The recent overuse of the word “sequence” on commentary

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I don't know if it's just me, but it feels like the commentary teams on WWE are going overboard with their use of the word "sequence" nowadays – every time there's a good bit of back and forth in a match, we get "What a sequence!" or similar.

Is it just me, or is this a really badly judged turn of phrase? It just feels… I dunno, like they're basically saying "Look at the prepared choreography, folks!" and it just utterly obliterates any sort of kayfabe or suspension of disbelief.

Maybe I'm just being too picky? What do you think?

It's just another bit of Vince weirdness that he gets onto from time to time, I think.  But yeah, I find that kind of thing pretty annoying as well.  

“At least the match will be good”

I've been seeing the hype for NXT, New Japan, etc. and it definitely seems like there isn't a space anymore for fans of sports entertainment. By "sports entertainment," I don't mean the lowest common denominator sports entertainment that insults the intelligence (Russo-esque worked shoot promos that announce wrestling is fake, old women birthing rubber hands, etc.), but just great promo work, fun catchphrases, and characters you can easily summarize beyond just the fact that he's a great wrestler.

I'm seeing a lot of people like Meltzer losing their minds over how good the in-ring work is these days, and undoubtedly NXT and New Japan provide good technical wrestling matches (and I can respect that), but what about fans like me who moreso love wrestling for its great talkers like Rock, Piper, Jake etc. or wild back-and-forth promos like Austin-McMahon, HBK-Jericho, etc.? 

I don't *care* that Seth Rollins is a great wrestler. I care that he doesn't have an interesting character beyond "great wrestler in The Shield." It's the same reason I'd watch the next HHH-Taker match a hundred times over any Seth-Drew match. I don't care that a match will be good. I want a story.

In short, would you say there's ANY promotion today that does sports entertainment particularly well?

…what's wrong with Seth Rollins?  He's a good talker.

You should check out Being the Elite on YouTube.  Probably be right up your alley.  

Has WWE Speak gone too far?

I was watching Hell in a Cell with my brother and his wife. I think it

was during the AJ-Joe match(it may have been another match), they

brawled outside the ring and into the crowd.

The commentators said that they "left the ringside area and entered the

WWE universe". We all burst out laughing at that. Yes, I know that the

crowd/fans have been called the "WWE universe" for nearly a decade now,

but that HAS to take it to new depths, hasn't it?

Or maybe the fans and the WWE employees really do exist in different

universes? It could explain the different understandings of who is

actually over…

Yup, that's one of their weird WWE-isms and they've trying to hammer that one home for a couple of years now, without much success.  See, because all fans are part of the "WWE Universe".  Unless you're in Toronto, which is Bizarroworld.  It gets confusing even for Vince, I bet.  

Technically best year of matches?

With Wrestle Kingdom, Dominion, All the Takeovers, some examples on the weekly nxt show, and HIAC, and I’m not even including if you’ve seen anything from G1, Golden Lovers/Bucks, and Omega/Ishii from Hiroshima…

Technically is this the highest rated year, let’s say 4.5 Star and up, from you?

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Including the G1?  Hells yeah. I haven’t even been reviewing those shows but the matches I’ve watched have been **** classics out the yin yang.  Plus you had Kenny and Okada breaking the damn scale this year.  It’s not even close I’d say.  

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you still like good wrestling shows you were treated to one last night with a few very good matches and one that even I thought “am I watching a five-star match” and it’s become trickier in modern times because you really don’t know if you’ve watched it until you can look at what other people think and everyone’s in agreement that said match was extremely good. So yeah watch HITC if you haven’t and DEFINITELY watch the Shield vs. Drew/Dolph match which reminded everyone what all four guys are capable of AND made Drew look like the biggest star of the bunch so it accomplished everything it was supposed to.

Now for RAW…The build to the Super Duper Showdown and I really don’t know what the matches look like for that with the exception of HHH-Taker.

Seahawks and Bears are on MNF. Thankfully Daniel Bryan is off so he can watch his favorite team.

The Emmy Awards are tonight. Anyone who follows Michael Che on IG has gotten a kick out of him “hyping” this up for the past month.

Keep it clean.

WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 12th, 1992

So, I went on vacation last week and my plan was to finish up the “thoughts” sections of my recaps because I did everything else but that never got to take place so expect a lot more reviews over the next several days because I am back.


April 12, 1992

From the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

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Covering for Roman, ruining HIAC

1) After the debacles at WrestleMania and Backlash with the crowds shitting on Roman Reigns main events, the WWE has now resorted to using smoke and mirrors to cover up for him. At SummerSlam, they teased the Braun cash-in from the onset to keep the crowd excited. And tonight they added Foley as ref, have the 4 stable mates brawl on the Cell and do Cell bumps, BROCK comes back with Heyman… have you ever seen a company cover for the champ as much as WWE is “shielding” Roman from the crowds honest reactions?  

And 2) in BOTH HIAC matches tonight referees wanted to stop or did stop the matches… so why are they booking this stipulation anymore? Let’s make the most violent match possible… but stop the matches if they get too violent? It’s particularly insulting while they’re shilling Foley’s network special and reminding everyone that he finished the match after nearly dying twice!

I think it's kind of telling that on the "Hell in a Cell" PPV, the two actual Cell matches were some of the weakest matches of the night.  
With Roman, I dunno, it's like the best analogy I can offer is a little kid who skins his knee and finally lets it heal for a bit, but then can't stop picking at the scab.  That's what it felt like last night, where Roman got less than a month as the true top guy without Brock being there to overshadow him, and then BAM, right back to Lesnar looming in the background again before the poor guy can even finish his first title defense.  I kinda feel for the guy, I really do.  He's just completely handicapped by their obsessive need to make him into the TOP GUY and sacrificing everyone around him over and over to make it happen. 

Five-Star Meh

I watched the Shield vs. Ziggler / McIntyre match from Hell in a Cell and thought it was very good, but just couldn’t get emotionally invested enough in it to call it a ***** match.  Maybe it’s because the Rollins / Ziggler feud has been going on so long or more likely because I knew I was just watching Roman and Braun’s lackeys squabble over a title that a 10-year-old just won at WrestleMania.  No matter what those guys did, I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

I still like a lot of the people on the roster and love getting to watch PPVs without shelling out $60 for them anymore…  But outside of Becky Lynch finally getting her big moment, I just felt completely apathetic towards everything I was watching Sunday night.  Is it just time to give up and move on when even the ***** matches aren’t doing it for a lifelong fan anymore?

Hey, there's always stuff to watch on the WWE Network.  Or New Japan World.  I really didn't care a whit about anything going into the show, but a huge chunk of it sucked me in.  You do you.