Kevin Owens is our Austin, not Ambrose


I think I'm the last person to come to this realization, but Kevin Owens is essentially the PG Era Steve Austin. Rolling out of the ring during matches, kicking people when they are down, doing all the little heel things perfectly, being a bull, and backing it up by just beating people up and laughing about it. That power bomb to that dopey musician might as well have been a stunner. He just hasn't really gotten his comeuppance yet. 

I know people want Ambrose to be the new Austin, but I feel like we already have him in Owens and it's pretty amazing to watch. Ya dig?

​Everything about Owens is awesome and if he's seriously not World champion at some time this year then there is no justice in the world.  He's just killing everything they give him.  I think we might be witnessing one of the first real rocket pushes of the post-Cena era, where we're on board from the launch and never get to the "disappointing payoff" stage​.  If they can manage to not fuck up both Owens and Ambrose for the next year, they'll have something to build on.  

Austin ’99

> Hi Scott,
> I’ve been rattling through ’99 WWF and was wondering exactly what the story was with Austin leading up to Summerslam and through Survivor Series. Why was Mankind (not seen since around April) suddenly added to the title match? Why was Austin not in the 6-Pack Challenge at Unforgiven? What led to him finally jobbing to HHH and then being pulled from the triple threat at SS? I wasn’t watching RAW around this time and just wanted some history.
> Thanks,
> Evan Most of the buildup was "Because Russo" but Austins absence after Summerslam was due to his neck injury.  That's about it. 

Austin Vs Brock

Alright Scott

Hope you and the family are doing well

So, talk seems to be that we're getting Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Viking
Space Lord Lesnar at Mania

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

I mean, what's Brock's best spot?

Ragdolling his opponent and giving them a first class ticket to Suplex

There's no way he'd be able to do that with Austin due to Austin's
fragility through years of injuries

Thusly, the match would likely be awful

I would much prefer Brock to work with someone else and Austin work with
one of the old guard like Triple H or Shawn Michaels. Basically, someone
older and smarter who could partake in a traditional match with him

If they can get Shawn out of retirement, I think him Vs Austin would be a
much better fit

I'd much rather see Brock in there with someone who can work his style of
match. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Reigns have another match after how
good it was less time

Sorry to harsh everyones buzz, but it's just how I see it

Take care and all the best

​We're not getting Austin v. Brock until Austin suddenly had a miracle surgery on his back and no longer makes millions of dollars from merchandise and his other projects.  Austin has been retired for over a decade now, so everyone needs to get over it and move on.  Not to mention that selling 100,000 tickets is going to need something more long-term and hotter than an appearance on a WWE Network special.  What that is, I dunno.  ​

Steve Austin, WWE Estrangement, WM 2016 and the CM Punk factor

Anyone think that the way that the WWE drove CM Punk out of the company might be one of the main factors for why Austin is not too thrilled with potentially coming back to the company in an expanded role? Let alone at WM 2016?

Given the constant on/off rumors that the WWE wanted to run Punk/Austin as a WM type match, do you think that the WWE driving Punk away, effectively killing any hope of such a match, might be why Austin doesn't want to commit to next year's Wrestlemania?
Even with Cena effectively doing his usual "tacit heel" posturing during the match to compensate for a crowd that is sick of him, there is no real appeal for seeing Cena vs Austin, on a creative level. Punk at least could make for a decent match plus the fact that the build-up could be a thousand times more interesting for someone like Austin, in terms of promo work (you'd never get a storyline as ready made like with Punk with Cena with Austin involved).

​I don't think the two things are particularly connected specifically, but there does seem to be more of a "take this offer and shove it" attitude from longtime guys the more we go along here lately.  I'm pretty sure if Austin had any interest in returning, the Cena match would be enough to get him, even if the Punk match was his #1 choice.  I just don't see 50 year old Austin suddenly deciding to return after more than a decade gone and with millions in the bank.  ​

Wait, this Austin thing

Hold up, hold up. How can Cena's stunner be a slight on Austin if the problems started the day of mania or whatever? I can't see that being enough time for Cena to break out the move. 

Oh, and Roman Reigns has nice hair.

​Nice addition.  
I think there was other stuff going on with Austin before the Mania deal, actually.  The podcast with HHH seems have been a point of contention as well, with Vince wanting more softball stuff like the Cena interview instead of actual followup questions like Austin was asking.  ​


Hey Scott,
  Just read your latest mailbag and had a thought about this current Austin/Vince/CenaStunner situation. While the idea that this is just Vince being petty makes perfect sense given everything we know about him, it seems fairly likely to me that it’s all a work to sow the seeds for Cena/Austin in Dallas next year. Even a company this short sighted knows they’ll have a hard time even pretending to sell that show out if they don’t have a big Stone Cold match to headline. And you would think Austin, happy in retirement though he may be, would have a hard time saying no to something that big.

​I'm pretty sure he's already said no multiple times, probably with escalating language as he goes.  ​

Steve Austin in 2000


          Just curious.  How differently do you think things would have been in 2000 had Steve Austin been healthy?  I'm torn here, personally, because Austin is one of my favorite performers ever, but there's a lot of awesome stuff from that year we probably wouldn't have gotten with him there.  HHH-Foley, HHH-Rock Ironman come to mind, for example.  Do you think Austin would have been overlooked in the booking for HHH and Rock, and he would have just gotten frustrated with the WWF two years earlier than he did?  I know as a fan, it felt like Austin was returning to a completely different WWF in late-2000, and in someways, he actually felt out of place to me for a while, until he really got back in the groove of things.


Adam Moore

Yeah, it was weird, even as early as 2001 it was starting to feel like Austin was a bit of a relic. A lot was the heel turn destroying his character for good, but there was a point where guys like HHH and Jericho and Angle needed to break through and it would have been tough with Austin around.      

Why not Austin vs McMahon at mania 15

Since it had been the biggest story all year, why not have the match on your biggest show instead of doing it when they did? 

You can either do Austin winning the belt at St Valentine's day massacre or you keep the mankind vs rock match with Rock winning thanks to a debuting Big show. This sets up Mankind vs Show at mania, Austin vs McMahon, and say Rock vs Taker.

Really though all that fantasy booking aside, what was the reason for not doing Austin vs Mcmahon at mania?

​Because that would be a colossal waste of Steve Austin at Wrestlemania.  No one buys Vince as having a chance against Austin without the deck being ridiculously stacked, and Rock acting as Vince's avatar was good enough to draw a giant buyrate anyway.  Doing Vince v. Austin as a real match was fine for a throwaway show in February, but for the biggest of the year?  No chance.  ​

October Classics – Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin – RAW 10/8/01

Kurt Angle had defeated Austin to win the WWF Championship in his hometown of Pittsburgh at Unforgiven 2001. Austin had been off TV for a couple of weeks after that loss, and was then granted a rematch for this episode of RAW. The Invasion angle may have been botched, but it did offer plenty of memorable moments, this being one of them.

Austin vs. DX

Watching the Monday Night War on the network and the episode on DX puts the attitude era solely on the shoulders of DX.  I was just getting back into wrestling thanks to Stone Cold as a 15 yr old in 97, so here's my question: who was more representative of "attitude" Austin or DX?   There's literally nothing in this episode about Austin but he was giving the finger long before the crotch chops became popular.   So is this simply HHH producing a personal history reflection?
​Come on now, there's still another bazillion episodes of this show left for them to contradict the points they made in the earlier episodes.  They have plenty of time left to say it was all Austin.  But the DX thing is a bit of retcon that has been percolating into WWE history for the past decade or so, with the new company line being that the DX invasion stuff was what turned around the war.  History is written by those who are banging the boss's daughter, as they say. ​

August Classics: Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart – SummerSlam ’97

This was working out to be a pretty darn good match before the botched piledriver, which is the unfortunate reason for this match being as memorable as it is. I apologize for the quality but it’s the best I could find in one part, and not everyone has the Network so I didn’t link to that version.

Summerslam 97-Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Owen Hart by leberlous