Botchamania 339

Botchamania 339

Featuring black guys, Charlotte the Harlot, Simpsons references, Starfox 64, Shovel Knight, Price is Right and a bit of wrestling (but only if there’s time).

Bit of a lean one for OH MAN CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THAT IN BOTCHAMANIA moments but I watched WOW Unleashed so there’s that.

Botchamania 338

Botchamania 338

Scott Keith and Down Under Aussie (in Aus) suggested I post links to the new Botchamania videos on here so here we go. I didn’t think to do it but there’s so many plugs and other things on here disguised as ”press releases” I don’t feel weird about it.

Featuring Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover, TNA Xplosion, wrong names, bad tables, Simpsons references, video game music and everything else that makes wrestling great.

Note: I had to remove a few clips from the YouTube version (and stick it in a window) to keep it online, so I recommend watching either Dailymotion or Vimeo versions.

Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos Preview

Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos
 July 6th, 13th, and 20th on El Rey Network (8PM ET)


Hello again! I’ve been remiss in my duties as LU reviewer the past few weeks, as I’ve been tending to some things, but I’m back to set up the most important show of Lucha Underground’s second season, Ultima Lucha Dos. The run up to the show in the last 4-5 episodes has been fairly well executed, with a string of solid shows, and the finale will need to deliver the same type of punch that Ultima Lucha did to hold the LU audience through the show’s (shortened) off-season. The good news is this card is set up on paper to pull it off, with at least four killer matches on the table, and the potential for a few others to surprise. So let’s go through this after the jump…

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Lucha Underground: The Business Model

The goal of most companies in the wrestling industry is to produce a product good enough to get TV rights fees, use the TV rights fees to offset the cost of production, and make money on house shows, PPVs, and merchandise.

But this is not most wrestling companies…in fact I’m not entirely sure it even is a wrestling company…

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Lucha Underground – S2E19: Judgement Day

Lucha Underground – S2E19: Judgement Day
Date: June 1, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.28.40 AM


Previously on Lucha Underground…

Rey Mysterio Jr, El Dragon Azteca Jr, and Prince Puma defeated three teams to win the Lucha Underground Trios Championships. Chavo Guerrero Jr stole Cage’s spot in the Gift of the Gods Championship match, so Cage helped Chavo win it, so he could beat him for the title the following week. Cage immediately declared he was cashing in the title for a shot at MatanzaJohnny Mundo replaced Fenix on a Trios team with Jack Evans and P.J. Black, and the three went on to defeat Mysterio/Azteca/Puma for the titles.

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Lucha Underground – S2E18: Enter The Mundo

Lucha Underground – S2E18: Enter The Mundo
Date: May 25, 2016

Previously, on Lucha Underground…

Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro, working as undercover cops, infiltrated the temple to investigate Dario CuetoSon of Havoc and Ivelisse lost the Trios Titles in a Fatal Fourway Elimination match to Rey Mysterio Jr, El Dragon Azteca Jr, and Prince Puma, when Angelico was determined unable to compete, handicapping their team. Havoc and Ivelisse received their rematch with replacement partner Johnny Mundo, but the team was too dysfunctional to win. Chavo Guerrero Jr stole Cage’s Aztec Medallion, and entered the Gift of the Gods Championship match. Cage ensured Chavo won so he could fight him for the title the following week.

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Lucha Underground – S2E17: Crime and Punishment

Lucha Underground – S2E17: Crime And Punishment
Date: May 18, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.11.20 PM

Previously on Lucha Underground…

TexanoAerostarCageThe MackSinestro De La MuerteSexy Star, and Joey Ryan won Aztec Medallions. Chavo Guerrero Jr stole Cage’s medallion. Pentagon Jr assaulted Dario Cueto and demanded a match with Matanza, only to get his back broken by the monster. Cueto warned Vampiro that if he laid a hand on himself or Matanza, he’d suffer the consequences. 

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