What the World Was Watching: The Action Zone – May 7, 1995

Jim Ross recaps how the Intercontinental title was held up as a result of last week’s controversial finish to the Jeff Jarrett-Bob Holly match.

Ross and Todd Pettengill are in the booth and they are doing the second week of tapings in Moline, Illinois.

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – July 11th, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV… The “Main Event” of The Batten Twins vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Danny Davis was immediately interrupted by a scuffle with The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies… Paul Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy aren’t scared of Ron Garvin, but Mr. Ron Wright isn’t as confident… Brian Lee continues to be a fighting Champion, easily vanquishing Paul Lee… Jimmy Golden pinned Robert Gibson under dubious circumstances, so they’ll rematch at Summer Blast… Buddy Landell and Tim Horner have incorporated a leather strap into their feud, and are also on a collision course for Summer Blast…

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – June 6th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… We recapped the entire Volunteer Slam, with highlights from all seven Tournament matches, as well as the Tag Team Championship Match between the Heavenly Bodies and Party Patrol… Bobby Fulton had unkind words for the Heavenly Bodies, vowing revenge when his brother, Jackie, recovers… Tim Horner pinned Buddy Landell for the Mountain Mayhem paycheck, but Landell bloodied him up afterwards, tore the check up, and stuffed it down his throat.

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – April 25th, 1992


– Last week on SMW TV… The Field of Eight for the Volunteer Slam’s Championship Tournament has been confirmed: Brian Lee, Tim Horner, Robert Gibson, Dixie Dy-No-Mite, Dirty White Boy, Jimmy Golden, Paul Orndorff, and Buddy Landel… The relationship between Dutch Mantel and Carl Stiles appears to be over… Bob Armstrong has fined Orndorff $2,500 for his piledriver parade, but that’s just a drop in the bucket for Mr. Wonderful… Buddy Landel made his in-ring debut and miraculously didn’t pull a no-show…

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – April 4th, 1992


– Last week on SMW TV… The Fantastics defeated The Wild Bunch to join The Maulers in the Semi-Finals of the Tag Team Title Tournament… Tim Horner was given a “personality profile”, and sings “Shameless”… The Volunteer Slam has been announced, featuring an 8-Man Single Elimination Tournament for the SMW Heavyweight Title… Brian Lee offered his guaranteed spot in the tournament for a rematch with Dutch Mantel… Bob Holly says he’s not in the tournament because it’s smarter to just beat the Champion than waste time wrestling three matches in one night… Jim Cornette failed to deliver footage of his tag team for the second week in a row.

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – March 28th, 1992


– Last week on SMW TV… The Tag Team Tournament began! Jack Victory and Rip Morgan advanced to the Semi-Finals, defeating Johnny and Davey Rich… Jim Cornette brought a camera crew to meet his new team at Hooters, but that didn’t go as well as planned. He also had a limo driver named Herd… The Fantastics revealed Tommy Rogers as their mystery partner, but wouldn’t you know it, both Ivan and Vladimir had wives going into labor at the same time, switching the advertised Main Event (the Koloffs didn’t appear at the taping, so maybe transportation or last-minute booking issues, rather than classic bait-and-switch).

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – March 7th, 1992

Broadcast Date: March 7th, 1992
Taping Date: February 1992; Knoxville, TN

– Last week on SMW TV… Commissioner Bob Armstrong had a busy week, encouraging Robert Gibson to find back-up after being beaten up by the Koloffs and Jimmy Golden, booking a Six-Man Tag for the Fantastics and fining everyone in the brawl that ended the February 22nd episode, and let Dutch Mantel know that as long as he’s at the announcers table, Brian Lee can’t touch him. Dutch, of course, comes down with a cold when his match is scheduled to take place, and has Carl Stiles take his spot… Mr. Ron Wright encourages fans to send him money, reading a fake letter for sympathy… the Tag Team Title Tournament is coming soon, we promise!

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – February 8th, 1992

Taped: October 30th, 1991; Memorial Auditorium; Greenville, SC


– Last week on SMW TV… Lots of faces were introduced to the viewing audience! Robert Gibson is here, but not Ricky Morton, Tim Horner and Brian Lee look like they’ll be positioned near the top of the babyface depth chart, and Bobby and Jackie Fulton posing as the Fantastics will be the top babyface tag team… From the heel side of things, Jim Cornette is promising a new tag team that will rival the Midnight Express in terms of success, Killer Kyle looks like he was made from the same mold as Big Bubba Rogers, and Ivan Koloff is here, along with “nephew” Vladimir (a poor man’s Nikita Koloff)… Commissioner Bob Armstrong made a point to say that rules will be followed or fines will be handed out like water… The Black Scorpion arrived and lost to an unknown enhancement talent… Color Commentator Dutch Mantel picked a fight with Brian Lee over the latter’s performance in a match against Barry Horowitz… Legendary Ron Wright, confined to a wheel chair, is looking for someone to manage to pay for his hip and knee implants (his words!).

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – February 1st, 1992

Broadcast Date: February 1st, 1992
Taped: October 30th, 1991; Greenville, SC


– Salutations. Blogger Garth Holmberg, formerly and briefly known as Dino Bravo apologist “Dino Bravo is A-OK” here (I dropped the gimmick due to a lack of sincerity) to bring you the weekly content of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. I’ll be covering the entire run of episodes televised between February ’92 and November ’95, and as many of the large events as I can come across. Sit back and enjoy, professional wrestling the way it used to be, and the way you like it.

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