Smackdown – October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main story coming into tonight is Big Show being fired by Stephanie
and then knocking out HHH to end Raw. In other words, certainly not
the WWE Title picture. Big Show was way too happy on Raw, meaning
there’s something afoot with him that we don’t know about yet. Other
than that we have a Battleground rematch with Truth challenging Axel
for the Intercontinental Title. Let’s get to it.

opening video recaps the Big Show/HHH/Stephanie events from Raw.
Vickie Guerrero to open the show. We get a clip of Del Rio kissing
her on Raw, only to earn him a title defense against Cena at the PPV.
Vickie rants about Big Show knocking out HHH on Monday, saying that
he already compromised the main event at Battleground. Big Show
should have been fired long ago but now his problems have just begun.
His house is already for sale which is what he deserves.
Rio comes out and doesn’t look pleased. He begs Vickie to reconsider
making him defend the title against Cena but the fans seem intrigued
by the idea. Vickie says it’s what’s best for business so Del Rio
sucks up to her a bit and flirts with her for good measure. Vickie
says Del Rio should kiss her and the champion complies both on the
cheek and lips, but she had another place in mind.
brings out Damien Sandow to call Del Rio a phony. Alberto sees
Vickie as a sex object that he can easily manipulate. Sandow says
Vickie is beautiful but he’s most attracted to her mind. She
manipulates her way through life but Del Rio is out here trying to
get out of a match with Cena that he knows he’ll lose. That’s not
befitting of a champion and when given a chance, Sandow will prove
he’s the better man. Vickie makes Sandow vs. Del Rio for later.
Alberto lays Damien out but Sandow fights back and chases the
champion off. Sandow was acting much more neutral than heelish here
but it wasn’t a face turn.
Title: R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel
takes the challenger into the corner to start and fires off chops,
only to have Truth come back with some right hands. A hip toss gets
two on Curtis and he bails to the floor for a chat with Heyman. Back
in and Truth elbows Axel down for two as this is still in first gear.
Axel knocks him out to the floor and we take an early break. Back
with Truth fighting out of an armbar but getting taken down by a
clothesline to the back of the head for two.
hit the chinlock with Heyman coaching from the floor. Axel whispers
some sweet spots into Truth’s ear before the champion gets sent into
the corner for the break. They very slowly slug it out until Truth
speeds things up with clotheslines. A dropkick puts Axel down for
two and a wheelbarrow slam gets two more. The ax kick gets the same
but Curtis grabs the bottom rope. No heat on the near fall at all
there. Truth thinks he won and the distraction allows Curtis to hit
his neckbreaker faceplant to retain at 6:38 shown of 9:08.
D. This was a really boring
match with neither guy showing much energy at all. Truth’s biggest
strength is his athleticism but he only had about two flashy moves in
the whole match. It never felt like the title was in jeopardy and
you don’t want Curtis Axel carrying your match for you.
Locales vs. Los Matadores
Locales are Ricardo Rodriguez and Tyson Kidd under masks. Fernando
starts with Kidd (Locale #1) to give us some decent flipping and
diving spots. A double backdrop puts Kidd down and it’s Diego
chopping away in the corner. Diego headscissors Kidd down and it’s
off to Rodriguez and Fernando with more double teaming by the
Matadores. Ricardo makes a blind tag and Kidd gets in a few cheap
shots including a HARD kick to the back for two. Back to Rodriguez
who misses a charge in the corner, allowing for the tag back to Diego
to clean house. Heel miscommunication sets up the double Angle Slam
to pin Ricardo at 3:45.
D+. I’m already over Los
Matadores and I don’t see them getting any better. They’re a one
idea team and those kind of acts rarely last long. They could
benefit from some over the top vignettes but just doing the same
stuff they’re doing now isn’t getting them anywhere.
dives on Ricardo post match.
get Shawn’s campaign speech to be the guest referee inside the Cell.
Bella/Funkadactyls vs. Natalya/Eva Marie/Kaitlyn
returns. Brie and Natalya shake hands to start before Natalya easily
takes her down by the leg. Brie counters into an armbar and then a
half crab in some surprisingly nice mat wrestling. Nattie can’t get
the Sharpshooter and it’s off to Eva who gets a quick one off a
rollup. A wristlock drags Brie to the corner and it’s off to Kaitlyn
vs. Cameron. That goes nowhere so here’s Naomi who gets speared down
almost immediately. Everything breaks down and the Rear View takes
out Natalya. Kaitlyn’s rollup on Naomi is countered into another
rollup for the pin for Naomi at 2:53. Above average Divas stuff here
match the winners and Nikki dance a lot.
Rhodes and Goldust say they beat the Shield and beat the odds, thanks
to their dad putting himself in harm’s way. Their welcome back to
Smackdown tonight: the Wyatts.
Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio
Sandow takes over to start and quickly stomps Del Rio out to the
floor. Back in and Alberto kicks away for two before hitting a
chinlock less than a minute into the match. Sandow pounds away even
more, sending Alberto to the floor. The champion tries to walk out
with the title but Sandow sends him into the apron and back into the
ring. Back in and Del Rio kicks him down in the corner again for two
more before hitting a top rope ax handle to the back for the same.
to the chinlock for a bit before Sandow backdrops Sandow up and over
the corner and out to the floor. Sandow hits a quick suplex for two
and the YOU’RE WELCOME shout gets a face reaction. Alberto comes
back with kicks to the leg and forearms to the back of the head, only
to miss a charge into the post. Sandown hits another clothesline to
send Del Rio to the floor as we take a break.
with Del Rio dropkicking Sandown down because all he can do is kick
in this match. Sandow avoids a charge and sends Alberto to the
floor, only to catch Damien with a superkick to take over again.
They head back inside for the Russian legsweep and the Wind-Up
legsweep for two. Sandow lowers the knee pad but misses the knee
drop, allowing Alberto to hit the low superkick for two.
Codebreaker to the arm puts Sandow down but he counters the
armbreaker into an Edge-O-Matic for two. The Terminus is countered
into the Backstabber for two more but the corner enziguri misses.
Sandow’s running flip neckbreaker gets another near fall but he loses
his cool, allowing Del Rio to kick him in the knee and hook the
armbreaker for the submission at 11:38 shown of 14:38.
C+. This wasn’t bad but
Sandow’s impending face turn needs to see him actually win a few
matches. The fans like what’s there with him but being a popular
loser is only going to carry him so far. As I’ve said many times,
he’s desperately in need of a new finishing move as that neckbreaker
isn’t worth much at all.
Raw ReBound covers the Big Show saga. Apparently HHH might have a
broken jaw which would have to be wired shut. Big Show may be facing
criminal charges as a result.
Khali/Prime Time Players vs. 3MB
shoves Slater around to start before it’s quickly off to Mahal. No
mention is made of them being brothers in law but we do get to hear
about Khali being a snake charmer. Some chops make Mahal scream
before it’s off to Young for a northern lights suplex for two. Cole
talks about how 3MB is on a roll because they won a match on Main
Event. JBL: “Barry Horowitz won a match too once.”
to Mahal who kicks Young in the chest for two before it’s time for
some triple teaming. Drew tells Darren to reach for his partners
before stomping down on his fingers in a nice heel move. Darren
finally gets in a shot to the ribs and makes the tag off to Titus.
The power man cleans house and gets two on Mahal via a standing
fallaway slam. Everything breaks down and the big chop from Khali
pins Slater at 5:02.
D. This wasn’t too bad but it
felt like a filler match and nothing more, likely due to a lot of the
roster being on the Abu Dhabi tour. The Players’ push seems to be
dead which shouldn’t upset most people and really isn’t all that big
of a loss. 3MB is perfect for this role as the heels who lose almost
all the time but really don’t seem to mind.
Family vs. Cody Rhodes/Goldust
is the odd man out here but cuts a promo on screen before the
entrance, talking about how people call him strange but the water
around him is fine. Harper starts with Goldust and the painted one
takes over with a quick clothesline. Off to Rowan who is still
wearing the mask so Goldust does the deep breath and punches it off
his face. Cody comes in to work on the arm but a hard shoulder block
takes him down.
take a break and come back with Cody sending Harper into the corner
and making the tag off to Goldie. The painted one cleans house and
rains down right hands in the corner on Luke but the bulldog is
easily countered. Off to Rowan for a neck crank as Bray adjusts his
hat on the floor. It’s quickly back to Harper for a headlock before
he misses a dropkick of all things. Luke still manages to break up
the hot tag and pounds away with elbows in the corner to the golden
to Rowan for even more power on a hard whip into the corner. We hit
the bearhug for a bit before Rowan takes him into the corner for some
shots to the head. A charge hits Goldust’s elbow but Erick breaks up
another hot tag attempt. Bray gives a nod to Rowan as if to say it’s
time and there’s a claw hold to Goldust. That goes nowhere since
it’s not 1984 anymore but Rowan misses a spinwheel kick, allowing
Goldust to bulldog him down.
the hot tag off to Cody who cleans house with the Disaster Kick to
Harper. Everything breaks down and Cody hits a great dive to the
floor to take out Rowan, only to get kicked in the face by Harper.
Back in and Cody grabs a rollup out of nowhere for the pin at 10:05
shown of 13:05.
B-. Standard tag team formula
here but they worked it very well. Cody and Goldust are on fire at
the moment and I can’t imagine they won’t get the tag title shot at
the PPV. The Wyatts losing is ok since Bray is the one that matters
in the grand scheme of things. Good stuff here.
C-. The last part of
the show was better but the first hour of this show was about as
worthless as you could ask a show to be. The lack of star power due
to the tour hurt this a lot but it wasn’t a disaster. I like the
idea of the Wyatts getting a crack in the main event, even though
it’s probably a one off shot for now. Not a bad show here but
nothing worth going out of your way to see at all.
Make sure to check out Andy’s PG Report of Raw on Monday when the entire roster will be back in action.
Axel b. R-Truth – Neckbreaker faceplant
Matadores b. Los Locales – Double Angle Slam to Locale #2
Bela b. Kaitlyn/Eva Marie/Natalya – Rollup to Kaitlyn
Del Rio b. Damien Sandow – Cross Armbreaker
Khali/Prime Time Players b. 3MB – Chop to Slater
Rhodes/Goldust b. Wyatt Family – Rollup to Harper
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Smackdown – October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013
Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before Battleground and the company has gone from on
fire to limping into the PPV in a matter of weeks. Bryan vs. Orton
is the main event on Sunday again but it feels like an afterthought.
The problem is it doesn’t feel like an afterthought to any specific
thing as none of the matches feel like a big deal at all. The main
event tonight is Big Show vs. Shield so I guess that’s our focus
tonight. Let’s get to it.

opening recap shows Orton laying out Bryan to end Raw. The Bellas
being involved makes me roll my eyes.
Big Show to open things up. Show says he’s been embarrassed of how
he’s treated some people lately and we get a knockout montage. Big
Show talks about Stephanie and HHH holding the job over his head and
how some people can understand what it’s like to have to do things
they don’t want to do. He knows he can’t be forgiven but asks for
some understanding.
what his wife said to Stephanie he isn’t even sure if he’s a man
anymore. There’s so much anger and frustration built up inside of
him that he threatened to knock HHH out on Monday. If he had done it
though he would have been fired, but just for threatening it he has
to face the Shield in a handicap match. However, if he’s going down
he’s taking Shield with him.
HHH because what would an opening segment be without him? He’s
ashamed that Big Show doesn’t like his leadership, but Big Show’s
frustration and financial and marital problems are all on Big Show.
HHH has considered Big Show a friend for the last 20 years, meaning
he knew Big Show in college, two years before Show had his first
match in WCW.
holds up Big Show’s mortgage, which apparently he’s paid, meaning Big
Show owes him rather than the bank. Therefore, either Big Show gets
his emotions in check or HHH moves into Big Show’s house. As for
tonight, since Big Show is so crazy, we’ll make the main event Big
Show vs. Shield/Randy Orton. And Big Show is crushed yet again,
because there will be NO strong heroes in this company.
Van Dam vs. Fandango
announcers spend all of Fandango’s entrance talking about breast
cancer and how pink everything is. Fandango dances to start so RVD
does the finger points, earning himself an elbow to the head. Rob
comes back with kicks in the corner and a monkey flip to take over.
Van Dam goes to the apron but gets knocked to the floor as we take a
break. Back with Rob coming off the middle rope with a kick to the
face and some regular kicks for good measure. Rolling Thunder
connects but Summer breaks up the Five Star for the DQ at 2:30 shown
of 5:00. This match needed a break?
goes to find some weapons post match but Rob gets the upper hand and
lays Fandango out with a slingshot DDT. He finds a trashcan and
Fandango gets a Van Terminator to pop the crowd.
vs. R-Truth
entrance for the monster. Ryback powers him into the corner to start
but Truth comes back with some right hands to send Ryback to the
floor. Heyman calls Truth a bully and Ryback will have none of that.
Back in and Truth escapes a gorilla press before kicking Ryback down
for two. The ax kick misses and the Meat Hook and Shell Shock
complete the squash of Truth at 2:24. Your #1 contender to the
Intercontinental Title everyone.
match Axel lays out Truth again to really make sure no one buys him
as a contender.
Del Rio isn’t worried about Dolph Ziggler tonight when a stagehand
comes up with the trashcan RVD used earlier tonight. The champion
isn’t pleased.
Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
of course and Sandow is on commentary to hype up his Battleground
pre-show match with Ziggler. Before the match we get the top ten Van
Dam moments video from Raw. Sandow refers to Ziggler as a former Mr.
MITB instead of a former world champion. That tells you almost
everything you need to know about Dolph at the moment. Feeling out
process to start with Ziggler getting a quick rollup for two, sending
the champion to the floor.
in and Del Rio stomps Ziggler down, only to be dropkicked out to the
floor as we take a break. We come back with Alberto holding a
chinlock until Ziggler fights back up. Dolph misses a charge into
the post and Del Rio has a shoulder to work on. A belly to back
suplex gets two on Dolph and we hit the chinlock again. Ziggler
fights up and comes back with another dropkick to knock Alberto off
the apron, only to have him snap Ziggler’s throat across the ropes.
Dolph comes right back again though with a top rope X Factor to put
both guys down.
tries to talk Sandow into cashing in as Dolph pounds away right hands
in the corner. A running clothesline puts Del Rio down but he still
avoids the Fameasser and gets two off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
Alberto goes up but dives into a dropkick for a close two count. The
champ gets back up and hits a LOUD running enziguri in the corner for
two of his own. Del Rio loads up a superplex but gets countered into
a sunset bomb for another close two.
the sleeper from Ziggy but Del Rio rams him face first into the
buckle for the break. A middle rope double stomp to the back has
Dolph down again but the low superkick is countered into a rollup for
two. The second attempt at the kick connects for two for the
champion but Ziggler rolls through the armbreaker into the Fameasser
for a VERY hot two. Not that it matters as the armbreaker goes on
for the submission from Dolph at 10:30 shown of 12:50.
B-. This got a lot better at
the end but ziggler having almost no chance at all didn’t help
things. That’s the problem with how WWE takes guys down the card:
there’s almost no way to believe they could win a big match when
they’re on a losing streak. Del Rio as usual is much better in the
ring than he is as a character but that’s been the case for years. I
could have gone for more arm work than just at the beginning and
ending of the match though.
Matadores vignette.
vs. Los Matadores
again who ranted about Toroito costing them the match. There’s no
McIntyre in sight for the second straight show. The bullfighters do
their flips and bull stuff before the bell. Diego cranks on Slater’s
arm to start and shouts OLE a lot. Mahal comes in and gets his leg
swept out from under him before being double backdropped.
up and Los Matadores hit a combination backbreaker/slingshot splash
for no cover. Slater comes back in and takes over with a kick to the
face and a quickly broken chinlock. Fernando comes back with Ultimo
Dragon’s corner headstand before it’s back to Diego vs. Mahal. Diego
hits a reverse Cross Rhodes followed by the double Angle Slam for the
pin at 3:20.
D. Remember the match on
Monday? This was the same thing but with less flipping and less
excitement. Los Matadores don’t seem to have a long shelf life to
them but at least it gives us another tag team for a few months.
Nothing to see here though as the bull continues to steal most of the
match Torito dives on 3MB.
and his Guys are ready for their matches on Sunday. Truth’s dream of
being Intercontinental Champion is false but at least he’s not CM
Punk. On Sunday, CM Punk will fight to the death but it just won’t
be enough. After the beating, Punk will be looking up at his lord,
master and owner: Paul Heyman, the best in the world.
Bella vs. Aksana
for the love of all things good and holy keep this short. Brie moves
away from Aksana to start before dropkicking her out to the floor.
Back in and Aksana sends her throat first into the middle rope and
stomps away for two. We hit the chinlock on Brie before Aksana
crawls around on all fours. Brie comes right back with a middle rope
Bella Buster for the pin (ignore Aksana’s foot on the ropes) at 2:10.
match here are AJ with the psycho eyes and Tamina for whatever
reason. AJ says after she keeps the title on Sunday, Brie and Bryan
can go have a goat faced kid. After the doctor sees the abomination,
he’ll spank Brie instead of the baby. I’m still wondering why I’m
supposed to cheer for the Bellas other than who they sleep with.
Kingston vs. Big E. Langston
the match we get a clip from Smackdown of Bray Wyatt laughing at
Kingston but not attacking him. Langston runs Kofi over to start and
gets two off a running splash. Kofi goes up for a cross body but
gets caught in midair, only to slip down Langston into the rollup for
the pin at 52 seconds. Was there no one else that could do the job
here? No one at all?
match here’s Bray on the stage with the Family behind Kofi. Bray
talks about calling a hero another facade of a failed generation.
This Sunday, the first will fall so follow the buzzards. Kofi still
isn’t touched.
break Bray vs. Kofi is announced for Sunday.
look back at the Rhodes Family segment from Raw. Word on the street
is that Stephanie is ticked off for Dusty going slightly off script
and putting his hand on her face. Heaven forbid everything isn’t
EXACTLY planned out for her for once in her life.
Orton vs. Big Show
Ambrose in first with Show pounding away in the corner and
headbutting Ambrose down. Off to Rollins who tries a kick to the
ribs before being thrown into the corner for a beating of his own.
It’s Reigns’ turn now but he goes down when trying a shoulder block.
Randy gets the tag and tries to keep Big Show away from him in a
smart strategy. Show gets him in the corner anyway for the not so
loud chop, sending Randy running off to Rollins.
actually knocks Show down with a top rope knee to the jaw and a kick
to the face gets two. Randy is out on the floor until Reigns softens
Big Show up a bit more. Orton comes in for some stomping and the
knee drop for two. A quick DDT gets two more for Orton and it’s back
to Roman. Show clotheslines Reigns down a few times before hitting
his own spear for no cover. All of the heels come in at once but Big
Show fights them off until Ambrose brings in a chair, only to have it
punched into his face for the DQ at 5:40.
D+. That’s the only way you can
end this if you want to save any face for Big Show. Obviously you
can’t have the giant go over and you don’t want the heels to look
weak (Heaven forbid of course) so the DQ after Show holds his own is
the best option. Much like everything else on the show tonight
though, this didn’t mean much.
hits Show in the back with the chair but there’s no effect. Instead
Reigns spears Big Show down as the fans chant for Bryan. There’s an
RKO for Big Show and Orton wraps the chair around Big Show’s neck.
Cue the Usos to take care of the Shield and FINALLY Daniel Bryan
shows up to fight Orton. Bryan fires off kicks and hooks the YES
Lock but Ambrose gets back in for the save. Dean takes the running
knee and a staredown ends the show.
D+. This wasn’t a bad
show but what did it change about Sunday? The only thing added here
was Wyatt vs. Kingston which could have been done just as easily on
Raw or at the PPV itself. The wrestling was just ok and HHH is now
Big Show’s landlord to make sure Big Show doesn’t get to grow a spine
to fight back against the tyranny. Also what happened to the locker
room rebellion? None of those guys have done anything against HHH
and company for over a week and there’s no sign that they will in the
future. As usual, this story just keeps going with no real direction
to be seen.
Van Dam b. Fandango via DQ when Summer Rae interfered
b. R-Truth – Shell Shock
Del Rio b. Dolph Ziggler – Cross armbreaker
Matadores b. 3MB – Double Angle Slam to Mahal
Bella b. Aksana – Middle rope Bella Buster
Kingston b. Big E. Langston – Rollup
Orton b. Big Show via DQ when Big Show hit a chair into Ambrose’s
I’m assuming someone will be doing Battleground on Sunday.  If not then make sure to check out Andy’s Raw recap on Monday night which I’m sure will cover what happens on Sunday.
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Smackdown – September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013
Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
WWE is almost on the verge of a civil war between the HHH regime and
a good chunk of the midcard. Daniel Bryan continues to be the one
big hope for the good guys but tonight is about Dolph Ziggler as he
challenges for Dean Ambrose’s US Title. Other than that we may see
some new developments for Battleground which is now just over a week
away. Let’s get to it.

HHH to open things up. He’s been checking social media and doesn’t
like seeing terms like favoritism or abuse of power. Sometimes WWE
Superstars would rather blame management for their own failures. HHH
and Stephanie are fine with that burden because they simply can’t
make everyone happy so they do what’s best for business. Then on Raw
HHH puts Shield in an 11-3 handicap match, ending with Daniel Bryan
pinning Seth Rollins for the final win. HHH continues to talk about
how awesome the match was but here’s Miz to interrupt.
doesn’t think there’s much to this idea of being fair but HHH cuts
him off by reminding Miz of all the opportunities he’s been given.
Miz is the classic example of what HHH was talking about: a superstar
who failed but blames someone else. HHH put him in the ring with
Randy Orton two weeks ago and here’s a clip of the beatdown Orton
gave him in front of Miz’s family.
HHH doesn’t get is why the beatdown that Randy Orton gave Miz should
be on HHH’s head. It’s HHH’s job to protect Miz, even from himself.
That’s why Miz only allowed Miz to host MizTV on Raw and he even
threw Miz another opportunity by giving him Big Show as a guest. We
get a clip of Stephanie telling Big Show to knock him out, which Miz
says was ridiculous.
asks Miz what he called Stephanie, with Miz repeating the castrated
witch line, but he wishes he could replace the W with a B. Tempers
were running high all around on Monday and HHH is sure Stephanie
regrets what she said. However, let’s talk about tonight. Miz must
be ready to go, so tonight it’s Miz vs. Randy Orton. Maybe HHH
should even get in the jet and bring Miz’s parents here to watch
another beatdown.
vs. Alberto Del Rio
of course. Del Rio is very excited over what he did to RVD on Raw
and he easily weathers an early Truth attack, only to miss a charge
into the post. Truth’s suplex into a Stunner gets two but the ax
kick misses, allowing Del Rio to hit the low superkick for the pin at
match Del Rio goes after Truth even more until RVD makes the save and
holds up the title.
the back Vickie and HHH make the match with Del Rio vs. RVD a
hardcore match. HHH’s name for the match: the Battleground Hardcore
Rules match. Somehow, that might be more creative than the writing
Prime Time Players teach some stagehands the Millions of Dollars
Time Players vs. Real Americans
and Titus get things going with O’Neil kicking both Americans down
like they’re not even there. Swagger comes back by taking out the
leg before the Americans start some rapid tags. Jack drives Titus
into the corner for some shoulders to the ribs before it’s back to
Cesaro to stomp him down. Here’s the giant swing on O’Neil for a
ridiculous 27 seconds. It’s one thing on a small guy like Santino
but to do 22 revolutions on a guy 6’4 and over 260lbs is INSANE.
Again, why in the world is Cesaro in this tag team and not fighting
for world titles?
is too dizzy to stop a tag though and Young starts cleaning house.
Cesaro comes right back with a spinning Rock Bottom for two as
everything breaks down. Darren gets a rollup for two on Antonio but
Swagger gets in a blind tag. Young hits the Gut Check on Cesaro but
Swagger comes back in with the Patriot Lock for the submission from
Young at 3:45.
C. Any match with nearly 30
seconds of Titus O’Neil being swung around in a circle makes me it at
least passable. The Players are a fine midcard team and Cesaro is
awesome but Swagger is just there. He’s such damaged goods at this
point that he’s dragging down anyone he works with. Heaven forbid we
change anything about him though right? That would just be lunacy.
Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder
and Rowan throw Ryder into the ring but don’t do anything to him
other than that. Zack fires off some right hands so Bray just runs
him over and drives in shots to Ryder’s back. We actually get a
chinlock from Wyatt but Ryder fights up and hits his usual stuff.
The Rough Ryder is countered with Ryder being LAUNCHED into the air,
followed by Sister Abigail’s Kiss getting the pin at 2:21.
Title: Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
and RVD flank Ziggler for protection. Just get to the DQ and six man
tag already. Dean takes over with a headbutt and rakes Ziggy’s eyes
over the top rope. An elbow drop gets a quick one for the champion
but Dolph comes back with punches in the corner and a dropkick. A
Cactus Clothesline puts both guys on the floor, triggering a brawl
for the DQ at 2:01.
makes the six man.
vs. Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston/Rob Van Dam
bell rings and we take a break literally a second later. Back with
Van Dam firing off kicks to Rollins before driving shoulders in the
corner. Rolling Thunder gets two but Rollins gets in a shot to Rob’s
bad arm to take over. Off to Dean to crank on the arm but Rob comes
back with a spin kick to the face to bring in Ziggler. Dolph snaps
off a dropkick and drops five elbows instead of ten. Ambrose pops up
and counters the jumping DDT into a snap spinebuster to give Shield
control again.
to Reigns for a hard clothesline for two before bringing Dean back in
to work on the ribs. Reigns comes back in and slams Dolph face first
into the mat in a move so simple that it’s awesome. Something like a
gutwrench slam has Ziggler in even more trouble but he comes back
with a dropkick to put both guys down. Rollins breaks up another hot
tag attempt but gets backdropped down, allowing for the real hot tag
to Kofi.
speeds things up and hits the Boom Drop on Ambrose followed by the
spinning cross body for two. Ziggler hits the Fameasser on Rollins
but gets speared down by Reigns. Rob kicks Reigns down and
clotheslines him to the floor for a moonsault from the apron. Kofi
hits a springboard clothesline on Ambrose and Trouble in Paradise to
Reigns, only to have Rollins hit the running knee to the head to give
Dean the pin at 8:13 shown of 11:43.
B-. Good match for the most
part with a very hot finish. Shield certainly still has it for the
six man stuff as they went nuts out there with the fast spots for the
ending. It’s always more fun when you don’t know who is going to win
a match and Shield is great at those false finishes with the last
second saves.
Show says he can’t sleep at night and is a pariah in his own locker
room. He starts crying again when HHH comes in and says maybe Show
should just walk away. They really need to read up on what IRON CLAD
means. HHH offers to help him find a job as a doorman or baggage
handler since Big Show’s size makes him “special.” Big Show
holds his fist up at HHH but doesn’t do anything past that.
vs. AJ Lee
Tamina comes out with AJ due to every other Diva being against her
(according to AJ in an inset promo). AJ takes Cameron into the
corner before hooking a cravate about 30 seconds into the match.
Cameron comes back with a quick rollup and a flying leg attack which
was supposed to be a cross body for two. AJ sends her to the floor
and shouts that Cameron is useless. Tamina takes out an interfering
Naomi and the Shining Wizard knocks out Cameron for the pin at 2:41.
Still no idea who I’m supposed to cheer for here but Cameron is
Heyman to show us a clip of him pinning Punk at the PPV. The fans
have disappointed him because they’re surprised he pinned Punk.
Heyman trade secret: Punk will lose every time the fans’ blood lust
drives him to come after Paul. We look at the Heyman guys destroying
Punk on Monday. Heyman thanks everyone for their help on Monday and
that includes the fans for driving Punk to do it. Punk is crazy
enough to want a match with Ryback at Battleground which will end up
with Punk on his back and looking up at the best in the world.
Marella vs. Heath Slater
has Hornswoggle and Great Khali with him. Slater drops Santino with
a single right hand to start and we hit the chinlock thirty seconds
into the match. Santino comes back with his punches and hiptoss,
only to have Slater knee him in the ribs to stop the comeback. As
much of a comeback as you can have in the first minute of a match
that is.
gets crotched on the top and Santino loads up the Cobra….but Mahal
plays a flute to hypnotize the sock. Khali plays a flute of his own
to counter but McIntyre takes him down. The Cobra is about to attack
Santino when Horny makes the save. Khali plays some more flute,
allowing Santino to hit Slater with the Cobra for the pin at 2:58.
I’ve watched wrestling for over 25 years and I can honestly say I’ve
never seen anything like this.
Matadores arrive on Raw.
recap the Rhodes Family troubles. Cody and Goldust (and presumably
Dusty) accept an invitation to Raw on Monday.
Miz vs. Randy Orton
charges at Orton to start and fires off left hands in the corner. A
clothesline sends Orton to the floor and he goes into the post for
good measure. Back in and Miz pounds away even more before kicking
Orton in the face. The running corner clothesline only hits buckle
though and Orton has a breather. Miz might have injured his shoulder
and has to be looked at but says he can keep going. Orton
immediately grabs the Elevated DDT and won’t let the doctor check on
Miz again, drawing a DQ at 3:05. I’m not going to bother rating it
due to a good chunk being spent on the medical check but this was
more of an angle than a match.
HHH to say that Orton isn’t getting out of it that easily so we’re
restarting this as a No DQ match. Orton throws Miz over the announce
table and then into the steps as he’s in psycho mode. Miz gets in a
chair shot to the ribs but Orton gets in a shot of his own to take
over again. Another Elevated DDT on the floor knocks Miz out cold
but it’s the RKO for the pin at about 6:20 total.
C. Again this was more of an
angle than a match. They’re doing a much better job at getting Orton
over as a heel here though and that’s the important thing. Orton
being all smug and holding the title isn’t going to get people to
hate him but being a psycho that destroys people when they can’t
defend themselves certainly will. Miz is a good choice for a
sacrificial lamb.
C. This was a story
building show and there’s nothing wrong with that. The show flew by
and never dragged, but there’s nothing on here you need to see. The
good for business thing was a bit better tonight with HHH screwing
over faces instead of heels like he did on Monday. Not a bad show
but it was a supplement to Raw which is a bad choice for Smackdown.
Del Rio b. R-Truth – Superkick
American b. Prime Time Players – Patriot Lock to Young
Wyatt b. Zack Ryder – Sister Abigail’s Kiss
Ziggler b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
b. Rob Van Dam/Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston – Ambrose pinned
Kingston after a running knee to the head
Lee b. Cameron – Shining Wizard
Marella b. Heath Slater – Cobra
Orton b. Miz – RKO
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Smackdown – September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013
US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
past Night of Chapions and the main story is that there’s no WWE
Champion. Bryan won the title on Sunday but has been stripped of it
due to an alleged conspiracy between he and now fired referee Scott
Armstrong. On Raw however, the roster finally came together to fight
back against HHH and the Corporation, giving us an interesting battle
for the first time since this began, which was somehow just over a
month ago. Let’s get to it.

open with a look back at Night of Champions and Raw, set up through
an interview with HHH. He compares the scandal with Armstrong to
Pete Rose hypothetically conspiring with an umpire to fix the World
Vickie to open things up. She says she has a thrilling and exciting
show planned for us tonight, but first she has to introduce the
laughing stock of the WWE. Bob Backlund held the WWE Championship
for over 2,000 days, but this man held it for less than a day: Daniel
Bryan. Daniel says he’d rather be champion for one day than being a
shrill corporate suck-up for his entire life. Vickie gives him an
opportunity to come clean but Bryan says the truth is he kneed Orton
in the face for three. It could have been a twenty count because
Orton was out cold.
says he should still be champion but Vickie says he should be fired.
Daniel says everyone is grateful that Vickie has no real power, but
Vickie would rather talk about the people that got involved at the
end of the night. Those people would be Ziggler, the Usos, R-Truth,
Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, the Prime Time Players, Kofi Kingston and
Rob Van Dam. Tonight it’s going to be an 11-3 handicap gauntlet
match. The idea is all eleven of them will come down to face the
Shield 3-1 until Shield has defeated them all. Bryan is lucky enough
to go last.
vs. AJ
Natalya is on commentary and talks about how AJ is riding the
coattails of the Total Divas who have revolutionized the division.
AJ easily takes Naomi down and hooks a cravate as Natalya calls AJ an
opportunist for how she kept the title on Sunday. A running back
elbow gets two for the champion, though Natalya is FAR more
entertaining, trying to make the Total Divas sound like good people.
Naomi comes back with a dropkick and the Rear View for two. AJ’s
sleeper is quickly broken up but she grabs the Black Widow for the
submission at 3:25.
D+. The match was nothing but
this story is ranging anywhere from so bad it’s hilarious to horrible
depending on how you look at it. The problem is the whole angle
hinges on no one ever watching Total Divas, because there’s no way to
cheer for any of its cast, but AJ is being presented as a stuck up
villain who lords her title over everyone in sight.
Swagger vs. Santino Marella
tells Santino to take the ravioli out of his ears and asks if he has
the proper papers to own a reptile. During Santino’s entrance, JBL
and Cole hype up Billy Gunn as the guests on their show by saying
Road Dogg’s catchphrases. Swagger throws Santino down and shouts at
him a lot before hooking a double armbar. Santino comes back with
his usual sequence before hooking a backslide to pin Swagger at 2:02.
When I’m feeling sorry for Jack Swagger, it’s a bad sign.
vs. Nick Nardone
is OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia. Before the match, Heyman talks
about Punk giving him all he could handle at Night of Champions, but
only one of them could come out on top. Ryback says Heyman doesn’t
deserve to be picked on by a bully like Punk, so he’s going to treat
Nick like he’ll treat Punk. It’s a fifty second match with the Meat
Hook and Shell Shock ending Nardone, as you would expect.
Orton with something to say. He talks about Bryan and Armstrong
taking the title from him at Night of Champions, but that was 100%
his own fault. He never should have been in that position but he’s
spent two years repressing who he really is for the fans. Orton
locked away the Viper because that’s what everyone wanted. But then
Monday night on Raw, HHH and Stephanie showed Orton what he really
should be. We get a clip of the attack on Miz from Raw, which Orton
calls a warning to anyone who gets in his path. At Battleground,
he’s going to end the war with Daniel Bryan and be his own WWE
vs. Usos/Prime Time Players/Justin Gabriel/Zack Ryder/Kofi
Kingston/Rob Van Dam/Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan/R-Truth
3-1, one man at a time, no tagging. Darren Young is first and it
goes exactly as you would expect with Reigns getting the pin via the
spear in 41 seconds. Titus O’Neil is in next and has a bit better
luck by throwing the smaller guys around a bit. Reigns runs him down
though and the big beatdown is on. Rollins grabs a guillotine with a
body vice and the beating continues. The TripleBomb ends O’Neil at
1:57 (all times total).
Ziggler is in third but he charges in like a nitwit too. Ziggler
speeds things up as fast as he can but Rollins and Dean finally get
him to the ground. Reigns gets to take his shots including a
headbutt. Ambrose takes too much time talking though and Dolph gets
in some solid offense, low bridging Reigns to the floor and hitting
the Fameasser on Seth. A Cactus Clothesline puts Ziggler and Ambrose
on the floor for a second but Rollins knees Ziggler to the floor.
Reigns spears Ziggler down and he can’t beat the count at 5:39.
Kofi Kingston to try his luck but Rollins comes to meet him in the
aisle for some reason, allowing Kofi to snap the other twos’ necks
across the top rope. A quick Trouble in Paradise gets a near fall on
Reigns but the numbers catch up to Kofi. The bulldog driver gets rid
of Kingston at 7:13. Rob Van Dam is in next and Reigns is still
banged up Rollins and Ambrose jump Van Dam but he kicks both guys
down as things speed up. Ambrose is monkey flipped down and Reigns
is kicked back down to the floor. Rolling Thunder hits both Rollins
and Ambrose at the same time and Van Dam loads up the Five Star on
Dean….as HHH comes out to call the match off at about 9:00.
C. The non-finish hurt this a
lot because I was starting to get into it at the end. The idea of
Shield fighting off everyone at once but slowly getting beaten down
made sense and felt like something out of a video game. It was
really doing a good job at building drama to seeing how far anyone
could get without getting beaten but the ending stopped it cold.
break HHH yells at Vickie, asking what in the world she was thinking.
After what Vickie did tonight, ten more of them would revolt next
time, then ten more until we had a full scale revolt. Vickie says it
was good for business, but tonight needs to be about fair
competition. HHH demands Vickie to make the Usos/Daniel Bryan vs.
the Shield, therefore again making Bryan the focus of the show after
saying for weeks that there was no way we could have Bryan as the
focus of the show.
Raw ReBound covers the Dusty Rhodes story.
and Gabriel come in to see HHH and he gives them a match for no
apparent reason.
Ryder/Justin Gabriel vs. Wyatt Family
gives Ryder a freaky look to start but Zack fires off a forearm in
the corner. A big boot takes Ryder down for two as everything breaks
down. Gabriel is sent to the floor and Harper hits a buckle bomb on
Ryder followed by the discus lariat (JBL: “GOOD GOD!”) for the
pin at 1:12.
hits Sister Abigail on Ryder post match and talks about keeping his
has a banged up elbow but HHH comes in and gives him a world title
match against Del Rio at Battleground. HHH leaves and Del Rio comes
in to beat RVD down, including the low superkick. Cole thinks it’s
odd that Del Rio was right there at that given time.
vs. Alberto Del Rio
again. Truth pounds away in the corner to start and gets two off a
suplex. The ax kick misses though and Del Rio hits a quick
Backstabber for two. Off to a reverse chinlock but Truth comes back
with some kicks to the ribs. The front suplex is good for two but
Alberto hits the corner enziguri for the same result. Truth rolls
out of the armbreaker and hits the ax kick for two, only to be caught
with the low superkick and the armbreaker for the submission at 3:34.
D+. This was about what you
would expect out of these two. Truth is a jobber to the stars
anymore but at least we don’t have to put up with his matches being
set up by dancing anymore. Del Rio still has nothing to his
character other than being from Mexico as the money has been phased
out, keeping him as average of a heel as you can be.
vs. Usos/Daniel Bryan
starts by firing off kicks in the corner to Rollins’ chest before
dropping a knee for two. Rollins tries the jumping knee but gets
caught in the surfboard instead. With the hold still mostly on it’s
Jey in off the tag with a clothesline, only to get caught in the
Shield corner and punched by Ambrose. Jey comes back with a backdrop
and brings in his brother who gets two off a clothesline.
to a hammerlock but Dean fights into the corner, only to have Jey
come back in with a big chop for two. The Usos drop a double elbow
for two but Jey is driven into the Shield corner again for the tag
off to Reigns for some stomping. Jey stays out of trouble by pulling
Roman into the corner for the tag off to Bryan. Kicking abounds
until Reigns takes Daniel down with an elbow to the jaw and a tag off
to rollins for a chinlock. That goes nowhere as Daniel jawbreaks his
way out and tags in Jimmy.
does about as well as a career tag team wrestler fighting off three
guys who have been defeating main eventers for over a year now as we
take a break. Back with Jimmy fighting out of a Rollins chinlock and
making the hot tag off to Jey. A few rooms of the house are cleaned
but Rollins enziguris him down, allowing for the real heat segment to
hits a running dropkick against the ropes and holds Jey in place for
a slingshot hilo, giving Rollins two. Back to Reigns for a jumping
elbow drop for two and we hit the chinlock. A huge clothesline gets
two for Roman and it’s right back to the chinlock. Jey fights up
again and fires off right hands all around followed by a Bubba Bomb
on Rollins. The hot tag brings in Bryan for the real house cleaning
by knocking Reigns and Rollins to the floor.
running corner dropkicks set up a hurricanrana to Dean for two.
Jimmy dives over the top to take out Reigns and Jey does the same to
Rollins. Dean clotheslines Bryan down but gets caught in the YES
Lock, right in front of the ropes. Jey superkicks Ambrose into the
running knee from Bryan at 14:00 shown of 17:00.
B. This was the same thing that
you’ve grown to expect from every Shield match: great action, a bunch
of saved near falls and a hot finish. On top of that the Shield
doesn’t lose anything here given that they were coming in at a
disadvantage. Good match here but did you really expect anything
C+. This was a hard one
to grade. The gauntlet match was really fun but it was pulled
halfway through for some reason. A solid main event helps of course
and we got some story development, but this show felt like it was
over before it started. I’m not sure if that was a good thing as
only the gauntlet match felt like anything special. Still though,
fun show overall and a good use of two hours.
Lee b. Naomi – Black Widow
Marella b. Jack Swagger – Backslide
b. Nick Nardone – Shell Shock
vs. Usos/Prime Time Players/Justin Gabriel/Zack Ryder/Kofi
Kingston/Rob Van Dam/Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan/R-Truth went to a no
Family b. Justin Gabriel/Zack Ryder – Discus lariat to Ryder
Del Rio b. R-Truth – Cross Armbreaker
Bryan/Usos b. Shield – Running knee to Ambrose
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Smackdown – September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013
Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Night of Champions and for the first time in
months, things are looking good for Bryan coming into tonight. Bryan
finally got the better of Orton on Monday night after Orton took too
long yelling at Big Show, allowing Bryan to knee him in the head.
We’re still in Canada, meaning Edge is here again tonight. Let’s get
to it.

song gets us going.
Big Show to open things up. He reads an apology for his actions on
Raw from a piece of paper. Show also apologizes to HHH for not doing
a very basic job as well as failing as a locker room leader. It
doesn’t sound very sincere though so here’s HHH to complain. He
wants Big Show to come off like a professional businessman, which
means doing what HHH asks. Since Big Show hasn’t, his job is in
jeopardy but instead of firing him, HHH is just going to suspend him
for the night without pay.
goes to leave but here’s Shield before he can get out of the ring.
Show has to fight them all off at once and does as well as you can
expect one guy to do in this situation. A single Ambrose dropkick is
enough to send him to the floor but Big Show climbs onto the announce
punches a chair into Rollins’ face and dives off the table to take
Reigns down with a clothesline (called a spear) before throwing him
back into the ring. Rollins breaks up a double chokeslam but gets
swatted out of the air. Show loads up the WMD but Reigns comes in
with a chair to finally take Big Show down. A decent TripleBomb
leaves Big Show laying.
Fox/Aksana/Layla vs. Brie Bella/Natalya/Naomi
is on commentary again. Brie stomps on Aksana to start before
talking trash to the champion. Everything breaks down a few moments
into the match but it’s quickly off to Fox vs. Naomi as AJ rails
against the Divas show. Fox avoids the Rear View and puts on a front
facelock, only to be suplexed down. Off to Natalya for a quick
Sharpshooter attempt on Aksana but AJ runs in for the DQ at 2:25.
Total Divas beat up AJ.
Vickie to introduce a dance off between R-Truth and Fandango. JBL
shouting WHAT’S UP during the entrances is rather funny. Before it
gets started, here’s Miz in a huge afro which only Cole finds funny.
He calls himself Misco Inferno (JBL: “He looks more like
Horshack.”) and Vickie allows him to enter the contest. We’re
still not ready to go yet though as Great Khali wants to join in too.
Truth and Fandango (with Summer) do their usual stuff, Miz (now in a
pink jacket and costume jewelery) twerks a bit before Khali does his
arm swinging. Miz wins, Fandango protests, Fandango gets beaten up,
this took nine minutes.
Matadores need to get here already.
interviews a guy named Robert Evans (indy wrestler Archibald Peck)
who says he’s 6’4 and 185lbs. Evans says his dream is to be a WWE
Superstar one day and compete at Wrestlemania. Ryback likes that
Evans has dreams but slaps the taste out of his mouth. It’s Ryback’s
dream to beat up everyone like Evans.
Rodriguez comes in to see Vickie who tells him that he can’t be in
RVD’s corner at Night of Champions. They argue in Spanish with
Vickie saying she’s his boss. It’s Ricardo vs. Alberto tonight and
that’s all.
Sandow vs. Santino Marella
to put a comedy character over a guy whose potential has been wasted
for months on end. Sandow runs from the Cobra to start before
headbutting Santino down and dropping some knees. The legweep sets
up the Wind-Up elbow for two and we hit the abdominal stretch.
Santino hiptosses out and hits the saluting headbutt, only to have
the Cobra broken up again. Sandow misses a charge into the corner
and the Cobra gets the pin at 2:05. Just go with it people.
are Heyman and Cole for an interview with Michael Cole. We look at a
video recapping Heyman vs. Punk which is just a Night of Champions
ad. Cole asks how Heyman and Axel plan to prevent Punk from getting
his hands on Paul. Axel says that Heyman is under a lot of pressure
to the point of hyperbole. However, Punk won’t get his hands on Paul
because he can’t beat Axel.
still looking pretty shabby, says that he’s being persecuted and begs
for a boycott of the PPV. The fans have something better to spend
their money on instead of the show, like sending your kids to college
or buying your wife shoes. If you buy the show, you’re going to see
Punk get his hands on him because Heyman has taught Punk how to get
around the system.
not because Punk is a better wrestler than Axel, but because Punk
spent so much time with Heyman over the year. If you don’t boycott
Night of Champions, Punk is going to give him such a beating that
Heyman can’t even finish his sentence. This might be the last time
you’ll get to see Paul Heyman and he’ll never forgive the people for
putting him through this. Cue up the Goodbye song from the fans.
Standard hard sell here but it still works.
recap the opening segment.
Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez
Rio kicks him down to start and hits a running knee into the ribs.
Ricardo comes back with a quick dropkick for two but Alberto hits the
low superkick to put him back down. Ricardo gets up two feet in the
corner and hits a tornado DDT for two but gets crotched on the top.
A reverse superplex gets the pin for Alberto at 2:23.
match Alberto puts on the armbreaker but RVD makes the save and hits
a quick Five Star.
get a video on Bryan vs. Orton, complete with portions of a sit down
interview with HHH. There’s nothing new here: he’s doing what’s best
for business, Orton is the face of the WWE because he’s the best
option, Bryan will see the truth at the PPV, Cody Rhodes was just a
sacrifice to keep people in line, he’ll admit it if Bryan proves him
Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose
but if Ziggler wins he gets a title shot at the PPV. Ambrose shoves
him into the corner to start but Dolph comes back with some forearms.
Dean pounds him down with ease and slams Dolph’s head into the mat a
few times. Back up and Ziggler takes him down with a cross body and
some right hands send Ambrose to the floor. Dean gets back in and
puts on a quick reverse chinlock but Dolph dropkicks him down and
hits the ten elbow drops. Ambrose avoids a Stinger Splash as we take
a break.
with Dean stomping on the ribs as Cole tells us nothing happened
during the break. Dean traps the legs and cranks back on Dolph’s
chin some more before jumping into Dolph’s raised boot. Now it’s
Dolph’s turn to pound away in the corner and a running clothesline
gets two. The Fameasser misses but Dolph gets two off an O’Connor
Roll. Dean’s sleeper is countered with a jawbreaker and the
Fameasser gets two, drawing in the Shield for the DQ at 6:10 shown of
C+. This was going ok but
Ziggler as a US Title contender doesn’t really work when he was world
champion just a few months ago. Ambrose continues to look great in
the ring but there’s still value in Shield as a team. The match
picked up after the break but the ending hurt it a good bit.
beats up Ziggler but here are the Usos for the save. Vickie confirms
that Dolph gets a title shot and makes it six man tag after a break.
Ziggler vs. Shield
is joined in progress with Ziggler getting the tag but being dragged
into Shield’s corner for the triple teaming. We go to a wide shot
for some reason as Dean works over Ziggler. Back to Rollins to stay
on Dolph’s arm and some stomping in the corner. Reigns gets the tag
and puts on a front facelock before it’s back to Dean for some right
hands to the ribs and trash talk.
running dropkick to a tied up Ziggler has Dolph in trouble but he
backdrops Dean out to the floor. Reigns breaks up the hot tag but
Ziggler avoids a charge, sending Roman’s shoulder into the post. The
hot tag brings in Jimmy who speeds things up and hits a Bubba Bomb on
Rollins. A Samoan Drop is good for two but Dean makes the save.
Things break down again and Reigns spears Jey down, only to have
Jimmy superkick Rollins. The Superfly Splash hits knees though,
giving Seth the pin at 4:33 shown.
C. Nothing great here but the
Usos are more than capable of speeding things up when they need to.
It wasn’t a good match or anything and it doesn’t really set up a tag
title match on Sunday because we have to see who wins the turmoil
match. Then again, this isn’t related to Punk vs. Axel or Orton vs.
Bryan so it’s not like it matters.
for the Cutting Edge. Edge talks about HHH bringing him back in for
one week because it’s good for business. The fans chant Good For
Business but Edge says he’s here because of all of them. Edge also
isn’t going to forget what happened to Christian on Monday. When
Christian comes back, it’s not for one more match but to take Shield
out. Edge brings out his guests: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.
question: “Randy, how does it feel to be a sellout?” Orton says
Edge is jealous because he’s just a washed up talk show host who
can’t wrestle anymore while Orton is a ten time world champion. Edge
says he’s an eleven time champion so it’s not a big deal. Randy
talks about being the face of the WWE and how we needed a change
after ten years of John Cena. Daniel Bryan is a nice wrestler with a
good following but he’s not best for business.
thinks he knows what’s best for business, just like the fans know
what’s best for business. Bryan says he doesn’t know what’s best for
business but he knows what he wants. Orton calls him naive so Bryan
tells him to shut up. It’s not about being best for business or the
WWE balance sheets. It’s about passion, love and dreams. His dream
is to be WWE Champion, not to be the face of a corporation. Orton
jumps him but Bryan counters into the YES Lock, making Orton tap.
Randy bails to end the show.
C-. This is one where
your tastes will vary depending on what you’re looking for in a show.
There was very little wrestling here and what we got was nothing
special at all. On the other hand though, they did a solid job of
setting up the two major matches on PPV. I’m not sure how many
people are interested in seeing the Punk vs. Axel/Heyman match but
it’s been well built which is a good sign. There isn’t much on the
card though so maybe more will be added on Sunday. Not much of a
show this week though.
Bella b. Aksana/Alicia Fox/Layla via DQ when AJ Lee interfered
Marella b. Damien Sandow – Cobra
Del Rio b. Ricardo Rodriguez – Reverse superplex
Ziggler b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
b. Usos/Dolph Ziggler – Rollins pinned Jimmy after blocking a
Superfly Splash
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Smackdown – August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
close out August with Daniel Bryan on a bad run of luck. For four
straight shows now he’s been left laying by Randy Orton and the new
Corporation, but luckily for him the fans are still WAY into him.
That’s only going to last for so long though until the fans start to
view him as a guy who got lucky against Cena instead of an elite
level star. Let’s get to it.

song opens us up.
get things going with MizTV featuring guests Big Show and Dolph
Ziggler. Miz says the three of them were all on the stage along with
forty other superstars while Daniel Bryan had to run the Shield
gauntlet. They were all told that if they said anything, HHH would
make them miserable. However, Miz thinks it’s time for them to speak
up about how the WWE is being run. Big Show says that was one of the
hardest things he’s ever had to do. Ziggler is nervous to say
anything and says let Big Show keep going. Miz is about to say
something when HHH cuts him off.
thinks MizTV is cool but wants to hear what Miz was about to say
before he came to the ring and why Miz isn’t in a suit. Miz says you
never know when a fight could break out and wants to know if he can
ask HHH a question. HHH says no he can’t and asks why these three
are taking the Daniel Bryan route and making it personal. They
shouldn’t be jealous of Randy Orton. After all, Orton isn’t a guy
who talks a lot but can’t back it up or a guy who just happens to be
big, but (to Ziggler) at least he’s big enough.
talks about how Orton being champion is what’s best for business,
meaning it makes more money for all of them. Miz is jealous because
he can’t get near the WWE Championship again, but since HHH is in a
good mood he’s giving Miz a shot at Randy Orton tonight. HHH saw
Ziggler looking miserable because he lost to the Shield in a 3-1
handicap match, so tonight he gets a rematch with all three guys.
That leaves Big Show, who gets the night off. Instead he gets to sit
next to the announcers and do nothing about it whatsoever. Show
looks like he wants to chew through steel but goes and sits down.
Orton vs. The Miz
of course with Big Show at ringside. Orton takes Miz into the corner
to start and we get a clean break. Miz jumps over Orton in the
corner and clotheslines him down but Orton easily escapes a Figure
Four attempt. Orton staggers him with a headbutt and gets two off a
dropkick. Miz is tossed to the floor as Orton is doing a good job at
making his usual spots into heel moves. Miz is dropped back first
onto the barricade for two back inside.
hit the chinlock but Miz fights up and pounds on Orton in the corner
until the referee pulls him away. The running clothesline in the
corner sets up Miz’s top rope ax handle, only to have Orton kick him
out of the air. The Elevated DDT is countered into a backdrop to the
floor….and here comes Shield as we take a break. Back with Shield
standing between the ring and the ramp as Orton sends Miz into the
fans chant for Big Show as Orton throws Miz back inside for two.
Orton does the circle stomp and hits another chinlock but Miz fights
up with some elbows. A neckbreaker gets two for Miz but Orton
escapes the Skull Crushing Finale. Now the Elevated DDT connects but
Miz counters the RKO into a backslide for two. A dropkick to the
knee sets up the Figure Four and Orton is in trouble. Randy finally
makes a rope and jumps to his feet for the RKO and the pin at 10:02
shown of 13:02.
C+. Nice match here as Miz can
have a decent performance against the right kind of opponent. The
Figure Four still needs to go though as it just doesn’t fit the rest
of Miz’s offense at all. As has been said many times, the guy used
one move to get to the WWE Title and to the main event of
Wrestlemania, so why would he need to change things? Good match here
and a good win for Orton who got a clean pin.
comes in for the post match beatdown but Bryan makes a save with a
chair, sending the place into a frenzy. THIS is what they’ve been
needing to do for weeks now.
Matadores are still coming.
yells at Bryan for what he just did and gives him a match with Ryback
as a result.
recap the Punk/Heyman/Axel segment from Raw. Thank goodness the fans
were chanting Walrus instead of Boring because that was a great
Van Dam vs. Damien Sandow
says he’ll win and win and win until he’s world champion. Other than
the winning part, he might be right and that’s kind of scary. Rob
hits a quick kick to take over and jumps up top for a legdrop of all
things, good for two. Sandow comes back by sending him shoulder
first into the post followed by the Russian legsweep and the Wind-Up
Elbow for two. Big Show is still at ringside in case you were
wondering. Sandow hooks the chinlock but Rob quickly fights up and
snaps off a hurricanrana. Damien slows RVD down with a big boot but
Rob hits a springboard kick to the face and the Five Star gets the
pin at 2:37.
match here’s Alberto who insults both Ricardo and RVD. Del Rio warns
RVD to not sleep with the dogs because he’ll wake up with fleas.
Ziggler vs. Shield
starts for Shield but Dolph knocks the other two members off the
apron before going after Seth. A cross body gets two for Dolph and
he pounds away on Rollins’ head. Rollins gets him into the Shield
corner for some stomping and it’s off to Reigns. A Samoan drop from
the Samoan gets two and Ambrose comes in to talk trash and pound
away. The fans chant for Ziggler as JBL is having a great time
watching this destruction.
shouts at Ziggler in the corner so Ziggler slaps him in the face and
backdrops the US Champion to the floor. Ziggler can’t follow up
though so it’s back to Rollins who counters the Fameasser into the
always awesome looking buckle bomb. Reigns comes in off a blind tag
and spears Ziggler out of his boots for the pin at 4:00.
C-. What else could they have
done here? Thankfully this doesn’t hurt Ziggler and I could see him
getting the US Title shot at Night of Champions. That spear from
Reigns continues to be awesome as I don’t remember anyone ever
throwing their legs in the air like he does. It looks like he’s
almost flying through the other person and it looks great every time.
match Shield chokes Ziggler on the ropes and taunts Big Show. The
Triple Bomb leaves Ziggler laying and Big Show seething.
are Heyman and Axel with something to say. Axel introduces us to
another clip of Heyman attacking Punk on Raw. Heyman wants to know
what the fans want from him. Are they mad at him for the beating he
gave his prodigal son on Monday? He isn’t sorry for what he did
because the fans voted him into that situation. Did they think he
was going to take his beating like a man?
434 days he and Punk were the reigning WWE Champion and every single
one of their opponents were put down using Heyman’s plans and Punk’s
implementation. Every time Punk has come up against Heyman, it’s
been Punk on his back, looking up at his mentor. This brings us to
Night of Champions, where Heyman might have to face Punk on his own
that happens, the fans are expecting to see Punk beat Heyman into the
ground, and Heyman is indeed afraid. If Punk gets his hands on him,
you won’t see Paul Heyman again. However, that fear could be Punk’s
worst enemy. Look at what Heyman has done to Punk out of love and
think about what he could do if he was facing a beating at Punk’s
hands. More greatness from Heyman here.
Family vs. Tons of Funk
starts with Tensai and the fat man knocking Luke to the floor. Tons
of Funk hit a double standing splash to Harper but Rowan breaks up
the big splash. Harper kicks Tensai in the face and it’s the discus
lariat and splash combination for the pin on Tensai at 1:13. This
was pretty sloppy for a seventy five second match.
hits Sister Abigail on Tensai post match.
Matadores are still coming. That hasn’t changed in the last hour.
look at the AJ promo against the Total Divas from Monday.
vs. Daniel Bryan
has a new split color singlet. Thankfully we only hear about the
Escalade for the first time during Bryan’s entrance. Bryan charges
right at him but gets shoved across the ring with ease. A slam puts
Bryan down as Big Show looks on with a worried look. Ryback fires
off some hard shoulders into the corner for two but after staggering
Bryan with a headbutt, Ryback misses a charge into the post.
starts firing off the kicks and hits a running dropkick to the chest
in the corner. Ryback rolls to the floor for the FLYING GOAT as
Orton strolls down to the ring. The distraction allows Ryback to run
Bryan over as we take a break. Back with Bryan fighting out of a
chinlock and firing off kicks to the legs.
loads up the running clothesline but gets caught in a hard
spinebuster for no cover. The Meat Hook connects for two s Ryback
loads up a belly to belly superplex. Bryan doesn’t feel like dying
today so he headbutts Ryback down and hits the missile dropkick.
Here come the kicks and the big one to the head is good for two.
There’s the YES Lock but Orton comes in for the DQ at 6:25 shown of
C+. These two have good
chemistry together as Bryan knows how to play the David role to
Ryback’s Goliath as well as anyone else. Bad character development
and horrid win/loss record aside, there’s potential in Ryback as a
monster heel. Good match here as I’m come to expect from these two.
is ready for Orton and catches him in the YES Lock but here’s Shield
for the save. Big Show is out of his chair and looks like he’s about
to explode. He finally slides into the ring but doesn’t touch
anyone. HHH comes raving down the aisle, demanding that Big Show get
out of the ring. Show stays in the ring and stares down at HHH
before finally climbing out. He looks like he’s about to cry as HHH
demands he go to the back.
beating on Bryan continues as the announcers go into serious silent
mode. Orton has Shield hold Bryan for more punishment and walks
Bryan around the ring to look at all the people. The Batista thumbs
up/down thing sets up the Triple Bomb and in case we haven’t
channeled enough heel stables for you yet, Orton spray paints NO on
Bryan’s chest to end the show. This would be the fifth consecutive
show where Daniel Bryan has been left laying since winning the WWE
B. I really liked
tonight’s show as they treated it like things mattered. I’m liking
the main story more and more as it’s reminiscent of 1998 when
Undertaker refusing to fight Kane as Kane destroyed more and more
people. At least we can almost guarantee the matches will be better
this time around though. Overall though the show came off quite well
with almost everything being at least good.
could be on the verge of something huge here if they play their cards
right, but they can’t keep having Bryan get destroyed forever. The
silver lining though is Bryan isn’t losing matches and is being
beaten down by impossible odds, so once he gets backup (which is
clearly coming), he can fight Orton on level ground and get his big
Orton b. The Miz – RKO
Van Dam b. Damien Sanodw – Five Star Frog Splash
b. Dolph Ziggler – Spear
Family b. Tons of Funk – Splash to Tensai
Bryan b. Ryback via DQ when Randy Orton interfered
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