The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground–S01E12

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E12

“They Call Him Cage”

Last week did well (jumping up to about 1000 pageviews rather than the usual 600 or so that these were doing) so I’m gonna try to make this our Sunday morning thing from now on.

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro

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Sunday Thread

PW Insider reports that Ethan Carter III is done with Impact Wrestling after last night’s tapings in Orlando. Chris Adonis (formerly Masters) has also left the company.

Tom Zenk’s funeral service was held yesterday. The Wrestling Observer noted that a cause of death had yet to be determined.

For some Sunday reading, check out Brian Bayless on Mid-South 1983 and Thomas Hall on Smackdown 2003.

Now talk, heathens!

Smackdown – August 14, 2003

Date: August 14, 2003
Location: Savvis Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

We’re in a new era around here as Brock Lesnar has turned heel again, this time siding with Vince McMahon against Smackdown World Champion Kurt Angle. You can pretty much guarantee the Summerslam title match now, but it does beg the question of why Vince refused to give Lesnar a title shot in the first place. Either this plan came together in the span of a week or there’s a bit of a lack of logic there. Let’s get to it.

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Jeff Hardy in Rumble

Is Jeff Hardy close to coming back from his injury? He'd make a great surprise entrant and a believable winner. Styles/Hardy is a believable title match also.

Not sure I agree 100% with your detective work there.  Jeff was basically a midcard scrub going nowhere in a tag team when he left, and it would take some effort to heat him up again.  

Royal Rumble Countdown: The SmarK Rant for WWE Royal Rumble 2012

The SmarK Rant for WWE Royal Rumble 2012 – 01.29.12

(Originally written 01.12.2016)

So I had originally watched this in the theatre back in 2012 with a raucous, sold out group of fans, and it was a great experience, but not really conducive to writing a report afterwards. So I’ve got a few hours tonight, and we might as well do a fresh version for the first time!

Live from St. Louis, MO.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Booker T & Jerry Lawler

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FOX buying WWE?

Fox Could Potentially Obtain WWE’s TV Broadcast Rights … Or Buy Them Out


I just don’t see Vince ever letting go of the company.  Retaining it and selling off chunks of stock $100 million at a time to fund his stupid football league seems much more his style, but I could definitely see RAW jumping to the network side of TV.  It’s not like Fox is gonna be hurting for cash once the Disney sale goes through.

Wrestlemania V was considered worse than IX?

Hi Scott,

From the Observer recap, there's a comment that 'Wrestlemania XI is currently penciled in for Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, site of the two worst Wrestlemanias ever.'  Did Wrestlemania IX fall over time to be considered worse than Wrestlemania V? The MegaPowers Exploding seems to be remembered more fondly than Hogan returning to regain the title over Yoko and Bret Hart.

Dave really, REALLY hated the Trump Plaza shows.  From a show quality standpoint, 9 at least had Steiners v Headshrinkers and Tatanka v Michaels as good matches.  5 was basically four hours of junk and a decent main according to the original Observer review, so it makes sense.  

Austin Aries WWE Run

   Do you think that if the Cruiserweight Title was put on him last year at W.M. Austin Aries would still be with the WWE, or do you feel it wouldn't have mattered?  I remember the promo in which Aries originally challenged Neville for the C.W. Title on Raw, and the crowd was really hot for him.  Was this a case of the WWE not striking while the iron was hot? 

​The iron was never hot in that division, so it wouldn't have mattered either way.​

Brutus “the Ed-ucator” Beefcake

Hey Scott,

Just curious if you’ve heard Steve Austin’s second podcast with Ed Leslie. He claims he and Valentine had to teach the British Bulldogs how to work main event or something. Listening to Austin approach this delicately is highly entertaining. 

​I did not hear that one, although I can almost imagine Beefcake being like "Man, they figured out the lessons so well that it was almost like they were teaching ME something!"  ​

Rumble 92 ending?

Just rewatched Rumble 92 with my son as we're going to Philly for this year's show. The ending though is so strange. Obviously they wanted to build towards heel Sid vs. face Hogan for Mania. But Sid cleanly (albeit cheaply) eliminates Hogan and Hulk does as big a heel move as ever by grabbing Sid to let Flair win.
Why didn't they have it reverse where Hogan knocked Sid out and Sid snapped and helps Flair eliminate Hogan. On a purely logical level Hogan comes off as a whiny complainer heel and the crowd is right to cheer Sid who was cheated out of a title win

Still, it's the best Rumble though

​Hot take, bro.  But yes, they arrogantly assumed at that point that Hulk could still do no wrong in the eyes of the fanbase, and did THAT ever come back to bite them.  ​