Repost: The SmarK Rant for the Monday Night Wars (12.30.96)

(Sorry, it occurred to me that I did RAW for 12/30/96 this week and then totally forgot to do Nitro, but my schedule is full this weekend so here’s the original version from 2006 when I was doing the WWE 24/7 shows.)

The SmarK 24/7 Rant for The Monday Night Wars – December 30 1996 Edition


– So it’s the day after Starrcade 96, as Roddy Piper beats Hulk Hogan in a match that wasn’t announced as non-title until AFTER the match, and the Giant blows it against Lex Luger.  Also, Eddie Guerrero defeats DDP with the help of the nWo and wins the US title.

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Impact Wrestling – April 20, 2017

Impact Wrestling
Date: April 20, 2017
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jeremy Borash, D’Angelo Dinero

It’s a fresh batch of tapings with this episode being billed as live, even though it was taped a few hours ago. The big story coming into tonight is the lack of Josh Matthews on commentary after his team lost the eight man tag last week. In other news, Lashley will defend the World Title against James Storm after a fan vote. Let’s get to it.

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How to get a push in the WWE – Exh. 1

Two xenophobic gimmicks on Smackdown at the same time? Is it 1987? I mean, put the bad wrestling to the side, if they wanted to push Jinder, that’s fine. Just come up with something original. And we’re really supposed to hate the Canadian guy because he speaks French?

I think Vince has been hanging out with the President too much lately.

​Well, to be fair, most people in Canada aren’t particularly fond of French speaking Canadians, either. ​

Thursday Night Thread

It’s Thursday!  The playoffs continue in both the NBA and NHL, with the Flames being the lucky first team bounced.  The Jays continued to suck this afternoon, blowing another one in the late innings to the Red Sox.  Jinder Mahal’s inexplicable push continues to be even hotter in the inbox than Roman Reigns these days, but unlike Roman, he’s not drawing the pageviews to match.  Maybe if his thighs were meatier.


Mahal and the India Market

Hey Scott,

So I was as baffled as anyone about this Jinder Mahal push (and I’m pretty sure he’s the second coming of JBL) so I started googling around and there are a bunch of articles about his push being a product of the WWE’s market expansion in India. Considering so much of what the IWC talks about revolves around "making money," can you really blame the WWE for doing this?


Does Mahal have any chance?

Is there any chance in hell that Mahal wins the WWE Title, or do you think this is strictly a "flavor of the month" type deal to fill out a brand PPV?

​Given the ratings disaster that was Smackdown on Tuesday, I’d say no, but it’s not like Vince hasn’t trolled us harder before. ​

Game Change Game

Hi Scott,

Just wondering: If all you need to keep your gimmick is to change your name, why doesn’t every wrestler just change his name? I mean, if I’m Peter Gruner and I REALLY want to keep Billy Kidman, why don’t I just change my name. I mean, I can still GO by Peter (It’s not like police are gonna pick me up for answering to Peter or something) it’s just that officially I’m Billy Kidman.

Am I missing something?


​The impression I’ve been given is that it’s expensive to do, and a lot of times you need to find the right judge in order to get it approved. It’s not just a matter of paying $10 and suddenly you’re Billy Kidman, you have to show sufficient cause as to why your name needs to change. It was apparently very surprising that Warrior, for example, was able to find someone sympathetic enough to his plight to allow it.​

The Machine called Cage

With Jinder and his muscle veins getting a title shot, how has Vince never signed Cage from Lucha Underground. The guy is 6’2 and looks like he’s chiseled from rock. Plus he’s insanely good in the ring. It’s actually shocking Vince hasn’t signed him to tag with Jinder to squash fatties like Joe and KO

​Good question, because it’s not like Cage wasn’t available until recently, either. Maybe he was just happier doing indies, I dunno. ​