Smackdown – June 29, 2012


June 29, 2012

Ford Center, Evansville, Indiana

Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

appears to be time to start the MITB build as they did that over on
the Raw show. Now over there we had people that had only been WWE
Champion, but there aren’t that many candidates for the Smackdown
World Title. Also I’m not sure if there are going to be more people
in the Raw match or not, but they have more time to change it if they
want. Sheamus defends against Ziggler and Del Rio in a triple threat
tonight too. Let’s get to it.


You Know Your Enemy? Mine is yet again this heat wave. Four
straight days of over 100 degrees in Kentucky? That needs to be

open with a recap of the triple threat elimination match from Raw.

vs. Layla

has Tiffany’s old music now because….I have no idea actually. AJ
takes her to the mat but Layla runs her over and blows a kiss. A
rollup gets two for the champ (non-title here though) and she works
on the arm. AJ comes back with a dropkick and corner clothesline for
two. Layla comes back with a spinning facejam but AJ kicks her head
off. Cue Bryan to shout YES a lot and skip around the ring ala AJ.
Layla rolls up AJ for the pin at 3:31.

C-. This was better than most
Divas matches. The ending was another advancement in the story as
now Daniel is tormenting AJ. Both girls were looking good here too,
although I still don’t like the new music for Layla. Then again I
didn’t like the song back when Tiffany had it either. It’s amazing
how much better these matches are when they have time.

snaps on Layla post match. Bryan tells her to calm down and says
there’s something that needs to be done. He demands to talk to
Vickie and threatens to hold the show hostage unless she comes out
here. Bryan says YES a lot and AJ does the same. We take a break
for a Raw Moment of Tyson joining DX and come back with dueling YES
shouts. Vickie comes out and says everyone is tired of hearing
Bryan’s catchphrase over and over again.

says he’s the #1 contender to Punk’s title and he thanks Vickie for
getting him that shot. He proposes an alliance once she becomes GM.
He wants AJ banned from ringside because she’s a liability. Vickie
yells at AJ a lot but Bryan says this is about him, not AJ. Vickie
talks about some poll on and based on that, AJ is going to be
guest referee.

comes off as incredibly lame to me, as it’s taking WAY too long to
make this announcement. Instead of wasting time like this, just
announce this stuff and say the Board of Directors made the decision.
It saves like ten minutes that you can use on other stuff. Bryan
yells NO and leaves. Vickie STILL isn’t done because she announces
that there will be MITB qualifying matches over the next two weeks
and everyone is eligible to enter.

in the Bank Qualifying Match: Zach Ryder vs. Damien Sandow

does his usual stuff on the way to the ring. Booker says that Sandow
needs to stop idolizing Leaping Lanny Poffo. So there is something
to that theory I guess. Anyway Ryder takes him down to start but
Sandow reverses him into the corner and stomps away. A Russian
legsweep puts Ryder down and Sandow drops an elbow which has some
Latin name apparently. Sandow ducks his head and gets caught in a
facejam followed by the knees in the corner. A kind of powerbomb
gets two for Ryder and there’s the Broski Boot. Rough Ryder is
countered into a hot shot and that double arm neckbreaker gets the
pin at 2:25.

goes to the Divas locker room looking for AJ but finds Kaitlyn
instead. She doesn’t know where AJ is but suggests that Bryan find
her and get on AJ’s good side because she’s a bit crazy.

hype video.

in the Bank Qualifying Match: Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd

quickly takes him to the mat but gets caught in a pair of rolling
cradles for two. He bails to the floor in frustration but gets
dropkicked in the face for his troubles. Back in and Kidd charges
into a wheelbarrow suplex for two. Jack works on the arm and drops a
leg on it for two. Vader Bomb gets two. Swagger hooks a Fujiwara
Armbar but Kidd quickly gets up and hits a DDT to put both guys down.
A dropkick to the side of the head gets two. A victory roll attempt
is countered and there’s the ankle lock but Kidd escapes. Another
dropkick sets up a Blockbuster for the pin at 4:30.

C. The match was fine but the
ending was a nice surprise. Swagger would be in the match as a warm
body, while Kidd can at least add some dives and high spots which is
what makes those matches work. Also it’s nice to see some new faces
getting pushed like Sandow and Kidd. They won’t win, but it’s nice
to see them getting to rub elbows in a match like this. That’s how
you get them pushed which is something WWE really needs to do at this

get the McMahon in the hospital moment AGAIN.

recap the mess that was the contract on the pole match from Monday.

wants to know why Vickie isn’t doing anything but she can’t because
the Board is watching her. Dolph wants the Brogue Kick and Cross
Armbreaker banned. She says that’ll make her look bad which makes
Ziggler freak out. She slaps him in the face but agrees to be out
there with him tonight.

in the Bank Qualifying Match: Christian/Santino Marella vs. Cody
Rhodes/David Otunga

winning team will both get into the match. David gets a fanfare of
music while he poses in the ring now. Santino and Cody start but
it’s quickly off to Christian. Christian gets in some right hands
but Cody takes him down with a knee to the ribs. Off to Otunga who
hits a seated shoulder block for two. Off to a chinlock for a few
seconds, but Cody jumps into a punch to the ribs.

to Otunga vs. Marella with the champion hitting his usual stuff. He
loads up the Cobra but Cody pulls Otunga to the floor before Santino
can cover. Rhodes comes in legally and gets a few two counts before
throwing the Cobra sock to the floor. Otunga comes in and drops an
elbow for two, followed by a modified camel clutch.

suplexes his way out of it and tags in Christian who cleans house. A
flapjack and jumping back elbow to Cody look to set up the Killswitch
but Cody escapes. Another attempt is countered but the reverse DDT
connects. Otunga breaks up the spear but heel miscommunicatio lets
Christian spear Otunga down for the pin at 6:23.

C-. This was fine and we have a
warm body and a comedy character into the match now. To be fair,
either team could have won and the results would have been about the
same. Otunga is just barely above being a comedy character anyway
and Cody and Christian probably have about the same chance to win the
case. This was fine but nothing great at all.

says he could win tonight and make it to MITB, only to get cashed in
on. Or he could walk outside and get hit by a car driven by Lindsay
Lohan. He doesn’t live by what if’s, and therefore he doesn’t worry.

to waste another minute and a half by talking about This Is Your Life

comes up to AJ in the back and says he’s worried about her well
being. AJ attacking Layla isn’t like her and maybe she should seek
professional help. Bryan knows a doctor that could help her, because
people that care about each other help each other out. AJ says
she’ll take the number. Well actually she says YES a lot but you get
the idea.

Barone/Brendan Burke vs. Ryback

jobbers are from Kentucky (YAY!) and they combine to weigh 350lbs.
Where do they find these singing jobbers? Is there a farm where
they’re grown? Barone takes a HUGE powerbomb and Shell Shocked
(that’s the official name for it) ends this at 1:50.

and Cesaro are kissing in the back when Teddy interrupts them. He’s
the GM for both shows next week and on the live Smackdown this
Tuesday they’re facing Layla and Great Khali. Teddy has power again
for 20 seconds and he’s already made a tag match.

Raw ReBound is about the ending and the MITB match.

in the Bank Qualifying Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Tensai

is quite the downgrade for Tensai. Cody is officially protesting not
being in the MITB match because he didn’t lose. Tensai runs him over
with his usual stuff and hits a butterfly suplex for two. A bearhug
is quickly broken up as is Gabriel’s sunset flip. Gabriel fires off
some kicks but can’t even drop Tensai. A springboard missile
dropkick puts him down though and a Lionsault gets two. Not that it
matters as he jumps into the Baldo Bomb and the running backsplash
gets the pin at 2:45.

THIRD Raw Moment of the night is HHH returning from his quad injury
in 2002.

World Title: Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Rio still wants a one on one match and doesn’t like competing in this
little town. Vickie interrupts him and does Dolph’s intro. We go to
a break before the match and this is either something only on the
international version or they’re REALLY going overboard, as the
fourth Raw Moment is Barker on Raw. Sheamus knocks them both down to
start and sends Ziggler to the floor. Del Rio jumps the champion
from behind but walks into the Regal Roll for one.

tries to jump Sheamus and gets glared at. Sheamus chases him around
the ring and runs over Del Rio on the way back in. Del Rio hits the
DDT on the arm to take over and hooks an armbar. Sheamus gets sent
to the floor and Ziggler follows him out, beating up both guys on the
floor. He covers Alberto for two in the ring and dropkicks Sheamus
to the floor again.

Rio misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler gets two off the
collision into the buckle. The fans are behind Sheamus even though
he’s on the floor. Del Rio breaks up a superplex attempt but gets
knocked off the top to the floor. Sheamus comes back in and hits an
electric chair drop on Dolph as we take a break. Back with Del Rio
knocking Sheamus to the floor again. The challengers both fall
outside on their own and work over the champion at the same time.

beat on him behind the announcers’ desk and send him into the steps
before going back inside for more beating. Alberto double crosses
Dolph and tries to steal the title, resulting in a slug out between
the two of them. Sheamus comes off the top with a double shoulder
block and everyone is down. Ziggler gets thrown to the apron for the
ten forearms to put him down. The DDT to the arm is countered and
the Irish Curse gets two. Ziggler comes back in but the Fameasser is
avoided and there’s White Noise.

Rio breaks up the Brogue Kick and gets two on Sheamus. The
Armbreaker is broken up but Sheamus charges into the post. Ziggler
dropkicks the arm into the post but Del Rio kicks him to the floor.
There’s the Armbreaker but Ziggler makes the save. Fameasser gets
two on Alberto but Ricardo gets on the apron. Ziggler rolls up Del
Rio but Sheamus kicks his head off for the pin at 11:15 shown of

B. This was a solid TV main
event with a ton of near falls at the end. Unfortunately it probably
sets up Del Rio vs. Sheamus for the title at the PPV because that’s
the match they want, even though it’s been moved twice already, one
of which I believe was a sign from a higher power not named Vince.
This was good stuff though with a ton of near falls and chances that
the title could have changed. Sheamus winning was in doubt at some
points, which is a very nice touch.

B-. Given the insane
amount of time wasted on this show, they got a lot done. If they had
any sense of time management this could have been an even better
show. Still though with a good TV main event and some build to MITB
including some nice surprises, it’s hard to complain much here.
Teddy as GM should be keeping the course just fine so the live show
might actually be good.


b. AJ – Rolling Cradle

Sandow b. Zach Ryder – Neckbreaker

Kidd b. Jack Swagger – Blockbuster

Marella b. David Otunga/Cody Rhodes – Spear to Otunga

b. Dan Barone/Brendan Burke – Shell Shocked

b. Justin Gabriel – Running Backsplash

b. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler – Brogue Kick to Ziggler

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Smackdown – June 22, 2012


June 22, 2012

1st Mariner Center, Baltimore, Maryland

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

past No Way Out and we have the same world champion in the form of
Sheamus. We’re starting the build up to MITB as well so maybe we’ll
have someone added to the ladder match here. If I understand it
right we have eight people in it again, but I’m really not sure if
they have enough people to put 16 guys in two ladder matches.
Besides that’s too many in a single match anyway. Let’s get to it.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is this heat. It’s way too hot to be
early summer.

vs. Kane later tonight plus Sheamus vs. Ziggler in a non-title match.

Teddy to open the show. Ace is officially fired and tonight, Mick
Foley is in charge. Here’s Big Show instead though for a chat. He
doesn’t care that Ace is fired because he didn’t care about him.
Show doesn’t care about the fans either and now he can do whatever he
wants. He congratulates Cena for the win on Sunday but doesn’t care
about that anymore. Yep, another main event loss is being written

Show is moving on to something, but the fans have to chant for Cena
first. Since Show doesn’t care about them though, he’s moving on to
the MITB match. He says there are no five men that can stop them,
which is a great sounding thing as it might mean that there are only
going to be six people in the match. Once he wins the case and
cashes in, he’s going to be champion for as long as he wants to be.
He’s going to win the title for himself instead of the people in the
back or the fans, because it’s all about him.

serious Brodus who is a little hard to take seriously when he has the
girls with him. Brodus charges in and is immediately taken down by
knee strikes. Brodus hits the headbutt and Show goes down fast. He
pounds on Show in the corner but Otunga comes out and hits the bad
knee to put Clay down. Show hits him in the knee a few times as the
fans chant that Show can’t wrestle. The WMD leaves Brodus laying.
Otunga gets in the ring and says someone should call Brodus’ mama.
He’ll do it himself and tell Mama Clay that Brodus can’t get up.
Otunga does the Carlton Dance and the Thriller Dance. Ok then.

vs. Frank Venanzia/Jared Walker

says Walker is Brickhouse Brown’s cousin. There’s a name out of the
past. Ryback calls them stupid a lot and powerbombs Walker onto
Frank. Double Samoan Drop gets the pin at 1:43.

is in the back with Yoshi Tatsu when Vickie comes up. She’s the
guest GM of both shows next week. If Foley doesn’t behave, she’ll
make him her assistant. Foley likes the idea and offers Khali as an
assistant instead. Khali and Foley dance.

memorable Raw moment is Jannetty beating Shawn for the IC Title.

Del Rio vs. Christian

of course. Christian hits a shoulder block to take Del Rio down and
hooks the sunset flip out of the corner for a fast two. Del Rio
responds by kicking him in the head to take over but Christian sends
him to the floor. The champ dives onto Del Rio as we take a break.
Back with Del Rio holds Christian in an arm lock. During the break
Christian’s shoulder went into the steps to start the attack.

drop gets two for Del Rio and he stays on the arm. A kick to the arm
gets two. Alberto goes up but Christian gets in a right hand and a
top rope rana for two. With Del Rio in the rope Christian hits his
uppercut but the top rope cross body misses. The corner enziguri
misses and Christian hits the tornado DDT for another two. The
Codebreaker to the arm slow Christian down again but he shrugs it off
and hits a missile dropkick for two.

Killswitch is countered into a Stunner on the arm for two. Christian
takes him down and loads up the spear but he charges into a kick to
the face. Cross armbreaker is countered into a countered Killswitch.
They go to the corner but Rodriguez interferes, allowing Del Rio to
hit the corner enziguri and the Armbreaker for the tap at 6:14 shown
of 9:44.

B-. So to be clear, Del Rio has
now beaten both midcard champions in four days. Shouldn’t he still
be #1 contender by default, or do they really need to have him crush
the champions in order to get there? At least this wasn’t a 90
second long match like the one against Santino was. Christian is
still solid here and I’ve been liking his face run a lot.

comes out and beats up Christian post match because this feud isn’t
done for some unexplained reason. Cody shouts that he is Smackdown
and that Christian is stealing his time.

get a recap from Raw on Monday with Bryan/Kane/Punk/AJ.

vs. Daniel Bryan

is guest timekeeper for this for no apparent reason. Bryan fires off
kicks to the legs but charges into a slam. Kane pounds away but
charges over the top by mistake. That doesn’t seem to matter much as
he keeps beating on Bryan on the floor, only to get sent into the
post. Bryan loads up the knee off the apron but Kane gets back
inside instead. Running dropkick in the corner gets two and it’s
time for the kicks.

comes back with his low dropkick for two and follows Bryan into the
corner with a clothesline. Bryan comes back with more kicks but Kane
grabs the leg. That gets him nowhere as Bryan sends him into the
buckle. He slips coming off the top with the dropkick but a second
attempt at it gets two. Kane gets all fired up and pounds away in
the corner. Big boot looks to set up the chokeslam but Bryan
dropkicks the knee.

hard kick to the head gets two for Bryan but his Swan Dive is caught
in a choke. That gets countered into a failed YES Lock but the
chokeslam is countered into a guillotine. Kane powers out of that
too but Bryan gets the YES Lock. AJ rings the bell without a tap at
7:25. That gets waved off because Kane didn’t tap and the chokeslam
gets the real pin at 7:54.

C+. I was getting into this at
the end until we got to the psycho AJ segment of it which was also
fine. The near falls at the end were getting good and I was
wondering if Kane was going to tap or not, which is a good thing.
Another interesting thing here is that Bryan is on the verge of being
turned face by crowd reaction alone, which usually results in a
monster push. This was a nice surprise.

skips off of course.

Foley for a chat. He’s glad Ace got fired so he can come back for
one night only in Baltimore. Cue Heath Slater to a big cheer from
Cole. Slater complains about what happened on Raw with Lauper and
Piper, but Foley says there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Foley
makes a match for Slater here tonight though.

Slater vs. Zach Ryder

know, because the LONG ISLAND GUY couldn’t be on Raw in LONG ISLAND
right? Ryder takes over quickly but Slater hides in the corner. He
comes back with a neckbreaker for two but walks into knees out of the
corner. Rough Ryder gets the pin at 1:12.

and Ryder celebrate in the back but run into Sandow. He’s disgusted
by what he just saw and says that Ryder has brought the WWE Universe
down to new levels of stupidity. I guess Sandow has his first feud.

vs. Prime Time Players

and Jey start things off with the Uso taking over. They head to the
corner and the brothers double team Darren. Titus avoids a double
superkick and it’s off to Jimmy. Darren drives him into the corner
and it’s off to Titus for some power. We hit the chinlock which
Jimmy escapes pretty quickly. Hot tag brings in Jey but he and
Darren go to the floor quickly. Jimmy goes up for the Superfly
Splash but Titus pulls him down and hits the Clash of the Titus for
the pin at 3:24.

D+. Nothing to see here but the
Prime Time Players getting another win is a good thing for them.
With the tag champions being gone for awhile now until Truth’s foot
heals, Young and O’Neal need to be built up as much as they possibly
can. The match was nothing of note but it did its job pretty well.

break Epico and Primo jump the Players in the back.

Santino for Sign of the Night. Most of these signs suck. Some chick
has an I Love Santino sign and he invites her into the ring. She’s
dressed like Santino and their Cobras kiss. Then she kisses him and
Santino faints.

Lawler likes Vince in the hospital. This is the third time I’ve seen
this in a week.

Ziggler vs. Sheamus

here. Ziggler gets behind Sheamus to start but Sheamus easily powers
out of it. Sheamus takes him down to the mat with a headlock
followed by a shoulder for two. Ziggler gets a boot to Sheamus’ face
and sends him to the floor. Dolph is hitting and running here which
makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is diving at a power guy,
resulting in him getting caught in a fallaway slam into the barricade
as we take a break.

with the guys in the ring and Ziggler putting on a chinlock. They go
to the floor and Sheamus sends Dolph into the steps but he stops to
yell at Vickie. Dolph comes back with a sweet Fameasser off the
steps to take over. Neckbreaker gets two as does an elbow drop. A
quick sleeper is countered but Dolph dropkicks him down for two.
Another neckbreaker gets two so let’s hit the chinlock again.

breaks out of that one just as easily as he has all of the other
ones. He starts running over Ziggler and loads up White Noise but
Ziggler escapes into a rollup for two. Dolph comes back with a
jumping DDT for two and Sheamus goes to the apron. He goes up top
and knocks Ziggler out of the air when Dolph tries to run the ropes.
The top rope shoulder gets two and there are the ten forearms in the
ropes. Irish Curse is broken up but Ziggler charges into the Brogue
Kick for the pin at 10:00 shown of 13:30.

B-. I liked this one more than
the PPV match. Ziggler used a lot of sleepers and chinlocks, but
there’s something about him where you think that he could pull off an
upset here. He can hit that Fameasser from anywhere and it would do
him a lot of good to make that his primary finisher. This worked
well though and for a TV main event, this was fine.

C+. What an improvement
over last week. This show felt like it was actually decent even
though nothing really happened. The main event was good and we got
another good match in Bryan vs. Kane. Above all else though, nothing
was really bad and we got some good matches too. That makes this
about ten times better than last week’s show which is the best thing
that could happen for Smackdown this week.


b. Frank Venanzia/Jared Walker – Double Samoan Drop

Del Rio b. Christian – Cross Armbreaker

b. Daniel Bryan – Chokeslam

Ryder b. Heath Slater – Rough Ryder

Time Players b. Usos – Clash of the Titus to Jey Uso

b. Dolph Ziggler – Brogue Kick

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Smackdown – June 15, 2012


June 15, 2012

Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

the final show before No Way Out and most of the show is set I
believe. Tonight we have a tag match between the guys in the world
title matches which is a nice touch. Other than that I’m not sure
what else there’s going to be, but I’d bet on there being some Johnny
Ace talking time, which is some cross between hilarious and awful.
Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the ending of Raw and the punch not hitting
Vince in the face.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is the Cincinnati Reds. Those pesky
people sweeping the Indians.

AJ to open the show. She says there’s a very simple reason why she
kissed Kane on Raw. Before she can get it out though, here’s Vickie
to interrupt her. She says that AJ isn’t the story tonight, because
the story is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler talks about yelling at Vickie
and saying he’s better than this. He goes into one of his fast paced
insult barrages at AJ, who responds by saying “I stopped listening
about halfway through that but I guess I was supposed to be
offended?” The huge smile on her face and the voice she says it
with make that awesome.

thinks the bleach in Ziggler’s hair has gotten into his brain if he
thinks he’ll win the world title. She calls Vickie his grandma and
gets slapped. AJ gets the psycho eyes going but here’s Punk to make
her all smiley. He says that just because Vickie says excuse me
doesn’t mean we have to. There is no excuse for Vickie because every
week she comes out here and talks about Dolph Ziggler but he never
comes through. If he’s the voice of the voiceless, Vickie is the
voice of the pointless.

is about to offer a rebuttal but here’s Bryan. AJ looks half scared
and half angry. Bryan says Punk is a hero for having AJ make out
with Kane on Monday and hiding behind him here tonight. He says AJ
has Punk wrapped around her finger and she doesn’t realize it. AJ
cost Bryan at Wrestlemania and if she’s in Punk’s corner on Sunday,
it’ll mean Bryan wins the title.

Sheamus because five people talking in this segment aren’t enough.
Sheamus can’t believe Bryan still believes AJ cost him the title. He
admits Ziggler had a great showing on Monday, but that means nothing
on Sunday. Let’s do the tag match now. AJ charges at Vickie but
Punk pulls her back. The match starts after a break.

Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan

and Sheamus get us going and the speed attempt gets caught in a Regal
Roll for two. Off to Punk who comes off the top with an elbow to the
arm. Off to Ziggler and it’s time for more arm work. Sheamus works
over the arm a bit and Punk hits a slingshot hilo on Dolph. A
delayed vertical suplex gets two. Sheamus comes in and Ziggler
literally runs to the corner for the tag.

comes back in almost immediately and pounds Sheamus down. A knee
drop gets two. Back to Bryan who walks into a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker. Back to Punk for the springboard clothesline and he
goes to the apron. Ziggler distracts him and Bryan knocks him off
the apron. That seems to be the same sequence they’ve used to change
momentum in Smackdown tag matches for weeks now.

hits the running knee of the apron and we take a break. Back with
Bryan missing a swan dive and it’s a double tag to bring in Ziggler
vs. Sheamus. Irish Curse gets two as Bryan makes the save.
Everything breaks down but Punk and Bryan go to the floor. Zig Zag
is countered and Sheamus hits White Noise. He loads up the Brogue
Kick but the girls come in. Ziggler uses the distraction to get a
rollup with a handful of tights for the pin at 8:43 shown of 12:13.

C. This was just a regular main
event style tag match. The ending was certainly the right call as
they had to give us a reason to think that Ziggler has a chance on
Sunday. He doesn’t but it’s nice of them to try to give us a reason
to think otherwise. Punk and Bryan were barely involved in this
match, but they’re all set up already anyway.

match the girls get in a fight and Vickie rams her into the apron
before running off. AJ’s back is hurt so Kane comes out to carry her
away. Punk goes after him but gets a chokeslam for his efforts.
Bryan gets the same. AJ is on her knees on the stage and looks all
cuckoo eyed at Kane.

Brodus Clay for a match but before the match he talks about how he
can’t go near Ace’s prized possession or he’s immediately fired.
That’s ok though because John Cena is going to take care of the
prized possession on Sunday. All he wants now is competition, which
Ace has promised him.

Clay vs. Heath Slater

it and I was getting my hopes up for a second there. What a shock:
something with Ace involved is a letdown. Splash finishes in 22

match Brodus is about to dance when Otunga, the guy Clay is facing on
the pre-show on Sunday, takes out Brodus’ knee. The leg work goes on
for awhile.

Fox vs. Beth Phoenix

is on commentary. Alicia takes her down to start but misses her
flipping leg drop. Glam Slam ends this in 50 seconds. Yeah and this
REALLY makes me want to see the Divas Title match Sunday.

Cena says don’t try this.

favorite Raw moment is the Muppets episode. I love the Muppets, but
this is literally longer the previous two matches combined. When
matches are relegated to getting 30 seconds each, maybe it’s time to
cut down on stuff like this.

to waste more time, here’s Ace to show us a recap of the ending to
Raw. As in the SAME THING WE SAW AN HOUR AGO! After wasting three
minutes on that, Ace talks about how he’s put his job on the line
more than once before and has always come out on top. He brings out
Big Show who talks about how he can say and do whatever he wants here
because he’ll get paid no matter what.

in WCW, he was never able to be pushed over the faces of the company
like Hogan, Flair and Sting. Once he left there he came to WWF and
everyone gave him advice. Vince’s advice was to put on a show, so he
named him the Big Show. So for fourteen years (how is February of
1999 to June 2012 14 years? That’s bad math even for WWE) he did it
Vince’s way. For 10 of those years, he cracked jokes and laughed.
That statement actually made me close my eyes and shake my head from
how wrong it was.

talks about how he’s proud to not be like Cena anymore and how he can
do whatever he wants and doesn’t have to care about what the fans
think. What he does to Cena will be calculated and uncomfortable.
He’s looking at this sunday as his first match, where he will be
victorious. He guarantees it. The two of them go to leave but Cole
stops them. He says that he’s heard Cena is on his way here tonight
(big pop). Show says if Cena is looking for him, he won’t be hard to

comes out for his match so of course we have to look at a recap of
his feud with Cody, as in an Over The Limit recap. The rematch is at
No Way Out.

vs. Jack Swagger

pounds him into the corner but Christian gets a kick into the ribs to
break up the momentum. They go to the floor and Swagger runs him
over with a clothesline. Back in and Jack hits a legdrop for two.
An attempt at a second misses and Christian takes over again. A
spear misses but the ankle lock is countered. Jumping back elbow out
of the corner puts Jack down and Christian goes up. Swagger tries to
run the corner but gets shoved down and the Frog Splash gets the pin
at 2:47.

vs. Ari Cohen/Mike Testa

fresh meat tell a knock knock joke before the match. What are you
expecting here? Double Samoan Drop ends this at 2:03. We get it
already, now find him someone we’ve actually heard of.

Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd

is a result of the latest JR trolling by the troll last week. Sandow
went after him but Kidd made the save. Damien jumps him to start,
Kidd gets some offense in, the Sharpshooter is countered and the
neckbreaker gets the pin at 1:02 in ANOTHER FREAKING WORTHLESS MATCH!

run down the PPV card.

we see Big Show’s talk from forty minutes ago.

arrives and goes into Ace’s office but it’s empty.

be a bully, but buy our PPV with a pair of bullies in the main event.

FINALLY shows up to fire up the show a bit. He talks about getting a
phone call saying that Big Show called him out, so here he is. Wait
so why have they been hyping up the idea of Cena calling out Big Show
all night if Show apparently called him out? Whatever as this show
is almost over. Cena says he’s not hard to find and the Big Show
shouldn’t be either, so here’s Ace to waste more of our time.

says that Show has been sent home to make sure the match takes place
on Sunday, as well as so we could hype up Show and Cena face to face
all night and then not deliver it. Cena says that puts Ace in the #1
spot on the to be knocked out list. Ace lists his job titles and
says that if Cena touches him, he’s fired. Cena points out that the
match has to take place on Sunday so Ace can’t fire him. John makes
fun of him even more and gets ready to beat him up but Ace tells him
that if he beats Ace up, then Cena will be fired. Cena blasts him in
the head and says someone gets fired on Sunday to end the show.

F. This show was the
definition of a failure. There was NOTHING on here that was any good
and nothing at all was added to the PPV. Someone gets fired in the
main event. So we might get the Ace firing that we’ve been promised
for weeks now or another Cena firing which we’ve seen how many times
now? This was a total waste of my time and one of the worst TV shows
I’ve seen in a very long time.


Ziggler/Daniel Bryan b. CM Punk/Sheamus – Rollup to Sheamus

Clay b. Heath Slater – Splash

Phoenix b. Alicia Fox – Glam Slam

b. Jack Swagger – Frog Splash

b. Mike Testa/Ari Cohen – Double Samoan Drop

Sandow b. Tyson Kidd – Neckbreaker

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Smackdown – June 8, 2012


June 8, 2012

Colonial Center, Columbia, South Carolina

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

to the blue guys again for another Smackdown. The only thing
announced so far is that Del Rio and Sheamus will do something.
Whatever that something is has yet to be announced but that might be
for the better. The whole company is almost at a standstill at the
moment but hopefully things pick up soon. Let’s get to it.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is people that won’t return e-mails.

Del Rio to open things up. He shows us a clip from Raw and his
attack on Sheamus’ arm, because we haven’t had an arm injury angle in
two full weeks now. After some basic threats of taking the title,
here’s…..Ricardo dressed as Sheamus. He even has white leggings
and arm covers to make himself look pale. Del Rio says this isn’t
really Sheamus, because anyone can pound their chest like a caveman,
spike their hair like a stupid kid and act like a hooligan. Ricardo
tries a Brogue Kick and falls down.

the real Sheamus who looks ticked off. Both guys jump him
immediately but Sheamus throws Ricardo out with ease. Rodriguez
comes back in and Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the head. He goes for the
arm but Sheamus fights him off and clears the ring. They go to leave
but Sheamus chases them down and runs them over. He tries to load up
the High Cross off the stage but Ricardo makes the save. They go for
the arm again but referees break it up. Teddy comes out and says
that since Ace isn’t here, he’s in charge tonight. He makes Sheamus
vs. Kane and Del Rio vs. this man.

Del Rio vs. Great Khali

starts with the chops in the corner but misses a big boot in the
corner, allowing Del Rio to go after his legs. He puts on a leg lock
but Khali punches him in the head to escape. Why over complicate
things I guess. A kick to the head of Khali gets two. After some
more knee work, he switches to the arm for no apparent reason. Del
Rio goes up but jumps into another chop to the chest. Ricardo
distracts Khali to stop the Punjabi Plunge and the Cross Armbreaker
gets the submission at 3:29.

D. Nothing to see here other
than a near squash. Khali is fine for roles like this as he wasn’t
in there long and his size alone makes beating him seem impressive.
Del Rio isn’t interesting still, but at least with Ricardo out there
we’ll get some decent comedy moments. The match was just ok.

get the Big Show piece from Raw where he talks about being tired of
being seen as a joke.

is in the back when Brodus’ girls and Brodus himself come in. Brodus
is now officially on Smackdown permanently but can’t be on Raw
because of Big Show. Ok then.

Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

Clay sees Big Show when he sees Bateman. Clay pounds Bateman down
with ease and we head to the floor for the headbutt. Back in the
ring there’s the splash and suplex. Splash and we’re done at 1:05.

on the Mexico/South America tour.

favorite Raw moment is his match with Buff Bagwell for the WCW Title.
Oh what a disaster that was.

Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

immediately knocks him down but Cara comes back with his kicks. Drew
gets in a shot and takes over, sending Cara to the floor for a
second. Back in and it’s a chinlock for a big but Cara comes back
with some ranas. A BIG boot sends Cara flying, but Drew charges into
two boots in the corner. Cara goes up and tries to jump into his
finisher but Drew blocks it. Cara never hits the ground and comes
out with a spinning DDT for the pin at 3:15.

C. Cara has looked WAY better
since coming back. He’s not botching anything of note and he’s
mixing up his finishing moves which is a nice touch. He’s beating up
jobbers pretty easily which is a good sign also. That’s something
the company has improved on in the last month or so: its use of
jobbers for squashes.

Andriotis/Kevin Mahoney vs. Ryback

MuscleBuster/Samoan Drop, 1:43. Next.

crew sets up the Peep Show set but Cody Rhodes comes out and breaks
it up. He talks about how he was going to be the guest on the show
tonight but Christian should be pandering to him instead of Cody
pandering to the host. Cue Christian who says he’s the one that beat
Cody, not the other way around. Cody wants to know who Christian
thinks he’s fooling, because before then he didn’t care about any of
the people.

says he had a moment of clarity. He missed most of the year with an
injury, and while he was out he inducted Edge into the Hall of Fame.
While Edge was giving his speech, it occurred to Christian that a
career can end in an instant. He didn’t want to be remembered a the
guy that whined about wanting one more match all the time. He wanted
to come back and win championships and put together a Hall of Fame
career on his own. Cody laughs about Christian being in the Hall of
Fame and says that at No Way Out, the title is coming home.
Christian says shut up and wants a fight, but here’s Dolph Ziggler.

vs. Dolph Ziggler

should be good. So Christian was going to do the talk show and
wrestle? That’s quite a night. Cody sits in on commentary. Feeling
out process to start with Ziggler throwing Christian to the floor.
Christian comes back quickly and rams Ziggler into the barricade.
Dolph knees him down and we take a break. Back with Ziggler holding
a chinlock which Christian easily breaks.

takes him right back down and hooks the same hold as Cody complains
about not getting a fair shake at Over the Limit. A slingshot sends
Christian into the corner but the Fameasser is countered into a
powerbomb for two. Christian hits an uppercut while Ziggler is on
the ropes but the spinning sunset flip is rolled through and the
Fameasser gets two. Christian puts him back down but his spear is
countered by a dropkick for two. There’s the sleeper but Christian
counters quickly. He goes up and knocks a charging Ziggler down so
that the Frog Splash can get the pin at 6:34 shown of 10:04.

C+. This was the match you
would expect these two to have. Ziggler is basically a jobber to the
stars at this point, which is pretty stupid given the lack of main
event talent they have at the moment. With Jericho and Orton both
suspended, Ziggler could be a solid fill-in guy, but instead they
have him jobbing left and right. The good thing is they haven’t had
him look weak in these losses, which will help him a lot in the long

get the ENTIRE Cole vs. Cena segment from Raw.

speaks about the incident but gets cut off by JR……being imitated
by Hornswoggle. We get some slow motion replays of the beating and
Horny laughs a lot. Thankfully Damien Sandow cuts this off to save
us. He runs down Horny and goes after him but Tyson Kidd makes the
save. He dropkicks Sandow to the floor and Sandow walks away. When
Kidd turns to look at the leprechaun, Sandow comes back in and beats
Kidd up, hitting his neckbreaker.

only cares about winning the triple threat match tonight. AJ’s look
means nothing to him. Kane walks away and AJ is watching him from
behind some crates.

Uso vs. Antonio Cesaro

has to do the entrances for Antonio and Aksana. Cesaro pounds him
into the corner to start but Jimmy comes back with a superkick to the
ribs. A headbutt gets two but Cesaro throws him into the air and
down into the European Uppercut. The falling Cradle Piledriver gets
the pin at 58 seconds.

favorite Raw moment is the Breakthrough Battle Royal.

vs. Kane

fight over a lockup to start with neither guy getting an advantage.
A shoulder puts Sheamus down so the champ goes after the arm. Kane
throws him into the corner but Sheamus comes back with some punches.
That gets him nowhere as Kane rams him into the corner and works on
the bad arm. A brief comeback is stopped and Sheamus is thrown to
the apron and booted to the floor as we take a break.

with Kane getting one off a move we didn’t see. Kane hooks a neck
crank followed by a side slam for two. Back to the crank which is
broken a bit slower this time. Sheamus comes back with some kicks to
the ribs and hits the top rope shoulder to put Kane down. A running
knee to the ribs and a double ax get two for Sheamus. Powerslam gets
the same. Regal Roll is countered and Kane uppercuts him down.

low dropkick gets two and Sheamus grabs the Irish Curse out of
nowhere for the same. Sheamus is getting a little frustrated so he
drops a bunch of knees on the back of Kane. Here comes the Brogue
Kick but instead he opts for the ten forearms. A suplex back in is
blocked and Kane goes for the clothesline. A superplex attempt is
blocked but the clothesline misses. White Noise hits but Kane tries
the chokeslam. Sheamus fights out of it and they clothesline each
other, followed by Ricardo running in for the DQ at 9:34 shown of

C. This was getting decent but
it was clear they couldn’t have either guy go over leading up to PPV
title matches. That being said, while the ending was predictable it
doesn’t mean it was bad. It’s good that they don’t have either guy
lose clean, but at the same time, why would Del Rio want to interfere
here when Kane could do more damage to Sheamus?

takes Sheamus down post match and here’s AJ to smile at Kane. The
distraction lets Sheamus Brogue Kick Kane’s head off. Ricardo gets
up and Sheamus does the same to him to end the show.

C. This wasn’t bad and
it did its job of furthering the main event match. We also got
another match added to the PPV with the IC Title in it, as well as
got some TV time for some of the new characters. Adding Brodus to
Smackdown is probably a good idea as there’s only so much room for
him on Raw at the moment. This wasn’t a great show but it certainly
wasn’t bad, which is pretty good anymore.


Del Rio b. Great Khali – Cross Armbreaker

Clay b. Derrick Bateman – Splash

Cara b. Drew McIntyre – Spinning DDT

b. Kevin Mahoney/Tony Androitis – Double MuscleBuster

b. Dolph Ziggler – Frog Splash

Cesaro b. Jimmy Uso – Falling Cradle Piledriver

vs. Kane went to a no contest when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered

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Punk To Smackdown (For The Moment)

So Punk is touring on the Smackdown shows now, along with ADR and Sheamus and all the other fairly big stars, while RAW is left with Cena and Big Show.  And still Vince doesn't see why letting someone like Ziggler win some matches would be a good thing as far as bolstering the star power.  And with both champions on the same house shows…oh man, these three hour RAWs are just gonna be DEATH.  Look for me to take up drinking as a hobby on Monday nights.

Smackdown – June 1, 2012

Date: June 1, 2012
Location: Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Tonight we have a Raw World Title match on Smackdown for the first
time in a few years as Punk defends against Kane. I’d assume that Bryan
has gotten the title match for No Way Out but it’s hard to tell with
this company anymore. Other than that we’ll probably have some more
stuff with Big Show as he continues to take over the stories everywhere.
It’ll also be interesting to see how they work around the Orton
suspension. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is about the title match tonight. It looks more like a TV commercial than a normal opening video.

Do You Know Your Enemy? Mine is the weather tomorrow for my neighborhood yard sale.

Here’s Sheamus to open the show and we get a clip of him kicking Del
Rio’s head off to end the show last week. Sheamus talks about how Del
Rio has been waited on hand and foot for years, but it’s not going to
matter at No Way Out because he can’t buy the World Heavyweight
Championship. Cue Otunga who again demands that Sheamus apologize for
running over Ace. Sheamus says this isn’t Starbucks where you order
someone around. If Ace wants an apology, he can come out here and get it
himself. Otunga: “You may be the whitest bulb, but you’re not the

Cue Del Rio who calls Sheamus a peasant and a street hooligan. People
like Sheamus wind up working for people like Del Rio and Otunga. Otunga
thinks Sheamus should be in a match tonight, with the opponent being
chosen by Del Rio. The champ kicks Otunga’s head off and Del Rio runs.
Sheamus says never trust a hooligan.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

No trampoline and he’s in red and white not instead of blue and gold.
The lighting is back too. Slater grabs the arm to start but Cara grabs
the arm and hits his spinning wrist drag. Out to the floor for a BIG
dive but Slater jumps him coming back in. Off to a chinlock but Cara
fights out and hits some kicks to the leg. A jumping back elbow puts
Slater down as does an enziguri from the apron. The La Mistica mat slam
gets the pin at 2:24. I didn’t see any botches here and Cara looked
pretty good.

Damien Sandow vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Sandow’s Titantron graphic has a theme of a curtain being pulled back
like at a theater. Sandow says he won’t be in this match and goes to
leave but Jackson pulls him back in to get us going. The Torture Rack is
countered and Sandow goes psycho. Russian legsweep puts Jackson down
and the neckbreaker ends it at 1:36. Sandow gets in the Thinking Man
position during his cover. I’m liking the 2012 Genius a bit more.

Del Rio and Ricardo are in the back when Ziggler comes in and asks to be put in the match tonight. Del Rio says okey dokey.

Ryan Shelton/Chris Lyons vs. Ryback

The jobbers are from Alabama so the Louisiana fans HATE them, due to
them saying Roll Tide. It’s the exact same match as last week with the
double MuscleBuster getting the pin at 2:02.

Raw ReBound chronicles Show’s destruction. Apparently Brodus has a concussion and bruised ribs.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Non-title. Ziggler cuts off Vickie’s intro and says tonight he beats
the champion. He’s serious tonight. If the reaction is to be believed,
Sheamus is getting verypopular. Ziggler tries a headlock to start but
gets run over very quickly. He dropkicks the champ down and hooks an
armbar which gets him nowhere at all. Ziggler punches Sheamus in the
corner but gets sent to the apron. Top rope cross body is caught in a
Regal Roll for two.

Sheamus launches him over the top and to the floor as we take a
break. Back with Sheamus breaking a top wristlock. Dolph runs to the
apron and has to grab the ring skirt to keep from getting a worse
beating. He suckers Sheamus in and guillotines him on the top rope.
Sheamus gets dropkicked off the apron and onto the floor for awhile.
Neckbreaker gets two back in the ring.

Off to the chinlock and Ziggler does the handstand. Booker: “That’s
just showing off.” Now he’s getting it. Sheamus starts to fight up but
gets caught in a DDT for two. Ziggler hooks an ugly sleeper but Sheamus
dumps him onto the apron for the ten forearms. Irish Curse is countered
twice so Sheamus uses a regular backbreaker (which Cole calls the Irish
Curse anyway). He loads up the top rope shoulder but gets crotche. A top
rope X Factor gets a close two and a good reaction from the crowd on
the kickout. Zig Zag is countered and it’s White Noise, failed Swagger
interference and the Brogue Kick for the pin at 10:06 shown of 13:36.

Rating: C+. These two always have good chemistry
together and they did again here. The ending is good too as it furthers
the Ziggler split from Vickie and company, but it also keeps Sheamus
looking just as strong because he had Ziggler beaten without the
interference going wrong. Little things like that can make a match so
much better.

Punk says he’ll beat up anyone that Ace throws at him, including Kane. Kane is going to sleep tonight.

Darren Young/Titus O’Neil vs. Santino Marella/Zack Ryder

An inset promo says that O’Neil and Young want to be known as the
Prime Time Players. Young and Santino get us going but it’s quickly off
to Titus. Ryder comesin to break up a double team which gets him run
over by Young. Then Santino gets a rollup out of nowhere on Young for
the pin at 1:13. What in the world was the point of that? They spent the
pre-match stuff and the match talking about how awesome Young and
O’Neil were and then the ending comes from out of nowhere. Marella and
Ryder had no offense at all other than the rollup. Literally, none.

Post match here’s Big Show to destroy everything. Make that just
Ryder and Santino as Young and Titus escaped. Ryder tries to fight back
but it gets him nowhere. The beating goes on for awhile. Show is in the
same kind of stuff he was wearing before his turn. Santino gets put in a
camel clutch on the steps on the stage before getting punched in the
back of the head and knocked out. So in four days he’s been punched out
and made to tap out in 45 seconds. Another champion is made to look like
a joke.

We see Punk in the back but it’s actually AJ in a Punk shirt. Bryan
pops up and asks why AJ thinks Punk cares about her. He pretends to care
about her again and you can see her knees get weak. Bryan is only
joking though.

Cody Rhodes vs. Tyson Kidd

Christian is on commentary and Kidd has full tights now. Kidd gets in
a quick legsweep but Cody is too fired up for Kidd to be able to do
much. Tyson keeps fighting and tries the Dungeon Lock but Cody shrugs it
off and Cross Rhodes ends this at 1:20.

Cody and Christian stare at each other a lot post match.

Raw World Title: CM Punk vs. Kane

They have a lot of time here. The announcers talk about how Kane
hasn’t been champion in 14 years. Cole thankfully points out the mistake
and reminds Booker of the Smackdown World Title that Kane won like a
year and a half ago. Out to the floor and Punk drops a double ax off the
top onto Kane to take over. Back in and the uppercut drops Punk, but he
dropkicks Kane’s knee out to send him into the middle buckle.

Punk wraps Kane’s arm around the post and drops some elbows onto it
as well. He works on it some more and hooks on a top wristlock. Kane
throws him off and sends him tot he floor as we take a break. Back with
Punk in control but quickly getting knocked to the floor. Here’s AJ to
check on the champion. Back in and Kane slams Punk and drops an elbow
for two. Chokeslam is countered into a DDT but Punk can’t follow up.

Punk hits two knees in the corner but still can’t hit the bulldog.
High Kick misses but the spinning neckbreaker gets two. Kane tries to
slam him but Punk slips out and hits the High Kick for two. Punk tries
the GTS but Kane falls on top of him. Low dropkick gets two. Top rope
clothesline is countered by a dropkick and now it’s Punk going up.

AJ gets on the apron to try to get his attention. She’s pointing at
Bryan who is coming to jump Punk. The champ dives on Bryan on the floor
but that’s not a DQ. Punk kicks Kane from the apron and drops the Macho
Elbow for two. Cole: “The championship almost left Punk there.” Punk
goes up and jumps into the uppercut. Kane loads up the chokeslam but
Bryan comes in and dropkicks both guys for the DQ at 12:00 shown of

Rating: C+. For a TV main event this was fine. It’s
pretty clear where they’re going for No Way Out so the ending here was
fine. It sets up the likely triple threat title match at the PPV which
needed to be done one way or another. They were going back and forth
pretty well here and the arm work made sense from Punk. Pretty good
little match here.

Bryan DESTROYS Punk with kicks but both guys get chokeslammed. Ace and Eve come out to make the triple threat match.

Overall Rating: B-. I liked this show for the most
part. Nothing was really bad on it and they had something big in the
main event, which is what Smackdown needs. It’s basically a supplement
to Raw anymore so throwing a big match into the main event is the right
idea. The show wasn’t great but with nothing bad and a main event that
had something on the line, this was about as good as Smackdown is going
to get at this point.

Sin Cara b. Heath Slater – Spinning Mat Slam
Damien Sandow b. Ezekiel Jackson – Neckbreaker
Ryback b. Ryan Shelton/Chris Lyons – Double MuscleBuster
Sheamus b. Dolph Ziggler – Brogue Kick
Santino Marella/Zack Ryder b. Darren Young/Titus O’Neil – Rollup to Young
Cody Rhodes b. Tyson Kidd – Cross Rhodes
CM Punk vs. Kane went to a no contest when Daniel Bryan interfered

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Smackdown – May 25, 2012

Date: May 25, 2012
Location: Mohegan Sun Arena, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It’s after Over the Limit and Sheamus is still champion after a
pretty fun fatal fourway. Other than that there isn’t much to talk about
other than a new Intercontinental Champion in the form of Christian. We
begin the build to No Way Out tonight but since Raw was mostly a
throwaway show, I’d expect about the same thing here. Hopefully it’s
better than last week’s. Let’s get to it.

The opening is about Cena vs. Ace from the PPV and the fallout from Raw.

Do you know your enemy? Mine is three and a half minute recaps of a story that I didn’t like when it aired on Raw.

Here’s Eve to open us up in the arena. Ace isn’t here tonight so
she’s in charge. Ace is going to deal with Cena on Monday so tonight,
she’s going to deal with Sheamus. Sheamus is going to issue a public
apology for running over Ace on Monday and also, she’ll name his #1
contender. Cue Alberto who sucks up to Eve for awhile. She says no one
is more deserving than him, but here’s Orton for a rebuttal.

He introduces himself to Eve and asks the fans who they would like to
see. After the obvious response, here’s Kane. Kane says he should get
to face “that pasty white Irish ghost.” If you need more convincing,
tonight is episode #666 of Smackdown. Eve makes a triple threat for the
title shot.

Christian vs. Hunico

Non-title here. Christian takes him down with a forearm but stops to
go after Camacho, allowing Hunico to
get in a shot and a suicide dive. A
springboard dive misses and Christian takes over again. A big right
hand puts Hunico on his knee and a middle rope back elbow puts him on
his back. After a baseball slide takes out Hunico, it’s Killswitch and
Frog Splash for the pin at 3:03.

Rating: C-. Not bad here as Hunico is a guy that is
very slowly growing on me. I like Christian using the frog splash better
than just the Killswitch as it looks more devastating. It’s also more
of a face move which furthers his turn a little more. This made
Christian look good but let Hunico get in some offense at the same time.
Proper jobber usage makes me happy.

Cody comes out with Christian still in the ring. He talks about how
he spent eight months making the title important again after it had been
held by jokes. Cody restored it to greatness that people like Razor
Ramon and Shawn Michaels and Cody Rhodes gave it. It won’t take him
eight months to get it back, but rather 3 seconds.

Darren Young/Titus O’Neil vs. Usos

Jimmy vs. Titus to start. This is due to some argument in the back
earlier today where they made fun of each others’ dances. The Usos take
over quickly and double team O’Neil in the corner. Young kicks Jey in
the back though and the NXT Crew takes over. Titus suplexes Young onto
Jey for two. Young misses a charge and it’s off to Jimmy. He cleans a
few rooms of the house and everything breaks down. Jey looks to set up
the Superfly Splash but Young crotches him and the Demolition
Decapitator gets the pin at 3:12. The Millions of Dollars dance is still

Rating: D+. Just a tag match for the most part here,
but again I have to ask: where was this from Young/O’Neil for a year on
NXT? This was entertaining and I’m liking this team more when they’re
on every week. They have charisma and show off out there, which is what
they never did on the yellow show. Alas, the Usos are the tag team
jobbers now.

Sin Cara returns next week.

Ryback vs. Brian Edwards/Kevin Bendol

The jobbers make fun of the town some more and I think you can figure
this one out. Ryback’s left eye is MESSED UP. It’s all bruised and it
looks like there’s blood in it. The cannon fodder doesn’t have to tag.
Ryback picks one of them up in a powerbomb position and slams him into
the other guy. Powerbomb kills one and the clothesline kills another.
Ryback picks one of them up for the MuscleBuster, then picks the other
one up AT THE SAME TIME. He walks them around and a double MuscleBuster
ends this at 1:26. That ending was awesome.

Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

This should be entertaining. It’s a continuation of Ricardo getting
beaten up on Raw. Ricardo wrestles in his tuxedo and has his own theme
music. He introduces himself as well which is amusing. Santino hooks a
headlock but Ricardo shoves him off and runs the ropes while Santino
watches. We get an airplane spin from Santino but he makes himself dizzy
and falls to the floor. He crawls under the ring and sneaks up on
Ricardo so that the Cobra can end it at 1:50. Comedy matches are fine.

Here’s Sheamus for his apology. Sheamus says it was an accident but
it was accidentally on purpose. He apologizes for Ace being so horrible
and for Eve and Otunga being so far up Johnny that they can tell what he
has for breakfast. Oh and Big Show sucks too. As for No Way Out, he
wants to face Orton. Here’s Vickie for some reason who says Eve has made
a match for Sheamus.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

They lock up and go into the corner with no one getting an advantage.
Some elbows to the face knock Swagger back but Sheamus misses a charge
into the corner. It turns into a fist fight which puts Jack down,
followed by the top rope shoulder for two. Swagger goes to the floor so
Sheamus runs him over out there too. Vickie offers a distraction which
lets Swagger knock Sheamus off the apron and possibly injure the champ’s

We take a break and come back with Swagger working on both the ankle
and the shoulder. He DDTs the leg for two. Swagger ties it up in the
ropes in the corner but misses a kick. Sheamus hits a neckbreaker and
both guys are down. The champ comes back with the ax handles and the
forearms in the ropes. Jack kicks him in the ankle again and goes for
the ankle lock but Sheamus kicks him off. Brogue Kick misses and Swagger
takes out the leg for two. Booker: “Two and three quarters. That’s a
victory!” Sheamus escapes the gutwrench powerbomb and the Brogue Kick
finishes at 6:56 shown of 10:26.

Rating: C. This was fine. Swagger is firmly cemented
in his jobber to the stars status and given how dull he’s become
lately, that’s about as much as he can ask for. Sheamus looked decent
here but he still needs some more development. It’s not an emergency
though as the fans are cheering him very strong at the moment. Decent

Big Show will speak later. Cole says these might be the darkest days
in WWE history. I know Cole is known for hyperbole, but are you kidding

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow does his usual stuff before the match. I’m digging the
Backlund robe too. Yoshi is an ignoramus and a dunce. The hot pink
trunks work too. Yoshi charges and Sandow hides in the ropes while
shouting at the referee to “please do your job thank you!” Sandow gets a
shot in and the neckbreaker ends this at 45 seconds.

We look at the ending to the Ryback match again.

No Way Out ad, set like a 1920s silent movie. AJ is tied to railroad
tracks, Bryan saves her, and AJ ties him up. She has a mustache now too.

We recap Big Show on Raw and at the PPV, because we might have
forgotten it in the last hour and fifteen minutes. And Cole, it still
isn’t the darkest day in WWE history.

Here’s Big Show for an explanation. Show says he was never fired
until a few weeks ago. Everyone here has probably been fired, but they
don’t love what they do. He’s a 7’4 giant and loves to wrestle. No one
offered him any sympathy and he wasn’t too pleased with that. Show is
sitting on a stool for this. After all the years he’s been here, that’s
what he gets? The fans think he sold out which he denies.

After everything he’s done, this is the thanks he gets? It made him
realize he has no friends and that he’s alone in this world. Then he got
a phone call. The fans chant for Cena. Show says he made a deal with
Ace to come back with a new contract and a big fat bonus. He knew
exactly what he would do and he knows he’ll knock Cena out at the PPV.
The fans never cared for him and now he doesn’t care for them. Why
couldn’t we get this explanation on Raw? Didn’t he say he didn’t owe us
one? Still though, it’s better than nothing.

As Show is leaving, here’s Kane. I guess we’re running short on time
because he’s just coming out for the main event early. As Kane gets in,
Bryan appears and beats the tar out of Kane with a chair. He probably
hit him 20 times. I’m not sure if you can call this a face action or
not, but it draws a HUGE YES chant.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

The winner gets Sheamus at No Way Out. Kane is going to give it a go
here. Orton goes after Alberto to start but punches Kane a bit too. Del
Rio gets knocked to the floor and Kane hits the low dropkick on Orton
for two. Orton hits his backbreaker but Del Rio makes the save. Kane
knocks both of them to the floor and follows them to the outside. He
beats up both guys but Orton comes back and rams both of them into the
barricade and adds a few shots to the table for Kane.

Orton loads up the elevated DDT but Alberto hits an enziguri to break
that up. We take a break and come back with Kane hitting Del Rio with
an uppercut. Orton takes one as well which gets two for Kane. An elbow
drop gets the same. Del Rio hits the enziguri to the shoulder and Kane
goes down, giving Team Mexico control. Orton backdrops him to the apron
and dropkicks him to the floor, but he walks into a side slam for two.

Kane goes up for the clothesline but Del Rio comes back in and runs
up the corner for an enziguri that puts Kane on the floor. A big kick
misses and Orton comes back. Kane comes back in and takes the powerslam,
as does Del Rio. Del Rio goes to the corner but Orton hits the elevated
DDT to bring him back down. The RKO is escaped and Kane pulls Randy to
the floor and sends him into the steps.

The top rope clothesline misses but the cross armbreaker is escaped
and Kane hits the chokeslam. Here’s Bryan again with the chair but Kane
sees him coming. Kane chases him off but as he gets back in, here’s
Bryan again. Kane sees him again and stares him down. As Kane turns
around he walks into the RKO. Del Rio kicks Orton away and steals the
pin at 7:51 shown of 11:21.

Rating: C+. This was pretty good, although the chair
attack before the match didn’t wind up amounting to that much. Del Rio
vs. Sheamus doesn’t really blow my skirt up but it’s what they’ve wanted
to do for months. The interesting thing is Kane vs. Bryan as it looks
like that’s what they’re building to. I don’t think Bryan vs. Punk was
officially announced but I could easily see it turning into a triple
threat. Good main event here.

Sheamus kicks Del Rio’s head off to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This was a much more
entertaining episode than last week. It set up a few matches for the PPV
and we got the explanation from Big Show that we didn’t have time for
on Raw. This show could almost be called a supplement to Monday and in
that regard, it was ok. Ryback continues to be awesome and I’m intrigued
by where this Bryan thing is going. Much better show this week.

Christian b. Hunico – Frog Splash
Darren Young/Titus O’Neil b. Usos – Demolition Decapitator to Jimmy
Ryback b. Brian Edwards/Kevin Bendol – Double MuscleBuster
Santino Marella b. Ricardo Rodriguez – Cobra
Sheamus b. Jack Swagger – Brogue Kick
Damien Sandow b. Yoshi Tatsu – Neckbreaker
Alberto Del Rio b. Randy Orton and Kane – Del Rio pinned Kane after an RKO from Orton

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Smackdown – May 18, 2012

Date: May 18, 2012
Location: Giant Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Time for another edition of that show on Fridays that doesn’t mean a
thing because everything happens on Raw now. The main event tonight is
Orton vs. Sheamus which is the big PPV match they’re waiting for the
right time to have. This is the go home show for Over the Limit which is
the least interesting PPV I can think of in years. Maybe we’ll actually
have Punk and Bryan talk. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the end of Raw. Gee there’s a novel idea.
This is edited together really well as it’s Ace talking about what he
can do and Cena reading a line from the letter to say that Ace can’t do

In the arena here’s Ace to really open things up. He disagrees with
the Board’s decision because it puts him in harm’s way. Ace says that
he’s almost 40 but he’s still in shape. Wow I would have put him closer
to fifty.

The Board won’t reconsider their decision so he appeals to the
fans for their support. He asks for our prayers but gets Punk instead.

Punk says that everyone, including him and the rest of the roster has
been praying. Their prayers have been answered by this match on Sunday.
It’s not about if Cena beats him but rather when. It would be more
realistic to say that it’s not if Big Show/Lesnar interferes but when
but you get the idea. Punk says after Ace is fired the party will start
on Raw and it’ll go on through Smackdown next week.

The champ talks about Raw where Ace made Big Show beg for forgiveness
with a smile on his face. Ace constantly insults the intelligence of
the fans and humiliates Teddy, so how does it feel to be on the other
end of the stick? Ace says it’s not over yet so tonight Punk faces Kane.
Punk says that concerns him but he’s going to face Kane like a man.
Next week he’ll still be WWE Champion but Ace will be unemployed. So
let’s see. Punk talked to a guy he’s not facing on Sunday, is facing a
guy that is on the pre-show on Sunday, and didn’t mention his opponent
by name at all. Nice way to show what the real match is guys.

Punk leaves but Ace stops to yell at the fans. He says that since
he’s the GM, he’s been tough but fair. Ace says that he works hard for
the fans and they still boo them. He’s not going to blame Punk and Cena,
because it’s the fans’ fault. If this is his last night, he could care
less about all of them, and with that he leaves.

Cena Make-A-Wish video which is good to mention because it makes you
think of the good stuff WWE guys do. Make sure to remember that if
you’re a Connecticut registered voter.

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Darren Young/Titus O’Neil

Young and Truth start things off. They fight into the corner and
Truth punches him a bit. Off to Kofi with the springboard cross body for
two. Kofi takes down both opponents but Titus’ distraction lets Young
hit his belly to back suplex onto the apron to take over. Off to Titus
who slams Kofi and hits a splash in the corner. Another attempt hits
boots and it’s off to Young and Truth again. Truth speeds things up and
hits the spinning forearm. DDT gets two as Titus saves. Kofi knocks
O’Neil to the floor and hits a dive as the Little Jimmy pins Young at

Just a quick aside here: we have Young and O’Neil brought up as a new
team who look impressive, so in I think their fourth match they job
clean to the champions in less than three minutes. That’s a great way to
make these guys look good. This is where JOBBERS should be used. Throw
Slater and someone else out there for this match and save Young/O’Neil
for later. Unfortunately there are only five teams (Colons, champions,
O’Neil/Young, Usos (are they still alive?) and Swagger/Ziggler) They’re
saving the Colons for a big match I guess, so this is all they can use
and that’s why there’s no division.

Don’t Be A Bully! How long before it’s time to STAND UP for WWE?

Ryder is filming stuff for his show in the back but Sandow is standing next to him. And that’s that apparently.

Video on Ryback. He’s 1/3 of the “they’re monsters but we have no
idea what to do with him yet so we’ll keep having him squash people
until the fans get bored of him” trio with Tensai and Clay.

Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Sandow won’t fight for the same reasons he gave two weeks ago. He
leaves but Tatsu calls him a chicken, complete with clucking. Sandow
runs in and takes off the robe to reveal hot pink tights that Rick
Martel would look twice at and destroys Tatsu. He hits a version of the
Regal Cutter with both arms pulled instead of just one and then leaves.
There was no bell and no pin so this wasn’t a match.

We recap the events that set up the fourway other than the actual announcement of the match.

Orton and Sheamus are in the back with Striker. Sheamus says he’s
looking forward to fighting three guys and rubs in that he’s not
champion anymore. Orton says he’s no longer so overconfident that he
overlooks his opponents. He can beat anyone on Sunday but wants to beat
Sheamus. Sheamus says he can kick Orton right now but Orton says
compared to him, Sheamus is too nice a guy.

Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan

Ryder gets in some offense to start but a running knee puts him down.
The running dropkick in the corner gets two. Bryan works on the arm a
bit but gets caught by the knees in the corner. Broski Boot misses and
Bryan kicks him in the head. YES Lock gets the submission at 2:28.

Kane vs. CM Punk

Bryan is sitting in on commentary, which is going to multiply the
build for this match by about 10,000%. Kane knocks him down to start so
Punk fires some kicks to the legs. A clothesline puts Kane on the floor
and we take a break. Back with Punk kicking the knee some more and
hitting a DDT for two. Punk hooks a Figure Four AND IT’S ON THE PROPER
LEG!!! Kane breaks it quickly but I’m in too much shock to care.

Punk springboards into the uppercut and takes over with some very
slow kicks. A baseball slide sends Punk’s ribs into the post and Kane
focuses on them for a bit. Off to a bearhug and then a backbreaker for
two. There’s a body vice as Bryan talks about the history with Punk and
how their paths reached this point. See how easy it is? Back up and Punk
escapes the chokeslam and hits a swinging neckbreaker for two.

Punk hits the knee in the corner but the bulldog is countered as you
would expect it to be. Since that didn’t work he goes to the middle rope
for the bulldog which gets two. He tries the GTS but the ribs give out.
Big boot gets two for Kane. Bryan sounds like a kid at Christmas with
the ribs being hurt.

Kane loads up a superplex but Punk shoves him off and hits the Macho
Elbow for two. He tries the Vice but Kane blocks it. Top rope
clothesline puts Punk down and it’s chokeslam time. Punk hits the High
Kick to counter and Kane goes to the floor. Suicide dive takes Kane out
but Bryan pops up with a chair. He hits Kane which gives Kane the DQ win
at 9:50 shown of 13:20.

Rating: C-. Not a great match but the main thing
that hurt it was the slow pace of it. They were going by the numbers
here but the ending helped it a bit. If a rib injury for Bryan to focus
on is the best angle we can get to set up the match then we’ll have to
go with it. I mean, WWE isn’t going to bother letting them cut promos on
each other or anything so I’ll take what I can get.

Bryan runs and sees Punk with the chair near him, so he destroys Punk
with it. Bryan hit Kane in the back if that clears anything up. A
chokeslam in the ring leaves Punk laying.

Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes

This is the result of an epic Twitter War this week over which title
means more. If you don’t know who’s losing here, I can’t help you.
Booker says the IC Title is a little more prestigious. Cody hits some
knees to the ribs to take over but the moonsault press misses. Here’s
the Cobra but Cody dropkicks him down for two. And never mind as the
Cobra hits for the pin at 1:59. Hey Vince, congratulations on crushing a
guy that could be a big star for you because his brother got fired.
Seriously, why else could this be happening?

Since having a match go longer than two minutes is impossible, here’s Ace’s promo from earlier tonight to fill in time.

Now we spend TEN FULL MINUTES reairing the ENTIRE Big Show firing segment from Monday.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

There’s a TON of time left for this because nothing else has happened
on this show. Feeling out process to start with Orton getting caught in
a headlock. Randy speeds things up and hits a dropkick to take over.
They go into the corner and it turns into a shoving match followed by a
fight. A clothesline puts the champion down and Orton does his stomping,
focusing on the ankle for a bit.

A knee drop misses and Sheamus comes back with right hands in the
corner. Orton punches back but Sheamus’ are better and he takes over.
Randy comes back with a clothesline to send Sheamus to the floor but he
sends Orton into the steps. Brogue Kick misses and Orton rams Sheamus’
shoulder into the post. No one has had a distinct advantage at all so
far. That’s Sheamus’ bad shoulder so there’s some psychology thrown in

Orton stomps on the arm to drive it into the steps as we take a
break. Back with Orton bending the arm around the ropes. Some elbows to
the arm keep Sheamus down as does a DDT on the arm. Off to a chinlock
with an arm trap. Sheamus starts a comeback but gets sent into the
corner shoulder first. The champ manages to send him to the floor and
hits a high knee followed by the ten forearms in the ropes.

Sheamus knocks Orton off the apron and into the barricade as we take
another break. Back with Sheamus dropping knees on Orton which
eventually get two. Regal Roll puts Orton down and Sheamus loads up the
High Cross. Orton counters that too, this time into the backbreaker.
Sheamus charges at him but Orton hooks a belly to belly of all things.
He tries the elevated DDT but Sheamus guillotines him on the top to

Slingshot shoulder puts Orton down and there are the running ax
handles. Powerslam gets two. Another Irish Curse attempt is broken up
but another attempt connects for two. Sheamus goes up but Orton stops
him with punches followed by a top rope superplex. That only gets two
and they slug it out. Brogue Kick misses and Sheamus gets caught in the
rope and the elevated DDT. Orton loads up the RKO but Sheamus ducks.
Brogue Kick misses and Orton tries the RKO again, but Sheamus drops down
into a rollup for the pin at 16:35 shown of 23:35.

Rating: B. I was really getting into this at the end
and the finishing sequence was very nicely done. They were setting up
this as the match with both guys hitting everything they could other
than their big move and then they threw a nicely timed curve ball with
Sheamus winning with a rollup. The ending is also good as neither guy
looks weak here at all and it keeps the main event on Sunday wide open.

Post match they shake hands and Orton RKOs him. That’s a pretty heelish move.

Overall Rating: D+. Until the good main event, this
was on pace to be one of the worst Smackdowns that I can remember in
years. The last quarter of it being good prevented that, but there are
still major holes in this show. First of all, where were Jericho and Del
Rio? They’re in this show’s main event and they’re not even on the
broadcast for a promo? Second, Punk and Bryan is the most thrown out
there main event in a LONG time. Even Bryan vs. Sheamus had a better
build than this. Disappointing show, but a good main event helps it a

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth b. Titus O’Neil/Darren Young – Little Jimmy to Young
Daniel Bryan b. Zack Ryder – YES Lock
Kane b. CM Punk via DQ when Daniel Bryan interfered
Santino Marella b. Cody Rhodes – Cobra
Sheamus b. Randy Orton – Rollup

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Smackdown – May 11, 2012

Date: May 11, 2012
Location: Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We’ve got two shows before Over the Limit and after Raw we have a
fatal fourway main event instead of just Sheamus vs. Del Rio which
should be a big upgrade over the singles match. Other than that we have
very little set up for the PPV on the blue side. The show is going to be
a filler show so it doesn’t really need to be that set up. I’m sure
we’ll get Show vs. Rhodes again too. Let’s get to it.

We open with a clip from the Raw tag match and the post match brawl/announcement in the back.

Sheamus/Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio/Chris Jericho

No car for Del Rio this time. Orton and Jericho get things going.
Randy takes him down with a shoulder block and slaps Sheamus on the
shoulder to tag him in. Sheamus clotheslines Jericho down and brings
Randy back in with a hearty slap on the arm. Off to Del Rio who gets
taken down but the knee drop misses. Alberto goes for the arm and drops
some knees on it.

Randy gets in a boot as the announcers say there’s no point in trying
to predict the fourway. Tag to Sheamus who hits the Regal Roll for two.
Jericho low bridges Sheamus to send him to the floor and gets in a shot
to the injured shoulder. Jericho comes in legally and puts on a
modified Fujiwara armbar.

To give you an idea of the commentary I have to listen to here, this
exchange happens: Josh: “I know you can’t predict a winner in the fatal
fourway but will Sheamus retain?” Michael: “I don’t think so because
it’s almost mathematically impossible. He only has a 25% chance.” After
that butchering of both logic and math, Sheamus hits Jericho with the ax
handle and tags in Orton. RKO is countered but a dropkick gets two for
Orton. Everything breaks down and the referee calls for the bell after
about four seconds for the double DQ at 5:19.

Rating: D+. This wasn’t really a match but rather
just a backdrop for the double DQ ending. That’s probably a good thing
too as there’s no need to have anyone look better or weaker before the
PPV. It was just a basic main event style tag match until then and at
least we didn’t have to wait long before it got thrown out.

Post break we’re told that it’s Del Rio vs. Orton and Sheamus vs. Jericho later.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn

AJ takes her down immediately and then does it again. She dropkicks
the knee and hits a running knee to the head for the pin at 35 seconds.

Post match AJ goes after Kaitlyn again but here’s Daniel Bryan. He
says he’s impressed by her ruthlessness and AJ looks like a little lost
puppy. Bryan sees her in a new light and is willing to move past all the
angst they’ve had. After he becomes WWE Champion at Over the Limit he’s
looking forward to moving on. AJ looks at him and Bryan nods, but Bryan
says he’s looking forward to moving on to Kaitlyn. AJ looks completely
psychotic and leaves.

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show

Show corners him and chops the chest. Bryan goes for the knee but it
doesn’t do much good. Show chops him again but Bryan manages to take him
down with a middle rope dropkick. He hooks the YES Lock….and there’s
the bell at 1:28. Ace pops up at the timekeeper’s table and says Bryan
wins by submission.

Ace makes Show apologize again and Show is humiliated again. Ace says
that on Monday Show better give him a real apology. Way to emasculate
the good guys WWE! As Ace is leaving he says that at Extreme Rules,
Lesnar destroyed Cena and revolutionized the WWE. In nine nights, he’s
going to beat Cena and shake the WWE to its foundation.

Heath Slater is in the ring and says that his opponent looks like a
caveman with a pea sized brain. The guy he’s facing tonight hasn’t
beaten anyone like the One Man Southern Rock Band. Again, WHAT DOES THAT

Ryback vs. Heath Slater

Slater actually gets in some offense but before I can make an NXT
joke, it’s powerslam, clothesline and MuscleBuster at 1:15 for Ryback’s
latest win.

Teddy Long is guest ring announcer for the next match.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Alex Riley

Teddy has to run off a long list of names for Cesaro such as the
Swiss Sensation, His Opponent’s Plight and Aksana’s Delight. Cesaro hits
a big boot in the corner and a gutwrench suplex. Riley gets in some
jobber offense but the spinebuster is broken up. The European Uppercut
sets up that Gotch whatever move for the pin at 2:23.

Post match Aksana reminds Teddy they were just friends but Cesaro is her lover. They kiss and Teddy wants to cry.

Video on Cena’s work with Make-A-Wish, which he wrote an article for
USA Today about. Love him or hate him, that’s awesome stuff.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

The entrances are cut for some reason. Del Rio controls to start but
Orton comes back and hits the slingshot into the bottom rope for two.
Alberto drapes the arm over the top rope to take over. Hammerlock slam
gets two and it’s off to an armbar. Orton gets up and powerslams Alberto
but the elevated DDT is countered. He sends Orton to the apron and hits
an enziguri for two.

Orton comes back again with the backbreaker but Del Rio kicks him in
the arm. Codebreaker to the arm puts Orton down and he loads up the
armbreaker, but Orton kicks him off. Elevated DDT from the top rope hits
but Ricardo is on the top rope. He jumps right into an RKO which is
good for the DQ at 5:22.

Rating: C. I liked this. The story of Orton using
his usual stuff to counteract all of the arm work was working for me and
even though there was no way Orton would ever tap to the hold, it was
interesting watching him counter all that stuff. Then again I’m an Orton
fan so that probably has a lot to do with it. Also anyone jumping into
an RKO is cool to see.

Del Rio puts Orton’s shoulder into the post and hooks the armbreaker post match.

R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

This is due to the tag title match that was set up for the PPV. Truth
quickly takes over and hits a dancing legdrop for one. AW and company
are watching in the back. Mason Ryan is with them now. Swagger comes
back with a wheelbarrow suplex for two. He hits Truth’s back a few times
but Truth comes back with a DDT to put both guys down. Swagger tries
another wheelbarrow suplex but Truth rolls him up for two. Dolph trips
up Truth and gets punched and kicked by the champions. Swagger jumps
Truth on the floor but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise. That lets the
Little Jimmy get the pin at 3:20.

Rating: D+. Another short match in an annoying
series of them tonight. This is your usual formula to set up a tag team
title match and I still have yet to find anyone that cares about this
match and feud at all. This match was just ok at best but again, with
only three and a half minutes to work with, there’s only so much they
could do.

We get a piece of the Cena sitdown interview from Monday.

Santino Marella/Zack Ryder vs. Titus O’Neil/Darren Young

Ryder doesn’t even get an entrance anymore. Titus runs Santino over
to start and slams him down. Off to Young who hits a neckbreaker and
belly to back suplex. Titus suplexes Young onto Santino and it’s off to a
Darren chinlock. Santino escapes and tags in Ryder who speeds things
up. He hits his usual stuff and the Broski Boot gets two on Darren.
Rough Ryder is broken up by Titus and Santino gets clotheslined down
while he loads up the Cobra. Young knocks Ryder off the ropes and the
Demolition Decapitator (called the Ghetto Blaster) gets the pin at 2:59.

Titus makes Lillian announce the winners again. They say they’ll be the new champions and make millions.

Damien Sandow says he knows his message is going over everyone’s
heads but they have no one to look up to. He’ll be the sword of taste
and decency, which concludes the interview. You’re welcome.

Brodus Clay vs. Hunico

Hunico and Camacho jump Brodus before the bell. Camacho is thrown out
and Brodus starts smiling. There’s the bell and the beating begins.
Suplex and splash end this at 54 seconds.

Post match it’s time to dance.

Video on HHH being attacked by Lesnar and Heyman returning to announce Brock quitting on Monday.

Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus

Sheamus takes him into the corner to start and uses the power to
control. Jericho misses a charge into the corner and Sheamus knocks him
off the apron into the barricade as we take a break. Back with Sheamus
hitting the slingshot shoulder block for two. Out to the apron and
Sheamus tries to suplex him to the floor, but Jericho drapes the arm
over the top rope to take over.

Sheamus’ arm goes into the post and Jericho puts on an armbar back in
the ring. The champ fights up but Jericho dropkicks him down. That gets
him nowhere as Sheamus makes his comeback. That gets countered also but
the Walls are countered. Irish Curse is broken up as is the Regal Roll.
The Walls go on but Sheamus is too close to the ropes. He sends Jericho
to the floor where Del Rio pops in and sends Jericho into the steps for
the DQ at 5:45 shown of 9:15.

Rating: C. Just like last time this was a pretty
decent match for the most part as the two of them had chemistry, but I’d
like to talk for a minute about psychology. Sheamus has a bad arm,
Jericho worked on the arm all match, and then he tried a back hold. I
get that it’s his finisher, but sometimes you need to go with the move
that makes sense instead of the finisher.

Post match Del Rio puts Sheamus in the armbreaker but Orton comes out
for the save. Del Rio takes all three finishers and Orton stares at
Sheamus to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This show did a great job at
playing up the fourway with only Del Rio looking weak, which more or
less guarantees that he’ll be walking out with the title. The short
matches were annoying, but they got TEN matches on one show which has to
be way up there on the lists of two hour shows. Not a terrible show but
it was more for building up later shows than this one, which is
annoying but understandable.


Sheamus/Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho/Alberto Del Rio went to a double DQ
AJ b. Kaitlyn – Running Knee
Daniel Bryan b. Big Show – YES Lock
Ryback b. Heath Slater – MuscleBuster
Antonio Cesaro b. Alex Riley – Gotch Style Neutralizer
Randy Orton b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered
R-Truth b. Jack Swagger – Little Jimmy
Darren Young/Titus O’Neil b. Zack Ryder/Santino Marella – Demolition Decapitator to Ryder
Brodus Clay b. Hunico – Splash
Chris Jericho b. Sheamus via DQ when Alberto Del Rio interfered

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Smackdown – May 4, 2012

Date: May 4, 2012
Location: Huntington Center, Toledo, Ohio
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

This is the first show after Extreme Rules and Sheamus has retained
the title against Daniel Bryan. Other than that there isn’t much other
than Orton beating Kane in the falls count anywhere match. Sheamus needs
a new challenger now and all signs point to it being Del Rio which is
nothing that I’m interested in but this is WWE so who cares? Let’s get
to it.

Do You Know Your Enemy? Mine is whatever lunkhead turned on the lights in the middle of the Avengers.

Here’s Sheamus to open things up. He says he’s doing what he loves to
do: fight. He doesn’t care where he is, because he just loves fighting.
Bryan almost tore his shoulder off at Extreme Rules so tonight, Bryan
can try to finish it. He was asked if he wanted to fight Bryan, and his
answer was YES. Sheamus starts a YES chant and here comes Bryan for a
gimmick infringement complaint. Sheamus says YES probably 40 times here,
which is probably a record.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

This is non-title I think. Sheamus tries for a headlock as Bryan goes
for the arm. Bryan takes it to the mat but Sheamus fires off a punch to
break that up. A single arm DDT takes Sheamus down as Booker breaks his
vow from a few weeks back and calls him D. Bry. Off to an armbar but
Sheamus gets up pretty quickly. He comes with the power and starts
pounding Bryan down in the corner. A running knee lift sends Bryan to
the floor but Ricardo Rodriguez jumps off the top onto Sheamus for the
DQ at 2:48. This was an angle rather than a match.

Del Rio comes in with the cross armbreaker and Bryan throws on the
YES Lock to leave Sheamus laying.
Bryan yells at Del Rio as referees
hold back Sheamus.

After a break Sheamus is getting his arm looked at.

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Hunico/Camacho

Epico, Primo, AW and Rosa watch from the ramp. AW has officially
signed the former champs. Truth and Hunico start things off with Hunico
slapping Little Jimmy. Is that child abuse? Off to Kofi who comes in off
a springboard clothesline for two. Kofi gets sent to the apron and
Hunico gets in a shot to send him outside. Camacho gets in a clothesline
on the floor and Hunico adds the hilo for two.

Camacho comes in and gets two off a legdrop. Back to Hunico who comes
in with a slingshot dropkick to Kofi who is seated in the corner. A
monkey flip by Kofi sets up the hot tag and Truth comes in with the
pelvic thrusts. Lie Detector gets two on Camacho and everything breaks
down. A rana sends Hunico and Kofi to the floor so the Little Jimmy can
get the pin at 4:09.

Rating: D+. Nothing tag match but I guess it set up
the idea of Primo/Epico continuing the feud with Kofi/Truth. Wait did I
just call that a feud? It means that sometime there’s going to be
another tag title match and a probably house show program. Can we just
look at Rosa some more instead?

Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger

Brodus hits a quick belly to belly suplex for two and runs Swagger
over with ease. Ziggler offers a distraction and Jack hits something
like a spear to take over. Ziggler tries something off the steps but
runs into the headbutt. Back in the ring the suplex looks to set up the
splash but Jack rolls to the floor and takes the countout at 1:43.

More annoying kids get to dance with Brodus post match.

Video on the Cena vs. Lesnar match on Sunday. This transitions into
the end of Raw where Ace revealed himself as Cena’s next opponent.

Del Rio and Bryan are arguing in the back and Eve has to break it up.
Ace is taking a day off for some reason so she and those great glasses
of hers are in charge. Bryan wants to continue his match with Sheamus
and she says maybe. Eve throws both of them out.

Damien Sandow vs. Derrick Bateman

Sandow comes out to the Hallelujah Chorus and in a Bob Backlund robe
and towel. He’s introduced as the Intellectual Savior of the Masses.
Sandow says that he won’t do anything here tonight because it won’t
teach the masses anything, so he’s out of here.

Bateman wants the match he earned the right to on NXT. We have a replacement for him.

Ryback vs. Derrick Bateman

Ryback has some pyro now. Booker thinks of Devastation Inc. when he
looks at Ryback. There’s a stable I never want to think of again. Big
boot, Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder, clothesline, MuscleBuster, 1:11.

Kane/Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton/Big Show

Cody and Randy get us going. Cody goes into the buckle quickly and
cowers away from Show. The big bald comes in to crush Cody in the corner
and brings back Randy. A knee drop gets two as does a dropkick. Off to
Kane for a slugout with Orton and the Viper is in trouble. Kane sends
him into the corner and it’s off to Big Show. He comes in with a spear
to Kane and takes down Cody as well.

Kane gets a DDT to Big Show and we take a break. Back with Cody
stomping on the former champion and then tagging Kane back in. The low
dropkick gets two and it’s time for the chinlock. Show comes back with a
belly to back suplex and it’s the hot (I guess?) tag to Orton. He
powerslams Cody but Kane breaks up the elevated DDT.

Instead it’s the Big Fried Freak taking the DDT and Randy sets up the
RKO. Kane shoves him off and Cody low bridges Orton to the floor. Kane
follows him out and hits a big boot which gets two. Back to Rhodes for
some knee drops and a dropkick for two. Kane comes in again and walks
into the backbreaker.

A clothesline breaks up the hot tag and the champ is in again. Cody
hooks a quick chinlock and tries Cross Rhodes but Orton shoves him off.
There’s the tag to Big Show who cleans house. Kane breaks up the
chokeslam with the top rope clothesline but Orton hits an RKO on the
masked one. WMD gets the pin on Rhodes at 10:47 shown of 14:17.

Rating: C. Just a run of the mill tag match here
which didn’t really change anything. The champion gets pinned by the
same guy that has beaten him on multiple occasions already so Rhodes
looks even weaker. Orton and Kane would seem to be through but they keep
at it here again. There might be a match at Over the Limit but Orton
has already won two matches against him so I don’t know if I’d get the

Post match we’re told that Big Show will get his rematches at live events this weekend. There’s a rarity.

Sheamus is taped up and says he’s fighting tonight.

Layla vs. Natalya

They go to the mat and it’s a standoff. Natalya works on the arm and
hits a discus lariat for two. Abdominal stretch goes on but Layla gets a
sweet rolling counter for two. Layout ends this quickly at 1:58. Layla
is more interesting than most of the other girls but giving her two
minutes a night isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.

Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are taking publicity photos in the back
under Eve’s supervision. She thinks Antonio needs oil and makes Teddy
put it on. Teddy says no but does it eventually.

Alicia and Kaitlyn are standing around doing nothing when AJ comes
up. Alicia leaves and AJ asks for Kaitlyn’s forgiveness. Kaitlyn says
she felt betrayed and was just trying to be her friend. She tells AJ to
stop feeling sorry for herself and earns another slap.

Raw ReBound is about HHH vs. Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Del Rio is on commentary. Sheamus’ shoulder is taped up. There sure
are a lot of arm injuries floating around this company lately. Sheamus
basically has to fight from his right side here. He shoves Bryan down
and fires off some elbows in the corner. Bryan comes back with a kick to
the shoulder to take control. Sheamus keeps trying to play defense so
Bryan keeps going for the arm.

Sheamus manages a tilt-a-whirl slam but the Brogue Kick is ducked and
he falls to the floor. We take a break and come back with Bryan hitting
the running knee off the apron. Back inside Bryan ties the arm up in
the ropes and kicks Sheamus down to the floor. The shoulder goes into
the post and back inside a Swan Dive to the shoulder gets two. The tape
is ripped off now and Sheamus is in trouble.

Bryan drives knees into the shoulder and hooks both arms on the mat.
The champ tries to fire off some elbows to the head but can’t break
through. Bryan goes to send him into the post but Sheamus reverses to
send Bryan’s shoulder in and give himself a breather. Here are the
forearms to the chest and a suplex back in gets two. Bryan charges into
the Irish Curse with the left (the bad) arm for two.

Sheamus goes after Daniel but gets his arm draped over the rope. A
missile dropkick gets two and Bryan is frustrated. Sheamus hits the
double ax out of nowhere and loads up the Cross but here’s Del Rio for a
distraction. He doesn’t interfere though so it isn’t a DQ. Bryan tries
to sneak in the YES Lock but Sheamus shoves him into Del Rio. Sheamus
sends Alberto to the floor and Bryan goes up. That goes badly though as
he dives into the Brogue Kick (most of one at least) for the pin at 9:25
shown of 12:55.

Rating: B-. This was a different kind of match than
Sunday but it was still good. I don’t get the point in having Bryan get
beaten again when you had Del Rio interfering already. Just go with the
DQ and set up the next title feud that way instead of taking away some
of Bryan’s momentum. Still though, another good match between these two
who have good chemistry.

Overall Rating: C+. This show was all about
transitioning over to Sheamus vs. Del Rio and that worked to a degree.
At the same time though, they did it at the expense of Bryan who is
going to be getting a world title match at the PPV so that wasn’t the
best idea. Other than that though, nothing really happened on this show.
Nothing was bad and the tag match was ok, but it’s pretty much a
forgettable show other than the main event stuff, which is ok.

Sheamus b. Daniel Bryan via DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered
Kofi Kingston/R-Truth b. Hunico/Camacho – Little Jimmy to Camacho
Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger via countout
Ryback b. Derrick Bateman – MuscleBuster
Randy Orton/Big Show b. Cody Rhodes/Kane – WMD to Rhodes
Layla b. Natalya – Layout
Sheamus b. Daniel Bryan – Brogue Kick

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Smackdown – April 27, 2012

Date: April 27, 2012
Location: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

the last show before Extreme Rules and we’re minus a Josh Matthews here
due to Lesnar killing him on Monday. We have a main event tonight of
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry in a non-title match which is a rematch from Raw
where Daniel Bryan cheated Sheamus with a fast count. Other than that I
don’t think anything else has been announced. Let’s get to it.

Do you know your enemy? Mine is time, as I want it to be next Friday so I can see Avengers.

We see a clip of Josh’s attack from Monday.

Bryan to open the show. He talks about cutting the cord and finally
getting rid of AJ. He’s out here to set the record straight: the
Wrestlemania loss to Sheamus doesn’t count and should go against AJ’s
record, not his. Then on Monday he was asked to be guest referee in
Sheamus vs. Henry. He said he’d call it right down the middle and he
did. Some people are saying he fast counted Sheamus but here’s footage
showing he didn’t. The count is shown in slow motion. We also get the
post match attack and YES Lock.

Bryan says it’s time for a
question and answer session. Did Henry beat Sheamus? YES. Did he make
Sheamus tap out? YES (not that I remember). Will he get the title back
on Sunday? YES. Cue Del Rio who asks a bunch of questions with Ricardo
shouting SI after every one in a funny bit. Big Show comes out and wants
to know if it’s YES or SI, which starts a chant. Show knocks Bryan to
the floor and chokeslams Ricardo. Good chokeslam too.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

is joined in progress after a break and I’m pretty sure is non-title.
Show chops Del Rio in the corner and clubs him down with forearms. Del
Rio is knocked to the floor but he drapes the arm over the ropes to take
over. Show vs. Cody’s stipulation will be determined by a spin of the
wheel. Show shrugs him off and spears him down. He loads up the
chokeslam but Cody comes in for the DQ at 1:54.

Cody tries some
weapons but Show knocks them away. He steals Cody’s belt and whips Cody
with it a few times. Cody hasn’t gotten in a single successful attack or
victory over Show at all since Wrestlemania.

Ace and Eve are in
the back and he says that Eve can make whatever changes she thinks are
good on Smackdown. Just run them by him first. Eve says she doesn’t know
any of the crew people so maybe they should make them wear nametags.
They run into Teddy who wants to know what his job is. Ace says Teddy
reports directly to Eve, who tells him to go get a nametag.

We get a clip from the Divas Title match Monday where Nikki won it from Beth.

Sandow talks about enlightenment. The fans aren’t enlightened as they
worship people with nonsensical catchphrases and loud music. He debuts
in a week.

Alicia Fox vs. Nikki Bella

again. The place just goes silent for this as you can hear the girls
shouting at each other. Nikki throws Alicia and those hips around with a
snapmare and it’s off to a modified chinlock. Alicia comes back with a
one footed dropkick and basically falls off the middle rope for a back
elbow. Twin Magic lets Brie hit a facejam for the pin at 1:48.

and Young come up to Yoshi who I think they’re facing tonight. They
make fun of Japanese people that put their hands together and bow while
saying hai. They ask about Yoshi’s partner and imply he can’t speak
English. Big Zeke comes up and says he’s the partner tonight. They sing a
song about how Zeke is big and strong but doesn’t have any cuts. Where
were these guys on NXT?

Teddy is now in a maid’s outfit over his
suit and has a big nametag on his chest. Aksana comes in and he thanks
her for sticking by him. She’s surprised he has grandchildren and here’s
Ace who says Aksana’s favor has been granted: Antonio Cesar gets a
tryout match tonight. If he wins, he gets a job. Eve had an idea that
Aksana should be guest ring announcer. Oh and Teddy will have his own
ringside commentary table to make sure we have three commentators and he
starts next. Ace will tell him every word he says through a headset.

Ezekiel Jackson/Yoshi Tatsu vs. Darren Young/Titus O’Neil

is on commentary at a separate table but can’t talk unless Ace gives
him the ok and the exact words in his ears. Young and Tatsu start in the
corner and Young takes him down with a Hot Shot. Off to Titus as Cole
berates Teddy. The heels beat on Tatsu with double teaming and on their
own. Young dropkicks the knee out on Jackson while he’s on the apron and
a REALLY bad modified Hart Attack out of the corner gets the pin on
Yoshi at 1:50. Young missed Tatsu for the most part so it was more like a
shove than a chop while Titus powerbombed him.

Here’s Cole in the
ring and he brings out Orton for an interview. Cole asks about Orton’s
match on Sunday and Orton says he likes to shoot first and ask questions
later. He’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to beat Kane on Sunday.
We get a video on their feud (long one too, like two minutes) and Orton
says he can almost respect what Kane did because it’s something he’d do,
but he won’t accept it. On Sunday, there are no rules so he can do
whatever he wants. Kane is the devil’s favorite demon, but even the
devil couldn’t so what Orton is going to do on Sunda.

Mahal? He thinks Orton and Kane will destroy each other and a new breed
will emerge. Mahal says he’s better than Orton all around and that
he’ll be waiting after Extreme Rules. Orton cuts him off and lays him
out with an RKO. Are they really going with Mahal vs. Orton after this?
Why? What has Mahal done to make them think he deserves that spot?

Kofi Kingston says don’t try this at home or school.

Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro

doesn’t get an entrance. Cesaro’s music reminds me of Johnny B. Badd’s.
Cesaro is of course Claudio Castagnoli. He has what looks like socks
wrapped around his thighs. Booker: “Are those kneepads?” Cole: “No
Booker. If they were kneepads they would be around his knees.” Cesaro
uses a lot of power strikes and a gutwrench suplex to take Kidd over. He
throws Kidd in the air and hits a European Uppercut on the way down.
Cesaro sets for a cradle piledriver but falls forward ala DDP’s pancake
move for the pin at 1:10.
Teddy has to go in and do something he doesn’t want to do post match. He raises Cesaro’s hand and then Cesaro kisses Aksana.

video on Lesnar vs. Cena, including clips from the sitdown interview
and from Edge’s promo on Monday. Cena hasn’t said much in this.

Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes

is as a result of the attack before the six man from last week. Cody is
still sore from the whipping Show gave him earlier. Cody goes for the
knee which doesn’t work at all. He manages to take Khali down and DDTs
the knee before going up top. A missile dropkick puts Khali down for
two. Back to the knee but Khali gets up and uses some clotheslines to
take Cody down. Disaster Kick is caught in the Plunge….for the clean
pin at 1:59. Oh good grief I’m not going to bother explaining how stupid
this is.

Washington pitches to the tag champions some more and
thinks Rosa should talk some more. He needs a decision by Monday though.
Ryback comes up and glares at them and walks away. Washington tries to
set up a meeting with him.

The Usos are watching in the back.

Jacob Kaye vs. Ryback

says that he’s not going to be another no name schnook. I like this guy
already. He’s from Grand Rapids and has been trying to escape it for
years now. Kaye charges at him and gets thrown down immediately. Ryback
kicks his head off and chokes him with the boot. Gorilla press into a
powerslam sets up the clothesline and the Muscle Buster gets the pin at
1:08. This guy is so much fun.

Video on AJ going crazy last week.
She has no comment on anything but looks very evil. Kaitlyn comes up and
tells Striker to leave her alone. Striker leaves and Kaitlyn tries to
talk some sense into her so AJ slaps the taste out of her mouth. She
immediately seems to regret it but Kaitlyn leaves. This is getting

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

overpowers him to start so Shemaus slows down a little bit. A headlock
doesn’t work and Henry puts him down again. Sheamus goes to the knee and
takes Henry down for two. He goes for the arm but Henry shoves him to
the floor with ease. Sheamus comes back with the slingshot shoulder for
two and we take a break. Back with Henry slamming the champ to take

Henry gets knocked to the apron and Sheamus hits the ten
forearms which are getting cheered a lot better lately. Henry easily
throws Sheamus down though and hits a HARD whip into the barricade. Back
in for a quick nerve hold but Sheamus gets out. Henry hits something
that looked like a crescent kick to put Sheamus down for two. Sheamus
comes back with his double ax handles to the chest and down goes

DDT gets two for the champion. He’s getting fired up now and starts to
pound his chest and shouting Brogue. Probably due to shouting very
loudly, Henry is able to run him over for two. A charge misses and
Sheamus goes up but jumps over Henry. Brogue Kick takes Henry’s head off
for the pin at 7:26 shown of 10:56.

Rating: C.
This was exactly what you would expect from these two. Henry is the
perfect foil for a guy like Sheamus as it looks impressive when Sheamus
beats him but Henry’s power is good enough to give Sheamus a threat.
Also it helps that Sheamus has a finisher that he can hit on anyone
instead of a power move.

Bryan comes to the apron and Sheamus
invites him down. Sheamus says this Sunday won’t be a fluke and there
won’t be an AJ to blame. Will Sheamus kick Bryan’s head off and keep the
title? YES! YES! YES! The chant ends the show.

Overall Rating:
B. I liked this show for the most part other than the Khali win. For
the life of me is it a crime to make him look strong before a rematch?
Anyway I liked a lot about this, including the push for the world title
match and Ryback’s match, as he’s the more interesting version of
someone like Tensai, minus the big win. Good show here and they pushed
the PPV strong, which is the right idea.

Big Show b. Albert Del Rio via DQ when Cody Rhodes interfered
Nikki Bella b. Alicia Fox – Brie Bella pinned Fox after a facejam
Darren Young/Titus O’Neil b. Yoshi Tatsu/Ezekiel Jackson – Double Team Powerbomb
Antonio Cesaro b. Tyson Kidd – Cradle Pancake
Great Khali b. Cody Rhodes – Punjabi Plunge
Ryback b. Jacob Kaye – Muscle Buster
Sheamus b. Mark Henry – Brogue Kick

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Smackdown – April 20, 2012

Date: April 20, 2012
Location: O2 Arena, London, England
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We’re still in England this week for the last TV show of the tour. I don’t remember anything being announced for tonight’s show so I’m really not sure what to expect from it. We’ll probably get more build to Bryan vs. Sheamus as well as hopefully a few more matches added to the thin card. Let’s get to it.

Do you know your enemy? Mine is an annoying piece of malware at the moment.

There’s a six man tag main event: Cody/Bryan/Henry vs. Orton/Sheamus/Khali.

Here’s Bryan to open the show. He talks about how Sheamus didn’t do anything better than him at Wrestlemania. Instead of facing him like a man, Sheamus took the coward’s way out and jumped Bryan from behind like he’s done to everyone. At Extreme Rules he won’t get jumped or be distracted. So now it’s back to Chicago where he shocked the world by winning the MITB case. He’ll beat Sheamus twice in the two out of three falls match and get back his rightful title. Did Sheamus cheat at Wrestlemania? YES! Will Bryan win the title back at Extreme Rules? YES!

Cue AJ to a lot of booing. How can you boo someone that looks like that? Bryan tells her to turn around and go away but she says this is the only way she can talk to him. AJ asks if she can just talk to him about their problems but Bryan says he has no problems. He had one, but he got rid of her. Bryan regrets ever going out with her in the first place and he wishes that she was never even born. That finally gets the people to boo Bryan. He asks if there’s any chance he’d ever take AJ back and answers with an emphatic NO before leaving.

AJ vs. Natalya

AJ starts off all stoic but suddenly explodes on Natalya, beating her into the corner. The referee pulls her off twice but AJ won’t let up, drawing a DQ at 48 seconds.

Damien Sandow talks about something Benjamin Franklin said and runs down Dancing With The Stars and Hoarders. At least with Dancing it’s about something that involves work and talent. Most of the other shows he criticizes I completely agree with him on.

Brodus Clay vs. Hunico

Brodus has something to say. He says cut the music and gets booed, prompting him to say it’s coming, so don’t worry. His little brother is supposed to be here so he sends the Funkadactyls (the girls) to go find him. And it’s Horny. Cole’s reaction is exactly what mind is. At least the Mama and the Bridge Club was something original. Brodus does his shaking and Horny gets in to do it as well. Hunico becomes my new hero by shoving him down. The squash commences and the splash ends it in 1:10, about 25 seconds of which was spent on the Hornswoggle part.

Horny hits the Tadpole Splash post match. I hope this isn’t permanent.

Teddy is looking for Aksana but finds Titus and Young who are new to Smackdown. They laugh at him for not signing them and now being a gopher. Ace pops up and they all make fun of Teddy. Titus/Young leave so Ace puts one of those big black furry Queen’s guard hats on Teddy who isn’t allowed to talk or move for the rest of the night.

Orton is in the back with Striker and we get a video on the attack on Cowboy Bob last week. Orton, with his growing mutton chops, says that his dad will be fine. On the other hand, Kane isn’t going to be fine. They have a match at Extreme Rules and it’s falls count anywhere.

Usos vs. Titus O’Neal/Darren Young

NXT comes to Fridays. I forgot how annoying Titus’ song was. Young starts with Jimmy who hits a spinning forearm for two. Off to Jey who hits some double chops before bringing Jimmy back in. Titus comes in and the fans do not care at all. He uses his power stuff and gets a small reaction off a European Uppercut. Back to Young who hits a neckbreaker for two. The fans are waking up a bit. A tag brings in Jimmy who gets the only solid reaction for the US shout to the crowd. Jey gets sent to the floor and a blind tag allows Young and Titus to hit a Hart Attack out of the corner for the pin.

Rating: D. It might be because I watched these teams fight so many times on NXT but I didn’t care at all about this match. Titus is ok but Young is so uninteresting that it stuns me that he got a main roster spot. I guess having another tag team on the show is good but this match is nothing of note. Another loss for the Usos doesn’t please me either.

The Raw ReBound is about Jericho vs. Punk.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Non-title. Del Rio drives an Aston Martin here which is very appropriate. Del Rio has officially been traded to the Smackdown roster with no compensation announced yet. Big Show blocks Del Rio’s offense out of the corner and shoves him down. Show stands on his chest in the corner and chops it for good measure. An elbow follows for two. Show loads up the big punch but Del Rio kicks him in the knee to take him down.

More kicks to the arm by Del Rio follow and he hooks an armbar. Show shrugs it off but the chokeslam is broken up by a kick to the knee. The Codebreaker to the arm sets up the armbreaker but Show lifts him up with the bad arm into kind of an Angle Slam minus the spin. Show spears him down and calls for the chokeslam. Ricardo gets up on the apron and Cody comes in with the Disaster Kick, giving Del Rio the pin.

Rating: C-. Does any champion other than the world champions EVER get to pin someone? Oh right: Santino does. For the life of me I don’t get the point of why they keep having the champs lose. Have Cody come in for a DQ or something when Show has the match won. One of the biggest reasons the titles mean nothing is the champions lose every time and it’s frustrating because there are other ways to do the same story without having them lose like Show did here.

Cody runs away post match.

Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater are watching the following squash.

Danny Lerman vs. Ryback

Same deal as always but this time it’s a British guy. Lerman hits him and is promptly mangled. Clothesline and MuscleBuster variation win in 1:11.

We get the Brock interview from Raw.

Teddy is still standing in the same place although he’s now in a full uniform. Regal pops up for some jokes and leaves. Aksana’s music hits and HOKEY SMOKE THAT’S CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI! He’s playing the Antonio Cesaro character here, a European rugby player. Ace pops out of his office and invites them in. I’m not British so maybe I don’t get it, but what’s the point of guards that aren’t allowed to move? Couldn’t that create some security risks?

Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry vs. Sheamus/Great Khali/Randy Orton

Main event time. Cody jumps Khali and hits him in the knee as Khali is getting in. Trainers come out and say Khali can’t go. Big Show comes out to replace him.

Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry vs. Sheamus/Big Show/Randy Orton

The match is joined in progress after a break with Randy pounding on Bryan in the corner. Tag to Sheamus so Bryan bails to the corner to tag in Cody. The champ knocks Cody around and hits the rolling fireman’s carry slam for two. Cody’s neckbreaker is countered and Sheamus throws him into position for the ten forearms. Cody reverses a suplex and sends Sheamus to the floor. A baseball slide by Cody sets up the knee off the apron from Bryan, which I think is the same thing that’s happened to him for three or four weeks in a row.

Bryan comes in to stomp on Sheamus now with a YES for each connecting boot. Henry comes in for some choking and it’s back to Rhodes. He works on the arm of the champ and then into a chinlock. Sheamus fights out of that as well and knocks Cody out of the air on the Disaster Kick attempt. Hot tag to Orton and it’s powerslams for all normal sized heels. Cody gets in a shot though and it’s time for a break.

Back with Henry holding Orton in a neck crank and it’s back to Bryan. A running dropkick in the corner gets two. A top rope splash misses and Orton makes the tag to Big Show who faces Henry. Cody manages a knee to the back and Mark clotheslines Show down. The heels beat on him and Cody hooks a figure four that his daddy would be ashamed of. While the hold is still on, Cody makes a tag to Henry who splashes Show for two.

Bryan drops an elbow for two. Hot tag to Sheamus to meet Bryan and the beating is on. Irish Curse gets two with Cody making the save. Rhodes rolls to the floor and lands right in front of Show who knocks him out cold with the WMD. YES Lock is blocked by Sheamus but the Brogue Kick misses as well. Tag to Henry and Sheamus kicks his head off. Show adds the right hand and the RKO gets the pin at 13:20 shown of at least 16:50.

Rating: B. That’s probably high but I was getting into this match at the end. First of all, the right guy got pinned. There would have been no reason to have Bryan or Cody lose before the PPV so Henry was the right choice. Second, they changed up the formula by having each good guy be in trouble which made the match more fleshed out and told a better story. Also the total destruction of Henry at the end was a nice touch.

Show was limping post match.

Overall Rating: B. This was a solid episode as everything moved pretty smoothly and a lot of people got on TV. We had a debut and a solid main event, plus a new match added to the PPV with Kane vs. Orton. The one thing I’m concerned about is we seem to only have five matches (Brock/Cena, Kane/Orton, Jericho/Punk, Sheamus/Bryan and presumably Cody/Show) and there’s a week left. They’ll need to add two or three matches in two shows which is possible but a bit rushed. Still though, good show tonight.

Natalya b. AJ via DQ when AJ wouldn’t stop attacking Natalya in the corner
Brodus Clay b. Hunico – Big Splash
Titus O’Neal/Darren Young b. Usos – Hart Attack out of the corner
Alberto Del Rio b. Big Show – Pin after a Disaster Kick from Cody Rhodes
Ryback b. Danny Lerman – MuscleBuster
Big Show/Randy Orton/Sheamus b. Mark Henry/Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes – RKO to Henry

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The SmarKdown Rant–04.10.12

The SmarKdown Rant – 04.10.12 Live from Hampton, VA. Your hosts are Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Booker T. Most of the roster is on the way to Moscow, so tonight is the Blast From The Past show, although there’s no cool set like for the Old School RAW show. Mean Gene brings out Sheamus to start. He apologizes for attacking the referee last week, but this brings out Big Johnny. The replay of the incident reveals a weird logic from Michael Cole, as he notes that the ref believed that Sheamus laid out Del Rio with the chair, so he had to DQ him because “he can only call what he sees”. But he didn’t actually see it, so I’m left confused. Johnny makes Sheamus apologize to referees all over the world, but that’s not good enough for him, so if Sheamus ever touches another ref, he’s fired. And fined $500,000. So tonight, it’s Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio v. Sheamus & Mean Gene. Meanwhile, Randy Orton gets some advice from dad. Randy Orton v. Mark Henry The recap of last week before the match would suggest that in fact Kane v. Orton is not done yet. Slugfest in the corner to start, but Henry puts him down with a headbutt. Powerslam gets two and we take a break with Cowboy Bob looking on backstage. Back with Henry holding a neck vice, but Orton slugs out until Henry slams him and hits the big splash for two. Henry with an avalanche for two. Another splash attempt misses and Orton makes the comeback with a DDT for two. Henry bails to the apron, but suckers Orton into trying the draping DDT and sets up for the Slam. Orton escapes that and tries the RKO, but Henry tosses him and they brawl outside. Henry meets the post and Orton comes in to beat the count, but Kane appears on the screen for the Sports Entertainment Finish at 9:13. Just a match. ** So yes, the Kane feud MUST CONTINUE. And Kane has attacked Bob Orton, so Randy runs backstage and gets ambushed like an idiot. Moments Ago: Stuff we just saw happen. Benny Camer v. RyBack The legends look on at the jobber before the match and celebrate that it’ll be a “good old fashioned squash match.” This is the best use for the Blast From The Past theme they can think of? RyBack destroys the jobber with a clothesline and finishes with the muscle buster at 0:35. Nothing squash, but the clothesline sell was epic. Meanwhile, Heath Slater recruits Tyson Kidd to be his tag partner against the Usos. Managed by Jimmy Hart. Heath Slater & Tyson Kid v. The Usos Tyson slingshots in with a nice rollup on Jimmy, but Slater kicks him out of the ring and hits a rebound neckbreaker himself, for two. Slater with the chinlock while Jimmy Hart annoys Mick Foley at ringside. Jey comes in with a butt splash in the corner for two and they get rid of Kidd, but Foley goes after Jimmy Hart, thus distracting Slater and allowing the Usos to finish with the flying splash at 2:33. This was just a backdrop for the Mick-Jimmy comedy routine. * “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is out for Piper’s Pit, with special guest Daniel Bryan. This crowd is a bit more receptive to the heel persona, as they chant “18 seconds” at him. Bryan announces that he’s got a title shot at Extreme Rules, a 2/3 falls match. Thank god they backed off the Del Rio plan. Piper brings out AJ, who is still defending him and thinks he’s a good person. Deep down. And it was all her fault. Piper plays therapist and tries to build her up again, but Bryan orders her to leave again if she really loves him. And so she does. Piper’s not done with him, though. He informs Bryan that real men don’t tell women to shut up or use them as human shields. I’m pretty sure Piper did both of those things in the 80s, more than once. Piper is looking forward to seeing Bryan lose twice at the PPV, so Bryan slaps him and leaves. Glad to see the crowd actually reacting how they wanted so they didn’t have to freak out any further. Drew McIntyre & The Bella Twins v. The Great Khali, Natalya & Alicia Fox This has to be a rib on everyone, right? Drew immediately walks out of the match, leaving Fox to pin a Bella with a suplex at 0:52. And then Mae Young comes out and dances and kisses Khali. Damien Sandow once again educates us on sophistication. Meanwhile, Sheamus is pretty sure that he’s not winning tonight, but he’s just in it for the fight anyway. Drinks are on him either way. Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Hunico Duggan slugs him out of the ring right away and brings out Sgt. Slaughter to even things up, but then uses the 2×4 and gets disqualified. No match. None of this got over. Cody Rhodes comes out to cut a promo, but Dusty Rhodes interrupts. He looks like hell. Cody is immediately embarrassed by his dad and goes to leave, but Big Show interrupts. Oh great, is Cody going to job to Big Dust now, too? Show’s embarrassing moment this week: Dashing Cody Rhodes applying lip balm. No way, Dashing Cody was awesome. And Cody just leaves while Dusty sort of dances. Another segment that was total death with no point. Alberto Del Rio & Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus & Mean Gene Okerlund I’ve only got 10 minutes left on my DVR and I’m ready for this show to end, so hopefully they wrap this up quickly. The babyfaces get Howard Finkel to introduce them. Del Rio slugs it out with Sheamus to start and the heels work Sheamus over, until he gets dumped and Gene is forced to come into the match. The heels surround him, but the other legends run out and make the save, allowing Sheamus to pin Bryan yet again with the kick at 3:30. Again, not really a match. And then everyone beats up on poor Roberto for some reason. And then when everyone is posing, Michael Cole comes in to wrap things up, and he gets punched out too. OK then. The Pulse Well that was…uh…something. If you were expecting Old School RAW Part 2, you sure didn’t get it. In fact it was probably one of the worst wrestling shows I’ve seen in years, with none of this stuff getting over in the least. Not to mention the whole point was supposed to be promoting Legends House and they didn’t even say if, when or where it was going to air on TV at any point. Just a massive disappointment given that I was pretty excited to see this leading into it.

Smackdown – April 10, 2012 (Live Tuesday Show)

Date: April 10, 2012
Location: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

This is another special live show with a theme of Blast From The Past. That means that we have the legends coming out again for their semi-annual appearances which don’t mean much other than us getting to say “hey, I know you.” It still should be fun though as most of these shows are. Also we might even get some fallout from last week with Sheamus. Let’s get to it.

Do You Know Your Enemy? Mine is the Indians’ bullpen. How can it be this bad?

We get a quick clip of Bryan breaking up with AJ last week. Bryan is in Piper’s Pit tonight.

Here’s Mean Gene for an interview in the ring with Sheamus. Ok so by interview it means introducing him and standing in the corner. Sheamus talks about there being a code of honor as champion and he didn’t follow it last week. There was a Daniel Bryan chant as he started talking but it wasn’t a huge one. He publicly apologizes to all referees including Chad Patton. Everyone makes mistakes and he always learns the hard way from them.

Ace’s new trumpet music cuts him off. He shows us the clip of the ending of last week’s main event and the Brogue Kick after the match. Ace wants to know who Sheamus thinks he is and demands a public apology. Sheamus says he just did that and Ace says he didn’t hear it so do it again. He does it again and Ace wants an apology to all of the other referees and we get the same exchange with the same result. Now Ace wants an apology to the world which brings a smirk to Sheamus’ face.

Ace says apologize now which Sheamus does, almost laughing at the same time. That’s not good enough apparently and Sheamus is on permanent probation, meaning that if he touches a referee by accident or on purpose, he’s fired. Also he’s being fined $500,000. Also tonight it’s Del Rio/Bryan vs. Sheamus/Okerlund. As long as we don’t see him in trunks again I’m ok. This was an attempt at making us care about Sheamus and while it’s nothing new at all, it’s certainly better than nothing.

Bob Orton wishes his son good luck in his upcoming match.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Henry misses a charge and Orton pounds away with right hands. He tries to climb the corner to punch even harder but gets slammed out for two. Bob is watching in the back as we take a break, 80 seconds into the match. Back with Orton fighting out of a neck crank. We see a clip from the break of Orton avoiding a charging Henry to send him into the stairs. Back to the neck crank and then a slam sets up a splash for two. Orton gets his feet up to stop a charging Henry and hits him clotheslines which don’t work.

A low DDT like Miz uses gets two. RKO is countered with Henry throwing Orton to the floor. Orton comes back and rams him into the post twice and slides in when Kane’s pyro goes off. Kane pops up on the screen and says by beating him at Mania, he became a monster again. Last week Orton proved he can be just as evil as Kane is. Kane says it shouldn’t end now, so we pan back to see Bob Orton laid out in front of him. The match just stops at about 11:00.

Rating: C-. This was watchable but not much more. I have no idea why it was a no contest instead of the logical countout win for Henry. Henry has a world title match on Monday so you need to keep him strong, but at the same time you don’t want Orton to look weak. The perfect solution? Countout loss, but for some reason that’s not what we get because WWE has no idea what they’re doing for the most part with basic things like that anymore.

Randy runs to the back and finds his dad but Kane drills him with a pipe and says he’s a sucker for family reunions.

Back and we recap what we saw four minutes ago.

DiBiase and Atlas are watching from the back. Atlas says this is going to be a squash match.

Ryback vs. Benny Camer

Patterson and Hillbilly Jim are watching in the back as well. Ryback KILLS HIM with a clothesline right after the bell and then puts him in a torture rack position and falls backwards for the pin at 35 seconds. WAY better than both Lord Tensai matches so far as Ryback looked like a killer.

Heath Slater is trying to talk Tyson Kidd into teaming with him tonight. Slater even has a Hall of Fame manager for them that says Slater could be the next Honky Tonk Man. It’s Jimmy Hart, who looks exactly the same as he did 20 years ago. Take that for what you will.

Mick Foley comes out to do commentary.

Heath Slater/Tyson Kidd vs. Usos

Cole actually references Countdown to Lockdown (not by name) when talking about Foley’s commentary history. We get the Megaphone which never goes out of style. Jimmy starts with Tyson in this NXT special. They exchange cradles and Slater tags himself in. Off to a chinlock and Jimmy says that he’s had more tag champions than anyone in the history of the WWE. I think Captain Lou might have something to say about that. The Usos make the hot tag and clean house, hitting their toss into the Samoan Drop. Mick gets tired of Jimmy and chases him off with Socko, allowing the Superfly Splash to end this mess at 2:40.

Jimmy takes Socko post match. These legends bits aren’t working at all for the most part.

Time for the Pit with Bryan as the guest. He looks pretty good. Old but good. He’s not as big as a house if nothing else. Piper says he misses being here and says Bryan is the guest tonight, getting a somewhat mixed reaction. We see the breakup clip for the fourth time tonight and here’s Bryan. There’s a brief but solid YES chant but it dies quickly. Piper says Bryan looks happy for someone that lost the title in 18 seconds. Bryan says he’s been granted his rematch and the fans chant 18 seconds. The match is at Extreme Rules and it’s 2/3 falls. AJ will be nowhere to be found.

Piper isn’t sure about that but he does know that AJ is here tonight. He likes AJ and since this is his show, AJ, COME ON DOWN! AJ comes out and is very excited to be in the Pit. She says hi to Daniel and Piper is surprised. AJ defends Bryan and says that deep down, he’s a good person. Piper says in the Pit you don’t have to be politically correct. AJ insists it was her fault and begs forgiveness. She wants to talk to Bryan and Piper tries to talk her out of it. Bryan cuts them off and says if AJ loves him, she’ll leave right now. Piper says she doesn’t need to listen to Bryan but AJ leaves anyway, getting a reaction out of it too.

Bryan goes to leave but Piper goes into Hot Rod mode and talks about Bryan’s YES YES YES shirt. Piper says he has a lot of children including four girls, four ladies. Piper says you don’t tell a lady to shut up. That’s a No. You don’t yell at a lady. That’s a No. You don’t use a lady as a human shield, because that’s a coward, and that’s Bryan, also a No. Piper says he’s looking forward to seeing Sheamus kick Bryan’s head off twice. Bryan slaps Piper and runs away. Piper was on here and it worked well.

Drew McIntyre/Bella Twins vs. Great Khali/Natalya/Beth Phoenix

Men vs. men and women vs. women. The men start but Drew gets chopped and tags out. He says he doesn’t need this and walks out. Alicia hits a northern lights suples on Brie for the pin at 56 seconds. What was the point in this match existing?

Mae Young comes out and kisses Khali. I guess that’s why the match existed.

Damien Sandow explains how sophisticated he is. He doesn’t like social media because it furthers the moral decay of society. Preach it brother.

Another clip of Kane and the Ortons earlier.

Raw ReBound.

Gene thinks Sheamus has a plan for tonight. Sheamus says they’re probably going to lose tonight but he’s not going to let Ace have the satisfaction of seeing Sheamus sweat. If they survive, the first pint is on Sheamus. They’ll either drink to remember or drink to forget.

Jim Duggan vs. Hunico

Duggan knocks him to the floor where Camacho is waiting. Duggan calls out Sarge and I think we have a tag match on our hands. Well it is Smackdown after all. Or maybe Sarge throws Duggan the 2×4 and it’s a DQ at 1:00. Hunico takes the Cobra Clutch post match.

Here’s Cody to complain about life in general. He’s looking forward to a future where he’s the champion again and where these legends don’t hog the spotlight. This brings out Dusty for what could be interesting. Dusty says that he’d do anything for his son, but he doesn’t quite get what Cody has been doing lately. Cody has been poking a grizzly bear lately in Big Show. Dusty gets cut off as Cody says Dusty is embarrassing him and they can talk in the back.

Cody goes to leave but here’s Big Show. He does the required Dusty impression and says he’ll show the real Cody Rhodes. It’s one of the Dashing Tips videos, this one being him putting on lip gloss. Cody looks stunned and Dusty looks…..uh…….I think the right word is disappointed. Show says that was embarrassing and leaves. Dusty doesn’t say anything but does get to dance to his music. I still stand by my theory that Dusty’s kids are the biggest ribs in the history of pro wrestling.

Alberto Del Rio/Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus/Gene Okerlund

The Fink does Gene/Sheamus’ entrance, making it instantly better. Sheamus starts with Del Rio but the heels double team him down quickly. Gene is in a Sheamus t-shirt and pants thankfully. Del Rio puts on a facelock but gets backdropped quickly. Sheamus throws both of them around but the Brogue Kick misses. Bryan dropkicks him to the floor and Del Rio kicks his head off.

Gene gets in for some reason and is surrounded. Ricardo is in there too. The Legends Army comes out to distract Bryan, allowing Sheamus to kick his head off for the pin at 3:23. I’m not going to rate it as most of that was Gene getting trapped and the Legends coming in, but the match was nothing at all of note anyway.

The legends all beat up Ricardo and celebrate to end the show. We’re not done yet though as Cole gets in the ring and says he knows they have to get back to the retirement home so let’s get a quick photo. They surround him and Patterson gives him a weak right hand to knock him to the floor. Atlas has some GUNS on him.

Overall Rating: C+. This is a hard one to grade. First of all, if you’re looking for the Smackdown version of Old School Raw, you didn’t get it here. This was more like a regular episode of Smackdown with some legends thrown in rather than the other way around. Now that being said it still worked okish, with the Pit being a highlight. The Sheamus vs. Ace stuff is decent as it gives Sheamus what he needs more than anything else: something people can relate to.

Since he turned face back in August, all he’s really done is beat people up and tell the occasional funny Irish story. That’s only going to get him so far and I think we reached that back in January. This is something a little different and while it’s something we’ve seen before, I liked how Sheamus handled it. It’s something I want to see continue and that’s a really good sign. This was a good show overall, but it’s not a great one.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry went to a no contest
Ryback b. Benny Camer – Torture Rack Drop
Usos b. Tyson Kidd/Heath Slater – Superfly Splash to Slater
Great Khali/Natalya/Alicia Fox b. Bella Twins/Drew McIntyre – Northern lights suplex to Brie
Hunico b. Jim Duggan via DQ when Duggan hit Hunico with the 2×4
Sheamus/Gene Okerlund b. Alberto Del Rio/Daniel Bryan – Brogue Kick to Bryan

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