Bret Hart


What do you think of Bret Hart's criticisms of HHH and the rest of the wrestling business? He's always really outspoken about what he likes and doesn't like. Is he respected in WWE anymore?

He certainly still seems to be, although clearly he's a guy who's out of touch with the current business, but then it's not like he's out there angling for a job as a booker or anything.  I'd give him a 4/10.

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Hey Scott been a fan for well over a decade now and glad you keep on keeping on.  If it would not be too much trouble can I get a plug for my friend’s Podcast/website that I help out with once in a while.  The site is not exclusively wrestling but the links below go to a couple of recent wrestling list. 

Stranger Things Presents: NWA EASTERN Championship Wrestling 10/19/93

Roll the opening video. Can anyone tell me what the theme song was for the intro at this point?

Tonight, we get Paul E. Dangerously unveiling a brand new Dangerous Alliance. ECW Tag Team Champions, Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody defend against the team of The Sandman and J.T. Smith; Tommy Dreamer makes his NWA debut against The Tazmaniac, an update on Sabu and Badd Company take on The Public Enemy.

Match #1: Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. The Public Enemy (“Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge).

Diamond and Grunge start off, and we get a little stalling. A lock up takes it to the ropes, and Johnny breaks clean. Anothe lock up, to the ropes again, as Diamond breaks clean, but Grunge hits a right hand. Whip off the ropes is reversed by Diamond, he goes up and over and hits a dropkick, then a Japanese arm drag, a flying elbow and Grunge hits the floor. The show takes a break here. When we come back, Grunge is tagging in Rock and he wants Tanaka tagged in, with Diamond obliging. Lock up, and Rock armdrags Tanaka. Another lock up, and this time Rock gets a hip toss. Lock up again, and Rock hits a body slam. Tanaka comes back and hits Rock with the same, only in very quick succession. They trade kicks, with Tanaka winning that exchange with a foot sweep, which the crowd appreciates. Whip off the ropes, Rock tries to go over but Tanaka hits a sit out power bomb for 2 as it’s broken up by Grunge. Grunge and Diamond tagged in. Diamond takes Grunge to the corner and hits all the buckles with Grunge’s head, then the mat. Whip to the opposite corner, and a leg lariat by Diamond. Diamond working on the arm, stopped by an eye gouge from Grunge. Diamond comes back with a float over DDT. 1…2…broken up by Rock. Tanaka tagged in. Tanaka catches the kick and hits a leg sweep to take Grunge down. Rocco tagged back in, and locks up with a tagged in Diamond, taking it to the PE corner. A double team takes Diamond down. Rocco works Diamond over in the corner now. Diamond goes down, and Rocco lays in headbutts to the knee. With the referee distracted, Grunge works over the knee on the apron. Rocco misses a move, and tags in Grunge who cuts off Diamond trying to get the tag to Tanaka. Grunge takes it to the mat for some leg work. Diamond breaks it up with a series of legs to the head, and an enziguiri puts Grunge down. Grunge quickly tags in Rocco before Diamond can get to his corner. Whip is reversed, blind tag for PE, Diamond dodges a charging Rocco and PE collides. Diamond gets the hot tag to Tanaka. Grunge is taken to the floor, and Badd Company hit the leapfrog guillotine on Rocco. Back suplex for Diamond, but the pin  is broken up by Grunge.  Diamond goes for another back suplex, but Rocco floats behind Diamond, runs him toward Grunge in the corner, but Diamond ducks and Grunge hits Rocco instead. Diamond rolls up Rocco…1….2….3! ***

WINNERS: Badd Company. Good match between these two teams. Standard tag formula applied here, and it was never dull.

“Daddy, we love you! We don’t need a TV star for a father…just you!” -Salvatore, Jr., Mario, Sofia and Antonino, the Bellomos. We see video of Salvatore Bellomo playing outside with his kids. The music is somber piano, while Sal appears to be very happy running and sliding and spinning and running some more. The dude shouldn’t run so much, as it appears that physics is working against him. Physics and biology. Physics, biology and sociology. We close with a get well wish from the ECW fans.

We come back with Jimmy Snuka getting introduced in the ring, and a plea to NOT call the ECW Hotline number, because if you call it, you will hear spoilers for every episode of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper!

Match #2: Chad Austin vs. Jimmy Snuka.

Lock up, to the ropes and Snuka with a knee to the gut. Whip off the ropes, and Snuka lays in a chop that takes Austin down. Another whip, and a kick to the stomach. Head to the buckle a couple of times. Whip to the opposite corner. Snuka lays in a punch, then hits a power bomb where he quickly let go, almost dropping Austin on his neck. Whip and a thrust to the midsection. Slingshot suplex for Snuka. Foot on the chest…1…2…3. 1/2*

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka. Match was Snuka slowly squashing the guy. There’s the ECW Hotline again. DO NOT CALL! Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper was on for five years! The number is blurred out but Joey provides the number verbally because he’s a big Mark Curry fan.

From the ECW Newscenter it’s a Special Report, with Jay Sulli. Paul E. Dangerously has promised to unveil a new Dangerous Alliance. Joey Styles conducted the interview in the ring, as we cut to said interview. Dangerously has the ECW Heayweight Champion, Shane Douglas, with him. Paul names Sherri Martel as the Director of Covert Operations (like Madusa in the original Alliance). The newest member of the Dangerous Alliance is Sabu! Sabu is wheeled out strapped to the gurney, as Douglas doesn’t like this addition, and says that Sabu is not welcome. Sherri takes umbrage at Paul disagreeing with Shane. Sherri screams some stuff that gets bleeped, and Paul goes to leave with Sabu. We cut to the Matty Cam, courtesy of Matty in the House, and Willie Watts is trying to get the scoop outside the dressing room of the Dangerous Alliance. A lot of arguing going on behind that door. The line appears to be drawn with Shane and Sherri on one side, and Paul and Sabu on the other.

Matty in the House is backstage with Jason Knight, who prefers to be called just Jason. Matty wants to know who Jason is going to be managing in ECW. Jason keeps dodging the question and MATTY IS THE MOST ANNOYING BASTARD. Who the fuck was this guy?

Match #3: The Sandman and J.T. Smith vs. Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody (c) – ECW Tag Team Championship.

Terry Funk is in the corner of the challengers. The Sandman in his wetsuit starts off with Stetson. We hit the headlock! Stetson powers out, and he and Hotbody lay in the kicks on Sandman. Double whip off the ropes, and double back elbow. Another whip and Sandman with a crossbody on both guys. Sandman clears the ring. Smith gets tagged in, and Stetson kicks the wrapped knee of Smith. Now we go to the mat for some leg work. Stetson comes off the top with a legdrop on the injured knee. The champs turn their backs, allowing Smith to tag in Sandman. Stetson dumps Sandman over the top rope and on top of Funk outside. We get some weird edit that has Sandman back in the ring with a sleeper on Stetson. Funk gets in the ring with a chair and hits the referee and then hits The Sandman. That’s a DQ. *

WINNERS: And STILL ECW Tag Team Champions, Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody Not a good match, and some untimely cuts in the editing. Not long enough to be anything special. Funk is pissed with The Sandman while Smith wants to know “ooooooooweeee, what’s up with that, what’s up with that?”.

Footage from later that week: J.T. Smith had a title match with Shane Douglas. Douglas gets a figure four on Smith with his injured knee. Funk was in Smith’s corner and threw in the towel, ending the match. Smith threw the towel back at Funk’s face, and Funk turns on Smith and proceeded to beat the tar out of him. So, basically, Funk had turned on two babyfaces in a week.

Match #4: Tommy Dreamer vs. The Tazmaniac. 

Early look for Dreamer with the suspenders. Taz still in caveman mode at this point. A body slam for Dreamer and a clothesline puts Taz outside. Dreamer brings Taz back in and hits a back elbow off a whip. Dreamer splashes the arm a couple of times, then hits the armbar. Whip by Dreamer, but Taz catches Dreamer in a sweet looking suplex. Taz hits the rear chinlock. Dreamer elbows out, and gets a sunset flip for 2. Taz with a big clothesline coming back, and another chinlock. Taz hits a powerslam off a whip for 2. Bodyslam for Taz, and another chinlock. Whip off the ropes, and Dreamer hits a corossbody for 2. Dreamer going for a suplex, but Taz another nice suplex. Taz misses the diving headbutt. Flying shoulderblock for Dreamer. Bulldog for Dreamer, but he misses an elbowdrop. Taz dumps Dreamer outside, and whips him into a post. Now a chairshot. Dreamer grabs the chair and wraps the chair around Taz’s head, then hits a DDT on the floor. Back in the ring, Dreamer with an enziguiri for 2. Body slam for Dreamer, and he goes up top. Taz crotches him, and climbs up for a northern lights suplex! Damn! Taz gets the 3! ***

WINNER: The Tazmaniac. Both guys with some nice offense. Tommy was still a little green here, but still made a good showing and Tazmaniac showing the various suplexes that everyone loves.

Tommy leaves to applause from the mutants, with Joey acting incredulous at that showing. And we’re out.

The Post-Game Opinion: A couple of good matches on this show make it an easy thumbs up. Badd Company was a team that was undervalued after their AWA run, as so far in ECW, they have looked pretty good. The Dangerous Alliance unveiling went awry, but it’s leading to a Shane Douglas-Sabu feud for the ECW Heayweight title, as Sabu gets the rocket push from day one. Tommy Dreamer’s debut looked good, and I have never seen the “pretty boy” gimmick before now. These early shows have definitely given me reason to backtrack a little on my overall feelings about the company. Thanks for reading.

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–04.10.14

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 04.10.14 Given what happened on Impact tonight, I know that I made the right choice to switch to NXT and never look back. Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are Rich Brennan (?), Alex Riley & Jason Alberts. Do we really need another whitebread announcer who sounds like Tom Philips/Byron Saxton/Tony Dawson? THEY’RE ALL THE SAME DAMN PERSON. Adam Rose v. Danny Birch The theme song is BACK. Phew. And the crowd starts SINGING it during the match! This is gonna get over huge on RAW. Rose hides in the ropes, which offends the British jobber, and Rose takes him down with an armbar. My mind is still blown at how fast and effectively he changed the character over. Birch fights back, but Rose gets mad and chops him down, into a broncobuster and spinebuster. Middle rope elbow finishes at 2:55. Get this guy to RAW! * Meanwhile, Corey Graves points out that a win is a win is a win. Bayley v. Sasha Banks Sasha attacks and gets a rollup for two, but Bayley gets her own for two. Sasha faceplants her for two and chokes her out in the corner for two and we hit the chinlock. Does Sasha ever wear anything but hooker red lipstick? It makes her look kind of like a tranny. Just saying. Bayley makes the comeback with a corner clothesline and back elbow, but runs into a boot in the corner. Sasha wraps her up in a straightjacket hold, but the Bayley to Belly finishes at 3:14. Bayley is becoming quite the powerhouse. *1/2 Sylvester Lefort v. Mojo Rawley Wait, did the storyline with Lefort and Mason Ryan ever pay off with anything? It seemed like they were gonna introduce someone as a foil for Ryan and then it was never mentioned again. As I ponder that, Mojo squashes him dead at 0:45. And then Brodus Clay, angry at the world, comes out and beats the shit out of Lefort as well. Meanwhile, Oliver Grey returns from purgatory and gets into an argument with Camacho. Meanwhile, The Great Khali meets Bayley. CJ Parker is disgusted by him. Luckily Bayley has been studying Punjabi and translates. Bo Dallas is here and it’s time to OCCUPY NXT. So the crowd stands up and turns their back on him. That is so hilarious. “I GAVE YOU COOKIES!” So I’m guessing that’s it for Bo before he goes to the big stage and bombs. Bo throws a tantrum, and this brings out JBL (“You don’t have enough people in there to occupy a see-saw”) and books him against Justin Gabriel. Justin Gabriel v. Bo Dallas Apparently Gabriel is a 3-time tag team champion. Really? Is that really a thing I missed when I wasn’t watching? So Bo runs away while the crowd changes their mind and decides they want cookies after all. Bo goes to the headlock and gets chased out of the ring while the announcers have the STUPIDEST conversation. This might be the worst combination they’ve come up with yet. Justin goes up and gets caught, and Bo chokes away on the ropes. Suplex gets two. Chinlock-a-Mania and the crowd is really bored as Gabriel makes his comeback and it dawns on me that this is apparently the MAIN EVENT. That’s how you know the show is a writeoff. Gabriel with a springboard bodypress for two, but Dallas gets a neckbreaker for two. Gabriel with a northern lights suplex for two. He whiffs on a moonsault and Bo tries the DDT, but Gabriel gets a small package for two. Bo takes out the knee and finishes with the DDT at 10:10. Yeah, that really showed Bo there, JBL. ** The Pulse Eric Young did not win a World title on this show, so it’s still the best one of the night by default. But really, Bo Dallas v. Justin Gabriel as the main event? And we’re supposed to be looking forward to CJ Parker v. Great Khali next week? It’s a shocking week when NXT is by far the worst show I’ve watched.

Impact Wrestling – April 10, 2014

Date: April 10, 2014
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Dixie Carter is back
tonight. Let’s all just take a minute to prepare ourselves for this.
You can almost feel the power struggle starting from here.
Officially she still has some power in TNA as she runs the behind the
scenes stuff as opposed to MVP running the on camera stuff. Tonight
is all about her wrath, which means it’s time for some bad acting.
Let’s get to it.

We open with an In
Memory graphic for Warrior.
Dixie Carter arrives
and has something planned for tonight.
There’s a ten man
gauntlet tonight for the title shot at Sacrifice.
MVP says Magnus
successfully defended his title against three men last week but
tonight he finds out his next challenger. Samoa Joe won’t be one of
the entrants because he’s “not available.”
It’s basically a ten
man Royal Rumble. James Storm is #1 and Gunner is #2 and of course
the brawl is on in the aisle. They get inside with Gunner avoiding a
middle rope ax handle and taking him into the corner for a stomping.
Storm is in even more trouble until Bobby Roode comes in at #3 to
give him a breather. Beer Money reunites for a bit but Gunner shrugs
off the ten rams into the top turnbuckle. Bully Ray is #4 and cleans
house as you would expect him to. A double suplex has no effect
though and he clotheslines Beer Money down.
Gunner and Ray load up
What’s Up to Storm but Roode makes the save Ethan Carter III comes in
at #5 to give the heels an advantage. Ray shrugs everything off and
chops away but Roode punches him down in the corner. No one has been
eliminated yet. Carter and Roode try to toss Ray until Bobby Lashley
is in at #6. The big man cleans house and hammers on all the heels
until Gunner, Ray and Bobby have a three way standoff. That goes
nowhere and they keep beating up the villains.
Abyss is #7 and cleans
house but Ray tries to toss him. Magnus comes out for commentary as
we take a break. Back with Sanada having entered and Eric Young
entering at I believe #9. No eliminations yet. Everyone fights
against the ropes and teases a few eliminations but no one is really
close. Willow is #10 and we get a showdown with Carter. A Twisting
Stunner has Carter in trouble as Spud wheelchairs down to ringside,
only to pop up and pull Willow down for the elimination.
Abyss chokeslams Sanada
and throws him out but walks into a spear from Lashley. Roode throws
the bald Bobby out though, only to get tossed by Ray. We’re down to
Ray, Gunner, Storm, Carter, Abyss and Young. Ray is about to go off
on Carter but Roode trips him up, allowing Carter to throw him out
and get us down to five. Storm nails a superkick to Gunner and
easily throws him out.
The three heels team up
on Young but he skins the cat and eliminates Carter on the way back
in. Abyss lays him out again though and the double teaming
continues. Eric trips both of them up though and actually hits the
top rope elbow on Abyss. Storm takes him right back down with the
Backstabber though, followed by an Orton Elevated DDT. The Last Call
misses though and Young throws him out. Abyss hits Shock Treatment
on Eric but can’t get him out. Young fights back with some right
hands and an ax handle, followed by a clothesline for the win and
title shot at 26:21.
D+. ERIC YOUNG? This is the
guy they’re giving a title match to? Not Gunner, Ray, Joe, or ANYONE
ELSE??? They have like five PPVs a year and the guy who was doing a
Dr. Frankenstein gimmick earlier in the year is getting one of the
main event slots? He’s more bearable when he’s serious but my
goodness this matches my head hurt.
Eric calls out MVP post
match. The boss comes out after a break and Eric says he does a
great job. Young isn’t a doctor but since this is live TV, anything
can happen. What MVP just saw was Eric earning a title shot. This
is live TV though and Eric is feeling crazy. He wants his title shot
TONIGHT. MVP asks if he’s sure and says it’s on. Magnus says that’s
fine because everything abides by his rules. MVP says there are no
Magnus Rules in effect, meaning the title changes hands on a countout
or DQ and Abyss is banned from ringside. If anyone interferes,
they’re fired on the spot.
Spud, in a jacket that
looks like it was involved in an explosion at a paint factory, has a
surprise party for Dixie. She tells him to tone it down and accuses
Spud of selling her down the river. Dixie leaves but as Spud follows
her out, Willow invades the room and cleans house.
Love vs. ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brittany
The winner gets Madison
at Sacrifice for the title. It’s a brawl to start with the girls
pairing off in the corners. Gail and Angelina start double teaming
Brittany but get in an argument over who gets the pin. Brittany
fights back and cleans house until ODB comes back in and runs
everyone over. Angelina takes a Bronco Buster but Gail kicks ODB
down. Brittany hits a handspring moonsault for no cover on ODB but
walks into a Downward Spiral from Love. Eat Defeat doesn’t work and
Velvet sprays hairspray in Gail’s eyes, setting up a Brogue Kick from
Angelina for the pin at 4:37.
D+. Well that was….obvious.
Angelina has been feuding with Madison for weeks now so the match at
the PPV is the logical progression of the story. It wasn’t anything
to see but Brittany got to show off a little bit. I’m still not wild
on the Beautiful People reunion as we’ve covered just about
everything they can do.
comes in to see MVP and mocks some of the stuff he’s done lately.
Apparently MVP stands for Massive Violation of Power. She says all
of this is because of one disgruntled wrestler and she’ll take care
of him tonight. Dixie wants him in the front row for her moment
Robbie E.’s flight is
canceled but MVP thinks Jesse and Zema should defend the titles
against the Wolves tonight unless Robbie can make it here by bell
We recap Eric getting a
title shot tonight.
Magnus thinks Eric is
making a huge mistake.
Here’s Dixie for her
big moment. She immediately calls out Bully, drawing a WE DON’T LIKE
YOU chant. Ray comes out and the fans want him to put Dixie through
a table. He thanks her for being around this week but Dixie talks
about Roode suckering him into an attack a few weeks ago. Dixie rubs
it in that Roode put Ray through three tables last week before
ranting about him costing her the company.
Ray says this is the
fans’ company and the wrestlers’ company but never Dixie’s company.
They talk over each other a lot until Dixie says she wants her money
back for Ray not doing his job. Ray says he’s spent it on a new car
and at Rick’s Cabaret in New York. “You’d like it. They’ve got a
lot of wine, women and song. A lot of women actually.”
Ray loads up his
catchphrase but Dixie slaps the mic out of his hand. She’s from
DALLAS, TEXAS and is responsible for every check that comes out of
the company. Dixie slaps him in the face but Roode jumps Ray from
behind. They load up a table but Ray fights back, only to have Roode
bail from a powerbomb. Ray stares Dixie down and we take a break.
Post break Magnus wants
to know what Dixie is doing. She says she’s going to her hotel,
having a glass of wine and going to bed. Magnus calls her a typical
woman and Dixie yells about him having an insurance policy before
Team Titles: Wolves vs. Zema Ion/Jesse Godderz
The Wolves are
challenging. Eddie chops Jesse to start but Davey (now with a blond
mohawk on top of his regular hair) makes a blind tag and double teams
Jesse down. Zema snaps Davey’s throat across the top rope to give
the champions control. The Wolves send the champions outside and hit
stereo suicide dives to take them down again.
Back inside and Jesse
slips in a knee from the apron to stagger Eddie, only to have him
catch both of them in a hurricanrana at the same time. Hot tag
brings in Davey to clean house with kicks and suplexes. A missile
dropkick gets two on Godderz and the toss into the kick looks to get
the pin, but Robbie E. runs in for the DQ at 3:43.
C-. Not bad here but this time
the ending was somewhat in doubt. I actually thought they might
change the titles here, which would have been a
bit too early with the PPV coming up in a few weeks. The Wolves are
the best team in the company and having them chase the titles for a
few months is a good idea.
is going to shock us with something about Samuel Shaw tonight. She
wants to talk to him in the ring about commitment.
Christy to the ring to invite Samuel for a chat. She
insists that he’s not creepy and says this whole thing is
complicated. Shaw says he’s the love of her life and she agrees.
Christy asks if he trusts her and she rubs her hands over his face.
She wants to know if Shaw would go anywhere she asks him to go but he
just slowly rips off his glove. Christy makes some rather suggestive
noises and tells him to close his eyes.
van with the words Psychiatric Services shows up on screen and of
course Anderson pops out. He comes into the arena and rubs his hands
behind Shaw’s back before laying him out with a Mic Check. The fans
chant funny farm and Anderson chucks him over the top. He crawls
towards Christy but Anderson chucks him into the van in the back.
Shaw pops out and runs away though, making this whole segment pretty
blames Carter and Spud for costing him the gauntlet match and wants a
handicap match next week.
is coming to New York City in June.
World Title: Eric Young vs. Magnus
why not. It worked at Wrestlemania XXX. Young scores with a quick
dropkick and flips over the corner before strutting down the apron.
Apparently Young has a bad arm coming into this to really hammer in
the similarities. Magnus avoids a charge into the corner and sends
Eric out to the floor with a big running knee. Back in and Eric
sends Magnus to the floor, only to get nailed as he tries a suicide
sends him into the steps and we take a break. Back with the champion
getting two off a gutwrench suplex and we hit a sleeper on Young.
Eric is quickly out of the
hold but gets caught in a camel clutch to work on the back as well as
the bad arm. Young powers
up into an electric chair and both guys are down. Back up and some
forearms and a clothesline drop Magnus. The arm seems fine at the
moment. Eric tries a wheelbarrow slam into a neckbreaker but mostly
drops Magnus on the way down.
top rope elbow gets two and Magnus nails the Michinoku Driver for the
same. He brings the belt into the ring but the referee takes it
away. Young loads up a Death Valley Driver but gets hit low for two.
Magnus is livid and gets caught in a crucifix for two. Eric comes
back with a piledriver for the pin and the title at 13:05.
C. Eric Young is the TNA World
Champion. Yes it’s a blatant ripoff of Daniel Bryan on Sunday, but
Eric Young hasn’t earned the spot like Bryan has. He’s a comedy guy
that has kept a job for a long time. That doesn’t mean he should be
the World Champion. I’m assuming this doesn’t make it past
Sacrifice, but I’ve only been able to tolerate Young for this many
years. Having him as World Champion is too far for me.
C. The ending just
doesn’t do it for me as I’ve already explained. The rest of the show
wasn’t bad, but this is the kind of show you need to build up to. I
get that they needed to do everything in one night, but let us know
in advance that this is coming. The Dixie stuff didn’t do anything
for me but it’s probably continuing over the next few weeks. The
wrestling was ok tonight but this is a very questionable way to use a
story like this.
Eric Young won a
gauntlet match last eliminating Abyss
Angelina Love b.
Brittany, ODB and Gail Kim – Bicycle kick to Kim
Wolves b. Zema
Ion/Jesse Godderz via DQ when Robbie E. interfered
Eric Young b. Magnus –

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NXT – April 10, 2014

Date: April 10, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason
Albert, Rich Bocchini, Alex Riley
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
There aren’t a ton of
stories coming into tonight but the main event out of last week was
Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves being stopped to to Sami’s head injuries.
Other than that we also might be building to Neville vs. Clay in the
future which isn’t the worst idea for a first new opponent for
Adrian. Let’s get to it.

We open with an In
Memory graphic for Warrior.
There’s a new
commentator named Rich Bocchini tonight. No idea if he’s a permanent
replacement for Phillips or not.
Adam Rose vs. Danny
The fans think the
party entrance was awesome. Rose prances around the ring to start
but gets knocked into the ropes. He leans back and keeps lifting his
feet to stop the charging Danny before running him over with some
shoulders. Rose cranks on the arm but gets dropped by a single right
hand. Adam comes right back with something resembling a Bronco
Buster and more prancing, followed by a middle rope elbow for the pin
at 2:54. Albert dances post match.
We look back at Sami
Zayn being injured last week. The referee says he was doing the
responsible thing and stopped the match for Sami’s safety.
Corey Graves says that
was just the beginning.
Sasha Banks vs.
Banks runs her over a
few times for two each but Bayley comes back with rollups of her own.
Sasha just goes off on her and hammers away before pounding on the
back of Bayley’s head. She chokes away in the corner and stomps on
Bayley for two. We hit a double arm choke for a bit but Bayley
fights up and comes back with some forearms. A running clothesline
sets up a middle rope elbow to the jaw for no cover. Sasha tries to
fight back but walks into the Belly to Bayley for the pin at 3:12.
Rating: D+.
Not much to see here but the hugging obsession is almost impossible
to not like. Sasha has charisma but there’s only so much she can do
if she keeps losing like this. That being said, both of these girls
are almost ready for the main roster. They’re not at Paige’s level,
but most of the Divas in WWE aren’t either.
LeFort vs. Mojo Rawley
crushes him in the corner to start and hits a Rear View followed by
Hyperdrive for the pin at 47 seconds. Now THIS is what Rawley should
be doing.
Post match Brodus Clay
comes out to powerbomb and splash LeFort. “Better than Batista!”
Clay still wants Neville and thinks he’s earned a shot. He calls
out Adrian again and here’s the champion to call Brodus out on his
whining. They stare each other down but Brodus walks out.
Oliver Grey is back but
Camacho cuts off his promo. He doesn’t like Adam Rose wanting to
party all the time but Oliver cuts him off as well. Oliver wants a
match against Camacho next week and it’s on.
We look at the NXT guys
at Axxess.
Khali is here and gets
a hug from Bayley. CJ Parker comes up and is really hoping Khali
recycles. Khali shouts in Punjabi but Bayley translates: the big man
wants a match next week.
Here’s Bo Dallas for a
big announcement. He’s seen what the YES Movement has done so it’s
time for the BO Movement to occupy NXT. The fans literally turn
their backs on him and Dallas freaks out. “I GAVE YOU COOKIES!”
He goes to ringside to yell before heading back in and falling to his
knees in tears, saying this makes no sense. I could get behind a Bo
Dallas that loses his mind.
We take a quick break
to say Don’t Try This At Home and come back with Bo’s meltdown
continuing. The fans want NO MORE BO and he weakly tries to turn it
into Let’s Go Bo. Now it’s a Bo-Tista chant until JBL makes a rare
appearance with a huge grin on his face. “Bo, your movement
doesn’t have enough people to occupy a see saw.” He makes a match
right now.
Justin Gabriel vs.
Bo Dallas
They circle each other
to start until Justin nails a few cross bodies. A rollup gets a
close two and Dallas bails to the floor. The fans want cookies as
Dallas comes back in with a headlock. Justin fights up and sends Bo
back to the floor again but gets knocked off the top rope. A suplex
sets up a cravate from Bo and he sends Justin hard into the corner.
Dallas levels him with
a clothesline but gets sent into the corner as well to put both guys
down. Gabriel fires off a series of hard strikes and gets two off a
springboard cross body. Bo reverses a tilt-a-whirl slam into a
reverse DDT for a close two and both guys are winded. A hard kick to
the back puts Bo down but he avoids a top rope Lionsault. Justin
comes right back with a small package for two but walks into a double
arm DDT for the pin at 10:00.
Rating: C.
Not bad at all here as Bo is finally getting some character
development that he’s been needing after losing the title. That
character can only be taken so far and the meltdown was the logical
progression for his character. Gabriel was his usual strong hand in
the ring here and looked good flying through the air.
Overall Rating: C+.
This was more like it as the show set up two matches for next week
plus a title program with Adrian’s first challenger. Dallas going
nuts was a great addition and the main roster guys’ appearances
continue to be used properly. I liked this show a lot as it felt
like an old school NXT show.
Adam Rose b. Danny
Burch – Middle rope elbow
Bayley b. Sasha Banks –
Belly to Bayley
Mojo Rawley b.
Sylvester LeFort – Hyperdrive
Bo Dallas b. Justin
Gabriel – Double arm DDT
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Mid-South/Turner Question!

Hey Scott,

I was reading this week's Observer and Dave was talking about how Watts and Turner had an agreement to go national together with Mid-South airing on TBS. Dave noted that Mid-South had a short but really strong ratings run on TBS before Watts lost the outlet.

My question is, why did Turner go with Jim Crockett Promotions over Mid-South, considering that Mid-South was the highest rated cable TV show while it was on TBS.
Yeah, Bill Watts was kind of wondering about that one himself.  I don't know if it's ever been definitely stated why Turner made the call, but I'm guessing Crockett underbid Watts and because wrestling is not a very nice business Turner felt that cutting Watts loose was an OK business move.  I mean, ultimately Turner picked the right horse to back, but it was definitely kind of a shitty move on his part.  

Which Shoot Interview Should be Reviewed Next?

This week, I have chosen three interviews that are filled with crazy stories. They might not be the biggest names but they are very, very entertaining. I know some might not be pleased with the names I selected but believe me, they are all fantastic interviews. Here are your choices:

Jamie Dundee

Buddy Landell

Brickhouse Brown

Vote by clicking on the link below. Voting ends Saturday at 7pm.

TNA Impact Thread

Matches for tonight include:

A 10-man Gauntlet for the Gold, with the winner receiving a number one title shot at Sacrifice. Competitors include: Bully Ray, Bobby Lashley, Gunner, EC3, Willow, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Eric Young

American Wolves vs. BroMans for the Tag Team Titles

Gail Kim vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love vs. ODB in a number one contender’s match for the Knockouts Title