For my first post on the new blog, I’d like to dust off a popular old chestnut: the Question of the Day!

In honor of the New Horizons satellite,  which flew nearly 5 billion km to change our image of Pluto from that of a blurry dot to “Lord of the Underworld With a Big Heart”:

What is the Greatest Scientific Accomplishment in the History of Mankind?

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QOTD (Digest) #75 – Snacks

We all love candy so this one should be interesting

Question of the day….this one came to me yesterday as I was in Wal-Mart picking up medicine……

(Sidenote: Random rant time…..I’m there to pick up meds – being treated for a possible appendicitis….when I spent all day trying to remember where I heard the term “burst appendix”….random things that cross a wrestling junkie’s mind. Oh yeah….it was Dino Bravo, which was his reason given for missing the Crockett cup in 1986 (I think)….my guess is that was probably kayfabed…..ok where was I?….)

….so the QOTD is a Hypothetical one:

You’re in Wal-Mart in line, and you want to get something off that ridiculous smorgasboard of candy items they have right before you check out. What candy are you purchasing? For argument’s sake, we’ll make this 2 purchases….one from each category – Chocolate and Non-Chocolate?

I’ll be back this weekend once the drugs wear off.

QOTD #74 – Hot TV Show Moms

Today’s Question of the Day: For today’s question, I channel my inner teenage soul……..of all the TV show MILF moms in your lifetime, who did you find to be the hottest?

Yesterday’s Question of the day had to do with the biggest ECW title changes……

The inspiration behind this question, of course, was the Dog Collar match between The Pitbulls and Raven/Richards. However, the biggest ECW Title change definitely had to be the main event of Barely Legal.

Sure, there were other more memorable changes, and definitely better matches, but to me there was only one option here: send the crowd home happy. The Ultimate hero/comeback story would be 50+ year old Terry Funk winning the 3 way, and then fighting off a young(-er) Raven to bring home the gold. The image of Terry Funk ending the PPV a bloody mess, celebrating becoming the World champion again is an underrated landmark moment in the history of ECW.

QOTD #70 – TV Champions

Question of the day: In the history of Professional Wrestling – all promotions included (WCW, NWA, Mid-South, ECW, World Class, TNA, SMW, etc.) who do you consider the greatest all-time TV Champions? (If you are up to it, give me a top 4)

Yesterday’s QOTD: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at
some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

TheOriginalDonald had an interesting choice…..
“Jerry Jones”

As any Dallas Cowboys fan will tell you: sure road to mediocrity and failure. I can tell you this: Jerry Jones as RAW GM = the best scenario possible…..for TNA/Impact

“Hulk Hogan in a suit and a doo-rag”

fg76….call me crazy, but I think this one has a realistic shot at happening


**** no….didnt we do that with the computer?

Some of the more insightful responses…….

“If they have to have one, they should just do the Foley bit again, but
use someone like Edge or Punk in the role. They have to do their
entertainment bits…might as well be a GM making matches with jokes
thrown in.”

“Ernest Miller.”

IF THEY MUST have one, Foley or The Cat would be good in the role

“Jack Tunney. He’s not able to appear on WWE programming anymore, so
therefore he would never come out and cut a 10-20 minute promo, create
stupid stipulations midmatch, or do other things to generally piss off
the audience.”

“If they must find a reason to justify supporting Ric Flair, I wouldn’t
mind him as a GM if he played it seriously instead of dancing around
like a fool. But in the Jack Tunney role where he shows up to make
decisions/announcements and doesn’t have an agenda against anyone.”

If the WWE were really listening to their fans, sounds like they are over the whole heel authority commish role being a big factor (Can you imagine an NFL weekend where Roger Goodell was on the TV talking for more time than actual games were being played?)

I think Magoonie NOT Teddy Belmont summed it up nicely….

“I’m thinking nobody, no GM. Move HHH and Steph away from the authority
figure storyline. Then no authority figures. Maybe if there’s a big
decision to be made, trot Vince out to make the decision then leave
(kinda like Bret/Luger and Gorilla). Just go back to I hate you, you
hate me lets fight.”

The great referees/officials in any Combat sport work best….when they are not even noticed.


Question of the Day: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

Previous QOTDs………
In lieu of the fact that I have been on vacation the last few days or so, I will do a quick catch-up session and chime in with my 1.57 cents (for those of you who think my opinion worth less than 2 cents) in regards to the QOTDs.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kurt Angle?

As much as I dug the 3 Is character, the Wrestlemania match with HBK, the craziness that has ensued with TNA from the drugs, stalking (btw, on a personal note, props for banging the black chick), I have 3 images/moments from the career of Kurt Angle are burned into my brain (among the many below)…..

From the aborted run in 2001 with Stone Cold Steve Austin…about :50 into this clip where Angle is singing to Vince McMahon….comedy gold (the funniest moment in the early years of Smackdown)….that moment where Angle forgets the words and ad-libs (“….I got Olympic Gold!”)

“The billion dollar princess has become the dairy queen!!!!!!!!!”

and of course, the match that everybody loves – including most of the bloggers.

the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jake The Snake Roberts?

DEFINITELY this one……Hardcore if I ever saw it. (Taylor legit needed 10 stitches afterward)
Back when an angle being perfectly executed meant the difference in getting over successfully as a heel and….well….The Miz, nobody could do it like The Snake. Even ahead of the Steamboat SNME angle, because of the pure viciousness, and the fact that Taylor legit was injured.

In honor of “Labor Day” (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off – 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you’ve ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

Salary notwithstanding, definitely my college job: the after hours (Midnight-4 AM) front desk guy……at an all-girls college dorm….No further explanation needed.

b) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

Telemarketing. Nothing like getting hung up on 80 times in 4-5 hours to really emphasize how crappy the real world can be

c) When celebrating holidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite “go-to drink”?

Besides “Alpha Punch” (my fraternity drink), definitely the old Vodka + Cranberry juice. In terms of beer, Bud Light, and (a sleeper) Shiner Bock – I highly recommend it. Good beer.

How would the next 25 years (1988-2013) in the career of Bruiser Brody have unfolded

Remember back in about 1993 when ECW was fighting for survival, and the transition period where Eddie Gilbert was on the way out, and Paul E. was taking over? The period where the vets (Snuka, Sullivan, Abby, Sheik, etc.) were brought in one after another? I remember Stan Hansen working a few gigs as well…..that seemed like a fit made for Brody. I don’t think he’d fit the late 90s Corporate Structure (Stop and envision Vince McMahon pitching a gimmick to Bruiser Brody……or saying “Hey – we’d like to change your name to ‘Crysty McStiff’ or some shit like that…..yea – me either). I think a prolonged Japan run, but in reading his autobiography, he was quite astute with his money, and probably would have been in a position to retire before Vince owned everything, so probably not all THAT different with the end of the territories (and his bargaining power). Lots of dream matches would have been possible that weren’t before on the Indy Circuit (Brody vs. Cactus Jack? Brody vs. Sabu? How bout Brody vs. Brock Lesnar)

QOTD #67 (Digest) – Labor Day

Question of the Day: In honor of “Labor Day” (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off – 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you’ve ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

b) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

c) When celebratingmholidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite “go-to drink”?

QOTD #66 (Digest) – Jake the Snake Roberts in Bad Shape

I just heard from a friend out in California, that Jake the Snake Roberts is in ICU in a Las Vegas Hospital with Double Pneumonia, and his Immune system has basically shut down. Just when he appeared to turn the corner on life. My prayers go out to his family and friends…..

Honestly, that news – though in wrestling is never really a shock anymore (sadly), kind of took the wind out of my sails in regards to writing a blog….I suppose with that in mind……the QOTD is what would you say would be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jake The Snake Roberts?

QOTD #65 – Bruiser Brody

Today’s Question: Let’s say somehow, someway, on that day in July of 1988 in Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody makes a full recovery from those stab wounds and is ready to go by the beginning of 1989….in 100 words or less, How would the next 25 years in the career of Bruiser Brody have unfolded?

Yesterday’s Question: Totally random and off the grid, but I’ve been trying to rack my brain to think of the best “White Meat Babyfaces” of all time….so as part of this, I ask the blog a 2-part question:

a) In the history of wrestling, who best exemplifies the term “white meat babyface”?

b) Who is the greatest wrestler of all-time to never have a run as a heel?
In my simple thinking mind, I never stopped to consider the prior era to the 80s, so I didn’t think Verne Gagne or Bruno Sammartino (sidenote: that guy would have made an AWESOME heel).

The wrestlers I heard mentioned (that really never have been heels – to my knowledge):

Verne Gagne, Bruno Sammartino, Magnum T.A., Ricky Steamboat, Rey Mysterio, Tito Santana. (I’d throw in Greg Gagne and Steve O as well – though they weren’t mentioned)

I was thinking Mr. Wrestling II, but he was a heel in Mid-South at the end (and a damn good one as well). John Cena and Dusty Rhodes were both heels at the very beginning of their careers.

Peyton Drinking: “Zack Gowen never had a run as a heel.”

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson: “I don’t think Zack Gowan has ever RAN.
  •  Being a not very good person overall sometimes, I found the exchange hilarious….and yes, Zack had a brief heel….uh…..”run” on Smackdown I believe

    As for the white meat babyface, clearly, the bloggers favored the same guys

    MrJustinB: “Wouldn’t the best white meat be the Gobbledegooker? Red Rooster?”

    As I said yesterday, with that logic, my vote would be for Porkchop Cash

    But seriously, my inspiration for the question stems from hearing it a lot on Stone Cold’s podcast. Though Hulk Hogan in the 80s was the most over face of all time (my opinion), I’ve heard the actual phrase “white meat babyface” used to describe Ricky Morton and Tommy Rich more than anybody.

    Devin beat me to it. I have to go with Ricky Morton. ”

    “Ricky Morton. Dude was over as hell in 86 and I’m not even sure why.”

    Devin, dude was about 150 lbs. and took a helluva ass kicking as the ultimate underdog…and the girls LOVED him! Plus he sold like nobody’s business. Especially against the Horsemen, or the Russians

    “Gotta be Steamboat- when Flair brings out a line of bimbos to walk him to the ring, and you respond with your wife and infant child in a dragon costume- you might be a uber baby face. I’m sure Mayberry was going wild for him.

    The funny thing is, because Steamboat was so good- nobody even gave him shit for being so over the top corny.”

    “Serious, I can’t even imagine Steamboat as a heel. Only a warped mind like Russo would do some dumb shit like that.”

    My guess is that Russo would have turned him heel, and turned him back face 2 weeks later….by having Little Ricky drop blood from the ceiling onto him, causing him to lose to Vince Russo himself…..or something asinine like that

    “Ricky Steamboat for both.”

    Okay, so pretty much everybody loves the dragon…..and why not? He was pretty awesome.