Smackdown – October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main story coming into tonight is Big Show being fired by Stephanie
and then knocking out HHH to end Raw. In other words, certainly not
the WWE Title picture. Big Show was way too happy on Raw, meaning
there’s something afoot with him that we don’t know about yet. Other
than that we have a Battleground rematch with Truth challenging Axel
for the Intercontinental Title. Let’s get to it.

opening video recaps the Big Show/HHH/Stephanie events from Raw.
Vickie Guerrero to open the show. We get a clip of Del Rio kissing
her on Raw, only to earn him a title defense against Cena at the PPV.
Vickie rants about Big Show knocking out HHH on Monday, saying that
he already compromised the main event at Battleground. Big Show
should have been fired long ago but now his problems have just begun.
His house is already for sale which is what he deserves.
Rio comes out and doesn’t look pleased. He begs Vickie to reconsider
making him defend the title against Cena but the fans seem intrigued
by the idea. Vickie says it’s what’s best for business so Del Rio
sucks up to her a bit and flirts with her for good measure. Vickie
says Del Rio should kiss her and the champion complies both on the
cheek and lips, but she had another place in mind.
brings out Damien Sandow to call Del Rio a phony. Alberto sees
Vickie as a sex object that he can easily manipulate. Sandow says
Vickie is beautiful but he’s most attracted to her mind. She
manipulates her way through life but Del Rio is out here trying to
get out of a match with Cena that he knows he’ll lose. That’s not
befitting of a champion and when given a chance, Sandow will prove
he’s the better man. Vickie makes Sandow vs. Del Rio for later.
Alberto lays Damien out but Sandow fights back and chases the
champion off. Sandow was acting much more neutral than heelish here
but it wasn’t a face turn.
Title: R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel
takes the challenger into the corner to start and fires off chops,
only to have Truth come back with some right hands. A hip toss gets
two on Curtis and he bails to the floor for a chat with Heyman. Back
in and Truth elbows Axel down for two as this is still in first gear.
Axel knocks him out to the floor and we take an early break. Back
with Truth fighting out of an armbar but getting taken down by a
clothesline to the back of the head for two.
hit the chinlock with Heyman coaching from the floor. Axel whispers
some sweet spots into Truth’s ear before the champion gets sent into
the corner for the break. They very slowly slug it out until Truth
speeds things up with clotheslines. A dropkick puts Axel down for
two and a wheelbarrow slam gets two more. The ax kick gets the same
but Curtis grabs the bottom rope. No heat on the near fall at all
there. Truth thinks he won and the distraction allows Curtis to hit
his neckbreaker faceplant to retain at 6:38 shown of 9:08.
D. This was a really boring
match with neither guy showing much energy at all. Truth’s biggest
strength is his athleticism but he only had about two flashy moves in
the whole match. It never felt like the title was in jeopardy and
you don’t want Curtis Axel carrying your match for you.
Locales vs. Los Matadores
Locales are Ricardo Rodriguez and Tyson Kidd under masks. Fernando
starts with Kidd (Locale #1) to give us some decent flipping and
diving spots. A double backdrop puts Kidd down and it’s Diego
chopping away in the corner. Diego headscissors Kidd down and it’s
off to Rodriguez and Fernando with more double teaming by the
Matadores. Ricardo makes a blind tag and Kidd gets in a few cheap
shots including a HARD kick to the back for two. Back to Rodriguez
who misses a charge in the corner, allowing for the tag back to Diego
to clean house. Heel miscommunication sets up the double Angle Slam
to pin Ricardo at 3:45.
D+. I’m already over Los
Matadores and I don’t see them getting any better. They’re a one
idea team and those kind of acts rarely last long. They could
benefit from some over the top vignettes but just doing the same
stuff they’re doing now isn’t getting them anywhere.
dives on Ricardo post match.
get Shawn’s campaign speech to be the guest referee inside the Cell.
Bella/Funkadactyls vs. Natalya/Eva Marie/Kaitlyn
returns. Brie and Natalya shake hands to start before Natalya easily
takes her down by the leg. Brie counters into an armbar and then a
half crab in some surprisingly nice mat wrestling. Nattie can’t get
the Sharpshooter and it’s off to Eva who gets a quick one off a
rollup. A wristlock drags Brie to the corner and it’s off to Kaitlyn
vs. Cameron. That goes nowhere so here’s Naomi who gets speared down
almost immediately. Everything breaks down and the Rear View takes
out Natalya. Kaitlyn’s rollup on Naomi is countered into another
rollup for the pin for Naomi at 2:53. Above average Divas stuff here
match the winners and Nikki dance a lot.
Rhodes and Goldust say they beat the Shield and beat the odds, thanks
to their dad putting himself in harm’s way. Their welcome back to
Smackdown tonight: the Wyatts.
Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio
Sandow takes over to start and quickly stomps Del Rio out to the
floor. Back in and Alberto kicks away for two before hitting a
chinlock less than a minute into the match. Sandow pounds away even
more, sending Alberto to the floor. The champion tries to walk out
with the title but Sandow sends him into the apron and back into the
ring. Back in and Del Rio kicks him down in the corner again for two
more before hitting a top rope ax handle to the back for the same.
to the chinlock for a bit before Sandow backdrops Sandow up and over
the corner and out to the floor. Sandow hits a quick suplex for two
and the YOU’RE WELCOME shout gets a face reaction. Alberto comes
back with kicks to the leg and forearms to the back of the head, only
to miss a charge into the post. Sandown hits another clothesline to
send Del Rio to the floor as we take a break.
with Del Rio dropkicking Sandown down because all he can do is kick
in this match. Sandow avoids a charge and sends Alberto to the
floor, only to catch Damien with a superkick to take over again.
They head back inside for the Russian legsweep and the Wind-Up
legsweep for two. Sandow lowers the knee pad but misses the knee
drop, allowing Alberto to hit the low superkick for two.
Codebreaker to the arm puts Sandow down but he counters the
armbreaker into an Edge-O-Matic for two. The Terminus is countered
into the Backstabber for two more but the corner enziguri misses.
Sandow’s running flip neckbreaker gets another near fall but he loses
his cool, allowing Del Rio to kick him in the knee and hook the
armbreaker for the submission at 11:38 shown of 14:38.
C+. This wasn’t bad but
Sandow’s impending face turn needs to see him actually win a few
matches. The fans like what’s there with him but being a popular
loser is only going to carry him so far. As I’ve said many times,
he’s desperately in need of a new finishing move as that neckbreaker
isn’t worth much at all.
Raw ReBound covers the Big Show saga. Apparently HHH might have a
broken jaw which would have to be wired shut. Big Show may be facing
criminal charges as a result.
Khali/Prime Time Players vs. 3MB
shoves Slater around to start before it’s quickly off to Mahal. No
mention is made of them being brothers in law but we do get to hear
about Khali being a snake charmer. Some chops make Mahal scream
before it’s off to Young for a northern lights suplex for two. Cole
talks about how 3MB is on a roll because they won a match on Main
Event. JBL: “Barry Horowitz won a match too once.”
to Mahal who kicks Young in the chest for two before it’s time for
some triple teaming. Drew tells Darren to reach for his partners
before stomping down on his fingers in a nice heel move. Darren
finally gets in a shot to the ribs and makes the tag off to Titus.
The power man cleans house and gets two on Mahal via a standing
fallaway slam. Everything breaks down and the big chop from Khali
pins Slater at 5:02.
D. This wasn’t too bad but it
felt like a filler match and nothing more, likely due to a lot of the
roster being on the Abu Dhabi tour. The Players’ push seems to be
dead which shouldn’t upset most people and really isn’t all that big
of a loss. 3MB is perfect for this role as the heels who lose almost
all the time but really don’t seem to mind.
Family vs. Cody Rhodes/Goldust
is the odd man out here but cuts a promo on screen before the
entrance, talking about how people call him strange but the water
around him is fine. Harper starts with Goldust and the painted one
takes over with a quick clothesline. Off to Rowan who is still
wearing the mask so Goldust does the deep breath and punches it off
his face. Cody comes in to work on the arm but a hard shoulder block
takes him down.
take a break and come back with Cody sending Harper into the corner
and making the tag off to Goldie. The painted one cleans house and
rains down right hands in the corner on Luke but the bulldog is
easily countered. Off to Rowan for a neck crank as Bray adjusts his
hat on the floor. It’s quickly back to Harper for a headlock before
he misses a dropkick of all things. Luke still manages to break up
the hot tag and pounds away with elbows in the corner to the golden
to Rowan for even more power on a hard whip into the corner. We hit
the bearhug for a bit before Rowan takes him into the corner for some
shots to the head. A charge hits Goldust’s elbow but Erick breaks up
another hot tag attempt. Bray gives a nod to Rowan as if to say it’s
time and there’s a claw hold to Goldust. That goes nowhere since
it’s not 1984 anymore but Rowan misses a spinwheel kick, allowing
Goldust to bulldog him down.
the hot tag off to Cody who cleans house with the Disaster Kick to
Harper. Everything breaks down and Cody hits a great dive to the
floor to take out Rowan, only to get kicked in the face by Harper.
Back in and Cody grabs a rollup out of nowhere for the pin at 10:05
shown of 13:05.
B-. Standard tag team formula
here but they worked it very well. Cody and Goldust are on fire at
the moment and I can’t imagine they won’t get the tag title shot at
the PPV. The Wyatts losing is ok since Bray is the one that matters
in the grand scheme of things. Good stuff here.
C-. The last part of
the show was better but the first hour of this show was about as
worthless as you could ask a show to be. The lack of star power due
to the tour hurt this a lot but it wasn’t a disaster. I like the
idea of the Wyatts getting a crack in the main event, even though
it’s probably a one off shot for now. Not a bad show here but
nothing worth going out of your way to see at all.
Make sure to check out Andy’s PG Report of Raw on Monday when the entire roster will be back in action.
Axel b. R-Truth – Neckbreaker faceplant
Matadores b. Los Locales – Double Angle Slam to Locale #2
Bela b. Kaitlyn/Eva Marie/Natalya – Rollup to Kaitlyn
Del Rio b. Damien Sandow – Cross Armbreaker
Khali/Prime Time Players b. 3MB – Chop to Slater
Rhodes/Goldust b. Wyatt Family – Rollup to Harper
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Road to Unification?

With Cena apparently returning and assuming he would eventually take the World strap off of Alberto Del Rio I starting doing some 2014 booking in my head.

Let’s assume Punk wins the WWE belt at Wrestlemania. Don’t ask me how, there are a million scenarios…probably by beating Orton although I would hope it’s by beating Brock.

Both Cena and Punk would live in alternate universes for a while but all things generally lead back to those two meeting at a crossroad because for the last 2+ years that’s the way it has been. And given the fact that these two guys bring the absolute best out of each other that isn’t a bad thing at all.

So are we looking at a potential unification match by Summerslam and maybe just having one top guy?

Curious of your thoughts.

Go Rays Pirates Tigers!

BoD Daily Update

Reason Why Stephanie McMahon is Selling Her WWE Stock

According to the New York Post, Stephanie has cashed in $8.3 million in stocks for “personal financial purposes,” which include building a house.

WWE Issues a Statement Regarding Michael Hayes asked the WWE about is status. They were told the following: “Michael is taking a leave of absence for personal reasons.”


AJ Styles Biography Release Date Held Back

The biography has been held back due to copyrighting issues, waiting to conduct a few more interviews, and also waiting on his match for the title at “Bound For Glory.”


Highspots Releases Extended Preview of their Shoot Interview with Jesse Sorensen

He talks about his injury in this clip.

QOTD 31: Trust da Police!

Do you trust the police?

As a white guy in suburbia, I really have *thank goodness* no reason to not trust the police, and am generally respectful / appropriately fearful of their presence. Heck, I don’t even smoke <Redacted> on my front porch because I figure it’s just a way to irk an officer who’d rather not be bothered. I’m typically polite, and throw out more Sirs than a bad “Wii Tennis” player whenever I get pulled over (which has happened…once).

At the same time, I understand not everyone is me. So if you’re someone who has had bad run-ins with the 5-0, feel free to share.

Food for thought: The Rampart Division in LA is an absolutely NUTS story if you never heard about it. Essentially this group of rogue cops managed to make money for themselves hand-over-foot, AND keep crime in LA in check at the same time,

Food for thought 2:  Tucker Max of all people wrote this pretty good piece on how to deal with ‘The Fuzz’ it’s pretty insightful


Blog Otter Award: wnyxmcneal for a joke I didn’t quite get until this morning.

1. Does anyone else think CAPS_LOCK_MAN looks like this guy?

2. Did uh…did one of you go through every single one of my comments yesterday and down vote them? Cause every single one of my comments has a single down vote. I appreciate the effort!

3. I’ve been playing Card Hunter. It’s an online Table-top RPG / CCG kind of thing. It’s totally free and a real blast if you like Final Fantasy Tactics / Warhammer

Cena-Rock controversy


Soooo, this is weird.
I watched John Cena today on ESPN's Highly Questionable and they asked him about his biggest career disappointment and he said losing to the Rock. Sounded like a kayfabe answer until Dan LeBatard asked him that it sounded ridiculous that a predetermined result would be his biggest disappointment. At this point, Cena hinted at major backstage issues regarding the result. I have not heard about this until today. Here's a recap from some youtube user because I can't find the video:… What's even weirder is that edited the video to remove that part of the interview.… Conspiracy!!

Well, Dave Meltzer was saying all the way until the day of the show that Cena was going over, and then plans apparently changed.  I'm guessing they realized how stupid it would be to put Cena over in MIAMI, but you never know.  Maybe Cena really thought that was supposed to be his "passing the torch" moment like with Rock and Hogan?  Which is funny because he's the guy who should be passing the torch before his arm drops off.  
Or maybe they're building heat for Cena-Rock III:  Not Once, Not Twice, But Thrice In A Lifetime.

Cucch’s Book Review: The Hardcore Truth

Will SOMEONE get this guy a WrestleMania payday?

I have to admit…I was never a real big Bob Holly fan. Sure, he was a good hand, but that is where it ends. He was never really a good talker, never had what one would call a classic match, never had that one angle that made him into a super duper star. On the other end, he was a very good worker, a solid character. Holly was never a guy I really looked at in a positive or negative light. To quote Bill Parcells, he was a JAG, just another guy. So I was SHOCKED when everyone started giving this book glowing praise. I mean, to me, it seemed like buying George South’s biography. Not that there is anything wrong with George South, I just mean that he was more or less a jobber and he wrote a book. That was my prevailing wisdom with Holly’s book.

Boy was I wrong.

Holly’s memoir is easily the best wrestling book to come out in the last two or three years. Yes, damning with faint praise, but the praise is far from faint here. This is a GREAT book. The real life Bob Howard is a much more engaging persona than wrestling’s Bob Holly.

Some on the site have said I should focus on the book and less biography, so I am doing so here. Bob Howard was born in….kidding, kidding. The book clocks in at about 360 pages, and has some damn entertaining stories. You learn about Bob’s single parent upbringing in California and Oregon, which led him to discover pro wrestling from both of those markets in the 70’s and 80’s. As Bob grew older, he also found the NWA and WWF, and his favorite wrestler back then was Bret Hart, of all people. Gets an A in my book right there. He worked some menial jobs in order to put food on the table for his daughter and a few girlfriends and wives, including welding and driving stock cars. But his passion remained pro wrestling, and in the 1980’s, wrestling was still heavily kayfabed, so he had a tough time finding someone to train him. Eventually, a guy who worked with him had a connection to a gentlemen by the gimmick name of Marcel Pringle, storyline brother of Percival Pringle, and Marcel, after constant badgering by Bob, agreed to take him as a student. Bob worked off and on in Southern territories for a few years, including SMW. He has some really hilarious negative shit to say about Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, and that alone makes the book worth reading. He pulls not a punch talking about the way Jeff was pushed everywhere he went and how abysmal the Jerry Jarrett payoffs were. Funny shit to say the least.

Bob grew weary of the shit-all wrestling payoffs, as he was working his ass of by night as a wrestler and by day as a tig welder. And welding paid a hell of a lot better. Plus, he was racing cars on the official circuit. So he left rasslin behind and focused on his other hobbies. Eventually though, he got THE call, from the WWF. Bob still had wrestling coursing (blame spellcheck) through his veins, and he said yes to them, expecting to make big money from the #1 wrestling company in the world. Then the shit hit the fan.

WWF was impressed with the young (he was over 30 when hired) upstarts racing background…so he became Thurman “Sparky” Plugg. Get it? Spark Plug? STP? Truly genius shit. Bob languished around the mid card for a good amount of time, but he describes this period quite candidly. Because when Bob started in WWF, he was starting right in the middle of the “Clique Era.”

This is where the shit gets good, shit gets real. Bob absolutely UNLOADS on them, and it is magnificent and THE reason why to read this thing. I have stated my opinions on all of those scumfucks before, so I am keeping my opinions out of it. Just read the book. Bob also derides his favorite worker (and mine) Bret Hart for being to…full of himself is I think the best way to put it. Listen, I will defend Bret until the day I die, but even I can realize he took himself entirely too seriously. Bob basically says that, as well as that Bret was a great guy. HBK? Total dick. But Bob ALSO says that Shawn is the greatest in ring performer who ever lived. That pretty much sums up the book in a nutshell…Bob will call someone out for being an asshole, but if their work was up to snuff, or if Bob himself was wrong in a situation, he will acknowledge it. 

Well, with one exception: the bane of Bob Holly’s existence: one Mr. HHH.

Holly says HHH is a great worker with a great mind for the business ad nauseum. That said, he just absolutely UNLOADS on the guy throughout the book. It is truly epic to those who HHHate that man. It is one thing for us online smart asses to hate on him and have HHHim dismiss us…how about a colleague? Holly just crushes him, and it makes for fantastic reading. However, there is one chapter that is even better.

That chapter is on Chris Benoit. Holly was a longtime employee of the E, so you get individual chapters devoted to all the hot button points: Eddy, Crash, Owen, Brawl For All. But none hit as hard as Benoit, to this reader. It makes sense to me that Holly would be close to Benoit…both guys were tough nosed no nonsense competitors who made you earn your pay every night. Now, while Holly was damned good at it, Benoit was transcendent, I will give you that. Benoit was otherworldly. But Holly was good as well. Stiff as shit. Benoit and Holly both got scripts from Dr. Astin, and Holly MAY have been the last person to talk to Chris before he committed his abominable acts that June 2007 weekend. It sure sounds like it reading the book. Holly was supposed to spend that weekend there with Chris, but got sidetracked. He called Chris that Friday morning and Chris told him he had just been to the docs office. Holly was supposed to show up the night before on a layover, but he figured Benoit needed some quality family time, so he just checked into a hotel so as not to intrude. He called Benoit up the next day, Friday, and Benoit chewed him out, saying Nancy was acting “like Hitler” and that, even with all the stress, drama, and wear and tear, and the considerate nature Holly bowed out of everything, that he still should have stopped by. It boggles my mind that, between reading Jericho’s “Undisputed” and this book what may not have happened that tragic June weekend. Get the book just for this chapter.

Bob also relates the Brock neck injury, the Angle moonsault fail, and a bunch of other shit. His main gripe is not the injuries, but his lack of pay. HOW LONG was Bob Holly with the WWF/E? He was a solid hand for many, MANY years. How many WrestleManias did this guy appear in? He got scratched from his first Mania (10) because the epic ladder match went long. He ended up winning at Mania 2000 because of a timing snafu. Mania 15 was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. How many times did a loyal employee like Bob Howard end up on the biggest payday event his company provided?

Bob also relates what he considers his greatest match ever…the match with RVD on the newly minted Tuesday ECW show. The one where he tears his back up on the table spot. He loves RVD, among others, and just loves that match. And it is a good one. WWE doctors wanted to end it, but Holly refused. It ended up being an entirely memorable affair, one talked about by many aficionados to this day.

“The Hardcore Truth” is possibly the best wrestling bio to come out over the last five years. It is thouroughly engaging and well worth the money to buy it. It gets my ****1/2 rating, so to speak. Go out, seek out, find, BUY.

And Steve Blackman is the toughest man to ever walk the planet…

Impact Wrestling – October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013
Cox Business Area, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

at the final TV taping before Bound For Glory, meaning we have tonight
and next week to go. The main stories coming into tonight are Hogan
being gone and AJ Styles challenging Bully Ray for the title in
whichever order you pick. Last week saw a lot of the midcard being
filled in for the show so perhaps we’ll get even more this week.
Let’s get to it.

Dixie to open things up. She talks about someone leaving last week
and how we’re never to mention that person’s name again. Dixie
doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do, not even Stephanie
LeVesque or Eric Bischoff. As for AJ Styles, last week he snuck back
into the arena after she threw him out, so tonight Bully Ray can put
him in any match he wants.
Dixie can go anywhere else, here’s Sting with something to say.
Dixie sucks up to him a bit before saying that even he is under
review at this point. Sting suggested Hogan for the GM spot in the
first place and now he’s making matches for Bound For Glory on his
own. Therefore, tonight it’s Magnus/Sting vs. Bad Influence and if
the good guys lose, neither are on the pay per view. Good luck!
Aries says he’s a professional wrestler and doesn’t need to hide
behind a crowd like Jeff does.
Aries vs. Jeff Hardy
out process to start with Jeff taking Aries down but not being able
to do anything more than that. Aries comes back with an armdrag to
take Jeff to the mat, only to have to fight out of a headscissors. A
dropkick to the back of Jeff’s head gets two and a bulldog out of the
corner gets the same. Jeff comes back with the sitout jawbreaker and
a headscissors to send Aries to the outside. A clothesline off the
apron drops Aries as we take a break.
with Jeff missing a charge in the corner to give Aries his first real
advantage. Jeff is sent to the outside for a BIG top rope ax handle
to the head to send him sprawling across the floor. Another ax
handle sends Jeff into the barricade and we head back inside. Jeff
avoids a missile dropkick and starts his comeback, only to get caught
in a neckbreaker.
goes up top again and connects with the missile dropkick but its
running cousin is countered by Jeff’s raised boots. Jeff clips Aries
over but can’t get the Twist. Whisper in the Wind drops Aries but he
crotches Jeff to break up the Swanton. A super brainbuster is enough
for the pin at 14:18.
B. Really solid main event
style match here with both guys using their big moves throughout
because that’s all they could do to hurt the other guy. Hardy losing
clean is still a pretty big deal as he’s still the biggest start TNA
has, so points to Aries for such a big win. Good stuff here and one
of TNA’s best matches in awhile.
match here’s Samoa Joe to congratulate Aries on his win. However,
there’s some bad news for Aries as well: he’s entering the Ultimate X
match at Bound For Glory as well.
Bro Mans make fun of each other for their bad losses but Jesse says
he’s getting rid of their biggest problem next. They TOTALLY get
chicks too bro.
Park and Eric Young are going on a road trip to Bound For Glory.
They immediately stop because ODB has a match tonight.
Godderz vs. ODB
immediately in the comedy match formula as Jesse, Robbie and Eric are
shoved face first into ODB’s chest. A rollup gets two on Jesse but
Robbie trips up ODB to give Jesse control. Eric and Robbie fight up
the ramp and into the back and here’s Lei’D Tapa to run over ODB for
the DQ at 2:00.
lays out ODB with a fireman’s carry into a Stunner.
and Bischoff yell at Bully for ruining the club. Ray blames Anderson
for the troubles because Anderson stopped protecting the title. Knux
says Anderson didn’t have to piledrive Anderson the stage which Ray
seems to agree with. Ray says the two of them can prove how great
they are tonight by beating AJ Styles. The lackeys seem pleased.
thanks Sting for their confrontation last week. Sting says Bound For
Glory is the biggest show of the year and it’s been very good to him
over the years. This year it’s going to be good to Magnus.
Influence doesn’t like being interrupted (Kaz: “You cannot see the
Wizard!”) and insist Roode’s induction into the EGO Hall of Fame
will be amazing.
are Daniels and Kazarian in powder blue and neon orange tuxedos and
top hats respectively. They’re dressed in the colors of the Mafia to
show what frauds they are. Speaking of frauds, other Halls of Fame
have their own frauds, but EGO isn’t one of them. Therefore, here is
the man that once got busy in Tim Horton’s bathroom: Bobby Roode.
There’s a big wooden throne for Roode to sit on and a nice portrait
of him standing next to it.
has slaved over a hot computer all week to produce a video for him.
It’s a completely over the top video with various people praising
Roode with absolutely no audio editing whatsoever. Not a bit.
Daniels says that unlike Sting, Roode deserves to be in the Hall of
Fame. Roode is indeed the prime minister of suave and debonaire, so
please stand for him right now.
thanks Kaz and Daniels but gets all choked up halfway through.
There’s one person that needs to be honored above everyone else
though: Bobby Roode himself. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame
unlike Kurt Angle, who hasn’t done anything at all lately. Where is
Angle now? Before Roode can answer that, here’s Angle live in
person, looking more chiseled than he has in years. Bad Influence
both get suplexes and Roode loses a shoe bailing from the ankle lock.
Obviously it’s Angle vs. Roode at BFG.
is furious post break.
Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
has taped up ribs but still does the bouncing entrance. Sabin blocks
the pigeons though. This is for the title shot at BFG, which
apparently will involve Gail Kim as well. Brooke goes for the bad
ribs but gets taken down by a shoulder block. Velvet stomps her down
in the corner but misses a charge, allowing Brooke to fire off a kick
to the bad ribs. A Russian legsweep stops Brooke’s comeback but
hurts the ribs again. Velvet is sent to the floor for more work on
the ribs but comes back with a clothesline and bulldog for two.
Sabin offers Velvet some tips, only to cause her to get rolled up for
the pin at 3:52.
C-. Believe it or not this
wasn’t too bad. Brooke does her job well enough but she’s out there
for her looks and that’s about it. The interesting thing out there
was Velvet’s selling, as she did a better job with the rib injury
than almost anyone I’ve seen in months. Not a bad match at all.
promo. He’s still coming.
run down the BFG card.
Influence vs. Sting/Magnus
the Mafia loses, they’re off Bound For Glory and lose their
contracts. Daniels peppers Magnus with forearms to start but gets
caught in a qucik suplex. Off to Sting for a double back elbow to
Daniels and a hiptoss to Kaz. We get some miscommunication between
Sting and Magnus to give Bad Influence control as we take a break.
Back with Bad Influence in control on Magnus and Kaz getting two off
a dropkick.
fans still want Sting but get Daniels driving Magnus down with a knee
to the chest for two instead. We hit the chinlock for a bit before
Kaz gets two off a slingshot legdrop. He spits at Sting to allow a
non-tag change off to Daniels. Off to another chinlock but Magnus
fights back with right hands and a running clothesline. Hot tag
brings in Sting to clean house before Magnus hits the top rope elbow
on Kaz to set up the Cloverleaf, only to have Daniels make the save.
Everything breaks down and Sting hits the Death Drop for the pin on
Daniels at 11:00.
C. This was fine but was more
about the angle than the match. Magnus being upset by Sting getting
the fall due to his own mistake is a fine idea and sets up the PPV
match well enough. I’m hoping they put Magnus over at BFG as Sting
doesn’t need the win, but there’s a good chance that’s where they’re
offers AJ a big check to walk away but Styles says he can’t be bought
and rips up the check.
Styles vs. Knux/Garret Bischoff
takes Tenay’s commentary spot. AJ starts off fast and beats up
Bischoff like he’s the son of an executive that has no business being
in the ring with a multiple time world champion. AJ drops a knee and
pounds away in the corner but Garrett makes a blind tag off to Knux.
Styles is dropped throat first over the top rope and catapulted
throat first into the middle rope for two. Back to Garrett for a lot
of posing and a butterfly suplex for no cover.
comes back in but misses a middle rope legdrop. Everything breaks
down and AJ hits the springboard forearm on Knux. After
miscommunication from the bikers, AJ gets a very awkward looking
rollup (looked like a powerslam minus the power or the slam) for the
pin on Garret at 4:43.
D+. This is a match where the
result was never in doubt but that’s the way things should have gone.
AJ gets to look good while taking out the champion’s lackeys,
setting up BFG a little bit better. That’s what this story should
have been the entire time, but if we have to sacrifice a good build
for the sake of getting rid of Aces and 8’s then so be it.
match Ray comes in and whips AJ with the chain before backdropping
him onto the ramp. Lots of trash talk ends the show.
C+. This was one of
their better shows in a good while with a nice mix of action,
storylines and comedy. As usual, it’s remarkable how much better
things get when there’s no Hogan around for his way over the top
drama. It’s also nice to see the PPV main event getting some direct
focus which has been lacking for such a long time. Good show this
week which is a good sign.
Aries b. Jeff Hardy – Super brainbuster
b. Jesse Godderz via DQ when Lei’D Tapa interfered
Adams b. velvet Sky – Rollup
Styles b. Knux/Garrett Bischoff – Rollup to Bischoff
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