Rifftrax WWE Shout-out

So, last night, the boys from the Sci-Fi Channel era of MST3K Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot), Mike Nelson (Mike), Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) riffed on 1998’s horrible version of “Godzilla”. 

The last Rifftrax event for Sharknado featured a pre-show joke about ECW. The guys have been making references to WWE for years. Last night was no exception.

The show started a bit light on the laughs but picked up about a quarter of the way in and really rolled along as Godzilla invaded the city for the first time.
There were a few WWE references I found pretty funny — among them was Matthew Broderick’s blonde love interest “moving onto her new boyfriend, Jessie ‘The Body’ Ventura” after they broke up.
The next two were pretty good:
Mike Nelson: “Destroy Madison Square Garden?
The hallowed ground for Wrestlemania? Blasphemy…”
Mike Nelson: “This is the biggest let-down since the Gobbledy Gooker…”
As always…push the button, Frank…

Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Please check out and enjoy this sample of the week that was at PTBN!

Also, Scott Keith joins us on Monday night for a mailbag episode, so feel free to send him some emails for us to read on air!

One piece I want to feature is Andrew Riche’s look at Transitional Champions… what are some of the most important transitional reigns in the Blog’s opinion? Any you felt shouldn’t have been?

Andrew Riche studies the history of transitional champions in wrestling history: The Inbetweener

PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters rolls on through the Knockout Round: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters

In this month’s Five Count, the staff counted down wrestling’s best heel turns: The Five Count: Top Heel Turns

Chad Campbell continues to binge watch the NJPW G-1 Climax: Binge Watching the G-1 Climax

Scott & Justin built their All Time July & August WWE PPV cards: Place to Be Podcast Episode 326: July & August All-Time PPV Cards

The Seinfeld Rewatch series is into Season Two: Seinfeld: The PTBN Series Rewatch

Josh Richer looked back on the memorable New Kids on the Block’s Step by Step video: A Step By Step Breakdown of the “Step By Step” Music Video

PTBN’s Movies of Our Generation series is up to 1995: Movies of the P2B Generation

Justin, Brad & Steve ranked all of the SummerSlams: Brad and Chad’s SummerSlam Rewind Special: Ranking the SummerSlams 

NXT invasion.

I know invasion storylines have been done to death, but do you think now would be the perfect time to have NXT invade WWE?   If WWE treated NXT as something special that is ONLY available on the WWE network, I think it would sell many people on the network.  I mean they should still keep it as the developmental show but there are enough wrestlers on the show that can have 10-15 minute matches on Raw already. They would basically be debuting 10-20 new wrestlers at once, but they don't all need to get regular TV time.  With Night of Champions supposedly being the second most important show of the year, they could even have Adrian Neville defend again John Cena as the start of the storyline (with Brock v. Roman Reigns as the other big match).

​Honestly, there's just not a lot of depth in NXT to bring up that many people.  Plus then you're paying out a lot of main roster money instead of developmental money and it's a big investment without a lot of upside.  They've been "prepping" the Ascension for a year and a half now and they're STILL not ready yet, for example.  Bringing up Neville will immediately expose him for being smaller than everyone else and probably kill him off.  NXT has been struggling to find its own direction as of late, and now would be the worst time to gut it further.  ​

QOTD #53: Opening Theme Music

Today’s Question: Completely random, and I’m pretty sure one that hasn’t been done already…..Of all of the wrestling TV shows in the history of the business, Which company/territory’s opening TV show theme/credits got you most excited to watch their TV show?

Yesterday’s Question: Who would you put on your Mt. Rushmore of all time wrestling managers?

Okay now, are we talking different styles for managers? If so good because thats how i would built my mount rushmore
for the WWF -no one did it better with tag teams than Captain Lou Albano or Heenan for his work in two promotions (AWA and WWF).
for one stable and the WCW/NWA: its got to be JJ Dillion- the horsemen would be the prototype for every super stable since, although I will concede and admit that Paul heyman could give JJ a run for his money
For women managers and one of the best jobs of promotion of one client, lets give a spot to Elizabeth. Some nansayers are going to say Savage managed himself but I think Liz was brilliant in her WWF run eliciting sympathy while driving male fans to want to defend her against her lunatic of a boyfriend/husband. Runner up has to go to Jim Cornette for taking the midnight express team (all of versions except WWF) to the top and making them more than a team named after a 80s movie
Last how about a manager that was a former wrestler, for this I would say Freddie Blassie, the dude legitimately scared me as a kid with his promos.

A lot of thought into it….Capt. Lou, Liz, Cornette and Blassie…I think this may be the only person who didnt mention Bobby Heenan

parallax1978: Heenan, Heyman, Bearer, Blassie

4 of the best…..thats for sure

Heenan: The best, without question, although if there were a question, it would be how much his commentary work influences our perception of Heenan as a manager. To me, the classic memory of Heenan is him tossing out some completely ridiculous comment and an annoyed Gorilla saying, “WILL YOU STOP?” That having been said, he was never afraid to show ass when the story dictated it – from the Warrior right on down to the Red Rooster – and he was a great mouthpiece for guys who weren’t great talkers on their own (Andre being the most obvious example. The other thing about Heenan was that even when he was paired up with a good promo guy – Perfect and Flair come to mind here – he was able to contribute without getting in the way.

Cornette: I’m a bigger fan of Cornette when he’s shooting, but the fact remains that his fiery Southern preacher style, loud outfits, and goofy mannerisms made him a blast to watch.

Heyman: The Dangerous Alliance is one of my favorite things that WCW ever did. His promos during the Invasion were one of the only good thing about the whole shebang. And of course, his current WWE run has been wonderful to watch.

Jimmy Hart: The megaphone, the rapid-fire speech, those airbrushed jackets…you wanted to see him get clobbered, and that’s the defining characteristic of a successful heel manager.

Devin Harris:
Dillon – He was an actual manager. He didn’t order the Horsemen around, he just took care of their business affairs. That’s what an actual manager is supposed to do. He did it the best making sure they got the best deals and the best spots on the card.

Heenan- He was more like a pimp than a manager cause he bossed all his clients around. He never managed a world champion so points are deducted. Some of you will want to count Andre but I don’t. I want to say he was terrible at his job but he at least got his guys title shots.

Cornette – Points deducted for being bankrolled by his mama but he took all three versions of the Express to the tag titles. Points deducted for never managing a singles champion. Yoko doesn’t count. That was Fuji.

Race – Managed two world champions that had pretty long (for the time) title reigns. He did what a manager is supposed to do. He retired on top, unlike his in-ring career. Guy learns fast.

I think someone mentioned it on the blog, but Heenan managing Nick Bockwinkel as AWA Champion for 5 years has to count

Most evil Mount Rushmore ever – Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji and JJ Dillon. The image must, however, have Virgil standing behind them all as the bodyguard to the stars.

Old School: Grand Wizard (or Eddie Creatchman)
WWF: Heenan (or Jimmy Hart)
NWA/WCW: Cornette (or J.J. Dillon)
Other: Gary Hart (or Paul Heyman)

The Fuj:


Right now.

Bobby Davis, Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette

Darren X:
Jim Cornette – The greatest manager of all-time. He took a surefire gimmick (momma’s boy/wimp/rich kid who could fight his way out of a wet paper bag) and ran with it
Bobby Heenan – The most talented overall of the managers, in that he could work damn good as well, and sell like nobody’s business
Gary Hart – The ultimate shady, cut-throat mafioso type manager
Paul E. Dangerously – So would this make me a Paul Heyman guy? Seriously, his work the last 2 1/2 years with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar has pretty much cemented his legacy. Tough to leave off Paul Ellering, Bill Alfonso, Jimmy Hart, and a few others, but there’s my four.

The blog is on hiatus for a couple of days (I have to be in a wedding) but I will be back with a new topic on Monday

BoD Daily Update

Dean Ambrose to Star in a WWE Films Action Movie

The film, titled “Lockdown,” will begin production later this month, meaning Ambrose will be off of TV for several weeks.


Alberto Del Rio Update

Del Rio had a press conference in Mexico yesterday with AAA President Joaquin Roldan in which he said that since WWE owns the Del Rio name, he will go by El Patron, which was his nickname on the WWE Spanish broadcasts. He also said that his lawyers are working hard to let him wrestle this Sunday at Triplemania as he is not allowed to wrestle for days due to the non-compete clause in his contract.


The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–01.09.95

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 01.09.95 For those keeping track, this was intended as something of a reset for the show, with the second anniversary providing a new booking direction under Jim Ross. Also, the banners and microphones are now redone with the new blue motif for the logo. Live from Houston, TX, finally in a damn arena. There looks to be tons of empty seats and blacked out sections, but baby steps.  Actual attendance:  3500.  Ouch.  Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Shawn Michaels William Shatner cuts a promo about his impending interview with Jerry Lawler. He’s not here to fight! Intercontinental title: Razor Ramon v. Owen Hart Taping in the Summit arena pays immediate visual dividends, giving the show a much more open feel instead of the claustrophobic and depressing halls from the past two months. Owen showboats with the belt, but Ramon takes exception to he who would mess with his gold and beats on Owen before slamming him off the top for two. Ramon goes to work on the arm and controls that, then slugs Owen down for two. Razor catches a crossbody attempt and turns it into the fallaway slam, but Owen backdrops him to the floor to take over. Owen with a dive and back in with a bodypress, but Razor rolls through for two as we take a break. Back with the Owenzuigiri for two and he chokes away for two. They slug it out and Owen catches him with the leg lariat for two and hits the chinlock. Flying forearm gets two. Backbreaker gets two. Sleeper follows and things are looking bad, but Ramon suplexes out and gets two. Razor makes the comeback with the chokeslam and they head up, but Owen drops him on the top rope right on the ol’ razor’s edge. Sharpshooter, but Bret Hart runs in for the DQ at 15:13 and beats the hell out of his brother. Jeff Jarrett comes in to attack Ramon, but the babyfaces send him packing. This was a HELL of a TV match before the cheap ending. ***1/2 Royal Rumble Report with Todd. Aren’t 60 second intervals just AWESOME? Hakushi v. Matt Hardy Matt tries to flip around him, but Hakushi superkicks him and follows with a top rope shoulderblock. Slingshot splash finishes at 1:10. Shit, I was hoping for him to bust out the SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP in his debut. The King’s Court with William Shatner. Oooooh, I remember this show. Trainwreck incoming. Shatner is just there to plug Tekwar, but Lawler gets in his face one time too many and it’s KIRK v. KING. And Shatner takes him down with a monkey flip, so Bret Hart runs in and endorses him after the fact. Where were you when Lawler was trying to beat him up? Bret’s being kind of an asshole this week. Meanwhile, a video strives to convince us that Pam Anderson gives a shit about who wins the Rumble. King Kong Bundy v. Gary Sabaugh Avalanche and we’re out at 0:23. Apparently the show was running super long and Vince was freaking out about getting the tuxedo match in before time ran out. Now they’d just do a 25 minute overrun and take their time. Kama: still headed in, whether you like it or not. Tuxedo match: Howard Finkel v. Harvey Wippleman Well at least this should be short. So yeah, they roll around trying to disrobe each other as you see Finkel’s reward for decades of service and loyalty live on national TV. Fink actually gets stripped first, but apparently still has his cumberbund on so he wins at 2:30. I feel like this professional wrestling match may not have been entirely contested on the up-and-up. Like you even have to guess what this gets. -***** And then they actually went SHORT so we get a minute of Finkel and the Bushwackers dancing around the ring to use up the remaining TV time. Next Week: Jeff Jarrett v. Bret Hart, with Shatner involved somehow. The Pulse: Ramon v. Owen was tremendous, the rest was hot garbage on a stick. But hey, one great match is enough to justify these 45 minute shows at least.

Impact Wrestling – August 14, 2014

Date: August 14, 2014
Location: Manhattan
Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s kind of a new era
in TNA as Dixie Carter, at least in theory, is off TV for a very long
time. Last week Team 3D powerbombed her (kind of) through a table in
the big moment that people had been waiting to see for years. Now
we’re getting ready for Bound For Glory but there really isn’t
anything set up in advance. There are about two months left but only
one episode lets on Thursdays. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
Dixie being put through a table.
Here’s a very happy Ray
to open things up. He thanks all of us for believing in him until he
put Dixie through a table. Ray needed all of the fans’ help to do it
but there is one man in particular he needs to thank. Rick had
Scott, Hawk had Animal, and he has D-Von. This brings out D-Von who
says it feels good to be home in New York City. Now that Dixie is
gone, it’s time to get down to business.
Cue the Hardys and it’s
time for an old school showdown. Matt says it’s been twelve years
since the four of them were all together and congratulates the two of
them on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He brings up the first
ever tag team table match in 2000 (wasn’t that done before in ECW?)
and Bully helps him through their history of ladders and TLC matches.
The fans want to see it one more time and all four seem totally cool
with the idea.
Recap of Joe winning
the X-Division Title last week.
Joe talks about being
tasked with revamping the X-Division.
vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJZ vs. Low Ki vs. Homicide
Elimination rules with
tags and the winner gets an X-Division Title shot next week. Steve
and Tigre start things off with DJZ tripping up Steve from the floor.
Tigre slams Steve down and hits a Phoenix Splash for the elimination
in less than a minute. Manik comes in to flip around a lot, only to
get caught in a nice springboard armdrag. Manik comes back with a
springboard dropkick of his own and a tiger suplex into a gutbuster
for a fast pin to get us down to four.
Everyone not named DJZ
has a staredown in the middle of the ring until DJZ hits a
springboard dropkick to take down Low Ki and Homicide. Manik catches
himself in the ropes but gets cradled by DJZ for the third
elimination in less than three minutes. The veterans double team DJZ
and tags turns hammering on him until Homicide hits a Gringo Killa
for the pin, getting us down to two.
They hammer away on
each other until Homicide sends him to the floor, setting up a
flipping suicide dive to send Low Ki into the barricade. A running
knee to the face in the corner gets two for Homicide as the fans
think this is awesome. Low Ki blocks a Gringo Killa and kicks
Homicide into the corner. The Ki Crusher gives Low Ki the title shot
at 7:02.
D+. So why in the world did
they not just do Low Ki vs. Homicide? The match was nothing special
due to how fast everything had to go and it was really annoying to
sit through. Nothing to see on the match but at least they got the
major two guys in there at the end for the longest time.
are a banged up Spud, Ethan Carter III and Rhino to address their
future. Spud nearly cries when talking about the travesty of Dixie
being put through a table. He freaks out when the fans won’t give
him a moment of silence but Ethan takes the mic. Carter demands
Bully’s termination from the company but here’s Kurt Angle to
interrupt. Kurt tells them to shut up because this isn’t Nashville.
They’ll either wrestle
tonight or get thrown out.
yells a lot so here are the cops. Spud freaks out because he has a
British passport, meaning he has diplomatic immunity. This doesn’t
quite work and he’s quickly taken down and handcuffed. Ethan
freaks out again and talks about having more money than he’ll ever
need. He tries to bribe the cop and is arrested as well, drawing a
big smile from Kurt.
Shaw says the trouble between Gunner and Mr. Anderson is his fault
but Gunner says it’s Anderson’s prejudices. Gunner wishes Shaw luck
and Spud are thrown out of the building.
Back from a break and
they’re still in the building and offering bribes. Rhino is being
ejected as well but now they’re thrown out onto the street.
Anderson vs. Gunner
They shove each other
to start until Anderson runs him over with a shoulder. Gunner does
the same and it’s an early standoff. Anderson gets muscled down to
the mat but spins out and cranks on a hammerlock. Back up and they
slug it out until Shaw comes in to brawl with Anderson for the DQ at
The Beautiful People
aren’t quite on the same page for the fourway tonight.
We get a clip from
after Impact with Bully Ray singing Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is
Dead. Dixie may have a broken back and will be interviewed next
Title: Taryn Terrell vs. Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky
Kim is defending and
it’s one fall to a finish. Big brawl to start with the Beautiful
People taking early control. Terrell gets beaten down until the
Beautiful People head outside where Gail takes them both out with a
cross body from the apron. Terrell dives onto all three and everyone
is down. Fans: “BETTER THAN DIVAS!” Back in and the Beautiful
People get in an argument over who gets the pin, allowing Gail to
send both of them into the corner. Angelina breaks up In Yo Face but
gets taken down by Taryn, allowing Gail to make Velvet Eat Defeat to
retain at 4:48.
C. Well that happened. It’s
happened a bunch of times in the Knockout division and there’s almost
no reason to care anymore. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen
the Knockouts have a fourway match and it’s really not interesting
anymore. Also, they couldn’t give a title match more than five
minutes? Let something like this feel big instead of rushing it
along and maybe it means something.
Trio isn’t worried about Dixie Carter.
King/Lashley vs. Austin Aries/Bobby Roode/Eric Young
and Lashley get things going as the fans are behind Aries. King
comes in to nail Roode instead and tells Lashley that he’s got this
one. Bobby comes back with some clotheslines but King bails to avoid
a Crossface. Aries gets the tag and shoves King into a backbreaker
from Roode, followed by a slingshot elbow for two. It’s off to Young
vs. Lashley with Eric’s piledriver attempt being easily countered.
Lashley misses a charge and falls to the floor but King crotches Eric
to slow things down.
comes in and tries a few covers but opts for just nailing Young in
the face instead. Eric rolls over and tags in Aries to clean house,
including a missile dropkick to King. Lashley’s spear is countered
into the Last Chancery and everything breaks down. MVP beats on
Roode but walks into a piledriver from Young. Lashley picks Young up
for a powerslam but Aries escapes one of his own before nailing
Lashley with discus forearms. The running dropkick in the corner
looks to set up the 450 but MVP nails Aries in the back with the
crutch, setting up the spear from Lashley for the pin at 8:12.
This was good stuff and I continue to wonder who gets Lashley
(assuming he’s still champion) at Bound For Glory. Young isn’t going
there and Aries had his shot, so you would think it’s Bobby Roode.
I’m not sure you go with him, even though he seems like the best
option. That’s one of TNA’s major problems: they can’t build a face
to save their lives.
H_V_K is coming. We
should be getting the other letters soon.
The Wolves have loved
watching the Hardys and Team 3D for years and they’ll enjoy it again
tonight. They’d be glad to give Team 3D a shot.
Here’s Abyss with
something to say. He demands that Bram get out here right now with
his Janice. Abyss gets what he wants plus Magnus as a bonus. Bram
stands in front of him as Abyss says possession doesn’t mean anything
to him so give Janice back. Bram says she’s his now and that it
drives him wild to hit Abyss with Janice.
Abyss asks if Bram
wants to get extreme and the fans are entirely behind him. He wants
the match to have tacks, glass, barbed wire, and Janice hanging above
the ring. Bram accepts the challenge and Magnus says Abyss doesn’t
get many women except Janice. The fight is on but Bram clips Abyss
and takes Janice with him.
In a very dark and
creepy vignette, James Storm is at his farm with Sanada and calls him
weak, confused and lost. Storm says he is Sanada’s glory and
salvation. He yells at the cameraman to leave. Awesome segment.
Hardcore Justice is
next week.
vs. Team 3D
You would think this
would get a bigger build. Team 3D has the old school camouflage on.
D-Von cranks on a headlock on Matt but walks into an elbow to the
jaw. Off to Jeff vs. Bully with Ray nailing him in the jaw as we
take a break. Back with Jeff taking over but Bully breaks up an
attempt at Poetry in Motion. D-Von puts Jeff in a chinlock before
it’s back to Ray for some hard elbow drops.
A neckbreaker gets two
for D-Von and there’s the reverse 3D for two more. We hit a bearhug
from Bully on Jeff, who gets backdropped when trying to escape. Ray
goes to the middle rope and taken down with a nice hurricanrana for
two. The hot tag brings in Matt to hammer on D-Von with a bulldog
getting two. There’s the Side Effect for two more as everything
breaks down. Matt takes a clothesline and Jeff gets crotched going
for the Whisper in the Wind.
D-Von loads up a
superplex but Matt pulls him away, setting a Doomsday Device with
Jeff nailing a Whisper in the Wind instead of a clothesline for two.
Bully breaks up what appeared to be a double superplex and there’s
the real Doomsday Device for two on Matt. What’s Up nails Matt and
it’s table time but Jeff dives on Team 3D to break it up. Back in
and the Twist of Fate sets up the Swanton to D-Von for two. The
announcers undersell the kickout before 3D ends Matt at 16:57.
B-. The match was good but is
little more than nostalgia. That being said, this was far better
than almost anything else that TNA’s tag division does these days as
it’s nice to have more than two teams at a time. Throwing these four
with the Wolves into a three way would get a big reaction and could
draw a nice audience. Assuming there’s more than a two hour build
that is.
embrace to end the show.
There were some issues with this show (short matches for one thing)
but the energy and storytelling is getting good. I still don’t trust
TNA due to how many times they’ve burned me over the years, but
they’re hot going into the move to Wednesdays. This wasn’t great or
anything, but it’s a good sign that they have something to do after
getting rid of Dixie. Solid
show this week and a nice surprise.
Low Ki b. Homicide,
Manik, Tigre Uno, DJZ and Crazzy Steve – Ki Crusher to Homicide
Mr. Anderson b. Gunner
via DQ when Samuel Shaw interfered
Gail Kim b. Angelina
Love, Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell – Eat Defeat to Sky
Lashley/MVP/Kenny King
b. Austin Aries/Eric Young/Bobby Roode – Spear to Aries
Team 3D b. Hardys –
3D to Matt
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NXT – August 14, 2014

Date: August 14, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Renee
Young, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Things really need to
pick up around here soon. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s
the absolute truth right now. The lack of anything to build towards
is hurting things, as we’re just spinning in circles instead of
actually setting up a show or a match. Last week Breeze implied that
he was cashing in soon but I didn’t hear a date. Let’s get to it.

Clip from Takeover of
Tyler Breeze beating Sami Zayn to become #1 contender and Tyler
taunting NXT Champion Adrian Neville ever since.
Opening sequence.
Team Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Mojo Rawley/Bull
Dempsey vs. Vaudevillains
Big ovation for the
Vaudevillains. Mojo cranks on English’s head to start but Aiden
comes back with an uppercut for two. Off to a hammerlock from
English, including a bow down into a tag to Gotch. Simon puts on a
hammerlock of his own and does Hindu Squats to crank on the arm.
Dempsey comes in and pounds Gotch to the mat but it’s quickly back to
Mojo as he tags himself back in. This doesn’t go well for the
makeshift team as Gotch catches him in a rolling fireman’s carry,
followed by a middle rope Swanton Bomb from English for the pin at
D+. That was far shorter than I
was expecting. I’m glad they pulled the plug on the makeshift team
before it went on forever, given that this was the obvious ending.
Mojo has fallen through the floor in NXT and to be fair I can’t say I
disagree with the way his push has gone. Ever since that beating
from Rusev it was almost impossible for him to get back up.
match Bull destroys Mojo, drawing a big THANK YOU BULL chant.
Sasha Banks doesn’t
like Bayley thinking she’ll be the next Women’s Champion. Bayley
says Sasha doesn’t get a hug tonight.
Breeze is cashing in
tonight. They didn’t do a great job of making that clear last week.
vs. Sasha Banks
#1 contenders match.
They trade headlocks to start with Sasha taking over with a knee to
the ribs for two. Bayley takes her down with some rollups for the
same as they trade near falls. They stay on the mat with Bayley
grabbing a headlock, only to have Sasha fight up and nail a dropkick.
Back up and Bayley gets aggressive, sending Sasha out to the floor
for a breather.
We take a break and
come back with Sasha getting two before putting on a chinlock. She
stretches Bayley across the knees before ramming her face first into
the mat. Back to a double arm choke on Bayley but the happy one
fights up and nails some forearms, only to get her throat snapped
across the top rope. A slap to the face looks to set up Belly to
Bayley but Sasha counters into a Backstabber. Sasha puts on a
Crossface but cranks on it too much, allowing Bayley to roll on top
for the pin at 8:50.
C-. The match was pretty dull
stuff but Bayley got to be a bit more aggressive which is a nice
change of pace for her. Bayley vs. Charlotte will be a better option
than Sasha getting the shot as you can only do Charlotte vs. BFFs for
so long until it gets really old in a hurry.
Team Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Kalisto/Sin Cara vs.
Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy
and Blake get things going for some fast paced running before it’s
off to the partners for some hard shots from Kalisto. Cara launches
Kalisto into a backsplash onto Murphy for two. Murphy is sent to the
floor and Blake gets taken down by a top rope cross body from Cara.
A dropkick from Kalisto sends Murphy into a Cara powerbomb. Sin
takes out Blake and Kalisto hits a standing sitout sliced bread #2
for the pin at 2:42. This was a fast paced squash and the masked
guys looked really good.
Legionnaires don’t like Enzo and Big Cass making the semifinals and
speak a lot of French.
Title: Adrian Neville vs. Tyler Breeze
is defending and takes Tyler down to the mat to start. Some kicks to
the ribs have Breeze in early trouble but he sends Adrian out to the
floor in a big crash. Tyson Kidd comes out to commentary as Neville
gets back in. We take a break and come back with Breeze still in
control and Kidd not saying a word. Breeze puts on a front facelock
before sending Neville out to the floor again.
whip into the steps gets two for the challenger and it’s back to the
front facelock. Adrian
finally shoves him off to escape and hammers away in the corner.
There’s a running boot to the face and a standing shooting star for
two. Neville goes to the corner but dives into a dropkick to change
momentum again. Breeze
misses a charge into the corner and gets superkicked for a very close
near fall. Both guys are spent but
Breeze is able to break up the Red Arrow.
sunset bomb plants Tyler but he rolls away before the Red Arrow can
be launched. Breeze comes back with an INSANE tornado DDT to plant
Neville for two. Neville
counters a German suplex into one of his own for two more and both
guys are down. Breeze rolls
outside and takes a big suicide dive, which finally draws Kidd out to
the ring. Fans: “NO! NO! NO!” Neville blasts him in the face
with a superkick before Tyson can do anything. He kicks Breeze in
the head as well and goes up for the Red Arrow, only to have Tyson
break it up for the DQ at 14:46.
B. This was getting really good
in the middle but took a breather and toned down a bit near the end.
It seemed like a way to set up another match and that might be the
best possible option. Breeze wasn’t the best option to take the
title but he’s FAR better in the ring than anyone would have given
him credit for.
goes after Kidd but eventually they team up on Neville. Sami Zayn
runs in for the save and checks on Neville to end the show.
B-. This was much
better than what they had been doing in recent weeks but it’s still
not as good as the show had been for weeks now. You can see the
fourway coming from here but that’s not the worst idea in the world
given how insane a match between these four could be. Good show here
and a lot of stuff is set for the future, which is NXT’s specialty.
Vaudevillains b. Mojo
Rawley/Bull Dempsey – Middle rope Swanton Bomb to Rawley
Bayley b. Sasha Banks –
Sin Cara/Kalisto b.
Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy – Standing sitout sliced bread #2 to
Adrian Neville b. Tyler
Breeze via DQ when Tyson Kidd interfered
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Analyzing Brock

Another awesome breakdown from @mookieghana, this time looking at whether the $15 million investment in Brock Lesnar is worth it thus far.  Short answer:  No.  Long answer:  Kind of, maybe?  Really interesting stuff!  Personally, I don't think their usage of him has justified the giant paydays thus far, which is no fault of Brock's.  The three HHH matches pretty much brought him down to the level of just another guy for a while, and it's taking some time to rebuild him again.

WWE Supercard

Anyone playing this earworm of a game yet?  I started it out this morning on a whim and ended up going through a ton of matches and getting all into the card collecting and stuff.  It's actually really fun and simple and there's a bunch of old school guys to collect and such.  Here's the Android link but I've been playing on my iPad.  

August Classics: Rhino vs. Samoa Joe vs. Monty Brown – Hard Justice 2006

Sure, a lot of us joke about TNA on here all the time. I’m guilty of it myself. The fact is, TNA has given wrestling fans many great mathces. I know that searching through some of these, I have found many matches to follow up on for future use. Like this one, from the Hard Justice 2006 show. It’s a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The pre-match promo from Rhino is a bonus.