The SmarK RAW Rant–12.02.13

The SmarK RAW Rant – 12.02.13 I’m gonna take a shot at doing some Top 10 type articles for, since they’re not terribly worried about reliability or punctuality, which makes me the perfect person! Live from Oklahoma City, OK Your hosts are Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler Poor Dolph Ziggler has been reduced to turning the “RAW on Hulu Plus” intros into a little character skit. He sends his girlfriend off to watch RAW while he dates her blonde friend, you see! CM Punk joins us to start, trying to figure out why the Shield attacked him. He thinks perhaps that HHH had something to do with it for Punk daring to criticize him last week, and that would be a bad idea if true. This brings out Stephanie, who denies all accusations and brings out Libertarian Kane, who declares the issue resolved in the most patronizing manner possible. Punk invites him to fight instead, but the Shield comes out, and Kane books Punk against all three Shield at the PPV. I’m glad they’re finally giving Punk something to sink his teeth into, at least. Michael Cole GUARANTEES that one man will walk out with both titles at the PPV, honest, no lying, we will not screw you over this time. Honest. Damien Sandow v. Dolph Ziggler The winner of this is the #1 contender to the IC title, which I suppose is slightly better than actually being champion and losing every match. It’s the RUBBER MATCH. Ziggler gets a couple of quick rollups and puts Sandow on the floor, but charges and hits the stairs. Back in, Sandow gets two. The ELBOW OF DISDAIN gets two. Moonsault misses and Ziggler gets a DDT for two. Neckbreaker gets two. JBL completely buries Ziggler’s pair of World title reigns for no reason I understand, and the fameasser gets two. Ziggler goes up, but Sandow brings him down and pins him clean with the full nelson slam at 4:00. Just a match, as Ziggler’s rapid descent continues. * Natalya & The Bella Twins v. AJ Lee, Summer Rae & Tamina, Daughter of Jimmy Snuka. AJ just skips around the ring, leaving Tamina to fend for herself. Team AJ still manages to get the heat on Brie, and we get some pretty terrible stuff with Summer and Brie. Nattie gets the hot tag, but misses a charge and AJ finally tags in, allowing Nattie to roll her up and pin her at 4:33. * Hulu made me an implied promise not to show me these shitty Divas matches and I feel betrayed by them. Bad News Barrett joins us at ringside, to inform the crowd that they’re a bunch of hillbillies. Well, I think that after one try we’ve given this repackaging all the time it deserves, and it’s back to the drawing board hopefully. Next week: Vote now for Insult of the Year! If “Asking fans to pay $60 for Battleground” isn’t the winner, WE RIOT. Daniel Bryan v. Erick Rowan Thankfully, Bryan’s condition has been upgraded from “missing” to “back with no explanation”. So that’s good. Bryan throws kicks in the corner, but gets beat down and slammed. Bryan fights him into the Yes-Lock, but Rowan makes the ropes and puts Bryan down again. They head out and Rowan sends him into the railing as we take a break. Back with Bryan fighting out of the chinlock and making the comeback with a missile dropkick, and a rollup off a powerbomb attempt gets the pin at 12:42. Good underdog win, although I wish they’d put Bryan with guys who can work his style again. **1/2 Meanwhile, Kane and Daniel Bryan have a reunion backstage, which results in Bryan getting booked against the Wyatts at the PPV. Big Show & The Rhodes Brothers v. The Shield Show beats on Shield members by himself and drops an elbow on Rollins for two. Roman Reigns comes in and gets nowhere, and it’s over to Cody for a front suplex on Rollins that gets two. Cody is looking very orange this week. He gets caught in the Shield corner, but hits Ambrose with a moonsault that gets two. A trip to the post turns the tide, however, and we take a break. Back with Cody getting the heat and coming back for the hot tag to Big Show. He quickly hits the floor and Rollins takes over on him with kicks, and Reigns gets a clothesline for two. Ambrose goes to the chinlock, but Show comes back with a chokeslam on Reigns and makes the hot tag to Goldust. Spinebuster on Reigns gets two, and he gets the powerslam on Rollins. Reigns spears Show on the floor to get rid of him, however, leaving Goldust alone. He superplexes Ambrose, but Rollins sneaks up with a rollup off the impact and gets the pin at 22:23. The creative team is probably like “Eh, we’ve got 30 minutes to kill, let’s throw these guys out for a great match.” ***1/2 Mark Henry v. Fandango Summer Rae is a trooper, doing double duty here after a grueling Divas match earlier. Remember a few months ago when Fandango was the viral sensation that WWE was going to ride all the way to the top of social media? Henry destroys him, but Fandango comes back with a dropkick to the knee for two. Flying bodypress gets two, but Henry kills him with the slam at 3:20. DUD EPIC MAIN EVENT CONTRACT SIGNING Man, they love their contract signings, don’t they? Lawler is already promising the “greatest match in history”. That’s kind of a big promise. HHH recaps all the fake history of the World title and points out that this isn’t a decision that they made on the spur of the moment (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) , even though they didn’t even have a NAME for the new belt picked out yet. HHH tries to sell this as a once in a lifetime deal, and then Cena immediately points that they’ve had tons of matches and years of history. Things get HEATED over which of the multiple-time World champions is the least-deserving multiple-time World champion, and it leads to a brawl that is won by Cena. The Pulse Another placeholder show as I wish they’d hurry the hell up and get to the Rumble already. The Shield and Goldust continue to be collectively awesome, but there’s just nothing going on right now for anyone to care about.

A+ Match of the Day

I was thinking about plugging this one in yesterday but you guys were going to have a full plate watching a shitty RAW or a blowout in the football game so I figured I would save it for today.

This is one of my all-time favorite matches up until the lack of a finish. I understand the lack of a finish because they needed to protect Warrior. Of course there is also the big rumor that Warrior was supposed to turn heel here and take the strap but flaked out at the end and left us with the non-finish we got.

So here it is, a match I gave ****1/2 on review and liked more than their Wrestlemania VII encounter from the terms of the in-ring action (nothing will ever beat the WM storyline and payoff). For the WWF Title, Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Summerslam 1992 in London, England!

BoD Daily Update

More Creative Changes?

According to a source he spoke with in the company, Mike Johnson reports that he was told that the authority story line will lead to a match between HHH vs. CM Punk, with the Big Show disappearing for a while then returning at the Royal Rumble

Credit Mike Johnson,

Sin Cara Update

Last night on RAW, Sin Cara was portrayed by Hunico. The original Sin Cara is back home in Mexico and his contract is running out shortly. During the European tour, Sin Cara merchandise was very popular among kids so the decision was made to give the character another push.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Michael Hayes Back With the Creative Team

Hayes was backstage at RAW last night working with the creative team and will be going forward. He had been off the road for a while dealing with some personal issues.

Credit Mike Johnson,

Layla Update

The reason for Layla’s disappearance from television was to deal with a medical issue. No word on whether or not she is planned to get written back into any storylines.

Credit Mike Johnson,

The PG Era Rant: Raw, 12-2-13

When last we left our heroes, there
could only be one. One champion to rule them all and in HHH’s
Authority bind them… okay, maybe I’m exaggerating here, but we
found out there will be an Undisputed Heavyweight Champion at TLC.
With John Cena and Randy Orton on a collision course and everyone
else sidetracked, what can we expect as we get ready for the Slammys
in one week and a Pay-Per-View in two?
Tonight’s prepackaged ad asks how far
the champions will go to retain the gold. Our live look-in ad says
we will do the contract signing tonight.
– The PG Era Rant for Raw, December 2,
– Live from Oklahoma City, OK. I miss
Jim Ross. On the other hand, they say it’s Oklahoma City, so we now
have a barometer for how big a place has to be in order to be
– Your hosts are the Usual Suspects, with
JBL as Hyperverbal Kint.

– CM Punk is first out of the curtain.
The announcers talk about fallout from the handicap match with the
Wyatts and Shield. Punk talks about how he’s been trying to figure
this out all week, but he just now had an idea: it’s because he
criticized HHH on Raw. He didn’t even think it was that big of a
comment, but who is Punk to question anyone in charge? He needs it
to be a coincidence, because if it isn’t, he’s going to have to go
against the Authority, and no one wants that. I love shoot comments
that aren’t meant to be shoot comments. But if HHH brings Punk into
it, he’d be dense. Punk is all about going against Authority, you
see. If they are bringing him into this, they’re “ignorant, stupid
d________s”. Setting off the FCC alarm brings out Stephanie
McMahon. She lays on the fake sincerity (which Punk questions), but
says she’s all about the free speech in the WWE. She’s APPALLED that
the Shield would attack over just a bad name. “What are we, in
kindergarten?” Stephanie and Hunter are more mature than they used
to be, but they need to admit Punk doesn’t have the same values they
do. Stephanie was just as mad as Punk over the Shield attack.
Honest. Notwithstanding Punk’s ego (Punk laughs at that), they have
bigger fish to fry, like the contract signing. Stephanie, though, is
a fair boss, so she’s willing to hear Punk out… or, rather, she’s
willing to have Kane hear Punk out. See, Kane’s job as Director of
Operations is to handle crises. He’s made a thorough investigation
(somehow) and concluded it wasn’t the Authority who ordered the
Shield’s attack. So there. Kane sounding like a lawyer is heel
heat. Any questions? I mean, besides when Kane lost his integrity.
Punk doesn’t need patronizing, but Kane reminds Punk that the
Authority is not the enemy. Punk says that, well, since Kane sold
out and all, he can take the beating on Stephanie and HHH’s behalf.
Kane starts to take Punk up on the offer, but Stephanie holds him
back. Yeah, that’s going to help Kane’s cause. And now,
coincidentally, here comes the Shield. Punk quickly grabs a chair to
hold off the dogs. Stephanie calls off the Shield before anything
happens, because we’re not going THERE again. RESPECT CM PUNK! This
gets Stephanie a pop. But Kane says that at TLC, CM Punk will face
the Shield 1-on-3. The announcers argue about conspiracies as we
have our standoff.
– Still to come, contract signings! And
there’s a note that there will be ONE MAN who is ONE CHAMPION.
Lawler: “There’s been nothing like this before!” Except for
2001. And the WWE App will allow everyone to decide what moniker is
being given to the winner. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler and Damien
Sandow will face off again, with the winner getting a shot at Big E
– Next week, we’re in Seattle for the
– Damien Sandow v. Dolph Ziggler.
Sandow’s pre-match promo is joined in progress. Langston is on
commentary. This is also the rubber match, for those who care. The
title match will be at TLC. Ziggler with a quick rollup for one and
a dropkick for two. Ziggler with a leaping lariat off a whip
sequence, but the Zig Zag is blocked and Sandow bails. Ziggler
baseball slides Sandow to the floor, but gets flapjacked (sort of)
into the steps. Back in, it gets two. Sandow gets aggressive and
grinds Ziggler into the mat as the announcers mention SkipIt ™.
Really. Sandow with kneelifts, the legsweep, and Cubito Aequet for
two. Sandow with a front slam and he stomps away, but the moonsault
misses. Ziggler with the high jump DDT for two. Blind charge by
Sandow misses, but Ziggler connects and does ten punches in the
corner into a Rude Awakening for two. Ziggler is caught trying the
Rocker Dropper, but turns it into a sunset flip for two. Sandow
misses something, and Ziggler with the Rocker Dropper for real,
getting two. Ziggler goes up top, but Sandow trips him up and gets
the full nelson slam to win and be challenger at 3:58. THAT’S IT!?
*1/4 Sign of what the WWE
doesn’t get: garbage brawls get 12 minutes, straight-up wrestling
matches get 4. Between two guys who are straight-up wrestlers. Do
they just not want them to succeed?
– A
look at Cena and Orton’s Curricula Vitae.
– AJ
Lee, Tamina, and Summer Rae v. Natalya, Brie, and Nikki. Only AJ
gets an aired entrance. We note that AJ pinned Natalya, but Brie
pinned AJ, in last week’s elimination match. The one on Raw, not the
one on Survivor Series. You’d think the PPV match would matter.
Tamina and Nikki start. AJ is still skipping around the ring.
Tamina slaps Nikki around, and she returns in kind. Tamina goes for
a lariat, but Nikki with a crucifix for two. Nikki takes out
Tamina’s leg and brings in Brie. Missile dropkick by Brie and
running knee, but Tamina catches her and gets Snake Eyes. Tamina
stomps away and forces a cover for two. AJ is still skipping. So of
course, AJ gets all the heat. Tamina chokes away on Brie and mauls
her with the hair and headbutts. Summer Rae in, and she gets a leg
choke with a ballet pose. And a hip check. It gets two. Tamina
back in, and she gets a boot choke as AJ is still skipping. Now
Summer with a leg choke, but Brie fights out of the corner only for
Summer to cut off the hot tag. Summer Rae almost gets a sunset flip
for two. Facejam DDT type thing gets two. Elbowdrop misses, hot tag
Natlya. Everyone (but the skipping AJ) gets nailed, but a blind
charge misses. Summer Rae asks for a tag from AJ, who just keeps
right on skipping… over to the corner and gets the tag. Spin kick
is caught, though, and Natalya tries the Sharpshooter, but Tamina
saves and it’s BONZO GONZO. Everyone leaves but the legal
participants, and AJ walks into a small package from Natalya for the
pin at 4:26. Shockingly good match. *3/4
See how much time budgeting matters in the ring? Heck, they stuck
with it and it actually got Brie face heat. AJ just skips off like
nothing happened, which annoys Summer Rae.
– So
for those who were curious, Daniel Bryan was found in an abandoned
parking lot and he is VERY angry. So tonight he’ll face Erick Rowan.
– Vote
for the Slammys on the WWE App next week!
– Wade
“Bad News” Barrett is at ringside! I missed you, Wade. He has
good news and bad news. The good news is we’re live on Raw. The bad
news is we’re in Oklahoma, with hillbillies everywhere. They had to
name the city after the state just so they could remember it. And,
that’s the segment.
– Backstage,
Randy Orton is with a very nervous Brad Maddox. But Orton apologizes
for what happened last week… but he needs a favor. Maddox has to
tell the Authority to recognize Orton as the best WWE Superstar ever,
the face of the company, and that he has better name recognition than
anyone else. Orton says he’s bigger than the WWE itself. This is
the Orton I know and love.
actually plugs Steve Austin’s podcast because he interviews Daniel
Bryan. Speaking of…
– Daniel
Bryan v. Erick Rowan. We look back at Bray Wyatt’s promo about
Daniel Bryan from SmackDown. Rowan misses a big right hand, but he
corners Bryan. Bryan escapes and kicks away, but Rowan goes
CLUBBERIN and tackles down Bryan. A headbutt hurts Bryan, but Bryan
kicks away only to be knocked down again. Bryan smashes hard into
Rowan and staggers him, sticking and moving before applying a
sleeper. Rowan is staggered, but he throws Bryan off of his
shoulders and charges right into Bryan’s boot. Bryan attacks the arm
and kicks away in the corner. Bryan kicks away on the arm some more,
but Rowan blocks the Yes Lock and lifts up Bryan by the beard. A
slam follows. No sign of Bray Wyatt at ringside, by the way. Rowan
goes to lift Bryan up, but Bryan slips out the back and hits the Yes
Kicks. Yes Lock try again, but Rowan makes the ropes. Bryan keeps
on Rowan with punches to the gut, but a kneelift stops Bryan cold.
Kneedrop by Rowan but no try for a cover. Rowan dumps Bryan out of
the ring and follows, but Bryan jumps back in and dropkicks Rowan
returning before adding a plancha try… that Rowan catches as he
throws Bryan into the barricade and we go to break. We return with
Rowan working a neck crank. Bryan fights out only to get slammed and
hit with a low forearm. No cover, as Rowan hooks a reverse bearhug.
Bryan elbows away to break, but runs into a clothesline. Bryan rolls
out of the ring as Harper smiles at him menacingly. Rowan chucks
Bryan into the steel steps. Back in, Rowan FINALLY covers, getting
two. Rowan headbutts Bryan into the corner, but gets drop toeheld.
Bryan begins the comeback with the corner-to-corner dropkick, but a
second one runs into a back elbow. Rowan follows with a facewash (I
think) as Rowan controls the pace. A second one follows, and a
third, getting two. Side camel clutch is hooked by Rowan, covering
Bryan’s mouth, but Bryan fights out only to get thrown down. Rowan
just steps on Bryan’s face to wear him down. Bryan tries to fight
out and gets more Yes Kicks, but runs into a fallaway slam.
Avalanche by Rowan gets two. Rowan fish-hooks Bryan’s nose, then
switches to a chinlock. Bryan fights to his feet again, but gets
nailed with a backbreaker. Big splash misses, however. Bryan low
bridges Rowan and knocks Harper off the apron before landing the tope
suicida. Crowd livens up, but Rowan just knocks him down. Bryan
scrambles back up top, landing the missile dropkick and kip-up. Yes
Kicks proper begin, but the last one is caught by Rowan. Bryan leaps
behind him and stops a blind charge, but Rowan follows with a big
boot as Bryan is sitting on the turnbuckle. Military press by Rowan,
but Bryan slides down and cradles him for the shock pin at 13:58.
THAT is how you do a big/little match, people! ***1/4
Wyatt appears on the Tron after the match and calls off the minions
from attacking. He assures Bryan that they’ll only hurt him if Wyatt
orders it. Wyatt says that he’s done bad things to good people, and
he knows when he’s wrong. He didn’t get Bryan; he thought Bryan was
just a little man tilting at a windmill (thanks to Total Divas). But
here’s the question: how long is he willing to pretend to be A-list?
Wyatt knows the truth, even though “they” see Bryan as a puppet
for amusement. Wyatt GETS Bryan in a way they don’t. Together, they
(Wyatt and Bryan) can be an unstoppable force. Wyatt implies that he
can beat the Authority if he joins with Wyatt. Well, THAT just got
a sidenote: this match legitimized Erick Rowan and showed his talent.
Everyone was saying Luke Harper was the better of the two, and he
probably still is, but Rowan showed he’s no pushover in this match.
Plus, Wyatt’s promo can be interpreted in many different ways: the
“they” he said see him as a sideshow could be the Authority, the
Bellas, or us. Whoever wrote that promo deserves a raise.)
– Backstage,
Daniel Bryan is looking over his shoulder so much he bumps into Kane.
Kane congratulates him on his win. He then makes a 1-on-3 match for
TLC: Bryan v. Wyatt Family. Kane does some mock YES as Bryan looks
– R-Truth
and Xavier Woods v. Tons of Funk. JBL doing What’s Up just doesn’t
fit if JBL is going full tilt heel. Speaking of full tilt heel,
Brodus Clay is angry about Woods stealing his thunder and is pulling
rank on Woods. Both teams are acting like faces, so who knows if
this is just a quick misunderstanding or what. Did Michael Cole just
compare Clay to a Victoria’s Secret model? At least it wasn’t with a
straight face. Woods kicks away on Clay, landing a dropkick but
running into a slam. Clay is still angry as he slams him again, then
works him over in the corner and brings in Tensai. Tensai does
short-arm tackles, but Woods forearms out and gets a Jeff Hardy
jawbreaker. Truth in, and he works over Tensai with punches in the
corner. Tensai shoves him off, but Truth with the splits and some
stick and move before running into Tensai and losing the
confrontation. Guillotine on the middle rope follows, and in comes
Clay. He clubbers away on Truth, following with a heart punch and
mocking dance. Clay punches low and works down Truth, but runs into
a series of kicks and a leg lariat. Hot tag Woods, and he works on
Clay’s leg before knocking him down with forearms. Clay misses a
blind charge, and the Honor Roll knocks down Clay for two. Woods
clears off Tensai, but Clay bowls him over. T-Bone suplex follows,
as does an avalanche. Clay to the second rope, but the big splash
misses, and Woods gets La Majistral for the win at 4:09. Clay is
none too happy and shoves Tensai away, leading to an uneasy moment
between Funkers. 3/4*
– Hey,
have you voted on the name of the hypothetical winner at TLC?
– Later
tonight: Big Show and the Rhodes Brothers against the Shield. So I
guess Show’s head injury wasn’t as bad as thought.
– Did
we mention the Slammys are next week? Just checking.
– Sin
Cara v. Alberto Del Rio. Mistico has some new ink. Assuming that’s
Mistico. As a reminder, this was the match in August in which Sin
Cara wrecked his hand. Del Rio speaks about how Sin Cara represents
“all the other peasants who are trying to cross the border” and
he’ll get Immigration to send him back. I didn’t think he was Zeb
Colter’s friend. Del Rio with a headlock and he works Cara into the
corner, landing a stiff kick and stomping away. He tries to throw
Cara over, but Cara blocks and hits a diving armdrag. He does
another ropewalk into a flip armdrag. Cara follows with a quebrada.
Back in, Del Rio kicks Cara back to the outside. Cara is sent into
the barricade, and back in, Del Rio gets one. Del Rio works the
chinlock as I try to figure out if that IS Mistico. Del Rio with a
maskpull slam and a big kick. Del Rio stomps Cara’s back for one.
Back to the chinlock as the crowd chants for I think Cena. Del Rio
with a knee to stop a rally, but a blind charge misses and Cara gets
a headscissors. Leverage kick by Cara, and he goes up with a
crossbody headbutt. Springboard bodypress gets two. Del Rio with a
German suplex for two. Del Rio lands a headbutt and throws Cara’s
head into the mat. Del Rio calls for the armbar, but Cara avoids it,
catches Del Rio with an elbow, and goes up, but Del Rio misses the
step-up enzuigiri. Senton bomb gets the win (!!) at 4:45. Totally
didn’t see that coming. If this is Mistico, he looks pretty good,
and the doghouse rumors are wrong. But is it? Someone get on this!
– We
look back at Randy Orton kicking John Cena Sr into next week in 2007.
This is important because we have a contract signing later.
– Renee
Young is with John Cena backstage. They ask if what it’ll mean to be
“Undisputed Unified champion”. They don’t know what the App will
vote for. Cena traces the World Title back to Flair and the WWE
Championship to Hogan, and about which title meant more. But Cena is
about change, and that change is because there’s only one company,
one fanbase, and there can only be one champ. So what would it mean?
– The
Shield join us from an undisclosed location, each claiming they could
beat Punk by himself. So against all three… forget it.
note: after some investigation by my minions, apparently that was
Hunico as Sin Cara tonight. Should’ve known.)
– The
Rhodes Brothers and Big Show v. The Shield. Cole says Show has a
clean bill of health after last week. THERE HAS BEEN A SIGN GUY
SIGHTING! Sadly, he’s on the hard camera side. Ambrose and Show
will start. Ambrose goes for a waistlock, but Show easily reverses
to a headlock takedown. A headbutt and elbowdrop follow. Ambrose
goes into the turnbuckle and gets smacked hard in the chest. Ambrose
takes the Bret bump on a cross-corner whip, then the CHOP OF DOOM
follows. The crowd asks for one more, and Show delivers. Ambrose
brings in Rollins as JBL shouts down everyone who doesn’t agree with
him. Show steamrolls Rollins and slams him down. Another elbowdrop,
this to Rollins, gets two. Show demands Reigns, and Rollins obliges.
There’s a staredown, and Reigns tries to shove Show, which he pays
dearly for. A big punch to the gut and Reigns is cornered. Show
pulls off the vest and delivers the CHOP OF DOOM to Reigns as the
crowd goes wild. Reigns tries to fight out, but Show no-sells and
beats him down in the corner. Reigns with an eyerake and Ambrose
tries his luck, as Show finally sells 4 minutes in. Not for long, as
Ambrose tries to go up top and Show slams him off. Rollins: “Pull
on his beard!” Show with the arm wrench, and Goldust is in as the
crowd requested. He punches away on Ambrose and sends him into the
corner, then a snapmare and he works the arm. CM Punk is watching
the match backstage as Cody tags in and the champs work over Ambrose.
Running knee by Cody gets one. Ambrose goes to the throat and
brings in Rollins, but Cody with a hiptoss and front stalling suplex.
It gets two. Faces have basically owned this match so far. Goldust
comes in and keeps up the offense, but Rollins shoves off and misses
a leapfrog. Dustin knocks him down and gets an axhandle to the back
for two. Goldust with armbar/nerve hold, and Cody enters with shots
to the head. Cross-corner whip and backdrop gets two for Cody as the
Shield have looked helpless. Rollins tries to fight out of an armbar
and rushes Cody into the corner, and FINALLY the Shield have a chance
as Rollins chops away. Ambrose tags in, but Cody clears all three
guys in a flurry and catches Ambrose. Moonsault press gets two.
Ambrose escapes Cross Rhodes, but Cody reaches for him only for
Ambrose to throw Cody’s arm into the post. Ambrose works the arm
back in the ring as the Shield are FINALLY in control. It gets two.
And with that we go to break. We return with Rollins working over
Cody’s arm. Cody fights out, but gets dropkicked by Rollins.
Ambrose in, and he stomps repeatedly on Cody and adds a shot across
the forehead. Reigns adds shots and goes back to the arm with a
chickenwing. Cody fights out, but Reigns punches the throat on a
Disaster Kick try. Rollins tags in and stomps on Cody’s open gut.
Rollins throws Cody shoulder-first into the post and follows with a
forearm smash. Rollins taunts Cody before stomping him down again
and choking him on the bottom rope. Stinger Splash misses, though,
but Ambrose cuts off the tag only to get Hotshotted. Cody with a
springboard dropkick on Rollins AND Ambrose at the same time, and
this time Reigns cuts off the tag… for five seconds. Show is in
and plowing down Reigns with clotheslines and a backdrop. Avalanche
on Reigns, but Ambrose low bridges Show and the match resets. Show
takes a long time to return to the ring, coming in at 8, and Reigns
stomps away on him. Rollins in (as Punk looks on again), and the
flying knee connects, but Show’s on his gut and Rollins can’t get him
over. Rollins pulls him up and kicks him in the face repeatedly,
finally getting two. Ambrose in next, and he cuts off any chance of
a tag and stomps away (with Rollins adding a receipt). Ambrose
taunts Show, but gets away with and keeps up the pressure with stomps
before bringing in Reigns. Reigns with an uppercut and front
facelock, but Show shoves off only to get hit with a flying
clothesline for two. Ambrose checks in and nails the Power Drive
Elbow for two. To the sleeper, but Show suplexes out of it. Reigns
gets in and keeps up the pressure only to get caught with a
chokeslam. Hot tag Goldust, who destroys Rollins and adds the
kneeling uppercut and inverted atomic drop. Running kick follows,
leading to the ten punch count-along. Rollins escapes but gets
kicked down, and Goldust with a headscissors off the second rope
(!!!!) and a spinebuster, Ambrose saves. Ambrose dumps Cody, so
Goldust uppercuts Ambrose. Rollins and Ambrose go 2-on-1, but Show
dumps Ambrose and Goldust powerslams Rollins. Reigns spears Show on
the outside as everyone is down in the ring. Cody dives onto Reigns
to neutralize him (but he tweaks the arm in the process). Goldust
threatens to follow, but Ambrose meets him up there only to get
superplexed ONTO ROLLINS… almost. Rollins avoids it and cradles
Goldust for the pin at 20:35. Man, everyone brought their working
boots tonight! ****
– But
after the break, CM Punk will talk about his match against the Shield
in a rebuttal.
– Meanwhile,
we look back to the I Quit match at Breaking Point between Cena and
Orton. Did we mention they’re doing a contract signing?
just in on local advertising: they’re promising a Cena/Orton champion
vs champion match in advertising for SmackDown in DC in what I think
will be the January 3, 2014 show. Of course, card always subject to
change, so take that for what it’s worth.)
– They’re
calling the Slammy category Total Diva of the Year. Please do me a
favor and vote for AJ or Kaitlyn just to annoy Vince.
– Renee
Young is with CM Punk. Punk’s reaction to the match is that he’s
giddy. I think he’s being sarcastic. And then he starts singing “I
Feel Pretty”. Who gave him the extra strength Pepsi? No,
seriously, his thoughts are that he’s in trouble. He knows he’s
going down, but he promises to take the Shield with him.
– Meanwhile,
Bad News Barrett is at ringside again. He has bad news for everyone:
Thanksgiving was on Thursday, and we stuffed our faces. That’s not
the bad news. The bad news is that we’ll all get heart attacks and
die. And we’re constipated. Not sure what to make of this.
– Kofi
and Miz will try again tonight as a team after their disagreement.
They will face Ryback and Curtis Axel next. But first, vote on the
WWE App please!
– Your
Main Event main event is Goldust against Ryback.
– Ryback
and Curtis Axel v. Kofi Kingston and Miz. We’re supposed to believe
that Kofi and Miz got over their issues over Thanksgiving weekend.
Miz and Axel start. Axel gets the early edge, but Miz reverses the
waistlock only for Axel to elbow out. Axel with a big chop in the
corner and some taunting. Miz reverses a corner whip and gets a
clothesline before bringing in Kofi. Kofi with a running kick on
Axel for one. Miz in, and he drops an axhandle on Axel’s arm. Axel
misses a dropkick, and Miz tries for a figure-four but Axel gets to
the ropes before connecting with a Northern Lariat. Miz is caught in
the corner as the ending is basically telegraphed now. Team Heyman
works over Miz, with Ryback getting a slam and splash for two.
Ryback pounds away, Miz tries to fight back, but Ryback cuts it off
with CLUBBERIN, THEY BE CLUBBERIN TONY! Ryback with a suplex
(holding him up for a very long time) for two. Kofi doesn’t seem to
want to throw the match. Miz elbows out of a waistlock, but Ryback
pulls the hair to stop momentum. Axel in as Miz is thrown into the
corner. Axel with a Perfect Dropkick for two. Ryback with a big
kick to the gut and a mule kick for two. Ryback taunts Miz before
cutting off a comeback with a bearhug. Miz elbows out of the
bearhug, and after some dodging, in comes Kofi to clean house.
Ryback catches him into the corner, though, and a swing misses Kofi
and hits Miz. Kofi with a big bodypress for two. Kofi goes up top
on Ryback before cutting off Axel, but Ryback flattens Kofi. Shell
Shock ends it 5:55. Match had no heat. 1/2*
Miz crawls over to check on Kofi and help him up as the crowd
anticipates a heel turn. And there it is, as Miz slaps Kofi and
walks off.
– Los
Matadores draw WWE Shop duty. Yes, with El Torito.
– Last
week, Orton smashed Cena with the WWE belt. We bring this up because
– Fandango
v. Mark Henry. Henry throws Fandango down and then staggers him by
hollering. Fandango tries to dance his way out of it, but his kick
is caught and he’s slammed. A big clothesline follows, and Henry
steps on Fandango. Henry hits on Summer Rae because why not, but he
catches Fandango trying to jump him. A hammer throw follows, then
dancing, then another throw. Blind charge misses, and Fandango works
over the head of Henry. Henry shoves off Fandango, who dropkicks him
in the leg and gets a DDT for two. Fandango with some roundhouse
kicks that floor Henry, and he goes up only to get caught… almost.
The bodypress completes for two. Fandango slugs away before running
into a series of clotheslines. World’s Strongest Slam ends it at
3:22. Nothing to see here. 1/4*
Henry goes all Sexual Chocolate on Summer Rae to celebrate as the
announcers argue about twerking for some reason.
– For
some reason (not even Cole understands why), we look back at the
Thanksgiving SmackDown. Specifically, Titus O’Neil throwing up.
Yes, this was recapped. I don’t get it.
– Our
SmackDown main event will be CM Punk against one of the Shield
members. We don’t know which one.  Place your bets with Tommy Hall.
– Prime
Time Players v. We the People. Zeb Colter gets mic time to turn on
Oklahoma and asks why Titus O’Neil enjoyed vomiting. He considers
what O’Neil did deviant behavior. Do they know Swagger’s FROM
Oklahoma? O’Neil and Swagger start. Swagger works over O’Neil in
the corner, but O’Neil leaps over on a whip and kicks away. Cesaro
is dumped, but O’Neil boots Swagger down. O’Neil with a fallaway
slam, but a blind charge eats boots. Cesaro in, and they work the
back before Cesaro adds kicks to the gut and dumps O’Neil. Swagger
tags in and heads outside, getting a big running lariat on O’Neil.
Zeb says touchdown. Inside, Swagger gets two. Colter demands
punishment as it appears the crowd is anti-Titus. Swagger with a
headlock, and he rushes O’Neil into the corner. O’Neil tries to
fight both off, but can’t do it. Cesaro adds a Hotshot. Vaderbomb
and leapfrog stomp follow (Lawler: “Not on the stomach!”), but
Young saves. Cesaro is distracted by Young, and he and O’Neil go
into an uppercut battle which Cesaro wins with a Karelin suplex.
Swagger enters, and a double elbowsmash gets two. Swagger with an
armbar on O’Neil, then Cesaro enters with a suplex for two and he
goes to the chinlock. O’Neil flings Cesaro out of it, but Cesaro
teases the Swing. Swagger and Colter insist that, no, really, not
this time, but the crowd wants otherwise. Nine rotations later, Zeb
stops him, fearing a replay of Friday. Titus indeed seems a little
queasy, and everyone stands aside to give him space. It works, as he
gets a hot tag to Young. Young takes on Cesaro with a belly-to-belly
and erases Swagger from the apron. Corner clothesline on Cesaro and
Northern Lights gets two. Swagger is caught with a powerslam and
Cesaro with an elbow, but he leaps into the European Uppercut for the
pin at 6:43. WE THE PEOPLE! *1/2
Would’ve been much better if O’Neil didn’t play the stomach flu gag,
but I’m sure Vince and/or Kevin Dunn finds it funny and that’s all
that matters.
and Stephanie are ready for a Contract Signing!
– Main
Event Talkathon. We’re going to see who will become the… hang on,
lemme check the App… UNIFIED champion! (38%) Although the other
two choices got 31% each. This is assuming there IS a winner. HHH
and Stephanie are out first because champs enter last. HHH promises
one man will be THE champion, and Stephanie makes sure it’s crystal
clear: ONE WINNER. ONE. You hear me? Stephanie brings in Randy
Orton first. Crowd is divided on both him and Cena. Stephanie isn’t
too thrilled with Orton’s “bigger than the business” claim, but
HHH still builds him up as being one of the best and the belt as
being the most important. HHH traces the World Title back to the NWA
championship of the early 20th
Century. Stephanie makes sure to mention HHH held both belts. I
like it. HHH makes it clear that this wasn’t Cena’s suggestion or
any whim. But before they could make it happen, they needed to know
both champions were the best and could be the face of the WWE. And
this is that time. HHH says this is their chance to cement their
legacy forever. The crowd is quiet, but it’s a good quiet. They’re
listening in. Orton will sign first. He signs the contract without
comment. So does Cena, for that matter. And NOW they get to talk.
Orton agrees that the big names have held the big belts, but he’s
bigger than all of them. Yes, including HHH. But that’s why HHH
made Orton the face of the WWE, right? Also, HHH and Orton have
something in common: we don’t like John Cena. (Neither does the
crowd, apparently.) And Orton’s the only one who can beat John Cena.
And that’s what will happen at TLC. Cena clears his throat and
makes it clear they’ve met before. Cena pretends to introduce
himself, which aggravates Orton. Orton mentions their history (Cena
Sr getting kicked in the head, for example), and since then Orton has
ruined people’s dreams. He’s the Apex Predator for a reason. It
doesn’t matter what Cena’s done, because the reason he’s here is…
Cena cuts him off. He mocks Orton’s voice and mannerisms, and he
says the only dream he’s ruined is HHH’s. Why? Because HHH picked
Orton for Evolution and Orton has never lived up to his potential.
(Huh?) It’s not HHH’s fault. Orton is incredibly gifted, don’t get
us wrong. He makes it look so easy… but it makes Orton arrogant
and lazy. Orton was the youngest world champ ever, he had Ric Flair
to learn from, and he cruised until Cena ruined HHH’s dream. Cena
has never been asked to be the face of the company; he’s just the
hardest working, and that’s the difference. Orton thinks he should
be handed opportunities, but the heck with that. Orton was GIVEN the
WWE title and Cena EARNED the World Title. If Orton wins, he will
have to earn it. Cena isn’t some fancy nickname; he’s just himself,
and he’s annoyed. So will Orton leave or start a fight? Cena warns
Orton: if he makes a move to start a fight, Cena will end it. And
we’ll remember what makes TLC what it is. Stephanie takes the hint
and leaves. Cena promises to use chairs, ladders, and tables on
Orton if he starts a fight. HHH walks off too just to be safe. “So,
Randall… you gonna step up or you gonna step aside?” Orton
clearly flips the table and steps up, and HERE WE GO. The brawl
rolls outside the ring and Cena gets the better of it. He takes the
ladder and rams Orton with it. But Orton with headbutts to take
over, and he sends Cena into the post. Orton clears the announce
table as Cena takes a ladder, and Orton gets the worst of it. Cena
takes a chair now and has Orton groggy, sending the chair into the
gut and back. More chair work on Orton, and he takes the microphone
and smashes Orton with it. Orton now gets dragged to the steel steps
and bounces off of them. He hands off his T-shirt to a kid at
ringside, but that allows Orton to recover and throw a ladder at
Cena. Orton with a chair now, and he smashes Cena in the back. He
then jams the chair into Cena’s throat and chest. Orton clears some
room in the ring before setting tables up in the corner (as the fans
want). He takes a table down and puts it in the middle of the ring
as the announcers go nuts with the hype. Cena fires back and throws
Orton into a table in the corner instead. He then sees the other
table as the crowd goes nuts. Cena gives the thumbs down and picks
Orton up, and it’s the AA through the table. Now Cena poses over
Orton with both belts as HHH and Stephanie look on in interest.
better than last week. The big matches at the tops of the hours were
able to carry the show and keep things entertaining. Bray Wyatt’s
promo has my attention, and the six-man shows the power of numbers,
which was really needed after both handicap matches were made. I’m
not sure I like corporate Kane yet, but he did what he had to do.
The big thing was that everyone who had a match was dialed in
tonight, and that ups the enjoyment level greatly.
said, all the emphasis on Cena and Orton doesn’t do it for me. We’ve
seen both of them before, and after teasing Punk and Bryan the last
two summers only to have them derailed by Rock and HHH, it seems like
WWE is afraid to try something new. It makes for a main event that
sounds very familiar and very stale. To be fair, the crowd still
cheers for it, but at some point you have to pull the trigger. You
had that chance when Cena was out and you chose not to.
the returns of Cena, Henry, and Big Show have clogged up the upper
card unnecessarily. At some point, people need to be let go. Del
Rio is taking his place going down the card, but what of the others?
Is Mark Henry doing anything right now? What does Big Show have for
a next program?
there’s a lot of that. Cody and Dustin are treading water, which is
bad when they’re champions. Speaking of champs, Dean Ambrose has had
the US Title and done nothing with it. A lot of emphasis on one
storyline hasn’t elevated much else, but shunted it away. Why does
the US Title exist if it’s never defended and Dean Ambrose does
nothing on his own? How much time was wasted with the
Intercontinental Title while Curtis Axel was being beaten repeatedly
by CM Punk? All the emphasis has been on the two big belts to the
detriment of the midcard, and it makes it hard to get interested in
anything other than Cena and Orton… and if you don’t like seeing
them up top, what’s left?
TIME: 67:51 over nine matches
MATCH: The six-man
MATCH: Fandango/Henry
MVP: Lots of choices, but I’ll go Damien Sandow
SCORE: 7. A lot of important stuff happened on this show and there
were two great matches, which really is all I ask to give a thumbs
up. That said, man – we need to liven up the third hour in a
all for me. Scott will be back to grouse about the WWE with Raw Lite
and NXT, and Tommy will wonder why the end of the week is abandoned
with Impact and SmackDown. In the meantime, get ready for the
SLAMMYS next week!
guys, can’t you at least pretend to be excited?

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are gearing up for the December holidays. My husband thinks I go overboard during Christmas and he’s right because I just love this time of year and god bless him he lets me indulge with our Christmas lights display and my need to have two Christmas trees in the house. The only thing he doesn’t let me do is dress up our dobermans. As he said, no one fears a doberman wearing a collar with christmas bells on it. Fair enough.

Anyway we’ve got one hell of a football game for Monday Night and surely another RAW that might feature a good Punk or Bryan match and maybe good Punk AND Bryan matches if we’re lucky.

My main concern with the WWE isn’t so much about how bad the current product is but hoping that they don’t fuck up the Royal Rumble. I still look forward to the Rumber, even more than Wrestlemania. I still think, in many ways, it’s heavily under promoted and it’s the best way to push someone. If these guys are serious about Reigns and Big E Langston getting real pushes that the crowd can get behind the Rumble is the easiest place to establish it. Whatever happens in December seems fairly irrelevant, I don’t think there’s been a relevant December angle since the HHH-Stephanie marriage stuff so waste whatever low buyrate show you have on Big Show but please don’t fuck up the Rumble.

Anyway I hope all of you enjoy the show, come out swinging and try to keep it clean.

A+ Match of the Day

Hello guys, I hope those readers from the states had a great Thanksgiving weekend and plenty to eat.  For the rest of the readers around the world I hope your weekend was fruitful as well.

Going to start this week’s worth of A+ matches off with Bret Hart vs. Ted Dibiase from MSG in 1991. I don’t think these two ever had a bad match. And as usual, Sherri takes the hardest bumps in the match.

BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

More Last Minute Creative Changes in the WWE?

Apparently, there has been a lot of changes in plans within the WWE. Orignally, Show was to face HHH at TLC after his match with Orton at Survivor Series. A few days before Survivor Series, the decision was for an Orton vs. Show rematch in a tables match at TLC. Another Plan was for Big E Langston to turn heel and feud with Cena for the World Title.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

WWE Creative in Panic Mode?

According to sources, the creative team is panicking and described as being “burnt out and scared.” There is a lot more stress than usual and they are afraid of getting fired around the holiday season.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

CM Punk Yelling at Daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Off Camera at RAW?

Punk was yelling at Noelle, the daughter of Mick Foley, for arranging the Shield’s attack on her. This was all done in fun.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Davey Richards Update

Richards, after announcing on his Facebook account that he was leaving RoH, was apparently very unhappy with his plans for his appearance at the “Final Battle” event on 12/14. The Company was mad with Richards after he made comments to the “Total Wrestling Magazine” of Great Britian about the RoH titles not being important as they were once portrayed, along with other remarks about the company. Richards also addressed the RoH locker room about his comments being incorrect and taken out of context during the recent shows in Ohio and Michigan. Mike Johnson of was also told that Richard’s decision to leave had nothing to do with his recent WWE tryout.

Credit Mike Johnson,

QOTD: Multiple Movie Viewings

Dammit, do I gotta do EVERYTHING on my own blog?  
OK, question of the day that sprung to mind while I was at Thor 2:  Thor Harder last week.  What is your stance on going to movies multiple times in the theater?  What movies have you seen the most times in theater?  
For me, I find that since my time is at a premium now that my life revolves around a toddler, I don't tend to go to the same movie more than once.  The way I figure, who knows when we'll get a babysitter again, so we might as well see something new.  However, back in the free-spirited days when we could just go to movies at night willy-nilly, there ended up being a ton of stuff I saw more than a few times because it was great or I had other friends who wanted to see it or whatever.  For me, the most times would probably be the original Star Wars, which I saw once as a very young lad in theaters (yes, I'm old enough to have seen Star Wars in theaters, fuck off) and then roughly 6 more times on the original re-release.  Nothing else comes close to that one, although I saw the 2009 Star Trek three times in theaters, each Lord of the Rings movie 3 times due to non-intersecting groups of friends, the first Iron Man 3 times for similar reasons, The Dark Knight three times because the first time we had shitty seats opening night and we wanted to get the best experience.  Plus a couple of cases like 300 where we saw it twice in regular theaters and then again in IMAX when we were on vacation in Edmonton.  

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 22nd, 1985

June 22, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Matt Borne vs. Paul Orndorff
Before the match, Borne gets on the mic and claims that he will collect the bounty. Borne lands a cheapshot off of a clean break but Orndorff fights right back. He beats the shit out of Borne until he is stopped by an eye rake. Orndorff kills Borne with a clothesline before putting him away with the piledriver (1:50). After the match, Heenan is seen in the back of the arena. Orndorff then grabs the mic and wants Heenan to come into the ring. Heenan is pissed as the crowd starts up a “weasel” chant, then he retreats to the back.
Thoughts: Heenan’s bounty on Orndorff has been a pretty good angle. The crowd absolutely loathes Heenan too so that helps out a lot. Still, the Orndorff turn has been a success at the start.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes, who lets us know that the WWF has just signed Terry Funk to a contract. We are then shown a vignette of Funk on his horse as he talks about his neighbor told him that Steamboat and Hogan have bigger muscles but that he has heart and the talk about muscles pisses him off as he spits on the ground.
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart vs. Tony Garea & Jim Powers
Garea and Neidhart go back and forth until Hart tags. Garea shoves him in his corner then tags Powers. He backdrops Hart then follows that with a dropkick. He tries another backdrop but Hart kicks him in the face. Neidhart beats on Powers for a minute until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:09).
Thoughts: Dull squash match, even if it was just over two minutes long. Anything involving Tony Garea is usually terrible though. The team of Bret & Neidhart are struggling to get over as heels, even with Hart as their manager.
Freddie Miller is with Hulk Hogan, promoting his match at the Boston Garden. His head is all bandaged up as Hogan tells Studd that he is never going to give up and that all of the Hulkamaniacs hang out in Boston.
Gary Starr vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link rams Starr’s head off of the turnbuckle repeatedly. He then chokes him out on the mat and delivers a few headbutts, busting open his own head in the process. He then leaps off of the middle turnbuckle with a flying headbutt for the win (2:27). After the match, Heenan has to control Link from smashing his own head off of the turnbuckle.
Thoughts: The Link gimmick is still too similar to what George Steele was doing and all of his matches consisted of headbutts. Plus, the crowd bought into Steele and they do not feel the same way about Link.
Jack Reynolds is with Big John Studd. He talks about his match against Hogan in Boston while holding the bag that contains Andre’s hair. Studd said he can bench 700lbs and that Hogan has to look up at him, the biggest man in the WWF.
Doc Butler & A.J. Petruzzi vs. Ivan Putski & Tony Atlas
Finkel brings up that Atlas has been named “Mr. Universe.” Petruzzi tries to attack Putski from behind but that plan fails. The faces take turns headlocking Petruzzi before Butler tags. Atlas puts him in a headlock then tags Putski, who hits the Polish Hammer for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: Another dull tag squash. The seemed to be trying to do something with Atlas but his problems around this time are well documented and he was never very good in the ring to begin with. He and Putski had no chemistry to speak of either.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. His guest is Big John Studd but first, Heenan announces that Piper will be returning next week. Studd says that he is going to collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff and that no one embarrasses the Heenan Family. Heenan then says that everyone is in the running for the $25,000 bounty.
Johnny Rodz vs. Ricky Steamboat
Rodz ducks outside after Steamboat does some of his martial arts poses. He comes back in and rakes the eyes and takes control. Steamboat chops him back but misses a corner charge. Rodz chops him on the apron but misses a flying attack. Steamboat hits a chop off of the top rope but Rodz gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Rodz hits a top rope elbow smash then a slam. He hits a flying headbutt but misses a splash. Steamboat hits a chop then gets the win with a flying body press (3:17).
Thoughts: Decent enough action, even with Steamboat’s martial arts gimmick
A plug for the WrestleMania home video airs, with Jesse Ventura doing the voice over.
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
The crowd is jacked up for this match. They take it on the mat to start, with neither guy able to gain the advantage. Rotundo grabs a side headlock as the crowd starts an “Iran sucks” chant. Rotundo hip tosses the Sheik then hits a slam. They go back to the mat until Rotundo sends the Sheik over the top rope with an atomic drop. Back in the ring, Rotundo catches the Sheik with an airplane spin but Nikolai Volkoff runs in and breaks up the pin as the match is ruled a DQ (3:37). The heels beat on Rotundo until George Steele runs in for the save as the heels flee to the back.
Thoughts: No idea where Windham was for this but it certainly sets up for a title match down the line. The heat for this match was incredible too.  
Jack Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart. He talks about the Junkyard Dog dumping water on him during “Tuesday Night Titans” and we are shown a clip of that happening. A running gag on TNT was Hart playing pranks on Hayes. Valentine comes out and says that JYD made a joke out of him and Hart and is ready to take out all of his anger.
Vince and Bruno recap the show then get cut off by Rotundo. He promises that Barry Windham will be back next week and that he is sick and tired of Sheik & Volkoff cheating and issue a challenge, stating they will face them at any time or place. 
Final Thoughts: This show was jsut okay. The heated up the tag-title feud and furthered the Bounty Angle on Orndorff. The wrestling was duller than usual though, featuring makeshift teams and newcomers who are struggling to get over. Studd and Hogan also is a bit stale, considering it was being down at the end of 1984, so the World Title picture needs to freshen up.