How long as champ?

Hi Scott,

Once Reigns wins the title at Wrestlemania, how long does he hold it for?

Fan reaction clearly isn't that much of a concern as it's more about WWE having a plan and sticking with it for better or worse. Yet what is the plan with Reigns as champ? Fight Big Show, Rollins or Orton before falling to Cena at Summerslam? Keep it on him for a year and hope something happens by fluke to keep Reigns "popular"?

Wrestlemania's main event is a foregone conclusion having being telegraphed for months but what follows hopefully creates some intrigue.


Yeah, that's the other issue with his push.  The story leading up to the Lesnar win is one thing, but who are his challengers after the show?  Big Show?  Kane?  Evil Sheamus?  Bray Wyatt?  It's bad enough that the whole run-up to the WM season feels like it was booked on a napkin based on Vince's whims as it is, but I don't feel like there's any real long term plan evident.  And Rollins is gonna have to cash in by July, too, which they seem to be putting off as long as possible. It really is a case where having the 2 World titles would have helped them immensely.  

Long Time Reader, First Time Emailer


Reader since pre-Rantsylvania days, multiple-time book owner (even e-book owner), longtime lurker, and occasional poster Sirplss here with a question/plug request.

Question for you and the blog – with the actual WWE product at a creative low point, and your interest in said product waning for years now, do you still find enjoyment in wrestling at all?  Do you enjoy the wrestling-related discussions on the blog?  How much of the daily content do you read?

Also, if you wouldn't mind the plug, I appear weekly on a wrestling podcast (we only get around 1k listens, but every little bit of traffic counts) here –

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the incredible amount of entertainment over the past 17 years.


PS.  Will obviously return the favor on the plug on the podcast 🙂

​Hi Joe.
I still do follow the product via YouTube's pretty great "Top 10 RAW / Smackdown moments" videos because it's only a couple of minutes and catches up anything notable, plus WWE posts individual RAW segments to YouTube pretty quick, and the "This Week in WWE" show on the Network is also a great way to follow without having to actually pay serious attention.  
I actually have a job during the day and so can't follow the daily threads and would probably lose my mind attempting to do so anyway.  I do absolutely follow the discussions on the questions I post or retro TV show recaps.  As for wrestling in general, I love recapping Nitro.  Love it.  I wish I could have watched it live in 1995/6 because it's just the bee's knees and makes me happy to be a fan because it feels so fresh and interesting.  I know that changes fairly soon into 1997, but there's still a whole year on the Network for me to watch.  ​I also love going back and watching the old Primetimes up on the Network with ridiculous Iron Mike Sharpe double countouts against tag wrestlers over two commercial breaks, because the announcers actually TALKED ABOUT THE MATCH and didn't make you feel like an idiot for watching it.  And people who know me IRL, if you will, and know I'm a wrestling guy often like to chat about wrestling stuff, and I'm always happy to talk about it even though I hate the current product.  If they ever fucking came to Saskatoon again (four years and counting now) I'd probably go and I'd probably have a fun time because I love wrestling and house shows are fun.  
So there you go. 

Questions on playing the long game.

With rumors that WWE will be setting up up to two matches for Wrestlemania 31 tonight or Monday (Sting vs. Taker, Punk vs. Austin), I thought I would get your opinion

1) Is there a correct way to do a year-long build to a match?

2) How long is too long to build up a single match?

3) When do you think feuds culminating in Mania matches should begin, ideally?

1.  Sure, and they used to do it all the time before the "Reality Era".  Set up two guys as allies, push them as partners on top of the promotion, then one guy turns on the other because he's jealous and BAM, there's your money feud.
2.  Anything more than a year, I'd say.  You don't want to risk your audience cycling out while you're in the midst of telling the story.  
3.  For a tippy top level one, the day after WM is fine.  For anything below that, you wouldn't even need to start until Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.  Unless it's something where the audience is going to be emotionally invested in it, there's only so much you can do (or more accurately, the writing team can do) with more than 8 weeks of build.  And there's only so many times guys can compete against each other in gimmick matches or four-ways ordered by the authority figures before you burn out the feud.  

Exclusive Hour Long Matt Morgan Interview

A site I write for has recently gotten Matt Morgan to sit down for an exclusive hour long interview.  It’s completely free and only requires you to sign up for our newsletter, which only comes out once a week and includes breaking news updates.

Morgan talks about where his career is headed, the major events in WWE this year, John Cena, TNA and much more.  Again, it’s free and brand new.

Hope you enjoy it.

QOTD 57: “In the long run, the public interest depends on…

Private virtue.” When playing Assassin’s Creed IV this past week for review I kept finding myself put off. I like to think I take ‘gaming’ more ‘seriously’ than most in terms of what a game is trying to communicate, and I just kept coming up empty with ACIV. What is this? Who exactly wants to play a semi-historically accurate stealth…brawler, that’s about viciously murdering people?

Then I started to think about the public interest. The idea that media creators, writers, actors, anyone in a position to communicate a message, should in some way, shape, or form, be attempting to enrich some aspect of the general public’s lives. It can be through a strong message of friendship like in Entourage, or hard work being its own reward like in Rudy, or even simply be about entertaining the audience in a creative way like in the Lethal Weapon movies.

Honestly I think even most of the stuff that’s like, really fucking terrible and vapid – Like E! Shows or Honey Boo Boo are enriching in their own way. It’s *fun* to watch C-list celebrities bicker, and there’s certainly more people in this world like Honey Boo Boo’s family than there are high-minded characters Aaron Sorkin or David E. Kelly come up with.

But you get into trouble when your movie, or show, or book, or game doesn’t know *what* it is, but is still executed with something resembling technical prowess. Anyone remember how dissapointing The Dark Knight Rises was? Comic Book Men on AMC has this problem, as it’s part podcast, part comic-book pawn stars, and part…I don’t know what. A better example would be the Star Wars prequels, which are action movies about an intergalactic power struggle in which we see absolutely zero effects of suffering, and the plan is so convoluted there’s a 3 hour review about it online – what is that movie *about* ya know? The “Son Of The Mask” is simply bizarre because it has no idea what kind of comedy it wants to be. 


What are movies, books, TV shows, games, or wrestlers you view as hollow? Sure, they may look good, but there’s absolutely *nothing* going for it below the surface.

For the record this is the reason I can’t do strip clubs. I know what boobies look like, I know what booties look like, I care about what kind of person is behind those boobies and booties, and a strip club ain’t a fun place to find out.

My biggest gripe is how Sci-Fi has made a literal mountain of money off of intentionally bad films. They somehow figured out a way to make movies that are supposed to be cheesy, and C-level in terms of acting and affects, and people love em’. I don’t get it. Bad on purpose is bad. Bad on accident can be good!

Also Randy Orton does nothing for me. He’s had good matches, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life – save a few matches in Booking Revolution, where I looked upon Randy Orton with anything other than a “meh” in terms of character. He’s a pretty good wrestler, I just don’t care about him because he’s a blank slate. 

But back to Assassin’s Creed. Somewhere between the disclaimer that says Assassin’s Creed IV  is made from a mix of cultural and religious backgrounds, and the end of a story that takes so few risks it was probably written by the legal department, I came to realization that whatever “Assassin’s Creed” has been putting down, I’m not picking up. I don’t get it.

But when both my mom and dad take note of the game, marveling at its beauty and animation, and I’m underwhelmed, I’m starting to think this is a me problem. So, what’s my problem with Assassin’s Creed? A lot, actually. Quite a lot.

 I hate how it attempts to combine historical settings with brutal violence, then claims that the mass-murdering character you play as, is the hero of an organization fighting for the freedom of all peoples.

 I hate that the game constantly makes you tail, then eavesdrop on characters who are saying very important things that you can’t listen to because you’re too busy trying to hide or blend in.

I hate the suspension of disbelief I need to make in order to accept that the character I’m playing as has already had all these things happen to him, and I’m just reliving his memories, like a bloody freedom trail.

I hate that this is seemingly now the ONLY game without some sort of moral choice system.

I hate the countless moments where you’ll stand upon the ledge of a garrison, looking down upon two guards having a chat, drop down upon their necks with furious anger and piercing steel, hop into a nearby hay bale to avoid being spotted, then catch the fact you’re half smirking with triumph like a mini-Walter White. This happens *all* the time. Every silent infiltration, every distracted guard, every rooftop murder, makes you feel like a king.

I hate Assassin’s Creed IV does pretty much everything it can to extract dopamine from the player as often as possible. I feel violated.

Anyway, it’s a fun game, but junk food. 


1. Hope you don’t mind the double dip QOTDs! I’m trying to make up for missing days so I’m on track to hit 100 on the 100th day.

The greatest Teddy Long video ever made

Six minutes of Teddy Long making tag team matches?

Six minutes of Teddy Long making tag team matches. 

(Technically, it's five since he also makes a singles match at one point and some T-Lo dancing is thrown in, but this was still the greatest thing I saw at 2:50am this morning. HOLLA HOLLA!)

Wasn't this already a thing on  Still pretty funny.

How Long Aces & Eights Storyline Will Keep Going

Six months?  Oy vey…

Look at how long they kept the Joey Ryan angle going and no one gave a shit about that one, either.  Nothing against Ryan, he's great in this role, but it wasn't a storyline that required FOUR MONTHS.  With Aces, we should have gotten the payoff at BFG, and all we got was the first real angle.  Maybe Brian Michael Bendis is doing wrestling writing now?

Long time listener, first time caller!

Dear Scott,
I'm sure plugs are a dime a dozen, but I hope I have one that resonates with you. I ask you because you seem to really give some a fighting chance out there as big fish in the large pool of the internet whether it is wrestling related or not. I purchased your first three books in hopes of one day being able to ask for a favor. Kidding aside (I really do have the books), perhaps if I present myself as an ex-worker of 8 years with a match or a few hundred under my belt who became fed up with the industry once he had to do things like eat and support a family, it would help. Hell, I'm rambling and really don't know how to beg you for a plug other than my site is truly a labor of love and the chances of me ever losing intrest in it are null and void. It's the most ambitious thing I've ever tried and know gamers frequent your site so thought what the hell, I'd give it a whirl. I've been a fan for years and even if no plug/mercy is given to my fledgling site, thank you for many laughs throughout the years, and I'm sure as you already know, the boys backstage do read and appreciate your stuff. At one point around 2004, a group of us were seriously going to approach you about paying you to honestly critique our matches as it seems you have the best eye of someone outside the ring as anyone we've ever seen. Then we realized after careful examination of our footage that we sucked and couldn't bear the thought of you ripping into us. Anyhoos, thanks for your time!
(This was the original beginning of the e-mail before I figured coming at you like more of a human than an automated beggar may work)
I humbly stand before you a 34 year old addict of the games I grew up with who is finally confident enough to try his hand at undertaking a huge project. My goal is simply to review every single NES game ever domestically sold in order of release date. I already have a few under my belt and try to go out of my way to be different and inject a little history lesson of the games as I go. Example, did you know…

…there is a REAL Hogan's Alley with roots dating back to a comic strip from the 1890's?
…Kung Fu actually starred Jackie Chan as the in-game character?
…Super Mario in pre-production originally had a rocket pack and a rifle?

To anyone intrested in my labor of love, please check out my blog at

It would mean the world to me as this is so far been the most rewarding project I've ever done if only for the amazing facts I've learned in my short amount of time doing it. Everything else is a bonus. If just one person out there enjoys my work, it'd make my week. 

Anyone wishing to visit the facebook page can also do so at

Thank you and keep playing!!! 

Long Island Plug

Hey Scott, Merry Christmas, first off. I know you’re a fan of Zack Ryder’s and you appreciate his unorthodox “get myself over” approach to his persona, and I thought you might like this look at just how far he’s come. It’s amazing to me, because he could have been just another “C” show casualty that jobbed out and got cut like Vance Archer, Jimmy Wang Yang or Luke Gallows, but what he did to avoid that fate in terms of connecting with the fans shouldn’t go unnoticed. I hope that you’ll share this with your readership, because I do enjoy their (mostly) intuitive perspective on various topics. Thanks! Justin

I thought for sure that the Edgeheads was a go-nowhere gimmick and both guys would be cannon fodder by the next round of cuts.  I guess Hawkins and Tyler Reks are trying a similar tactic on their own, and why not?  If WWE can’t get anyone over, someone else might as well try.