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Botchamania 349

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http://botchamania.com/2017/08/13/botchamania-349/ Botchamania 349! With the most awkward match of 2017, Nia Jax’s elbow, Stevie Ray talking about BIG T and Simpsons references.

CZW Only The Strong: Scarred 4 Life 05/02/2005

Part two of Maffew Defends CZW 2005, click here to read the January show or don’t and just wing it. Commentators are John House and for whatever reason, Rick Feinberg… Read more »

ECW On Sci-Fi #66 11/09/2007

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We’re in Minneapolis, MN and Armando Estrada proudly introduces us to the new ECW Champion: CM Punk. Punk recognises Armando’s brown-nosing and gifts him the new CM Punk shirt (the… Read more »

ECW On Sci-Fi #64 28/08/2007

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Let’s take a look at the relevant news from Powerslam Magazine before we watch this episode because WWE’s reputation was declining quicker than Rickety Cricket in Always Sunny:

Nick Mondo’s The Trade

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Because I posted an old CZW show review on here (and important people read the Blog of Doom) the company behind ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo’s film The Trade sent me a… Read more »

Botchamania 347

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http://botchamania.com/2017/07/16/botchamania-347/ Botchamania 347! Featuring Great Balls of Fire, ambulances, NJPW commentating, Sabu vs. fans and Pokemon jokes.

ECW on Sci-Fi #63 21/08/2007

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Same intro but Manson’s gone (yay!) and been replaced by Don’t Question My Heart by Saliva. It’s an early version of the song though and sounds like The Deftones are… Read more »

ECW on Sci-Fi #62 14/08/2007

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We’re live in Mohegan Sun Casino with Coachman continuing his search for WHO IS VINCE’S KID. Oh and he casually introduces the new ECW GM, Armando Estrada. Armando says his… Read more »

Jack Swagger as World Heavyweight Champion

Crapendium: World Champion Jack Swagger I take a look back and see why exactly Jack Swagger’s 2010 run was crap. If you don’t want to click, the short answer is… Read more »

ECW on Sci-Fi #61 07/08/2007

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We have enough plot for a dramatic video recap of last week! Punk won a Three Way Dance last week to get a shot at John Morrison tonight in a… Read more »