Funnest matches

I'm wondering what are some of the funnest matches you've ever seen are. Not necessarily the best but matches that were really fun to watch.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H at No Mercy 2007 stands out in my mind. I've never liked their chemistry but they had a hell of a Last Man Standing match here. I think it's a great match(****+) but it's really elevated by how much fun I have watching it. The crowd is with them on every count(it's in Chicago) JR is losing his shit on commentary and Orton wins clean and looks dominant. Really fun match. 

Any matches you can think of that aren't ***** classics but stand out in your mind as fun?

Pff, if you can't have fun watching HHH engage Randal Orton in sports entertainment, you're not doing it right.
There's been tons of matches I classify as "entertaining crap", mostly stuff from WCW in the mid-90s like Scotty Flamingo v. Johnny B. Badd in the boxing match, and most famously Roddy Piper v. Adrian Adonis at Wrestlemania III, one of my favorite bad matches of all time.  

BoD Daily Update

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel on RAW Tonight

Here is the rest of the preview

Ted Dibiase Jr. Leaves the WWE

He announces this via YouTube

Kayfabe Commentaries Releases Timeline Series of 2000 WCW with Vince Russo tomorrow

Here is the trailer for the shoot

And another sneak preview

Extreme Sausage Parties

I was watching some old ECW matches the other day and it dawned on me that I have never once seen a female in the audience at the ECW Arena. So I have two questions: 1) Has a girl EVER attended an ECW event? and 2) Is there any other gathering in human history that has a worse male-to-female ratio than ECW in the 90's?

1.  I don't have attendance records handy, but I'm gonna say no.
2.  This blog?

QOTD – August 26th, 2013

Greetings, hububaloohs.

Today’s question is an interesting one, from a Mr. Steven Jones.

Hey Calibre,

Love what you bring to Keiths blog.  You are great.  A Top Ten Guy in my book.

I had a good idea for QOTD.  Remember Blossom, and “On a very special episode of Blossom…”

What if the WWE did that?  On a very special episode of
Monday Night RAW?  Could be some funny stuff.  Thought I would throw
that out to you and the blog.

Keep it real

Thanks Culiber.

First off, Steven, it’s Calibray. 

You know, people always talk about the “very special episodes” from the late 80’s, early 90’s, but I really only remember two. The Family Matter’s episode about gun violence, where someone was shot over a pair of shoes, and the Full House where Stephanie’s friend was beat by his dad. Then at one point Danny comes up and is all “Steph, you didn’t take out the trash”, to which Stephanie replies later “Oh man, I’m in big trouble” and her friend tells her to think of a funny movie like Home Alone or something when it happens. Then after the episode, Jesse & Steph talked to us about abuse. I’m sure wxnymcneal can tell us the date it aired, the production number, and the real names of everyone who appeared in that episode. 

Raw doing that would be pretty funny. Would it be about some low-on-the-totem Diva trying to hide the fact that Randy Orton’s touching made her uncomfortable? Or the new, hip celebrity, Johnny Dakota hosts Raw, and tries to get Kofi & Zack Ryder to try pot. “Oh look, Johnny, Kofi’s “just saying no”‘. Now, that’s a Raw I’d actually watch.

How say you?

Random BoDness

Scott, whats up?  2 quickies but discussion generating questions for the doomers…
1) Was listening to a PTB podcast at the gym (edjoyed your edition by the way) and they mentioned that WWE had discussions of hot shotting Cena/Rock to WM 27, and going with that and Miz/Morrison as the top 2 matches?  Was this ever REALLY an option?  Seems far fetched consdering how planned out Rocks recent run was.

I was literally not even paying attention to current wrestling at that point so I have no idea how true it was, but considering that Rock needed months of lead-time to get ready for Survivor Series, I seriously doubt that was a real option.  

2) They also mentioned how WM 20 should have been HHH/Benoit, Rock/HBK, and Foley/Orton.  I love this PPV so have no complaints about the card but why didn't Foley/Orton have a 1-1 match?  It would have been a great launching pad for Orton, as it was he kinda got overshadowed by everyone else. 

I think that's exactly why they didn't do the singles match there — because Flair and Rock were gonna steal the show in MSG and Orton would be a million spots down the card and everyone knew it, so they waited until Orton could get a proper showcase the next month and make the win over Foley mean something.  

QOTD Best Finisher Names

The Daniel Bryan discussion this morning made me ponder what the best overall move names are. I think the Japanese have this one wrapped up in terms of artistic merit (HIgh Fly Flow, Rainmaker, Shining Wizard, Miracle Ecstasy Bomb) but none of those really describes WHAT the move is. I think overall it's tough to top Undertaker claiming the tombstone piledriver as a generic move name that got turned into his signature move name, but there's a lot of good choices and I'm sure Sweet Chin Music is also gonna rank highly.

What’s the pay in Japan?


> Hey Scott,


> Considering there are only so many spot for wrestlers in the WWE and TNA , why do seemingly so few US wrestlers go overseas to wrestle in Japan (or even Mexico)? Is it a pay issue? Are there the same issues with job availability?

Yeah, it's a pay issue, because New Japan isn't exactly WWE and there's only so much to go around for gaijin there. Thus why Albert would rather do whatever he's doing now instead of getting respect and a push in Japan. Sometimes you gotta pay the bills.

Let’s play ‘Name That Finisher’

Hey Caliber,

         Your friendly fellow fitness buff here. I
am proposing that in honor of the guy that trained him we start a
movement to name Daniel Bryan’s new running knee finisher “Sweet Beard
Music” What do you think? I bet everyone on the blog can unite, (for a
change) to make this  happen.


You know, it’s not bad. But I have to admit I’m partial to Goat Knees Pizza. Especially since he’s going up against Orton, and they can call it the GKP. And you know, you call it the Pizza because you eat that shit.

So, how about it, gang? Anyone have a better idea? It’ll be one of the BoD’s many highlights amongst it’s legacy.

Cena’s Legacy


With Cena seemingly falling into the "I don't like him but I respect him" category, what do you think his legacy will be? Will his stale character and overexposure hurt his chances  of being remembered alongside guys like Austin, Hogan and Michaels?
I don't know what he'll be remembered as yet because the next generation of fans haven't entered into the business with their nostalgic views of him.  I wouldn't have thought that Hogan would get a 10 minute standing ovation in 2002 given how his career wound down in WCW, but you never know.  Maybe Cena will go away for a couple of years at the end of his career and get to come back as a massively popular legend, you never know.  

Stages & Lighting


Something that I dislike about the current era of WWE is how sterilized everything looks. The stage is just one giant screen comprised of many smaller screens, and the crowd is far too illuminated.

In the Attitude Era, say what you will about its flaws, it had a great, gritty look that is conducive to an aggressive and exciting environment. There was one big monitor (the Titantron) and a whole bunch of metal shit around it. It didn't look like a Tokyo nightclub. The best rock shows of history have followed the same ideal: metal shit and a big statue or something behind the band. I don't want to watch a band play in front of a plasma TV.

The '70s and early '80s was great too, how the crowd is mostly in the dark and it makes the wrestlers look like gladiators fighting for good and evil among a dark sea of souls. It reminds me of stand-up specials from the same period.

That's why mid-'90s WCW looks so obsolete. Tough guys would come out through coloured fog and enter into Disneyland.

Could not agree more.  I've been beating the "stale presentation" drum for years now, and shows like NXT really highlight how desperately in need of a change that the main program really is.  Even doing occasional changes like the Old School RAW sets or maybe just having a change of scenery like an outdoor show or a small building ala the Hammerstein would go a long ways towards reducing the burnout that a lot of people are feeling.  Doesn't have to be a major overhaul, just a palette cleanser every now and then.