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With the brand split over, we look back at our favorite title reigns from the era:
We take a chronological look at the history of champion vs. champion and unification matches:
Scott previews TLC and gives his predictions for the show:
The Place to Be Podcast previews the show in their latest Headlines podcast:
We put up Justin and Scott’s original match reviews for the Vengeance 2001 unification matches:
A look at the history of the John Cena and Randy Orton rivalry:
We’ve got a bunch of other cool stuff up also:
Best games of the past console generation:
We re-book the college BCS with a four-team playoff, starting in 1998:
Top picks for the new comic releases on 12/18:
Hard Traveling Fanboys count down their favorite Big Event comics:
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Yearly Review: WWF October 1989

Mr. Perfect makes his way up to the main event scene. Do we get a perfect champion?
WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Hulk Hogan)
While Hogan had to deal with Ted DiBiase and his Survivor Series team, he also had new challengers for the WWF World Championship, the Genius and Mr. Perfect. At SNME #24, which was taped on October 31st and aired on November 25th, Hogan lost to the Genius by count-out. The bigger story was Mr. Perfect coming out and putting gum on the championship claiming that Hogan wasn’t a perfect champion. Perfect caused Hogan to lose after hitting him with the championship and escaped to the backstage area with the championship. This market the occurrence of Mr. Perfect destroying the championship with a hammer and demanding a title shot against Hulk Hogan!

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: the Ultimate Warrior)
During the October 2nd taping of WWF Superstars, the Ultimate Warrior competed against Dino Bravo in a test of strength competition. Bravo did a few push-ups with Jimmy Hart sitting on his back. Bravo proceeded to do more push-ups with a larger man that was randomly picked out from the crowd named John. Bravo managed to do several push-ups with John on his back. When the Ultimate Warrior attempted to do the same thing, John hit Warrior with a sit down splash and along with Bravo attacked Warrior. At the October 31st taping of WWF Superstars, John would be revealed as being the Canadian Earthquake.

At SNME #24, Warrior defeated Andre the Giant by disqualification to retain the championship. Heenan tried to get involved by Warrior took care of him by tossing him into Andre.

On the house show market, Warrior continued to beat Andre the Giant in just a matter of seconds to retain the title at least that was the case at MSG. In Toronto, Andre and Warrior would have a steel cage match next month for the championship after Bobby Heenan tricked Warrior into accepting a rematch.

WWF World Tag Team Championships Scene: (currently held by: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard)
Demolition managed to regain the WWF World Tag Team Championships at the October 2nd taping of WWF Superstars where they defeated Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Ax pinned Blanchard, who was illegal, to win the titles. Andre the Giant and Haku stated during the taping that they would beat Demolition and bring the titles back to the Heenan Family.

Other Happenings: 

– During the October 22nd edition of Wrestling Challenge, vignettes of Mr. Perfect and the Genius playing golf, darts and bowling and proclaims that Hulk Hogan couldn’t do it better than Perfect. They would continue to air vignettes taunting Hogan believing that Hogan wouldn’t be able to compete at a high skill level like Perfect can compete at.

– Dusty Rhodes continued to prevent Big Bossman from beating down opponents with his nightstick. Rhodes saved Tito Santana from a beating during the October 3rd taping of Wrestling Challenge after Santana wrestled Honky Tonk Man.

– Greg Valentine and Ron Garvin continued to feud as well. Garvin prevented Valentine from using his shin guard numerous times. They would wrestle on October 8th in Toronto, Ontario where Valentine picked up the win.

– Dusty Rhodes danced with a mystery woman during the October 31st taping of WWF Superstars, who ended up being Sapphire. Rhodes successfully defeated Big Bossman at SNME #24 after Bossman was distracted by Slick arguing with a fan at ringside. Rhodes would dance with Sapphire afterwards.

– The Rockers defeated Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard at SNME #24 in a best two out of three falls match. After the match, Bobby Heenan insulted Anderson and Blanchard saying that they were the worst team he had ever managed and promptly fired them.


Bob’s Opinion:
It’s quite refreshing to have a young heel in the main event scene working with Hogan. It’s especially different with Perfect not being bigger than Hogan. So, Hogan working with not only a good worker but a smaller one at that, was interesting. Plus, the scene when Perfect destroys the championship was really memorable and a great way to insert Perfect into the championship scene.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Earthquake, and his debut by attacking Warrior was pretty cool as well. Maybe it’s odd, but a feud between Warrior and Earthquake is rather interesting. I’ve been liking the fresh heels being brought in.

A quick reign by the Brainbusters, and quick tenure with the Heenan Family. Their run lasted just about a year and they could’ve done so much more had they stuck around. Anderson would head back to WCW while Tully tried as well but failed a drug test and didn’t get a contract.

The undercard feuds aren’t exactly interesting to me. Bossman/Dusty seems like a waste of Bossman to me, but Dusty had always been popular so I suppose a few wins over Dusty would help Bossman moving forward.

What are your memories or thoughts on the WWF at this time? Share them below!

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the return of the ‘Supercard’ WrestleMania?

With the ambivalence surrounding XXX and everyone going bananas throwing out different combinations of guys as potential match-ups, one thing's for sure: the WWE has enough talent for a card more than just 8 matches. 

So, considering that and the fact that XXX is a huge milestone, is there any chance of a return to the 12-14 match supercard not seen since, I guess, XX?  Or is it fucking suicide in this day and age to produce a bloated 4 and 1/2 hour wrestling pay-pay-view? Because with all these rumored match-ups and returns floating around, it's seems unavoidable. 

Oh my god, man, I can't get through a 3 hour RAW, let alone a bloated 4.5 hour Wrestlemania.  They have enough trouble keeping crowds alive through RAWs as it is, that would be suicide for them if they tried it.  

BoD Saturday Night Thread

On Tap For Tonight:

UFC on Fox
Heisman Trophy Presentation
NBA Action
NHL Action
NCAA Basketball
Boxing on Showtime, with Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana
RoH Final Battle, which will allegedly be available on VOD Monday
Saturday Night Live is new with host John Goodman with Kings of Leon as the musical guest

There was no poll for the shoot interview this week as the 1989 WWF Timeline with Brutus Beefcake will be up on Thursday.

Talk about whatever else you want here as well and if you happen to be in an area that is getting a lot of snow tonight, hope you are safe.

Lanny Poffo on Shining Wizards

Recently the Shining Wizards Podcast spoke with the "Genius" Lanny Poffo. about his career, the life of his brother Randy Savage, and more.

Here are some highlights:

On letting WWE induct Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame against Randy's wishes, and the general lack of respect shown to him:

It occurred to me that I decided "what a minute, I'm not going to be put in the middle of all this." The thing is the WWE did not ask my permission to run the parody of the Huckster and the Nacho Man, and I don't have a battery of lawyers on retainer, so my belief is, do what you want. You want to honor him? Go ahead. This is the same company that didn't send its condolences to my mother who is going to be 87 in January. Now I know they made a nice video tribute, but don't you understand that that's just PR. Just like when they fire you, they wish you luck on your future endeavors? That's PR, they have a public relations department. So naturally, when somebody dies, and everybody always has, you know, because it's either suicide or an overdose. In Randy's case it was one of the few honorable deaths they've had. His toxicology report was crystal clear. Clean. And that meant a lot to me. Well, name a wrestler that died and they've all got something wrong with their toxicology report… Remember the Huckster and the Nacho Man? Everyone says "What's the matter? Can't you take a joke?" Well, some of those jokes were a little bit… like they accused Hulk Hogan of doing Elizabeth. Remember that one, when they did the Larry King one? And I thought that was- they said "How was Elizabeth?" "Not too good." The guy imitating Hulk Hogan and Randy looked at each other. And they made fun of his balding, and that was a little bit of lack of respect. So I said wait a minute, it's true that Randy wanted the Poffos to go in as a family but you can't make them do that. So I figured, rather than put myself in the middle for the rest of my life, I said hey, go ahead and do whatever you want. I only have two requests. Leave me out of it- don't invite me- and please don't pay me, because I don't need the thirty pieces of silver. That was the amount Judas Iscariot took to betray Jesus…

On whether he was an innovator:

I like to consider myself just a guy that was in the right time and at the right place. Everybody says I invented the moonsault. Well, the truth is I invented it like moments after I saw video of Tiger Mask doing it to the Dynamite Kid. I thought, wow, I think I can do that. I don't know if he innovated it. And then people say "you mind if I do the moonsault?" I said hey, I stole it, too. Just don't get hurt and don't hurt anyone, because those are possibilities. I don't know if I innovated anything, except I can honestly say that every poem you ever heard me recite, I wrote on my own. I don't consider plagiarism to be a joke.

On owing his career to Randy and becoming the Genius:

Let's get something straight. Anything good that happened to me was indirectly or directly because of my brother. If I weren't the brother of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage, you wouldn't know who the hell I was. He opened doors for me. We were in the car discussing gimmicks. And he was always on my team trying to help me. We came up with this Genius thing and he was a stickler for details. He presented it, he got it done. I tried to follow through with it and did the very best I could to try to recreate myself. To reshuffle the deck and try to make the people forget that was ever "Leaping" Lanny by changing my personality. And I did my very best to entertain the people; it is sports entertainment… one of the people I really stole from was Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther… It was a one-joke movie. "I knew that, you idiot. I was only testing you." I thought the Genius would be a good character if he was not that smart, just thought he was. Because if I was really that smart, I would have to be a babyface. But if I'm a heel I would like to be a buffoon genius- to be something hilarious in a business that was very serious at the time. Now they've got other comedians sometimes I've noticed, but I was like the only one. I have to say, God bless Bobby Heenan, you know he's a cancer survivor and I hope he's doing well. He didn't raise any objection to me being the Genius. After all, he was already the Brain. But what was I going to do? Point to my arms? I have garden-hose arms compared to Hercules Hernandez, the Warlord, the Barbarian, Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. My arms are just as long, but much thinner. I couldn't point to my arms… I had to point to my head because I didn't have what they call a body in wrestling.

The circumstances of Randy's death:

First of all, he didn't die from an automobile accident; he had ventricular fibrillation… the heart is divided into the left and right atrium and left and right ventricle. That's four chambers. And the bottom chamber, which is v-shaped, fibrillated, which means it quivered, which meant he wasn't getting enough oxygen into his blood; the blood wasn't going everywhere, and he said "I think I'm going to pass out." And that was his last words… And his wife, she was the hero because when he passed out at the wheel, his foot was on he accelerator, and she grabbed the wheel of the Jeep Wrangler and steered it into a tree,  because they would've hit a motorcyclist and behind that was a bus. So when they're going the wrong way going about 35-40 miles per hour- and that's just what happened. When you have a heart problem, it would be nice if you're not driving at the time, but that's what they were doing, and Lynn was the hero.

On Randy leaving for WCW and his relationship with Slim Jim:

Randy wanted to work with Shawn Michaels. He wanted to have a two-year program with him. They said they were having a youth movement, and that's why he quit. He said "I think I'll get a second opinion on that." He would've lost the match to Shawn Michaels, at WrestleMania, but his goal, and one of the things that bothered him the most, was that he was never able to have a match as good as the one he had with Ricky Steamboat. He felt, even his his advanced years, I guess he was 41, that he could have a Ricky Steamboat-caliber match with Shawn Michaels. I don't know if he could or if he couldn't any more that if, you know, if he was already too old or whatever, but wouldn't you love to see him try? He would've put him over, in the middle of the ring, and retired to the announce booth… but instead he went to the WCW and guess what he brought with him? Snap into a Slim Jim. And Vince doesn't like to lose even one round. You know the difference between WWF and Slim Jim? Slim Jim sent to me and my mom and Randy's widow? A beautiful bouquet of flowers, and best wishes, and condolences. And we didn't get anything from the WWE. The only condolences I got are from two guys. They are Howard Finkel, and last month I got a call from Steve Lombardi. Now in these two cases, this is not management, this is labor. So there's a little bit of a difference there. If I embarrass anybody then so be it. You know what? I'm gonna be 59 years old December 28th… and I'm gonna say exactly what's on my mind all the time.

Why wrestling is better now:

First of all, I don't watch it now. But there's two reasons why wrestling is better now than then. Number one, we didn't have iPhones back then, so, you know, that Google Maps? I really love my Google Maps. Before, I couldn't find my ass with two hands. Now I don't have to worry about "turn left, stupid." The other one is I really didn't like when I wrestled, that all the fans were allowed to smoke cigarettes and whatever, and we had to breathe in all that second-hand smoke. Now almost all the venues are non-smoking. I wish they had been that way when I was breathing in all that smoke.

For more with Lanny Poffo, including his beginnings in the wrestling business, his healthy lifestyle, the man with the orange peepee, whether he would have had a main event shot today as the Genius, if he's appreciative to Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon, stories from the road, becoming an Amazon bestseller, the promoters snubbing Angelo Poffo for a legends battle royal, the Von Erich family, searching for a new place to live, and more, go to and listen to Episode 119, Wrestling with Rhyme. The Shining Wizards Podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, AudioBoo, Geek Life Radio, Clutch and Wiggle Entertainment, and the Shining Wizards Network.

Hulk Hogan and Cowboy Bob Orton main Event WM 30???

Hey Scott, any chance with the rumored involvement of the Hulkster the WM match we get is Cena and Hogan against Orton and his dad?  There would be the symmetry of 2 guys from the WM1 Main Event in there 30 years later and can continue the "legendary" Cena-Orton feud.  And Bob can even wear the cast!

In this scenario I'd have Punk-HHH for the title as the main event with Dbry-HBK and Brock-Taker as the other features.  Or, if Shawn really won't wrestle again, how about Punk-HHH-Bryan triple threat for the title with HBK as special ref?

Or am I crazy and we are getting Cena-HHH for the title to end this storyline once and for all?

Bob Orton still has major heat due to working matches in 2005 and blading after being diagnosed with Hepatitis.  I really doubt they'd bring him back again, especially for a payday like that.

And they still have no idea where they're going at this point aside from "Cena maybe in a tag match with or against Hogan or something, and Vince against HHH somehow" according to the WON. So I guess anything is possible.

A+ Match of the Year

Match of the Year time. Depending on whether you count December or not, we only have 3 weeks to go, and with the exception of TLC (which could have a decent match on top, who knows) all the nominees are in. The Meltz is gonna go with Ishii vs. Shibata, Tokyo Sports went with Nakamura vs. Ibushi (which has every right to win), but I’m going with this one, the best of their 6-match series. This is the best Main Event, Battle of the Titans, Epic Title Fight style match I have ever seen. However, if one of the other two matches previously mentioned should win, I will not complain.

I’m with Dave.  This was pretty awesome, though, and hard to go wrong with Tanahashi.  

Smackdown – December 13, 2013

December 13, 2013
Rose Garden Arena, Portland, Oregon
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before TLC, meaning this is the last night with two
world champions. It’s hard to say what we’ll get tonight but given
that this is the blue show, I’ll take a guess and say it ends in a
big tag match. Other than that, maybe we’ll get a tables, ladder or
chairs match added to the Tables, Ladders and Chairs show. Let’s get
to it.

open with a clip of the ending segment from Raw with Cena calling out
Orton for living on his reputation and the huge brawl which seems to
plant seeds for Wrestlemania. I still don’t think Shawn is getting
back in the ring though.
belts are hanging above the ring and there are probably fifteen
ladders and tables set up around the ring.
Bryan vs. Erick Rowan
has one of the Slammys he won on Monday with him. Rowan shoves
Daniel down to start but Daniel comes back with a running forearm to
stagger Erick. The kicks get him nowhere though as Rowan easily
shoves him down. Rowan gets in a forearm of his own to Daniel’s back
and puts on a bearhug followed by a fallaway slam.
splash in the corner gets two on Daniel as Harper looks…..confused
I guess you would call it. Bryan gets a boot up in the corner and a
middle rope dropkick to drop Erick. Now the kicks work a bit better
with the big one to the head dropping Rowan. The FLYING GOAT takes
out Harper and Rowan is sent outside as well, only to have Bray trip
up Bryan for the DQ at 3:06.
D+. This was just a quick
trailer for the match on Sunday to illustrate what Bryan is going to
have to go through. I actually like it better that way as we’ve seen
Bryan vs. Rowan in a long match recently so there’s little need to
see the same thing again. Also it keeps Rowan looking strong instead
of having him lose a second match, meaning there’s some actual
thought to the booking for a change.
has to fight off the monsters post match and manages to get out of
the ring for a bad looking running knee to take Bray out.
Americans vs. Cody Rhodes/Goldust
Before the match Colter rants about Santa Claus telling him Feliz
Navidad. That sounds like an illegal immigrant to him and that means
we need to strengthen our border with the North Pole. Goldust runs
Cesaro down to start and it’s quickly off to Cody as the champions
start in on Antonio’s arm. Swagger comes in with some right hands to
Cody’s jaw and the Americans start some quick tagging of their own.
The Vader Bomb misses as a moderate We The People chant starts up.
comes in with the uppercut and a spinebuster to Swagger but a blind
tag brings in Cesaro to knock Goldust out to the floor. We take a
break and come back with Swagger holding Goldust in a front facelock.
The Americans take their turns on Goldust with Swagger putting on a
chinlock. Goldust fights up and comes off the second rope for a
collision with Swagger.
double tag brings in Cody for the sunset flip out of the corner and
the Alabama Slam for two each on Antonio. Goldust has to break up
the Swing and Cody gets two more off the Disaster Kick. Both
Americans are sent to the floor and Cody hits a great looking dive to
take Cesaro out. Back in and Cody loads up the moonsault press but
gets distracted by Swagger, allowing Cesaro to pull him into the
European uppercut for the pin at 6:17 shown of 9:47.
C-. It’s been at least a few
weeks since we last had the champions lose a few matches to set up a
title shot so it was long overdue. The Americans getting wins is
fine, but there must be some teams they could beat other than the
champions. If nothing else, take some of those guys that have
nothing else to do and make quick teams out of them. It’s worked
many times before.
package on what the history of the titles means for the unification
match. This transitions into a nice package shows Cena and Orton’s
career paths.
News Barrett calls us losers for voting on the Slammy winners.
Sandow vs. Mark Henry
is on commentary again. Henry throws Sandow around to start and
shrugs off a boot in the corner. Sandow is sent to the floor and
takes the countout to save himself for Sunday at 1:17.
throws Sandow back inside for the beating he deserves.
Lee/Tamina Snuka vs. Bella Twins
is on commentary. Nikki is shoved to the mat by Tamina to start but
uses the power of yelling to come back. A snap suplex and a Samoan
drop put Nikki down as Natalya talks about Total Divas. Off to AJ
who skips around a lot but misses a charge into the corner, allowing
for the hot tag to Brie. The girl named after cheese cleans a little
bit of the house but is quickly caught in the Black Widow for the
submission at 2:36.
Cena for the PPV hard sell. Cena talks about how Monday was the
first time that the two world champions both handed the world title
away. 99% of the superstars in WWE history will never hold one of
those (true, though if you go by the WWE roster currently listed on
Wikipedia, which to be fair includes Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar and
other part timers as well as names like Ezekiel Jackson and Evan
Bourne, it’s about 30% of all male wrestlers. Think about that for a
minute and you’ll see why the titles should be unified) but they gave
the titles away. Why would they do that?
because of the moment on Sunday when the unification will change
everything. Cena knows what Orton is capable of, but he also knows
something Orton wishes he doesn’t know: Orton has a glass jaw. Think
about it: whenever Orton gets hurt, he runs away. This Sunday
there’s nowhere to run though and Orton is going to have to suffer
through the pain from falling off a ladder or going through a table.
Cena doesn’t know what Orton is going to do but he’s going to get
back up every time. The question is does Orton run again or does he
get back up? This Sunday there’s one champion and his name is John
look back at Punk beating Ambrose on Raw but getting speared down
after the match.
vs. Usos
is on commentary here to continue a theme tonight. Jimmy leapfrogs
Rollins to start and punches him in the face before tagging Jey. The
twins hit a higher flying version of the Demolition Decapitator for
two before Jimmy puts on a standing armbar. Rollins pushes him into
the corner for the tag off to Reigns and Shield takes over. Jimmy
tries to speed things up by hitting the ropes, allowing Jey to make a
blind tag. Some Uso double teaming knocks Rollins out to the floor
and we take a break.
with Jimmy fighting out of a Seth front facelock and getting two off
a backslide. Reigns comes back in and shoves Jimmy into the corner
for a chinlock. Jimmy escapes with a jawbreaker but Roman runs him
over with a clothesline. Shield tries some double teaming but
Rollins gets low bridged to the floor. Jimmy DDTs Reigns down and
dives over for the tag to Jey. Rollins comes back in to speed things
up with the throw in the air Samoan drop for a VERY close two.
superkick sets up the Superfly Splash but Seth rolls to the floor.
That’s cool with Jey who takes him out with a cross body, putting all
four guys outside. Reigns comes out of nowhere with a spear to Jimmy
and Jey is sent into the post. Jey barely beats the count but gets
caught by the Black Out (running curb stomp). Rollins loads up a GTS
but puts Jey on his feet instead of hitting him with the knee, only
to set up another spear for the pin at 8:55 shown of 11:10.
C+. The tag matches continue to
be good in WWE as they’re given the time to develop. I still hope
the Usos get the titles eventually as they’ve spent years on the
roster and consistently put on entertaining matches. At the same
time, Shield, is able to have good matches no matter what combination
we get from them.
the match Punk appears on screen from the basement ala Shield’s
promos. Punk didn’t like it when Shield put their hands on him and
he’s going to do something about it on Sunday. He knows he’s going
down, but the question is how many of them are going with him.
vs. Big Show
and Mysterio are the seconds here. Before the match we get the
announcement of a four way tag title match on Sunday: Rhodes/Goldust
vs. Ryback/Axel vs. Real Americans vs. Big Show/Rey Mysterio. Big
Show chops Ryback down to start and hits the loud chop in the corner.
A headbutt staggers Ryback and there’s another loud chop. Ryback
comes back with a nice spinebuster for two but the Meat Hook is
caught in a chokeslam to give Big Show the pin at 1:44.
takes a 619 post match.
look at Bryan attacking Bray earlier.
Wyatts come on screen and Bray says he was trying to prove Daniel
wrong. Bray yells that he (Bray) was a blind fool though and starts
singing about walking with the reaper and leaving this world behind.
That’s his special lullaby song that he sings to all of his babies
before he puts them down. See you Sunday Bryan.
Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rio gets the jobber entrance. No match again this week as Miz jumps
Kofi and gives him a Skull Crushing Finale on the floor. I’d assume
we have a TLC match set as a result.
the weekly sitdown interview, HHH says he might listen to an apology
from Orton for him running into Stephanie on Monday.
Orton for the apology to end the show. He talks about the end of
Monday’s show and seeing Stephanie laid out on the mat. Orton can’t
get the image out of his head and wants to apologize to the Authority
in person. This brings out HHH as Orton says it was clearly an
accident. He says it’s clearly an accident if you look at the
footage so here’s the ending sequence again.
more footage from a different angle in slow motion but we have to
wait for the YES chant to die down first. Orton talks over the
Daniel Bryan chant and talks about how their relationship is
important and he wants HHH and Stephanie to accept his apology. HHH
says he’s seen the footage over and over because they’re his cameras
in the first place. There are a lot of people that need to apologize
but he isn’t one of them. They both know he could fire Orton for
this but that wouldn’t be best for business. For this one time,
Orton’s apology is accepted.
is grateful, but there’s one more thing he needs to ask about. We
look at the footage of Cena helping Stephanie to her feet and
standing next to the Authority and Orton would like an explanation.
Randy talks about proving himself on Sunday but wants to know if the
Authority has the same amount of faith in him that he has in himself.
HHH says don’t worry about it because they know exactly where their
faith lies. Orton is confused to end the show.
C-. This show was
designed to set up the main matches for Sunday but we didn’t really
get anything new here. Bryan got in a shot at Bray and that’s really
about all that has changed. Cena still seems to be the Authority’s
guy (though I don’t buy it at all) and Punk is still promising to
take the Shield down with him. Other than adding the four way tag
match, there really isn’t anything new for Sunday. The wrestling
here was just ok but the point was setting up the PPV. Everything
was covered, but other than the main event there isn’t much of
interest to see, which cuts tonight’s show down.
Bryan b. Erick Rowan via DQ when Bray Wyatt interfered
Americans b. Goldust/Cody Rhodes – European uppercut to Rhodes
Lee/Tamina Snuka b. Bella Twins – Black Widow to Brie
b. Usos – Spear to Jey
Show b. Ryback – Chokeslam
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Tip: WWE event — network?

WWE announced this event today for January in Las Vegas. Has to be to unveil the network, right? I saved the image in case they take it off Twitter for whatever reason and you want to host it. Thought you may want it for a blog post.

Yeah, it's the network.  People have pretty much pieced together all the details at this point, although they're still trying to hide it before the big reveal for whatever reason.