Filmmaker shoots wrestling match like a fight scene in a movie and it’s awesome


I hope this message finds you well. I’m a filmmaker that shot a pro wrestling match like a fight scene in a movie. I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you’ll share it with your audience. I’ve included a press release and some behind the scenes photos as well. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please let me know. Thank you!

​I like that the clickbait title was already there in the e-mail. Obviously a man who knows what he’s doing!​

Press Release.pdf

Best pre-Rock Rocky Maivia Match?

Hey Scott. I've been watching a lot of wrestling on Youtube lately and realized that I haven't really run across any pre- The Rock era Rocky Maivia matches. Would  you or any of the other readers recommend anything from Rocky Maivia or even the Flex Kavana days?

​No, he was pretty terrible in that era.  He was a guy who looked like a star and who was a project of the top people, but he didn't really develop into a good worker until the NOD era.  I'd call the HHH match where he won the IC title pretty decent and I recall the match where he lost the title to Owen Hart being not bad, but nothing else really stands out for him. ​

This match continues…

Remember a couple weeks back when we were talking about the staleness of WWE's presentation?

I'm watching Money in the Bank today and at one point Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the announce table and Michael (MAGGLE) Cole goes, "This match continues!"

I swear to god I thought the pay-per-view was going to cut to a commercial right then and there. I was sort of surprised when it didn't.

Bad sign or good Pavlovian training by WWE?

​They already HAVE multiple commercials on their PPVs!  They just haven't taken to interrupting the matches for them yet.  But already we get multiple commercials for WWE Network shows, Mountain Dew, Total Divas, whatever shitty theme song they're shilling this week, DVD releases, trailers for their shitty movies, their website, Susan G. Komen, whoever their sponsor is for the show, and sometimes even random stuff like tax services​.  It's pretty brutal for a show that some people are still paying $60 to watch.  Makes Hulu look subtle by comparison.

WWF Dream Match?

Hi Scott,

Here's a 1980's dream match that could have happened, should have happened, but never did–and doesn't seem to get talked about, either.  

Between Summerslam 88 and The Main Event 89, the WWF had arguably the two hottest tag teams in the country (which is saying something considering the NWA tag roster at the time)–the Megapowers and Demolition. The former were just done headlining the second biggest PPV of the year and the latter were solidifying themselves in the most dominant WWF Tag Team Championship run of all time.  On one side, it was the two biggest singles stars and on the other, the most over tag team of the decade.  But instead of letting them headline a PPV, SNME, or hpuse show run, the WWF rushes a Demolition fave turn at Survivor Series that no one in the live crowd even noticed.  What gives?  I know the WWF champ (Savage) and the tag champs (Demos) were used to headline two different touring groups so that would explain the lack of house show match ups. But at least an SNME headlined by these four? Or even replace the Twin Towers with Demolition in The Main Event in February 1989?

Megapowers v. Demolition would have been too awesome for one arena to contain.  That's the only reason I can think of.  

“Kevin Owens’ first match in WWE”

Did it bother anyone but me how at the Chamber, the announcers kept mentioning how it was "Owens' first match in WWE"? Given how much NXT is promoted throughout WWE, how is the casual fan supposed to understand what that means and where NXT fits in?

Is there a better way to phrase that Raw and Smackdown (and Superstars and Main Event and PPVs) are the "Major Leagues"? It all comes across as incredibly messy and confusing. 

Especially since there are six WWE brand marks are all on the NXT championship.

​I would tend to think of it as NXT being WWE-affiliated, in the same way that a minor-league baseball team is affiliated with the major league club.  So you might get drafted and play as a part of the Blue Jays organization, but it's not until you get to the big leagues that you play your first game as a Blue Jay.  ​

Two ways you can go with Cena vs Owen’s II to set up a rubber match down the line

> Option 1: You do the Bret/Diesel finish from survivor series '95. Cena suckering him into a fluke win by the way of small package makes sense. He's the smart veteran who knows some tricks.
> Option 2: Owens loses to the stfu, but never taps.
> I feel either option does nothing to hurt Owens. Option 2 turns him babyface.  Probably not what they want.  I think some sort of non finish is more likely.

Sting in 1988 and isn’t it all the same match

Is Sting's gimmick that year basically the guy who can't win gold? EVERY match of his on a clash or PPV was a title match, either singles or tag, and each time he comes up empty.

And what's up with a show having a hardcore match, street fight, and no holds barred match all on the same card when it's all the same thing?

​And what about airline food?  What's up with that?  Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?  ​

Question for you regarding another match closing out besides Roman/Brock..

Hey Scott, what's going on?

So, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the E flushing down Lesnar/Reings midway though the show, for several reasons.

I think it's safe to assume that Brock's just closing out whatever business he has left at this point. As in, fulfilling his contract by showing up and not much else. Go out there, make the appearance, do the job, get paid, go back home to hunting and screwing Sable. 

On the other side of the coin, you have Roman Reigns, who's probably gonna get booed out of the building, and the whole thing is gonna be far more awkward than Brock's other match with Goldberg. At least Goldberg had a following, no matter how hostile the crowd at 20 was toward him. Roman's got, what, a very small fanbase of women, children and Vince McMahon?

Next consider the drama from this past week with Brock walking out on a scheduled appearance and later showing up at a UFC event. Wouldn't be a big deal except he's rumored to be rejoining that org. It isn't like Taker showing up. It's a clear message and shot fired towards Vince and co. 

So, if they don't outright take the title off of Brock and remove him from the event, change the main event and go another direction, let's just say that if it were me running the E, I would be a little paranoid at this point that my champion would sandbag the final match on the biggest show of the show. That's assuming he shows to begin with. 

So, assuming he stays as professional as needed and shows up with the title to do the business, a middle-of-show placement would be good strategic planning in case the match absolutely flops or he flakes out mid-match and says to hell with it, pin me, pay me, I'm out. 

Do you think, at this point, it would be better to close out with another advertised match?

– Cena's the top star anyway, and his fued with Rusev has much more momentum and audience participation. 
– Sting, on the other hand, has been one of, if not the THE most long-awaited arrival ever in the E and his story with H is the longest running right now. Definitely a main event in its own right. 
– Taker and Wyatt, well, there's that stupid rumor that they want to put the match high in the card so it happens after dark. It's Taker, so what the hell, would it hurt for him to main? Bray's superstrong right now, so like Sting/HHH, it's a main in its own right. 

– OR, call the same audible, get Brock/Roman out of the way early and then have Roman pull double duty against Bryan or Rollins in the final match of the night? It would guarantee a good show-closing match. WWE's not really behind Bryan, that much is obvious, so a second main-event of Roman versus Rollins would be an excellent show closer, as well as make a ton of sense. Seth's been the top heel for the last year, Roman's the next big thing and they have a ton of history. 

None of the other scheduled matches mentioned should main this Mania, but they're bigger on paper on paper than what's advertised in the main. 

Also, I feel a two minute MITB cash-in mini-match with Seth Rollins would feel cheap. Any other show, yeah, but not Mania; so how about opening the show with Rollins hijacking the mic, holding the case high and saying he wants Reigns or Lesnar at the end of the night? A straight-up almost-fair one-on-one match really wouldn't fit his chickenschittt persona, but it would present a best-case scenario for salvaging a troubled card. WWE's had a couple of shows in the past where the card changed mid-show, so while it would be a mess, it's still better than what's currently advertised.

Again, I feel that finishing the wrestling year with Roman defending against Rollins would make a million times more sense than any other match, for multiple reasons (quality, prior history, etc). Roman wins the title, Brock gets wished well in future endeavors, show goes on before closing out with Roman and Rollins. Roman wins, Vince is happy and people are satisfied with a decent main. (Rollins can always have a rematch later.)

I didn't mean for this to be a novel. It just seems to me that there are so many other, better quality, more sense-making ways to go about your biggest show of the year. 

– CX

– Brock's a man on a mission, and while I can't fault him at all, I wouldn't trust him at this point to do anymore than simply show up.
– there's no hope for Roman/Brock anyway, so get it out of the way, mid-show. 
– if not one of the other huge matches being the show closer, have Roman defend against Rollins, if not Bryan. 
– Roman and Rollins makes way too much sense anyway, so while it would make sense to be the main of Mania, it makes too much sense for WWE to book it.

You know, for everyone that complains about how little they care about this year's show, I sure get a lot of e-mails about it every day.  Damn smarks, am I right, Dougie?  High five, buddy.  

Match of the Day

Here goes last week’s debut episode of NJPW on AXS. This one covering the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 7. The second episode airs tonight. While I believe tonight’s show covers Invasion Attack 2013, the Meltz had that one penciled in for week three at one point. Very surprised they’d be skipping the Tanahashi vs. Anderson match from February of 2013, as it would feature both an American-born wrestler and provide a MOTYC at the same time. Regardless, should be a strong hour of pro wrestling either way.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada (1/4/13) by DrunksukeMuraco