The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 02.19.20

The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 02.19.20

Live from Atlanta, GA.  Hey, that’s the same place as the NWA tapes!  Maybe Nick Aldis will work Dark.

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

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Dynamite – February 19, 2020

Date: February 19, 2020
Location: State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross

We’re coming up on Revolution and that means there are a few things we need do first. That would include a tag team battle royal to crown some new #1 contenders, plus Cody vs. Wardlow in a cage so Cody can face Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Hopefully we get some other good stuff as well and the last few weeks would suggest we will. Let’s get to it.

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The Wednesday Night War Thread

Tonight!  Cody Rhodes faces Wardlow in a cage match where you just know something bad is gonna go down.

RAW had a ratings uptick for whatever reason.

I finally caught up on Picard this afternoon.  So good!

Have a cromulent evening.


What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – January 7, 1995

While Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) paved the road for wrestling’s future by the end of the decade, Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) was a product yearning for the past.  Started by former Midnight Express manager and Louisville native Jim Cornette, and bankrolled by record producer Rick Rubin, in 1991, SMW billed itself as “professional wrestling like it used to be and the way you like it.”  Running shows in the Appalachian areas of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and the Carolinas, the promotion’s presentation and booking mirrored the territory days, with a traditional babyface-heel alignment and the adoption of Southern wrestling customs like disqualifications for wrestlers who tossed their opponents over the top rope.  SMW relied on older NWA talents to boost houses, reviving the careers of the Rock N’ Roll Express and Buddy Landel, but it also became a haven for new acts that would later make their mark in the big time as Chris Jericho, Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Boo Bradley (the future Balls Mahoney), D’Lo Brown, the Gangstas, Lance Storm, and Unabomb (the future Kane) spent time in the company.

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Jericho is an idiot

I see jericho is having coronavirus truthers on his podcast and is spreading rumours about it being a conspiracy 

For such a smart man, he really is a fucking idiot sometimes.

Oh lord.  Are there really people that believe that stuff?  Never mind, what I am saying, of course there are.  I don't even understand what the point of the conspiracy is supposed to be.  

Fusient Media-WCW

Do you know why Fusient Media dropped out of the race to buy WCW in early 2001?  At first I thought it was because Turner cancelled all WCW programming, but wasn't that in March after Fusient pulled out of negotiations in January or February?
OK, that's it, I'm declaring a moratorium on questions about Fusient and the end of WCW.  There's too many books and podcasts about it already.  

Dan Lambert

Hey Scott,

Did you know Dan Lambert, founder of American Top Team and now King Mo's manager in MLW, is a diehard wrestling fan? He talks about his massive championship belt collection, being an Observer subscriber and getting dinner with a wrestling legend every couple months. 

The guy's a natural on the mic, and now I see why. 

Hope your readers enjoy.

Thanks as always, 

John Corrigan  

Thanks for sharing as always!

Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #356 – 19/02/2000

Hello You!

Last week’s show brought the goods match quality wise thanks to an excellent Tajiri Vs Super Crazy bout, but we’re still kind of short of big matches for the upcoming Living Dangerously pay per view in March. Hopefully we’ll finally start to see that show taking shape, although ECW do have somewhat of an excuse due to Rob Van Dam’s injury throwing everything into disarray.

But anyway, less chatter, more chuffing wrestling!

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Hey Scott, 

I maybe missed it, but have you ever given what you thought was the start/end of eras? There’s many points ya could point to: but I figure the New Generation didn’t start until Lex Express. Then Attitude when Bret flipped out and swore on RAW, and when I kinda zoned out as far as being wrestling-obsessive after Vince bought WCW.

Only ask because I don’t know what Ruthless Aggression means.

Well you should watch the documentary!  You'll learn so much.
Vince did a promo in the ring the night after King of the Ring where he demanded that someone step up and grab the brass ring (what with Austin leaving and Rock going part-time) because they needed a new star.
SIDENOTE:  The documentary makes it sound like Rock and Austin were both gone in 2002, but Rock was WWF CHAMPION at the time when Austin was gone!  
Anyway, the "Ruthless Aggression" era is roughly defined as 2002 – 2008, at which point the sponsors freaked out and they had to cut all the raunchy bullshit.  So then you have what WWE defines as the "PG Era", from 2008-2011.  Then CM Punk dropping the pipebomb kicks off "The Reality Era", which runs until somewhere between 2014 and 2016 and then becomes what their marketing people define as "The Modern Era".  I'm assuming the launch of the WWE Network is roughly the end point of the "Reality Era", but I'm not in marketing so I'm not 100% sure.  But yes, they really do have people who think up this stuff for marketing purposes.   


Hey Scott, hope all is well with you. I was recently watching the Rude/Robert's WWF feud and wondered why didnt they go with Savage/Rude instead or even after? It would have made sense with Rude playing on Savages paranoia. Plus, Heenan being the mouthpiece of the feud would have made it a classic. Could you imagine the reaction Rude would have drawn with putting Ms. Elizabeth on his rights? The retaliation would have great as well from Savage. 

I don't feel like Savage would have reacted well to a storyline about Elizabeth getting seduced by Rick Rude.  But yeah, that would have been a great feud in 1988.  

Daily News Update – February 19, 2020

Man, you guys sure had some stuff to say about RUTHLESS AGGRESSION.

DATELINE:  On yesterday’s NWA show, the date and time of the Crockett Cup was revealed.  Spoiler, it’s in Atlanta.

DATELINE:  Col. Robert Parker is coming to MLW!

DATELINE:  Brock Lesnar will be working the next couple of RAW shows, including next week’s one in Winnipeg.

Hey dog, I hear you love Ruthless Aggression?  Well I got you ALL THE RUTHLESS AGGRESSION.

Booking a Wrestling Show

Hey Scott.

With a ton of wrestling podcasts out there, I hear some of these reoccurring “dos and don’ts” of booking a wrestling show. As
a fan, some of these things never bothered me, but it seems that some –
especially older promoters – swear by them.

I was wondering if you and the blog would agree with these
as “absolutes.”

– Face versus face matches are tough to book and don’t draw

– You can’t use a move on the same card that will be a
finish later on (so no one can use the DDT if Jake Roberts is using it)

-The champion always comes out last

-The world title is the main event and has to go on last

-If two guys fought years ago, you can’t bring it up in the
buildup to the current match (an example would not mentioning the WM17 match between
HHH and UT when they fought years later)

-You need a “cooldown” match before the main event and can’t
have several hot matches in a row 

Most of those are quite thoroughly full of crap.  



Everyone keeps talking about Arn screwing over Cody against MJF. If this happens, what becomes of Arn? It’s not like he and Cody can have a match, and MJF doesn’t need a mouthpiece/manager. Plus, Cody getting turned on again so soon seems silly to me. 


Arn doesn't HAVE to turn on Cody.  Also I feel like there's some giant opportunity being wasted by not having Arn and Tully interact with each other somehow.  I can't put my finger on why. 

Prime Time Wrestling

Working my way through Prime Time right now.  Mostly just watching Gorilla and Heenans banter as opposed to the matches, which are mostly death unless you like a steady dose of Lanny Poffo and The Moondogs.  Every so often though they show some random match from 12-18 months ago.  Why the hell in late 1986 would anyone want to watch a womens tag team match from before Wrestlemania 1?  Surely they had enough other matches taped to show than something from so long ago.
I'm never been clear on the decision making process behind the match selections, to be honest. 

The Tuesday Night Streaming Thread

Tonight!  NWA Powerrr is on hiatus, so instead they present The Circle Squared, which is like a tryout thing for them.  AEW Dark should proceed as usual.

DATELINE:  New inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame include the Bella Twins, British Bulldog and maybe JBL.  If we’re lucky.

DATELINE:  This Coronavirus thing is getting serious, as now New Japan is prepping for the worst and parent company Bushiroad is cancelling STARDOM shows.

DATELINE:  XFL ratings were apparently still good from the weekend.


Otis-Singles Push?

Given the storyline he's currently in on Smackdown with Mandy Rose, do you expect Otis of Heavy Machinery to eventually be given a singles push?  I can just picture Vince McMahon cracking up everytime Otis does physical comedy or the caterpillar.  
I think he'll be pushed as a midcard comedy guy eventually, yeah.  And good for him, the world needs midcard comedy guys. 


#CancelTheWWENetwork “Movement”?

What was the deal a few years back of the #CancelTheWWENetwork "movement"?  This would've been around 2013-2014 during the height of the Authority.  In fact, I remember HHH going on Raw and actually mocking the whole thing.  Was it legit, or some kind of work?  

The WWE Network didn't start until 2014 so I've got no idea what you're talking about here.