Rock Star Gary reflects on NWA Halloween Havoc ’89: Settling the Score

Live from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: October 28, 1989

Attendance:  7,300

Hosted by Jim Ross & Bob Caudle

Put Flair, Funk, Sting, and Muta in a cage. Mix in electricity, Gary Hart, and a Philly crowd. Will the recipe be a masterpiece? Or a disaster? Read on!

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Scott’s Mailbag of Doom 05.12.15

Who wants to discuss RAW when we can discuss what I think about stuff totally unrelated to RAW? Also, I'm doing the NXT recap/discussion thing on the Sporting News starting this Thursday as well, so that's pretty cool.  

Question for the Blog ‘O’ Doom Universe.

> Every since I installed the 1.42 update for the WWE Network on my PS3 the Network will play for roughly a minute or so.  After that minute the video skips a tad, freezes five seconds later, but the audio continues to play.  After about 10 more seconds or so the audio stops and my PS3 completely freezes and I have to reboot it.
> My question for anyone out there is:  IS there ANY way to fix this?  I'm forced to install the update so that's not really an option. I've deleted, and re-installed the WWE Network App 3 times now.  It's very disheartening because I've literally been subscribed since the Day 1 Launch.
> I really miss my NXTs, old WCW PPVs, and the occasional new content.  Any help, remedies, or just general empathy would be greatly appreciated.   
> Thanks in advance.   
> PS.  Roman Reigns isn't THAT bad. Sez you. As I've mentioned recently, the Network has been getting nearly unwatchable on Roku, XBone and PS3 for me too.  It buffers FOREVER especially during archival content.  I don't know what's up with the Network but the problem is on their end. I can't even watch Nitro!

Blog of Doom question

Hey Scott,

Hope all is well. Got a quick question for the blog for you

I’ve been watching a bunch of old Raws (96-97) and reliving my childhood. I totally forgot about how often they would plug the damn hotlines. I never had parents permission so couldn't call in.  

My question’s pretty simple: did enough people ever call these damn things for Vince & Co. to make money off them and what was the content like? I imagine it just being like having someone read you old Ross Reports or Russo's Raw Magazine column. When did these go away – I don't remember some random day where the plugs stopped.

Oh yeah, they made a buttload of money off those things.  Mean Gene in WCW in particular.  I think their must have been some sort of change in laws that prevented them from carrying out past a certain point because of kids accidentally racking up phone bills, but they did really well while they were around.  As for the content, I never called myself, but typically it was "insider" news bites that anyone with an Observer subscription would already have.  

WWE’s Fingerpoke of Doom


A lot of fans – myself included – are of the opinion that the overall WWE product now is more unwatchable than ever.  Where you can pinpoint both the second that Ralph's heart rips in half and the moment WCW began to sink (the "Fingerpoke of Doom"), do you think there is a similar moment in recent WWE history?

For me, it is WrestleMania 27.  No matter your opinion on The Miz headlining the show, the way the match was booked was mind boggling for any match, let alone a Mania main event.  The Rock – who hadn't so much as laced up the boots in seven years – standing tall at the end of the show and the WWE Champion left to be an afterthought.  I suppose they had a chance to recover with CM Punk winning the title in Chicago, but we all know how that went…

What would you classify as your WWE "Fingerpoke" moment?

​HHH booking himself to go over CM Punk at Night of Champions 2011, which was pretty much Punk's hottest point and the time when they could have made him into a new top level WM-draw superstar.  And then he jobbed and now he's gone.  I don't think it directly killed the company's momentum or anything, but he was the last guy who could have been the guy to be bigger than the company and they deliberately killed him off.  ​

Wrestling Personality Quiz for the Blog of Doom

Hey Scott,
This is longtime reader/commenter, but first time emailer BeardMoney. I recently tried my hand at creating a personality quiz and I thought the BoD might enjoy this one as it asks which member of a legendary wrestling tag team you would Bee. It's kind of like a sports entertainment version of the Zoë or Zelda question. If you wanted to post it here, that would be War Games level awesome. Thanks for the great work you do with the Blog!

​I feel like I would be a Zelda.  ​

Five moves of doom


Are you the originator of the term "Five moves of doom" or is it something that floated around the prehistoric Internet and you popularized it?

At this point Cena is saying it on TV. What other Keith-isms have crossed over into the common wrestling lexicon?

​I just popularized it.  Pretty sure it came from CRZ.  However, I am fully willing to take credit for anything people want to credit with me creating.  ​

Fingerpokes of doom, HHH/Brock, and Danial Bryan

So with Summerslam coming, a scenario I have that could basically allow the WWE to FINALLY clear the deck and move forward as far as blowing off this never-ending Authority storyline and giving proper closure to it. 

At Summerslam, Brock Lesner beats John Cena for the belt and we get Fingerpoke of Doom 2.0 as Brock lays down for HHH, who pins him in an impromptu match at the end of the PPV. HHH declares himself champion, curses the fans, other wrestlers, and basically declares his egomania for the world to see as far as him declaring himself champion for life.

At which point, Danial Bryan returns and basically kills HHH and his plan to be champion but never defend the belt by using the same crap that was used to strip him of the belt to force HHH to defend the belt against him.

HHH only agrees to fight Bryan in a title match IF it's a "Loser Gets Fired" match, which allows for Bryan to not only beat HHH for the belt but remove him from TV as HHH is "fired" when he loses.

Cena can fight Brock Lesner meanwhile and they can get some mileage out of Brock effectively acknowledging that he's a piece of shit with no love for professional wrestling and refusing to fight Cena. Which gives Cena a plotline as he tries his best to get Lesner to fight him but Lesner refuses. Which segways in to the Rumble (where Brock and Cena finally are in the ring together) and ultimately Wrestlemania……

Bryan meanwhile can feud with Miz, since they have enough of a backstory storyline that they can waste a couple of months, perhaps with Steph sticking around and throwing herself behind Miz to try and avenge HHH's defeat/firing. Miz as a heel, especially a corporate heel, could do wonders for resurrecting his career and giving Bryan a decent, meaty storyline as far as Bryan's original arch enemy teaming up with the wife of his curent arch enemy to try and destroy him. And when Miz fails, they can have Steph move onto Sheamus (who fails) and finally, to Randy Orton to try and avenge HHH…..

Jesse Baker  

​Good thing you added the signature there because otherwise I never would have known.  ​