Rusev = Kozlov

As many predicted, the Cena feud has as usual killed all the work they did with Rusev. Now he's likely going to yell I Quit, lose his primary heat getter, Lana and then what is he and what's left?  No title, no push, no heat, no manager.  Now I read he's jobbing to Ryback at house shows!  He's essentially a more talented Vladimir Kozlov, and it's basically a matter of time before he's the latest member of a comedy jobber team like 3MB.  I know you defend Cena booking sometimes, but doesn't this pattern seem destructive to any long term booking?
​Let's not go crazy here.  Rusev is young and talented and the easiest character in the world to rebuild with a few more beatings of Jack Swagger. He's a midcard heel and they lose a lot in WWE, unfortunately.  Not to say it ISN'T destructive booking, because really we didn't need all four matches and really would have been fine with Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, but I wouldn't write him off just yet.  ​