ECW on Sci-Fi 09/02/2008 #117

We’re in Pittsburgh and we start with The Dirt Sheet. John Morrison brags about beating Stephen Hawking at 44 consecutive games of Pachisi. It gets no reaction so Miz says hello and gets booed. He mentions Unforgiven is taking place in his hometown of Ohio and gets even more boos. I don’t know much about American cities but I know that Ohio is up there with Detroit for ”name somewhere that’s going to get booed.”

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World of Sport Wrestling – Episode #9

Greetings grapple fans. Like a gold-ink Parker fountain with a Jim Hellwig inspired design, this is the penultimate episode of WOS Wrestling. Pushed back even earlier to 2:30pm, this week’s episode promises a unique match to decide the challenger for Rampage’s WOS Championship. I’m currently on a trip up the Scottish Highlands and accidentally caught the first three-quarters of this show whilst getting my lunch in a bar in Inverness. The lack of audio, and commentary provided by subtitles, was an interesting experience. I watched the rest and wrote up the review from the about-as-comfortable-as-you-can-hope-for-thirty-quid-a-night single hotel room for the next two nights.

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Smackdown – April 22, 2004

Date: April 22, 2004
Location: Prospera Palace, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

So last week saw what should probably be the death of Kurt Angle after Big Show chokeslammed him off a balcony, breaking both Angle’s head and leg. Other than that we’re still getting ready for JBL’s World Title shot against champion Eddie Guerrero, which isn’t the most thrilling thing in the world. Let’s get to it.

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The Saturday Night Thread

We’re just about to the start of the NHL season and HOO BOY are the Canucks going to suck this year.  Might as well go back to the flying V uniforms while they’re at it.

I found the rant for WWF Rebellion 2001 in my archives after all, so I’ve reposted that tonight for fun.

Went to go see The House With a Clock In Its Walls last night.  It was fun!  Like Eli Roth doing an old school Spielberg movie.  Thumbs up from me.

Chat about all the Saturday night shenanigans here!

Rebellion 2001 Rock/Austin

Hi Scott hope all is well,

I was reading your Rebellion 2001 rant and you note a couple of times during the Rock/Austin main event that it will "probably be the last time we ever see this match". Obviously you were close as they ended up having only the WMXIX match afterwards to my knowledge, but what made you so certain at the time that this was the last time they'd be facing one another? Was it well known at the time that Austin's injuries were catching up to him and/or that Rock was on his way to Hollywood?
Wait, I did Rebellion?  Where did you find that?  If I did, it's not in my archives.
Anyway, I was probably referring to Rock going off to Hollywood, which was known to be a big deal at the time.  They really wanted to make him a huge star with Scorpion King and The Rundown.  Both of which I still love.

Unnecessary Feuds In The WWE

What's with all these unnecessary feuds in the WWE lately?  First we had the A.O.P. vs Titus Worldwide program, and now we have the Gable/Roode vs The Ascension feud.  I'm guessing the answer is "Well, we have to fill time somehow on a 3 hour and change show, and God forbid if our creative team actually gets creative with a stacked roster at our disposal."  

"We have to fill three hours somehow" is 90% of their booking philosophy for the past few years.  ONE BILLION DOLLARS ON FOX.

Raven’s WCW debut (well, return)

When Raven came in on the June 30th 1997 episode of Nitro, he was involved in a big WCW/Sting/NWO/Hennig (who just debuted there too) clustermess brawl, jumping over the guardrail and watching the big main eventers (Hogan, Savage, Outsiders, DDP, even Chono were involved) battle it out. Why did they never follow up on it? Just to have a "who's DDP's mystery partner at BATB" angle? Next thing you know Raven is involved with lackey Stevie Richards and JJ Dillon for signing a WCW talent contract….chances Hogan (or Nash) kibboshed a big Raven angle in a top spot?

Dude, spoilers!  I'm still four weeks away from that one.  We'll cover it from the Observer when we get there.

Starrcade is back!

Thats the good news. The bad news is that there seem to be absolutely no storyline developments for the next few months. The featured matches in late November are basically the same feuds from the end of the summer. Your thoughts on the state of the booking?

Frankly I'm just impressed they're trying to promote three PPVs at the same time at the moment.  They're not particularly succeeding, but points for effort.  Throwing "Starrcade" in there is probably asking for too much out of their creative team.