Bray Wyatt

Hey Scott, been a fan for a year and so and I'd like your thoughts on Bray Wyatt. That his character is awesome, we can all see, but do you think in-ring wise he's at the same level or close? Since you can see/predict that they're gonna push him big time, you think his in-ring work is ready for this?

Thank you!

Oh yeah, from what I've seen on NXT he's absolutely ready.  Him and Kassius Ohno should have been called up MONTHS ago, if not sooner.  His flunkies are another thing entirely, but if they're keeping the Wyatt Family gimmick intact then it'll get over pretty much instantly and they can disguise the limitations of the flunkies.  

Going for the hatrick with Randy Orton

Hey, speaking of Jesse…. > Since you have two people writing in about Randy Orton, might as well give you a lucky number three on the subject in terms of a third email on him.
> Any reason why the WWE refuses to turn Randy Orton heel? With the ascension of Punk, the WWE has been struggling with the need to find heels and let alone those who are big enough to be credible threats. And as it has been said, Orton seems to know that his days as the top face is over what with him wanting to go heel.
> This is most notable when you consider that Sheamus has effectively upstaged Orton as a top face on Smackdown and the fact that Orton would have been tailor made for a rival for Punk during his time as a good guy world champion, far better than Jericho in terms of a filler feud during the first half of 2012.
> Does Vince fear that turning Orton heel might hurt his merch sales? Or is it more or less him being contrary simply for the sake of being contrary, especially since Orton himself has requested a return to the dark side for his character?
> Jesse He just turned on Smackdown, didn't he? Unless he was possessed by Dr. Octopus.

A new Kliq?

> Jesse Baker Mode: ON
> Noticing that HHH has been "high" on certain talent over the years (Sandow, Sheamus, Ambrose) and Bryan being HBK's "star pupil" do you think that a new Kliq: TNG could form in the the next 2-3 years? Uh, let's leave Jesse Baker mode off, please.  Unless you want me to troll you with how awesome Superior Spider-Man is.  Because its pretty fucking awesome. Anyway, the total neutering of talent combined with HHH's bullheaded ego pretty much guarantees that there won't be another Kliq any time soon.  That would mean that someone else was on his level, you see.

Smackdown – June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
coming up on Payback with the big story at the moment being the rise
of Daniel Bryan. Since HELL NO lost the tag titles Bryan has been on
a rampage to prove that he isn’t the weak link, which has provided
some very entertaining moments from him in the past few weeks. Other
than that we have Orton teaming up with whomever he can find to fight
the Shield. Let’s get to it.

opening recap is a video of the contract signing for Jericho vs. Punk
at Payback. We also see Bryan yelling at Orton about not being the
weak link.
open the show with MizTV with guests Randy Orton and HELL NO. Bryan
thanks Kane for being the best partner he could ask for and not
helping him in the match against Ryback on Raw. Miz talks about
Bryan cleaning house of the Shield last week and we get a loud YES
chant. Bryan thinks people still look at him like a goat faced vegan
troll so Orton and Kane think that Bryan’s head is a bit messed up.
insists that everyone respects Bryan although Orton is getting tired
of Bryan whining about respect. Bryan blames Orton for the loss to
the Shield on Monday, so Orton says we’re back in crazy town. Kane
tries to get Bryan out of there but Bryan yells that Kane should have
his back. Kane says he always has Bryan’s back but he’s tired of
Bryan not trusting him.
wants to know why he should trust Kane. That’s a good question given
Kane’s history. He also wants to know why Kane doesn’t come to his
aid more often and thinks Kane is only teaming with him because
there’s no one better for Kane to hook up with. Kane bails and Miz
thinks we just saw the breakup of HELL NO. Bryan says yeah we did
but NO he is not to blame for this. Teddy Long comes out and makes
Orton/Bryan vs. Shield for later. Pretty solid opening segment
Jericho vs. Curtis Axel
the way to the ring, Heyman brags about Axel beating HHH and Cena
twice with Axel saying that Jericho will learn what it means to be
perfect. Paul jumps in on commentary as the guys in the ring run the
ropes a bit. Jericho takes him down with a dropkick and chops away
at the chest. They head to the floor with Jericho ramming Axel into
the announce table before heading back inside. We take a break and
come back with Axel chopping Jericho for two and hitting the Hennig
Necksnap for two more.
hooks the chinlock as Heyman guarantees that Punk will be in Chicago
for Payback. Jericho elbows his way out of the hold and drops him
with a top rope ax handle. Axel kicks out of the Walls but Jericho
takes him down with a quick bulldog. The Lionsault misses and Curtis
hits the McGillicutter for two.
gets up an elbow in the corner and hits a top rope cross body for two
of his own. The Walls go on this time but Axel gets to the ropes
before too much damage can be done. Jericho dropkicks him to the
floor so Heyman shouts IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME! Punk’s music hits and
the arena explodes, but it’s a ploy allowing Axel to roll Jericho up
for the pin at 7:05 shown of 10:35.
C. This was fine and it’s a
pinfall win for Axel which is what he’s been needing for awhile.
Jericho is still perfect in his role as the king of the jobbers since
he’s never going to fall down the card because of losses. It sets up
the Punk match even better and we get some credibility for Axel.
Even if it wasn’t an entirely clean pin, Heyman can spend a week
bragging about another world champion losing to Axel.
match Jericho charges back into the ring and hits Axel with a
comes up to Kane and brags about beating Bryan last week. A match is
made for later tonight. Ryback says he rules, but Kane says he’s
tombstoned a priest and buried his brother alive, so the rules don’t
apply to him.
Wyatt Family is coming.
from Raw on the McMahon family drama with Vince and Stephanie trying
to talk HHH out of fighting anymore.
Del Rio vs. Heath Slater
at least it’s not Langston. All three members of the Band jump Del
Rio but he fires off kicks to throw them out. There’s the armbreaker
on Slater but I don’t think the bell ever rang to start the match.
Del Rio and Ricardo clear the ring with Ricardo hitting a dive off
the top to take out Mahal and McIntyre.
Alberto still in the ring, Ziggler pops up on screen and says he’ll
be back on Monday.
vs. Kane
shoves him into the corner to start and tells Kane to do something
about it. Kane comes back with an uppercut but Ryback runs him over
with a shoulder block. Kane clotheslines him down and hits the low
dropkick for a quick one count. Ryback comes back with a gorilla
press in a very impressive display of strength. Kane no sells a kick
to the chest but can’t chokeslam him down. The side slam gets two
for Kane and a clothesline puts Ryback on the floor.
head outside with Kane being pulled into the barricade with Ryback
ramming the masked head into said barricade over and over. It’s
table time but Kane comes back with uppercuts to slow Ryback down.
Back inside and the top rope clothesline misses but Ryback takes too
long walking around and Kane hits the chokeslam for two. Now Kane
gets the table but Ryback rakes him in the eye and powerbombs Kane
through the table for the DQ at 5:45.
D+. This was a decent power
brawl and much like Jericho, Kane doesn’t lose anything by losing the
match here. Having Ryback powerbomb anyone he can find through a
table is a decent enough idea to set up the 3 Stages against Cena.
If nothing else they can use the people he’s attacked as the
lumberjacks to get revenge on him.
Sandow to talk about the mental challenges he’s been giving Sheamus
lately. Sandow insults the people of Long Island, saying that
they’re a bunch of checker minded people living in a chess world.
The only thing that can match Sandow’s intellect is a supercomputer,
so meet Deep Blue, a computer which won a major chess match several
years back. The computer tries to talk but is quickly silenced by
Sandow. Damien is going to recreate the chess match against Kasparov
(one of the best chess champions ever) right here for us tonight, as
long as there is SILENCE!
computer compliments Sandow for his opening move but Sheamus
interrupts the game. Sheamus says he’s going to interrupt the chess
match (Sandow: “That is obvious. Baby steps Sheamus, baby steps!”)
and thinks he can beat Deep Blue in one move. Sheamus can’t figure
out what move to make so he Brogue Kicks the computer. Damien gets
in a cheap shot and actually lays Sheamus out before sending him into
the computer’s table. He rams Sheamus’ head into the table over and
over and stands tall. I still don’t get why they’re wasting Sheamus
in this feud.
vs. Zack Ryder
is on commentary. The triple threat title match is announced for
Payback with Wade Barrett defending against Miz and Fandango. The
place goes NUTS for Ryder who is growing his hair out for the first
time in years. Fandango pounds Ryder down to start and hits a hard
European uppercut. Miz says Skittles Boy needs to quit looking at
him before he makes Fandango taste the rainbow of a Skull Crushing
Finale. Ryder comes back with a middle rope dropkick and the Broski
Boot for two. The Rough Ryder is countered into a powerbomb and the
guillotine legdrop gives Fandango the pin at 2:17.
and Fandango stare each other down.
on Ryback destroying Bryan and Cena from Raw.
and Natalya are in the back. The secret admirer are going to show up
on Raw but Natalya isn’t as happy as Kaitlyn thinks she should be.
The meeting should be private instead of on national television
because the guy could be a creep. Kaitlyn thinks if he was a creep,
he would be texting Natalya instead of her.
Rollins/Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton
again here. Daniel’s arm is taped up after the attack on Raw. Bryan
starts with Rollins and fires off those hard kicks to the chest. Off
to the surfboard with the double stomps to the back of Rollins’ legs
to keep Seth down. Bryan cranks on the arm and drives some knees
into Rollins’ ribs for extra damage. Rollins fights up and brings in
Reigns to pound on Bryan in the corner. Reigns whips Rollins into
Bryan for a splash and clotheslines Daniel down for two.
hooks a headlock as Seth talks trash from the apron. Bryan fights up
but is almost immediately stomped down in the corner to stop his
momentum. Reigns misses a charge into the corner and it’s hot tag to
Orton for some house cleaning. The Elevated DDT hits Rollins and
Shield bails to the floor as we take a break. Back with Rollins
taking Randy down before bringing Reigns back in for a chinlock.
quickly fights up with a belly to back suplex but Rollins breaks up
the tag to Bryan. Reigns is quickly back in but misses a charge into
the corner, allowing for the hot tag to Bryan. Daniel comes in with
a double dropkick off the top before kicking both guys in the chest
for two. Reigns is sent to the floor and Bryan backflips over
Rollins to hit a German suplex.
heads to the floor and the FLYING GOAT takes them both down. Back in
and the flying headbutt gets two on Seth. The RKO takes Reigns down
but Bryan accidentally dropkicks Orton in the corner. There’s the NO
Lock on Rollins but Ambrose runs in for the DQ at 9:00 shown of
B-. Solid tag match here which
has become the norm for the Shield. Usually people would get tired
of the same bit where the team gets close to getting pinned but only
gets DQ’ed etc, but the Shield matches are so good that no one seems
to mind. This was another solid match as you can pretty much take
any two top level guys and throw them against Shield for the same
match Orton hits the RKO on Bryan, likely setting up a Payback match.
C+. They did a good job
of setting up Payback this week and thankfully Ziggler will be back
on Monday to further the feud with Del Rio. It really is amazing how
much more entertaining Smackdown can be than Raw without all the
hammer fisted drama and the stupid WWE App nonsense you have to sit
through. Good show this week.
Axel b. Chris Jericho – Rollup
b. Ryback via DQ when Ryback powerbombed Kane through a table
b. Zack Ryder – Guillotine Legdrop
Bryan/Randy Orton b. Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins via DQ when Dean
Ambrose interfered
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Feedback Feedbag–04.12.2002

The Feedback Feedbag! Four-11 Edition! Greetings and welcome to a new era here for the Feedbag, as I mock my readers on for the first time! Smell the ratings! I’m pretty backlogged, so if anything here is horribly out of date, you know why.  (Man, I wish my inbox was only as “backlogged” as it was in those days.  Currently sitting at 192 mails dating back to January.)    We start out with Daniel, who goes right for the jugular by asking the philosophical equivalent of “What is the meaning of life”…

Oh well. Thanks for the short(if not to the point) reply about it. I was just curious to know if you could answer a question I have concerning your star ratings: They seem to be totally different then most puro heads. For instance, i see people give the ladder match from WMX ***3/4, while they give matches from NJPW and AJPW higher ratings then you do. Is there some kind of weird acquired taste that you reviewers have in regards to these matches, because I just don’t understand why there is a rarely a match that is universally given the same rating.

Geez, don’t give me a HARD question or anything, dude. Why can’t anyone ask me for my top 10 Friends episodes or something? (Before you e-mail, that answer will follow at the end of the e-mail) Anyway, match ratings vary WILDLY according to personal taste, experience, state of mind, drugs taken, alcohol consumed, time of day, number of times watched and who you voted for in the 2000 election. For instance, when you read my reviews, you’re reading someone who didn’t get introduced into the real hardcore puro stuff until fairly late in the game (and by hardcore I mean “40 minute Misawa matches” not “Atsushi Onita”) so when I’m watching the heavily-historically-influenced AJPW stuff, my thoughts on the match don’t tend to include all the little nuances like such-and-such psychology being used to negate such-and-such a move that was used in such-and-such a match 5 years ago type of thing. Plus I fucking hate the whole NJPW heavyweight style outside of a couple of guys, so I just tend to ignore it altogether. As for the ladder match, most of the people who give it ***** were watching it live on the PPV in 1994, and most who give it lower only saw it afterwards. That’s my generalized take on it. It’s a very powerful match the first time you see it, but if you’re watching it compared to the more psychology-driven AJPW stuff or the more spot-heavy late 90s ladder stuff, I can see where it might get dragged down as a result. But that’s the wonderful thing about subjective star ratings — what people give different matches helps you, the reader, determine for yourself what their tastes are going to be, and you can adjust your own mindset towards their work accordingly. If star ratings were objective and truly universal, it’d be pretty boring and stifling, creatively speaking. In my opinion only, of course. John Ratchford writes to ask…

I am writing a piece about pro-wrestlers in feature films, with specific reference to WWF wrestler The Rock’s upcoming role in The Scorpion King. As the author of ‘The Buzz on Professional Wrestling’, I was hoping I could ask you a few questions: The Rock has shown he can be a proven draw in the wrestling arena. Do you think this popularity will transfer across to the box office? Is The Rock getting film roles purely because of his popularity as wrestler, or does he have some genuine acting ability? Can The Rock transcend the stigma of being a wrestler and become a legitimate actor, or will his Hollywood career resemble Hulk Hogans (star of ‘Santa with Muscles’, quite possibly the worst movie ever made)?

Yay, lists, everybody loves questions in the form of a list. 1) Box office is a different animal than wrestling completely. No one has any clue what causes people to draw at the box office, despite what industry weasels may claim while relentlessly shilling the latest Brendan Fraser vehicle before it tanks. I mean, for proof of that, try to explain the popularity of Robin Williams or Adam Sandler. For instance, if movies were wrestling, someone like Fraser would become a draw, because he’d get pushed and repackaged until he got over due to having the “movie star look”. Hollywood is in some ways a lot more unforgiving, and if something tanks once, sometimes you don’t get another chance at it, no matter how you look or act. Personally, I don’t think Rock can carry a $200 million blockbuster, but god knows I’ve wrong about stuff like that before. (Yeah, I was wrong about that one, for sure.)  2) Rock is getting roles due to his incredible natural charisma and sucking up to the right people in the right places at the right time. Rock was put into a very public Hollywood position early on, and he carried himself like one of the homegrown LA parasites and as a result he’s part of the “in club” now. And good for him. I’d rather see Rock making $20 million a movie and having his biggest concern be the temperature of his bottled water, rather than wasting his time carrying the WWF through bad times and killing his body. 3) I think if any wrestler can transcend wrestling, it’s the Rock. He’s one of the only ones to not get caught up in the politics of being a wrestler, and not take themselves so seriously in such a ridiculous profession. People who think that online fans take this shit too much to heart should talk to a worker, even a low-level one, sometime. The biggest marks are the ones in the ring, and Rock is so far above that sort of nonsense that leaving the business doesn’t have to be like leaving the Mafia, like with every other guy who “retires”.  (And good for Rock, he did transcend wrestling.)  MR FTW writes…

“The replay is obviously doctored by the biased American production crew in order to simulate someone holding the tights.” …You do realize this doesn’t really make any sense considering both Edge and Jericho are Canadian don’t you?

That’s exactly the sort of response I was expecting from those trying to throw me off the scent! The truth is out there, I knew it. GBK from AOL writes…

I’m sure others have covered this better, but why were d’lo brown, DDP and Sean ‘o Haire burried like they were. It doesn’t make any sense. I love the rants and keep up the good work.

Okay, here we go… 1) D’Lo Brown was buried, fairly or not, because he broke Droz’s neck with a botched powerbomb, and politically speaking the only way to keep everyone happy was to punish him. I don’t necessarily agree with that move, but that was their decision to deal with it, and there’s nothing to be done about it now. Personally I think they had high hopes for Droz which were totally unfounded in reality and D’Lo is paying the price despite being a better long-term prospect, but Droz is a tall, muscular white guy who played football while D’Lo is a short, chubby black guy who used to be an accountant, so draw your own conclusions. 2) I go over the DDP situation in the new book, Tonight…In This Very Ring, in great detail, but basically my own theory is that DDP got buried as a message to those from WCW who used their political influence to get their spot, rather than “hard work”. This is of course a bunch of crap, and hypocritical crap at that considering who the WWF champion is today, but then DDP is the one who signed the lucrative deal in WCW while the buyrates were dropping faster than Missy Hyatt at a Viagra testing lab, so he knew what he was getting into. 3) Sean O’ Haire is another one of those Mafia-type “messages”, and in this case the message was “WCW wanted to push this guy to the moon, so we don’t want to.” They might spew crap about how he can’t work “WWF style” and he’s “not ready”, but I’ve got two words: Big Show. Hell, you’re telling me that Brock Lesnar is such an original and difficult idea to pull off that Sean couldn’t have been used in the same role? Of course not, but O’Haire is a WCW product, so he has to be deprogrammed and buried to let everyone know that indeed Vince has a bigger dick than Bischoff.  (Turns out there was other stuff with O’Haire, like his total inability to cut a promo outside of the pre-taped vignettes, but then that’s what pairing him with Roddy PIper as a mouthpiece should have solved.  O’Haire should have been HUGE.)  Mr. DHS has some stuff on his mind…

Hey, Scott, just wanted to submit my two cents about this week as well as say that I think you’re still the most right-on ranter/recapper/columnist in the internet biz. You may not always be right, but you at least have the most thought-out and rational complaints of anyone out there. First off, I enjoyed Wrestlemania thoroughly. Okay, Rock-Hogan was a workrate nightmare, but I was predicting that from the start. Hulk can’t even take a punch or a simple back bump worth a shit. But the reaction he got in Toronto was truly awe-inspiring, and I give him credit for letting himself be emotionally affected by it instead of just acting like he deserved it. The match was well-booked for who was involved, and that will make it worthy of going down in history like it will. The rest of the card was lackluster, and the crowd wasn’t buying it. The bands? Bad fucking idea. I always say above all else remember: it’s the World WRESTLING Federation. Need I say more? As for Monday, Hogan’s inability to execute the legdrop with the left leg or just do the extra rope bounce to right himself was rather pitiful for me to endure. I am sick of nWo finishes. Really sick. I really dig RVD. He deserves 20 minutes and free reign to attempt as many suicidal spots as he wants every week. Well, maybe not, but he at least should get 15 minutes to work with Christian again. Give Edge-Angle 15 while you’re at it. I hate Stephanie. And she isn’t even hot. The boob job makes her look fat, that’s it, I swear. And Thursday? I’m already sick of Brock Lesnar. Beating up on Spike, Hurricane and Molly does NOT impress me, nor should it anyone. I hate to say it, but they’re actually wasting Heyman with this mongoloid. He isn’t even as BIG as Goldberg (or Jewish), how is he gonna get over like Goldberg? Hey, I think Nash actually worked better than Hogan, call me crazy. Well, except for that Fucking Bearhug of Hideous DiscomfortTM he pulled out. X-Pac looked in good shape, and the new duds are really working for those nWo boys. And that’s…about it for them. If not a SPLIT, at least fucking call it a DRAFT. Who knows, you might pull in a couple of random sports fans instead of driving away lots of confused wrestling fans who think “brand extension” means the WWF is gonna start selling breakfast cereals and toiletries on Monday. With all that said, you have continued to be fair and either postive or negative depending on your honest opinion of things throughout everything, and that is why I remain loyal to your rants and refuse to give in to the negativity that surrounds your good name. Maybe you can escape the AOL Criticism Zone by switching places with a Mirror Universe Scott Keith who types all his rants in pure white on black backgrounds and offers to sodomize Vince Russo for his benevolent brilliance at the end of every column. Just a thought.

Even the Mirror Universe Scott would not want to sodomize Vince Russo, of that I can assure you. I think Paul Roma might need the money, though, so perhaps he’s available in my place. Stephen Osborne asks…

Since this isn’t about me, it’s about you, let’s ignore the facts that I’m not a big fan of AOL and that I’m not taking the Scaia ground on your original Monday column… All the credit in the world to you for finding a way to entertain yourself when Monday’s show certainly couldn’t do it. My only disappointment with the column is that I was looking forward to your bashing on Tuesday and had to wait an extra day for it. At this point, do you think the WWF needs something of the same magnitude as when the nWo was introduced or a “Montreal”? Or what kind of small steps can they take? Lastly, if the WWF is on a WCW-like slide, do you think there will be some promotion there to pick up the slack? Or is it time to stick the proverbial fork in wrestling / sportz entertainment as we know it?

I don’t think this is a “WCW-like slide” at all, my point has always just been that you can see vestiges of WCW in what they’re doing, and following WCW’s lead on ANYTHING cannot possibly lead to good. I think it’s easily turned around in the long run, they just need to tweak the product with some Pride-like realism in terms of the in-ring action and train the fans to accept the wrestling portions of the show as important again. (Which they did.  It was a LONG re-training period to get Attitude era Russo fans back into stuff like submissions and long matches on RAW.)  Not to say that everyone should go around working the arm with cross-armbreakers for the whole match, but using high kicks instead of punches can go a long way towards dispelling the whole stereotype about “stomp stomp punch” type of lame matches and establish that indeed there’s something new and different on the horizon. Wrestling is a change-or-die industry, and if nothing else, at least the split shows SOME willingness to admit that a major change was necessary to prevent the business from getting too stagnant again. You never would have seen that from WCW — it would have been lost in the beancounting bureaucracy and filed in a manila folder under a mayonnaise jar in the basement of CNN Center before anyone knew it existed. Chris Tayler writes…

“I’m kinda suprised you didn’t at least enjoy that Benoit was the fifth overall pick, ahead of hogan and kane and such. That has to at least hint that the WWF has plans for him. Plus, they put him in the same division as Angle, which can only lead to good things. A quick questions. Who do you think is a better technical wrestler, Benoit before he was hurt or Angle. I’m not really sure myself, although I think Angle gets more out of his opponents(witness his KOTR match with Shane). At any rate, I enjoy your work, you’re one of the few I still read, and, god help me, actually look forward to your next book. Later.”

Well, Angle WAS an Olympic gold medalist, so I’d say he wins that one by default. I don’t actually agree that Benoit’s placement means anything in terms of plans, it was just one of those weird political things to keep everyone relatively happy. And on that note, we close up the Feedbag Feedbag!

Random Promos that no one talks about

Long time reader and fan have all your books and have read you since the Nail rant, which needs to have a 2013 Keith Says, but anyways I know I am not the only person that is getting excited for the War Games that comes out soon and I saw that they have the GAB 88 match and you said something about unless you are a big WCCW fan you dont know about this match type.  Well I have been looking for it and I came across these two gems:
WCW Thunderdome:

WCCW Triple Dome of Terror:

But one thing I couldnt understand is no one ever talks about how bad the Thunderdome promo is


ell maybe it's because it actually led to a great match.  
As for the World Class one, all I can say is MISSION: HIGH RISK.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #46

May 28, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on Raven, focusing on the past two weeks.
Gilbertti is in the parking lot and he yells at Julio and Alexis, ordering them to tell Raven that he will kick his ass. I bet.

CM Punk & Jason Cross vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
AJ and D’Lo get attacked from behind and knocked out of the ring. Cross then flies out with an impressive twisting tope as his partner runs into a superkick from AJ. He springboards off the guardrail but Punk dropkicks him in mid-air in a mistimed spot. In the ring, AJ beats on both men until he eats a flying knee by Punk, who attacks AJ. They double-team AJ and get a few nearfalls in the process as Tenay runs down the show, which will feature Glenn Gilbertti vs. Raven as the main event. AJ turns Cross inside out with a clothesline and tags D’Lo, who cleans house. D’Lo catches Cross after a springboard ad flattens him with a powerbomb then D’Lo and AJ hit simultaneous moves (D’Lo frog splash and AJ a springboard 450) and get the win (4:29) **.
Thoughts: Good match while it lasted. Its really interesting to look back and see Punk here. He looked like a total indy geek. Anyway, he and Cross looked good overall.
After the match, D’Lo grabs the mic and tells us that his goal was to get respect when he came to TNA and to achieve that, its to become the world champion. D’Lo tells AJ that he has been the victim of politics and warns him that its happening to him as well. He tells AJ that they had to qualify for a tag tournament and just had to face two jobbers. He tells us that in the TNA, Jeff Jarrett is “The Game” as a “Triple J” chant breaks out. AJ speaks and says he agrees with D’Lo and runs down a list of potential challengers, including D’Lo, before stating that they should end the team the way the started it as they both hug it out and pose to the crowd to a 50/50 reaction.
West runs down the show:
Sonny Siaki & Sandman vs. ?????
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. America’s Most Wanted, but James Storm is not here
A Hard Ten tournament match
A video highlight package about Jeff Jarrett defending the TNA belt against Sting in Australia for the WWA promotion. It’s set to some really corny music and goes on for far too long. It ends plugging his title match against Glen Gilbertti, which will take place next week.
Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring. He mentions that he hears boos and eggs on the Raven fans in the building. He then cuts a heel promo on the fans and says he is here for Raven, who he claims is in a corner somewhere shooting up. Raven comes out to mostly cheers. Jarrett tells him to speak first and he calls Jarrett a coward and a pussy. He compares him to DDP, but without the work ethic, and compares his political connections to that of the McMahon kids. Raven challenges him to a match but Jarrett says that he doesn’t have the power to make the match then states how on his worst day, Raven still cant beat him. Jarrett calls him an addict that is unfit to represent the NWA. Jarrett then states that he is going to protect Raven because he wants him to be in top shape when they have a match. Jarrett’s music hits and Raven leaves as Bert Prentice hands Jarrett an envelope. He opens it up and looks upset and heads over to Tenay, stating that he has been suspended. Tenay responds by stating they have to go out back. All signs here point towards a double turn, which makes sense since the crowd loves Raven and Jarrett is a much better heel than he is a face. The suspension deal seems idiotic.
Gilbertti addresses SEX in the locker room. He says that he got Jarrett suspended on TV and that he will beat Raven so bad that he would be wishing that he is detoxing. That’s quite the line. He runs down Siaki for looking dumb against a drug addict like Raven and says that he will have to prove himself tonight without the help of SEX. He then orders the Harris Brothers to bring him Chris Harris. That’s a lot of Harris’s.
Asylum Alliance Tournament
Sandman & Sonny Siaki vs. BG James & Konnan
BG is back, looking even more out of shape than he was before. Tenay notes that last time he was here, he was in SEX but came from the TNA locker room today. Sandman is drinking beer and holding his Singapore Cane and making masturbation gestures as the match begins. Konnan and Siaki start off with a fast-paced but sloppy sequence. Sandman stays on the floor as Konnan and BG work on Siaki. BG does all his trademark stuff and the crowd couldn’t care less. Sandman continues to avoid his partner then tells him that he is on his own. Siaki hits a neckbreaker and a flipping leg drop before tagging Sandman, who responds by spitting beer in his face and hitting him with a kendo stick as BG hits the pumphandle drop for the win (2:40) ¼*.
Thoughts: An uneventful return for BG James. The Asylum Alliance tournament has been a failure so far as no one is getting over as a result. This match was useless.
Goldylocks is backstage with New Jack, who is slamming water bottles through a table. He cuts a promo on Slash, stating that he will destroy him. Shark Boy comes out holding the Chutes and Ladders game and New Jack leaves to play. Tenay calls them the Odd Couple.
They rundown the scoring system of the Hard Ten Tournament combined with a video package of last week’s match.
Slash w/James Mitchell vs. New Jack
Mike Sanders is on commentary, attempting to be funny. Slash hits New Jack with a tope and they brawl outside. Slash then rolls Jack inside and they trade shots, tying it up 1-1. They go back outside and trade garbage can shots. Sanders makes fun of West’s sport card selling as these two brawl at a snails pace outside. Jack uses the lid but Slash uses it twice and gets in two shots with a garbage can, going up 6-3. Jack tosses Slash outside and gets a trashcan shot before rolling Slash into the ring. Slash uses the lid twice but Jack ducks out and hits him with a chair, cutting it to 8-5. In the ring, Jack places a tray on Slash’s crotch and uses the wood, making it 8-6. Jack ties it up 8-8 bring in two lids and they trade shots, making it 10-10. Slash goes up 11-10 and he needs to win by two. Its now 12-12 as the brawling looks awful right now and the crowd is just dead. Its tied 13-13 as New Jack goes up top but gets cut off. Jack blocks a superplex then throws Slash off the top to the outside, where is crashes through the table, and Jack wins 18-13 (7:07). DUD.
Thoughts: The scoring system makes these matches seem ridiculous. You’d think you would just knock someone down and hit them ten times repeatedly so you can win the match. Also, it makes the match slow and plodding.
Tenay is with XXX, sans Low Ki. Daniels proclaims XXX as the best team in the world and challenges anyone to come down and face them. He came across well here. Skipper mentions how he beat Kidman and Mysterio in WCW and as wrestled all over the world. Daniels cuts off Tenay after he puts down SEX, stating that tradition is filled with politics by people such as Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes. Daniels did well with the material he had to work with, which was very generic by the way. Its nice to see that after nine years, TNA finally let him cut loose on the mic
We go to the parking lot where the Harris Brothers are talking, then get beat down by Konnan and Ron Killings.
Goldylocks is with the Spanish Announce Team. She asks them about their cousin, the Amazing Red. They say that he isn’t here this week (he was in Japan) and put him over. They leave and Erik Watts comes up and whispers in Goldy’s ear.
XXX vs. Spanish Announce Team
The SAT’s haven’t been around since the beginning of the year. XXX jumps then to start. Daniels destroys Jose then tags Skipper. They hit a double suplex, getting two. Joel comes back with a sloppy crossbody but Skipper escapes by using the matrix and hits a spinning heel kick. XXX stomps a mudhole into Joel for a bit. Joel comes back with another sloppy move, this time a tilt-a-whirl into a rollup. La Majistral gets two. Skipper tosses him down and tags out. Daniels hits an uranage then gets the BME. He suplexes Joel on the ropes and tags Skipper, who hits a springboard leg drop. Joel dodges a charge and hits a springboard kick. He tags Jose, who cleans house. SAT’s hit a double bulldog on Daniels. SAT’s set up Skipper for a double team move but it was botched. Jose hits Daniels with a plancha then the SAT’s try the Spanish Fly on Skipper. The match breaks down as everyone hits each other with their moves. Daniels then crotches Jose on the ropes and tags Skipper, who does his ropewalk hurricarana for the win (6:19) *3/4. After the match, Raven comes into the ring and DDT’s the SAT’s before leaving.
Thoughts: The SAT’s didn’t look good here. This was there last appearance in TNA too. XXX continues to shine but this was a meaningless match.
We are back in the SEX locker room where Gilbertti wonders what happened to the Harris Brothers. Tracy walks in and demands to speak with David Young about their match next week. Desire said she can speak with her and Tracy slapped her across the face. The two women brawl then it spills to the crowd before ending up in the ring.  David Young walks out and hits Tracy with the spinebuster and checks on Desire as they continue to play up that Young is in love with Desire. Security checks on Tracy and they roll her out of the ring. The brawling looked bad but it was meant for showing skin and it was fine in that regard. Tracy’s ass is mighty fine by the way as the short skirt and thong confirm that for us.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. They are in a janitor’s closet as she didn’t want to do anything with him. However, she did acknowledge that they did screw last week. Watts sweet talks her and kisses her before he exits, leaving Goldy smitten.
Video package of the mysterious luchador costing Kash his tag match last week.
Kash is in the locker room when a girl walks in wearing a slutty nurse’s outfit, claiming to be conducting a pre-match exam. He tells her that he has a pulled groin then pulls her by the hair and says that she was sent by Tracy. She then hits him low several times as Kash is in pain on the ground.
Masked Luchador vs. Kid Kash
Kash comes out limping and holding his crotch. The luchador speaks and its obvious that it is Trinity. She then unmasks as Trinity and no one is surprised. She takes out Kash with a crossbody. Outside the ring, she hits a sloppy rana off the stairs. In the ring, she hits a missile dropkick for two. Sunset flip gets two. Kash reverses a whip then puts her in the iron claw. Trinity breaks it up and botches another move before getting a poor excuse of a crossbody for two. She powerbombs Kash for two then heads up top and nearly kills herself trying a moonsault. Kash saved her from a broken neck. He picks her up and hits the Money Maker for the win (2:17). -*. After the match, Kash calls her a bitch and threatens to kill her.
Thoughts: Terrible match as Trinity botched just about everything she tried. The crowd was dead for this and they have been into this feud since the start. No one wanted to see Trinity as the lucahdor either. This killed the entire feud.
Jarrett is backstage with Bill Behrens. He tells him that he needs to leave because he is suspended. Jarrett refuses to leave and threatens to wipe his ass with the suspension papers.
The camera cuts to the SEX locker room. The Harris Brothers are back and they look perfectly fine as they are joking around with each other. Chris Harris walks in and Gilbertti tells him that he believes Storm’s reason for missing the show (personal issues) is bullshit. Harris agrees and Gilbertti says that he pulled some strings and that tonight, his partner will be the X Division Champion, Chris Sabin. Harris shakes Gilbertti’s hand then threatens if he is double-crossed.
We finally get a bracket of the Asylum Alliance tournament. The winner of the upcoming match between Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Harris & Chris Sabin will face BG James and Konnan in the semi-finals.
Asylum Alliance Match
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin & Chris Harris
Sabin did not display any hint of a personality when he first came to TNA. The crowd did not react at all to the guy. Tenay again brings up that Storm is not here due to “personal reasons.” Sabin and Lynn start out with a clunky sequence of typical X Division counters. Lynn snaps of a rana and gets two off a German suplex. Harris tags in and Lynn takes him down with a headlock as the announcers note of Harris came out of the SEX locker room. Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and tags out. Credible gets taken down with an armdrag. Harris gtes a clothesline then gets two off a crossbody block. Credilbe floats over and gets two off an inverted DDT. Lynn tags back in but Harris regains control. Lynn dodges a corner charge with a leapfrog but Sabin yanks Lynn by the hair and that allows Harris to hit him with a spear. Sabin tags and beats on Lynn for a while. Lynn gets a headscissor takedown but Sabin backs him in the corner and lands an enziguiri. Lynn gets double-teamed then Harris grabs a chinlock. Back elbow smash gets two then they double-team Lynn some more as the announcers continue to hint that Harris is going to turn heel. Speaking of Harris, he hits Lynn with a delayed vertical suplex and that gets two. As Credible is yelling at the ref, Lynn escapes a double-team and somersault into  the corner and tags him. Credible hits a double clothesline and beats on Sabin. Lynn hits Sabin with a TKO and Harris gets clotheslined to the floor. Lynn goes for the cradle pieldriver but Credible stops him and states that he is the legal man. He gets Sabin up for the tombstone but its reversed into a rollup and Sabin gets the pin (9:04) **1/4.  After the match, Credible and Lynn argue then start brawling as the crowd starts a mild “ECW” chant. Security separates the two after a few attempts and this ends with Lynn yelling “Just like ECW, I’m going to kick your ass, you asshole” at Credible.
Thoughts: The match started off clunky but ended up being okay. The pull-apart at the end wasn’t much. The announcers continued to hint throughout the match that Harris would be turning heel. Seeing how as this is TNA, that probably wouldn’t be happening.
Erik Watts is now backstage, replacing Goldylocks. He plugs the main event in the most over-the-top way possible. Raven shows up and threatens violence towards Watts but states that he will not because he makes him laugh. Watts gets serious and tells Raven that he wants him to kick ass. They are wasting a lot of time trying to get Watts over.
West and Tenay mention the one-year anniversary that is happening three weeks from today. The brackets for the Asylum Alliance are shown. They mention how Chris Harris will have to make a decision on which partner to use going forward.
Glen Gilbertti vs. Raven
Raven backs Gilbertti into the corner, who then ducks outside. Raven ducks a chairshot and sends Gilbertti into the guardrail. He drags Gilbetti into the crowd and continues the beatdown. He suplexes him on the floor and drags him out back. The crowd is quiet as Raven uses a chair then drags Gilbertti near the ring. Gilbertti somehow gains the advantage (the camera went wide angle and we missed what happened) and they are now inside the ring. Gilbertti gets a chair but is knocked down when he enters the ring. Gilberrti fights back but whiffs on a clothesline and Raven puts him in a Cobra Clutch. After a struggle, Gilbertti escapes and hits a poor excuse of a short-armed clothesline. Raven punches away in the corner then goes back to the Cobra Clutch. Gilbertti breaks the hold using a jawbreaker and he stomps away. He sets up the chair but Raven blocks a drop toehold attempt and bounces the chair of Gilbertti’s head. He gets a nearfall after another chairshot then sends Gilbertti into the chair with a drop toehold. Raven continues to destroy Gilbertti until the Harris Brothers enter the ring. Julio and Alexis run in and they brawl. The Harris Brothers destroy them and they go to the floor. In the ring, Gilbertti assaults Raven with a chair, working on the ankle. He uses an ankle lock and Raven eventually makes it to the ropes, only for Gilbertti to put it on again. Raven escapes and fights back. He hits a discus clothesline and a running kneelift. Bulldog gets two. Raven is still selling the injured ankle as he pounds away. Clothesline gets two. Sonny Siaki is at ringside as Raven hits the Raven Effect. Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring before he counted to three and he yells at Siaki. Raven is disracted and Gilbertti hits a low blow then a stunner but that only gets two. The crowd is a bit louder as Gilbertti accidentally clotheslines the referee. He misses a clothesline and eats a superkick. Raven covers but Sandman runs out and nails Raven several times with the Singapore cane. Jarrett runs out and drags Sandman up the ramp, as he is Raven’s protector. After a struggle, Raven hits another Raven Effect but Vince Russo runs out and makes his return by hitting Raven with a bat as Tenay is going nuts. Gilbertti drapes an arm over Raven and gets the win (15:35) **1/2. After the match, the camera shows Russo leaving the arena.
Thoughts: The match was overbooked but it the psychology of the match itself was solid. Gilbertti’s offense looks awful and is not passable at all for a main event though. Russo’s return did not special and also did nothing for Gilbertti, who came off looking like a chump when being saved by Russo.
Final Thoughts: The promotion continues to show little in terms of direction. No one buys Gilbertti as a main eventer and the tournaments are largely terrible. They killed the Kash/Trinity feud, which actually had been getting a great reaction from the crowd. Russo’s return did not garner a big reaction but it did surprise me a little bit I guess seeing as Gilbertti put down Russo in an interview a few weeks prior. Jarrett’s suspension deal was lame too as no one bought that he would actually be leaving the building. Also, him as Raven’s “guardian” is another stupid idea.

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact–06.06.13

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact – 06.06.13 So I’m assuming that Rampage Jackson was the “major free agent” Dixie Carter was talking about, then? Live from Atlanta, GA Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Tazz. So long, whoever the third guy was. Bully Ray joins us to start, and the crowd is not very happy to see him. Bully single-handedly defeating Sting on Sunday, you see, and Sting might even retire now. He’s destroyed everyone, no one’s left, so he should be in the Hall of Fame now. Bully is such a great dickhead. Hulk Hogan interrupts the monologue to announce that it’s the Bound For Glory Series Selection Show, and also Bully is facing Jeff Hardy tonight in a ladder match. Meanwhile, Chavo and Hernandez talk about getting added to the BFG Series, and seemingly dissolve the team. Hernandez v. Chavo Guerrero Winner of this gets added to the Series. Chavo tries some uppercuts out of the corner, but gets thrown down, so he goes to the arm instead. Hernandez misses a splash and Chavo hits a senton and goes back to the arm. Hernandez comes back and pounds away, and a backbreaker gets two. Slingshot shoulderblock misses and Chavo hits the Three Amigos, but Hernandez powers out. Chavo keeps coming with a rolling kick in the corner and he goes up, but the frog splash hits the knees. Border Toss is reversed by Chavo, but Hernandez rolls him up for the pin at 5:04. Chavo teases a heel turn, but then puts him over instead. **1/2 Meanwhile, Rampage is here. Devon is out, bitching about losing the TV title to Abyss. Joseph Park answers instead, and he attacks. That advantage doesn’t last long, as Devon beats the hell out of him…but Abyss’ music interrupts. Devon leaves to find him, apparently still not catching onto the gag. Robbie E v. Samoa Joe Robbie E feels confident in his chances here…for some reason. Last year, he got 5 points, you know. Joe destroys him and casually steps out of the way of a flying bodypress, a spot that I never get tired of. Muscle Buster and choke ends the slaughter at 1:40. ½* Meanwhile, Mickie James “apologizes” to Velvet Sky because Taryn stole her “day-saving” moment last week, but she’ll totally give her a rematch as soon as Velvet is healthy. Rampage Jackson is out, and Kurt Angle quickly interrupts. They do an intense staredown and that’s that. Good enough. Meanwhile, Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson discuss strategy and question Hogan’s political games. Anderson may or may not be the new VP as a result. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & Kenny King v. Gun-Storm & Chris Sabin Sabin controls King with armdrags and the heels all bail to the floor. Sabin hits them all with a dive, but Aries trips him up on the way in and the heels take over. Sabin escapes and brings in Storm, and he runs wild on Roode, but again Aries uses a cheapshot to turn the tide. Storm takes the beating, but it’s hot tag Gunner, and the crowd is actually reacting to him because they treated him like a big deal. How about that. Slingshot suplex on King gets two, but he walks into the Roode spinebuster. It’s BONZO GONZO as everyone hits their highspots, and Sabin finishes King with the Cradle Shock at 6:40. Fun match. **3/4 Mickie James v. Taeler Hendrix Taeler goes after the arm while Mickie does the over-the-top sportsman act, and a dropkick gets two. The crowd quickly loses interest due to a fight or something in the background, and Taeler goes up while Mickie claims a knee injury. Hendrix of course falls for it, and the Mick Kick finishes at 3:45. ½* Is it me or was Hendrix looking a little rough and pudgy here? Meanwhile, Devon and Knux investigate things backstage, and fall victim to Abyss in an oddly cinematic shot done all in shadows. Ladder match: Jeff Hardy v. Bully Ray This is non-title, with a hammer hanging above the ring. Hardy attacks to start and gets the headscissors out of the corner, sending Bully crashing into the table outside. Hardy follows with a clothesline off the apron, but Bully takes over as we take a break. Back with Bully controlling with a backdrop, and he drops a ladder on Hardy. Bully clarifies that he doesn’t need the hammer, and in fact his fist is the metaphorical hammer. Had a Dr. Horrible flashback there for a minute. Bully stops to mock his father-in-law, but this allows Hardy to come back with a DDT. Hardy wins a slugfest and climbs, but Bully brings him down. Hardy dropkicks the ladder into Bully’s other metaphorical hammer, but he climbs again and gets brought down. Taz gives advice from ringside about wearing a cup next time in one of the stranger commentary conversations. Hardy climbs again and gets brought down again, but comes back with the Whisper in the Wind. Another climb, and another Hardy bump back down, and this time Bully climbs and gets the hammer, all while still selling his injured groin. Tacky but hilarious. Jeff hits the Twist, causing the hammer to fly cartoonishly out of Bully’s hand and into Jeff’s, so Bully runs away, and that’s apparently the end of it at 17:00. That was quite the brazen non-finish to a ladder match. But then the rules weren’t particularly well defined anyway. *** We head backstage, where Hogan stalks Bully with a hammer, but Brooke stops him and we’re out. The Pulse Super-fun show with a hot crowd, crappy ending aside. Of course now they have nothing to build to for four months.

Thunder – January 15, 1998

January 15, 1998
Jenkins Center, Lakeland, Florida
Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Lee Marshall
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the second episode of the show and as of Nitro, the NWO is in
shambles again. The main problem seems to stem from Nash and Savage
over Savage accidentally hitting Bischoff two weeks ago on Nitro. As
luck would have it, the main event tonight is Nash/Savage vs. Diamond
Dallas Page/Lex Luger. Let’s get to it.

open with a video from Nitro of DDP hyping up the tag match tonight.
announcers talk about the NWO’s problems. It’s strange to not have
Schiavone doing commentary on a WCW show.
get video from Nitro about the $1.5 million bonds put up by WCW and
the NWO to ensure Nash vs. Giant actually happens at Souled Out.
Giant in the ring for a chat with Schiavone. Giant says that he’s a
patient man and will be ready for Nash at Souled Out. He’ll be
bringing the chokeslam to the PPV but first he has to rip up one of
Lodi’s signs. Lodi is pulled into the ring via a chokeslam and the
Flock swarms the Giant. The big man swats them all away and
literally throws Kidman into the front row. This brings out Nash but
Giant isn’t allowed to touch him, even after Nash throws coffee in
his face.
to Nitro again to look at the issues between Nash and Savage. We get
some exclusive footage from after Nitro went off the air of Savage
slapping Nash and running off.
Cat/Ohara/Gedo vs. Steiner Brothers/Ray Traylor
tells us that DDP has been mugged in a parking lot and has a knee
injury which might keep him out of the main event tonight. Traylor
and Ohara start with Ohara firing off kicks to the knee. Ray comes
back with some uppercuts before Black Cat comes in to be pounded down
by Rick. A series of elbows get two for Rick as the fans chant USA.
Back to Traylor as we take a break.
come back with Rick clotheslining Gedo and Ohara down before ripping
away at Gedo’s face. Scott finally tags himself in and explodes on
Black Cat with clotheslines and right hands. An overhead suplex
sends Ohara flying and Scott puts him in the Tree of Woe for some
choking. Rick and Ray have their arms out for tags but Scott isn’t
paying any attention to them. A move Tenay calls the Steiner
Screwdriver (this was more like a sitout powerslam) is good for the
pin on Gedo.
D+. This was more storytelling
than a match which is a good idea. Scott’s slow burn heel turn is
going well here as you can see why Rick would get upset and why Scott
would think he doesn’t need to tag out. Traylor doesn’t need to be
here but what else are they going to do with him?
match Rick, Ray and DiBiase leave Scott to celebrate by himself.
Miller vs. Yuji Nagata
is a preview match for a proposed martial arts division held under
pro wrestling rules. Miller immediately kicks Yuji down for two but
Nagata’s manager kicks Ernest in the back to give Nagata control.
Yuji hits a quick suplex and cranks on the arm for a bit before
shifting over to a leg lock. Another kick to the chest gets two for
Yuji but Ernest hits a spin kick to the face to take over. Nagata
chokes in the corner and gets in an argument with the referee,
allowing Miller to pull himself to the top for a great looking spin
kick to the face for the pin.
D. That finish looked great but
the rest of the match was pretty dull stuff. The idea of a martial
arts division under pro wrestling rules adds nothing at all as these
guys do little more than kick each other for three minutes anyway.
You can only be so interesting as that kind of a character and
putting the same kind of guys against each other isn’t going to do
them any favors.
is here to talk about Page’s injury but the mic goes out. Page comes
out on a crutch and says he’s going to do it. JJ says there are
liability issues and Page might sue him. Page says he’ll sign
whatever paper he has to and he’ll take WCW off the hook.
Spicolli vs. Scott Hall
the match, Hall asks Spicolli who he is and how old he is. Spicolli
is 26 but will be 27 next month. This brings out Larry Zbyszko to
give Spicolli some advice. Hall challenges Larry to a fight so here
comes Zbyszko, but Spicolli jumps Larry from behind. Larry clears
the ring with ease.
recap Jericho snapping again on Nitro and beating up Mysterio before
Mysterio’s Cruiserweight Title shot.
Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero
winner gets a Cruiserweight Title shot at Souled Out. Before the
match, Jericho claims that Mysterio was making disparaging remarks
about his family on Nitro to trigger the beatdown. Jericho offers a
handshake to start but Eddie clotheslines him down instead. A
jumping back elbow puts Chris down again but Jericho blocks an
O’Connor roll and throws Eddie throat first onto the top rope.
backdrops out of a belly to back suplex and dropkicks Jericho’s knee
out to keep control. Off to an abdominal stretch with Eddie grabbing
the middle rope to cheat. Would you expect anything less of him?
Jericho comes back by launching Eddie into the air and letting him
crash to the mat.
rolls through a powerbomb for two before clotheslining Jericho down
for two. Off to a chinlock with two knees in Jericho’s back with
Jericho bent backwards. Eddie tries an upside down Gory Stretch but
drops Jericho on the top of his head in a scary landing. Jericho
sends him into the corner with Eddie jumping up to try a
hurricanrana, only to have Jericho counter into the Liontamer for the
C+. This could have been
something special with another five minutes. The lack of time and
Jericho being dropped on his head hurt things though as the match
never had the chance to really get going. Jericho is starting to
look like a future star though instead of just a talented smiling
good guy.
get the Ric Flair/Jim Neidhart segment from Nitro which led to Flair
and Bret brawling.
that causes the announcers to talk about the world title situation
for a bit.
Guerrero Jr. vs. Bill Goldberg
Goldberg’s entrance, here’s the Disco Inferno to interrupt. I don’t
know if it’s my video or something from the broadcast but the audio
is way off as it sounds like the announcers are shouting into
megaphones. Disco says people are here to see him dance instead of
seeing Chavo wrestle. Chavo says Disco can’t dance and that this
isn’t even his time. They keep arguing and the video feed cuts out,
going to a still shot of the arena with “Lakeland, Florida”
written on the bottom. Based on the audio, Disco hits the
Chartbuster on Chavo before Goldberg comes out for the spear and
Jackhammer on Inferno.
from a break with Tenay apologizing for the technical issues. The
audio and video are fixed now.
look at a clip from last week of JJ stripping Sting of the title.
are Hogan and Bischoff with something to say….and there go the
video and audio again. It’s back to the graphic this time with the
audio cutting in and out as well. Bischoff thanks Hogan for putting
up the $1.5 million which Hogan says was no big deal. What is
however a big deal is the NWO having problems. Hogan talks about
taking a palm tree and a hippie in each hand and talking to the big
NWOite in the sky.
they’ve gone to federal court where a judge said Hogan is the world
champion. JJ can either give him the belt tonight or on Nitro
because Hogan is getting it back one way or another. Hogan brags
about being the man that wrestling revolves around and says the NWO
is intact. The audio and video kept cutting up every thirty seconds
or so during this.
Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud Guerrera
is a rematch from Nitro where Guerrera successfully defended the
title thanks to a prematch beatdown by Jericho. Mysterio fires off
some forearms to start but Juvy backflips out of a German suplex. A
headscissors sends the champion to the floor and Rey hits a flip dive
to take him down again, possibly injuring his knee in the process.
Back in and Juvy rolls through a springboard sunset flip and
slingshots Rey back to the floor. A BIG dive….might have hit as
the video cut out again.
is up first and chops away before hitting a slingshot legdrop back
inside. Guerrera loads up something similar to a Muscle Buster but
drops down onto his knees to drive Rey’s neck into Juvy’s shoulder.
A brainbuster gets two for the champion before they head to the
apron, only to have Rey launch Juvy over his head and face first into
the post. It has next to no effect though as Juvy rams him into the
apron and drops a slingshot legdrop to the floor. Back in and a
springboard dropkick gets two but Rey sidesteps a regular version a
second later. Juvy sends him face first into the middle buckle and
flicks his tongue a lot.
slug it out and Rey hits a Killswitch (called a modified DDT by
Tenay) for two. A pinfall reversal sequence gets a pair of two
counts each before Rey has to pound his way out of a powerbomb
attempt. Juvy counters a top rope rana attempt into a powerbomb and
Rey is in trouble. Mysterio avoids the 450 though and hooks a quick
rana for the pin and the title.
B-. This was pretty solid stuff
but Juvy didn’t sell much of anything throughout the match. There
was a good story of Rey hanging on and trying to hit one quick move
to win the title while Juvy was hitting him with everything he had.
This is the third title change in about two and a half weeks, which
makes me wonder why they didn’t just put the title on Rey the night
after Starrcade in the first place and cut out Dragon and Guerrera.
the NWO shirt!
see the end of Nitro with Liz distracting Luger so Savage could jump
him. Page made the save to set up the tag match tonight.
Dallas Page/Lex Luger vs. Kevin Nash/Randy Savage
audio and video go out again before the entrances are done. Back
from a break and it’s the Lakeland graphic again as Luger’s music is
playing. Page is limping on the bad knee during his entrance so
Luger volunteers to go it alone. Hogan sneaks up on Page and breaks
Page’s crutch over the bad knee. Savage jumps off the top with an ax
handle to Luger and beats up the trainer looking at Page’s knee.
Nash wants a tag but Savage doesn’t seem all that interested.
yells at Savage to make him tag, but once Nash comes in he throws
Savage to the floor. For some reason this earns Savage more yelling
from Hogan as the video cuts out yet again. Nash hits a knee to
Luger’s ribs in the corner before going back to Savage and slapping
him in the face. Savage goes up top to dive on Nash but Hogan gets
in the way. Luger gets back up and hits the forearm on Nash as Hogan
comes in for the DQ.
N/A. The match was only about
three and a half minutes long and about a minute of that was spent
looking at a graphic of the arena so it’s not fair to rate the little
I saw. This was all about drama as Page was on the floor for the
entire match and a lot of the “action” was spent on Nash and
Savage’s problems.
match Luger puts Hogan and Nash in the Rack but Savage makes the save
(it’s not clear if he was aiming for Luger or Nash). Savage holds
Luger for a shot from Hogan but Hollywood kicks savage in the ribs
instead. They go nose to nose as Giant comes out to chokeslam Hogan
(in theory as the video went out again) before getting in Nash’s
face. The NWO comes out for the beatdown but Sting and Luger clean
house to end the show.
C+. Really annoying
technical difficulties aside, this did a good job of advancing the
NWO stories leading up to Souled Out. Also unlike last week, this
show actually built on what we saw on Nitro rather than starting
something new. There’s decent wrestling and good angle advancement
here so there isn’t much to complain about on the second episode.
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QOTD – June 7th, 2013

CulturebUlly sent this in for the QOTD, and it’s a damn good one.

“You’re challenged with trying to turn someone into a pro wrestling fan. You can show them one match/angle. Which do you choose?”

 I think I’d go with Orton vs Foley from 2004. It’s a damn great story, and the blow off from Backlash just so happens to be my all time favorite match. I think it’d be a great story to introduce someone to, because you’re clamoring to see Mick shut him up, however he doesn’t seem so sure of himself. Then the match at Backlash is such a spectacle, and so fantastic that there’s no way a person couldn’t enjoy it. It’s the right amount of brutal, and doesn’t reach the idiotic levels of something like CZW.