How do dirt sheets work?

Hey Scott,
Avid reader here, thanks for all the years of entertainment. Question for you: How do wrestling news sites work like Dave, Wade Keller, etc? The recent topic of the Undertaker’s upcoming WM match with a non-roster wrestler got me curious. Using this an example, how does Dave or any other supposed credible news site gather information? Obviously I’m assuming Vince starts at the top, and comes up with the match. But if he wanted to keep it a secret so badly, why doesn’t he just have a meeting with HHH, Undertaker, and the opponent, and tell them not to tell anyone?
How do these rumors always inevitably get leaked? Or do news sites just make up BS because they know people will come read about it?

​Well Meltzer in particular has people in WWE who are constantly calling him with info and news, and I imagine Keller is the same. ​Dave used to talk to Vince all the time, but mentioned recently that it’s been a long time since they’ve spoken. Typically all others flow downhill from those sources. Others do just make stuff up, or wait until sites like mine break "news" and then rewrite it while misattributing everything and completely missing the point. Your mileage my vary.

Legends of tomorrow question

> Dear Scott,
> I saw your recent question about how you watch flash and legends of tomorrow, and it inspired me to ask my first non wrestling question.
> What do you think of Legends of tomorrow? Is there anything you’re going to see in it?
> I look forward to the various historical comic characters that are planned to appear. I’ve also been a fan of wentworth Miller ever since prison break, as well as Arthur Darvill, so I’ll watch them in anything.

I’ve liked it so far, but Hawkgirl needs to be more animated JLU and less "Two months ago I was just a barista!" already. Given how much of a huge Booster Gold fan I am, I’m glad to see the basic idea of his second series turned into a show, and apparently BG himself is on the show later, so yay! I’d really like it to be a more general Timecop series rather than chasing stupid boring Vandal Savage, who they’ve already ruined anyway. Overall,more fun than Arrow, way less fun than Flash, but its on my DVR for the time being.


> Hey Scott,
> Saw a rumor that UT may be facing someone not on the roster and my mind immediately raced towards Joe. I’m hoping against hope that this isn’t a smark pipe-dream. What better way to bring someone up and IMMEDIATELY establish them than to have them face UT at WM (whether or not you beat them).
> If it isn’t Joe, then god help me, who could it be? Some sports guy? Payton Manning? Drake? WHO?
> Thoughts?

Yeah, but Joe is facing Balor the DAY BEFORE. He’s gonna lose the NXT title match and then lose to Undertaker?

Clearly its gonna be Jimmy Snuka to bring his Wrestlemania record full circle. It’s literally the only choice that makes sense.

BoD Daily Update

Undertaker Update

Right now, the Undertaker has a planned match for WrestleMania. However, it is being said that his opponent is someone who is not currently on the roster.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter



HHH Interview

HHH was interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine where he talks about the new Cruiserweight show for the WWE Network and working with other Independent promotions among other things. You can give this a read by clicking on the link below:



Plans for Two Divas Matches at WrestleMania

Besides the Divas Title match, there is also a plan for a second match that would be a way to feature several other women on the card.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter



Names At Latest WWE Performance Center Tryout Camp

The most notable names at the camp, which took place week, where Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander from Ring of Honor. Alexander does not currently have a contract with RoH. It was also said that most of the names, including those two, were being tried out for the new Cruiserweight Series on the Network.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Random Questions

Hi Scott,

Thanks for all the mailbag stuff recently got a few quick hitters for you.

1. I know former wrestlers talk about getting chair shots, but do any ever talk about being the ones giving them? does the Rock look back now and think 11 was to many for Mick? Undertaker doesnt hold back either

2. whats with all the UFC promotion in late 97/early 98? were Shamrock and Severn under deals when they left UFC and this was part of deal the get them? did Vince ever think promoting ufc ppvs would ever be competition in the future

3. watching tony garea, brisco and patterson (guys from the late 70s/early 80s) coming out to break up brawls in the 90s makes me wonder why we dont have guys from the 90s working for HHH i mean noble and mercury were just there in the mid 2000s and never accomplished anything that the old timers did.

​1. Rock definitely feels bad about it and he’s gone on the record saying so. Not sure about other guys, to be honest. It’s always just been a part of the business, and in fact there’s ways to do it without rattling the other guy’s brain like it turned into after the ECW era.

2. Vince never really considered them competition, and it was just a business deal at the time.

3. Well, HHH did hire the New Age Outlaws as agents and trainers, and Waltman is under contract doing something as well. Most of the guys who escaped the 90s are still either milking their name for indy paydays or got out of the business entirely or died, however. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for people to act as road agents, unfortunately.

Super-Cena vs. The Dark Knight

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. WWE is in a jam, and Cena is out for "months". Low and behold Cena miraculously returns early and is main eventing again. With about 6-7 weeks till Mania, and no feud for Taker in sight (unless Mark agrees to wrestle the big hugger) am I alone in thinking Super Cena bails the company out again, walks out, points to the sign and challenges Taker? They can mooch off the Batman v Superman ads for the feud too!

Bonus Question, if that does happen and Cena does in fact return, do they main event or does HHH make the same mistake for a third time and demand to go on last?

​I dunno, I feel like Super-Cena might be running out of yellow sun energy at this point in his career. You can only injure your shoulder and arm so many times. But yes, it’s certainly not outside of the realm of possibility that it could happen. But they should still put HHH v. Reigns on last for a variety of reasons, and they likely would.

NXT – February 17, 2016

Date: February 17, 2016
Location: CFE Arena, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves

Tonight is a big show for NXT as we’ll find out the #1 contender for Finn Balor’s NXT Title with the title shot coming at Takeover: Dallas in about six weeks. Other than that we’re starting to see the next challenger to Bayley’s Women’s Title as Asuka seems ready to come after the belt. Let’s get to it.

Read moreNXT – February 17, 2016

Crockett’s WCW Sale

> I’m loving the Wrestling Observer Flashback posts. I find the stuff news on Crockett’s WCW sale to Ted Turner interesting. But what exactly caused them to have to sell in the first place? Was WCW business on the decline at the time?That would actually be pretty amazing if you look at their roster at that time? Might even be better’s than the WWF’s. Or was it something else?

Revenue wasn’t the issue as such. Business was fine, but Crockett was spending millions on expansion, overpriced contracts, and ridiculous expenditures like new offices and private jets. They were millions in debt and Dusty’s shitty booking started killing their best cities. They weren’t lasting past 1988 without the sale.