to them. In other words,
all seven people are here. Colter slaps him to start so Ricardo
grabs his beard. Zeb goes to the mat on all fours so Ricardo rides
him like a horse for a bit. Colter comes back with some right hands
but Ricardo sends him into the corner. Thankfully this boring match
is ended with Swagger running in to take out Ricardo for the DQ at
Rio knocks Swagger to the floor and here’s Teddy to make it a tag
Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger
is joined in progress after the break with Swagger working over
Ricardo. The tag brings in Del Rio for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
and Codebreaker onto the arm but Swagger blocks the armbreaker. Not
that it matters as Ziggler and Langston run in for the DQ at 1:50.
Teddy makes it a triple threat tag match.
Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger vs. Big E.
Langston/Dolph Ziggler
Rio and Swagger start things off with Alberto dropping him down with
a clothesline and tagging in Ricardo. After Rodriguez does little of
note it’s back to Del Rio who walks into a dropkick from Ziggler.
Off to Langston as our brilliant commentators talk about how Del Rio
and Swagger are favored in the ladder match because they’ve both won
MITB before. As their short term memory failure melts my brain,
Langston runs over Del Rio in the corner and it’s back to the world
Rio launches Ziggler into the air and lets him crash down to the mat.
He’s too spent to follow up though and Dolph takes him down with a
neckbreaker. Back to Langston for more of his power, including
ramming Del Rio into the corner. Ziggy misses a splash though and
Del Rio gets the hot tag. House is cleaned and it’s Colter left all
alone with Alberto. Ziggler makes the save for Colter for no
apparent reason and DDTs Alberto for two. Langston runs over Ricardo
but gets powerslammed down by Swagger. Alberto enziguris Swagger to
the floor and gets rolled up by Swagger for two. The cross
armbreaker makes Dolph tap at 4:50.
D+. Well this was worthless,
but at least we got the world champion to lose again! I mean, Heaven
forbid he gets to keep the momentum he gained on Monday or something
stupid like that. This 50/50/50 booking is doing nothing for anyone
as the winner of the triple threat is only going to decide who didn’t
lose last, which doesn’t make for much of a champion.
hear someone getting beaten up off camera followed by Shield popping
up. They say they took out Undertaker and after tonight, Kane will
believe in the Shield. The camera pans down to show that it was
Bryan who was attacked.
on HHH accepting Lesnar’s challenge.
gets looked at in the back.
Orton vs. Damien Sandow
hits a quick shot to the jaw and Sandow is frustrated early. A
shoulder block puts Sandow down but he comes back with a knee to the
ribs and a knee drop for two. Randy easily fights out of a chinlock
(is there a bigger expert on that hold than Orton?) and there’s the
powerslam on Damien. The Elevated DDT is broken up with a backdrop
to the apron and Sandow guillotines him onto the top rope.
take a break and come back with Orton suplexing his way out of a
headlock. A short DDT gets a delayed two count for Sandow as JBL
says Sandow has been in his element these last few months. Is there
another modern Genius running around that I’ve been missing? Wind-Up
elbow gets two but Orton fires off some headbutts to escape. A
dropkick puts Sandow down as does a backdrop, followed by the
Elevated DDT. RKO ends this at 5:05 shown of 8:35.
C. This is another match that
we’ve seen over and over again with nothing much coming from it.
It’s like everyone has a designated opponent anymore and the winners
and losers never change at all. Nothing of note to see here but it
was a glorified squash for Orton. When is the last time Sandow won a
match anyway?
match here’s Big Show to tell Orton that he’s awesome in singles
matches, but he’s terrible in a team. When Orton is in a team it’s
all about him. At Wrestlemania, if Show had gotten the tag, they
might have won and Orton wouldn’t have been knocked out. Sandow uses
the distraction to hit the Terminus. Big Show laughs a lot and says
that’s nothing compared to what he’ll do to Orton at Extreme Rules.
I think that was a challenge.
walks out of the trainer’s room and says he’ll make the Shield pay
for what they did to Daniel and Undertaker. He knows he’s going to
get beaten up tonight but he’s taking down as many of them as he can
with him.
Raw Rebound is the same thing that opened the show: the end of the
six man tag and Ryback reappearing.
we get an arm wrestling contest between Sheamus and Mark Henry. On
the way to the ring, Cole and JBL drop the names of famous arm
wrestlers that no one will remember in a few seconds. Henry of
course dominates but Sheamus wants to try it left handed. After a
lot of goading, Henry finally agree. The fans chant for Henry as
they’re getting ready. As he’s about to lose, Sheamus punches him in
the face and lays Henry out with the Brogue Kick. The fans did seem
to like the kick.
get a clip of Shield taking out Undertaker last week.
on the European tour.
vs. Dean Ambrose
has Bryan’s tag title belt. Kane swings his belt to chase the Shield
off and throws Reigns over the announce table and Rollins into the
crowd. Now we head inside for the actual match and Kane pounds
Ambrose down into the corner. They head to the floor where Ambrose
is dropped throat first onto the barricade and kicked in the side of
the head before they head back in. A running elbow puts Dean down
and Kane throws him to the floor again as we take a break.
with Ambrose working on Kane’s leg as momentum has shifted. Ambrose
snaps the leg down and bends it around the rope. Dean says this is
justice as he works over the leg. Rollins and Reigns are back up and
talking trash of their own as Ambrose hits a running clothesline in
the corner. The bad leg is wrapped around the post but the referee
makes Dean let him go.
in and Kane fires back before hitting the side slam for two. The top
rope clothesline puts Ambrose down and Kane is smiling evily.
Ambrose escapes the chokeslam but Kane escapes the DDT. A chokeslam
puts Ambrose down but Kane doesn’t cover. Instead we get a throat
slit and it’s time for a Tombstone but Kane has to kick Rollins off
the apron. They head to the floor and Kane sends Reigns into the
steps. Back in and Dean takes the leg out before hitting a falling
forward bulldog for the pin at 7:03 shown of 10:33. I really hope
that isn’t his finishing move.
C. This was fine. Kane knew he
was in over his head but he gave it everything he had which is the
right idea for a match like this. A win over Kane is still worth a
little something and the win for the titles will be worth even more
at Extreme Rules. I’d prefer they went after the world title instead
of the tag titles but I guess any gold is better than none.
match Kane tells all of the Shield to come get him and it goes
exactly as you would expect it to go. The TripleBomb ends the show
and Shield takes both title belts.
D+. Let’s look at this:
similar matches, similar story development, almost nothing new at
all. This was a supplement to Raw and that’s exactly what Smackdown
doesn’t need to be. Last week was FAR better with good matches and
some fun stuf. This was basically there to further what we got on
Raw while adding nothing new. That’s not an interesting show and
could have been accomplished with a series of video packages, making
this show pretty much worthless.
b. Daniel Bryan – Shell Shock
b. Zack Ryder – Guillotine Legdrop
Rodriguez b. Zeb Colter via DQ when Jack Swagger interfered
Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez b. Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger via DQ when
Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston interfered
Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez b. Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger and Dolph
Ziggler/Big E. Langston – Cross armbreaker to Ziggler
Orton b. Damien Sandow – RKO
Ambrose b. Kane – Falling bulldog
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