Stip Matches

Sorry if this was brought up in any discussion yesterday, as I haven't been on the board much due to work. Anyway, as far as stip matches go, WWE '13 had a game mode that I always thought was a really cool idea, the "Championship Scramble." 
Six wrestlers face off in a match that has a time limit. During the time limit,
many falls will occur. The wrestler that has earned the latest fall, either by
pinfall or submission, is "it". As long as they remain "it" when the timer
runs out, they win whatever title is being contested.
I feel like it sets the table for all kinds of chaos and crazy wrestling, and would be something really different.  Imagine scenerios where heels are just murdering guys who aren't even "it" just to take them out of contention, or where someone like Ziggler takes a finisher, then has to survive getting ganged up as the other five guys taste blood in the water and look for the next fall. You could even do the HHH Judgment Day 2000 spot where someone takes a DQ just so they can follow up with a pin.
​They did the Scramble match deal at that one PPV and it was pretty entertaining, actually.  I'm surprised they never tried it again.  It was 2009, I think, because Jericho ended up winning the World title from Punk.  ​


Hi Scott-having finished the Coliseum video and SNME rants, considering the amount of matches they had can you think of any singles match above say **1/2 for the following wrestlers?

King Kong Bundy
Big John Stud


George Steele

​Bundy:  In WWF probably not, because long matches weren't his deal. He had some decent tag matches against guys like the Machines and Bulldogs, though.  Probably you'd have to go back to World Class to find something
Studd:  The cage match with Andre was pretty bad-ass, complete with Andre doing a flying butt splash off the top rope.  He had some Hogan title challenges that were decent as well.  
​JYD:  Nothing comes to mind in WWF.  Even Flair couldn't get him above **, so I don't know what might be out there.  Maybe something from Mid-South? 

​Volkoff:  The Hogan match on SNME was OK.  You'd probably have to go back to the 60s to find something for him, like a Bruno match or something.
George Steele:  Match quality wasn't his deal, but again there was a Bruno challenge in the 70s or maybe even 60s on a Coliseum video that was OK.
​Kamala:  Can't think of anything.

Seth’s big matches

Hi Scott,
I’m struggling to enjoy Seth Rollins’ world title matches, he has exceptional talent yet he seems to follow a very strict formula which has shown it self very clearly in the last 3 PPVs and I’m finding it hard to care about his offence and there seems to be little to no drama beyond the final 30 seconds.
Nothing seems to happen and then it’s over, I keep waiting for the matches to get out of second gear. Am I alone in this or is he a little lacking in the big match environment at the moment?
Problem isn’t Seth, it’s the booking.  Since WM all his title matches have been booked so that the “third act” if you will is “What will Kane and the Stooges do to interfere?” and as a result there’s nowhere for the match to go.  The crowd and the wrestlers are all just killing time until the inevitable screwjob finish.  That’s probably why he’s such a bomb as champion.  Which, again, I don’t blame Seth at all for that. 

Your favourite WWE PPV opening matches?

Hi Scott,

 We all know the opening match is exceptionally important for setting the tone of the night and getting the crowd all hyped up. Matches like HHH vs. Dude Love at One Night Stand 1997, Lance Storm vs. Edge at Summerslam 2001, HHH vs. Daniel Bryan at WM30 and Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart at WM10 really stand out as being exceptional and standing the test of time. Do you have any opening matches which are your favourites or any opening matches you feel genuinely helped pump the crowd up for the rest of the card?
Bret v. Owen is of course the most obvious, but WCW made it into an artform with the Cruiserweight era.  Rey v. Psicosis at Superbrawl II was arguably the greatest opening match of all time, and even 4 years earlier Pillman v. Liger pretty much nailed the Best Match award in the opener of Superbrawl II.  I'd also give an honorable mention to Jericho v. Raven at Havoc 98.  
I feel like one of the biggest disappointments in openers was Barely Legal, in that they should have put their strongest foot forward right away, and Eliminators v. Dudleys was just not that great.  I think they almost should have opened with the three-way and then built to Funk's title shot as the main event instead of the rushed finish we got.  

Refs Calling NXT Matches


Maybe this is already a known thing, but it seemed to me that the Sasha v Becky match was being called in large part by the ref, and presumably further called by Triple H into his earpiece. Is that what you think happened?

Either way, it seemed like he was communicating to them the next spot to go to and I never really saw Sasha or Becky calling them. It was a fantastic match, and I guess I never considered how hands on Triple H could be during a live match. It was cool. If true, anyhow.

Sidenote: my wife was watching for the first time and thought the ref was getting a little too grabby trying to break holds. Guess I never thought of that for men's matches.

​Given how super-rehearsed most of the matches are now and the fact that it's developmental people on a live show, I would be shocked if it wasn't the ref passing signals to them.  No one's expecting anyone to be a ring general after a year in the business, so it's fine.  ​

TNA rise and fall dvd matches

Hey Scott,

Thought this might be a good discussion for the blog. With the news of DA (allegedly) canceling impact, there must be a dvd in the near future from WWE about this ala ECW and WCW, right?

Aside from the standard documentary  , which matches would be included on the set? Aside from the Unbreakable three-way, and maybe a match from the first show, has TNA had any (allegedly) historic matches of any kind?


​Woof, good question.  Maybe an Ultimate X match of some kind?  Probably I'd go with a few representative matches to showcase the different styles of stuff they did (Full Metal Mayhem, Ultimate X, that other thing with the cage and the weapons) rather than trying to highlight specific things from their history.  Probably the Joe v. Angle matches would be the most historic, or something like Randy Savage's last match, I guess.  
Any better guesses?  ​

Most ****+ matches

> Hi Scott
> Fairly simple question (I hope) but for all the crap Cena gets, I suspect he's had as many four star or higher matches than most, thanks to a combination of longevity, his actual ability and the fact that he's regularly wrestled some of the best in the business over the past decade.
> I wondered if you could list the top ten wrestlers measured by how many four stars or higher matches they've had by your ratings, if its easy to produce in excel.If not, is this info easily available from Meltzer? Or is this something for Ask411?
> Thanks and best wishes. Asking for a SPREADSHEET is the exact opposite of a simple question.  Ric Flair is always the answer. 

Best Wrestlemania matches at Paste Magazine


Would love for the blog regulars to come tell us how awful our picks are for this list of the best Wrestlemania matches. I lobbied hard for the WM 27 8-man but no dice.

​It's no Bret-Austin, but it's close.  No love for Lawler v. Cole either?  COME ON.​

5 Wrestlemania Matches That Almost Happened

This is a really weird list on WWE's part, because it's part kayfabe and part "insider" stuff.  Like the 10-man from Wrestlemania X that was cancelled is suddenly an obscure trivia question?  And the Hogan-Flair match at #1 was never gonna happen, obviously, but they do the kayfabe "Jack Tunney changed it" explanation.  And HHH v. Tyson?  Um, no, never even talked about.  Whatever, it's their list, I guess. 

Muraco’s Monday Morning Matches of the Week – [s2, e12]

NOAH: Naomichi Marufuji (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki – [3/15/15]
Shit yeah, buddy! Undoubtedly, one the best build-ups to any match so far this year. Finally, they collide. Minoru Suzuki’s invasion of NOAH has culminated in a title match against longtime NOAH pillar and current World Champion Naomichi Marufuji. Can the champ fend off Suzuki Gun and protect the honor of Pro Wrestling NOAH, or will the sadistic Suzuki bring the World Title back home to SZKG?

{NOAH} GHC Heavyweight Championship: (c… by Mosquitopilate1

While we’re at it, CLICK HERE for the playlist of the whole show, including the rest of Suzuki Gun going for all the other respective titles, and a fun curiosity match as Shelton Benjamin opposes ZERO1 Tag Team Champions “Dangan Yankees” Masato Tanaka & Takashi Sugiura.

WRESTLE-1: Keiji Muto (c) vs. KAI – [3/8/]
Gotta give Muto credit, from buying out WNC to fill out the undercard (a great move, as time has proven), to bringing in ZERO1 talent to strengthen the upper card (can never have too much ZERO1 on TV), to putting the title on the biggest star in the company -himself- and building it up as a cherished possession, the W-1 brand is worlds ahead of where it was when it started back in 2013. Hell, he even brought Bound For Glory to Kōrakuen Hall. Now we have our strongest contender to date, gunning for Muto’s title; KAI, who you could look at like a Wade Barrett type, always in the uppercard with all the tools to be “the guy”, but hasn’t been given the keys to the mansion yet. Does Muto pass the torch, or will he continue his improbable 2015 world title reign?

Keiji Muto (c) vs. KAI (Wrestle-1) by JAHMAL1111

BJW: Kazuki Hashimoto, Daisuke Sekimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani vs. Yuji Okabayashi & Speed of Sounds – [3/10/15]
Big Japan is in the midst of its round-robin Deathmatch tournament, similar to the G1 Climax. Some of that shit has been insane. People rubbing barbed-wire, ladders and chairs is to be expected, but where they hook this customer is the creativity. Bloody wounds being doused in salt & lemon juice. It’s entertainment, and it can be found at the best “Official” You Tube page of any wrestling promotion:

However, even more entertaining for my tastes, we have Kazuki Hashimoto, Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi, all in the same match. While this one doesn’t go 20+ minutes of stiff strikes and unflappable manliness, they’re still clearly speaking my language here. Plus, Kazuki & Sekimoto reunite as a tag team in the NOAH round-robin Tag Tourney next month, which should provide one or two pretty killer tag matches, if not more.

Daisuke Sekimoto, Kazuki Hashimoto & Hideyoshi… by JAHMAL1111

Next week is going to be a blast! KASSEN 2: ZERO1 vs. WRESTLE-1, a two day event.

Muraco’s Monday Matches of the Week – [s2, e11]

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the 2015 New Japan Cup at for only $8 per month. Some hilarious upsets, and strong tournament matches, all leading to NJPW’s next big show, “Invasion Attack” on April 5th. The winner of the tournament can choose to face IWGP Champion AJ Styles, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, or NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii. Serious respect to the latter two, as they have built up their respective titles to have as much worth as almost any other title in the world. Moving along…

BJW: Daisuke Sekimoto, Yuji Okabayashi & Kamitani vs. Kohei Sato, Kazuki Hashimoto & Ryuchi Kawakami – [3/1/15]

Some of the top guys in the industry matching up again in this one. ZERO1 World Champion Kohei Sato, supreme ass kicker Kazuki Hashimoto, and maybe the toughest tag team in the world in Sekimoto & Okabayashi. 

BJW: Yuko Miyamoto (c) vs. Jaki Numazawa – [3/1/15]

Here is the main event for that show, BJW Deathmatch World Champion Yuko Miyamoto facing the #1 contender Jaki Numazawa in a Needle Hell Deathmatch. This one features some very creative involvement from Mother Nature, as we’ve apparently gone gathering in the forest in preparation for this contest.


NOAH: Naomichi Marufuji, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Atsushi Kotoge vs. Minoru Suzuki, Takashi Iizuka & Taichi – [3/7/15]

As we get closer to the epic showdown of Minoru Suzuki challenging Naomichi Marufuji for the GHC World Heavyweight Championship, here is a look at their last two tag team encounters before the big show.

Naomichi Marufuji, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Atsushi… by JAHMAL1111

NOAH: Naomichi Marufuji & Muhammed Yone vs. Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka – [3/8/15]
Naomichi Marufuji & Muhammed Yone vs… by JAHMAL1111