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Hi Scott

Important question, watching some nitro in the network, whatever happened to Horace Hogan?

Every Hogan hanger on got some gig with the Hulkster after WCW folded except his own nephew. What gives?

He wasn’t a complete f-up in the ring and you’d think the name alone would spark some interest in him but according to his wiki page he pretty much jacked it in after a short stint in wwe developmental in 02, I’d think he’d dine off the association for years


I don’t know or care about the specifics of his career and decision to get out, but not everyone is cut out for the WWE system and I suspect Horace was one of them.  

SD ratings and Baron Corbin

So SD hit a new low of 2.33 on FOX down 1.5 million since they started and the 18-35/18-49 demos are scary bad. In a related story, Baron Corbin is beaming heavily pushed and on TV again. I clocked it between his opening promo/“comedy” routine and presence at ringside during the tag match, he was on screen the first 30 min of SD.

Last year he was publicly scapegoated for all the problems. The follow up was PPV wins over Strowman, a main event 6-man vs The Shield, retiring Angle at WM, a LOOONG main event title feud with Rollins and now he’s the KOTR with another goober stable with Roode and Ziggler.

They’ve tried. They book him strong and he’s a hateable heel, but ratings are ratings and people turn off when’s he’s featured. What will it take for Vince to realize Corbin just isn’t the guy.

18-49 year old males see BC and leap off the television. That’s indisputable.

And yet they’ll keep putting him on TV in prominent spots.  That’s Vince for ya.  

Worst sell-job of an injury?

What do you think was the worst sell job of an injury by a wrestler?  I don’t think anything will ever top Austin dropping HHH in his limo from a forklift that reached the height of a small skyscraper at Survivor Series 2000, yet HHH returned to Raw as good as new 2 weeks later.  
Mr Wrestling after the plane crash with Ric Flair.  He was back the next week!  Didn’t even sell the extensive injuries he suffered. 

(Dammit, this is what happens when I post these from my phone…)


Where do you put Mr. Backlund's post Survivor Series 94 promo on the pantheon on all-time great promos? Personally, I find it a masterpiece that is criminally underrated, probably due to the fact that it was all rendered obsolete just a couple days later.

Hindsight being 20/20, I wonder if Vince wishes he'd have just stuck with Backlund as champ until at least Wrestlemania.

No way, Backlund had a shelf life in that role and it was clearly about a week after he won the belt.  

UK Wrestling Scene

Idk how familiar you are with the UK promotions but IPW just announced they would cease live events starting 2020 I believe, marking the end of an era for one of the UKs biggest promotions. This follows 3 other promotions that closed down recently. This all started with the rise of NXT UK and them signing all the bigger UK stars not named Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr. Or Marry Scurll. So my question is did Triple officially destroy the UK Wrestling Scene or is just a coincidence and just the UK scene naturally dying out after a hot period?

I don't know enough about it to comment specifically, but certainly it's right out of Vince's playbook to eliminate the competition in just the manner described.  

Rikishi & Too Cool

Mr Keith……….a couple of quick Rikishi & Too Cool questions………

1.   Rewatching 2000 programing on the network was a nice reminder of just how over they were for the first half of 2000.   What got them so over?   The dancing?   Did they have a big “moment” of sorts that got them as over as they were?

2.   The crowds were going nuts for them.   Did the WWE utilize them properly at that time or do you think there was more they could have done with them all?

3.   The Rikishi heel turn in late 2000 – terrible idea correct?

1.  It was the dancing, yeah.  They didn't really have a big "moment" but rather it just built organically.  Rikishi himself had a title match with HHH that turned him into a big star though.
2.  They were used about as well as they were going to be.  Too Cool got a tag title reign out of it and Rikishi was never going to be a top guy.
3.  Yes, although it was more damaging to walk it back immediately afterwards and have HHH be the mastermind all along.  Made Kish look like a doofus and killed whatever they were building him up to be.  

Smackdown – November 15, 2019

Date: November 15, 2019
Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Corey Graves, Michael Cole

We’re actually having a normal night this week as opposed to all of the insanity that it has been in recent weeks. I’m hoping we can get somewhere new with the NXT invasion as last week’s show barely saw anything take place on that front. They still need to hammer in some details of the card and that can be done tonight. Let’s get to it.

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Takeover/Survivor Series

Hey Scott,

For the NXT people who are wrestling at Takeover: War Games and then Survivor Series the next night, how is that going to work exactly?

Will this hamper the show making them extra safe in the Wargames matches so as not to ruin their participation the next night?

Or do they just put in a half ass effort as part of a multi person match with 14 other people in it at Survivor Series?

I’m thinking they’re going to have some emergency backups on hand ready to go.

Either way, this has got to be tough on the NXT roster.

Don't worry, they'll all get jobbed out in less than a minute anyway. 

Punk AEW?

If his contract is with Fox and not WWE do you think technically he could show up on AEW TV or do you think FOX put it in his contract that he cant?

Do people really think that FOX is run by a bunch of idiot rubes?  Of course it's in his contract. 

What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – November 5, 1995

With no pay-per-view afterward, Main Event is back as a studio show with Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan.

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WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 7 — TEAM BUILDING EXERCISES

We made it!

The road to Survivor Series is getting close to an end, but tonight we’ll see what the blue brand has to say about what’s coming up.  The big story about our champion Bray Wyatt is his attack on Daniel Bryan last week.  Well, this time around, Bryan will respond to the attack… on a special episode of MizTV!  Will the host and guest get along long enough to be given a Mandible Claw?

As for the episode title, both the Men’s Team and Women’s Team may change going forward.  On the women’s side, Nikki Cross wants to join Team SmackDown, but captain Sasha Banks isn’t willing to just let it happen.  Instead, Cross must defeat the champion, Bayley, in a non-title match.  Hm… Sasha getting Bayley to do the work for her?  If you know where to look, there’s evidence the Boss is not the friend she claims.

Meanwhile, the men’s team has been announced in full, but King Corbin is none too happy with being the odd man out on his team.  He’s demanding his allies Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler join him, and to that end, he’s talked Mustafa Ali — yes, he has two names again — and (sigh) Shorty G into putting their spots on the line.  Will Corbin cheat his way to getting teammates he wants, and if he does, how will the rest of the squad feel?

But wait!  There’s more!  Last week, Kofi Kingston and Big E won the SmackDown tag titles from the Revival.  This would seem to mean that they, not the Revival, will step in with the War Raiders and reDRagon at Survivor Series.  HOWEVER, while there was no rematch clause automatically triggered, the New Day are willing to act like there was and grant the Revival another chance to get into the match.  The tag belts are back on the line — will the New Day’s 7th title reign be as unimpressive as Charlotte’s 10th?  Or will the straight-ahead brawlers fall again to the Power of Positivity?

Oh, right, one more thing — who from Raw or NXT is in attendance?  And has NXT considered that they’re going to have a lot of their top stars compete at Survivor Series just off of WarGames?  Is NXT continuity official?  Many questions!

Sports report: tonight’s events wi- (gets smashed in the face with a helmet)

Seriously, though:

  • ESPN — it’s an NBA doubleheader!  Up first it’s Jazz/Grizzlies, with the nightcap being Celtics/Warriors!
  • ESPN2 — Team USA in men’s soccer looks to avenge their biggest pratfall by beating Canada in Orlando, then college football presents Fresno State against San Diego State!
  • ESPNU — The Backyard Brawl is back as West Virginia faces Pitt in men’s hoops!  Then it’s a clash of Cougars as BYU takes on Houston on the hardwood!
  • CBSSN — Conference USA could be seeing a preview of their football championship game as Louisiana Tech goes to Marshall!
  • NBCSN — In between episodes of Monster Trucks and American Ninja Warrior, we have more college hoops as Alabama faces Rhode Island!
  • FS1 — …never mind, just NASCAR.

If you have regional programming, the SEC Network has Gonzaga at Texas A&M, while the ACC Network has a showcase for future #1 Duke!

All right, we’ve been over the rules.  Obey the mod’s instructions at all times.  Now touch gloves and enjoy the weekend!

BoD Daily Update: November 15, 2019

WWE Backstage Reactions to CM Punk Rejoining WWE Programming


Two More Matches Added to Smackdown


RoH Throwback Match of the Week

You can watch Da Hit Squad & Divine Storm & SAT & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Special K from the 2003 Anniversary Show


Teardrop Suplex. Why?

Hey Scott,

Just wondering if anyone's ever discussed the reasoning behind making HBK's initial finisher the teardrop suplex?

I've never seen anyone do this move before/since HBK and no matter how I look at it, it was a stupid move and even stupider for Shawn.

1. It's a visually uninteresting move

2. If anything, looks less lethal than a regular backdrop suplex (probably more dangerous since you can't control the over guy's bump).

3. It's awkward in terms of when a crowd is supposed to pop for it. (IE: There's no surprise of a stunner, no anticipation like in submission holds, no anticipation for the move like the superkick stomp. It's just, "Shawn's going for the suplex… and he did it.")

4. It's stupid to give Shawn a power move as a finisher when A) it goes completely against his style and B) he was one of the smaller guys on the roster at that point.

It's just such a clear brainfart and yet HBK stuck with the move for 3 years. Why?

I have literally never even thought about this question before.  

CM Punk not working for WWE

Much has been made of the fact that CM Punk is kinda, sorta back with WWE. But he’s actually under contract with Fox with no need to toe the WWE company line. Is it just me waiting for, and looking forward to, him to complain about some of the rotten booking when he appears on the Backstage show?
I'm PRETTY sure he's smart enough not to go on that show and complain about lousy booking.  Just a hunch. 

The ending of NXT annoyed me and I wonder if it’s just me

I caught the NXT overrun because people were raving about the main event match (which was suitably insane) and the Bayley attack annoyed me for 2 very specific, if small, reasons.

1- What were the 3 women doing in the ring for as Bayley is doing her attack? Did they just sit there & watch before deciding to help? The ring is like 20 feet away from this. It's not a Raw or SD arena where it can take 10-15 seconds to get up the ramp. SAVE YOUR TEAMMATE! 

2- Bianca gets close enough to attack/hit Bayley at the end during the chase, but just pretends to (??) and lets Bayley run backstage. Then they huddle over the fallen champ, and all act like they want to go get Bayley, but they just look around as the show ends as if Bayley will reappear. BIANCA COULD HAVE HIT BAYLEY!

Maybe I'm just an old fart of a wrestling fan, but that whole scene was completely not believable to me. 
I have yet to watch NXT but I do enjoy a good nitpicking. 

John Morrison signing with the WWE

Didn't John Morrison-Mundo sign with the WWE in late September?  If so, any idea where he's been?  

No clue.  The announcement was sort of made, and then WWE started denying it while putting up "Best of John Morrison" videos on YouTube, and then that was the last we heard of it.  Maybe they just signed him to a Legends-style deal to keep him away from AEW?  Wouldn't be that much of a stretch for them.  

NXT UK – November 14, 2019

Date: November 14,, 2019
Location: Brentwood Centre, Essex, England
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

It’s back to the old ideas around here this week as Tyler Bate faces Kassius Ohno. That could go either way as Ohno is as up and down of a wrestler as you can get. If he’s on, this could be great but if he’s off, it could be a rather long night. Other than that, Xia Brookside gets Kay Lee Ray in a non-title match. Let’s get to it.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Slam–11.20.94

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Hidden Gems – WWF Sunday Night Slam 11.20.94

Yes, it’s another USA Network special, this one building to Survivor Series 1994. And although they are traditionally two hours long, by this point the format was getting long in the tooth and so now it’s down to an hour.

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