Hogan Post-nWo Question…

Long time reader, first time emailer. I never kept up with the week-to-week happenings with WCW, and was curious when and how Hulk Hogan turned face and went back to the red-and-yellow during the Spring/Summer of '99. Was there some long-rumored news about it, or was it typical WCW just doing something at the last minute to get a rating win? Since we're on the subject of WCW from that time period, who's bright idea was it to turn Sting heel?

That's quite the large font you've got going there.  Kudos.
It was definitely long-rumored, in the sense of "Rumors are WCW is so desperate that they're going to put Hogan back in the red and yellow and expect it to pop a rating".  Which it did not.  But yes, the actual timing was basically WCW in ratings freefall and flailing for something.  
The Sting heel turn was the decision of the booking committee that ran the company between Nash getting fired and Russo getting hired.  That particular show (Fall Brawl 99) didn't even have a main event until the Nitro before the show, and previously they had been building it up as "Top Secret" in advertisements.  Understandably, the whole period of time was a disaster on all fronts.  I guess ultimately you'd blame Bill Behrens, but I don't know if the heel turn was his actual idea or if he just approved whatever stupid nonsense that guys like Terry Taylor pitched him.

Smackdown – October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013
Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before Battleground and the company has gone from on
fire to limping into the PPV in a matter of weeks. Bryan vs. Orton
is the main event on Sunday again but it feels like an afterthought.
The problem is it doesn’t feel like an afterthought to any specific
thing as none of the matches feel like a big deal at all. The main
event tonight is Big Show vs. Shield so I guess that’s our focus
tonight. Let’s get to it.

opening recap shows Orton laying out Bryan to end Raw. The Bellas
being involved makes me roll my eyes.
Big Show to open things up. Show says he’s been embarrassed of how
he’s treated some people lately and we get a knockout montage. Big
Show talks about Stephanie and HHH holding the job over his head and
how some people can understand what it’s like to have to do things
they don’t want to do. He knows he can’t be forgiven but asks for
some understanding.
what his wife said to Stephanie he isn’t even sure if he’s a man
anymore. There’s so much anger and frustration built up inside of
him that he threatened to knock HHH out on Monday. If he had done it
though he would have been fired, but just for threatening it he has
to face the Shield in a handicap match. However, if he’s going down
he’s taking Shield with him.
HHH because what would an opening segment be without him? He’s
ashamed that Big Show doesn’t like his leadership, but Big Show’s
frustration and financial and marital problems are all on Big Show.
HHH has considered Big Show a friend for the last 20 years, meaning
he knew Big Show in college, two years before Show had his first
match in WCW.
holds up Big Show’s mortgage, which apparently he’s paid, meaning Big
Show owes him rather than the bank. Therefore, either Big Show gets
his emotions in check or HHH moves into Big Show’s house. As for
tonight, since Big Show is so crazy, we’ll make the main event Big
Show vs. Shield/Randy Orton. And Big Show is crushed yet again,
because there will be NO strong heroes in this company.
Van Dam vs. Fandango
announcers spend all of Fandango’s entrance talking about breast
cancer and how pink everything is. Fandango dances to start so RVD
does the finger points, earning himself an elbow to the head. Rob
comes back with kicks in the corner and a monkey flip to take over.
Van Dam goes to the apron but gets knocked to the floor as we take a
break. Back with Rob coming off the middle rope with a kick to the
face and some regular kicks for good measure. Rolling Thunder
connects but Summer breaks up the Five Star for the DQ at 2:30 shown
of 5:00. This match needed a break?
goes to find some weapons post match but Rob gets the upper hand and
lays Fandango out with a slingshot DDT. He finds a trashcan and
Fandango gets a Van Terminator to pop the crowd.
vs. R-Truth
entrance for the monster. Ryback powers him into the corner to start
but Truth comes back with some right hands to send Ryback to the
floor. Heyman calls Truth a bully and Ryback will have none of that.
Back in and Truth escapes a gorilla press before kicking Ryback down
for two. The ax kick misses and the Meat Hook and Shell Shock
complete the squash of Truth at 2:24. Your #1 contender to the
Intercontinental Title everyone.
match Axel lays out Truth again to really make sure no one buys him
as a contender.
Del Rio isn’t worried about Dolph Ziggler tonight when a stagehand
comes up with the trashcan RVD used earlier tonight. The champion
isn’t pleased.
Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
of course and Sandow is on commentary to hype up his Battleground
pre-show match with Ziggler. Before the match we get the top ten Van
Dam moments video from Raw. Sandow refers to Ziggler as a former Mr.
MITB instead of a former world champion. That tells you almost
everything you need to know about Dolph at the moment. Feeling out
process to start with Ziggler getting a quick rollup for two, sending
the champion to the floor.
in and Del Rio stomps Ziggler down, only to be dropkicked out to the
floor as we take a break. We come back with Alberto holding a
chinlock until Ziggler fights back up. Dolph misses a charge into
the post and Del Rio has a shoulder to work on. A belly to back
suplex gets two on Dolph and we hit the chinlock again. Ziggler
fights up and comes back with another dropkick to knock Alberto off
the apron, only to have him snap Ziggler’s throat across the ropes.
Dolph comes right back again though with a top rope X Factor to put
both guys down.
tries to talk Sandow into cashing in as Dolph pounds away right hands
in the corner. A running clothesline puts Del Rio down but he still
avoids the Fameasser and gets two off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
Alberto goes up but dives into a dropkick for a close two count. The
champ gets back up and hits a LOUD running enziguri in the corner for
two of his own. Del Rio loads up a superplex but gets countered into
a sunset bomb for another close two.
the sleeper from Ziggy but Del Rio rams him face first into the
buckle for the break. A middle rope double stomp to the back has
Dolph down again but the low superkick is countered into a rollup for
two. The second attempt at the kick connects for two for the
champion but Ziggler rolls through the armbreaker into the Fameasser
for a VERY hot two. Not that it matters as the armbreaker goes on
for the submission from Dolph at 10:30 shown of 12:50.
B-. This got a lot better at
the end but ziggler having almost no chance at all didn’t help
things. That’s the problem with how WWE takes guys down the card:
there’s almost no way to believe they could win a big match when
they’re on a losing streak. Del Rio as usual is much better in the
ring than he is as a character but that’s been the case for years. I
could have gone for more arm work than just at the beginning and
ending of the match though.
Matadores vignette.
vs. Los Matadores
again who ranted about Toroito costing them the match. There’s no
McIntyre in sight for the second straight show. The bullfighters do
their flips and bull stuff before the bell. Diego cranks on Slater’s
arm to start and shouts OLE a lot. Mahal comes in and gets his leg
swept out from under him before being double backdropped.
up and Los Matadores hit a combination backbreaker/slingshot splash
for no cover. Slater comes back in and takes over with a kick to the
face and a quickly broken chinlock. Fernando comes back with Ultimo
Dragon’s corner headstand before it’s back to Diego vs. Mahal. Diego
hits a reverse Cross Rhodes followed by the double Angle Slam for the
pin at 3:20.
D. Remember the match on
Monday? This was the same thing but with less flipping and less
excitement. Los Matadores don’t seem to have a long shelf life to
them but at least it gives us another tag team for a few months.
Nothing to see here though as the bull continues to steal most of the
match Torito dives on 3MB.
and his Guys are ready for their matches on Sunday. Truth’s dream of
being Intercontinental Champion is false but at least he’s not CM
Punk. On Sunday, CM Punk will fight to the death but it just won’t
be enough. After the beating, Punk will be looking up at his lord,
master and owner: Paul Heyman, the best in the world.
Bella vs. Aksana
for the love of all things good and holy keep this short. Brie moves
away from Aksana to start before dropkicking her out to the floor.
Back in and Aksana sends her throat first into the middle rope and
stomps away for two. We hit the chinlock on Brie before Aksana
crawls around on all fours. Brie comes right back with a middle rope
Bella Buster for the pin (ignore Aksana’s foot on the ropes) at 2:10.
match here are AJ with the psycho eyes and Tamina for whatever
reason. AJ says after she keeps the title on Sunday, Brie and Bryan
can go have a goat faced kid. After the doctor sees the abomination,
he’ll spank Brie instead of the baby. I’m still wondering why I’m
supposed to cheer for the Bellas other than who they sleep with.
Kingston vs. Big E. Langston
the match we get a clip from Smackdown of Bray Wyatt laughing at
Kingston but not attacking him. Langston runs Kofi over to start and
gets two off a running splash. Kofi goes up for a cross body but
gets caught in midair, only to slip down Langston into the rollup for
the pin at 52 seconds. Was there no one else that could do the job
here? No one at all?
match here’s Bray on the stage with the Family behind Kofi. Bray
talks about calling a hero another facade of a failed generation.
This Sunday, the first will fall so follow the buzzards. Kofi still
isn’t touched.
break Bray vs. Kofi is announced for Sunday.
look back at the Rhodes Family segment from Raw. Word on the street
is that Stephanie is ticked off for Dusty going slightly off script
and putting his hand on her face. Heaven forbid everything isn’t
EXACTLY planned out for her for once in her life.
Orton vs. Big Show
Ambrose in first with Show pounding away in the corner and
headbutting Ambrose down. Off to Rollins who tries a kick to the
ribs before being thrown into the corner for a beating of his own.
It’s Reigns’ turn now but he goes down when trying a shoulder block.
Randy gets the tag and tries to keep Big Show away from him in a
smart strategy. Show gets him in the corner anyway for the not so
loud chop, sending Randy running off to Rollins.
actually knocks Show down with a top rope knee to the jaw and a kick
to the face gets two. Randy is out on the floor until Reigns softens
Big Show up a bit more. Orton comes in for some stomping and the
knee drop for two. A quick DDT gets two more for Orton and it’s back
to Roman. Show clotheslines Reigns down a few times before hitting
his own spear for no cover. All of the heels come in at once but Big
Show fights them off until Ambrose brings in a chair, only to have it
punched into his face for the DQ at 5:40.
D+. That’s the only way you can
end this if you want to save any face for Big Show. Obviously you
can’t have the giant go over and you don’t want the heels to look
weak (Heaven forbid of course) so the DQ after Show holds his own is
the best option. Much like everything else on the show tonight
though, this didn’t mean much.
hits Show in the back with the chair but there’s no effect. Instead
Reigns spears Big Show down as the fans chant for Bryan. There’s an
RKO for Big Show and Orton wraps the chair around Big Show’s neck.
Cue the Usos to take care of the Shield and FINALLY Daniel Bryan
shows up to fight Orton. Bryan fires off kicks and hooks the YES
Lock but Ambrose gets back in for the save. Dean takes the running
knee and a staredown ends the show.
D+. This wasn’t a bad
show but what did it change about Sunday? The only thing added here
was Wyatt vs. Kingston which could have been done just as easily on
Raw or at the PPV itself. The wrestling was just ok and HHH is now
Big Show’s landlord to make sure Big Show doesn’t get to grow a spine
to fight back against the tyranny. Also what happened to the locker
room rebellion? None of those guys have done anything against HHH
and company for over a week and there’s no sign that they will in the
future. As usual, this story just keeps going with no real direction
to be seen.
Van Dam b. Fandango via DQ when Summer Rae interfered
b. R-Truth – Shell Shock
Del Rio b. Dolph Ziggler – Cross armbreaker
Matadores b. 3MB – Double Angle Slam to Mahal
Bella b. Aksana – Middle rope Bella Buster
Kingston b. Big E. Langston – Rollup
Orton b. Big Show via DQ when Big Show hit a chair into Ambrose’s
I’m assuming someone will be doing Battleground on Sunday.  If not then make sure to check out Andy’s Raw recap on Monday night which I’m sure will cover what happens on Sunday.
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Selling Old Tapes

Hey Scott, long time lurker here from back in your LJ days. I was wondering if you could plug some auctions I have going on eBay. Right now I only have Starrcade ’97 and Bash at the Beach ’97 for sale, but I will be adding more in the next few weeks. Thanks in advance! http://www.ebay.com/itm/WCW-Starrcade-1997-VHS-/271290554549?pt=VHS&hash=item3f2a2d58b5

V…H….S?  I know these letters, but I’m unsure of why they’d do together in that order.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #62

September 24, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
In the parking lot before the show, Erik Watts is yelling at Don Callis, who is flanked by Red-Shirt Security, for getting rid of Roddy Piper in order to keep Vince Russo. Callis tells Watts his job is to worry about what is going on in the ring while his job is to take care of everything else. Callis leaves as Watts and the Black Shirt Security looked worried.

Jeremy Borash introduces 3 Live Kru as they sing their hit single, “3 Live Kru.” They go on for a minute or so and it is pretty bad until they are attacked by Simon Diamond, his fill-in partner David Young, and Glen Gilbertti. Johnny Swinger underwent an emergency appendectomy before the show. The heels mock the 3 Live Kru in the ring, their scheduled opponents for tonight, but get laid out by Raven and the Gathering. Raven asks for the mic and says that he is ashamed and humiliated whenever he looks into the mirror and sees his shaved head. He then says he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and manic depression and is unstable. He then runs down Shane Douglas, Vampiro, James Mitchell and the New Church and tells god to rest their souls. Good promo by Raven but this was all three segments crammed into one.
Kid Kash interrupts West and Tenay as they run down the show. He says that he will not be responsible for what happens tonight.
A video is shown hyping the 5 guys in the X Division number one contender match. They include Jerry Lynn, Frankie Kazarian, Juventud Guerrera, Chris Sabin, and Nosawa.
Scott Hudson is backstage with Jerry Lynn. He talks about sports entertainment and wrestling in a promo that did nothing at all in making me care about him. He even talks about rumors on the “sheets” and the internet. This promo really sucked, actually.
X Division #1 Contender’s Match
Nosawa vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Kazarian went to hit on Lollipop. Nosawa and Kazarian start things off. They have a typical, X Division fast-paced sequence that ends with Nosawa going low then hitting a super kick. Juvy tags and gets kicked before tagging Sabin. Lynn tags himself in and sends Sabin to the floor with a backdrop. Lynn snaps off a rana from the apron as the crowd chants his name. In the ring, they clothesline each other before tagging out. Nosawa goes after Juvy but gets caught with a Juvy Driver, eliminating him from the match (3:41). The match breaks down until it ends up with Juvy and Kazarian. Juvy gains the advantage then pulls himself up using the bottom rope in order to take Kazarian, who was standing outside, down with a headscissors. In the ring, they go back and forth until Kazarian puts him on his shoulders while Sabin hits a springboard dropkick. All four men take turns on offense and it all looks good but the crowd is silent. Kazarian hits Sabin with the Wave of the future but that only gets two. Sabin then hits him with the Cradle Shock for the elimination (8:58). Lynn alley-oops Sabin and Juvy hits him with a dropkick in midair. Juvy takes out both men and covers Lynn for two. In a cool but choreographed spot, as Sabin takes Lynn over with a sunset flip, Lynn hits Juvy with a German suplex. Sabin breaks up a cradle piledriver attempt but gets hit with the Juvy Driver. Juvy then pins Lynn instead, who is able to reach the ropes. They work a pinfall reversal sequence that ends with Lynn hitting the Kryptonite Krunch, which eliminates Juvy (11:41). Sabin and Lynn are the last two left. Sabin hits a few nearfalls but that still cant get the crowd interested. Lynn knocks Sabin off the top rope as Michael Shane is watching the match from the ramp with the belt over his shoulder. Lynn hits a superplex but that only gets two. Sabin fights back and gets two off of a brainbuster. Sabin shoves Lynn into the ref and Michael Shane runs into the ring and tries to hit Lynn with the belt but he ducks and accidentally hits Sabin. Lynn takes care of Shane then hits Sabin with the cradle piledriver for the win (15:11) ***.
Thoughts: The match itself was fine and the moves were all fast-paced but the crowd didn’t seem to care at all. They could have shaved a few minutes off of the match too.
Scott Hudson is with Shark Boy and Mad Mikey, who is dressed as Sponge Bob. He is sick of Shark Boy joking around. They are then attacked by Sonny Siaki and Ekmo (the new name for the former Jamal). Looks like Siaki and Ekmo will be a team going forward.
We are shown part one of the sit down interview with Roddy Piper. Tenay asks him what went down in the meeting with TNA officials about the decision by Callis to remove him from TNA. Piper gives another rambling speech, which is heavily edited, and talks about how the NWA saved his life when he was fifteen years old. Piper came off like a lunatic and not in a good way, either.
Callis is in the ring with Red-Shirt Security. He says that he banned Piper from the TNA Asylum because it is in the best interest of the customer and that they need Russo on the show, whether they know it or not. He then switches focus to Jeff Jarrett and was about to fire him for getting attacked last week but Watts interrupts, flanked by Black Shirt security, before Callis can say “fired.” Watts cuts a shitty promo in which he tries to be funny then promises Jarrett that he will get a shot at the belt in the next 30 days. He also says that Jarrett will face Christopher Daniels tonight then tells AJ Styles that he will have to face Dusty Rhodes in a Bunkhouse Brawl tonight. Also, Diamond & Gilbertti & Young will face the 3 Live Kru for the tag belts, in a six-man tag match. He then says Raven & The Gathering will face Shane Douglas & New Church in a six-man Dog Collar match.  Finally, he closes by ordering a match between Black and Red Shirt Security.
Red-Shirt Security (Ryan Wilson & Kevin Northcutt) vs. Black-Shirt Security (Chris Vaughn and Rick Santel)
The Black-Shirt guys are much, much smaller than their opponents. Wilson slams Vaughn then rams him in the corner repeatedly. Northcutt takes control and hits a pumphandle toss for two. Northcutt doesn’t look bad at all in the ring. Vaughn is getting destroyed by both men, who are hitting all sorts of power moves. Vaughn can sell like a motherfucker too. Santel breaks up a few pin attempts then Vaughn hits an enziguiri but is unable to make the tag. Northcutt tosses Vaughn to the floor where he gets tossed around by Wilson. The announcers are begging the referee to call the match then Vaughn is able to make the tag. The crowd reacts well to that as Santel runs wild until he walks into a big boot from Wilson. Vaughn then fights back but Northcutt tosses him to the floor using a press slam. As the ref checks on Vaughn, Watts runs in and hits Northcutt with a chokeslam then Santel covers for the win (6:24) **.
Thoughts: The Red-Shirt guys hit some cool power moves and Vaughn sold like a champ, making it a nice match. Northcutt looked pretty impressive and I have no idea what happened to him. He seemed like a guy the WWE would like. Wilson went on to become Trytan in TNA then signed a developmental deal with the WWE but was cut before making it to the main roster.
Scott Hudson is with Terry Taylor. He asks what he has left to prove. Taylor said that he is a 48 year old father of two who didn’t work hard to pave the road for a punk like Kid Kash. He closes by saying you do not go into a gunfight carrying a knife.
Kid Kash w/Abyss vs. Terry Taylor w/America’s Most Wanted
Kash is no longer wearing long tights to the ring. Taylor countered Abyss by bringing AMW with him and that infuriates Kash. Lots of stalling from Kash to start, who is trying to embarrass Taylor. Kash runs into a clothesline and fires away until Kash rolls outside. He bullies Abyss for a bit then re-enters the ring. Taylor takes Kash down with a dragon screw then puts him in an ankle lock until Kash reaches the ropes. Kash takes control and starts biting and clawing before working the arm. Taylor breaks that up with a jawbreaker but Kash is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Springboard crossbody gets two. He tosses Taylor to the floor, who is surrounded by AMW. Abyss knocks them both down though. In the ring, Taylor hits an inverted atomic drop but Abyss hits him with a Black Hole Slam behind the referee’s back. The ref gets laid out and Abyss gets tossed outside then Harris spears Kash out of his boots and puts Taylor on top as referee Mike Posey comes in and counts to three (6:21) *1/2. 
Thoughts: Taylor didn’t look bad, all things considered. This also sets up for a feud between AMW and Abyss & Kid Kash.
Russo is flipping out on Watts in his office. Watts threatens to shove his bat up his ass and Russo threatens him before leaving. Russo is wearing a bandana and it is really tiresome to see the guy book himself like a badass.
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/ The Altar Boys vs. Jeff Jarrett
They start by going back and forth until Daniels clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Daniels misses on a plancha and Jarrett tosses him into the guardrail. Daniels catches Jarrett in midair and hits an uranage. Daniels chokes out Jarrett then uses the figure-four necklock. Suplex gets two. Daniels cant get Jarrett over on a sunset flip and gets rolled up for two. Daniels takes control and gets two off of a double springboard moonsault. Daniels targets the neck of Jarrett for a bit. Jarrett hits an enziguiri then takes control. The fans couldn’t care less as Jarrett makes his comeback. Crossbody gets two. Daniels hits a jawbreaker but Jarrett blocks an enziguiri attempt. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb then one of the Altar Boys distracts the ref while the others go to attack Jarrett, who pushes them off and that ends up knocking Daniels off the top rope and Jarrett cradles Daniels for the win (7:18) **. After the match, Daniels yanks the belt off of one of his minions and belts the guy who cost him the match. It was vicious. He leaves with his minions behind.  
Thoughts: Average match. The post match stuff looked brutal but no one cared. Jarrett sold for most of the match.
Scott Hudson is with Dusty Rhodes. He cuts a great promo on AJ, throwing in all of his clichés. He then talks about how their will be 4-5 fat girls waiting for him after the match.
Tag-Team Title Match
3 Live Kru vs. Simon Diamond & David Young & Glen Gilbertti
3LK clears the ring and Konnan does his bit on the mic, adding in that Simon Diamond busts his partners asses. Konnan and Diamond start out with a clunky sequence. BG and Young go at it, with BG using karate poses. Killings hits BG in the crotch with a headbutt then Young rolls outside. The crowd is totally into this match, way more than anything else so far. Gilbertti clotheslines Killings and works him over in the corner. Killings comes back with a powerslam then fights off Young and Diamond but that allows Gilbertti to attack from behind.  The heels get heat on Killings for a few minutes until he comes back with an axe kick and tags BG. The match breaks down and everyone takes turns hitting each other until Diamond accidentally super kicks Young. Killings takes out Diamond with a tope but Gilbertti hits BG with a chair then Young finishes him off with the spinebuster (9:57) **.
Thoughts: The actual wrestling wasn’t that great but it was put together well enough and the guys made it entertaining. Having a six-man tag match determine who the tag-team champions are is ridiculous though. I have to imagine that 3LK are going to be feuding with the champs.
Bunkhouse Brawl
Dusty Rhodes vs. AJ Styles w/Vince Russo
This match starts outside, immediately after the previous bout. They are fighting near a fence, with Russo hitting Dusty with his boot. Dusty then whacks AJ in the nuts and drags him close to the entrance. They brawl all the way into the ring as Dusty puts his hand into his glove and punches AJ. Russo throws a boot at Dusty then AJ chokes him out with his belt. Russo then chokes out Dusty but he escapes then pulls down AJ’s pants and spanks him while he is bent over his knee. Russo is in the ring and Jarrett comes in too. Trinity enters then Jarrett grabs her and pulls up her skirt to reveal a thong that barely exists and Dusty spanks her across the ass. We find out that the match is ruled a no-contest (4:22) ½*
Thoughts: This did a great job of making the company’s champion looked like a goof. At least Trinity’s ass looked fine. That was one skimpy thong.
West runs down next week’s show including:
Sonny Siaki & Ekmo vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy
Kid Kash & Abyss vs. America’s Most Wanted
Jerry Lynn vs. Michael Shane for the X Division Title.
AJ Styles interrupts the announcers and said that he has been embarrassed and humiliated and says he was not cool with Dusty spanking him and as the champ, deserves more respect. Russo then interrupts and suggests that he and AJ team up to face Dusty and Jarrett rather than AJ facing Dusty for the title. Russo was upset with AJ here, stating that he was being “worked” by Dusty. First, they made AJ look like an even bigger goof then Russo made him look like an imbecile.
We are shown a video recap of last week’s hair vs. hair match between Raven and Shane Douglas.
Triple Dog Collar Match
Shane Douglas & Sinn & Slash w/James Mitchell vs. Raven & CM Punk & Julio
The faces run in and gain the early advantage. Raven goes after Douglas and puts him in the Cobra Clutch. Everyone is brawling but it is just too much to take in at once. Everyone is bloodied and Douglas is yelling into the camera while he beats on Raven. Slash yanks Punk out of the ring by the chain. Everyone is in the ring and the New Church gets yanked off the top rope. The Gathering hit Douglas with a double bulldog then the faces all use corner mounts. Raven and Douglas are shown brawling outside then the bell rings and we learn that Julio pinned Sinn for the win (7:50) *. After the match, Vampiro and James Mitchell run out. Vampiro goes after Raven as Douglas unhooks his collar from Raven. They are in the back of the arena as they take the chains to the balcony and hang Raven and the Gathering. Tenay and West are screaming as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: This match was pretty bad. There was way too much going on at once and it all just blended together. The finish was show off camera and was just terrible.
Final Thoughts: The promotion is staring to go backwards. The fans are turning on Jarrett as the face of the company and the champion is taking a backseat to his manager. The Raven/Douglas feud is losing steam and besides that, they do not have any other compelling feuds going on.

Hypothetical Question

So I've been thinking, with all the people talking about Cena turning heel all the time(I'm gonna say this now, HE WILL NOT TURN HEEL, AND IT WOULD BE STUPID FOR WWE TO DO SO!), what would have been the best time to turn him heel had they planned it sometime after Wrestlemania 22?

Probably 2011 after the Punk deal, so that someone else could have a legitimate shot at being the #1 guy.  

BoD Daily Update

Vince McMahon Update

Originally, Vince was scheduled to return to WWE programming to start his feud against HHH at Survivor Series. However, there has been recent talks that suggest he will be returning sooner, perhaps as soon as next week’s RAW.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Undertaker to Possibly Work Another PPV Besides WrestleMania?

Before his injury that occured as the result of being powerbombed by The Shield, Undertaker was supposed to team with Kane to face the Shield at SummerSlam. He had previously agreed to work a non-WrestleMania PPV this year. He met with HHH this past week and was presented with some ideas and depending on his health, may wrestle at either the Survivor Series or Royal Rumble PPV. He has recently been training at the Performace Center with his wife, Michelle McCool.
Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Big E Langston Update

The reason why Big E is floundering of late is believed to be due to the reason that his biggest supporter, John Cena, has not been around much to vouch for him due to his injury.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Damien Sandow MiTB Briefcase Plans

Originally, the plan for Sandow was to cash in the briefcase but lose his match. However, due to RVD’s recent contract status, there is talk of him getting a brief run with the title.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

WWE Signs Two From the Recent Performance Center Tryout

They signed Dylan Mile, a 25 year old male who is 6’3 and weighs 285 lbs. He apparently wowed everyone with his 37 inch vertical leap. They also signed Leah Van Dale, a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Lakers. Her father, Paul Van Dale, apparently did some enhancement work for the WWF in the 1990’s. In regards to Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, they have not been offered anything at this time and both men are currently not under contract with RoH.

Credit Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

Identity of “Ethan” from TNA Revealed

The identity of Ethan is Michael Hutter, who wrestled in the WWE as Derrick Bateman

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So I am in the process of reading Bob Holly’s book, and am nearly finished. When I was out of work, I could crank out one of these puppies in a day or so, then read it AGAIN the next day. Now that I am dutifully employed again, and working six days a week, it is a bit tougher. See the DX book review. Written in the throes of exhaustion and inebriation. But a shout out to all of you who recommended this book, because it is AWESOME. Expect effusive praise for it, and I was NEVER a Holly fan. Goldust’s book will follow that, then Roddy Piper’s disappointing memoir. Just a quick check in from everyone’s favorite BOD punching bag. Have a fine evening, stay classy BOD.

Impact Wrestling – October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013
Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still in Arkansas and the main story is still Dixie Carter vs. Hulk
Hogan, despite us only having three more Impacts until the biggest
show of the year. Tonight is about Hogan’s decision on whether or
not to join Dixie’s side in whatever she thinks she’s doing. If
we’re lucky we might even get Bully and AJ in the same ring for the
first time for the build to their match. Let’s get to it.

open with the customary recap of last week’s events.
AJ to address the crowd. He can appreciate Hogan trying to come out
here last week and smooth things over, but then Dixie Carter came out
and showed her true colors. AJ isn’t here to talk about Dixie or
Hogan though. Instead he wants to talk about his opponent at Bound
For Glory. What a refreshing idea. He knows exactly who Bully Ray
is: the man that he’ll beat at Bound For Glory for the world title.
Styles doesn’t have a contract right now and hasn’t even looked at
the world title in over a year. He’s coming to get what’s his at
Bound For Glory, but here’s Bully Ray to object.
says Dixie is in AJ’s head because AJ is just hoping to win. If AJ
was really in the game, he would know that he’s going to win rather
than just hoping. AJ doesn’t have to worry about Dixie in San Diego
though, because Bully will give him all he can handle. Look at what
Ray has done to people like Hogan, Hardy or D-Von. What do you think
he’ll do to a guy like Styles? AJ knows who he is: the man that beat
AJ in a last man standing match two years ago. AJ has one thing Ray
wants: he wants to take Styles away from the fans. Bully is sick of
hearing the fans chant AJ, and there’s the chant again.
says that Bully is just like Dixie Carter, but Ray takes that as a
compliment. Dixie is a millionaire and a somebody while Bully is a
millionaire and the World Heavyweight Champion. Ray goes OFF on AJ,
ranting about how he’s going to beat AJ into the ground and send him
back home to his trailer, wife and three kids. AJ thinks Ray is
going to get killed in his match tonight against Samoa Joe, which is
a surprise to Ray.
is going to run the EGO gauntlet tonight.
has AJ escorted out by security but he leaves on his own so he
doesn’t have to breathe the same air Dixie is breathing.
King/Chris Sabin vs. Manik/Jeff Hardy
Aries is on commentary. Manik and King get us going with Kenny
taking him into the corner for some choking by Sabin. Chris comes in
legally but the double team doesn’t work as King is caught in a
springboard hurricanrana to send him into the corner. Off to Jeff to
speed things up and hit a middle rope splash on King for two. Back
to Manik for something resembling an octopus hold on King before
rolling him up for two. King’s cut from last week has busted open
snaps Manik throat first across the top rope before bringing Sabin
back in for a basement dropkick. Manik is tied up in the Tree of Woe
so Sabin can stand on his crotch for some torture and a two count.
Back to King for some right hands before Sabin comes back in for some
choking in the corner.
runs into a boot in the corner and a middle rope dropkick (Aries:
“Right in the brain stem!”) puts Sabin down. Hardy comes in off
the hot tag and cleans house with the sitout gordbuster on King for
two. Sabin breaks up the Twist attempt on King as everything breaks
down. Manik sends Sabin to the floor and hits his double chicken
wing gutbuster on King, setting up the Swanton for the pin at 7:07.
C+. This was fine and set up
whatever match we’re going to see for the title at Bound For Glory.
Kenny King doesn’t really fit into the three former world champions
against the X-Division Champion but it’s not the worst idea in the
world. It could bring some blood into the division which has been
anemic for years now.
match Sabin goes after Manik but Aries makes the save. Austin asks
for a four way match with Manik, Sabin, Hardy and himself for the
title at Bound For Glory.
and Hogan have a legends powwow about what Hogan should do. Hulk
declares Dixie worse than Bischoff before a girl delivers a gift from
Dixie. It’s a watch, the same one that Dixie gave Sting as a
retirement gift. Hogan: “She is worse than Bischoff. He never
gave me anything.”
look at EGO jumping Magnus last week. Later in the night Sting asked
Magnus what happened. Magnus says they’re in his head and he wants
all three of them on his own next week (tonight). He’s icing his
knee but says it’s just tweeked.
vs. Magnus
a gauntlet match with Daniels up first. Magnus jumps Daniels in the
corner but Chris comes back with elbows to the neck. Daniels gets
shouldered down and asks for a breather, only to get kicked in the
ribs for his efforts. Chris goes to the throat to slow the Brit down
before bulldogging him throat first on the top rope. We hit the
chinlock for a bit before Daniels can’t hit Angel’s Wings. Magnus
comes back with a clothesline but jumps into the Koji Clutch. He’s
right next to the ropes though so Daniels goes up for the BME, only
to land on Magnus’ bad leg. The Falcon’s Arrow eliminates Daniels at
is up next and Magnus doesn’t wait for him to get to the ring. We
take a break and come back with Kazarian raking the eyes to escape a
press slam. A dropkick puts Magnus down again for two but he comes
back with right hands out of the corner. Magnus punches him down and
drops the top rope elbow for two. He goes up but gets kicked in the
chest, only to roll through Fade to Black into the Cloverleaf for the
submission at 12:37 total.
up is Bobby Roode but Kaz clips Magnus’ knee and crunches it in
between his own legs. Roode goes after the leg as we take a break.
Back with Roode still working on the knee like a smart heel would.
Roode can’t get a figure four, allowing Magnus to fight up and hit
another Falcon’s Arrow for a quick two. He tries the Cloverleaf
again but can’t sit down on it like he should.
punches at the bad leg to escape but gets shoved off during a
superplex attempt. Magnus misses the top rope elbow and gets caught
in the Crossface. Just as he’s about to make the rope, Roode pulls
him back and puts on an ankle lock with a grapevine for the
submission at 23:08.
B-. This match was more long
than good but the idea was right. You can’t have Magnus beat all
three guys in a row on a bad leg so the ending was the right call.
This came off a bit like Benoit vs. Angle at the 2003 Rumble where
Benoit didn’t so much get beat as much as he got caught. Very good
showing by Magnus here which is what he needed at this point.
is mad post match but here’s Sting with something to say. The Brit
won’t listen to reason so Sting says let’s go to the back and talk
about this. Magnus says no with all due respect because he’s had
enough. He says everyone in the Mafia sees something in him but it’s
not really there. Sting, Joe and Kurt all passed the challenges
given to him but Magnus has failed every time.
tries to calm him down but Magnus says he doesn’t need another pep
talk. Magnus says this is a results driven business but he’s not
getting the results. Sting talks about needing the one big match and
he got it with Ric Flair but Magnus cuts him off. He saw the Flair
match with his own eyes and has been watching Sting his whole career.
Magnus was one step away from Bound For Glory but now who puts him
on the map? Sting says he’ll do it at BFG and they shake hands.
has a present for Hogan too: vegan vitamins. Maybe even a prayer or
two would help Hogan make the right decision. Aries talks about
Hogan doing the right thing over his entire career and says tonight
is all black and white.
on Hogan’s history in TNA.
won’t be at ringside for Velvet’s match tonight because he has to
focus on his match at Bound For Glory.
recap the gauntlet match.
celebrates their win by singing their version of Roode’s theme song.
They’re happy because Magnus is off somewhere crying. Also Roode is
going to be the first inductee into the EGO Hall of Fame with the
ceremony next week. It’s going to be a black tie affair with
everyone dressed to the nines. Kaz: “Let’s make it to the tens!”
Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky
gets a title shot at BFG. Before the match here’s Lei’D Tapa to
destroy Velvet so no match.
get our first clip of Ethan who appears to be at a Hollywood store
shopping but doesn’t seem impressed. We can’t see his face.
recap Gunner and Storm’s run as tag champions.
for Glory card.
on Angle’s career.
Joe vs. Bully Ray
is apparently one of AJ’s Band of Brothers, because if there’s one
thing TNA needs it’s another group. They shove each other around to
start with Ray running his mouth too much and getting shoved out of
the corner. Joe pounds away in the corner but misses a knee drop,
only to put on the standing choke. Ray escapes and grabs the chain,
only to have Hebner take it away so Ray can hit the Samoan low.
with Ray clotheslining Joe down but missing an elbow drop to give Joe
a breather. Joe comes back with a kick to the face and a middle rope
kick to the chest for two. The referee gets crushed in the corner as
Joe hooks up the Clutch. Ray taps but there’s no referee, so
naturally he lets go of the hold. Ray gets the chain around his hand
and hits a middle rope ax handle, only to get caught for the DQ at
D+. This didn’t have time to go
anywhere and I have no idea what it was supposed to accomplish. Ray
taps out and then loses on a DQ, so what in the world does this do
for Bound For Glory? Nothing match here which is the last thing they
needed to do for the world title match.
match Ray shoves the referee and sends Joe into the announce table.
He pulls back the mats for a piledriver on the floor but AJ makes the
save and celebrates with the fans.
Dixie to tell us we don’t know anything about business. Hulk Hogan
however does know a little bit about it so please come out here and
let’s take care of this. Hogan looks annoyed as Dixie says she can
take him to the next level. He thanks her for the watch and talks
about always wanting to be part of a power couple in this business.
While it’s an amazing offer, he’s quitting. Hogan throws down the
mic and walks away, leaving Dixie on her knees begging, because you
can’t have Hogan on a wrestling show without worshiping him right?
C-. This show did a
good job of filling out the Bound For Glory card, but as usual
there’s WAY too much of a focus on Hogan. Ray vs. Styles got its
first bit of development and it lasted about five minutes before we
got back to Dixie vs. Hogan for the REAL story. Hogan left but I’ll
believe it’s for real when he’s not at Bound For Glory or the Impact
taping after. Just like lat year the world title isn’t the focus of
the show at all but in this case there isn’t another match to focus
on which is making these final shows really dull to sit through. The
lack of Aces and 8’s helped a bit though.
Hardy b. Chris Sabin/Kenny King – Swanton Bomb to King
b. Magnus – Ankle lock
Joe b. Bully Ray via DQ when Ray hit Joe with a chain
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