Brock v. Cena

PWtorch had a small snippet of how last time around, Brock wasn’t a big fan of Cena, and would supposedly even bad mouth him to Vince .  I guess that could possibly explain their short feud, and was wondering if you had ever heard anything about it, or could elaborate on why Brock didn’t like Cena.

Wait, you mean Brock Lesnar didn’t get along with another person?  That IS breaking news!  Haven’t heard anything about it and I don’t recall hearing anything about it in the WON at the time either.  Probably just stemming from Brock being a miserable human being and Cena being the smiling goofball.  Come to think of it, this really is the perfect feud now, because everyone knows Cena is the outgoing smiling people person and Brock is the anti-social caveman who would just as likely give a dying kid an F5.  Brock can beat up the cancer-ridden Make-A-Wish child, and Cena will be all “Now I’m MAD!” and then he’ll laugh it off and make a poopy joke and people will wonder why he doesn’t draw anymore. 


Hey, quick question.  With Vince tentatively looking at Rock vs Brock at WM 29 in NY, should there be concern about potentially reliving Goldberg/Lesnar from WM 20.  Knowing that it would be Brocks last match and probably Rockys last match also, wouldn’t this be risky?  I think that either 1) the crowd is 100% pro-rock due to his WWE lineage (vs a Goldberg mercenary hire) or 2) the crowd is so disinterested knowing both guys will be gone the next Raw that they completely turn on everything, circa WM 20.  Thoughts?

I think it’s a little bit early to start worrying about the crowd reactions for a match that hasn’t even been announced yet. 

So Much For Overeem

Whoops, there goes another UFC main event.  Who would have ever suspected that someone would go from cruiserweight to super heavyweight and be involved in illicit activities to get there?  I am SHOCKED and APPALLED.  Drug testing the guys at the press conference was devious and brilliant.

Wonder if Brock will campaign to get his loss to Overeem overturned now.

1.9 Million Buys?!?

I would be incredibly skeptical of that number.  To say the least. Not to mention it generally takes at least a few weeks to get prelim numbers.

Still, if so, go Rock.  

Edited to add:  Dave made a quick comment on the WON board that Ramsey probably misheard 1.09 million, which would be a much more reasonable number.


Hey Scotty, With all the hullabaloo about Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan since Wrestlemania, I have to ask. Do you think the WWE are going to use up one of Brock’s matches against Daniel Bryan. I bet the two of them could have an epic David vs. Goliath matchup. My concern is that you’d have to feed Brock a few victims to really build up the importance of D-Bryan being able to hang for longer than a few minutes with him? Also, with John Laurenit-whoever you spell it pitching Punk to defend his title every week, do you think they’re doing a Batman: Knightfall type angle, with Punk so exhausted from beating everyone else that Brock can just step in, break his back and walk off with the title? Finally, even though I said I’d retire from asking for a plug, like all good wrestlers, I LIED! 🙂 Any chance you could plug my wonderful and not at all Batman biased Top 30 Comic Book Films of All Time Thanks, your old friend, That Film Guy

My god man, are you trying to cause the implosion of the universe due to the awesomeness of two money-drawing blog topics being pitted against each other in a battle for the ages?  If so, WELL PLAYED.  YES!  YES!  YES!  As for the serious answer, I’m pretty certain they’re keeping Bryan far away from Brock given they apparently have to pay out more than their usual PPV break-even point just to get him in the ring.  David and Goliath is nice when someone thinks David has a shot, but they’re better off having Brock go through the big guns and making all their money back.  For question 2, yes.  Brock is THE GUY and you need to get the belt on THE GUY, so whether it’s Brock dismantling Punk or the more likely scenario of them putting the belt onto a bigger draw and having Brock dismantle THEM, yes, Punk seems to be on borrowed time with that belt.  And no, I will not plug your site.

The Brock Lesnar Thread!

Let’s see which one gets more views, the Brock thread or the Bryan thread.  Social experiment!

Cena/Lesnar 1 was almost exactly 9 years to the day of Extreme Rules. Do you run Cena/Lesnar 2 that early? I think they should, and play up the history of the first match being the launching pad for Cena becoming more than a mid card novelty act.

You sure do run it that early.  They’ve apparently got Brock locked in for 8 PPV appearances at a staggering amount of money for each (Dave was vague on the numbers on the radio show this morning, but it’s more than the $50,000 per match he got in Japan and less for the year than he made in one UFC fight), so they gotta start using him.  However currently the advertising for Extreme Rules has Punk v. Cena as the main event, so they might change the title to Cena there and have Brock win it early on at another PPV like Money In The Bank.  The goal here is not Brock v. Cena anyway, the goal is Brock ploughs through Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and CM Punk, wins the WWE title at Royal Rumble or earlier from whoever the unlucky sap holding it is, and drops the belt to the Rock at Wrestlemania in his last match on the way out.  That’s how the money will be made.  Whether they can resist the temptation to have him put someone over besides Rock, or whether Lesnar can resist the temptation to tell Vince to go fuck himself sometime around Summerslam, that’s another matter.

Quick question for you:
I keep debating to myself which the best way financially and entertainment wise to redebut Brock.  While there are many different ways, I think there are four practical options the wwe had:
1. Advertise him for mania in some capacity
2. Have him show up unannounced at mania
3. Have him show up unannounced on raw (which they did)
4. Advertise his first appearance at extreme rules
I don’t know which option would be best, I feel advertising him last minute for mania would have to increase the buyrate in some capacity ( even if only 1 million to 1.05) and you would still get a bump for extreme rules since he will (presumably) be competing. I also wonder if having him interfere unannounced in rock/cena would cause a considerable backlash (a year long hyped match ending by interference).
Just wondering your thoughts.

Mania was the Rock show and Lesnar wouldn’t move the needle without an angle behind it, so I would say no buys there.  I think having him F5 Rock so that Cena won would have been pretty awesome and set up next year’s main event, and probably would have tempered any anger fans might have had with Cena winning.  Plus then Cena beats the Rock and faces Lesnar on a winning note before he gets demolished.  Last night’s way worked just as well for me, though. 

The SmarK RAW Supershow Rant–04.02.12

  The SmarK RAW Supershow Rant – 04.02.2012 Johnny Ace gives a peptalk to the roster to start, but CM Punk is already standing up and lipping him off. So Johnny retaliates the best way he knows how: Making matches! Santino v. Jack Swagger v. Dolph Ziggler! CM Punk v. Mark Henry! It’s a new era…again. Live from Miami, FL Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler The Rock opens the show to a pop that blows the roof off the arena. And finally, the Rock has come back home. He notes that the match with Cena gave him a “JHC moment”, as in “Jesus H Christ get this guy off me!” Yet another funny bit as he reminisces about getting cut from the Canadian Football League and noting how much you have to suck for that to happen. Ouch. But true. The crowd pleads with him to stay, but Rock had a vision while dancing the night away in Miami. And that vision is be WWE champion again someday. I wouldn’t bet against him. US title: Santino Marella v. Jack Swagger v. Dolph Ziggler Santino tries running away and gets double-teamed, and the heels take turns humiliating him. Santino manages to backdrop Ziggler out, and we take a break. I should note we just took a break BEFORE the match started. Hopefully they’re loading up the ads early to save time for something awesome. Back with Santino coming back with the cobra, but Ziggler DDTs him. The heels hit a double-team fameasser, but disagree on who should pin him. Swagger turns on Ziggler and eats the cobra as a result at 5:18. Team Vickie go for the beatdown, but Brodus Clay makes the save to finally get a storyline. Santino and Brodus could totally work as a unit. Match was nothing and mostly occurred during the commercial. * LORD TENSAI v. Alex Riley They actually acknowledge Matt Bloom’s past and the crowd chants “Welcome back” and then “A-Train”. As expected, this is a total demolition, as Tensai headbutts him into mush in the corner and hits a butterfly powerbomb and senton. Elbows in the corner knock Riley silly and the BALDO BOMB finishes at 2:50, with the ref stopping the match. Afterwards we get an IRON CLAW, which actually works well with him. Crowd wasn’t really buying into it, but we’ll see where they go with him. *1/2 WWE title: CM Punk v. Mark Henry This is actually an interesting matchup that we haven’t seen before, which makes me wonder why they’d waste it on free TV. Henry easily overpowers Punk and stomps him on the ropes, as the crowd starts a “Yes!” chant (stemming from the Rock’s opening promo) to fire up Punk. That’s gonna get annoying. Henry pounds him in the corner (“I didn’t TELL you to move!”) , but Punk kicks at the knees and gets a DDT for two. Punk with kicks (“Yes! Yes! Yes!”) and a Shining Wizard for two. He goes up and gets caught, but fires back until Henry kicks him in the head to put him down again, thus RUINING the crowd’s climactic “Yes” chant. Vaderbomb misses, but Punk springboards right into a clothesline and we take a break. Back with Henry continuing the abuse with a nerve hold, but a blind charge misses and Punk fires back again and leads up to the high kick as this crowd is just insanely into the “Yes” thing. Punk with the flying elbow and the running knees into the corner, but Henry tosses him out of the ring on the bulldog attempt. And Punk is counted out at 14:10. That’s fine, keeps Henry strong and Punk retains the title. ***1/4 Henry destroys him with a World’s Strongest Slam on the floor afterwards, Johnny comes out and basically promises to make Punk defend the title every week to make his life miserable, and then Jericho comes out of the crowd to dump booze on him and smash a bottle over his head. So not Punk’s best week. And that is how you build sympathy for a babyface. Sheamus joins us for his victory promo, but Alberto Del Rio immediately interrupts. The crowd, in rare form tonight, chants “Si!” for him. And then they talk over ADR with “Daniel Bryan” chants. And then they boo the shit out of Sheamus when he’s talking. Uh oh, they might have shot themselves in the foot with the 18 second thing. ADR basically announces himself as the next challenger, and the crowd boos it and chants for Daniel Bryan. I hope someone was paying attention there. Sheamus lays out ADR with the Brogue Kick, and then we cut back to Bryan in the back watching, which triggers a gigantic babyface pop from the crowd. BACKFIRED. Cody Rhodes v. Kofi Kingston Cody puts Kofi down with a clothesline to start, but gets hit with a bodypress for two. Disaster kick looks to finish, but Big Show interrupts with a Cody Rhodes Wrestlemania moment. And he walks into the kick and gets pinned at 1:40. Yeah, that really makes Kofi look tough. He was beaten in 40 seconds by Cody and then got a fluke win. Meanwhile, Abraham Washington returns, attempting to solicit the services of Mark Henry. I don’t even really remember who he was. Eve comes out and brags about screwing over Zack Ryder. And uh, yeah, that’s about it. The Miz v. Zack Ryder Zack is actually fired up for once, beating on Miz outside and bringing him in for two. Miz boots him out of the corner and goes to a chinlock, but Zack blocks a charge and makes the comeback. Broski Boot gets two. Miz sends him into the post and finishes with the stroke at 2:54. Another day, another job for Ryder. You’d think, hey, both guys are fired up after Wrestlemania and have an issue, maybe do a brawl between them and set something up for a PPV, but no, Miz just puts him away and that’s it. ** John Cena gets the main event interview, once again suffering the wrath of the insanely pumped Miami crowd. He’s not making excuses, and he meant everything he said. The crowd lets him know that he’s a loser. Why don’t they have every show in Miami? He assures us that he will not turn on the fans, and he’ll work even HARDER to be Super-Cena now. So he’s not here to “call out” the Rock, and now the crowd wants Lesnar. Cena does not, he wants the Rock, and he wants to tell him that he’s the greatest superstar in the industry. The crowd still wants Lesnar, so Cena leads them in a “Yes” chant and puts over Daniel Bryan, and he’s still going on about the Rock and how he was the better man. And in other news, the sky is still blue. And instead of the Rock, we get THE BROCK. And Cena eats an F5 to end the show. So there’s that. Lemme say, I basically stopped watching RAW originally because I basically followed Brock Lesnar to UFC, and now he’s back here, so if you think I’m obnoxious with my Rock fanboyism, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Pulse: Who cares if the show was good or bad, it was an all-time classic thanks to the smarky crowd to end all smarky crowds, and I loved it. Here’s hoping Brock Lesnar continues the exciting new trend of John Cena getting his ass handed to him at the end of major PPVs, because I would buy them all if so. Let’s close with an e-mail that I got while typing up the rant: “Hi Scott,
Blog fodder:  The Miami crowd was extremely vocal this evening, surpassing places like Toronto and Philly as smark central, bizarro world, etc.  They were chanting for Daniel Bryan throughout, including during Sheamus’ promo time, and obviously they sidetracked Cena with the chants for Lesnar.
In the past, the crowds in Toronto and Philly have been cute (Philly more so, maybe because of the legacy…I seem to recall more people than not wanting Toronto crowds just to STFU), but tonight for some reason, it was going overboard, like they crowd was determined that they WOULD be heard, dammit, whether anyone liked it or not.  Granted, the audience is always (or often) right in terms of what they want, but I’d have to say that Brock’s return was somewhat lessened b/c of the chants for him, and Sheamus’s big emergence as World champ was diluted by the crowd’s focus on Bryan. And not that anyone would give a shit about del Rio really, but he had NO chance out there.
So I’m curious as to your and other people’s thoughts regarding when the crowd is so overpowering, since tonight I think WWE almost lost control of the show with the crowd crossing from being a part of it to trying to dictate its pace.”
That’s what happens when you neuter your talent by forcing them to read lines off of scripts instead of training them to lead the crowd and improvise. If Vince can’t handle the crowd like the master showman he always hypes himself up to be, then too fucking bad for him. I hope the crowd shits all over his booking decisions every week until he takes the hint, because it’ll make for really entertaining television and hopefully wake him up. His mouthpieces are always “blah blah blah best fans in the world freedom of speech blah blah blah”, so now they can put up or shut up. Hopefully the latter since the former is unlikely. clip_image001


Long time reader 5th time emailer blah blah blah

Random question that might either be smart or ridiculously Russo-esque dumb…

With Lesner and Batista in Miami this weekend…

and Rock needing to beat Cena to be the best of all time – a la Austin 01

any chance you see Rock recruiting Lesner/Batista to help him win and forming their own version of the Part Time NWO?

Then you got Cena railing the locker room against “all these part time guys taking your spot”

Just for shits and giggle CM Punk could play the Sting role at Summerslam


Scary enough, I was thinking along similar lines, although my thoughts were more Dave Hall and Brock Nash laying out Rock so that Cena wins.  Cena is MAD and we get the Bash at the Beach redo at Extreme Rules (or later) with Team WWE against the Part-Timers, where Cena is revealed as the third man and tells all the fans to stick it.  Cena/Brock/Batista as the mega-heel stable against maybe Punk/Jericho/Orton…that could be money, and it would be a whole bunch of different matchups than we’ve gotten for a while.  Well, aside from Orton/Cena, but they could always turn Orton too and do the whole OVW crew as one unit.  Plus it’s not only well past the statute of limitations for ripping off the original nWo angle, but 10 years after the RIPOFF angle in 2002.  So we’re good there.

So no, not Russo-esque dumb, I was thinking along the same lines.

Kyle’s News: Brock Lesnar Returning at Wrestlemania 28?

Brock Lesnar is in negotiations with WWE to appear at Sunday’sWrestleMania XXVIII pay-per-view event at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. The odds of the three-time WWE Champion appearing at show are ‘more than 50/50.’


I’m all for Lesnar coming back to the WWE. The WWE has lacked a dominant big man since Umaga that could put on great matches as well. At his peak, Lesnar was one of the best big mans in wrestling. He understood how to work as a big man, stay in character during his match, tell a story, and still put on an entertaining match….which is all very rare for a big man, especially in this era of wrestling.

It will be interesting to see what he’ll do at Wrestlemania if he shows up. I’ve heard rumors of Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29, so it’s possible that he screws Rock out of his match against John Cena.  I also wonder if Vince McMahon has the grapefruits for Lesnar to do a “I’m better than everyone here because I was UFC champion” gimmick. That would get serious heat.