Network future

When news came out that no one is watching archived content on the network doesn't that spell trouble for them?  We are in one of the lowest interested periods in wrestling and they're are trying to market a wrestling exclusive network.  There is a reason netflix has 60mil subs and WWE is practically begging for less than 5 percent of that.  Netflix has options of choice depending what your in the mood for.  Movies/TV, comedy, action, romance, documentary, etc..The main selling point of the network is the PPV's. but wasnt the second selling pt the archived content?  There is only so much wrestling content a person could take.  every show that isnt actual wrestling is about wrestling.  if you were in charge would you double down and add more wrestling centric content or would you attempt to go for broke and branch out to add non traditional items?  Is there( a reason they cant put wwe studios movies on there?  I know nothing about the tv business but
 could it be feasible to buy old tv shows on the cheap not like seinfeld going for 800k per episode) but maybe something like married with children, wings, home improvement, night court something that is not on tv syndication anymore?  i know people made fun of hogans cartoon getting added, but i think that was a sliver of an attempt at total family service.  like i said earlier Netflix has something for everyone male, female, kids.  maybe they were trying female demo – total divas, male- everything, kids -hogan cartoon. Im sorry this got long and most if it was just talking out of my ass cuz im someone who will never run anything in my life. Thanks for reading.

​They have every right to put WWE Studios movies on there as long as they own the rights to them, which would be anything not distributed by a major studio AFAIK.  Even then if they wanted to put 12 Rounds 2 or whatever on there, I'm sure they could work out a cheap deal for it. 
As for TV shows, yes, there are bazillions of cheaply licensed shows available for distribution.  That's basically the entire Canadian cable landscape at this point and a big reason why I don't bother with cable anymore.  Learning the Ropes is just begging for inclusion, I say!  

Owen Hart: future Hall-of-Famer?

Is Owen going to go in, or will Martha keep cock-blocking?

​Why would either side want it at this point, though?  WWE can't admit any liability for legal reasons and Owen's family doesn't want to be reminded of his death, so what are they gonna say?  "Owen was a great guy who is now dead through no fault of WWE or any company hired by them"?  I just think it's best for everyone if they leave it alone.  ​

Unsubscribed is the new Future Endeavored

Hi Scott,

Who is getting the "heat" for the lack luster quarterly report and the almost-but-not-quite failure of the Network. I presume the investors are blaming the McMahons; the McMahons are blaming everyone but themselves; and WWE employees and wrestlers are keeping their mouths shut lest they become unsubscribed from their pay cheques. 

They've already fired one set of bean counters over this, but I think Vince himself takes on a lot of the blame, because that's what he does.  But yeah, investors are definitely blaming the McMahons.  He just way, way over promised and now this is what the result is.  

Future of NXT

Hey Scott,
I thought this was interesting and didn't see it mentioned on the blog yet. There's a sit down interview with Michael Cole and HHH after NXT Takeover where HHH compares now to the attitude era. He says right now NXT is the ECW of this era, the "feeder system, the alternative" as he put it. He said he eventually wants to make it into WCW, minus the going out of business part. But basically just as big and an equal to WWE. Do you think this is where they are going right now with signing all the independent stars? Do you think Kenta, Steen, Devitt, Zayn, etc will just stay there and build it up to WWE vs NXT? But if that does happen, then what will be there feeder system? Go back to just using a small independent promotion like they have in the past? Curious what your thoughts are on this.
​I know that NXT is HHH's baby, but it's easy to talk a big game when you're running what is basically a free taping and literally paying the guys nothing as part of a developmental contract.  NXT is a fun alternative that's a throwback to the old territory days, but the writers have already started meddling with what was working and you can see the pollution of "WWE Style" clogging it up. Which is fine for what it is now, a feeder system to train guys for what working on the big shows is going to be like, but it's in no way something that can work as an alternative to the product on a bigger stage.  WCW was a different mentality based on an entirely different fanbase who had watched different people for decades.  But I'm glad he has such big plans for it.  ​

A Future Lesnar Program

Here’s a thought: What about Bray Wyatt as one of Brock Lesnar’s challengers?
Let’s fast forward to the holiday season. Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the ring cutting a promo. Lights go out, lights go back on, and there’s the Wyatt Family surrounding them. I’m thinking the crowd goes haywire over that development.All three are big enough to hang with Lesnar. Wyatt is over despite the losses and would elevate to the next level with a good showing, as well as Harper and Rowen, who Lesnar would have to go through to get to Wyatt. I don’t think this would turn Lesnar face since he is generally unliked enough. Not saying Wyatt should win the title, but fresh faces are desperately needed and that feud would keep them occupied for a few months.And it would be something different and unexpected.

​Well, there's a million guys they could throw at Brock for short-term programs if he was going to be around for every PPV, but he's not.  As great as it would be for Brock to give the rub to the Sheamuses and Wyatts of the world, it's just not cost effective.  That's probably why they're saving him for guys on the level of the Rock or Cena.  Brock shouldn't be the guy to get someone to that level, he should be the one to monetize the guy once they're already there.  And Bray is not.​

Future of WWE


So, let's say the WWE Network bankrupts the company. Do you think such a thing is even possible? And if so, what happens to all that footage they've collected over the years? Does a Hulu, Netflix or Amazon buy that content in an attempt to lure the 600,000 WWE Network subscribers to their service (or to pay for an additional service?).


– Joe

​No way it's possible.  Given their self-sustaining TV contracts and ability to slash-and-burn costs down to the bare essentials at a moment's notice, they can stay afloat for decades.  ​Linda would have to run for Senate two more times to really put a dent in their finances to the point where it would be an issue.  

WWE’s future endeavor bloodbath

Hey Scott,

1. I know it seems like WWE just cut a lot of dead weight, but do you think maybe they should have hung on to one or two of those guys? McIntyre seemed pegged to be THE guy at one point and probably could have been rebuilt with distance from 3MB (and some actual effort, so clearly I'm deluding myself). Camacho never really got much of a fair shake at all, and Brodus was screwed from day one by a comedy gimmick with a limited ceiling and then never got the courtesy of even getting to appear on TV to test the waters after the heel turn. Would you have given any of those three (or any of the others) a stay of execution, or were they all just too far gone to be reclamation projects?

2. Do you think we'll ever see any of those guys again? Personally, I think Bourne will likely receive a hero's welcome back to ROH, and McIntyre could be a top guy for Global Force when and if that's ever a viable option. Hawkins/Tatsu/JTG would all be solid hands in the X-Division if any of them want to get on TNA's sinking ship. Where do you think some of them will/should end up?

3. Even though none of these guys are tremendous losses to WWE, how are they going to cut McIntyre and Clay but keep useless slugs like Khali and Otunga employed? Or are there more cuts coming? I know if I were Zack Ryder or Justin Gabriel I wouldn't be sleeping very soundly for a while.


1.  I think Brodus was doing well reinventing himself as the monster he was originally supposed to be, but clearly the NXT run was a short-term thing where he was going to put over Neville and then disappear.  It's too bad, he had potential.  Camacho was miscast from the start and should have been Haku Jr. and aligned with the Usos or something.  

2.  McIntyre will do fine in a second-level promotion like TNA or Europe once the stink of 3MB is washed off him.  The writing was on the wall for Bourne a long time ago and clearly he wasn't a good fit, whereas ROH will be.  The rest will probably do their indy shots and sign autographs at conventions and stuff.  

3.  Khali and Otunga are for specific purposes and are probably safe.  I'd say Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd would have both been dead meat if it hadn't been for Total Divas to save Kidd, and even then he should probably turn his phone off for a while.  I bet they're gonna purge the office too.  The whole thing is exactly what I was worried was going to happen when the $350 million stock crash happened — a lot of people losing jobs to make up for the network's shortcomings.  And there's probably more coming.