WWF Wrestling Challenge August 22nd, 1987

August 22, 1987

From the Dane County Expo Center in Madison, WI

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Ken Patera, Butch Reed, Kamala & Sika, and the Islanders. Plus, more on the Battle for Bam Bam and Bobby Heenan will bring out Paul Orndorff.


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WWF Wrestling Challenge August 16th, 1987

August 16, 1987

From the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, WI

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Superstar Billy Graham, Koko B. Ware, and Rick Rude

Barry Horowitz vs. Superstar Billy Graham

Graham overpowers Horowitz, who is doing all of the work here. We get an insert promo from Butch Reed telling Graham he is proud after attacking him during the posedown and will attack his injured hip. Back to the match as Graham hits a backdrop then catches Horowitz in a bearhug for the win (1:40).

Thoughts: Graham was essentially immobile here as Horowitz bumped his ass of to make things look passable. This crowd was not that into Graham.

Craig DeGeorge gives us an update on the “Battle for Bam Bam” as he tells us he can do dropkicks and cartwheels. We then get a clip of Freddie Blassie who is unable to tell us which manager would be best for Bam Bam. A waste of Blassie here if you ask me and it did nothing to intrigue of the storyline.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Billy Beauman

Gang attacks Beauman to start as the announcers talk about Gang being fined for attacking referees and wrestlers a few weeks ago after one of his match. Gang destroys Beauman as Slick is shown in an insert promo telling us that he will sign Bam Bam and put him together with Gang. Back to the match as Gang continues to beat the crap out of Beauman until putting him away with the front suplex (2:52).

Thoughts: They are gearing up Gang for the house show circuit against Hogan as he was being portrayed as a monster. I liked Gang here and too bad he couldn’t have done more with that character.

Gene Okerlund is with Jake Roberts and asks him about his recent surgeries while mentioning how the Honky Tonk Man hit him with his guitar. Roberts then tells Honky he is an easy man to find and he has been stirring up while awaiting a rematch. He tells us that his biggest goal is to abuse the Honky Tonk Man, like he did to him. As usual, solid stuff from Jake.

Clips of the Don Muraco/Bob Orton split, with Gorilla officially telling us that they are done as a team. Too bad no one cared as they were booked as afterthoughts for this feud.

Brian Costello vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko hits a monkey flip and a pair of armdrags to start. The crowd is behind Koko here, who is now working the arm. Koko hits a dropkick after blocking a reverse rollup and follows that with a powerslam as the announcers mention Koko singing the title track of the “Piledriver” album. Costello backs Koko in the corner and tries a headbutt but that fails as Koko drops an elbow then goes back to the arm. Koko keeps playing to the crowd, who is really cheering him on, then there is a big miscommunication spot as Costello ducked his head while Koko ram him over. Koko then hits a missile dropkick while landing on Costello before getting the win with the Ghostbuster (3:24). Koko dropped Costello right on his head with that one.

Thoughts: The last 30 seconds or so of the match broke down with Costello fucking up left and right. I don’t think Koko was too happy here. Anyway the crowd was firmly behind Koko, who got the biggest face reaction on the show.

Okerlund is now with newly crowned WWF Women’s Champion “Sensational” Sherri Martel. She tells all the women in the WWF that this belt belongs to her while egging on the others to try and beat her. Sherri then tells us that she has the best body and is the best wrestler and can cook the best as well. She closes by telling us she is so happy that she parties every night with the belt. Given her history that was probably a shoot. Good promo by Sherri. We were not used to them by the WWF women’s wrestlers at this point either.

We are shown the Hart Foundation vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma match from the 8/8 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where Mr. T as the enforcer overruled the match in the favor of Powers & Roma when he saw Hart cheat on a rollup.

DeGeorge is on the podium with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase cuts off the introduction and says that everyone knows who he is and that he is wealthy. He then tells the crowd he is better than the crowd as they are poor, unlike himself. DiBiase then tells the crowd they all have a price and he will show us how generous he is by giving away $300 then calls a lady up as he makes fun of her for looking poor. DiBiase tells her she can make $300 by barking like a dog then tells her to get down on all fours and bark in front of him. She obliges and barely makes any noise so DiBiase tells us that he wants to hear a high-pitched bark. The lady does so and earns $100 then gets another $100 each of two other barks. DiBiase then asks Virgil if she earned the money as he says no as DiBiase agrees and calls the crowd all a bunch of poor “dog faces” and “suckers” as the woman walks away without any money. This stuff really was genius. A simple and effective way to get heel heat and a great gimmick for house shows.

Now, we are shown David Wolff as he talks about producing the “Piledriver” album. He mentions calling Rick Derringer then talks about how well the wrestlers sung as he hypes it up.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Sonny Rogers

Johnny V. has replaced Heenan on commentary. Before the match, Rude tells the men in the audience to be quiet so the ladies can see him remove his robe. Match starts with Rude slamming Rogers then taunting the crowd as he flexes. He then catches Rogers with a clothesline as we get an insert promo of Rude, with the camera zoomed in on his abs as he opens his robe. Rude then picks up Rogers and makes him submit to the backbreaker (0:57).

Thoughts: They are no starting to build up Rude’s heel persona as he begins his ascension up the card. Rude looked good in the ring here.

Lanny Poffo & Mark Richards vs. Kamala & Sika w/ Mr. Fuji & Kimchee

We get an insert promo from Fuji to start but we see a photo of Bam Bam in its place as he tells us Bam Bam can be a “volcano.” Poffo tags out after getting roughed up then Sika hits Richards with the Samoan drop and holds him down so Kamala can hit a top rope splash for the win (2:00).

Thoughts: Not much to this as Kamala & Sika were afterthoughts at this point.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji, who tells us that Killer Khan loves to be tortured. Khan comes out as Fuji tells us that all the “little Hulksters” will see Hogan get tortured. Okerlund keeps asking Fuji about Khan’s training as Fuji tells us that he teaches him martial arts and hits him hard when he screws up as Khan is hitting himself. Fuji cut a more serious promo than usual here. It was alright I guess.

The medics are shown taking Richards out of the ring on a stretcher.

Next week in action will be Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, Demolition, Brutus Beefcake, and the Junkyard Dog.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show at all. We saw the TV debut of DiBiase’s fan out of the crowd gimmick. We also got to see newer acts like the One Man Gang and Rick Rude pushed as well. The WWF was starting to build a nice collection of upper card heels at this time, which was a desperate need.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH The Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum (Paul Boesch Retirement Show) 8/28/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge July 26th, 1987

July 26, 1987

From the Olympic Center in Lake Placid, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week will be Ken Patera, George Steele, Demolition, Killer Khan, and the One Man Gang

Al Navarro vs. Ken Patera

Navarro got a haircut since the last set of tapings. Good for him. Navarro lands some truly horrendous offense into Patera, who then picks him up and places him on the apron. Patera knocks Navarro off then rams him into the stairs before the action heads inside. Patera tosses Navarro around before putting him away with the swinging neckbreaker (1:53). After the match, Patera points and stares at Heenan.

Thoughts: The Patera/Heenan Family feud has lost a lot of steam and at this point it is safe to say that Patera himself has failed in his new role.

Craig DeGeorge tells us that the Can-Am Connection is no more as Zenk quit. We are then shown Martel, who said his partner left because their feud against the Islanders was too tough for him. Heenan and the Islanders are shown as Heenan buries Zenk for being a coward and that Martel should follow suit and quit himself. They made sure to bury Zenk on TV.

Scott Casey & Steve Douglas vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Casey lands a few shots on Ax but Smash comes in as Demolition takes control. We get an insert promo from Mr. Fuji talking about how he will manage Bam Bam Bigelow as Heenan says he is lying. Douglas tags as Demolition beat the crap out of him until they put him away with the Decapitation (3:11).

Thoughts: More of the Bam Bam stuff but with regards to Demolition, they really need a feud at this point instead of just destroying jobbers.

Gene Okerlund is with “Ravishing” Rick Rude. Okerlund asks him about his alignment with Heenan as Rude says it is about money, while referring to Okerlund as “Little Man.” Okerlund brings up Heenan’s past failed promises as Rude says that is all in the past as he is the future of wrestling. Rude is asked about Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as Rude says both of them will go down. They are giving Rude a solid push from the start.

We get footage of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase at a house show. He pays a woman $100 to wipe the sweat off of him after his match while he tells us everyone has a price.

The Gladiator vs. George “The Animal” Steele

Gladiator tries to attack Steele but ends up getting tossed outside. Steele heads back in and bites open a turnbuckle then tosses the stuffing at the Gladiator before trying to rip off his mask. He tosses the Gladiator back over the top rope again and works on the arm before putting him away with the flying hammerlock (2:32).

Thoughts: The crowds loved Steele but he was really just a side attraction at this point. He would be pitted against lower card workers at house shows but that role was just fine.

Okerlund is with Koko B. Ware, who is playing the harmonica. Koko tells us about his feuds with Danny Davis and the One Man Gang. Not much to this interview other than to show us that Koko had music ability, which would continue to be on display as the year continued.

We get a WWF Ice Cream Bar plug from Little Beaver, who said he eats one of these to cool off when he gets upset about what King Kong Bundy did to him at WrestleMania III.

Killer Khan w/ Mr. Fuji vs. David Stoudemire

Stoudemire looks like a slightly more toned version of Bo Dallas. Khan does some sumo rituals before attacking Stoudemire. He stays on the attack then sprays the mist in his face. Khan then hits a backbreaker before going up top and hitting the flying knee drop for the win ( 2:59).

Thoughts: They are making sure to put over the mist so they can sell Khan’s house show matches against Hogan.

Snake Pit with guest Mr. T. This was shown in most markets on the 7/18 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Mr. T comes out and says that most referees do not know what they are doing so he is going to stand outside of the ring as the enforcer. Danny Davis comes out to interrupt and takes offense to Mr. T receiving his referee’s license. Mr. T says that Davis isnt much of a referee or a wrestler. Jake then talks for a little bit before scaring Davis with the snake. This feud ended just as soon as it started.

Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma

Powers works the arm of Lombardi to start. Roma tags and takes control until Lombardi blocks a monkey flip. Roma gets beaten down for a minute until Horowitz misses a leg drop from the second rope. Hot tag to Powers as one fan is screaming. His offense looks like shit as he works over Horowitz. Lombardi breaks up a pin attempt after a powerslam then the match breaks down until Roma tags himself in and jumps off the top rope with a sunset flip that puts away Horowitz (4:20).

Thoughts: Roma & Powers finally win a tag match. Roma looked like he just won the Powerball drawing. This win would lead to a mini-push for the duo.

DeGeorge is on the stage with Bobby Heenan, who brings out King Harley Race. But firsts, he tells the crowd to get up and bow to the king. Race comes out and says he tells, not asks, the crowd to get up and bow to him. He also says he is “the man in wrestling” today and that no one can beat him. Heenan closes by saying the one thing to top off his career will be the World Title as he guarantees that it will happen. I really didnt get the point of this at all as Race just lost a series of house show matches against Hogan, which drew poorly to begin with.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Eric Cooper

Gang destroys Cooper as Slick is shown in an insert promo saying he is mad about the other managers saying Bam Bam will sign with them because “the brother is mine.” Gang continues his assault until he finishes Cooper off with the gordbuster (1:38).

Thoughts: A quick squash that also furthered along the Bam Bam angle.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation. Neidhart tells us that since they won the Tag Team Championships, everyone has been jealous of them. The Hart Foundation then make fun of the other Tag Teams as they leave. The Honky Tonk Man comes in as he lists off the guys he has beat and says no one else can beat him. This was done to put over Hart and all of his guys.

In action next week will be Koko B. Ware, Jake Roberts, Hart Foundation, and more.

Final Thoughts: The show was okay this week. The Bam Bam story continues to dominate and they were pushing other soon-to-be debuting acts like DiBiase and Rude. The Mr. T and Danny Davis stuff went nowhere though. The WWF had some bad luck with feuds after WrestleMania III, with several of them ending abruptly.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/1/87
Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Kevin Steen
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/2/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/8/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge July 19th, 1987

July 19. 1987

From the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, KY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan (holding a video tape that he says contains TV footage of Bam Bam Bigelow) and Gorilla Monsoon.

In action this week will be Jake Roberts, Kamala & Sika, Can-Am Connection, and Randy Savage.

Sonny Rogers & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. Kamala & Sika w/ Mr. Fuji

Poffo’s pre-match promo is about Bobby Heenan and his struggles with Ken Patera. Match starts with Kamala tossing around Poffo, who briefly fights back only to get taken down with a thrust kick. Rogers tags as Sika beats him down. Sika hits the Samoan drop as Mr. Fuji is shown in an insert promo saying he specializes in big men like Bam Bam Bigelow as he promises to be his manager. That gets Heenan all worked up then Kamala tags and finishes Rogers off with a splash (1:22).

Thoughts: The point of this was to further along the “who will manage” Bam Bam Bigelow storyline. Kamala & Sika were past the point of usefulness here and Kamala would be done with the company in several weeks.

Craig DeGeorge talks about Danny Davis as we see clips of him and his dubious officiating. It was the same thing they showed on “Superstars of Wrestling.”

Scott Casey vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Match starts with Casey in control as we get an insert promo from Hart telling all the other managers to back off as he is signing Bam Bam Bigelow. Casey hits a slam but Honky gets his knees up on a splash attempt as Heenan goes off on Hart. Honky rams Casey in the stomach as Gorilla talks about Honky visiting Graceland, which was detailed in WWF Magazine. Casey fights back but Honky elbows him in the back of the neck then hits the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the win (2:13).

Thoughts: They pushed Honky a bit on commentary but again, most of this was about hyping Bam Bam Bigelow.

Gene Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog, who talks about coming from the Mid South area to the WWF and how he started having bad luck lately so he talked to his grandma, who told him to go to his closet and grab his old chain. Gene talks about his new golf clubs as JYD rambles on and on about nothing.

We get a replay of the Million Dollar Man where he pays off the pool manager to kick out the kids so he can have it all for himself.

Can-Am Connection vs. The Shadows

Martel takes Shadow #1 down with a headscissors as the Can-Ams are shown in an insert promo saying they are going to take care of the Islanders before challenging for the titles. The Shadows take control of the match as they work over Martel while the announcers talk about the Million Dollar Man. The crowd rallies behind Martel, who kicks Shadow #1 after he ducked his head on a backdrop attempt then makes the tag. Zenk runs wild then the match breaks down as #2 gets dropkicked over the top rope then Zenk hits #1 with an atomic drop as Martel hits a crossbody for a win (4:11).

Thoughts: They put over the Can-Ams a lot here but this would end up being Zenk’s last televised match with the company.

Okerlund is with Tito Santana, who does not care for Ted DiBiase trying to buy his way to the top of the WWF and that you have to earn the title here. Tito then believes Mr. T will do an honest job as the enforcer as he states he wants a shot at the Honky Tonk Man before screaming “arriba!.” Looks like they are starting to give Tito something to do here instead of waste away in six-man tags.

A clip of Brutus Beefcake cutting off some of Greg Valentine’s hair from this past episode of “Superstars of Wrestling.”

Jerry Allen & Jim Powers vs. New Dream Team w/ Johnny V.

Powers works over the arm of Bravo to start. Allen tags but gets backed into the corner as we get an insert promo from Johnny V. as he claims to have the inside track at managing Bam Bam Bigelow because of his “grandma’s cooking.” Valentine beats on Allen as Heenan proclaims that all the managers are jealous of him as in college he had all the girls and the nice cars. Bravo hits Powers with a back suplex then an inverted atomic drop but misses an elbow drop as Allen tags. Bravo dodges a dropkick then hits a side slam before tagging Valentine, who gets the win with the figure four (3:25). Valentine refuses to break the hold as Johnny V. distracts the ref. Bravo tosses Powers to the floor as they finally stop the attack.

Thoughts: More Bam Bam Bigelow drama here as Johnny V. throws his name into the hat. The New Dream Team sucked and really never got over at all as heels. They were only useful as fodder for Beefcake.

DeGeorge is with “The Outlaw” Ron Bass. He asks Bass about his whip, Miss Betsy,  as Bass tells us that Miss Betsy is here and warns Tito Santana and even Hulk Hogan about her.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Dusty Wolfe

Wolfe briefly works the arm until Jake brushes him away. Wolfe gets tossed outside then Jake sends him out again with a clothesline. Wolfe finally gets up and Jake hits the DDT for the win (1:29). After the match Jake wraps the snake around Wolfe’s neck.

Thoughts: Jake looked rough with Wolfe in the ring. He beat the shit out of him.

We now see Heenan’s footage of Bam Bam Bigelow, which was the same exact clip Jimmy Hart showed us on “Superstars of Wrestling.” Gorilla tells Heenan that clip doesn’t prove anything about him managing Bam Bam.

Sivi Afi vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

The crowd is cheering Savage here. Gorilla asks Heenan if he has anything to prove that he manages Bam Bam as the two guys in the ring lockup. Afi hits a hurricarana and a slam but misses a splash from the top rope. Savage tosses Afi to the floor and follows out with a top rope double axe handle. Back inside, Savage chokes out Afi against the ropes then hits a knee drop for a nearfall as Savage pulled him up. Savage then slams Afi then climbs up top and hits the flying elbow smash for the win (2:17).

Thoughts: The crowd treated Savage like a total face here, with Gorilla even being complimentary towards him. Another thing to note was how often Gorilla mentioned that Elizabeth looked worried.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji. He asks him about Demolition as Fuji holds an extension cord as he claims to train them by plugging it in as Demolition comes out, sporting new face paint, and tells us that they break bones while Fuji is laughing in the background. Demolition then plays with the cord and make electrical puns as Fuji is cracking up. Okerlund then asks them if the cord means that they are on the “juice” while they laugh. Funny stuff here and it seemed to have a lot of inside references.

Next week in action will be Ken Patera, Demolition, George Steele, and Killer Khan.

Final Thoughts: They are really pushing the newcomers like Bam Bam and DiBiase and its a good thing as the top of the card is lacking at the moment. The Can-Am push was for nothing as Zenk quit, which put a wrench in their hot feud they had with the Islanders. Plus, the Savage face turn was ever so slowly starting out here, with the announcers dropping subtle hints. It was a slow time still but they were putting the pieces in place to get the product going again.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot with Greg Valentine
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/25/87
Saturday: RoH Glory By Honor II 9/20/03
Sunday: WWF Madison Square Garden 7/25/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/26/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge July 12th, 1987

July 12, 1987

From the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, KY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.

This week’s featured match will see the Killer Bees vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton. Also in action tonight will be the Junkyard Dog, Hart Foundation, One Man Gang, and Hillbilly Jim & Billy Jack Haynes & Tito Santana.

Brian Costello vs. Junkyard Dog

Gorilla notes the weight gain of JYD as Heenan said JYD recently bought flash cards so he could learn to count to ten. JYD hits a poor excuse of a clothesline then overpowers Costello for a bit, as he barely seems able to move, until he puts him away with the powerslam (1:53). After the match, JYD dances with a few kids in the ring.

Thoughts: Even the announcers are hinting at how terrible JYD looks now and its clear that he is being phased down the card.

Craig DeGeorge talks about Killer Khan as we see him use the mist on his opponents. They are playing this up as a threat to everyone, including Hogan. Well, they had to hype their house show matches somehow.

Jerry Allen & Mario Mancini vs. The Islanders w/ Bobby Heenan

Johnny V. replaces Heenan on commentary for this match. He also tells us that is the one who has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Allen catches Tama with a slam and a dropkick. Haku tags in but Allen hits him with a crossbody for a nearfall. The Islanders trap Allen in the corner and beat him down for a bit. Allen makes the tag to Mancini, who immediately gets attacked then put away with the double flying headbutt (2:42).

Thoughts: Not much to this other than the continuation of the Bam Bam Bigelow angle.

Gene Okerlund is with Ken Patera, who tells us the emotional scars he deals with then refers to the Heenan Family as the “goon squad.” Patera now has an insane look on his face that even Okerlund seems scared of him as Patera talks about taking out the Heenan Family one-by-one until its just Heenan himself and that “paybacks will be paid.” This interview was something else.

Cowboy Bob Orton & Don Muraco vs. Killer Bees

Gorilla tells Heenan that Johnny V. told him he signed Bam Bam, which Heenan states is a lie because he is the one who signed him. Muraco and Blair start off the match. After a minute of back and forth action, Blair catches Muraco with a powerslam then Orton tries to break it up but accidentally leg drops his partner. Blair hits Muraco with an atomic drop as he collides with Orton, who then tags into the match. Orton pulls up on the ropes but in the process he slingshots Muraco into the ring. Muraco and Orton finally take control of the match. Orton goes to hit Brunzell, who ducks, and accidentally nails the referee then the bell rings as the ref disqualifies Muraco and Orton. After the match, Muraco and Orton argue until Orton storms off.

Thoughts: More of a comedy match with Orton & Muraco, former stars, reduced to doing goofy miscommunication spots leading to a breakup.

Okerlund is with Greg Valentine, who blames Brutus Beefcake for losing the Tag Team Titles and how he will never touch his hair and if Beefcake does try to cut his hair, he will put him in the figure four and snap his leg.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Jim Evans

Gang chokes out Evans with his own jacket to start. He rams him into the corner as Slick is shown in an insert promo telling us that he has the “inside track” on Bam Bam Bigelow as Heenan is irate. Gang then puts Evans away with a gordbuster.

Thoughts: Again, the main point here was adding further intrigue to the Bam Bam Bigelow angle.

DeGeorge is with the Heenan Family as they gloat over the fact they beat up and whipped Ken Patera. We are then shown footage of Patera in the locker room after the attack, with welts all over his back.

Hillbilly Jim & Tito Santana & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Tiger Chung Lee & Terry Gibbs & Chris Curtis

Haynes works over Lee to start. Jim tags in and does a cartwheel as the fans applaud but Tito tags in after that and slams Gibbs around. Curtis, sporting a shaved head, enters as Tito works him over. Jim then catches Curtis in one of the sorriest attempts of a bearhug that I have ever seen. The jobbers break that up then Tito tags in and gets the win after hitting Curtis with the flying forearm (2:39). After the match the winners dance and clap with a few kids.

Thoughts: The action was pretty bad when Tito was not in the ring. Other than that, just a way to get three guys with nothing going on a chance to shine on TV.

A replay of footage from Ted DiBiase at a house show tossing money into the crowd.

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Omar Atlas & Corporal Kirchner

The Hart Foundation beat on Atlas as we see Jimmy Hart in an insert promo saying he will be the one to sign Bam Bam Bigelow. Kirchner tags and cleans house then tags Atlas, who comes off of the rope with an elbow smash. Gorilla hypes the WWF Magazine and an article on the British Bulldogs and how they hope to regain the titles. The Harts are beating on Atlas in the corner then put him away with the Hart Attack (3:15).

Thoughts: More fuel for the Bam Bam angle and they seem to be hinting that the Bulldogs will be #1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles.

Okerlund is with Slick, who refuses to answer his question about the One Man Gang’s signing bonus. Butch Reed comes out and runs down the top babyfaces in the company.

Next week in action will be Jake Roberts, Kamala & Sika, Honky Tonk Man, Can-Am Connection, and Randy Savage

Final Thoughts: The Bam Bam Bigelow hype and storyline over which manager will in fact manage him dominated the show. They also had more tension between Muraco and Orton and hyped up the cold Patera vs. Heenan Family Feud but other than that nothing really happened. They are at least pushing newer acts here but they are struggling to find a top TV feud and credible opponents for Hogan.

Here is my schedule for the next several days.

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/18/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/19/87
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/25/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge July 5th, 1987

July 5, 1987

From the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, KY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Jake Roberts, Honky Tonk Man, Demolition, Brutus Beefcake, and Killer Khan.

Tony Leone vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Leone lands a few punches in the corner but Roberts comes back with a clothesline. Heenan then tells us that he has signed “Bam Bam Bigelow,” who he tells us weighs 396 lbs. Back to the match as Roberts hits a slam then shortly after that hits the DDT for the win (1:27). After the match, Roberts puts the snake on Leone, to the delight of the fans.

Thoughts: The fans loved Roberts but the announcers talking about Bam Bam was the theme of the show as Monsoon would goad Heenan about the other managers claiming to have signed Bam Bam as well.

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo recites a promo about the WWF Ice Cream Bars

Jim Powers vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Both guys trade off working the arm as Jimmy Hart is shown in an insert promo announcing that he has signed “Bam Bam.” Back to the match as Honky is in control then puts Powers away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1:38). After the match, Honky thanks the fans then dances.

Thoughts: Honky did a good job getting heel heat here but the story of the show is still just exactly who is Bam Bam, as Hart told us that he is 6’6 and can do everything.

Gene Okerlund is with the Killer Bees, who tell us that they have been having fun this holiday weekend as Blair gives him some “orange blossom special.” Brunzell looks ungodly hungover here as he talks about masked confusion. These guys gave us a lot of really corny promos.

Frankie DeFalco vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake 

Beefcake is carrying a mirror to the ring. He starts the match by beating on DeFalco as the announcers talk about the haircut Johnny V. received. Beefcake then catches DeFalco with a sleeper and gets the win (1:46). After the match, Beefcake puts on his coats and cuts DeFalco’s hair before spraying it red.

Thoughts: Beefcake was another wrestler that found success with a post-match gimmick. During a time when the company needed help in the midcard, the success of Beefcake was welcome.

S.D. Jones & Paul Roma vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

The faces briefly work over the arm of Smash to start. Smash comes back with a slam on Roma as Fuji is shown in an insert promo announcing that he has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Back to the match as Roma comes back with a dropkick on Ax but gets caught with a stungun then put away with the Decapitation (2:21).

Thoughts: Most of the focus was on the Bam Bam situation. Demolition needs a feud.

We are shown the replay of the Heenan Family beating down Ken Patera after his match from the 6/27 edition of Superstars of Wrestling.

Killer Khan w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Mike Richards

Khan destroys Richards as Heenan thinks Khan can beat Hulk Hogan for the title. Khan hits a thrust kick then sprays mist into Richards eyes. Khan then hits a piledriver before putting Richards away with a flying knee drop (3:24).

Thoughts: They certainly tried to put over Khan as a credible threat to Hogan. As far as the match, it went on for too long. Khan should have put this clown away in half the time.

Next week in action will be the Junkyard Dog, Hart Foundation, One Man Gang, and Hillbilly Jim & Billy Jack Haynes & Tito Santana. Plus, the featured match will have the Killer Bees take on Don Muraco & Bob Orton.

Final Thoughts: They did a great job in making you want to see just who Bam Bam was but other than that, there was no real feud advancement to speak of besides a clip of Patera getting beat down. Not the most exciting show and really nothing you would have needed to see back in the day.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/11/87
Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with New Jack (2004)
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/12/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/18/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge June 28th, 1987

June 28, 1987

From the War Memorial in Rochester, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight’s featured match is Greg Valentine vs. Raymond Rougeau. Also in action are the Can-Am Connection and Randy Savage.

Dave Stoudemire vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

Before the match, ring announcer Mel Phillips introduced Mr. T as the new enforcer of the WWF. He got a decent reaction here then tries to shake the hand of Savage, who turns his back on him, to the amusement of Heenan. The match begins as Savage immediately attacks Stoudemire. He slams him down then goes up top for the flying elbow smash and that gets the win (0:35). Savage did not even remove his shades here.

Thoughts: Easy work for Savage here. The big story from this match is that Mr. T is back in the WWF as an “enforcer.” This did not last long.

Wrestler’s Rebuttal with Craig DeGeorge. He is with the Junkyard Dog, who tells us that his new catchphrase is “fightin’ and a bitin'” before he teaches DeGeorge how to juke. Same old routine from JYD, who was past the point of usefulness here.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Johnny V. & Dino Bravo vs. Raymond Rougeau w/ Jacques Rougeau 

Match starts with Valentine taking control as we are shown an insert promo from Brutus Beefcake, threatening to cut the hair of the New Dream Team. Back to the match as Vaentine stops a comeback with a knee to the gut then works the leg. Valentine heads up top but Raymond slams him off then gets a nearfall with a sunset flip. Bravo trips up Raymond from the outside and that sets off Jacques as he runs in and breaks up Valentine’s Figure Four as the match is ruled a no-contest (3:12). The teams then brawl for a bit.

Thoughts: This feud continues although it is not particularly exciting or anything.

Gene Okerlund is with Hercules. He asks him about Bobby Heenan as Hercules tells us the Heenan Family has never been stronger. He also says that he has never been stronger and that Ken Patera will pay for what he did to Heenan. Decent enough promo from Hercules.

We are now shown the first “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vignette. This was originally aired on the 6/27 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” He is in his limo holding a stack of money while he tells us that he can buy happiness, love, and even by any of us before introducing us to Virgil, who is driving the car. DiBiase then suffers a paper cut from flicking through his money as he orders Virgil to take him to the hospital, where he cuts ahead of everyone after giving the nurse $300. DiBiase then tells us that the nurse did what everyone watching would have done as she had her price, just like everyone of us has too. Great introductory vignette. This character was an awesome idea for a heel and these would continue on for the next several weeks.

Can-Am Connection vs. Terry Gibbs & Jimmy Jack Funk

Zenk starts the match by working the arm of Gibbs. The match breaks down as Zenk gets tossed but comes back in to help Martel take down Gibbs with a sunset flip. The Can-Ams then send Funk to the floor with a double dropkick as they take control of the match. Funk clotheslines Martel behind the referee’s back then tags in and gets two off of a shoulderbreaker. Martel blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Zenk gets tagged in and runs wild then Martel holds up Gibbs as Zenk connects with a missile dropkick and gets the win (3:47).

Thoughts: The crowd wasn’t that into the Can-Ams here but to be fair it was the final show of the taping and they looked burned out. Plus, this taping did not exactly produce the most compelling TV in WWF history.

King Harley Race & Hercules & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Don Driggers & Mario Mancini & ?????

I have no idea who the third guy is on the jobber team. He never even tagged in here.  Before the match, Heenan cut off ring announcer Mel Phillips to introduce Orndorff as he has his own entrance in an attempt to re-establish him into the company. Match starts with the heels tossing around Driggers. Mancini tags in and gets clotheslined by Orndorff, who shortly after that puts Driggers away with the piledriver (2:12).

Thoughts: This was designed to put over the Heenan Family as a threat while spotlighting Orndorff and how he is ready to be a threat again to the top of the card.

Craig DeGeorge welcomes Mr. T, who is the new enforcer in the WWF. Mr. T tells him that he has been preparing by chopping trees as DeGeorge tells Danny Davis to look out. Nothing you haven’t seen before from a Mr. T promo.

“Cowboy” Frankie Lane vs. “The Outlaw” Ron Bass

Bass tosses Laine to the floor then we hear Bass in an insert promo talking about his whip, Miss Betsy, and how he wants to use it to humiliate people after he beats them. Back to the match as Bass is beating the crap out of Laine for a bit until he hits the Texas Gordbuster for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: Dull and the crowd sat on their hands for this one. Bass wasn’t a bad worker at all but he seemingly bored the crowd to tears in this match.

DeGeorge is with Slick and “The Natural” Butch Reed, who says that Superstar Billy Graham does not have the body or the mentality like he does as he runs down Graham further for being old and broken down. They are looking to start a Reed/Graham feud.

Clips of the Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees match from the 6/20/87 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”

Okerlund is with Billy Jack Haynes, who talks about the grand opening of his new gym in Oregon. Okerlund then asks him about his workout regime as Haynes tells us that he works out 1.5 hours a day six days a week. He then asks him about his feud with Hercules as Haynes tells Hercules what goes around, comes around, and is not ranting and raving like a psychopath this time as he wants to settle the score with Hercules once and for all. A calm Haynes almost worries me more than a screaming psychotic Haynes.

In action next week will be Jake Roberts, Brutus Beefcake, and the British Bulldogs

Final Thoughts: The Million Dollar Man vignette was cool and the Mr. T as an enforcer angle was intriguing. Plus, they established that JYD and Orndorff returned, which is fine, but they were past their primes. The WWF was trying to get things going at this time but a lot of plans got derailed one way or another.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with Jerry Lynn
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/4/87
Saturday: RoH Beating the Odds 9/6/03
Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/5/87
Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/11/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge June 21st, 1987

June 21, 1987

From the War Memorial in Rochester, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Islanders, Honky Tonk Man, Ken Patera, Koko B. Ware, and Demolition

Paul Roma vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Honky immediately goes to work on the arm of Roma, who fights back and hits an atomic drop. Roma comes back with a nice dropkick then a slam but misses an elbow drop. Honky beats down Roma then taunts the crowd before going to work in the corner. We get an insert promo from Randy Savage, thanking Honky for taking care of Ricky Steamboat as he proclaims he will climb to the top and beat Hogan. Back to the match as Honky catches Roma with an elbow to the neck before hitting the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the win (1:57). After the match, Honky dedicates his win to the fans then begins to dance.

Thoughts: Honky continues to get massive heel heat. The most hated WWF wrestler in 1987 if I had to choose.

Wrestler’s Rebuttal with Craig DeGeorge. He is with the British Bulldogs and Matilda as Davey tells us that Matilda gives them advice. A waste of thirty seconds.

Rick Renslow vs. Ken Patera

Before the match, Patera points at Heenan, who goes off about Patera being a “violent animal.” Patera shoves down Renslow a few times. Heenan puts down Patera constantly as Renslow takes a breather outside. Back in the ring, Renslow uses an eye rake but Patera fights back and slams him down. He follows with a suplex before getting the win with a bearhug (2:12).

Thoughts: Patera’s push continues to fizzle out as not even Heenan could ignite their feud. Patera had nothing left in the ring.

Gene Okerlund puts over the Tag Team Division before bringing out the Can-Am Connection. Martel puts over all the teams then wants to know why the Islanders aligned with Heenan in a promo that seemed like a struggle. Zenk then promises they will be all over the Islanders. Rough promo from these two.

Scott Casey & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. The Islanders w/ Bobby Heenan

Poffo’s pre match promo involved the Can-Am Connection beating the Islanders. Johnny V. has replaced Heenan on commentary for this match, sounding more drunk than usual. Casey takes Tama over after an Irish whip sequence. Haku tags in and gets taken down with a few arm drags but is able to come back with a chop. The Islanders double-team Casey for a bit as they are in control of the match. Casey dodges a splash and tags out as Poffo runs wild. The match breaks down until Casey gets dumped then Poffo misses a dropkick as the Islanders hit the double diving headbutt for the win (3:27).

Thoughts: The heel push for the Islanders continues as their feud with the Can-Am Connection is getting a lot of TV time.

Okerlund is with Bob Orton & Don Muraco and brings up rumors of dissention between the two. Muraco tells us that sometimes in the heat of battle you can lose control but can easily rectify the situation as Orton says everything is alright and that they are ready to take on the competition. Muraco then cuts off Orton as he was talking as they are now both talking over each other. These two will be splitting soon.

Johnny K-9 vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko hits a backdrop as the announcers plug the WWF Magazine and how its now a monthly publication. Koko then hits a dropkick as the camera zooms in on Frankie. Koko gets the crowd going as K-9 takes a breather. Back to the action as Koko catches K-9 with a slam then hits a missile dropkick before hitting the Ghostbuster for the win (2:10). Man, that looked vicious.

Thoughts: Koko looked good here but had nothing going on at this point other than a feud against Danny Davis at house shows.

DeGeorge is with Danny Davis, who says the officiating has gone downhill since he was let go, something DeGeorge disagrees with. Davis then warns everyone that he is even better as a wrestler. Too bad his ring work never matched his mic skills because he could have been something.

Billy Jack Haynes tells us that he does not smoke, drink, or take drugs as there is not one positive thing you can get out of drugs as he pleads with the kids that drugs are negative while they are a positive influence to the world. This happened.

A repeat of the latest update on Superstar Billy Graham from this week’s “Superstars of Wrestling.”

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Brian Costello

Gang destroys Costello in the corner as Gorilla asks Heenan about Bundy and how he abuses the midget wrestlers. Costello is now in the tree-of-woe as Gang chokes him out with his foot. Gang roughs up Costello some more until he puts him away with a gordbuster (1:53).

Thoughts: Odd to see after a few weeks of putting over the Master Blaster that Gang switched to a new finisher.

Jim Powers & Jerry Allen vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Ax beats on Powers as we get an insert promo from Fuji, telling us that Demolition will destroy every other team in the WWF. Smash now beats on Powers as Heenan proclaims that Demolition will not last ten minutes against the Islanders. Allen tags in and also gets destroyed. Ax clotheslines Allen over the top rope then they slam him repeatedly when he re-enters the ring then Demolition get the win with the Decapitation (3:45).

Thoughts: Total domination by Demolition here. They were such an awesome team.

Okerlund is with Randy Savage, who still states he is happy that the Honky Tonk Man beat Steamboat for the IC belt as he is now going to beat Hulk Hogan for the Heavyweight Title. Savage then guarantees he will win and is now doing things his own way as the “Macho Madness Bandwagon” has surpassed Hulkamania. Okerlund then brings up Elizabeth and when she is coming back with him for the interviews as Savage yells at him. They are subtle in planting the seeds for Savage’s face turn. In hindsight, it was very well done.

Next week in action will be Randy Savage, Can-Am Connection, and Greg Valentine vs. Raymond Rougeau

Final Thoughts: Not that bad of a show but again, the company was in a downswing here. I dont have a lot more to add other than that but I dont have a copy of the 6/27 edition of Superstars (which featured the first-ever Million Dollar Man vignette) so I will skip to the 6/28 edition of Challenge this Tuesday.

WWF Wrestling Challenge June 14th, 1987

June 14, 1987

From the War Memorial in Rochester, NY. This was the TV taping in which the Rockers showed up to and got fired a few days afterwards.

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week will be Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Killer Khan, Junkyard Dog, and the Ricky Steamboat vs. Honky Tonk Man match from the 6/13/87 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”

Don Driggers & Mario Mancini vs. Sika & Kamala w/ Mr. Fuji & Kimchee

Mancini has shaved off his trademark mustache this week in an attempt to look younger but it fails as Sika kicks his ass. Kamala tags and beats him down some more. Driggers tags in and gets kicked down a few times and tags Sika, who catches Driggers with a Samoan Drop then tags Kamala, who gets the pin with a splash (2:21).

Thoughts: Kamala & Sika weren’t really doing much here other than TV squash matches. They were not set up for any feuds or even being discussed in the Tag Team Title picture.

Wrestler’s Rebuttal with Craig DeGeorge, who is with the Can-Am Connection. They are still pissed off at the Islanders for turning on them. Their promos were not good at all.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Dusty Wolfe

Beefcake frustrates Wolfe by strutting around as we get an insert promo from the Rougeaus as they talk about haircuts. It went nowhere and was terrible. Back to the match as Wolfe lands a few shots but Beefcake struts around then catches him in a powerslam before putting him away with a sleeper (2:29). After the match, Beefcake puts on his smock and cuts the hair of Wolfe.

Thoughts: Beefcake started to do his signature taunts (Strut, go to sleep motion) and this was good in that the crowd was responsive to him. The haircutting after the match is also catching on with the crowd. All important things when pushing a new character.

Gene Okerlund is with the Killer Bees. They talk about the WWF Tag Team Division as Blair tells us a story about talking to Hogan as he gets lamer and lamer until it eventually ends. As talented in the ring as the babyface teams of the 80’s, they were the exact opposite on the mic.

Killer Khan vs. Eric Cooper

Khan beats on Cooper while screaming like a lunatic. He hits a Russian leg sweep, which Gorilla calls a “suplex” then shortly after that he puts him away with a top rope knee drop (1:56).

Thoughts: They continue to build up Khan as a possible threat to the World Title.

Okerlund is with Slick and puts him over for bringing in the One Man Gang, who eventually enters the interview. Slick said the ultimate goal in wrestling is the World Title and he is convinced the One Man Gang can bring it home. They are building up another monster heel as a possible World Title threat.

Steve Lombardi vs. Junkyard Dog

Match starts with JYD tossing Lombardi around. We get an insert promo from Slick and Nikolai Volkoff as they both tell him he will be sent back across the tracks. JYD works the arm then hits a few headbutts and an atomic drop before getting the win with a powerslam (2:11).

Thoughts: JYD really looks awful at this point and as a result, spent the rest of his run putting guys over or winning over lower card guys but never involved in any major storylines.

DeGeorge is with Ron Bass, who does not attack people from behind but rather looks them in the eye. He then calls out Hulk Hogan and a few other babyfaces as he promises to bring in his whip “Miss Betsy.” They are trying to get over Bass and his whip.

A replay of the Superstar Billy Graham recovery piece.

The replay of the Honky Tonk Man vs. Ricky Steamboat match from the 6/13/87 edition of Superstars is shown.

Iron Mike Sharpe & Cowboy Bob Orton & Don Muraco vs. Hillbilly Jim & S.D. Jones & Billy Jack Haynes

Orton hip tosses Haynes then celebrates. Haynes comes back with one of his own then hits a few more. He then takes down Muraco as he runs in while Heenan calls him a “show off.”The announcers talk about the Honky Tonk Man winning the IC Title as Gorilla wonders if Heenan is jealous of Hart for managing the IC and Tag Team Champions. The match breaks down as all the faces ram the heels in the corner. S.D. headbutts Muraco a few times but gets caught with a powerslam. Muraco is dazed and tags in Sharpe as Orton is pissed. Muraco and Orton argue on the apron then Muraco tries to clothesline S.D. from the second rope behind the referee’s back but he ends up hitting Sharpe by accident then S.D. covers for the pin (3:25). After the match, Muraco and Orton argue in the aisle as the faces celebrate.

Thoughts: This is the beginning of the split between Orton and Muraco. The way in which it happened was not all that exciting. It’s shocking to see S.D. score the pin here too.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart, who is gloating about the Honky Tonk Man’s win. The Hart Foundation walk in and say there is not stopping them and that Danny Davis will be Hulk Hogan to win the World Title. The Foundation then turns their attention to the Killer Bees and call them cheaters, wondering how they can even sleep at night. Neidhart says that they do not have to hide their faces under masks then talk about the other teams. Great interview here.

We are shown the heel locker room celebration as the Honky Tonk Man enters after winning the IC Title. Randy Savage was the first person to congratulate him.

Next week in action will be the Honky Tonk Man, Ken Patera, The Islanders, Koko B. Ware, and Demolition.

Final Thoughts: Not that much going on here, unless you missed the title change on Superstars. They focused on the Tag Team Division and focused on building up some of the midcard guys but beyond that it was forgettable. Its clear the WWF was struggling at this time due to firings, injuries, and pushing stale talent. It was a real down time until the end of the year.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 8/16/03
Tuesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 6/14/87
Thursday: 1989 WCW Timeline as told by Jim Cornette
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 6/20/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge June 7th, 1987

June 7, 1987

From the Sports Arena in San Diego, CA

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be the Honky Tonk Man, Hercules, George “The Animal” Steele, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Jerry Allen vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Before the match, Phillips lets the crowd know that the DDT will not be banned, causing Honky and Hart to flip out. Allen then attacks Honky and takes him down with a dropkick. He tries another one but Honky pulls up on the ropes then goes to work. He clotheslines Allen down and hammers away until getting the win with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1:34). After the match, Honky plays guitar for the crowd, who respond by pelting him with garbage.

Thoughts: Honky is probably the hottest heel on WWF TV at this point and time. The crowd hated him and the Honky/Hart pairing was money. Those two together were heat magnets. 

Wrestler’s Rebuttal with the Hart Foundation, who dismiss the rumors that they are hiding behind the Tag Team Titles. Both guys let us know that they will defend the belts anywhere at anytime then close out the segment by starting a “we’re not afraid” chant. This was truly a great heel team and firing on all cylinders in 1987.

Replay of the Can-Am Connection vs. Islanders match from the 5/30/87 edition of Superstars. This is when the Islanders turned heel and aligned with Bobby Heenan.

Gene Okerlund is with Ken Patera, who cuts an awful promo about Heenan saying stuff about his family and how he will get his revenge on him. Patera seemed like he was reading off of a teleprompter here and barely showed any emotion. His face turn and push continues to flop.

Jerry Monti vs. Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan

Johnny V. has replaced Heenan in the booth. He seems hammered tonight. Hercules beats the piss out of Monti then gets shown in an insert promo talking about his strength as he puts Monti away with a full nelson (0:31).

Thoughts: No mention of Haynes on commentary as they are phasing away from that feud.

Okerlund is with Jim Powers & Paul Roma. They both talk about being a young and up-and-coming team and in the process come off as two guys just happy to be wrestling and not guys you would ever take seriously.

Clips of the George “The Animal” Steele vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage lumberjack match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” are shown, with Danny Davis whacking Steele with the timekeeper’s bell.

Rudy Ryder vs. George “The Animal” Steele

Ryder was referred to as “Buddy” previously. Steele goes right after Ryder and tosses him through the ropes. He beats on Ryder some more as we get an insert promo from Davis, telling us he is afraid of no man or beast and how Steele is in the middle of the two. Davis’s smug look was priceless here. Steele then puts Ryder away with the flying hammerlock (0:40). After the match, Steele tosses Ryder to the floor then takes down the referee, who is able to escape.

Thoughts: Designed, along with the previous segment, to push a Steele/Davis feud.

Craig DeGeorge is with the One Man Gang and Slick. They put over Gang’s finisher, the Master Blaster, as Slick says that Gang is so scary that he is even afraid of him. Gang tells us that his hobby is beating people up. A decent segment to put over Gang as a monster. He had a good look.

New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma

Roma catches Bravo with a hiptoss and a dropkick as we get an insert promo from the Rougeaus, telling the New Dream Team will be where ever they are. Back to the match as Bravo takes control. Valentine tags in and hits a suplex as the announcers hype the IC Title match next week. The New Dream work over Roma, using quick tags, until Roma dodges an attack and tags Powers. Valentine goes after Powers, who fights back. Johnny V. is  on the apron and distracts the ref as Bravo clotheslines Powers from the apron after he attempted a reverse rollup then Valentine drops an elbow for the win (4:21).

Thoughts: Nowhere near as competitive as the past several Roma & Powers tag matches on TV. The New Dream Team really do suck though. No wonder these two were split up soon afterwards as there was zero chemistry here.

Another replay of Superstar Billy Graham’s comeback piece.

Bill Anderson vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

Anderson shocks Savage with a takedown to start. Savage attacks him then hits a suplex. He tosses him outside and follows out with a double axe handle from the top rope. Back inside, Savage hits a gutwrench then shortly after that puts him away with a flying elbow smash and covers him with one foot  (2:31).

Thoughts: Savage got a decent amount of cheers after dropping the elbow. Him going mental since losing the IC Title has been fun.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji and asks him about his guys until Kamala, Sika, and Kimchee come out. Okerlund tries to interview as Fuji tells us it is lunch time for them as they leave. A goofy promo to put over the least impressive tag team in Fuji’s stable.

Next week, the IC Title match between Ricky Steamboat and Honky Tonk Man will be shown.

Final Thoughts: The WWF is still trying to come up with new feuds since WrestleMania III ended but they are not very successful. And the firing of Duggan and Sheik killed their hottest TV program, which meant more of the Patera vs. Heenan Family stuff that was failing. The one positive thing going on was with the tag team division as they had several teams considered in the running for the #1 contender and a majority of them looked strong. But the next few months of the WWF would remain stagnant until several newcomers came in and they would shape up the WWF for the rest of the decade.

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 6/13/87
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/14/87
Saturday: Ring of Honor Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 8/16/03