October Classics: Edge vs. Kurt Angle – Smackdown 10/3/02

I apologize for the quality of this one. October in 2002 brought some awesome goodness on the Smackdown side. I want to focus on that timeframe with the next several videos. Let’s kick it off with this match between Edge and Kurt Angle. Earlier in 2002, they had a feud which led to Angle losing his hair. Edge and Rey Mysterio formed a team as they were entered into the WWE Tag Team Championship tournament. Angle had formed an alliance with Chris Benoit. Here is a singles match between Edge and Angle in the middle of all this.

Edge vs. Kurt Angle Pt.1 by Stinger1981

Edge vs. Kurt Angle Pt.2 by Stinger1981

October Classics – Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin – RAW 10/8/01

Kurt Angle had defeated Austin to win the WWF Championship in his hometown of Pittsburgh at Unforgiven 2001. Austin had been off TV for a couple of weeks after that loss, and was then granted a rematch for this episode of RAW. The Invasion angle may have been botched, but it did offer plenty of memorable moments, this being one of them.

The Rise and Fall of Kurt Angle

Hey, Scott.

I grew up watching wrestling but was super into it during the Attitude Era. I came to love Kurt Angle and then missed the era where he and Brock were battling for the title, and I guess his departure. What the heck happened that he burned his WWE bridges for good?

Related, following his entire career and seeing its progression into TNA makes me feel bleh about the whole thing. I remember the stories of him going to see ECW and then being appalled by that whole scene. Flash forward some years and he's allegedly not allowed back to WWE because of drugs and being a health risk due to his neck, I can't help but feel bad for him. 

Granted, I don't know what other stories there are, but I feel like this is just as bad as seeing a wresting go out due to an early heart-attack. He just seems like a guy that you'll read about on TMZ one day and another statistic that the world of pro wrestling totally consumed. 

Kurt was given a choice in 2006 of attending rehab or getting fired, and he chose getting fired.  I think that with all the Wellness changes that resulted from Benoit's death, in particular the more stringent physicals that led to guys like MVP finding undiagnosed issues, Kurt wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway.  Which is why his dreams of returning are probably gonna go unfulfilled.  

September Classics: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle – Unforgiven 2002

To close out September today and tomorrow, we’ll go with the brand split era and the Smackdown side of things. Benoit and Angle had the classics ***** encounter at Royal Rumble 2003, but before that at Unforgiven 2002, they paired off in another great match, this one has an ending that hearkens back to their WM X-7 encounter.

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle – Unforgiven 2002 by puropwgwwestuff

Mega Powers angle: best ever?

While revisiting the Mega Powers angle in your SNME re-rants, where you would rank that in the "best angles ever" debate.  It started in October 87 on SNME and if you end it at WM5 it's till nearly a year and a half of perfect slow burn.  It elevated Savage to full time main eventer forever and drew shit loads of money.  I'm born in 82 and grew up a WWF fan.  For my money, that was the best ever.  Austin/Hart Foundation 97, Austin/McMahon 98, and the NWO are up there too in my opinion.

Certainly it was the biggest money drawing angle ever for a single match.  Creatively as well I'd have no problem putting it up there.  It was the kind of year long planning they just don't do anymore.  

Angle Back to WWE in SEPT???

This next rumor making the rounds is Angle claiming he will be WWE bound in September, as this is when his current TNA contract expires. No mention of a no-compete clause. Few things….
Is he welcome back…..
Does he pass the physical……
Where would he fit in if active……

Should he return an active performer, obviously the clock would be ticking. Who would you prefer to see him dance with and in what capacity, assuming his activity would be regulated?
A handful I'd like to throw out there, for one time nostalgia matches, are HHH, Taker, Cena & Batista, all money main event matches.
If available, I'd most prefer to see Punk, Lesnar, Bryan, & Cesaro involved with Angle in a short series of matches where a "rubber" match is needed. Assuming The Shield folds, throw in Reigns.
And to close things out, find a few super friends to battle the Wyatts with. Maybe tag with guys like Big E, Swagger & Henry, bring back Team Angle, or go all out and tag with Cena & Sheamus.
Either way, his time is limited, but there's a dozen fine looking matches right there.
Angle vs Bryan, right now, would get mad buzz, maybe the most,
You? Keep smashing the blog, love it. And thanks.

He's not welcome back and there's no way in hell he'd pass the physical, so I don't know why he'd even bother.  He's floated the same rumor many times in the past.