TNA Impact Thread

The big news out of TNA tonight is that Eric Bischoff is not backstage tonight and is not expected to be back anytime soon. According to Dave Scherer of, Bischoff was supervising the creative end of the company. Scherer has not yet been given a reason for Bischoff’s absence.

Potential Cena-Bryan feud


It seems to me that the groundwork is being laid – intentionally or otherwise – for a Cena-Bryan feud, with Bryan as the quasi-heel (although he'd undoubtedly have a lot of fan support). The motivation for Bryan is just about perfect: why does Cena get a free pass from The Authority – thrown into a title match before he's set foot in the ring following injury – but Bryan keeps getting screwed over at every turn because he's not "Good for Business?" Never mind the fact that he beat Cena clean as a sheet in the middle of the ring. Cena, meanwhile, has a perfect defense: he chose to defend the title against Bryan at Summerslam, and when you go all the way back to it, he's the one who brought Bryan back into the company after the Nexus kicked him aside (or if you want to go for extra realism, after he got fired). It could even work with both of them winning their matches on Sunday to make it a title unification feud, although I doubt they'd go there since multiple belts means multiple toy belts to sell to kids (which, of course, is Good For Business). 

So, you think they'd go in this direction? Or do you think they wouldn't want to cut off sales of "Yes! Yes! Yes!" shirts by making Bryan a quasi-heel?

Oh, and by the way, the NY Islanders' "Loudville" fans (college kids who get access to cheap seats an hour before the game) have started doing the "Yes!" chant after the Islanders score. You think they'll have the good sense to do something with that when Raw's at the Coliseum next month?

I think you're overlooking the most obvious and lame and thus most likely reasoning behind a Bryan-Cena title feud:  The Bellas.  It's a Bella in every corner!  

QOTD 43: I know what I hate, and I don’t hate this.

Name a wrestling match, television show, movie, food, song, or band that you fully expected to hate, but surprised you with its quality, entertainment value, taste, catchiness, or talent. 

I have a few: 

The Trish Stratus v. Stephanie match from a PPV a few years ago. 
Also Shane vs. Kurt Angle from KOTR a few years ago, as well.
Indian Food. 
Captain Phillips (Which is essentially one big love-letter to the NSA)
Train (The band, not the transportation)

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–10.23.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.23.13 For some reason the show was uploaded to Hulu 12 hours late this week. I NEED MY FIX, DAMMIT! Taped from Orlando, FL, and FUCK ME, the stupid pink ribbon bullshit is permeating this show now, too. Your hosts are Tom Phillips & Alex Riley, with SPECIAL GUEST Tensai. Corey Graves comes out to give his explanation, but before he can even exposit a little bit, Adrian Neville storms out and kicks his ass because he’s MAD at him and that’s what wrestlers who are mad at other wrestlers are supposed to do! Emma v. Sasha Banks Emma starts an adorable shoving match and gets a rollup for two, and a sunset flip for two. Oklahoma Roll gets two, and she works on an armbar. Alex Riley creeping on Emma while calling the match is pretty…creepy, actually. William Regal’s love of Paige works because he’s charming and British, but Riley just comes across as a weird pervert. Sasha takes over with a cheapshot and runs her into the corner for two and we take a break. Back with Sasha holding a chinlock, and a back elbow gets two. Sasha puts the badmouth on Emma and beats her down for two before going to another chinlock. Emma comes back with clotheslines and the Dilemma in the corner, which gets two. Slingshot sets up the Emma-Lock, but Paige brawls with Summer at ringside and Sasha gets the cradle for the pin at 10:52. See, that finish works because it’s not just the heel standing on the ramp while the babyface stands there like an idiot – there’s an actual reason for the distraction. And then it gets WORSE for Emma, as Paige tries to fight off the heels and accidentally clotheslines Emma. ** Meanwhile, Bo Dallas announces that he’s going on vacation to Bolivia to deliver squirt guns to starving children. That still puts him above the Komen foundation. Casey Maron & Tommy Taylor v. The Ascension How low does your career path have to go to become a jobber on NXT? The crowd immediately gets behind them, chanting “Let’s Go These Guys”. Everyone in that audience gets a Christmas card from me this year. The champs squash the shit out of These Guys and finish Maron with Total Elimination at 2:30. Meanwhile, Sami Zayn feels like maybe JBL was biased against him last week. Meanwhile, JBL denies any conspiracy with HHH, and bans Zayn from NXT until he learns some respect. Also, Renee Young needs to change her shirt to something less revealing. YOU BASTARD. CJ Parker v. Alexander Rusev I don’t know how things work in the dirty Obama-voting hippie commune that Parker comes from, but in the real world stealing an iPhone is a CRIME. Hopefully Rusev teaches him a lesson. And indeed, Rusev throws him around and a hits a running butt splash in the corner before finishing with the camel clutch at 1:21. Yeah! Send him back to Cuba with the other pinkos! Wait, I guess Rusev might also be a communist. DISREGARD THIS LAST POLITICALLY-CHARGED RANT. You dirty Russian commies are OK with me! Also, an intriguing hot blonde wanders around ringside surveying Rusev. During The Break: Tyler Breeze attacks Parker, takes his phone back, and cuts his disgusting dreads. And still the crowd cheers him! They’re showing these Hell in a Cell commercials during the breaks, and the John Cena one is my favorite because it’s so pointlessly hostile. They’re all “John Cena’s body was broken and torn up, and now he’s returning for REVENGE on Alberto Del Rio”. Poor ADR didn’t even DO anything! They haven’t even interacted in, what, a year? Two years? Corey Graves v. Adrian Neville Neville is pissed and throws chops to start and dropkicks him off the apron, then follows with his usual crazed dive. Back in, that gets two. Neville throws kicks, but Graves kicks him in the knee to take over. He goes to work on the leg and gets a kneecrusher for two. He goes to a stepover toehold variation, but Neville rolls him up for two. Graves hits the knee again and gets two. Neville is so worked up that he’s actually SPLIT HIS PANTS. That could have been embarrassing without underwear. Neville goes up, but Graves takes him down with a shot to the knee and hooks him in Lucky 13 to finish at 7:07. See, he hurt the knee, worked it over, and then used it to finish. Why can’t the idiots who craft the main shows figure this shit out? **1/2 Next week: Paige v. Summer Rae! CJ Parker v. Tyler Breeze! The Pulse Totally worth the 12 hour wait.

RF Video Shoot Interview with Paul Orndorff

This interview was filmed in 2002. It ran about two hours and 45 minutes long.

Orndorff is asked if he was a fan of wrestling growing up. He said that he was not but after getting drafted by the New Orleans Saints and after failing his physical and not making the team, he lost his spirit for football and went to Tampa, where he was a former High School All-American. His father in-law knew Eddie Graham and he got a tryout.

He is asked about bodybuilding. He said that he did it for football then became obsessed with it and said that he had the best natural body in the business. He then looks back and says that his WWF heel character worked because that is what he was at that time, a jerk who was overly aggressive.

He was trained by Hiro Matsuda. Orndorff said that most people didn’t last long in training and that it was brutal. He said that he had four practices in a single day with the Saints and that still didnt compare to the training under Matsuda. They would practice in a building that was closed up and over 100 degrees inside. He said that he had the drive and was passionate and that is why he made it.

His first went to Memphis and stayed for nine months. After a week, Eddie Marlin took him aside and said that if he didnt improve, he would be let go. Orndorff said that the crowds intimidated him and he is not an outgoing person, making it tough at first. After that, he started doing things he had never done before and called Marlin a good guy that knew how to handle him.

In Memphis with him at that time was Jerry Lawler, Junkyard Dog, and the Fullers.

Next, he went to Mid-South to work for Watts. Orndorff said that he liked athletes and called the territory an experience. He said that the travel was a rude awakening but he loved it. After a while, he left and went to Charlotte after George Scott saw him and asked if he wanted to go to Charlotte.

He is asked about working with Dusty Rhodes and Ernie Ladd. He said that he has the utmost respect for Ladd as he helped him tremendously. He did not hang around Dusty all that much.

He is asked about Bill Watts being tough. Orndorff said that he was and that Watts made all the new guys go through him.

In regards to working the Superdome, he said that he only had about two years of experience and had to grow up quickly. When asked if guys were jealous of him, Orndorff said maybe a few of the older guys but that he gernerally got along with everyone.

Orndorff is asked about Andre the Giant. He said that he was very smart and respected him a lot. He called him a friend and said that if Andre didn’t like you, he would let you know.

He is now asked if he left Watts under good terms. Orndorff said no and that he got pissed when he found out he was not getting any money off of his T-shirts and got fired. Orndorff said that he really did him a favor and that Watts did not know he had a deal with Charlotte.

He is asked about teaming with Snuka. Orndorff puts him over as one of the best ever and that he learned a lot from him. He said that they had fantastic matches against Gene & Ole Anderson. When asked about Greg Valentine, he liked him a lot and said that he was old school and enjoyed working with him.

When comparing the locker rooms between Charlotte and Mid-South, Orndorff said Charlotte had a lot more stars. He said if you asked the veterans for help, they would help you but if you did not, you wouldnt receive any help at all.

He is asked about Ric Flair at that time. He calls him a great worker and that you need the “pencil” behind you and if you did not, you were only as good as you want to be.

Orndorff is asked about David Schultz. He said that he was a good worker but cocky. He was asked about the John Stossel incident and Orndorff said that Schultz was trying to get himself over as the top heel and that was his way of trying to get notoriety.

Rob jumps ahead and asks if he ever bumped heads with Roddy Piper about being the top heel. Orndorff said that as corny as it might sound, he let his work do the talking instead of backstage politics.

Orndorff quit Charlotte and went back to work for Watts. He said that he was miserable in Charlotte. He is then asked if Watts treated him different and he said yes but he likes Watts.

He is asked about Dick Slater. Orndorff liked him a lot and calls him and Bob Orton one of the best tag teams ever. He also liked Orton but said that he stuttered a lot. He says that guys like Orton, Slater, and Eddie Graham are the ones who should be thanked as they are the reasons that guys are making big money today.

Next, Orndorff is asked about Hulk Hogan around this time. He said that Hogan was never an athlete and playing the guitar at the time but didnt really no much about him until he went to the WWF. Orndorff calls him smart and charismatic.

He is asked about working with Ted DiBiase. He said that they had good matches sold out the Coliseum and had an hour-long draw. Orndorff said at first, he didnt think it would work as they were two young guys without much experience. Orndorff puts over the genius of Watts for having the vision to see that it would workout then adds how the match gave him a lot of confidence going forward.

When asked about Jake Roberts, Orndorff said that he really is a snake. He calls him a good worker but didnt care much for him personally. He said that while he is a straight shooter, Roberts would make everything about himself.

He is asked about matches against JYD. He said that in Mississippi, he had a gun pulled out on him. It was his first time working heel too. Orndorff said that JYD tried and was a hard worker but they had different styles. Orndorff said that he was determined to give the best match on the card. He brings up how Eddie Graham once told him that if you wrestle in front of ten people or ten thousand people, you still give the same effort.

Orndorff is asked about Ricky Steamboat and joked that he was “too good.” He also said that he was ahead of his time and one of the best.

Next, Orndorff went to Georgia and wrestled for Jim Barnett. He said that he got a good guarantee and liked the schedule. He said that he got along with Ole Anderson then adds that you always knew where you stood with him. Orndorff also states that the TV show put TBS on the map and because you were on TV, you could go to another territory and be noticed.

Orndorff is asked about an altercation he had with Tony Atlas. He tells a story of how Brian Blair was driving and Orndorff was with Atlas. They had a cooler with melted ice and everytime they took a turn, the water would splash on himself. He wanted Blair to pull over but Atlas said no and wanted to keep going. They kept going at it then he said it ended up with Atlas going to the hospital after they fought on the side of the road. He said that he didnt know what happened with Atlas that night as they always got along.

He is asked about any Ric Flair stories. Orndorff said that he doesnt but puts over Flair for his psychology and work. He also puts over Harley Race for his psychology and that both guys could draw and were nice guys.

Orndorff went over to Japan to work for Antonio Inoki. He said that happened when Ernie Ladd told him that Vince McMahon Sr. wanted him to work for the WWF. Orndorff said that he was called a year and a half prior but declined because he said that he was not ready yet. Around this time, Vince Jr. was getting ready to take over for his dad so he only worked in Japan for several months while Vince Sr. took care of him.

He said that he liked Japan and wished that America would adopt their ways of doing business. He said that he trained hard over there but did not like the food and that it was too far of a plane ride.

Orndorff went to the WWF with David Schultz, Hogan, Piper, and Orton. He said that Vince Jr. treated them wonderfully and wanted to take over the world. He said that Vince told them all of the expansion plans. When asked if it would work, he said that you have to take chances. Orndorff said that at the time, WWF did not have many athletes and relied on slow, lumbering guys.

He confirmed that the office came up with the idea to team him up with Schultz and Piper. He said that he did not like tag matches but they are a good way of helping young guys. He said that Vince told him he was going to make money and when he says that, you will and he is still like that today.

At this time, he traveled with Heenan a lot when he came in and also traveled with guys like Tito Santana and Rick McGraw but he liked to travel by himself and concentrate on his matches instead of being caught up in gossip. He said that he took his work seriously.

Orndorff talks about wrestling today and how they no longer have guys around to teach psychology. He said that teaching someone to jump off a balcony or take a bump off the top rope is the easy part. He then adds how no competition will really hurt things in the long run as competition makes everyone better.

Next, he is asked about working against Hogan when he first got the title. Orndoff said that he loved worknig with him and calls him good people. He then adds that Hogan made him a ton of money and the hottest heel in the company as Orndorff made him the hottest face in company.

He is asked about how Snuka was in the WWF at this time. He points out that is body was broken down and had “other” problems going on as well. Snuka’s drug problem was rumored to be out of control at this time.

When asked about Vince changing as the company grew bigger, Orndorff said he is a class act all the way. He tells a story of how he got hurt at the end of WCW and Vince called him and told him how much he respected him.

Orndorff is then asked about Captain Lou Albano. He brings up how he was always loaded on the plane rides and would talk the entire flight. He said he was a fun guy.

He said that Jesse Ventura was probably ahead of his time but his gimmick didnt do anything for him. Orndorff thinks that there must be LSD in the waters of Minnesota for him to get elected governor then says that he wouldnt be any worse than the others.

Next, is the incident between David Schultz and John Stossel. Orndorff thoguht he should be fired as you had Schultz, who was 6’5, slap a tiny reporter in Stossel. Orndorff also believes that they should act like professionals and stuff like this is what gives wrestling a bad name.

Orndorff is asked if the TNT skits bothered him. He said not at all and mentions that it was all ad-libbed. He saw it as another vehicle, as you couldnt have just wrestling all the time. Orndorff thought it was smart and that Vince knew how to get his product over.

He is asked about several workers. Orndorff thought that Rocky Johnson was all show and when he was facing him, he was past his prime. He couldnt stand Chief Jay Strongbow at all. he still doesnt like him and says that Strongbow never treated him with respect and one day, he dressed down Strongbow in front of the locker room. He loved Bruno Sammartino, calling him a great and humble guy. He would have loved to work with him in his prime.

They talk about MTV. Orndorff said Vince told him it was all about the big picture. He tried to focus on himself at this time. Vince says he was the first to do this (WrestleMania) and said everywhere they went after that, people were talking about it. He was asked about if he had to change his style and Orndorff said not at all.

Next, he is asked about Mr. T. He said that he did not like him and if he tried to shoot on them, Piper and him had a plan. Feinstein asks him about the rumor of Bruiser Brody running in during the main event and shooting on Mr. T but Orndorff said that he never heard about that.

In regards to the travel schedule, Orndorff said that it burned everyone out. He said that he got offered a role in “Rambo” but Vince would not give him the time off to film. He also got offered a part on “Miami Vice” by Don Johnson that he was unable to get the time off for. He adds that he was in the main event and had to be at all the shows.

Orndorff is asked about the drugs in the locker room. He said that wasnt for him because he took his job seriously and you cant burn the candle at both ends. He says that the drugs were there.

Back to Mr. T, Orndorff said he was scared to death but they worked with him. When asked who trained him, Orndorff said he forgot then jokes how they didnt do a very good job.

They ask Orndorff about the training vignette in which they throw Gene Okerlund out on the street. Orndorff thought it was great.

Now, he is asked about turning babyface. He said that he did not like it much at all. He then adds that he suggested to them that he get the belt then lose it back to Hogan, mentioning how it would have drawn huge, but they decided to do that with Savage later on. He did not enjoy working as a face because it wasnt his style but he had to do it that way.

Orndorff did not like working with Piper, saying he was very limited in the ring. When asked if Hogan was difficult as a partner, Orndorff said he was a business man.

He thought Big John Studd was a great guy, which seems to be the consensus for most of the shoot interviews I have seen. They traveled to Japan together and he said that Brian Blair and himelf used to pull pranks with Studd.

When speaking about the politics in the locker room, Orndorff said there were a lot of sharks in the locker room. He said that he was not a good politician and Vince told him once that he was too honest. Orndorff said that he let his work do the talking. He also says that Piper played a lot of politics then too.

Now, he is asked about being upset as a face due to being behind Hogan. He said no, because he was drawing  alot of money.

Orndorff is asked about Dynamite Kid. He said that he went overboard with the ribs that he pulled and himself wasnt into hurting someone or destroying their stuff.

He said that Funk was in a league by himself but beat up his body too much. He adds that he will always find a way to work a match and that is why he is great.

Up next is WrestleMania 2 and if we was bothered about going from the main event to fcing Don Muraco. He liked Don but said that his style at the time wasnt good and that sometimes, they have to put you on the backburner.

When asked about Adrian Adonis, he said at the time, he wasnt going to work with him while he was wearing the dress. Looking back, he said that he would have done it but didnt care as he had enough money in the bank.

Orndorff then stresses the importance of good matches, saying that you need the money angle and the good match.

He calls the first WrestleMania and the Big Event show in Toronto as the highest poinrs of his career. He mentions how much the crowd hated him. He recalls that was the biggest check of his career.

Next, he is asked about Bobby Heenan. He loved him and says that always got lost driving from Newark and he ripped out the steering wheel on one occasion.

He said that he saw guys crack. One night, he worked with Hogan at the Nassau Coliseum then went to Chicago. They had a jet waiting for them and he left the arena in his robe and went to the show.

Orndorff said that he took pride in having good matches. He says that the crowd works hard for their money and want to be entertained. He mentions growing up in a trailer park and how that made him appreciate everything he had.

On his physique, Orndorff said at one time, he had 4% body fat. He said that when he traveled, he never ate the airplane food because it was terrible for you. He said that his body was his money and that he took care of it.

Orndorff admitted that he took steroids at one point. He said that he got them through a doctor and took only as prescribed.

When asked about the Iron Sheik and Jim Duggan getting caught with drugs, he said that it was really bad for business. He also said guys getting into bar fights also hurt things.

Orndorff is asked about getting buried when he turned face again in late 1987. He said he probably was but he was also really burned out at that time too.

He thought that Bret Hart was a good worker but a terrible interview. He also adds that Bret thinks he is bigger than he really is but also said that he saw something in him when they wrestled at the end of his WWF run.

Now, he is asked about the angle in which he fired Heenan and hired Oliver Humperdink. He said that it was good but didnt think it would draw a lot of money. He didnt think that he needed a manager.

On working with Rick Rude, he said that he was hurting badly at the time but kept working. He said Rude was one of his best friends and that he was a pallbearer at his funeral. They hunted together and Orndorff said that he talked to him the night before he passed. He said that Rude was the best heel at the end of the 1980’s.

He did not leave the WWF on good terms with Vince. Orndorff claims that others got into Vince’s ear that he was not really hurt. Orndorff said that he was prepared to retire at the time.

Now he is asked about an obituary report about him dying on steroids. Orndorff said he got a call about that at his bowling alley.

On how he wound up in WCW, Orndorff said that he was offered close to $500,000 by Jim Herd at one time but turned it dow, as  he was mentally and physically burned out .Looking back, Orndorff said it was a mistake turning that down.

When asked about comparing WCW locker room to the WWF, Orndorff said that WCW was second rate. He liked the Steiners and Sid Vicious but hated Luger, calling him a “puke” and a “sissy.” He thought that Sid had a lot of potential. Orndorff then adds that the fans are a lot smarter than what most wrestlers and promoters give them credit for and just being big or a freak is not going to sell if they do not have anything to go with that.

He is asked about smart fans hurting the business. Orndorff said that is does to a point but the promoters and wrestlers have gotten away from the basics and are delivering a product that is not believable. He talks about how it is an insult to the fans intelligence for someone to get right up after they fall from a balcony.

He is asked about being phased out of WCW. He said that he was banged up at the time. He went to UWF and worked for Herb Abrams. Orndorff said that he was a good guy but wild and wanted to hang with the wrestlers. He then says that he wished more promoters shared his enthusiasm for the product. He said he liked him and didnt blow him off like others did.

On how he wound up in Smoky Mountain, he said that someone called him up but he forgets who. He liked it there and enjoyed teaching Brian Lee. He calls Ronnie Garvin a solid worker and an okay guy. He also said that Brad Armstrong did good but was on the small side.

He went back to WCW when Bill Watts was in charge. He said that the company was different and they had non-wrestling people in charge who knew nothing at all about wrestling.

He puts over Cactus Jack, saying he could talk and work but says that he did not have any respect for his body and if he did, he could still be wrestlnig today. He loved working with him as he always went all out. He also said that he was a nice guy.

Orndorff is asked about teaming with Vader. He said that he had all the tools to be a star but that he wanted to be a “Mexican.” He is referring to his highspots. Orndorff said that he should have been the hottest heel in the country but his attitude got in the way. Feinstein said they will get to their altercation later in the interview.

Next, he is asked if the locker room was angry over Erik Watts being pushed. He said he wasnt personally mad then adds that he wasnt even pushed that hard. He also adds that he was not ready for the spot. He knew Erik when he was a little kid and wanted to help him out.

Back to the company, Orndorff said Watts could have turned it around but the office would not let him. He says that Vince would never run a company the way that WCW did, especially when it comes to guaranteed contracts. Orndorff said that guaranteed deals give guys no incentive to work.

He thought 2 Cold Scorpio could have been something and was really good in Japan. He hated the Goldust gimmick but said that Dustin Rhodes could work. He calls Ricky Steamboat a professional.

When asked about conflicts between other wrestlers and Bill Watts, Orndorff said there was but he did not care to get involved as it just brings you down.

When Jim Herd replaced Watts, Orndorff said that he did not know much about him but that he helped them during interviews.

Orndorff is asked about Eric Bischoff. He replies that if you cant say something good about someone, dont say anything at all. He did say that Bischoff valued his opinion then mentioned how he was unable to win the race against Vince McMahon. He said that he predicted that from day one and that it would never work because Bischoff listened to the boys.

He calls Steve Austin his friend and is glad that he went to the WWE . He then adds that he needs to stop cussing so much.

On the subject of Pretty Wonderful, he said there were plans for them at one point.

When Hogan came to WCW, he said that he was a help to the company but when he turned is when the company really took off. Orndorff also adds that Hogan should have turned heel in the WWF.

He said that Randy Savage was different but worked hard. He never hung around with him outside the ring so does not know if he was paranoid.

Orndorff said that Jimmy Hart came up with the Gary Spivey angle. He adds that Hart was very underrated and had a smart mind for the business. Orndorff said he doesnt let things fall through the cracks and wishes him well in XPW.

Next, is his fight with Vader. He said that Dave Penzer asked him to do interviews and he said no then after Vader declined a few more times, Kevin Sullivan went up to Orndorff and asked him if he would talk to Vader. Orndorff says that the crew was union and had fifteen minutes until their break so he apporached Vader and asked if he could do it then Vader swore at him and Orndorff said that they went back and forth then Vader sucker punched him. Orndorff said that he got up and defended himself and evetually knocked him down then started kicking him in the face. He said that they got into it again and Orndorff took a few more shots at him. When asked about the locker room reaction, he said that they loved it . Orndorff wasnt proud of it.

Orndorff now talks about how hard it is to be a good wrestler today. He adds that he can teach anyone to bump in three months but to become a good worker, you need between 3-5 years of wrestling constantly and without territories, it is hard to accomplish. He then talks about how wrestling is just about showbiz now and that it is filled with profanity and nudity. He then adds that people will get burned out on the product and believes the economy will play a factor in wrestling’s popularity declining.

When asked about if he was pressured to return to the ring, he said that they always asked him and brings up his last match in WCW, when he hurt himself giving a piledriver to Mark Jindrak. He said that his legs were supposed to be straight but that Jindrak’s legs were bent and he couldnt drop him down because he would drop straight on his head so he altered the hold and when he hit the mat, his right arm went numb. He basically broke his neck again, according to him, and mentions that it toes become numb after walking and that he has to visit a pain clinic on a regular basis.

He is asked how WCW changed when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall entered the company. He said that they liked to stir things up and were not his kind of guys.

He is asked about the issues between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff. Orndorff calls it a feud between an egomaniac and a spoiled brat. When asked if there was something they could have done to solved the problem, he said fire both of them then laughed afterwards.

Orndorff is asked about Hogan and Billy Kidman. He said that he would never lay down for a “Beanpole” like Kidman, who couldnt draw flies. He thought it was horrible

On the subject of Goldberg’s rise, Orndorff said that he never saw someone get over as quickly as Goldberg. He then says that Goldberg shouldnt have jobbed to Nash and should have threatened to go to the WWF and feud with Austin. He said that it would have drawn a ton.

About the younger wrestlers showing respect, Orndorff said 95% of the guys were very respectful towards him. He says that you have a few guys who think they are something when they are not, hinting that Kidman was one of them, who show up to the airports looking like a slob and cannot get recognized, despite being pushed on TV.

He denied that Vince ever contacted him about an office position. He said that he liked to train and knows talent. Orndorff claims he can tell in five minutes if someone has talent.

When asked about how he got involved with the WCW Power Plant, Orndorff said he was approached about training then came up with the idea of the Power Plant by himself. He says it was the finest place in the world then states that Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, and Johnny the Bull will all become stars, as long as they are serious and do not cop attitudes.

Still on the Power Plant, Orndorff said that you could not just show up and get trained. He said only about 5% of the tapes he received got selected. He said he gave guys between 4-6 weeks to get train before they showed up. Orndorff said that he broke in and had to go with four guys in a row for five minutes straight the very first day.

He didnt have favorite students and said that the ones who made it were good. He tried to be fair and everyone had to do the routines every day then adds that they were getting paid to train

Orndorff said that Bischoff was not involved much at all in the Power Plant. When asked about Les Thatcher, he calls him an “ambulance chaser” and has no respect for him as he went on TV and told everyone how easy it is to wrestle.

He never thought Paul Wight (Big Show) would be anything as he has no heart. He calls him a “fat basketball player” and would never be as good as Andre the Giant.

On Vince Russo, Orndorff said that he was just about shock TV and that didnt work with Turner due to them being a family station.

He is asked about the “Old Age Outlaws” gimmick. Orndorff said that he got good crowd responses.

Orndorff said that he does not like women in the business, especially when they beat men. He also doesnt like fat women.

When asked who ruined WCW, Orndorff said that they were just about competing with the WWF and didnt pay attention to their own product. He said that they should have spent time focusing on their own product.

Orndorff liked to work with athletes but hated going against guy just coasting for a payday or the old-timers who wouldnt do anything. He said a fan can easily tell who is just going through the motion in the ring

He is asked how to change the business. Orndorff said to go back to basics. He then says that they need to go back to recruiting athletes.

Orndorff is asked to rate himself as a worker. He says that he was athletic, had a great body, and was a badass. He then tells Feinstein to look up his matches and say who was better than him.

On giving advice to younger wrestlers, Orndorff said you have to work constantly but the problem is that there are not many places to do that.

He talks about his surgeries and is fearful on what will happen with his next surgery

Orndorff hopes that some young guys can come up today and bring back wrestling to what it was in the 1980’s. He also says that Vince is smart and will turn things around.

He is asked about having any regrets. He said that he has a lot due to him basically being a jerk when he was wrestling . Today, he claims that he has mellowed out and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

He still keeps in touch with Curt Hennig, Rick Steiner, and Steve Austin but doesnt follows the current product.

When asked where he sees himself in ten years, he says that he now commits hmself to the lord. He says that he was not a nice guy back then. he no longer hates anyone either and sees himself working with kids. He seems sincere when discussing this issue.

Final Thoughts: This interview went on for way too long. They should have shaved off the last half hour or so as it just went nowhere. Feinstein’s questions near the end were redundant and he really had no idea to conduct an interview. He can only stick to his script of questions. Orndorff seemed like a straight shooter but he frequently stated how he didnt really hang around a lot of the guys in the locker room and mostly took care of himself yet Feinstein continued to ask him questions about that. Orndorff came off as bitter during the end but I have seen much worse from others in that regard. Also, he just might be his own biggest fan. He is also another wrestler that found the lord after admitting that he was a prick. I wouldnt really recommend this interview unless you are a diehard Orndorff fan.

A Promo of the Day: “We’re Just Talking About Video Games”

I might have thrown this one up before, don’t remember. Punk and Austin trying to hype up WWE ’13. Austin channels his 1996-early 1997 persona by just being miserable and annoyed the whole time. Ross plays his role perfectly, being somewhat of a passive aggressive instigator. Was it just about the video game or were these guys possibly planting the seeds for something bigger that didn’t come to fruition? Either way everyone seemed to be in good form here although I almost forgot the calm, babyface version of Punk.

BoD Daily Update

Undertaker’s Next Opponent for WrestleMania?

As of now, the current plan for Mania will have the Undertaker go up against Brock Lesnar, provided he is healthy enough to work a match with him. According to Meltzer, Brock was either going to face The Rock or the Undertaker.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Who Paid for Kurt Angle’s Rehab?

The WWE paid for Angle’s rehab. WWE Policy about rehab is that they will pay the bill for anyone who was under a contract with them as long as it is for drugs or alcohol.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Ricardo Rodriguez Update

As of now, Rodriguez is written off of TV and will become a regular on NXT, with the idea that he will be called up as a wrestler at some point.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter “Where are they Now” Segment with Ken Shamrock

The look of the shows

Why the hell do all the shows look the same? It used to be that Raw and Smackdown had their own individual sets and rope colors. Even the ppv's use those lame ass white ropes. Are blue, red and even black ropes not considered PG?
Well, NXT looks different, but that's kind of a special case.  By the way, Hulu didn't put the new episode up tonight, so I dunno what's going on with that.  Usually they're up at midnight EST on the dot.  
Anyway, I think the sameness of the shows is for budgetary reasons, in that they have to tape Superstars/Main Event/Smackdown/Saturday Morning Slam/Ring Ka King all in one go a lot of times, and it's easier to change the graphics on the big screen and use a generic set of ropes and ring aprons rather than having to swap out entire sets from show to show.  Plus it gives the entire lineup a unified feel, which I can understand from a business standpoint.  
Now, my own pet peeve is that they haven't actually changed the basic look of any of the shows in 10 years, outside of Smackdown getting rid of the big fist, but that's another issue entirely.

Paul Heyman Question

Hey Scott,

Why was Paul Heyman fired from WCW? I'm watching some WCW from 1991 and 1992, he's gold as always, as a manager and as a commentator. It couldn't have been finances, no way he was making more money to jump to ECW at that point. Was this just another picture of WCW letting go of talent?
He was fired because Bill Watts hated his guts and refused to pay whatever amount of money for a manager, and basically wanted to bust him down to commentator's salary again.  Heyman tells the whole story in one of the famous ECW fanfest shoot interviews that he does, I think the one from Cyberslam 96 if I'm not mistaken.  Bill's side of it from his shoot interview is that he liked Paul but just hated working with him so damn much.  

I don't think Watts actually fired him if we're being totally technical about the whole thing, I think that he just busted his balls and moved him down the card until Heyman quit, but the gist is the same.  

Yay! More Numbered Questions!

Holy shit, my sinuses finally un-swelled and my head no longer feels like someone is wrapping their belt around it, so let’s celebrate with another numbered list!

Scott, Long time reader, occasional commenter, occasional e-mailer. Questions : 1. Do you think Rick Martel gets his due as a performer?  I seem to remember him succeeding on a number of levels : (a) Lengthy reign as AWA champion, at the tail-end of the period when that actually meant something. (b) Great success tagging in the WWF, with both Zenk and Santana.  Over, and really brought scientific wrestling to the ‘Ricky Morton’ formula. (c) Impressive (to me) old-school heel run as ‘The Model’, as long as we discard the blindfold match. (d) Jaw-dropping (and unfortunately cut short) run in WCW at the TV title level.  Absolutely loved his matches here. 2. Who do you think would have been a bigger star if not for tragic events : Magnum T.A. or Owen Hart? 3. Did you ever do a rant for “Ringmasters.  The Great American Bash”?  I loved that VHS tape as a kid. 4. What could have been done to save Warrior and Sting’s aborted runs as babyface champions?  Was it just bad booking?

1.  I think he gets his due for the most part.  He made his money and got out at the right time, and he was basically a solid midcard guy who had good matches and put people over.  He’s not HOF-worthy or anything, but I think people have the right amount of nostalgic appreciation for him.  Plus his run as the Model was some really epic dogging it on his part for a long time there.  It was only during the brief Michaels feud that he really came to life again. 2.  Magnum would have certainly got the NWA World title by 1988 without the accident.  I’d argue he’s already the bigger star even with his career getting cut short, if you discount the infamy Owen gained for dying.  Plus TA was juiced in as Dusty’s guy and would have got a free ride for as long as he stuck around, ala Barry Windham, and probably would have ended up with a good WWE run, too.  Plus he was oozing charisma and Vince could have found a character for him ala Razor Ramon to hide whatever deficiencies he had in the ring.    3.  No, but I just looked it up on YouTube and it’s only 30 minutes long.  So here it is: 4.  Warrior’s problem was Hogan sticking around and Hogan-ing up the main events so that no one else could get over as a top guy.  Sting’s problem was a total lack of interesting heels to feud with once he had actually won the title.  Really, they had Sid and then nothing.  Probably should have kept Lex Luger as a heel and built to that for Starrcade. 

Abeyance’s title reign, by the numbers!

As of this writing, Abeyance has been WWE champion for 37 days (and will remain champion until at least day 41).
Previous Abeyance reigns:

  • 51 days in 1988 (vacated after Andre sold the title to Dibiase. Abeyance was later defeated by Macho Man Randy Savage)
  • 46 days between late 1991 and early 1992, when Jack Tunney stripped Hogan of the belt and Ric Flair eliminated Abeyance at the 1992 Royal Rumble to win it.
  • 3 days in 1997, after defeating Shawn Michaels' smile
  • 49 days in 1998, eventually losing the title to The Rock.
  • 5 days in 1999, Abeyance defeated the Chairman of the Board, only to be buried by Triple H at the PPV less than a week later. Typical.
  • 5 days in 2007, Abeyance defeated John Cena and put him on the shelf for four months. But once again, Triple H struck and Abeyance was buried for the 2nd time in a row.
  • 6 days, in 2009 after defeating Batista and injuring him much like he did John Cena. 2009 was the year Abeyance showed how vicious he could be in the ring. Later dropped the belt to Randy Orton.

Thus far in this title reign alone, Abeyance has been a more successful WWE champion than the following:

  • Buddy Rogers (22 days)
  • Ivan Koloff (21 days)
  • Stan Stasiak (9 days)
  • The Iron Sheik (28 days)
  • Andre The Giant (1 day)
  • The Undertaker (6 days) – 1st reign
  • Hulk Hogan (1 day) – 4th reign
  • Ric Flair (41 days…Abeyance will tie on Sunday) – 2nd reign
  • Yokozuna (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Bob Backlund (3 days) – 2nd reign
  • Shawn Michales (25 days) – 2nd reign
  • Abeyance (3 days) – this was Abeyance's 3rd time holding the WWE championship. Abeyance was defeated by Bret Hart
  • Bret Hart (1 day) – 4th reign
  • Sycho Sid (34 days) – 2nd reign
  • Kane (1 day)
  • Mankind (26 days) – 1st reign
  • The Rock (2)
  • Mankind (20 days) – 2nd reign
  • The Rock (41 days – Abeyance will tie on Sunday) – 3rd reign
  • The Undertaker (36 days) – 3rd reign
  • Mankind (1 day) – 3rd reign
  • Triple H (22 days) – 1st reign
  • Vince McMahon (6 days)
  • The Rock (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Triple H (35 days) – 4th reign
  • The Rock (35 days) – 6th reign
  • Kurt Angle (15 days) – 2nd reign
  • Triple H (35 days) – 5th reign
  • Hulk Hogan (28 days) – 6th reign
  • The Rock (35 days) – 7th reign
  • The Big Show (28 days) – 2nd reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 1st reign
  • RVD (22 days)
  • Randy Orton (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Triple H (1 day) – 6th reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 3rd reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Batista (2 days) – 1st reign
  • John Cena (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Randy Orton (21 days) – 5th reign
  • John Cena (1 day) – 6th reign
  • Batista (35 days) – 2nd reign
  • CM Punk (28 days) – 1st reign
  • Alberto Del Rio (35 days) – 1st reign
  • John Cena (14 days) – 10th reign
  • Daniel Bryan (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Randy Orton (28 days) – 7th reign
  • Daniel Bryan (1 day) – 2nd reign


  • Abeyance has held the WWE Championship an incredible 8 times. Only The Rock, John Cena, and Triple H have had more title reigns.
  • As of this Sunday, Abeyance will have held the title for a combined 206 days, making him 22nd on the all-time list of combined days.

Without a doubt, Abeyance is a Hall of Fame-worthy performer and will likely continue to win WWE championships long into the future.