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> Hey Scott,


> Tony from the Shining Wizards. Hope all is well. Anyway, I don't know how many of your loyal would be interested, but tonight we're attempting to do a live call-in show, and to help us conduct the experiment we are going to be joined by the original diva herself, Sunny. We will be taking calls and questions on Facebook. I don't know how long we will have her, but we are scheduled for a 7:10pm edt start time. The show will be available on our website and on the ustream app. Would appreciate the cheap plug, and while on out site, make sure to check out your pic rocking our shirt.

My daughter also enjoys her Wizards shirt, thanks.

Good luck with the call-in. It should prove interesting.

QOTD 22: Get your Hustle on.

Life Hacks. We all have em’, little tricks or gimmicks we have to get a ‘one-up’ on life, and seeing as how we’re all friends here, I think it’s time we share.

What ways do you get a leg up on life? Do you have a rewards program that gives you mad cash back? Some secret coupon scam that yields you free frequent flier miles? Are you a part of a pyramid scheme where you’re on the tippy top / big wide bottom? Do Share!

I have one that I really like, and it’s kind of stupid. I use Bing Rewards like it talked about my mother. Essentially Bing is paying me to use their search engine. Not a lot, but if you’re going to be googling something, might as well run it through Bing first, earn a few points, and in a couple of months you’ll be able to get a gift card or a red box rental or whatever. I figure if someone wants to buy my search, they can have it. Worse case scenario you bounce back to Google for proper results. Yes, that is my referral link above.

Otherwise, switching to E-cigerettes has saved me a fuck ton of money, and I can smoke indoors / sleep at night without coughing, which is boss as all hell. I’ve also found that once you get over the set-up gobbly-gook, Net10 wireless is a great no-contract phone provider if you consider yourself tech savy and able to deal with somewhat incompetent tech support. I pay 50 bucks a month for a gig of data and unlimited everything else, for my crappy iPhone 3Gs.


Blog Otter Award: Jobber123 for facing the the horrors of Human Resources ‘sensitivity’ training.

1. For the record I am completely apathetic to malevolent nature in which my question about benevolence was structured yesterday. And you should too. Syntax errors are for college essays, and should be treated here with ambivalence.
3. Welp, I managed to post this 6 hours into the past the first time. I rule! 

BoD Daily Update

Hulk Hogan Update

Today is the last day of Hogan’s contract with TNA. According to sources, TNA does want Hogan to return but is only able to offer a certain amount of money.

Credit Mike Johnson,

When is Brock Lesnar Returning?

According to sources, Lesnar will be returning to the WWE towards the end of the year, perhaps for a match at the Royal Rumble

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WWE Producing a Randy Savage Documentary?

There is talk within the company that they will be producing a documentary about Savage that will be released in 2014.

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Wade Barrett Update

There has been talk within the company that Barrett will return with a new character and a push in the next few weeks.


the finish to the Rock/HHH Iron Man

Hi there,

So as we all know, HHH won the match (and the belt) six falls to five.  But here’s the thing: HHH shouldn’t have won the title, because the deciding fall was a *DQ.*  Because as Gorilla would always remind us “titles in the World Wrestling Federation can only change hands on a pinfall or submission.”  And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever since this mentioned in any recap.  I can’t be the only one who’s thought this, can I?

That particular bugaboo was overturned for 2/3 falls matches with the Brainbusters tag title win.  Plus iron man matches have always been “most falls in x time” regardless of how the fall is won.  So sorry, but nitpick DENIED.

Newman’s Take: UFC on Fuel TV: Mousasi vs. Latifi

-This was the first show of 2013 to be really hit by an injury issue, as originally the main event would’ve seen Sweden’s top fighter Alexander Gustafsson facing off with StrikeForce import Gegard Mousasi, but unfortunately Gustafsson suffered a deep cut in training and pulled out with a week to go. With little time to find a replacement Zuffa called upon the total unknown – even to hardcore fans – Ilir Latifi, and so the show went from arguably a one-match card to probably the least anticipated UFC show in recent memory.

UFC on Fuel TV: Mousasi vs. Latifi

Stockholm, Sweden

-Your hosts are Mike Goldberg and Kenny Florian. Bit weird to see Goldie doing a Fuel card but no complaints from me as I’m not a hater of his and I prefer him to Jon Anik anyway.

Featherweight Fight: Akira Corrassani vs Robbie Peralta

Peralta had been slowly creeping up the ranks at 145lbs since his 2011 debut, and was looking for another win here to follow up a nice knockout of Jason Young in September, while TUF 14’s top heel Corrassani was also looking to follow up a win – in his case, a controversial decision over Andy Ogle.

Fight begins and Akira circles on the outside and throws some early leg kicks as Peralta stays in the center of the cage and looks to throw heavy shots. Good counter from Corrassani and he keeps on moving. Announcers mention that Akira’s been working with Frankie Edgar’s camp which is interesting as he’s using an Edgar-type gameplan thus far. Beautiful right hand lands for Akira and he dodges out of the way of a counter. Heavy combo from Peralta but Akira clinches to slow him down. Peralta forces him back into the cage and I never noticed before but he’s HUGE for 145lbs. Akira breaks off and pushes forward with a glancing combination. Body kick from Akira but Peralta catches the leg to deliver a knee to the body. Overhand right lands flush for Corrassani. Another one follows but doesn’t land as heavily. Akira is still moving nicely too. Peralta pushes forward with a combo but Corrassani dodges back and lands a counter. Uppercut glances for Peralta. Leg kick lands for Corrassani. One minute to go in the round and Akira shoots on a single leg. Peralta blocks it and they end up clinched, exchanging some short strikes against the fence. Good knee inside from Peralta as they muscle for position, and with seconds to go they break. Round ends on the feet. 10-9 Corrassani for me as he utilized nice movement to land the better strikes.

Into the 2nd and Akira remains on his bike, before catching a low kick and clocking Peralta with a hard right hand. Peralta throws some kicks out that don’t really land and Akira connects on his own leg kick. Fans are chanting something but I can’t work out what it is. Combination lands for Akira and he circles out to avoid a big shot from Peralta. Wild hook to the body from Peralta sets up a takedown, and he gets Corrassani down for a second but the TUF vet pops right back up. Good knee inside the clinch from Akira but Peralta breaks with a right. Clipping right hand from Peralta but Akira answers with a leg kick. Combo glances for Corrassani. Good left hand lands for Peralta to end a combination. Another left wobbles Akira badly and he goes staggering back towards the fence. Big knee puts him down and he’s in trouble. Peralta pounds away looking to finish, but Akira does a tremendous job of surviving and gets to his feet in the clinch. Looks like he’s okay as Peralta knees to the legs and only manages to land some really glancing short punches. They exchange some knees from the clinch and muscle for position and now Akira drops for a takedown. He gets a double leg and takes Peralta down for a second, but Robbie pops right back up using the fence. Good knee inside from Akira. They break off and now Akira lands a HUGE OVERHAND RIGHT that wobbles Peralta! Peralta looks in trouble and tries to clinch, but he takes another right and Corrassani starts to walk him down. Crowd are going crazy now. Right hook and a left hand land for Akira and wobble Peralta again, but the round ends before he can follow it up. 10-9 Corrassani in a really close round. Would’ve gone to Peralta had he not got wobbled at the end there.

Third and final round and Akira lands a glancing combo early to back Peralta up. Brief trade follows before Peralta shrugs off a clinch. Right hand connects for Corrassani. Nice leg kick from Peralta. Overhand right glances for him too. Big combination from Akira backs him up though and he follows with a nice trip takedown into the guard. Peralta immediately rolls for a kimura on the right arm, but he’s in an awkward position pinned into the fence and he can’t get it. Corrassani pulls out and passes to half-guard, but Peralta stands. Akira manages to get his back and brings him back down, but Peralta pops up again. Trip puts him back down in guard this time. Pass into half-guard from Akira but Peralta looks like he’s going to wall-walk to his feet. Corrassani passes again though and looks for the full mount. He gets the back, but can’t get any hooks in and Peralta stands. Corrassani keeps a rear waistlock locked on and tries to trip him back down. Good job from Peralta to turn into the clinch and he lands an elbow inside. Good knees from Peralta in the clinch and he muscles Akira into the cage. Akira breaks off and forces Peralta back, and they continue to muscle for position in the clinch. Looks like Corrassani’s cut on his forehead quite badly. One minute to go and Corrassani lands a solid knee and drops for a takedown, but Peralta defends it. Knee from Peralta but he slips to his back and Corrassani settles on top in half-guard. Round ends with Akira on top. 10-9 Corrassani and I’ve got it 30-27. Good fight.

Judges have it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Akira Corrassani. Really impressive showing for him and evidently the move to Edgar’s camp worked as he looked like a completely different fighter from his TUF run as a crude-ish brawler, showing improved movement, footwork, takedowns, striking and ground game, as well as a smarter fight IQ as he was able to change it up in the third and take Peralta down when he started to lose standing. Guy has a bright future in the UFC if he can continue to improve at this rate for sure.

Featherweight Fight: Diego Brandao vs Pablo Garza

On paper this looked like a really exciting fight as both men are well-known for finishing opponents early and in violent fashion. Garza was coming off a win over Mark Hominick while Brandao had beaten Joey Gambino in his home country of Brazil. I was favouring Brandao just because I love his super-aggressive tendencies but it was a close one to call.

First round begins and they circle before Brandao glances with a leg kick. Nice leg kick connects clean for the TUF winner. Head kick is blocked by Brandao. Another leg kick lands for Brandao. Brandao is doing a decent job at closing the distance on the taller fighter. Double jab from Garza backs him up slightly. Combo lands for Brandao. Good leg kick from Garza into a right hand. Jumping knee misses though. Right hand into a left hook from Brandao and he tries a flying knee that doesn’t really land. They clinch and Brandao hits a big slam down into half-guard. Garza quickly gets to a full butterfly guard but Brandao postures up to drop some strikes and works to pass in the process. He gets to half-guard and appears to be setting up for an arm triangle. Garza works to defend but Brandao passes into side mount. Garza keeps squirming from the bottom, but Brandao remains in control and then he manages to lock up the arm triangle. Garza manages to survive for a few moments but it’s too tight and in the end he has to tap out.

Super-impressive performance from Diego Brandao who remains arguably the most dangerous one-round fighter in the UFC at 145lbs. Garza isn’t a tomato can by any means but Brandao blew right through him, showing more patience than he’d done in the past and a smarter gameplan to take the fight to the ground rather than stand with the lankier fighter and deal with the reach disadvantage. Probably his best performance in the UFC thus far in fact. Nice finish too.

Featherweight Fight: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage

This was a prelim taped earlier in the night, with the Irishman McGregor – bringing quite a reputation with him from his days on the smaller circuit – making his UFC debut against Brimage, who had pulled off two solid upsets in 2012 by beating both Maximo Blanco and Jimy Hettes. To add to the intrigue, McGregor had basically done his best Nick Diaz impression at the weigh-in, talking loads of trash and trying to headbutt Brimage for no good reason.

Fight begins and Brimage comes out swinging, and they exchange right away. McGregor looks to be doing a nice job of dodging Brimage’s strikes, though. Leg kick does land for Brimage and he connects on a right hand. Left uppercut fires back for McGregor though and snaps Brimage’s head back. Front kick to the jaw follows but Brimage keeps wading forward. Counter left lands for McGregor and then a pair of uppercuts and a combination drop Brimage HARD and McGregor finishes him off with some super-accurate punches on the ground. Wow.

Talk about living up to the hype – whole fight took about a minute as McGregor just used Brimage’s aggression against him by countering with harder, sharper strikes and once he’d got the TUF veteran hurt it was all over. Zuffa seem to be giving this guy the huge superstar push and it’s understandable with his wild personality – I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone not named Chael talk so much trash – and if he can continue to perform like this then he’ll be a main eventer in no time. Tremendous UFC debut.

Bantamweight Fight: Brad Pickett vs Mike Easton

Like the previous one this was an exciting fight on paper, although both men hadn’t looked great in their last showings if we’re honest, in losses to Eddie Wineland and Ivan Menjivar respectively. As far as a winner went I was leaning towards Pickett as he’s just a little more talented in my opinion, but it was a close one to call for sure.

Round One begins and they clash on a pair of leg kicks to begin. Couple of jabs glance for Pickett as both men show a ton of movement early on. Couple of combinations land for Pickett. Kick from Easton is caught and Pickett gets him down for a second, but Easton reverses right away and forces Pickett into the fence. Pickett manages to turn into a clinch, and the action slows from there as Easton simply forces him back into the cage with a couple of knees. Takedown attempt from Easton but Pickett fights it off brilliantly, popping the crowd. Big elbow lands for the Brit and he follows with another that hurts Easton. Pickett takes the opportunity to switch position and force Easton into the fence. They break off and Pickett lands with a jab. Another jab connects for the Brit and he glances on an uppercut. Head kick misses for Easton. Right hand lands for Pickett. Combo backs Easton up a bit and Pickett shoots. Easton stuffs it and breaks with a knee. Head kick glances for Easton but Pickett lands with a one-two. Combo from Pickett and he avoids a counter from Easton. Right hand lands for Pickett but Easton tackles him to the ground in guard. Pickett kicks him away quickly though and pops back up with a combo. Takedown attempt from Pickett now but Easton defends for a moment before being slammed down. Easton gives his back to try to get up, but Pickett stays on him and tries to drag him back down. Easton blocks but goes down on the buzzer. Tight round but I’d go 10-9 Pickett.

Round Two and Easton lands with a nice overhand right, then follows with a leg kick. Pickett backs him up a bit with some punches and then they trade wildly in the clinch for a second before breaking off. Right hand connects for Pickett. Combo answers for Easton. Takedown attempt from Easton but Pickett blocks it. Good knee from Easton in the clinch but Pickett answers back with a pair of uppercuts. Jab into a left uppercut connects for Pickett. Combinations from both men but Pickett’s slightly getting the better of it. He’s using the jab quite nicely. Knee glances for Easton but he eats an uppercut and a couple of jabs. Takedown from Pickett but Easton pops right back up into the clinch. They exchange some shots inside the clinch and Pickett drops for a takedown and hits another slam. Easton pops right back up but Pickett stays on him like glue. Hard knee lands inside for Easton. Another one follows but Pickett lands with an uppercut. They break off and now Easton hits a takedown into guard. He passes into half-guard and looks to work on a kimura, but Pickett reverses to his feet. One minute to go and Pickett goes for a takedown but Easton stuffs it and backs him up with some punches. Pickett looks tired and Easton clinches and looks for the takedown. Pickett blocks and delivers a knee and a combination on the break. Big uppercut lands and Easton looks hurt, but he fires right back and they trade off wildly until the round ends. 10-9 Easton in another close one.

Round Three begins with a trade of punches and it’s Easton that lands a heavy left hand. Both men have slowed down a lot now and they miss with some strikes. Combination from Pickett as Easton pushes forward. Good knee to the body from Easton. Uppercut from Pickett. Body kick answers for Easton. Combinations connect for both men. Takedown attempt from Easton and he gets Pickett down, but the Brit hits a sick sweep to take top position in guard. That was beautiful. Short elbows land for Pickett and Easton looks a little stuck from his back now probably due to fatigue. Pickett passes into half-guard and he looks to pass that. Easton turns to his side and ends up giving his back, but he stands before Pickett can get the hooks in. German suplex from Pickett puts Easton back down but he pops back up. Pickett trips him down again and then grabs a front headlock in the scramble, looking for a potential guillotine which Easton avoids. One minute to go and they come back up, where they continue to exchange strikes. Right hook lands nicely for Pickett. Easton keeps coming forward but Pickett hits him with a knee to the body to slow him down. Right hook from Pickett but he eats one from Easton on the counter. Good combo from Easton but Pickett fires right back and they continue to exchange until the buzzer. Great fight. 10-9 Pickett and I think the only result is 29-28 for him.

Official scorecards have a split decision; 29-28 Easton, 30-27 Pickett and 30-27 for Brad Pickett to take the win. Well, I really have no idea how you’d have Easton winning that fight but there you go, at least the right guy won in the end. Really fun, closely fought contest with both men giving out punishment and receiving their fair share too. Difference was the third round as Pickett dominated a tired Easton on the ground, but you can’t take much away from Easton either as it was such an exciting fight. Good stuff!

Heavyweight Fight: Matt Mitrione vs Phil De Fries

This felt like an odd fight to make as I figured they’d give Mitrione a tougher fight, but I guess they wanted to throw him a bit of a bone after he stepped up to face Roy Nelson on relatively late notice in December. I couldn’t see him losing here as De Fries hadn’t exactly looked stellar to this point in his UFC run and his striking is his big weak point.

Fight begins and they come out swinging before Mitrione stuffs a takedown. Another attempt by De Fries follows but he goes down off….well, something, and Mitrione ENDS HIS NIGHT by bouncing his head off the ground with punches. I legitimately have no idea what put De Fries down there.

Replay appears to show that De Fries tried the takedown but ducked right into some sort of strike – even the slow-motion shot can’t identify it – and before he could recover, Meathead finished him off. Not much of a fight really with a really strange ending, but hey, Mitrione did what he had to do so you can’t knock him. Post-fight Mitrione talks so quickly that he has to use Chris Lytle as a translator, which is beyond ridiculous.

Lightweight Fight: Reza Madadi vs Michael Johnson

This was another prelim taped earlier in the night, with Sweden’s popular Madadi facing TUF veteran Johnson. The fight also got PERSONAL at the weigh-ins as Madadi flipped out and screamed into Johnson’s face, causing a pull-apart type deal. Always fun.

Round One and they circle before Madadi looks for a clinch. Johnson shrugs him off and they circle out. Leg kick and a right hand connect for Johnson. Right hand answers back for Madadi. Johnson shrugs off another takedown attempt. Couple of left hands connect for Johnson from the outside. Single leg attempt from Madadi but Johnson defends it really well, showing some excellent balance. Madadi manages to switch to a trip though and gets him down into full guard. Short ground-and-pound connects for Madadi and he drops back for a leglock, but Johnson manages to defend it despite a heel hook looking deep at one point. Johnson reverses out and gets into top position in Madadi’s guard, and he begins to land short ground-and-pound of his own. Oma plata attempt from Madadi and he rolls into it but ends up caught against the fence and Johnson manages to escape to get back into top position. Great grappling exchanges here. Madadi attempts a sweep, but Johnson stays on top and lands some punches and as Madadi reverses to his feet, Johnson WAYLAYS HIM WITH A RIGHT HEAD KICK! Madadi CRASHES DOWN and somehow manages to crawl for an ankle as Johnson looks to finish. Johnson lets him up and swarms with strikes, but he can’t finish the wobbled Madadi before the round ends. Wow. 10-9 Johnson.

Round Two begins and Madadi looks recovered pretty much. Johnson surprisingly comes out slowly, but he does brush off a takedown. Couple of glancing strikes connect for Johnson but Madadi gets a rear waistlock and trips him down to take the back and then full mount! Crowd are DEAFENING, really into Madadi. Big elbows and punches from Madadi and Johnson is in trouble. He tries to slip out of the back door, but Madadi remains in control in side mount where he continues to land shots. Johnson manages to escape to his feet somehow and we’re back to standing. Single leg from Madadi and he gets Johnson down into guard again. Elbows land for Madadi from inside the guard as the crowd continue to cheer and chant loudly. Triangle attempt from Johnson is avoided and Madadi passes into side mount. Johnson regains half-guard, but he continues to eat short elbows as the “REZA!” chants are quite loud now. More shots land for Madadi and this is quite the turnaround for him. Crowd seem to be singing Seven Nation Army now which is weird. Round ends with Madadi on top. 10-9 Madadi.

Round Three and Madadi quickly goes for a single leg and forces Johnson into the fence. Trip puts Johnson down but he reverses and almost takes the back before Madadi reverses THAT and gets on top in side mount. Punches land for Madadi and Johnson tries to reverse by going for a leg, but he can’t get out and Madadi continues to land. D’Arce choke attempt from Madadi and he locks it in nicely and rolls into a better position to force the tapout and send the crowd into RAPTURE.

Well, that was a hell of a fight and would’ve been a star-making performance for Madadi, but unfortunately he’s decided to become Sweden’s equivalent to Lee Murray and is now serving time for some sort of robbery involving designer handbags. Sad really. Really good fight, though!

Lightweight Fight: Ross Pearson vs Ryan Couture

Well, when his father once again bit the hand that fed him so many times and jumped ship from the UFC to Bellator, a lot of people expected Ryan Couture to simply be cut from the roster after StrikeForce closed its doors. Instead he asked Dana White to be kept on and so he was given a super-tough fight to debut in the UFC with, against the dangerous Brit Pearson, who had looked back to his best in his win over George Sotiropoulos. I was taking Pearson to win here as I’d never been overly impressed with Couture during his StrikeForce run.

First round and they circle before Couture shoots for a takedown. Pearson stuffs it, but Couture forces him back into the fence in the clinch. Trip attempt from Couture but he can’t get Ross off his feet and they muscle for position on the fence. Good knees inside from Couture but Pearson breaks with an elbow. Couture clinches again though and continues to force Pearson into the cage. Good elbow inside from Couture and he lands a couple of knees too. Pearson can’t seem to shake him off here. Takedown from Couture but Pearson pops right back up. Pearson breaks off and they finally circle out. Pearson begins to stalk forward as Couture circles around, and a head kick glances for the Brit. Front kick to the body from Couture. Spinning kick from Couture lands to the leg, strangely enough. Pearson can’t seem to find his range. Takedown attempt from Couture off a glancing knee from Pearson, but it’s stuffed and they wind up clinched. Good knees from both men and Pearson breaks with a nasty left hook. Good right to the body follows. Couture uses some kicks to keep distance and that’s the round. 10-9 Couture.

Second round and Pearson opens with a stiff jab. He begins to close Couture down and he seems to have found his range as he lands with a pair of right hands and a combination as he shrugs a takedown attempt off. Left hook wobbles Ryan and forces him to shoot, but he can’t get Pearson down. Clinch follows and Couture forces the Brit into the fence, where they exchange short punches and knees to the body. Good right hand breaks for Couture but doesn’t seem to have much effect. Pearson continues to stalk forward as Couture circles on the outside. Good right hand to the body and a short right hook sends Couture back, and another body shot follows. Leaping left hook from Pearson. Takedown attempt from Couture is blocked easily. Left to the body from Pearson. Spinning back kick and a front kick glance for Couture. Pearson answers with a left hand. Another left hook connects for the Brit. Kick from Couture is caught and Pearson sends him down and drops a right hand over the top. Good punches land on the ground and Pearson follows with a kick to the body as Couture stands. Couture might be in trouble here. BRUTAL COMBINATION has Couture badly wobbled and finally he goes down off a BIG LEFT HAND and Ross closes it out with some shots on the ground.

Couture actually did well in the beginning of the fight as he kept Pearson at bay and used the clinch wisely, but once Ross found his range in the second round it was all one-way traffic and the end felt like only a matter of time really. Fun fight and a good win for Ross Pearson – I think the move back to 155lbs from 145lbs has really helped his career as he just didn’t look right at Featherweight and yet looks back to his best now.

Light-Heavyweight Fight: Gegard Mousasi vs Ilir Latifi

Well, as I mentioned in the introduction this turned out to be a massively anticlimactic main event, as nobody had heard of Latifi before and his record didn’t exactly inspire excitement. Still, a Rocky story is always somewhat fun I guess and on the plus side for me as a fan of his, it was nice to see Mousasi get a likely showcase win to debut in the UFC with. Every man and his dog was taking Gegard to win here and understandably so. Latifi walks out to the theme from Rocky – what else? – and while he’s described as a wrestler he looks more like a powerlifter, just a stocky, thick dude. Mousasi of course looks as chilled as ever.

Round One and Mousasi opens with a leg kick. Stiff jab lands for Mousasi and stops Latifi as he leans in for a takedown. Crowd are red hot for Latifi. He’s coming up short on his punches though and Mousasi continues to land jabs and leg kicks right from the bat. One-two connects for Mousasi. Mousasi throws a lot of feints and continues to land jabs both to the body and head. Takedown attempt from Latifi is stuffed and Mousasi breaks off. Latifi’s face looks marked up already from the jabs. Leg kick again from Mousasi. Beautiful jab and a straight right connect for the former DREAM champion. More jabs back Latifi up but a big right hook that glances for the Swede pops the crowd. Left hook follows but Mousasi just looks ridiculously calm and he lands with another leg kick. Mousasi’s jab is looking brilliant here. Right hand lands again for Gegard and he easily avoids a takedown. Latifi is beginning to wince as the punches are landing. Mousasi is really hanging his hands too. Total disdain for Latifi’s striking. More jabs and a leg kick and he easily avoids a haymaker. Jab snaps Latifi’s head back. More jabs follow and Latifi tells Mousasi to bring it, but he needs to actually land for it to help him. Round ends with another pair of jabs. Clear 10-9 for Mousasi.

Round Two and Mousasi picks up right where he left off, using the jab and his range to beat Latifi to the punch. Right hand connects to the body for Mousasi. Left hook lands for Latifi but Mousasi seems fine and he continues to work the jab. He’s working in the jab to the body now as well. Big right hand connects for Latifi but again Mousasi takes it and continues to push the action. Latifi’s punches for the most part are still coming up way short. Left hook lands hard for Mousasi and a leaping jab follows. Mousasi’s jab is awesome. Right hand from Mousasi and he sprawls to avoid a takedown and almost takes the back, but Latifi avoids and we’re back to standing. More jabs and a left hand and Latifi’s face is beginning to look messy. Mousasi continues to pick him apart and Latifi is beginning to look lost. Seconds remaining in the round and Mousasi isn’t letting up with the jabs. Round ends with more of the same; stiff jabs to the face. 10-9 Mousasi.

Round Three and Latifi’s right eye is near enough swollen shut. Good leg kick lands for Latifi to counter the jabs early on. Mousasi is still doing a tremendous job of dodging Latifi’s punches though and cracking him with the jab. Wheel kick misses for Latifi but it does pop the crowd. Doesn’t stop him from eating more stiff jabs though. Crowd sound a bit pissed off but I mean, it’s only because their hometown guy is being tooled rather than the fight being bad. Right hand connects for Mousasi and backs Latifi up. Latifi’s face looks like he’s been in a car wreck. Mousasi continues to mix up his strikes, landing the right cross to go with the jab now and it’s got Latifi stumbling a little. Outside leg kick connects too. Latifi tries to fire back with a right haymaker but it doesn’t land flush. Pair of jabs back Latifi up and he appears to be using the fence to work out where he is, which is worrying. Just under two minutes to go. Hard leg kick lands for Latifi but he eats a stiff jab for his efforts. Heavy combo from Mousasi. Mousasi is just picking at him now with beautiful punches from range. Seconds to go and Latifi catches a kick and gets a takedown and the crowd EXPLODE. It’s too late though and Mousasi ties him up from the guard. Couple of big punches get through for Latifi but it’s not enough and he eats an upkick as he stands to drop a right hand. Buzzer goes and that’s it. 10-9 Mousasi and it has to be a 30-27 shutout.

Judges have it 30-27 all round for Gegard Mousasi. Post-fight Mousasi reveals he’s carrying a bad knee injury, which would explain his somewhat conservative gameplan, but to be honest can you blame him anyway? It was a no-win situation for him as Latifi was such an unknown and a loss would’ve been devastating to his career, but to win without taking risks like this came off as a bit underwhelming too. From a technical standpoint though this was a masterclass on how to pick apart a shorter, less experienced striker, and I can’t remember the jab being used much better than this in the UFC. I think because of his demeanour Mousasi seems to get a rep as a lazy fighter but I don’t think that’s true at all – he’s such a cold technician that he can fight in that way and still beat the majority of fighters without having to come off as crazy. I was impressed with him here at least. As for Latifi I’m sure he’ll get another go around after bailing the UFC out on short notice, and I guess with an easier opponent he may do well enough to stick around. We shall see.

-Show ends there with Mousasi and his team celebrating.

Final Thoughts….

For what was basically what you’d call a b-show, this was actually a very entertaining card. I mean granted, none of the fights really had much effect on the title pictures or anything, but not all of the shows these days can be stacked and when they’re not, the best you can hope for is a bunch of really exciting fights. Which is what we got here – Pickett/Easton, Corrassani/Peralta and the two aired prelims were really good and Pearson/Couture, Brandao/Garza and Mitrione/De Fries had nice finishes. Main event was a little underwhelming in the end but from a technical standpoint it was really fascinating to watch. Definite thumbs up for this one and it’s worth seeking out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Best Fight: Johnson vs. Madadi
Worst Fight: Mitrione vs. De Fries

Overall Rating: ***1/2

Until next time,

Scott Newman:
[email protected]
The Oratory
TJR Sports

The PG Era Rant: Raw 09-30-13

When last we
left our heroes, they were given a gift in the form of a large handicap match
against the Shield.  Four men won the
match, but only one stood tall in Daniel Bryan. 
Yet SmackDown revealed that all is not in their corner in WWE.  Randy Orton has already put Miz on the shelf,
and it’s clear that, whatever management feels about anyone, the road to the
title goes through him.  We’re six days
away from Battleground, so let’s see where they go from here!
commercial talks about the debut of Los Matadores and the McMahons meeting with
the Rhodeses.
– The PG Era
Rant for Monday Night Raw, September 30, 2013.
– Live from…
wait, the commercial wouldn’t say?
– Your hosts
are the usual suspects.

– And in a
change of pace, we’ll open with CM Punk. 
They’ve busted out the pink ropes for October, even though October
begins tomorrow.  Commentary emphasizes
that Punk knew he was going to regret his attack and didn’t care.  Punk talks about the unpredictability of Raw,
but last week’s obvious turn of events was not unexpected – and that’s
okay.  But the predictability extends to
the end of the story, which is Punk taking everyone out one by one.  (A small chant starts up, and Punk encourages
it to get louder.)  The only question is:
when does Punk take out Heyman?  That
part isn’t predictable.  It could be
tonight, next week, Sunday… but he prefers tonight.  CM Punk wants a fight with someone in the
Dangerous Alliance (no, that’s not their name), and whatever the history books
say about wins and losses, Heyman will be DONE. 
This brings out Brad Maddox, who looks nervous about the potential of
the fight.  Punk: “You don’t even get
music?”  Maddox sympathizes with Punk,
but it can’t be RIGHT NOW because it’s not Best For Business™.  Can’t he wait until Sunday?  But Maddox IS the GM of Raw, so Punk will
have a match… but Punk doesn’t want to hear from authority and demands an
outlet.  This brings out… Big E
Langston?  Langston says he’s the man,
and the ambush is on.  Langston works
over Punk in the corner until a blind charge hits the post.  Maddox separates everyone and calls for a ref
to come down as we go to break.
– CM Punk v.
Big E Langston.  Joined in progress as
Langston misses Punk on the outside and hits the post.  Punk with roundhouse kicks as he throws
Langston back in, going up top and landing a bodypress for one.  Spinning back kick by Punk, and he teases
GTS, but Langston shoves out and catches Punk with a modified Rock Bottom for
two.  Running splash to the back follows
for two.  Langston to the single-leg
crab, but we’re not in Boston so he fights out. 
Punk stands up to get out and uses chops and kicks, but runs into a
Vader crush for two.  Langston carries
Punk, but gets rolled up for one only to recover with a belly-to-belly suplex
for two.   Punk fights to his feet and
tries to build momentum, but runs into a fireman’s carry only to escape with a
standing roundhouse for two.  Punk up
first and goes for GTS, but Langston is too big and delivers a short-arm
clothesline for two.  Another running splash
misses, as does the ensuing avalanche, allowing Punk the chance at a
comeback.  Spinning neckbreaker puts Punk
in control, and he waits for Langston to be up in the corner to deliver the
knee into a short-arm clothesline.  Up
top, the Savage Elbow connects.  It’s
sleep time, and despite precedent of Langston being too big it connects for the
pin at 5:58 shown.  If this is the setup
for Langston to be the next Heyman Guy, that would be great foreshadowing.  But my understanding from my NXT fans is that
Langston has great face charisma he hasn’t tapped yet, which makes me wonder
why they don’t run with it.  Or, for that
matter, with anything.  Not that I’m
complaining too loudly, since the match served its purpose and showed that
Punk, even though he’s hurt, will be able to go against Ryback.  *3/4
– Later
tonight, Orton and Bryan are face-to-face, while the Rhodes Family will meet
with the McMahons.
– Help me
out, experts: does being the most socially active TV show actually mean something?
– Fandango
v. Kofi Kingston.  So which is worse:
Fandango as the male Shakira, or Summer Rae as Mrs. Fandango?  Honestly, JBL’s kinda lost his fastball
because he’s too busy playing the heel on commentary.  JBL: “Fandango is like Usher crossed with
Randy Couture.”  Lawler: “You mean, like
if they had a baby?”  Me: “CAN I UNHEAR
THAT?”  Fandango starts with a knee to
the gut and controls with a headlock, but Kingston pushes off only to get
shoulder tackled.  Kofi with the blind
leapfrog into a back elbow, followed by a twisting rana.  Fandango FLIPS Kofi with a forearm shiver for
two.  Fandango with a pair of short-arm
clotheslines and a suplex, floating over for two.  Fandango HITS THE CHINLOCK.  Kofi fights out and connects with a backflip
DDT to get the crowd’s attention (some were trying to chant for Lawler).  Chops to the chest and a big dropkick follow,
but he gets lifted into the top buckle on a charge.  Fandango up, but Kofi meets him only to get
headbutted down.  Now Fandango realizes
he can’t hit the legdrop, so he jumps down and charges, only to eat post and
get hit with Trouble in Paradise for the Kofi win at 3:02.  But before anyone gets too excited, the
satellite link is hijacked and it’s Wyatt Family time.  Kofi takes advantage of the long entrance to
grab a chair and wait for the Wyatts. 
Bray, though, cuts a promo and talks about the wicked games and why bad
things happen to good people (like himself). 
The nightmare never ended for Bray, so now he’s going to spread the
nightmare to everyone else.  There’s no
confrontation as we go to break.  It was
a very hot start, but Fandango needed a chinlock?  In a 3-minute match?  With one of the most athletic men on the
roster?  1/4*
– Your
kickoff match will be Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow.  Okay then.
– Meanwhile,
Brie is so happy about being #1 Contender against AJ, but Randy Orton breaks up
the happyfest with her sister to talk about Brie’s engagement.  The sisters give Orton the silent treatment,
so Orton makes it clear: they’d better get married this week or Bryan will be
sharing his nuptials in a wheelchair. 
Evil Orton rules.
– Elsewhere,
Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman for a rebuttal of CM Punk.  Heyman says it’s too bad that Punk has gone
into insanity and obsession with Heyman. 
But CM Punk can’t intimidate Paul Heyman because he realized Punk is
just Heyman’s creation.  The two together
were the best in the world.  Young points
out that the Alliance is hiding off-camera and asks if it’s a trap.  Heyman BEING HERE is a trap for CM Punk
because of how spiteful Heyman is. 
Heyman has a big occasion tonight, and he basically DARES Punk to do
something about it.
– OLE!  OLE! 
What, you thought you were done with over the top vignettes?
– Los
Matadores v. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. 
Los Matadores are “Fernando” and “Diego”, with “El Torito” by their
side.  They do an elaborate entrance,
with a few passes of El Torito.  Torito
jumps all over the place in the ring, ending on their shoulders.  “Diego” is the shorter one, so I think he’s
Primo.  Fernando (yes, that’s clearly
Epico) will start with a baffled Mahal, getting a very high snapmare into a
deep armdrag.  He ducks under a
clothesline into a rana.  Diego in off of
a monkey flip, and Slater tags in, though he doesn’t know what to make of the
guy either.  Diego with a legsweep into a
headscissors, and Fernando back in as they get a double back drop with a ton of
theatrics in the whip.  Slater rushes
Fernando into the corner, and Mahal with the double-team.  Knee smash gets him control, and a suplex
gets one.  Mahal drops a series of knees
and chokes Fernando before bringing in Slater for a kneedrop for two.  Slater goes straight to the chinlock as the
crowd gets bored.  Slater with a slam,
but he’s caught with a tilt-a-whirl-headscissors off of a headstand by
Fernando.  Hot tag Diego, who gets a
series of Flying Jalapenos and a diving standing headbutt.  Slater gets hit with the old Scot Drop for
the pin at 4:02.  Too much offense for
3MB – this needed to be a squash.  El
Torito does more bouncing off the ropes to entertain.  1/2*
– HHH and
Stephanie are out next.   Announcers have to remind everyone that Dustin
Rhodes is Goldust, as though we couldn’t figure it out on our own.  Bonus points because if you know Latin, HHH’s
TitanTron is awesome.  No preliminaries
as the Rhodeses are invited down right away. 
For those who care about this sort of thing, yes, Goldust is in face
paint and a suit.  Cole (recapping Dusty’s
Choice): “Choose which one of your jobs gets their son back.”  Stephanie lays on the fake niceness, but the
Rhodeses aren’t very happy.  HHH reminds
us all how many “chances” he’s given the family, but they failed at every
opportunity.  And Dusty was selfish and
made it about himself.  So one MORE
chance for the Rhodeses.  Stephanie notes
that Dusty is an NXT trainer and has a chance to mold the future.  So here’s the deal: Cody will get his job
back, as will Dustin, assuming that they beat Rollins and Reigns on
Sunday.  HOWEVER, should they lose, they
will never work in this company again AND Dusty will be fired.  Dusty has something to say about that.  He gets right in HHH’s face – and tries to
block Stephanie’s – and he asks for one extra twist: that he be in the Rhodes’
corner.  It’s agreed to.  Stephanie tells him to be careful what he
wishes for.  I’m ready for a Shield
run-in, but none is evident.  Well, no
Shield MUSIC is evident, but they jump in out of nowhere and do a beatdown,
with Dusty getting a chair to save only to get cut off.  Cody tackles everyone as much as possible
(Reigns took Goldust out with a spear to start this fracas), but it’s not
enough and Cody eats Triple Bomb. 
Reigns: “GET USED TO THIS!”  Rollins
sees Dusty rolling to Cody and stomps him, just to be a proper villain.  Everyone gets over in this segment!  Everyone wins!  I approve!
– R-Truth v.
Curtis Axel.  Truth’s timing is off on
his rap.  JBL calls himself a
rapper.  Yeah.  Axel with an armdrag to start and he taunts
Truth.  Truth does some dancing to fire
the crowd up, and some trash talk ensues that leads to Axel getting his hard in
the mouth.  They lock up (finally), and
Truth flips Axel with some kicks to the calf. 
Axel stalls for time, but Truth follows in and gets the ten-punch
countalong… cut off at three as Axel drops him on the ropes and takes
over.  Axel kicks Truth in the gut and
punches away.  Truth fires off to get
separation but runs into a dropkick for two. 
Axel goes right to the chinlock (crowd chants for R-Truth, so wherever
we are, they’re into him), but Axel cuts off the comeback.  Blind charge hits the boot, and Truth gets a
European Uppercut and clotheslines. 
Suplex into a stunner gets two. 
Dropkick airballs on Axel… and here’s Punk’s music!  Axel and Heyman freak out, but we all know
what happens next, right?  Yup, Truth
takes advantage, and the Little Jimmy ends it at 4:24.  Heyman gets an “I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE”
look on his face, as he seems a little too busy being impressed to be mad.  For the record, I wish to join Scott in
saying that finish is really dumb and gets nobody over and needs to be retired
now.  DUD
IN!  Trish Stratus is a mom!  Maximus Fisico born at 8 pounds 3
ounces.  My friends are already trying to
come up with silly WWE names for him.
– We recap
the relationship of Daniel and Brie with Total Divas footage.  Okay, so maybe the show has a point after
– Brie Bella
v. Alicia Fox.  Alicia works the arm to
start, but Brie backflips out of it into a fireman’s carry and armbar.  Alicia pulls the hair to get a rope break and
offers a handshake, but kicks Brie out of the ring.  Back in, she chokes Brie while taunting Nikki
as AJ and Tamina watch on a monitor. 
Alicia with a Northern Lights Suplex for two.  Alicia with a facejam for two, and she gets
the neck-scissors while commentary yells at each other about who’s supposed to
call the match.  A bizarre Rocker Dropper
variant gets two for Fox, and we HIT THE CHINLOCK.  Brie elbows out and gets a clothesline much
like Bryan’s, following with a dropkick and running knee.  Fox bails out and cheapshots Brie, then
smacks Brie in the back of the head. 
Back suplex is flipped out of, and Brie with the facejam to win at
3:20.  Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling by
Divas standards.  3/4*
– Backstage,
Curtis Axel is upset, and Heyman yells at him. 
Heyman’s not worried about the one-upsmanship that Punk is doing because
there is no topping Heyman in mind games. 
Ryback says to give him what he wants. 
Heyman dismisses Ryback for the time being and explains to Axel how
awesome Ryback has made Heyman’s life. 
And he’s going to propose to Ryback. 
– Renee
Young is with Big Show.  They recap Show
being THIS CLOSE to losing his mind. 
Show is frustrated that he’s broke, and people say being a man means
doing the right thing, but that’s easy when your livelihood isn’t on the
line.  He calls his current situation the
lesser of two evils.  He loathes what he’s
being asked to do, but he’s done it because the alternative is something he can’t
handle.  He’s so upset about the Dusty
situation he can’t even look Dusty in the eye. 
He’s this close to snapping.  The
self-loathing continues as he makes it clear he’s MAD AS HELL AND HE’S NOT
HHH, he’s going to let him have it.  It’s
KNOCKOUT TIME when he finds HHH.  The
hunt is on.
– Backstage,
Truth is lobbying for an Intercontinental Title shot, but Maddox is
reluctant.  Big Show storms into the
office and screams for HHH, choking Maddox until he finds out.  Maddox doesn’t know, so Show sends Maddox to
find him and bring him.
– Zack Ryder
v. Alberto Del Rio.  For those who don’t
watch SmackDown, ADR and RVD are facing off in a Hardcore Match on Sunday.  Ryder backs ADR into the corner, but ADR gets
a break and kicks away.  Ryder is knocked
over, but gets hiptossed and promptly goes to the ropes to stall.  ADR reverses a whip, but misses a blind
charge and Ryder gets a flapjack and clotheslines ADR out.  Ryder dives out, but ADR avoids him and
throws him into the barricade.  Back in,
it gets two.  ADR with La De A Caballo,
into a chinlock, but Ryder fights out and gets a sunset flip for one.  ADR follows with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
and jumping stomp, and back to his chinlock. 
Announcers are focused on Big Show. 
Ryder counters a backdrop attempt with a facejam and rests in the
corner, knocking ADR aside and going up with a missile dropkick.  Corner forearm and Broski Boot follow,
getting two.  Ruff Ryder is called for,
but ADR throws Ryder over the top and gets a German suplex hold for two.  ADR jumps on Ryder’s back, literally, and jams
the arm on the ropes, following with the armbreaker for the tapout at
4:07.  They gave Ryder quite a bit of
offense that you wouldn’t expect, given he got a “jobber entrance” in this
match.  Maybe they’re seeing if he’s got
staying power after he was part of the Revolution.  *1/4
– They’re
recapping the Shield attack on the Rhodes Family, and I have to say, Dustin’s
double-take when he realizes that they’re not alone is really good.
– Polite applause
for the breast cancer survivors.  Good
for them.
– Okay, here’s
Heyman and Ryback.  This is gonna be…
interesting.  Heyman begins by reminding
us he beat CM Punk before going into political science.  He says you can’t put down insurgents in
their own soul, which is why it hurt to go against theory and quell CM Punk in
Chicago.  This is all stalling for time,
mind you, until we get to the punchline, so we recap the ambush from last
week.  And yeah, Punk is a man on a
mission, but when Heyman’s face is the mission, it needs to be stopped… and
that’s where Ryback comes in.  Ryback
takes the mic and re-iterates how much he hates bullies.  It’s clear Punk should’ve been more grateful
to Heyman, but he wasn’t, and that made Ryback angry.  Ryback makes it clear there’s nothing he
wouldn’t do for Heyman… and now the proposal. 
Heyman talks about how he doesn’t want to be stigmatized in the usual relationship
and credits Ryback for making him feel happier than ever.  He wants to feel great for the rest of his
life.  Crowd chant: “GET A ROOM!”  Heyman talks about mutual understanding and
sacrifice, and how he talked about it to his children, in sickness and in
health, from opening match to main event, as Ryback looks very confused.  I hope. 
Heyman does indeed drop to one knee (as the crowd freaks out), Heyman: “Ryback…
will you… (several pauses)… Ryback, will you become a Paul Heyman Guy?”  Note from the WWE: Gotcha.  Before we get an answer, Punk’s music hits
again.  But again, no Punk appears.  Heyman looks around to find Punk, who leaps
over the barricade and crumples with a bad knee.  Heyman and Ryback are trying to decide what’s
going on as we focus on an injured Punk. 
If this is a setup, Heyman isn’t biting. 
Punk pulls himself to the apron, but can’t stay on it.  The doctor checks on Punk, and that causes
Heyman to come to the apron to figure it out… and at that moment, Punk pulls a
kendo stick out from under the ring and whacks Heyman, Ryback, and Axel as the
deception FINALLY did enough to work. 
Axel is left hung out to dry as Ryback and Heyman scatter.  Several dozen kendo shots later, Axel gets
hit with GTS, with Punk using the leg he pretended was hurt to balance on.  The cat and mouse is really nice, because
both sides know the other is smarter than average, so it’s seeing who’s going
to fall for what.
– Big Show
has found HHH’s office and is pacing back and forth as we go to break.
– The Shield
v. The Usos and Dolph Ziggler.  As a
reminder, these are the other three
guys who survived last week alongside Daniel Bryan.  Dolph and Ambrose will start, as they have
the issue.  Ambrose gets the advantage on
a lockup and beats down Dolph before raking his eyes on the ropes.  Dolph with a vault and dropkick for one as
the crowd chants for Ziggler.  Rollins in
after Ambrose pounds down Ziggler, but Dolph with a hiptoss and Jimmy is
in.  Running diving headbutt gets
one.  Jey in, and he gets a crossbody off
a Jimmy whip for one.  Jey works the arm,
but Rollins punches out and in comes Ambrose. 
A heart slap keeps control, and a snapmare brings Rollins in to keep Jey
as face in peril.  Forearms to the back
of Jey and Rollins tags Ambrose back in. 
Jimmy gets a blind tag and dropkicks Jey over onto both men, and all
three men team up to remove the Shield. 
The Usos with a double plancha as we go to break.  We return with Rollins working over Jimmy
with a chinlock.  Jimmy blocks and
reverses a suplex on Rollins, but Ambrose is in to cut off the hot tag.  Ambrose stomps on Jimmy’s hand and gets some
crossface blows and a sleeper.  Crowd
REALLY wants Ziggler.  Jimmy fights out,
but runs into a back elbow from Ambrose, into a Power Drive elbow as Reigns
comes in.  Reigns imitates Ziggler’s
elbow for two, and we go back to the chinlock. 
Rollins taunts Uso with the camera nearby in a nice touch.  Jimmy fights out, but Reigns gets Nodowa
Otoshi for two. Jimmy cuts off a Reigns charge and low bridges him to the
outside.  But it’s not enough, as Reigns
cuts off the hot tag only to get superkicked. 
Crowd is INTO this.  Rollins
knocks Jimmy off the apron, but Jey backdrops Rollins and Dolph gets the hot
tag, taking it to Ambrose right away. 
Ten punch express follows, into a neckbreaker.  The ten-elbow countalong only reaches three
before he intercepts a flying Rollins with a dropkick.  Ambrose rolls Dolph up with the tights for
two.  Dolph with a Rocker Dropper for
two, Reigns saves.  Uso sends Reigns out,
but Ambrose cuts off the flight only to get dumped.  Rollins was tagged in and gets an enzuigiri
on Jey, but Dolph gets the Zig Zag only for Reigns to spear him cold for the
pin at 12:04.  That was a very hot finish.  ***
I hadn’t even noticed that Reigns was tagged in because the action was so fast.
– Okay, so
Big Show is impatiently in HHH’s office… and maybe he shouldn’t have tipped his
hand, because someone called the cops on Big Show.  Stephanie intervenes and stops an arrest by
pleading Show’s case and says there’s no need for any intervention because Show
is under so much stress and is having a bad life.  Then she adds an aside that Show’s wife is
disappointed with him.  Man, that whole
thing was just COLD.  I don’t even blame
Big Show for crying this time.  But Show
sees a poster for HHH’s DVD on the wall and puts his fist through it
instead.  The poster AND the wall.
– Backstage,
we interview Rob Van Dam.  Pink for his
shirt doesn’t work.  RVD says he’d rather
not talk about his hardcore expertise, so CUE THE YOUTUBE VIDEO instead.  RVD says that Del Rio has a mean streak, but
he doesn’t understand hardcore, which RVD does, and that’ll be the difference
on Sunday.  The universal word for
Hardcore is ROB – VAN – DAM!
– SmackDown
main event: Big Show v. Shield.
– Santino
Marella v. Antonio Cesaro.  Ah, Zeb
Colter finally reveals where we are: Mississippi.  WE THE PEOPLE!  I want to see Great Khali try to
powerwalk.  If the Giant Swing doesn’t
appear in WWE 2K14, they’ve totally missed out. 
Santino with a headlock, which he controls off of a whip attempt.  Cesaro no-sells a shoulderblock from Santino,
but walks into a judo throw.  Cesaro
reverses with a European Uppercut.  He
adds another one in the corner and stomps away, following up with a slam and
Sullivan stomp for one.  Into the corner,
but Santino slides out and misses a rollup. 
GIANT SWING OF DOOM is teased, but Santino kicks away from it and cues
the comeback.  Cobra appears, but Cesaro
goes low, and the GIANT SWING OF DOOM connects for 26 rotations.  Santino collapses as he tries to get up, and
the Cobra is disposed of.  Judo throw is
blocked, so Santino shifts his weight and cradles Cesaro for the pin at
2:49.  Just a comedy match.  *1/4
One of these days they may realize what they have in We The People and push
them, but this is not that day.
– Main Event
Interview: Jerry Lawler will moderate. 
Lawler mentions Total Divas coming back, and you can see two guys in the
front row in CM Punk shirts, behind his left arm, facepalm in unison.  Someone needs to screencap that.  I’m serious. 
It happened.  There are some
fangirls in the crowd who didn’t get the memo that Randy Orton is the bad guy
now.  Lawler reminds both parties that
they don’t want any fighting in this confrontation, guaranteeing there will be
fighting.  Lawler mentions the vacancy of
the WWE Title, and it causes Orton to say he was upset he didn’t get the belt
back.  But that motivated and inspired
him to be a predator.  It made him go
from good guy to company man to soulless human. 
He talks about ruining Miz in Cleveland and hearing his mom ask for
mercy.  Orton guarantees victory because
of his genetic superiority and Bryan is a small man.  Bryan’s response is to mock Orton’s monotone
and overly memorized style.  You wanna
call attention to that??  Bryan says
Orton needed to be motivated because of the money HHH will make… or maybe, it’s
because Orton was coasting and needed the motivation.  And Bryan never needed motivation to reach
full potential.  That’s why he’ll win on
Sunday.  YES!  YES! 
Orton: “NO!  NO!  SHUT UP!” 
Crowd just chants louder.  It’s
old-school and it works.  Orton mocks the
crowd.  He says that, wow, Daniel’s
marrying Brie (and what’s wrong with Brie that she has to settle, anyway?), but
none of that makes him a champion.  Orton
promises that one day Brie will wake up with regret.  Orton: “She’s sleeping with a barnyard animal”—and
that cues the attack.  Bryan sends Orton
to the outside.  He pounds away by the
barricade, but Orton reverses and sends Bryan into the stairs.  Orton goes ground and pound on the outside
before sending Bryan into the post twice. 
Orton then pulls Bryan’s shoulder into the post over and over.  Orton drops Bryan on the barricade – right in
front of Sign Guy, for those who care – and keeps pounding away.  He drags Bryan out of the timekeeper’s area
and sets up the Draping DDT from apron to floor, but Brie comes out to
beg.  In a mirror of 2009, Orton doesn’t
care and delivers the DDT anyway.  Orton
leaves, statement made, and Brie checks on Daniel.  But wait, Orton isn’t done, glaring at Brie
as he returns to stand over Bryan.  Time
to destroy the table.  Brie: “STOP!”  Orton: “STOP? 
You want me to STOP??”  And an
evil grin.  Bryan is put on the announce
table, and it’s an RKO right through it. 
Brie begs for mercy as Orton just smiles at her.  There’s a vocal Randy chant from some
fans.  Orton finally walks away as Brie
checks on Bryan to end the show.
First thing to
note: not much wrestling in this show. 
Normally, I’m a fan of good matches and these talk-heavy segments don’t
do it for me.  However, the segments were
more or less leading to fighting, and in my mind they were compelling
enough.  All the same, the first hour and
a half wasn’t any fun.
where are they going with Fandango?  Was
he out there to get Kofi a win?  Was the
whole match an excuse to get the Wyatt family out?  Further, why did 3MB get any offense against
a debuting team?  It should have been a
squash, honestly.  And JBL, as good as he
is at unbiased commentary, is absolutely hard to swallow as a heel commentator,
yelling at his two co-workers and taking away from the match (to the point
where, during the Divas match, Cole and Lawler finally got sick of it and told
him he was on his own).
But these
were First Hour issues.  The big stories –
Shield/Rhodes, Orton/Bryan, Punk/Ryback – are built very well, with the top mic
guys working the mic and the top fighters fighting.  They’re using everyone’s strengths here in
those stories, and the end result is the fans are loving everyone in it – even Orton.  Battleground looks to have 6 matches on it –
five announced and one likely to be added – and hopefully, every match will get
lots of airtime as a result.  The best
part is that I have no idea how the big matches will turn out, as the story
could easily continue with any of multiple endings.  That’s a good time.
apologies to the former WWE Creative Man, allow me:
* On the
pre-show, Dolph Ziggler beats Damien Sandow.
* AJ Lee
retains against Brie Bella.
* In an
added match, Curtis Axel retains against R-Truth.
* Big Show
knocks out Cody Rhodes in the tag match, but does so in front of the referee,
allowing the Rhodes Family to win by DQ. 
(And yes, he will have done this on purpose.)
* Alberto Del
Rio retains against Rob Van Dam, putting him on the shelf until the Royal
Rumble and allowing Rey Mysterio to return and step in.
* CM Punk
pins Ryback, but gets jumped by newest Heyman Guy Big E Langston, forcing
Maddox to make Punk/Heyman for Hell in a Cell.
* Randy
Orton and Daniel Bryan go to a no-contest, meaning it must be settled inside
the Cell.
Yeah, I
know, ending on a non-finish will be unpopular, but right now, the advance
booking forces them to do it.  There’s no
way they’ll have Bryan win, because that would end Orton as the top contender
right away.  And an Orton win, while
feasible, seems like it would be used as an excuse by HHH (in-character, mind
you) as a reason to keep Bryan out of the title picture.  But Hell in a Cell is next, and this feud
needs it.  So we need a way to get there,
and this is it.
39:46 over eight matches
The Shield six-man
(kayfabe): Well, if you beat a champ, you get the honor, so R-Truth
6.  The wrestling was pretty bad, but the
story segments in the ring more than made up for it.  All three of them were great at getting their
stories over.
That’s it
for me.  Agree or disagree in the comment
section.  Tommy will be in on Friday, and
I’ll see you with a post-PPV recap, as I examine the booking and see if I think
the right decisions were made.  Have fun!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Tough competition for the WWE tonight as two 3-0 teams are going at it on Monday Night Football and there is a baseball playoff game.

I was a little disappointed to hear a report that Ziggler isn’t seen as a star (yeah it’s from Meltzer…who’s still predicting the Shield’s de-push….I mean it has to happen eventually. Right?). But then I remember that JR was one of the those that was super high on Dolph long before he got real traction so it could simply be a situation where they are just going to shit on the people JR liked (sorry Jack Swagger).

Between this and watching all those old Heenan stuff made me think…you know we look at a manager type like Heyman and say he’s there because so-and-so needs a mouthpiece. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes they just need the association. Bobby Heenan managed the top heels. So when Rick Rude comes into the promotion and gets with Heenan, he’s quickly identified as a top heel. Rude didn’t need a mouthpiece, he was perfectly capable of cutting his own promo. Rude didn’t need the additional charisma, the guy had plenty of that. We just needed to know that this is a top guy. Sherri was the same way. Be it Savage, DiBiase or HBK…when Sherri was involved with a guy he was identified as a top guy. The genius of Heenan was that he never had to try to get himself or his talent over. It just happened because he was who he was.

Guys like Dolph never got that rub. They never got that identification. He was able to get himself over organically but if the machine jobs you out enough you lose that support because no one ever wants to get behind a loser. Right now I’m excited about The Usos…they are being made to look very strong but there has to be a spot that it goes to the next level or they end up hitting a point and dying off.

Is it frustrating to see a lot of talent, guys like Dolph, Cesaro…hell Titus…guys that the fans really love, that could be stars and there just doesn’t seem to be that vehicle to get over and take it to the next levele. As a board most of us just want Cesaro to get over and I thought when Deadspin spotlighted his ridiculous giant swing that it might get him a little extra boost by no dice…yet…I’ve been trying to get behind the Barrett barrage for two years and well it’s a pretty ineffective barrage.

Am I’m wrong? Impatient? Will these guys’ time come? How many of them can Paul Heyman save?

Anyway your thoughts are appreciated. Enjoy the show and come out swinging but please keep it clean!

QOTD 21: A yab a dab’ll do ya?

Hola Otters, after an understated but satisfying conclusion to Breaking Bad, I got to thinking about various media that are still on, but we’ve had our fill of – but still appreciate.


Be it a video game, movie series, or TV show, what media ‘thing’ do you have benevolent feelings toward, but either had your fill of, or are content to let others enjoy?


I have a few of these, most notably Dr. Who, which I understand is a good show with good characters, and great whimsy and writing – all things I typically enjoy in a show, but for whatever reason – probably tons of people posting about it on facebook like it’s their job (when they don’t have real jobs), has dissuaded me, even though I have checked out a few episodes. And happily admit it’s well written.

True Blood – I’ve seen…three episodes and if I cared about this kind of thing I’d just hit up my local S&M club for the same results and better pay out. Simply one of these shows I do not get, though I’ve never been a big fan of fantasy elements in ‘realistic’ settings unless it’s in the guise of dudes in spandex fighting evil. Similarly I guess some folks watch shows for their ‘skin’ content, but since, ya know, 1996, I haven’t needed television to provide softcore sexiness.

Dexter – Lost this one after the fourth season, specifically when Dexter had the shovel to the Jigsaw(?) killer’s throat, and because there were…3 episodes left in the season, I knew there had to be some sort of way for the guy to get out of the situation, and he did, and it was stupid. The show was great in the first three seasons when, despite it’s brutal nature, was sort of wholesome in its own bizarre way.

Blog Otter Award: YankeesHoganTripleHFan for being the first person to reference a Jason Katims produced show on the blog. Yayyyyyy

1. GTA: Online is out today, anyone try it? How is it?
2. NBA 2k14 is out tomorrow! Who’s excited? 


BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

Ken Anderson Returning to TNA?

In an interview with “4th and Pain,” Anderson said that he expects to go back to TNA in a week. He claims his agent and lawyer are working on a new contract with the company.

“Cousin Luke” Passed Away

Gene Lewis, who portrayed Cousin Luke in the WWF, passed away this past weekend

Flair ’92 Rumble

Was Flair booked to win the WWE title as soon as he signed back in 1992? Or was the Rumble for the vacant title a quick-fix for dealing with Hogan politics?

I'd have to dig through the Observers from the time, but given they were booking everything long-term at that point I'd have to say the Flair Rumble win was planned right from the start.