No brain damage?

(Forwarded message )
Wonderful news (hopefully true):
The test results for Jerry “The King” Lawler reveal that the Hall of Famer has suffered no brain damage following his heart attack earlier this week. The news was first reported by WMC TV in Memphis.”Memphis TV channel 3 reports @JerryLawler has NO brain damage from his Monday night heart attack,” Jim Ross wrote on his Twitter. “Thank God for WWE doctors & EMTS.” Lawler suffered a heart attack on this past Monday’s episode of RAW. Because of the amount of time it took to revive him backstage, there was concern about brain damage due to the lack of oxygen being supplied to his brain.

Fwd: Smoking Skull belt was a shoot!

———- Forwarded message ——- Had no idea that Stone Cold pulled a legit fast one on the WWF with that title belt! ——————— I don't know about that story.  We had seen designs for the belt long before it debuted.   And how are the WWF titles, in use for twenty years straight, obscure?

Pushing Guys First/Title Second Trend isn’t helping wrestling

Hello Mr. Keith Again.  Always love the feedback you give on certain topics, so I'd like to ask another among the topics that is hot on your site, Titles.
I think the majority of fans, at least on the internet, agree with you that the Titles are basically props these days are are beyond devalued.  I hope they can be salvaged but I don't see that happening anytime soon, and honestly don't know how they would be able to anyway.  I do however, see one point that really pushed them as being meaningless, and that is the trend of "Give him the title, see if it works and/or push him regardless", as opposed to "Push him, see how he & the crowd responds, then give him the title".   I want to say this really kicked off with Orton's first Title win over Benoit, as I did not even consider him anything above IC Champ at the time.  Whether that was the the start or it may have even happened many times before, but since that particular win, WWE really has me wondering why give Wrestler X the title already? I think fair examples are Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Great Khali.  I may have seen some appeal to them at the time of their first title wins, and some crowd reaction, but never once did I think they should be considered a Main Event Champion, let alone headlining any PPV where they are defending the belt around the time they first got it.

Any thoughts?  I know you have mentioned Orton's first win aswell, and I almost want the throw The Miz in there, but I kinda got it, too bad it didn't last the way it could have though.

Given they have no long term planning these days, that particular genie probably isn't going back into the bottle any time soon.  I think that in a lot of ways now the issue is that they don't pull the trigger on guys QUICKLY enough, because people seemingly over stay over for a short window now and you need to get the belt on them while you can.  Del Rio was the perfect example of that, because he was very over in 2010 and was naturally leading up to a win over Edge at Wrestlemania, and they delayed his ascension to the main event to Summerslam and killed his potential to be a money drawing heel in the process.  Plus the titles are worthless anyway, so building these guys up for a chase isn't going to lead to a payoff that's worthwhile anyway.  


Hey Scott,
Quick question … apparently Jerry Lawler had a heart attack last night on an episode of Raw. Has the WWE gotten so bad at faking injury angles (or wrestling in general for the matter) that when serious things like this happen the first instinct is to be cynical about the carnies on Raw?

Yup.  Because they overuse the "X" signal now, so it's a case of the boy crying wolf too many times.  That being said, at least they keep high quality EMTs in the arena because of the other awful things that have happened in the past, so that likely saved Lawler's life.   The really sad thing is that the injuries guy DO suffer are almost never ones where they can use it to build for a big return afterwards, because no one notices until weeks later when some doctor is like "Uh yeah, you suffered a concussion in Milwaukee, take 6 weeks off."  It kills their momentum and gives the impression that the guy just disappeared for a month instead of having something do when he returns.  

Broadcasting Future

So not to sound vain, as this is a sensitive topic, but what do you think the WWE is planning now for the commentary situation?  It would seem to me that whoever takes the spot has to have a ton of credibility, and may almost have to play the heel role as Cole (as unbelievable as this sounds) is now the sympathetic commentator no one really wants to get on after the way he handled himself last night, both professionally and emotionally.  Regal?  Ross?   Heyman?

I imagine they'll just play it safe and go with Josh Matthews for the moment on both shows.  I don't think they really like Regal on commentary and Heyman is probably never getting back on the air again outside of his promo segments.  But Regal certainly would be the best political and quality choice out of the limited options available, unless JBL decides he wants to return as a color guy again.  

WCW Worldwide 5/8/1993

Taped from Columbus, GA

Airdate: May 8, 1993

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Our monthly installment of WCW Worldwide from Classics On
Demand brings us the second week of the Computer Contender’s Challenge. This
week Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio will vie for the World Tag Team
Championship against reigning champions the Hollywood Blonds “Stunning” Steve
Austin and Brian Pillman. Additionally Barry Windham will be the guest on “A Flair
for the Gold.”

Match 1: Johnny B.
Badd versus Dave Lynch

While Tony welcomes us to the program Badd comes to the ring.
As you would expect Jesse compliments Johnny’s boa. Lynch attempts a lockup and
Badd dodges him. Another try yields another dodge. Upon trying a third time
Lynch gets legtripped. After a quick tie-up Badd grabs a waistlock and a
takedown. Badd tries to maintain it, but Lynch reaches the ropes.

They tie up again, and Badd grabs a headlock. Lynch shoots
him off into the ropes and gets shoulderblocked. Subsequently Badd  gives him three armdrags. Moronically Badd
offers to shake Lynch’s hand, but when he looks to the crowd for approval Lynch
kicks him in the gut. A cross-corner whip gets reversed, and when Lynch comes
out of the corner he receives a back body drop. Badd delivers the Tutti Frutti
and gets the pin. After the match Badd applies the “kiss that don’t miss”
sticker on Lynch’s cheek. DUD

Tony and Jesse are on camera discussing the Cactus Jack
story. We are shown the highlights of the match where Vader powerbombed Cactus
Jack on the concrete on WCW Saturday Night. Check last week’s report for the
video link.

Either before or after the preceding segment WCW Magazine
was supposed to be shown; however, since it contained a promo from 2 Cold
Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell discussing their match at Slamboree against Bobby
Eaton and Chris Benoit it was removed by the WWE Classics On Demand staff.
Thanks again WWE for removing footage that is not detrimental to today’s youth.

Match 2: Scott “Flash”
Norton versus T.C. Carter

Carter tries to tie up with Norton and receives a punch to
the rib cage. After another punch he whips him into the ropes and delivers yet
another punch to the midsection. Norton chops him so hard he clears the top
rope to the floor. When Carter returns to the apron Norton hoists him overhead
and slams him back into the ring. After another whip he viciously clotheslines
Carter. He drops the elbow and gets the pin. DUD

Tony is at ringside ready to interview Norton. Norton cuts
him off before the introduction. He states: “All eyes are on me.” If he doesn’t
get respect he’ll take it.

We head to the Slamboree control center with Eric Bischoff.
He promotes the PPV on May 23. Matches already signed include:

Big Van Vader versus “The British Bulldog” Davey
Boy Smith for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Barry Windham versus Arn Anderson for the NWA title

The Hollywood Blonds “Stunning” Steve Austin and
“Flyin’”Brian Pillman versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Shane Douglas in
a steel cage

Sting will be on the card and a major
announcement regarding his match will be revealed next week.

Bischoff introduces Gordon Solie. He informs us that Ivan
Koloff, The Fabulous Moolah, Thunderbolt Patterson, and The Crusher will be in
attendance. We then get highlights of The Crusher.  In addition matches involving the legends
will take place–a singles match, a tag team match, and a six-man tag team
match. Also Ric Flair will host a special “A Flair for the Gold”, but the guest
has not yet been named. Maxx Payne will be in concert. Needless to say, but I’m
certain the Scorpio-Bagwell versus Eaton-Benoit match was originally included on
the telecast but omitted here.

Tony and Jesse discuss next week’s match for the US title
between Dustin Rhodes and Kensuke Sasaki. However, Sasaki has a mysterious
shoulder injury, so “Ravishing” Rick Rude will get the title shot instead.

Match 3: “Ravishing”
Rick Rude versus Ron Hagen

Just to irritate the fans and appease Jesse in doing so Rude
tells ring announcer Gary Cappetta that the fans “are not worth wasting his
breath on.” Rude starts the match with a kick to the gut and a couple of
forearms. He then whips Hagen off the ropes and misses a clothesline. In an
attempt to capitalize Hagen kicks him in the gut and whips him off the ropes.
Rude counters the whip with a clothesline, hooks Hagen for a vertical suplex,
and then drops him without going over himself. Next he follows with a DDT. An
attempted lateral press is aborted because Rude pulls off before the three
count can be completed. Rude mounts the second turnbuckle and delivers a knee.
Again he attempts a cover but pulls off at 2. He gives Hagen the Rude Awakening
and pins him. DUD

“A Flair for the

Flair makes his entrance with a “Woo!” Shortly thereafter Fifi
greets him with a glass of wine. Arn Anderson is at the bar with a brunette. For
the benefit of “10000 cards and letters” Fifi gets a special introduction and
curtsies for us. Flair promotes the match between Barry Windham and Arn
Anderson for the NWA heavyweight championship. To put everything in its place Arn
tells Flair that it’s Ric’s show and he can have whomever as his guest;
however, the “talent” sitting on the couch is “a heart attack waiting to
happen.” No offense is intended toward Jerry Lawler or his fans with that last
sentence. Anyways, Arn cuts a quick promo on Windham saying he’ll take
advantage of his one shot at the title.

Without hesitation Flair joins the ladies on the couch and
asks if he’s really better looking than Richard Gere. The phone rings and Fifi
answers it. She hands the phone to Flair. Obviously Barry Windham is on the
other end and declines Flair’s invitation to the show. In typical fashion Flair
momentarily overreacts and wants the women to leave. Arn quickly changes
Flair’s mind. To close out the segment Flair dances with the ladies as Arn pops
the bubbly.

In the sole installment of WCW Magazine shown this week Tony
Giliam informs us again that Maxx Payne will be performing with his “mysterious
guitar”, Norma Jean. “The Master of the Painkiller” Maxx Payne cuts a promo
showing off his guitar, Hellraiser. If he starts to play it will Pinhead and the
cenobites appear?

Match 4 for the WCW
World Tag Team Championship: The Hollywood Blonds versus 2 Cold Scorpio and
Marcus Bagwell

Scorpio and Bagwell hit the ring. Surprisingly Cappetta
announces Bagwell as WCW Magazine’s Rookie of the Year. As the Hollywood Blonds
make their way to the ring they roll their imaginary cameras. Tony announces
that next week the Hollywood Blonds will be the special guests on “A Flair for
the Gold.” Bagwell and Pillman tie up in the corner and Bagwell gives a clean
break. Deviously Pillman complains to Nick Patrick to check Bagwell’s boot
while he takes a foreign object out of his trunks. Patrick checks on Pillman
too as Brian raises his arms to hide it. Covertly Pillman then slips it into
his kneepad. Bagwell asks Patrick to check his hand as Pillman completes the
mind games.

They tie up again and Bagwell grabs a headlock. Pillman
shoots him off the ropes but gets shoulderblocked. As soon as Pillman tries to clothesline
Bagwell coming off the ropes Marcus ducks and grabs a go-behind in order to
roll him up. However, Pillman throws him off and misses an elbowdrop. Bagwell
comes back with a dropkick and an armdrag then holds the armbar to maintain

To break the hold Pillman trips Bagwell into the Blonds’
corner. Austin tags in and delivers a couple of forearm shots to the upper
back. As Jesse makes old jokes about the legends wrestling at Slamboree Austin
whips Bagwell off the ropes but gets countered. Bagwell drop toeholds Austin to
the canvas, grabs an armbar, and wring’s Austin’s arm.  Austin counters with his own arm wringer
though. Bagwell counters with a headlock and takes him to the mat. When they
get to their feet Austin shoots Bagwell off the ropes and gets shoulderblocked.
Just as Bagwell comes off the ropes Austin catches him with a boot to the gut.

To mock Bagwell Austin rolls his camera then tries to give
him a vertical suplex. Bagwell leaps over Austin and doubles him over with a
shot to the midsection. Bagwell mocks Austin by rolling his own camera. A fist
by Austin is blocked and returned by Bagwell. Again he mocks Austin with his
camera, kicks him in the midsection, and takes him over with a vertical suplex getting
a 2 count. To maintain control Bagwell grabs a headlock and takes Austin down

Scorpio tags in and nails Austin in the midsection during a
double-team. As Jesse puts it “the Cold Man” grabs a standing headlock. Austin
shoots him off and gets a shoulder block. Without delay Scorpio comes off the
ropes with a high cross-body block to gain a 2 count. He dropkicks Austin,
snapmares him for another 2 count, and regains the headlock.

To break the hold Austin hits the jawbreaker and tags
Pillman. Brian puts the boots to Scorpio and grabs a headlock. Scorpio shoots
him off the ropes, leapfrogs him, and gives him a hiptoss. A Scorpio dropkick
sends Pillman out of the ring. As Pillman tries to re-enter the ring Scorpio
baseball-slides him. A second attempt to get back in the ring earns Pillman a
vertical suplex entry. While Pillman tries to tag out Austin is in the other
corner untying the turnbuckle pad. Is there possible dissention between the
Blonds? They argue as we take a commercial break.

We return with Austin giving Scorpio a whip off the ropes. As
he attempts a back breaker Scorpio flips out of it, comes off the ropes, and
maneuvers Austin into a sunset flip for a 2 count. An inside cradle gets
another 2 count. As fast as a hiccup Scorpio somersaults hooking Austin’s legs
and gets yet another 2 count. A cross-corner whip by Scorpio gets reversed.
From the opposite corner Scorpio gains a headscissors on Austin, but Steve
drops him on his face.

Prior to tagging in Pillman Austin makes Scorpio eat mat
then boot. Pillman kicks Scorpio in the midsection to maintain control for the
Blonds. Upon taking Scorpio to the corner he gives Scorpio a couple of chops.
Scorpio shrugs them off and chops Pillman back. To thwart the comeback Pillman
rakes the eyes and tries to whip Scorpio off the ropes. Scorpio reverses, but
Pillman gives him a flying headscissors.

Pillman tosses Scorpio out of the ring and teases flying on
top of him. Acutely Scorpio ducks, and Pillman holds onto the top rope. He
leaps at Scorpio but eats the steel railing instead. Methinks it doesn’t taste
like chocolate. As Bagwell rallies for his partner the crowd is ecstatic. As
Scorpio and Pillman re-enter the ring tags are exchanged on both sides.

Bagwell is on fire as he knocks down Austin then Pillman. Valiantly
he tries to whip Austin off the ropes but gets reversed. Pillman nails Bagwell
in the back with a knee. Dastardly Pillman then chokes Bagwell with the towel
as Austin distracts Patrick. Austin then chokes Bagwell a couple of times then
drops a rope-assisted knee to the chest. Again Austin distracts Patrick so that
Pillman can choke out Bagwell with the towel.

Pillman tags in and stalks Bagwell trying to crawl to his
corner. Before the tag is made Pillman prevents it by kicking him and then
rubbing his face into the mat. He takes Bagwell to the corner and chops him. Defensively
Bagwell returns fire with a few punches but receives an eye rake. Jesse notes
the lack of “mustard” on Bagwell’s punches. Bagwell gets whipped to the corner,
jumps to the second rope, and gives Pillman a high cross body for another 2
count due to Austin’s distraction of Patrick yet again.

Pillman double forearms Bagwell in the head and gets a pair
of 2 counts. Austin tags in and kicks Bagwell in the midsection. While mocking
Bagwell to the camera Austin works him over then slams him. After mounting the
second turnbuckle he hits nothing but Bagwell’s knees. But before Bagwell can
reach Scorpio to make the desperation tag Austin nails Scorpio off the apron.
As Patrick is distracted by Scorpio the Blonds double-team Bagwell with a choke
along the top rope.

Pillman tags back in and delivers punches to Bagwell’s head.
Briefly he chokes Bagwell then kicks him in the gut. Pillman gives Scorpio a
back elbow drawing him back in then tosses Bagwell over the top rope. If the
referee had seen that the Blonds would be disqualified. Bagwell re-enters the
ring and Pillman “wants to make him quit.”

Pillman hammers him in the back then grabs an abdominal
stretch. Since he’s close to his own corner Austin assists him behind Patrick’s
back. Great camera work shows Patrick’s angle therefore proving his inability
to see the cheating. With flavor the crowd eggs Bagwell on, and he hiptosses
Pillman. He tries to make his way to tag Scorpio but gets blocked by an Austin
forearm. That gains a 1 count for the future Rattlesnake. Continuing his
assault Austin slams him down then drops the forearm to the head for another 2

Tony mentions that there are 2 minutes remaining. After Austin
gives Bagwell a snapmare he holds a reverse chinlock. Bagwell gets to his feet
and gives Austin a few elbows to the midsection. Next he tries to go to the
ropes for momentum, but Austin hangs on and delivers a clothesline. Pillman
tags back in. As Austin holds Bagwell’s arms behind him Pillman tries a
springboard clothesline; however, Bagwell ducks out of the way! While Pillman
apologizes to his partner Bagwell makes the hot tag! To borrow a quote from
Stevie Ray, it’s “on like donkey kong” now!

As if he were chomping at the bit Scorpio comes in and gives
Pillman a succession of punches and a spinning heel kick. He also gives Austin
a spin kick and whips Pillman off the ropes to give him a flying shoulderblock.
Following that he slams Pillman and heads to the top rope. 30 seconds remain in
the match as Scorpio flies on top of Pillman. When Scorpio covers him Patrick
is once again distracted by Austin and Bagwell in the ring.

Pillman tries to clothesline Scorpio but gets rolled up off
the ropes. With 15 seconds remaining Austin makes the save. As the time limit
expires Pillman accidentally nails Austin and gets rolled up. The match is a
time-limit draw as Tony previews next week’s show and closes it out. ****

Wow! What a great tag match! With Pillman and Scorpio in the
ring you knew the action would be fast and furious. Austin’s heel tactics and
Bagwell’s babyface act also sold that match tremendously well. The heel
chicanery displayed by the Blonds defines heel tag team wrestling. Despite “A
Flair for the Gold” resembling a Horseman party at the bar after the matches it
was still very entertaining. In spite of the missing Benoit footage I would
definitely give this show a passing grade with the fantastic tag encounter and
can’t wait until next month’s episode!

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WWF TV 2/25/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Championship Wrestling
February 25, 1984
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Vince and Gene run down the card and mention how Tito Santana had recently defeated Don Muraco in Boston for the Intercontinental Title. Vince then narrates some clips from the match

 Goldie Rogers vs. Tito Santana
Crowd cheers loudly for Tito as he comes out with the belt. Before the match, ring announcer Joe McHugh then introduces Andre the Giant as he congratulates Tito. He then pats Goldie on the shoulder and Goldie is scared and ducks out on the apron. Match starts with Tito backing Goldie into the corner. He beats on him for a bit until he finishes with the flying forearm (1:13).
Thoughts: This was all about establishing Tito as the IC champ. Having the clips before the match and Andre congratulate Tito made it seem like an important accomplishment. Nice segment.
Okerlund is with Andre the Giant. Gene says the competition in the WWF has never been better as Andre says that he is undefeated and you have to beat him to be #1. Andre then says how his main goal is to make the fans happy then he announces how he will return in the Summer after touring the world. A decent little segment to explain Andres absence.
Rudy Diamond vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Roddy Piper
Schultz takes Diamond down and uses some matwork to ground him. He elbows the back of Diamond’s head then grabs a headlock. Slam gets two. He slams him again and climbs the middle rope, dropping the elbow for the pin (1:40). After the match, Schultz and Pier look into the camera as Schultz asks for some competition.
Thoughts: Solid squash match. After building up Orndorff well for the past several weeks, they are now doing the same for Schultz. He was a good worker and a stable of Piper, Orndorff, and Schultz is certainly impressive.
Vince shows us black-and-white footage of Bob Backlund wrestling in high school. Vince states how Backlund is still a top contender and that his feud with the Iron Sheik is far from over. Not a bad way to re-introduce Backlund, who has been gone for the past few months.
Salvatore Bellomo & Frankie Williams & Rocco Verona vs. Wild Samoans w/Capt. Lou Albano
All three Samoans are here. Samula starts by grabbing Williams in a headlock. Williams breaks then gets an armdrag and a backdrop and the fans are going nuts. Samula ducks a charge but Williams escapes from the corner and tags Bellomo, who gets a mule kick and some punches. He tags Williams but he ducks his head after an Irish whip and gets hit with a DDT. Verona and Afa tag in and Afa destroys him. Tag to Sika, who gets the Samoan Drop for the pin (2:19)
Thoughts: Decent amount of action for a quick squash. This is the first time I have seen Williams on offense and he was horrible. Crowd was digging it though.
Steve Lombardi & Ken Jugan vs. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee
Lee beats down Lombardi. Jugan tags in and Lee beats on him until he hits a shoulderbreaker for the pin (1:06)
Thoughts: Useless squash. Fuji never even tagged in and barely even did anything at this point in his career. Lee does 90% of the work in their matches.
Piper’s Pit with the Masked Superstar. Piper says that Superstar is the only pro who has never had his masked removed. Superstar refers to his mask as his title and states he will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Not much of a segment. Just two heels bonding.
Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie
The crowd is screaming for Sgt. Slaughter. The two slug it out and Gilbert grabs a headlock. Sheik whips Gilbert into the corner then sidesteps a crossbody attempt and applies the Camel Clutch for the win (1:44).After the match, Slaughter runs out and chases Sheik and Blassie away. He then grabs the mic and declares war on the Iron Sheik. He closes by leading the crowd to the “Pledge of Allegiance.”
Thoughts: A nice way to keep this feud going, which gets the crowd crazy. Slaughter is over huge with them and all of the Patriotic stuff is clicking. The match itself wasn’t much at all.
Ron Shaw vs. Ivan Putski
Putski seems to shrink with every appearance. Shaw is noticeably taller than him. Putski gets a hiptoss then shoves him down. Shaw fights back but Putski quickly regains control and beats him in the corner. Shaw tries to fight back again but Putski finishes him with the Polish Hammer (1:43).
Thoughts: The crowds are caring less and less about Putski. His offense is not believable as his opponent needs to comically oversell in order for it to work and he is shrinking by the day.
Bill Dixon vs. Jose Luis Rivera
Vince notes how Rivera has been undefeated on Championship Wrestling. Rivera works a side headlock as Vince mentions how Tito Santana will be a guest on Piper’s Pit next week. Dixon lands a few shots but Rivera comes back with a knee. Slam by Rivera gets two and he goes back to the side headlock. Dixon whips Rivera into the corner but he lands on the apron and slingshots back in with a dropkick. He hits another dropkick before getting a sunset flip for the pin (2:54).
Thoughts: Crowd was absolutely dead for Rivera. They built him up on commentary as being undefeated on the show but no one seems to care. The match itself was fine.
Vince then tells us that Rivera will face Greg Valentine in next week’s main event.
Thoughts: Good show. The Sheik/Slaughter feud has been great and they built up Tito as the champ as well as starting the re-introduction process for Backlund. They are building up the newer talents as well. The squash matches were fine for the most part  
All-Star Wrestling
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
They show the same highlights from the Santana/Muraco title change from Championship Wrestling.
Ron Butler vs. Tito Santana
Tito wins a lockup then shoves Butler into the corner. He works the arm then lands several shots to the face. Backdrop by Tito then sets up the flying forearm (1:57).
Thoughts: A quick squash to put over Tito.
Frankie Williams vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar grounds Williams by using matwork then tosses him around the ring. He grabs a chinlock but quickly breaks with a hiptoss then he chokes out Williams with the ropes. Superstar tosses him around some more before hitting a clothesline then the swinging neckbreaker for the pin (2:17).
Thoughts: Good squash. Superstar completely dominated and looked like a legitimate threat.
Same clips of Backlund wrestling in High School as they showed on Championship Wrestling.
Goldie Rogers vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Goldie breaks a lockup but gets taken down with an armdrag. He complains to the ref about a hair pull then fires away. Bellomo blocks a turnbuckle smash and takes Rogers down with a snapmare. Flying headscissors and then they blow a spot which looked like it was either a dropkick or another headscissors as Bellomo did something similar to a ballerina twirl. Slam by Goldie and he chokes him out with the ropes. Another slam and an elbow drop gets two. Sal fights back and gets a standing dropkick and shoulderblock, which sets up the mule kick for the win (3:12).
Thoughts: A fairly competitive match. Rogers wasn’t a bad worker so it was decent. Bellomo sucks though and the mule kick is a crappy finisher.
Tiger Jackson & Haiti Kid vs. Dana Carpenter & Pancho Boy
Carpenter is like a foot taller than the rest of the midgets. Dana gets an elbow smash but Tiger comes back with a dropkick. Tag to Haiti Kid and he gets a dropkick. Dana gets a press slam and tags Pancho. Haiti no sells an turnbuckle smash and chops down Pancho. Dropkick by Haiti and Pancho tags out. The faces double-team Dana for a bit until he fights back. He gets a few dropkicks but Tiger gets the advantage and manages to tag. Turnbuckle smash by the Haiti Kid and then gets a snapmare for the win (3:20)
Thoughts: The action was surprisingly solid. I have no idea what happened at the end as their seemed to be some confusion. I’m pretty sure the pinfall was not supposed to be off of a snapmare.
Replay of the Mr Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee squash from Championship Wrestling
Replay of Piper’s Pit with Masked Superstar from Championship Wrestling
Replay of Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik from Championship Wrestling
S.D. Jones vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Roddy Piper
SD grabs a side headlock then they engage in some matwork. Shoulderblock by Schultz and he works a nerve hold for a while. SD finally breaks the hold and gets a hiptoss. Schultz begs for mercy in the corner as SD stomps away. Schultz comes back with a headbutt to the midsection and throws some forearms. Elbow smash gets two. SD then manages to get a small package for two. He punches Schultz out of the ring. Back inside, SD gets a headbutt but Schultz gets a slam then drops the elbow from the second rope for the pin (6:56) *1/4.
Thoughts: A basic match. Schultz didn’t look dominating but held control for a majority of the match with a nerve hold. One of the longer matches on these shows.
Bill Dixon vs. Tonga Kid
Tonga works the leg until Dixon reaches the ropes. He grounds him by using headscissors then gets a leapfrog and a dropkick before going to a headlock. Dixon gets a knee then a backdrop. Slam by Dixon but Tonga comes back with a headbutt then finishes with a missile dropkick (3:14).
Thoughts: Tonga was probably the most athletic worker they had in the company at this point. He was built like a cruiserweight and showed flashes of his potential at times.
Next week’s featured match is Tito Santana vs. Rene Goulet.
Final Thoughts: The Superrstar squash was fun and Tonga looked good but the rest of this was forgettable. Its not a bad show to watch if you miss out on Championship Wrestling as it recaps the important parts, but it is the lesser of both shows.

I Have Issues (10)

By: J. Ryan Buck (Lostscribe)
“Truly, to tell lies is not honorable; but when the truth entails tremendous ruin, To speak dishonorably is pardonable.” -Sophocles

This is a follow-up to Identity Crisis which I did in I Have Issues # 8. If you haven’t read that one you might want to so that this will make more sense.

JLA #115-119
(W) Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg (A) Chris Batista

J’onn J’onzz (Martian Manhunter) is visiting his home planet of Mars. The planet is dead, his whole race wiped out by a psychokenitic plague many years before. This planet used to be his home, but now he only has one home, it’s from here we transition to the JLA watchtower and a near brawl about to break out with the members Hawkman and Green Arrow. They used to be friends but no longer as the secret of this team is erroding away at the core of what they stand for. Wally West (Flash III) comments that the only reason he called them all here was to let them know that he is going to tell Batman what the group has been doing and what they did to him. J’onzz shows up and asks, “what are they going to tell Batman?” Wally replies that all he has to do is read their minds. J’onzz replies that he can’t, it’s then they all look at Zatanna. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) shows up and replies that they need to get everything out in the open and that he is there at Wally’s request. (This was after Hal Returned but was still looked upon as a mass murderer by some Leaguers due to his time as Parallax.) Carter Hall (Hawkman) and Hal continue to debate the merits of airing the Leagues dirty laundry. J’onzz getting a little impatient again asks, “what did they do?” Hawkman attempts to leave and Hal creates a green barricade on the door. Hal explains that back when the Society of Super-Villians switched identities with the League and they knew who their secret identities were, they had Zatanna use her magic to erase the Societies memories. Then after Dr. Light raped Sue Dibny they went to more extreme measures, mainly changing his personality. Green Arrow points out that they lobotomized him. Zatanna admits that she erased Batman and J’onzz memory and then set up the magical block so that he would not pick up stray thoughts from them. Carter then points out that if he had known it was going to be this big of a “thing” then he would have just killed Dr. Light. (Would anyone have blamed him?) Wally reiterates that they need to let Batman know what they did, J’onzz does a quick mind scan and then replies that, Batman already knows.

In Belle Reve prison Deborah Darnell has been unconscious for five years. A pair of red eyes in the shadows awakens Deborah and transforms her into her alter ego the villain Star Sapphire. Awakened she is furious as she asks, “who will be held accountable… ?”

Back on the JLA satellite Zatanna is feeling remorseful for her actions. Hal tries to console her reminding that she was a rookie at the time. Zatanna admits that the worst part is that if push came to shove again, she would make the same choice. Just then they get a call for help from Red Tornado who is under attack in Rhode Island. Just as they are about to swoop into action they get another distress call from Opal City.

Tornado is fending off an attack as tree branches wrap up the android and rip his circuitry up. On the scene, Hal Jordan scans Tornado to find him barely operational. The group of Dinah Lance (Black Canary) Oliver Queen and Hal specualate who is attacking, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing? (my guess would be Floronic Man, haven’t read this in years.) Dinah starts to choke and then opening her mouth, let’s out black canary’s. (This is not one of her powers if you are new to the DC universe and are unaware.) Green Arrows bow sprouts thorns cutting Ollies hand and causing him to drop it. Green lantern is about to get shove some light up the villians asses when time freezes around him. In the shadows stands Chronos, Felix Faust and the Floronic man, (I knew it!)
In Opal City, Ralph Dibny is running from an attack and is saved at the last minute by Carter, Zatanna and Wally. In the shadows and watching the heroes watch Star Sapphire, Matter Master and Wizard.
In Gotham Catwoman is beating the tar out of Firefly on the rooftops. Batman shows up and Selina Kyle does her usual sexy talk to get out of situations to which Bruce replies that she needs to return the diamonds that she took from Firefly. Just as she leans in to get closer to Bruce she smacks into something invisible. J’onzz appears and apologizes which he should he was practically on top of Batman! The Martian says that they need to talk and Bruce makes sure to get the diamonds back from Ms. Kyle before she uses this diversion to slink away. It’s after this little exchange that Red Tornadoes parts fall from above, followed by the JLA’s unconscious bodies. Above Batman, J’onn and Catwoman stannding on a pink construct created by Sapphire stand all six villains together with the Wizard stating, “Hello Bruce. Remember us? Because we remember… everything,” 

Martian Manhunter says that it will take him a few minutes to wake up the rest of the League, Batman replies, “you’ve got one.” (Stupid ass villians. They couldn’t just throw the league in a construct that could hold them, or even just leave them where they were. No they had to make a big show and bring the team with them. Think they are gonna be sorry about this decision here in a few minutes?) Catwoman jumps in grabbing Firefly’s flame thrower and starts spraying the villians, while Batman pulls J’onn back to avoid the flames. Catwoman then asks if this makes her a member? (Apparently she forgot that she was already a member back in JLA 17 when she saved the League from Prometheus by whipping him in the nutsack.)

To defeat a villain you need to find his weakness and exploit it… or just strike him in balls, whatever. Pictured also, Batman’s weakness, Flash’s weakness,Green Lanterns weakness etc.
Faust absorbs the flame into himself and uses it to encircle Catwoman asking her which side is she on? Using the fire he meneuvers her off the side of the building. Batman throws a line for Selina and while he is trying to pull her up, he is grabbed by Floronic man from behind. Woodrue encircles Bruces head with a green mist but then a gets a chunk of his head taken out by Hawkman. Matter Master takes control of Carters sheild and magnetically puts it into his flesh attempting to sever his arm. The Flash helps Ralph to his feet and they are visited by Star Sapphire who demands that they get on their knees. Wally mentions that it’s damn tempting! Matter Master is pushing the sheild further into Carters shoulder with his foot saying that he wants to hear a scream. Dinah obliges and takes the old man down with a sonic yell. 

Ollie pulls the sheild out of Hawkmans shoulder and Chronos shows up and makes the time bomb arrow in Queen’s quiver go off. Zatanna and J’onn are on bystander duty as they trie to keep the collarater damage for hurting anyone. The Wizard taunts the pair and Zatanna points out that he is a lame ass magician. Faust emerges with a black cat in hand and ready to sacrifice it to cast a spell. Selina takes exception to this and scratches Faust who in turn cuts her and uses her blood to finish the spell. Before he can conjure anything Manhunter blasts the pentagram of blood underneath Faust’s feet, “no more magic today.” commands J’onn (so I guess Zatanna is done for the day?) Faust says, “one last trick.” and then makes the villains disappear. (My major complaint of Geoff Johns is his diminishing the roles of Kyle Rayner and Wally West in the DC universe. I read a load of Flash and Green Lantern issues during my high school and early 20’s that built up these two characters and unlike Bruce Wayne who IS Batman and Clark Kent who IS Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow were characters that could be replaced by others. Hell, Jordan and Allen weren’t even the first ones to carry the mantle of said characters. Not to mention both characters death’s were so iconic that bringing them back diminished even the characters themselves in my opinion. That rant having been made, I must say Johns along with James Robinson are the masters of bringing old school style into the modern age of comics. This battle was like every old school Saturday morning cartoon battle. No serious damage dealt and everyone got their moments in. Done all the time this becomes hokey but I really enjoyed this old school battle.) With the Villains gone Dinah asks Zatanna what the symbol Faust left on the ground is. Zatanna answers that it’s the eye of truth, the Third eye. (Insert dirty joke here.) While the heroes are picking up the pieces, Batman and Catwoman exit stage left.

In the Batcave Catwoman is on the table and Alfred is attending to her wounds. Batman tell’s alfred to prepare the spare bedroom and then J’onn appears and tells Bruce that they need to talk. Bruce mentions that they have nothing to talk about. The next page has the rest of the league looking somber and Jo’nn saying, “Then Listen!” Zatanna steps forward and takes full responsibility and tells Bat’s that will do anything in her power to make it right between them. Bruce tells her that she can leave. Ollie says that with the Society having their memories back they have to stick together. Dinah tells Bruce they need him. Batman mentions they didn’t need him when they lobotomized Light or Faust or anyone else they violated. Carter makes the argument that all they took from Bruce was ten minutes of his life and that the move was to save Sue, Ralph and who knows who else. He asks him if his ten minutes was more important or his friends? Next page we get Batman decking Hawkman and yelling, “My friends would never have done that to me.” (Kind of hypocritical of Bruce when it’s revealed during the OMAC mini series that he had a whole network set up to take down all the heroes if they were ever to get out of line. But that’s Batman for you, he’s kind of an asshole.) 

Hal steps in and stops the fight that everyone would love to see, and Batman leaves everyone in disgust. It’s then heroes break to guard their loved ones for the attacks that are sure to come form the Society who knows who their secret identities are again. As J’onn heads back to the satellite he finds someone sitting in his chair. It’s someone who claims that they have everything to do with getting the society back their stolen memories… Despero.

(In the back of this comic is what comics come out the same month, with the feature comic being All Star Batman and Robin. Boy I sure do hope this Frank Miller and Jim Lee joint doesen’t take seven years to get ten issues only to announced for a reboot long after anyone stopped caring and still waiting to see as of August 2012. Of course Jim Lee would go on to draw the current Justice League reboot and Miller would go on to direct a horrible fucking film staining the legacy of Will Eisners great character the Spirit as well as threatening us with more films to come.)

                     And on the day the term “Epic Fail” was created we looked on in wonder.

Despero mentions it’s ironic that he has been trying to destroy the League for years and that they would end up doing something that will destroy themselves. Jo’nn states that the Leauge is not as fragile as Despero believes and then it’s clobberin time! Despero is one of those threats that usually takes the entire League to defeat and so the Martian Manhunter tries to contact his teammates. (Is it me or did DC miss the boat on who to make their token gay character a couple of months ago? I mean it’s right in J’onzz name isn’t it? I kid, I kid.) Unfortunately for the green leaguer everyone else has their hands full at the moment.
The Flash zips into the Daily Planet and snags Lois Lane. Taking her to a private janitor closet to start to explain the situation and asks where Clark is? Before the conversation gets too deep an explosion cuts loose in the building.. The Society attempting to bring the whole building down while they discuss who they will go after next, going through a laundry list of the heroes loved ones names. Lois is hanging on for dear life on a flag pole after she was blown out of the side of the building during the explosion. (Seriously how many times has Lois been hanging from a flagpole? I would like a count on that.) Flash attempts to bring her back into the building but is time stopped by Chronos. Matter Master liquifies the flagpole and Lois is left to fall down the side of building. As usual she is grabbed in mid-fall by the man of steel. (You just know one of the Society members shits their pants at his arrival. I’m not pointing fingers but Matter Master I am looking your way.) 

Hawkman, GL, Ollie, Dinah and Zee show up to lend a hand as Sapphire knocks the giant Daily Planet… uh planet off the top of the building. Hal slams the golden globe into Sapphire knocking her for a loop. The Floronic Man curls his branches around Jordan but is shot with ice arrows by Ollie. On the next page we get Hawkman fighting a pterodactyl, oh did I fail to mention that one of the villians summoned pterodactyl’s. The panel isn’t explicit as to who, but I’m guessing Chronos brought some from the past. (Seriously you have the ability to mess with time and bring anything from the past and you bring pterodactyl’s. I would bring like five Doomsdays from several different times and drop them in Metropolis then just head down to Starbucks and watch the heroes get their asses kicked, but hey no one ever said the villains were smart. 

                                                                Pictured, PAIN!

Also think about the poor pterodactyl’s who were just minding their own business and then suddenly a guy in a Hawk costume is trying to rip open your mouth and smacking you in the head with a mace. I’m not sure if PETA extends to dinosaurs and creatures that are already extinct but just because you have a guy in a bird costume doing the damage I’m not sure that would “fly” with them.) Dinah sonic screams at Chronos and Matter Master while the Wizard is attempting to destroy the base of the Daily Planet. The Flash tackles the Wizard and Faust blasts Supes into a wall claiming he has summoned the rays of Kryptons red sun. It’s then Zatanna steps in and cast a stop spell on Faust and then decks him. Superman pulls himself to his feet and wonders how they knew he was Clark, to which Z responds, that they need to talk. After a brief explanation as to what is going on the heroes find themselves at the same crossroads as years ago, they have villains who know their secret identities so what do they do. Hawkman tells them it is going to come down to a vote again.

Meanwhile J’onn is doing battle with Despero as they chase each other in space and come crashing down to earth all the while the Martian is telepathically calling for help. Despero taunts the green hero with the fact that he is using his ample psychic abilities to dampen the call and anyway the rest of the League is too busy fighting eachother to hear him anyway. Suddenly a steel rod is shoved through Despero’s shoulder and behind him is Aquaman.
The League continues to debate what to do about the Society with the vote going down to 3 against 3 and Zatanna being the deciding vote. Zatanna says that she will not do it again, no matter what the consensus is and that she quits the League for good this time, and with that she disappears.
Aquaman knocks Despero through a ship and into the ocean where he commands a pack of sharks to tear the villain up. Charging into the alien, Aquaman continues the battle underwater and not to call out the artist but he mistakenly draws a cityscape underwater in couple of the scenes. Honest mistake seeing as the fight is taking place both in the city and underwater and the comic is also being written by two writers. (They missed the boat on this one, no pun intended. This should have been a mistake that was used in a storyline. A city appears underwater and the heroes have to investigate.) 

(On the next page we get an advertisement for WWE Day of Reckoning 2 for Gamecube.)

                                                              ahhh memories.

Back to the comic at hand as Arthur brings Despero back to the surface and with a combined assualt of psychic powers the two Leaguers attack Despero and the battle must continue!

The rest of the league heads to the Watchtower to get the final cote from J’onn and find that they cannot find him where they left him, although he is a shapeshifter so he could be anything couldn’t he? All they find is that the place has been trashed during a battle.
In the Batcave Catwoman tries to get some emotion out of Bruce who is both angry and somber at the same time. Selina tries to get close to him and they are then interrupted by Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Despero. Soon Batman starts to have a headache and then he kicks Selina into a wall. Despero now has control of all three League members and the stage is set for the finale. (Now here is where the storyline, while still an adequate JLA tale takes the easy route instead of the more risky and logical step. You have League members against League members already as the two sides have different viewpoints on the situation. You have Batman who already has methods to defeat all the heroes as seen in “The Tower of Babel” JLA story as well as the Brother Eye mini series. So with all of these elements and characters in place why not split the League in two and set Batman up as a renegade reclusive that doesen’t trust anyone with powers. There you have a years worth of stories as well as your summer crossover blockbuster all set as heroes are against heroes and Batman hates them all. What’s that you say? Marvel’s Civil War already did that? Not at this point they didn’t. Civil was in 2006 while this comic was in 2005. So you have already scooped Marvel’s next summer plans and all you had to do was make the next logical step in the story. Instead we get the League versus the League, but not really because Aquaman, Manhunter, and Batman are being controlled by Despero. Enough of my ranting and raving, let’s get to the conclusion.)

Catwoman calls the rest of the JLA to help her out and damn they are fast as ecery is there and kicking Despero’s ass in the span of a panel. Dinah is the next to be taken over as she turns and sonic screams Hawkman while Superman gets put in a headlock by the Manhunter. Green Lantern pours it on with his ring right into Despero’s third eye… ahem. The whole time Despero is trying to cause Hal to doubt himself since he did turn evil and kill a bunch a people back in the 90’s. (What ever happened to Hal Jordan being a mass-murdering fuckhead? Oh yeah we rebooted, that’s right, so I guess all is forgiven then.) Batman decks GL and then Hal is also taken over by Despero. Despero pulls Hawkmans wings off of his harness, wile Hal is trying to shoot spears at Flash but he is just too damn fast. Flahs is felled by Despero from the distraction of trying to run for his life and then everyone looks to Supes who they then collectively knock through the Wayne Manor wall. Alfred stops to check on Clark and is then met by Bruce who has a batarang in hand and is ready to kill. Hawkman tackles Batman and gets punched in the face for his trouble. Carter smacks Bat’s with the grandfather clock used to conceal the entrance to the batcave. Hawkman is pretty beaten at this point and Batman drops him to the floor. Despero comes to finish off Superman and while he tries to overtake the man of steel, he struck by a tornado, a red tornado as the android appears and let’s despero know that he cannot control him, for he is an android.

 Then the rest of the mind-controlled League appears ready to make scrap metal of Red while Despero continues trying to submit Superman. Then Zatanna appears and commands Despero to stop, well she says it backwards anyway. Zee then free’s the rest of the League and then says that she is going to fix everything and leaves in a puff of pink smoke. The League then admits that maybe it’s best if they spend some time apart (I’ve heard that one before it really means they just want to see someone else. Bitch!) The team splits mostly amicably leaving just J’onn and Superman to rebuild the league while the rest of the team takes Despero to OA for containment.

At Belle Reve Zatanna is confronting the Secret Society who all taunt her with the fact that she is going to have to do it again, she is going to have to erase them. She admits that that is what she is going to do but considering what she could do to them and all the people they have killed and terrorized that they deserve far worse, then she again wipes their memories clean of the heroes identities.
The story does end on a personal note which I always like because it humanizes the characters. Batman is staring at Selina’s picture on his moniter as he call’s for J’onn to show himself because he can hear him breathing. J’onn asks Bruce what he already knows, that his anger over what happened wasn’t just about the betrayal. It was the fact that Catwoman was a member of the original Secret Society and got her mind-wiped with the rest of them. 

Bruce in his own way is in love with Selina and feels that Selina is in love with him, or was it just cause she was made docile like the rest of the Society. Bruce doesen’t know if she really loves him or if she is just not herself after being lobotomized. (Yet another missed storyline opportunity, though it was cool they even thought of this as being his motivation.)

So their you have it, the follow up to Identity Crisis and the lead in to Infinite Crisis, though I need a small break from Events I will probably hit that one in the future. This post should have been done two weeks ago but going on vacation and going through the steps of buying a house kind of got in the way. Also during my time away I got to go to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Though I could really only afford to go for one day this year it was still a blast!

I met Garth Ennis, Jeff Lemire, Roger Stern, Frank Quitely, Paul Levitz, Mark Waid, John Wagner, Brian Bolland, Mark Buckingham, Ron Marz and others that I am sure I am forgetting. Sadly the one I wanted to meet the most, Scott Snyder I never did. Ran by his signing booth on four occasions and he was never their. Oh well there is always next year. Picked up loads of comics for cheap which made me realize that I need to start listing comics worth digging for in my post so starting next post I am adding a small part I’m calling “Life in the Quarter-Bin” where I showcase cheap comics well worth your time and money to find!
Also as a side story I feel like a piece of my life is now complete as I saw Brian Bolland drawing Judge Dredd. Now for those who don’t know, Brian Bolland is unquestionably the greatest Dredd artist of all time, but unfortunately his style is so detailed that he takes a long time to produce artwork, so he has been mostly relegated to doing covers in the last fifteen or so years. Seeing the master at work for me was the equivalent of seeing Michael Jordan (something I have never done, but can imagine) play live, my heart literally skipped for a second.

Previous installments found here

Also prayers to Jerry Lawler, get well soon King!

What the World Was Watching: In Your House – Revenge of the Taker

by Logan Scisco

Vince McMahon, Jim
Ross, and Jerry “the King” Lawler are in the booth and they are live from
Rochester, New York

I couldn’t find
footage of the Free for All match, but on that show the Sultan defeated Flash Funk
with a powerbomb at 2:55 for those that are interested.

Opening Contest
for the WWF Tag Team Championship:  The
Legion of Doom defeat The British Bulldog & Owen Hart (Champions) by
disqualification at 10:09:
It’s really disheartening that three of the four
participants in this contest are no longer with us.  The tag team champions face another tough
matchup in the opener of the pay-per-view and they had to be wishing for the
days when The New Rockers, The Godwinns, and the Bodydonnas constituted the tag
team division.  The crowd loves to chant
“LOD”, but they are subdued during much of the match, even in parts when it
looks like the LOD might win the titles. 
Animal hits a powerslam off the second rope to pin the Bulldog, but the
decision is overturned because it is ruled that the Bulldog was not the legal
man.  The champions start walking towards
the locker room dejected, but when they hear the announcement Owen gives a
great “I knew that!” expression.  After
the restart, it doesn’t take long for Owen to eat a Doomsday Device, but before
the three count, Bret Hart runs out of the locker room and creates the
disqualification.  This was just a
standard tag match, but it could’ve come off better with a more vocal
crowd.  Rating:  **
Dok Hendrix
interviews The British Bulldog and Owen Hart and Owen says that they didn’t
keep the titles on a fluke.  The
champions refuse to believe that Steve Austin is in the building to face Bret
later tonight
Sunny and Brian
Pillman hype the Superstar line and urge us to call 1-900-737-4WWF!
-Kevin Kelly
interviews Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia, who says that Savio’s in for
a hell of a fight in their upcoming match.
Championship Match:  Savio Vega (w/The
Nation of Domination) beats “The Rock” Rocky Maivia (Champion) by count out at 8:34:
Savio defeated Maivia on Raw prior to the pay-per-view
and you would think that after the beating Maivia took on that show that he’d
bring some backup to this encounter. 
Faarooq wanders out to do guest commentary and he discusses the gauntlet
challenge that he laid down to Ahmed Johnson on last week’s RAW.  You can hear a pin drop for this match,
showing how little enthusiasm Maivia was generating as champion.  This isn’t much better than their match on
Raw, with Savio draining the energy of the match with chokes and nerve holds.  At least Maivia gets in more offense in his
comeback.  Savio tosses Maivia to the
floor and Crush gives Maivia a heart punch behind the referee’s back, but Crush
doesn’t roll Maivia into the ring and that costs Savio the title, much to
Savio’s chagrin.  There is some arguing
between the two before Faarooq gets into the ring and the Nation resolves the
problem by beating the young Maivia until Ahmed makes the save.  This match continued Maivia’s weak run as
champion and he’d lose the belt shortly after this.  Rating:  *
Ahmed gets on the
mic and accepts Faarooq’s challenge.
Ken Shamrock is
shown having some fun on America Online
Hendrix interviews
Sable and Marc Mero.  Sable says she
appreciates that she is a two-time Slammy winner and Mero says he hopes to be
back soon.  Austin goes into the bathroom
behind them, cursing the whole way, and an altercation is heard in the room.  The British Bulldog eventually emerges with a
deer in headlights look as he holds an iron bar in his hand and he runs
off.  Owen follows shortly
thereafter.  Dave Hebner tells Hendrix
that Austin is hurt and he needs help before also running away.  The whole segment was hilarious because of
the bad acting of everyone involved.
“The Real Double
J” Jesse James pins Rockabilly (w/The Honky Tonk Man) with a small package at
This was the blowoff of the Honky Tonk Man protégé angle,
which had been going on for months, and the end result was terrible as Billy
Gunn, who had rejected The Honky Tonk Man two weeks prior to this, emerged as
the chosen man with a new name: 
“Rockabilly.”  Oh well, on the
other side of the coin you can look at this an encounter of the future New Age
Outlaws.  Billy dances around a lot, but
the crowd could care less and was probably wondering why they paid top dollar
for pay-per-view tickets by this point in the show.  The match is dreadful and James scores the
victory out of nowhere, thereby killing any hopes for the Rockabilly gimmick
out of the gate.  That’s a clear vote of
no confidence from the booking team.  Rating: 
Hendrix urges us
to call 815-734-1161 to get an Undertaker door banner for $29.95 (plus shipping
& handling)!
Kelly interviews
Steve Austin, who says that he’s still going to compete despite being hurt
tonight.  WWF President Gorilla Monsoon
says that he’s going to reorder the lineup to make sure Austin has time to
recover.  This lineup change makes
Austin-Bret the de facto main event.
Lance Wright interviews
the Hart Foundation and the Bulldog and Owen rant about Austin.  Bret merely gives a “Who’s crying now?” and
walks away, which is great
A video package is
played for the Undertaker-Mankind title match
Hendrix interviews
Mankind and Paul Bearer.  Bearer promises
that Mankind will be the next WWF champion and Mankind says that the
Undertaker’s screams will be music to his ear.
WWF Championship
Match:  The Undertaker (Champion) defeats
Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) with a Tombstone at 17:26:
The Undertaker is wearing a bandage over the right side of
his face because of the burns he suffered at the hands of Mankind several weeks
prior to this.  This is a wild brawl, as
Mankind takes some nasty bumps into the guardrail and delivers an elbow drop
off the second rope while the Undertaker is on the arena floor and the
Undertaker takes some stiff shots with the urn, a glass water pitcher at
ringside, and a chair.  Referees take a
beating as well, with the main one being sandwiched during an Undertaker blind
charge and another receiving the Mandible Claw when he runs out to assist.  Mankind brings the steps and a chair into the
ring, but the Undertaker kicks the steps in his face and then murders him with
a chair shot, a bump that is tough to watch based on what we know about
concussions today.  Just when you think
you’ve seen enough, Mankind loses his mask and the Undertaker knocks him off
the apron with the steps and Mankind goes head-first through the Spanish
announce table, which has to be the craziest WWF table bump I’ve ever
seen.  After that, things are just
academic.  Mankind was just a lame duck
challenger for the Undertaker in this contest, but credit Foley for nearly
killing himself to keep his character relevant and creating a good first pay-per-view title defense for the Undertaker. 
The match started slow, but after the first ten minutes everything was
stiff and brutal and it ended up telling a great story.  Rating:  ***½
After the match, they
try to work a spot where Mankind accidentally throws a fireball into Paul
Bearer’s eyes, but it doesn’t work, so the Undertaker grabs the materials and
tosses it into Bearer’s face, which is just as effective as far as future
storylines go.  Bearer leaves with his
suit coat over his head and he’s later taken to the hospital by paramedics.
Hendrix interviews
the Hart Foundation and Bret says that he’s going to make an example out of
Steve Austin tonight when he beats him for a third time.
“Stone Cold” Steve
Austin defeats Bret “the Hitman” Hart by disqualification when the British
Bulldog interferes at 21:10:
Keep in mind that this was originally supposed to be
Bret-Sid, but Sid no showed an episode of Raw so the card was changed.  I’m not sure what that would have done to
Austin’s role on this show, but I’m sure he would’ve made his presence felt
after Bret got his job back from Sid.  Owen
Hart and the British Bulldog try to come down with Bret, but they are ushered
to the back by WWF officials.  This is an
extension of WrestleMania XIII, as they brawl into the crowd and Bret attacks
Austin’s knee with a chair after an early ref bump.  Austin isn’t selling the attack earlier in
the evening, but that becomes a mute point once Bret targets the legs for the better
part of fifteen minutes.  Bret goes to
finish Austin with the Sharpshooter, but Austin clocks Bret with his knee
brace, which Bret took off early in the match, and applies the
Sharpshooter.  Before Bret can submit,
though, Owen and the Bulldog run out and the Bulldog clocks Austin with a chair
to draw the disqualification.  This tried
to recreate the climate of their WrestleMania encounter, but the electric
atmosphere that surrounded that match was missing here.  Nevertheless, it was still a good technical
match that continued the feud between Austin and the Hart Foundation.  Rating:  ****
After the match, Bret
tries to attack Austin with the ring bell, but Austin jabs a chair into Bret’s
knee and applies a Sharpshooter before Owen and the Bulldog can come to Bret’s
The Final Report Card:  This show
started like a bad episode of RAW, but the last two matches increase the show’s
quality.  The Austin-Bret feud would only
get hotter after this show and the Undertaker-Paul Bearer storyline would morph
into the “Kane” storyline that would dominate much of the Undertaker’s title
run.  The company was about to right some
of the wrongs that happened on this show as well, since Maivia was on his way
out as Intercontinental champion and Rockabilly never made another pay-per-view
Attendance:  6,477
Buyrate:  0.5
Show Evaluation:  Thumbs Up

Just Want To Note…

I have nothing of substance to add to the Lawler discussion, but just wanted to note that in fact I have been 6 hours away from home for the past couple of days, so you knew something bad was going to go down.  Roxette was great, though.  Best wishes to Jerry Lawler and I hope everyone continues to send out positive thoughts to him. 

Jerry Lawler

Obviously this is the big news coming out of Raw.  In case you missed it, Lawler legitimately collapsed at roughly 10PM EST and was taken to the back and later to a hospital.  To end the show, Cole said that Lawler was stabilizing and breathing on his own along with having his heart beating on his own.  If you find an update on his condition please post it here but please make sure it’s a legitimate story as there are going to be rumors floating around all over the place.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog of Doomers!

Excited about Bret Hart returning to Montreal…not excited enough to tune away from Monday Night Football but excited enough to watch RAW on YouTube tomorrow.

Real quick on this list of WWE DVDs. Most of them I could care less about but Best of MSG and Best of War Games gets a hearty HELL YEAH! from me. My only concern is the blood, please don’t tell me they are going to go all black & white on the War Games stuff because of the blood. Screw the kids!

Top 25 Rivalries? Eh…I’d rather just have the Rock-Austin Rivalry DVD because frankly I’ve always been curious of what they thought of each other and how Austin viewed Rock nipping at his heels while he was doing his thing in 1998 and when did they realize that frequent, but not too frequent, encounters could send their bankrolls into a much higher tax bracket.

Do I really need another Foley Bio…no…Do I really need another Triple H bio…HELL NO. What don’t I know about either of these fucking guys?

Bret Hart’s unreleased matches? Hmmm that could be interesting.

That’s all I got, so enjoy the show, do a little dance, make love tonight, come out swinging and keep it clean.

Fwd: Bret Hart. Montreal. One. More. Time.

———- Forwarded message ——— Hey, hands off the Spam button, this is topical! So after 15 years, the WWE is about to milk the last (I think?)
possible juice out of the Montreal Screwjob:  Bret Hart appearing in a
WWE ring in Montreal for the first time since that fateful night. This, like the first on-screen meeting since the Screwjob between Hart
and Michaels, will be Must See TV.  But…what could they possibly do
that wouldn't be a letdown?  Should they try to tie this in to other
current angles (a cringe-inducing bit involving Santino just sprung to
mind), or just trot Bret out at the beginning or middle of the show
for his standing ovation, let him say a few words, and then just let
him be on his way with his closure? ——————— The last one hopefully.  I won't get a chance to see it until tomorrow anyway.