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Undertaker Update

As of now, the plans for the Undertaker at WrestleMania still include him facing off against Brock Lesnar

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon Says There Are No More Faces and Heels

At a recent meeting, Vince said that there are no more faces or heels, with the belief that no one in real life is either completely good or completely bad.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Kayfabe Commentaries “Breaking Kayfabe” Preview with Jim Cornette

The DVD will be released on January 7th but here is an eleven minute long preview

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UFC 168

Scott, who ya got: Silva or Weidman? Does Silva come to fight? Does he get knocked out & retire? Does he win & retire? Or does he win and start his next legendary reign? Does Brock show up to talk business with Dana?

The Silva-Weidman deal reminds of the movie The Great White Hype, where this time Silva is finally gonna be that little bit motivated and just come out and TKO his ass in the 2nd because even at half-speed and bored he's still better than everyone in the division by miles.  I'm also really looking forward to Meisha Tate showing off her range of armbar defense that she's been training before Rousey taps her with another armbar in the first.  Should be entertaining to watch. 
It's actually a hell of a show tonight and I'm pumped for it.  No idea what the Brock deal is, unless he's working an angle to fuck with Vince McMahon and get more money.  

Cucch’s Book Review’s: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You.

Hello again all. It is your friendly, cheap neighborhood Cucch checking in with you all to let you know, yes, your long national wet dream is over: I am returning with book reviews. The holiday season has provided me with enough vim and vigor to bring back the fun threads that I am sure will cause this site to explode. The books I have read in the past month or two include Shoemaker’s shit, Dusty’s, Gary Michael Cappetta’s, and others. A now former co-worker (read about it after the jump) gifted me a Secret Santa gift that allowed me to gain access to three books I would have found unaccessible.

I am a recovering drug addict. Painkillers. Opiates. Percoset and OxyContin, primarily OC 80’s. I cleaned up two years ago to this day, December 28, 2011. All recovering addicts remember that day. I spent two years trying to reacclimate myself to a society that had, and has, passed me by. I found a job that satisfied me, along with a girl who satisfied me, if not in a traditional sense. I started working at this pizza joint, family run but a corporation, in early September. I kicked names and took ass, and defended this other girl, also a recovering, to the point where I almost became something of an afterthought compared to her. No issues, she is my age (33) with very similar experiences and two children. I will gladly take the bullet for someone I deem worth my time…and she was. No sex, well…one time…but this was not a relationship, so to speak, based on sex or sexual tension…it was one of mutual respect and experience. She needed the hours, I did not, so I sacrificed and gave them to her, realizing that she was just awesome at her job…just like me. The two of us, two people from the same background, drugs, work experience, all of that, were the backbone of a restaurant that experienced record sales this holiday season. She last worked the 23rd, me, Christmas Eve. We both got laid off today. It had nothing to do with performance, but with how the entire company panned out. Life sucks. Now, with me, I am a single man who lives (and basically raises) his dad. No rent, free computer…hell, my dad feels so bad about me losing my job CLEAN that he is adding me to his cell phone account with a new Samsung Galaxy 4…shitty huh? This other girl, call her my girlfriend? She is me in the female form, only she is a little behind in recovery and has two children. One of who’s birthday is in six days.

Enough with the melancholy, here are the books I have read and/or am about to:

-Dusty Rhodes
-Shoemaker’s shit
-Capetta’s (Don’t sleep)
-Missy Hyatt
-Bruce Hart
-The one SK book I have not read…Made Men.

There is the list. Pick one.

Smackdown – December 27, 2013

December 27, 2013
American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final blue show of the year and I don’t remember anything being
announced on Raw. The main story from Monday was Big E.
Langston/Cena/Punk running off the Shield after being them for the
DQ, meaning it’s payback time tonight. We’re getting closer to the
Rumble and have less than 100 days until Wrestlemania so the times
are getting exciting. Let’s get to it.

Cena to get things going. After looking at a clip of the end of Raw,
Cena says the last Smackdown of the year is even more important than
that. Tonight the WWE Universe is going to ring in the new year so
we need NOISE. They have to have fun tonight because after the new
year everyone has to worry about new year’s resolutions.
would like to give a bear hug to a real bear or star in a 1-800-Fella
commercial or land the lead role in a musical production of No Holds
Barred (dead silence on that line) or make a hip hop album with Great
Khali (lukewarm) or reboot an animated Manimal series with Michael
Cole in the lead role or, and only if he has time, get started early
on his XFL fantasy team (nice chuckle).
one other thing he wants to do: gain forty pounds. Luckily for him
he doesn’t have to wait for the new year because the WWE World
Heavyweight Championship weighs about forty pounds and he has a
rematch clause. If Orton is listening he can get out here right now
but instead here’s Shield. They surround the ring and easily take
Cena down but here’s Mark Henry for the save. When that doesn’t
work, Big E. Langston comes out for the real save to clear the ring.
Kane comes out on stage and makes three singles matches for tonight:
Langston vs. Ambrose (non-title), Reigns vs. Henry and Rollins vs.
vs. Wyatt Family
the match we get a clip of the Family throwing Bryan off a ledge last
week. The Usos send the monsters to the floor and Jey takes Rowan
down with a dive. Jimmy gets two off a rollup to Harper and a
Whisper in the Wind gets the same. Rowan makes a blind tag and takes
Jimmy’s head off with a clothesline. A splash is enough to pin Jimmy
in just 1:10.
match Bray gives Jey Sister Abigail.
Young asks Randy Orton if he has any new year’s resolutions. Orton
says he’s beaten everyone else in the company so maybe he’ll win the
Royal Rumble so he can spend Wrestlemania in a skybox writing his
Hall of Fame introduction speech. Ziggler comes up and says he’ll
shut Orton up tonight. Orton promises an RKO until Kane comes in to
make the match for later. Ziggler leaves and Kane says backstage
must be a safe zone, but out there anything goes.
Rhodes vs. Antonio Cesaro
sign this week: “Press 1 for English, press 2 for INS.” Cesaro
is now residing in the US. This is fallout from Main Event when Cody
went after Cesaro for interfering in a Swagger vs. Goldust match.
Cody grabs a headlock to start as the announcers talk about Kane
being the eyes and ears of the Authority tonight. Cody takes Cesaro
to the mat and then out to the floor where Goldust gives Antonio a
deep breath.
in and Cesaro punches Cody in the jaw and kicks him out to the floor.
After a Goldust staredown leads nowhere, Cesaro takes Rhodes back
inside for a pummeling in the corner. Cody quickly breaks out of a
chinlock and comes back with a front suplex for two but a Swagger
distraction lets Cesaro get in a cheap shot and a rollup for the pin
at 4:11.
D+. Another match that changes
nothing as we wait for the title match that may never come. I’m not
a fan of champions losing but at least this was a singles match
instead of yet another tag loss. On the good side though, Cesaro
getting a pin in a singles match is a nice thing to see and hopefully
the first of many.
Time Players vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel
refuse to refer to them as “Rybaxel.” Ryback pounds on Young to
start but Darren scores with a right hand to the jaw and a dropkick
to the knee. Off to Titus for the front suplex to Darren onto Ryback
for no cover. A hard shoulder puts Ryback down but Axel gets in a
knee to O’Neil’s back to take him down. Curtis chokes him in the
corner (“BARK LIKE A DOG!”) before it’s quickly back to Ryback
for a front facelock.
heels take turns on O’Neil in the corner with Axel slapping him in
the back of the head, only to run into a big boot. Darren gets the
tag and scores with an overhead belly to belly on Axel before getting
two off a northern lights suplex. Everything breaks down and Ryback
is clotheslined to the floor, allowing Young to pin Axel at 4:51.
D+. The underlying problems
with the tag division continues: it doesn’t matter if you build up
teams if the teams are boring and keep trading meaningless wins with
no advancement in sight. This match doesn’t change anything for
either team and doesn’t move the Players up towards a title program,
at least not anytime soon.
get a clip from the 50 Years of WWE DVD focusing on Saturday Night’s
Main Event.
Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
non-title match. Ziggler now has a streak of pink hair which leaves
JBL stunned. Dolph gets taken into the corner but comes back with a
shot to the jaw to send the champion out to the floor. Back in and
Orton headlocks him down and takes Ziggler’s head off with a
clothesline. Dolph comes back with right hands in the corner and the
big jumping elbow for two. I guess the ten elbow drops spot is long
pulls Ziggler face first into the middle buckle to take over again
and walks around very slowly. He walks around too long though and
Ziggler gets in a dropkick, sending Orton to the floor and us to a
break. Back with Orton stomping away on a fallen Ziggler. Randy
puts on a reverse chinlock for a bit but Ziggler gets out with a
jawbreaker. Dolph pounds away in the corner and scores with a
neckbreaker before getting two off a neckbreaker.
Fameasser misses but Ziggler avoids the powerslam and gets two off a
jumping DDT. Dolph gets crotched on the top but breaks up a
superplex attempt. A bad looking missile dropkick gets two and Orton
is sent shoulder first into the post (same thing Orton did to him
during a break). A bulldog gets two for Ziggy but Orton pokes him in
the eye and RKOs Ziggler for the pin at 13:20.
B-. I like the ending with
Orton taking the easy way out again, just like Cena accused him of
doing leading up to TLC. The match was the usual good stuff from
these guys as they’ve shown that they have chemistry. Ziggler
getting to show off a little bit is much better than seeing him in
nothing matches against Fandango.
match Orton takes Ziggler outside and gives him the Elevated DDT off
the barricade.
says they’ll win all their matches tonight. Cena vs. Rollins sounds
Bryan vs. Damien Sandow
wants to know why there was a good Santa and a bad Santa on Monday.
Cole: “That’s the way the story was written?” JBL: “WHAT KIND
OF AN ANSWER IS THAT???” Bryan fires off some kicks in the corner
to start followed by some knees to the ribs to put Sandow down.
Damien comes back with some forearms to the back and sends Daniel out
to the floor. The Russian legsweep sets up the Wind-Up Elbow for two
and we hit the crossface chickenwing. Back up and Bryan hits the
running clothesline and dropkick in the corner to set up the top rope
hurricanrana. The YES Kicks set up the running knee for the pin at
D+. Just a quick win here for
Bryan in the kind of matches I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Well,
more of as long as the opponents change every now and then and we
don’t have to sit through the same pairing every week. Sandow
doesn’t lose anything here as he’s not ready to beat someone on
Bryan’s level so there’s nothing bad in this whole thing.
match Bray appears on stage and says he realizes that Bryan is the
one the people want. That means Bray has to destroy him.
Ambrose vs. Big E. Langston
title is on the line. In addition to the other Shield members, Cena
and Henry are both at ringside as well. Langston shoves Ambrose into
the corner to start and drives shoulders into the ribs but gets
clotheslined down. Dean pounds away with rights and lefts on the mat
before hitting the running dropkick against the ropes.
hit the chinlock for a bit before Ambrose goes up top, only to be
slammed down like a ham sandwich being thrown off a cliff. A belly
to belly puts Ambrose down again but he sends Langston to the floor
for a standoff. No brawling ensues and Ambrose throws Langston back
inside, only to have the big man run Dean over, setting up the Big
Ending for the pin at 2:46. That was close. I thought they wouldn’t
have Ambrose job clean again before the year was out.
comes in for the showdown with Langston but Henry moves Big E. out of
the way.
Henry vs. Roman Reigns
wants a test of strength to start but headbutts Henry instead. A
hard clothesline sends Reigns to the floor and a headbutt from Henry
puts him down. Back in and a big boot to the jaw puts Reigns down as
the slow pace continues. Roman snaps Henry’s throat across the top
rope and gets two off the Superman Punch. We hit a chinlock on Henry
for a bit but he comes back with the JYD headbutts. Reigns will have
nothing to do with that jive turkey nonsense and lifts Henry up for a
Samoan drop. Another Superman Punch and the spear are good for the
pin on Mark at 4:01.
D. Reigns looked good but he
had to work through a lot of Mark Henry suck. It’s a good sign that
he’s pinning former world champions clean in four minutes though.
There’s a BIG future for Reigns and the fact that these wins are
becoming more and more natural are telling signs for him.
Cena vs. Seth Rollins
a lot of time left for this. Cena quickly takes him down and works
on a hammerlock. Back up and Cena sends Seth to the floor with a
hiptoss for a meeting with Shield. Back in and Rollins gets in some
shots to knock Cena into the corner. Rollins blocks a bulldog and
drops a knee for two before putting on a cobra clutch of all things.
Cena tries to fight out and gets caught in a one arm camel clutch,
only to fight up and drive Rollins into the corner to escape.
gets a boot up in the corner to stop a charging John and gets two off
a neckbreaker as we take a break. Back with Rollins firing off right
hands to the jaw. Cena is sent into the corner but he reverses a
whip into the corner to put both guys down again. John tries a
comeback but gets caught in a quick Downward Spiral into the middle
buckle. Rollins does You Can’t See Me but Cena counters a
neckbreaker into the ProtoBomb and hits the Shuffle. Rollins flips
out of the AA and hits a Buff Blockbuster (that’s a finisher that
needs to be pulled out of mothballs) for two.
gets taken down by a Stinger Splash but avoids the second attempt.
He grabs a half nelson and lifts Rollins up before spinning into what
was supposed to be a neckbreaker. Cena landed a foot or so away from
Rollins but luckily the move could have passed for a half nelson
slam. Rollins kicks out at two so Cena goes up, only to get knocked
down to the mat.
standing Sliced Bread #2 gets another near fall for Seth but Cena
comes back with a Batista Bomb (not gimmick infringement just yet)
for two. Cena tries to pull Rollins away from the ropes but Seth
lands on his feet again and hits a jumping enziguri for a VERY close
two. Rollins gets the same off a top rope knee to the face and the
frustration sets in. The Black Out (running curb stomp) is countered
in the STF but Rollins is into the ropes before too much damage can
be done.
tries to come in but gets picked off by Langston before he can make
any contact. Dean is thrown over the announce table but Reigns hits
a running clothesline to drop Langston. Henry throws Reigns onto
Ambrose as Cena rolls through Rollins’ cross body into the AA for the
pin at 17:40.
B+. I was digging the heck out
of this match and I was so glad that the ending wasn’t a DQ. Rollins
looked outstanding in there as he continues to prove his worth once
the Shield breaks up. I could see him being the next Kofi Kingston,
having awesome matches with anyone they put him out there with but
never getting the big break. That’s not a bad career to have at all.
B-. This took some time
to get going and the main event was by far the best part of the show.
The first half of the show is only ok but the Orton vs. Ziggler
match along with Rollins vs. Cena more than make up for it. This was
using the old formula of wrestling on Smackdown and that’s what was
needed after a more entertainment based Raw. It’s a nice way to
close out the year and hopefully a good way to get us into 2014.
Family b. Usos – Splash to Jimmy
Cesaro b. Cody Rhodes – Rollup
Time Players b. Ryback/Curtis Axel – Rollup to Axel
Orton b. Dolph Ziggler – RKO
Bryan b. Damien Sandow – Running knee
E. Langston b. Dean Ambrose – Big Ending
Reigns b. Mark Henry – Spear
Cena b. Seth Rollins – AA
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A+ Match of the Day

Hello guys, I hope your boxing day was good and you are prepped up for a nice weekend.

We will hit another Royal Rumble today and another one of those Rumbles that happened during the “rebuilding phase” of the WWF/E. As I re-watch this Rumble it was truly a rough period for the WWF roster with a lot of mid-carders and unknown AAA guys (??).

However, it had Steve Austin, and they were smart enough to bring him in early and work him hard. Ladies and gentlemen the 1997 Royal Rumble. Enjoy.

WWF Championship Wrestling: August 3rd, 1985

August 3, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Hart Foundation, and the British Bulldogs. Plus, Randy Savage and Terry Funk in singles action and “Piper’s Pit” with guest Tito Santana

Barry O. & Larry Finnegan vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Rotundo and Barry O. go at it for a minute. We then see Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, and Jimmy Hart ringside, scouting the champs. Hart is calling his men the “Dream Team” through his megaphone. Windham hits Barry O. with a dropkick and a slam then tags Finnegan. Vince calls Finnegan the “biggest piece of garbage that he has ever seen” as that is a fitting line for a piece of shit like him. The champs hit Finnegan with a double dropkick then shortly after that, Windham puts him away with the bulldog (3:18).
Thoughts: Looks like the tag champs are moving on to a new feud already, which is a good thing because they have been spending the past several months wrestling Sheik & Volkoff. And for anyone wondering why I have been calling Finnegan a piece of shit, this is why:
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Corporal Mike Kirchner, who is in the 82nd Airborne Division. We then are shown a vignette of Kirchner jumping out of plane with a parachute and when he lands, he says that is next jump will be to the WWF and he will “kick butt.” Kirchner’s delivery was wooden to say the least. For those who are unaware, Kirchner previously wrestled as jobber R.T. Reynolds. He would go on to have success in Japan as Leatherface after leaving the WWF.
Jim Londos vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Londos hits a few dropkicks with minimal effect. Link headbutts him down then rams him into the corner, causing the entire top rope to fall down. Hillbilly Jim joins the announcers table and talks about voting Lou Albano for the “Manager of the Year” award as Link is destroying Londos with the turnbuckle. Link then puts away Londos with  a flying headbutt (1:33). After the match, some fan wearing a multi-colored wig starts to taunt Link, who then picks up the stairs and places it on the apron, whacking his own head against it repeatedly.
Thoughts: The rope falling off and Link using the fallen turnbuckle as a weapon made for a cool visual. However, the crowd usually sits on their hands when the Link is wrestling.
Gene Okerlund is backstage with Paul Orndorff, talking about his match against Roddy Piper. Nothing stood out about this interview.
Hart Foundation w/Jimmy Hart vs. George Wells & Joe Mirto
Wells starts by working the arm of Hart. Neidhart pulls down the ropes on Wells, who is able to skin the cat and take Bret down with a headscissors, who then takes down Neidhart. Wells works on Neidhart and tags Mirto, who gets taken right down. Hart hits a dropkick then they hit a few double-team moves. Wells chases Jimmy Hart away then the Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack for the win (2:40).
Thoughts: Wells has officially made the transition to a jobber. Anyway, the Hart Foundation continue to improve and are starting to get more of a reaction from the crowd but in no way are they over as a heel act yet. Jimmy Hart is the reason for their heel heat
Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco are “via satellite” talking about their match against JYD and Ricky Steamboat at the Boston Garden. Again, nothing out of the ordinary from these two.
Jim Young vs. Terry Funk
Funk brought a branding iron with him to the ring. He chops Young before tossing him to the floor. He then stomps him from the apron before bringing him back into the ring. Funk drops an elbow then kicks him in the face. Young comes back with a hip toss and a dropkick. He hits a slam but misses an elbow drop then Funk drops him throat-first on the top rope before putting Young away with a sleeper (3:43). After the match, Funk retrieves his branding iron and puts it right on the chest of Young. He then starts slapping Young around then starts stomping him on the mat.
Thoughts: I liked the fact that Funk would sell for anyone. He continues to get over as a heel and the branding gimmick adds something new to the promotion, even if it is a cheap way to get heat.
Piper’s Pit with guest Tito Santana. Piper said that he does not need fans cheering for him to pretend that he has guts. Tito asks him about having Orton in his corner and Piper said he is his friend then calls out Tito for not defending the belt and wrestling in tag matches. He then calls out Tito for being afraid to collect the bounty on Orndorff when he said that Orndorff was his friend. Piper was great at agitating Tito in this segment.
Paul Roma vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Savage toys with Roma before putting him in an armbar. Roma manages a nearfall off of a sunset flip and hits a slam but ends up getting tossed through the ropes. Savage flies out with the double axe handle before rolling him back inside then finishes him off with the flying elbow smash (2:04). After the match, Savage calls out Hulk Hogan.
Thoughts: Fun match. Savage was such a breath of fresh air to the WWF. He was a star the instant he entered the company.
Hillbilly Jim gives the kids a Public Service Announcement about making sure they use the sidewalks and to be careful crossing the street.  
British Bulldogs vs. Jerry Adams & Moondog Spot
Spot and Dynamite go back and forth to start. Dynamite gets a nearfall with a crossbody block. Spot knocks him down and hits a fist drop from the middle rope for two. Vince informs us that Lou Albano has just surpassed Freddie Blassie for the lead in the “Manager of the Year” Award. Dynamite is able to tag out as Davey hits Adams with the running powerslam then Dynamite hits the flying headbutt for the win (3:40).
Thoughts: This was pretty dull, actually. The announcers spent a majority of the match hyping the “Manager of the Year” award too.
Okerlund is backstage with Piper. He asks him about Orton being barred from his match against Orndorff in Boston by Jack Tunney. Piper says that he hired Orton as his bodyguard because everyone is constantly trying to be around him. Piper then recalls when he was driving and Orndorff told him about his psychological problems and recommended that he call Dr. Ruth. Piper then goes insane for a minute, even  more so than usual, with his voice shrieking and face looking like it is about to explode. Great stuff by Piper
Final Thoughts: I thought this turned out to be a fun show. The “Manager of the Year” award angle is getting interesting and the angle between Piper and Orndorff is starting to heat up. Also, they teased a new feud for the Tag Team Champions and showcased their newer heels, Terry Funk and Randy Savage.


This came in from a Rob M.  Thought it’d make good discussion…

“Favra, I’m typically just an onlooker but have a QOTD I’d be interested in.

Say you had the ability to travel in time to match up wrestlers of different eras, specifically say Austin in 01, Savage in 88, HBK 97, etc.  What two wrestlers, time specific, would the blog put in to fill the following criteria..

– greatest technical match?

– most entertaining feud, specifically promos and the ability to sell a match?

– highest grossing/drawing match of all time?

– worst technical match ever?  Thanks

First British World Champ

Hey Scott,

Hope you're enjoying the holidays. Here's my interview with Magnus on TNA's live event at Temple tomorrow night as well as his upcoming fitness book.

I can't believe he's the first British World Champ in over a century. Just mind-boggling.


I find it mind-boggling they even put the belt on him in the first place, but he seems like a good guy and it's not like it matters at this point anyway, so good for him.  

BoD Daily Update

John Cena Update

As of last week, the plan for John Cena at WrestleMania was to wrestle Bray Wyatt. Another interesting note is that Vince apparently told all of the writers and producers that “Cena is the main event until is time is clearly up. That man feeds us!”

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Backup Plan in Place if HHH vs. CM Punk Does Not Happen at WrestleMania?

As of now, the plan is still in place for HHH to face CM Punk at Mania as the climax to the authority angle. However, if that falls through, Roman Reigns is the backup plan to face HHH.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Mistico/WWE Update

The contract of Mistico, the original Sin Cara in the WWE, is set to expire on January 10th. No one in the company expects that he will be signed to a new deal

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Son of Former WWE Intercontinental Champion at Recent Tryout Camp at the Performance Center

The son of Rick Rude was at the tryout camp last week at the Performance Center

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–12.25.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 12.25.13 (NXT REWIND!) Merry Xmas to all! If anyone wants to get me a great present, Hulu Plus gift cards are always appreciated as we obviously can’t buy them in Canada. Taped from Orlando, FL Hosted by Renee Young So this is a year-in-review show, with one new match thrown in like an unreleased track on a greatest hits CD. I remember back in the day when Superstars would be a year-in-review show! We start with a look at the new Performance Center, and then clips of the guys who graduated from NXT to the main roster. Fandango! The Shield! The Wyatts! Big E! Cesaro! Sandow! Big E Langston hits us with some comments on how much he loves the NXT audience. Flashback: Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey beat the Wyatts to become the first NXT tag team champions. Whatever happened to Grey, anyway? Flashback: Paige beats Emma to win the Women’s title tournament. I’m still mystified why they employ 75% of the dead weight in the Divas division and leave these two to rot in NXT. Paige promises to be the ANTI-DIVA and go after AJ, very soon now. Bo Dallas butts in and talks about the importance of bo-lieving in yourself, setting up the clips of him winning the title from Big E. Future Stars of NXT now, with Aiden English, Mojo Rawley, Alexander Rusev, Sasha Banks, Corey Graves, Sami Zayn, and a quick soundbite to show their deal for each one. Current stars on NXT, featuring appearances from Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, John Cena, Damien Sandow, Big Show, Sheamus, RVD, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, AJ Lee, Ric Flair, and HBK. William Regal has a great introspective promo about costing himself chances at being World champion, and why he needs to beat Cesaro tonight. Flashback: Sami Zayn has a MOTYC against Cesaro, which was a hell of a way for me to begin reviewing this show. Sami Zayn is so inspired by this flashback that he challenges Kruger to a 2/3 falls match next week. Given that Kruger is getting repackaged into ROCK GOD Alex Rose, I’m guessing it won’t go well for Kruger. William Regal v. Antonio Cesaro We have a TON of time left in the show, as the review stuff only ate up 30 minutes, so they’re going long here. They fight over a wristlock and the crowd pays their respects to Regal. We take a break and return with Cesaro trying a flying headscissors and getting slammed. They continue their chess match over the wristlock and we get a classic bridge from Regal, into a straitjacket hold that’s pretty awesome. The crowd informs that this is wrestling. And yet they don’t train guys to do this stuff. They have an INCREDIBLE battle over a cravat, as Cesaro literally lifts Regal over his head in a suplex to escape. Regal gets revenge with some cheapshots in the corner behind the ref’s back, but Cesaro clips him and starts dismantling the knee. We take another break and learn that Big Show will be the New Year’s Baby on RAW. That just makes me love this show all the more. Back with Cesaro pulling Regal’s knee brace off and pounding on it with a horse collar hold (aka the Brock Lock) until Regal makes the ropes. Regal sneaks in with a rollup and backslide for two, and throws forearms to make the comeback. And then Cesaro just DESTROYS him with his own forearms, to the delight of the crowd. And this sets up the GIANT SWING, leaving Regal a mess and Cesaro talking EURO-TRASH. Neutralizer is countered by Regal and he targets the biceps to neutralize the awesome Swiss power of Cesaro, and he’s all fired up now. Sadly, the knee betrays him, and Cesaro throws headbutts in desperation, so Regal knees him in the head and tries the butterfly suplex. Cesaro powers out of that and bridges him for two, but Regal hangs on and it’s the Regal Stretch. Cesaro can’t power out, but he makes the ropes, and then he just unleashes a perfect dropkick out of nowhere. Now he’s good and pissed off, pops the shoulders back into place like a real man, and crushes Regal’s head with a double stomp. How do you even work that?!? He jumped on the man’s HEAD! Regal selling like he’s a ravaged wreck is tremendous. And then it’s the NEUTRALIZER to finish, but Cesaro is too sad to complete it because Regal is so pathetic and old. The Swiss do have hearts! But then he just puts him out of his misery anyway at 28:00. But in the end, they shake hands because they’re both real men, and holy shit this was the greatest thing I’ve seen in months. ****1/4 And what a story, with Regal pulling out everything he had left, but Cesaro just having too much for him. Both guys come out looking great. The Pulse The year in review was a helpful guide for newbies, and then Regal v. Cesaro was the best old school old lion v. young buck match I’ve seen in years. Find it on YouTube!

PG WEEK: Then and Now

PG Week rolls on here on the Blogodoom.  This is new feature that is based on the old Rant Crew that Scott did back in the day.  Basically, if something is bugging me, I will spend time blowing off steam about it.  It will be heavy-handed (probably), it will be controversial (possibly), it will stir discussion (hopefully), and it will get the idea off my chest (with any luck).  I don’t expect you to agree with me.  I doubt you will, in fact.  But I do expect that you’ll at least have an opinion on the topic and we can beat it into the ground.  WARNING: This is a long one and is based on my experiences on other messageboards.  Everything expressed here is my perspective and may not match what you know.

Most of the time, this will be in the form of Then and Now, where I look at something that’s been making headlines (in or out of the ring) today and compare it to moments throughout history.  This time, the infamous cartoon of AJ, Lita, and Punk caught my attention.  You already know where I stand… but there’s a darker side to it all, in my opinion.  Hit the link to read on.

Then and Now #1: Love Who We Say

How many of you remember SummerSlam in 1991?  I’m willing to bet some of you weren’t born then, so I’ll explain: the big event of that show, bigger than any match, was the storyline wedding of Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.  They were already married in real life, but their character arc — spanning at least three years of separation, reconciliation, highs, lows, and everything in between — would peak at this moment.  To this day, it’s the only wedding on a wrestling Pay-Per-View, and it’s one of the very few weddings to go off without a catch.  There was no interruption, no double cross, no last-second objection.  To the WWF fan, this was their William and Kate, their Charles and Diana, their fairytale come true.

And sure, the reception would be crashed by Jake the Snake Roberts, who traumatized the characters for life and became Public Enemy #1 in just about everyone’s minds — not least of which is because Savage, in a forced retirement, could not retaliate —  but for those few hours, everything seemed right.


It’s easy to forget sometimes that the people we see on TV are actors playing characters.  The spirit of kayfabe that runs through wrestling means we tend to conflate their on-screen role with their off-screen personality.  Unlike in television or the movies, wrestlers are actors defined by their greatest role.  Mark Callaway will never not be the Undertaker; Philip Brooks might as well change his name to CM Punk; Michael Hickenbottom couldn’t stop being Shawn Michaels if he tried.  It isn’t just because these are their most successful roles, either; while Vin Diesel isn’t Riddick, Dwayne Johnson is the Rock.

This can lead to complications down the line.  Because so often, what happens to the character isn’t what the person would do, fans can be confused as to where one ends and the other begins.  Of course, so can the wrestler himself; Ric Flair never stopped being Ric Flair even when he couldn’t afford it.  But the consequences can be devastating.  In the 1980s, it was a bigger deal that Jim Duggan was in the same car with Iron Sheik than it was that he was on drugs and booze and speeding down the highway.

Nowhere can this be more damaging than in matters of the heart.  It’s hard enough staying in love with someone through the perils of the road; now imagine doing it when everyone wants you to break up.  Not for your sake, but for theirs.


WrestleMania 21 had come and gone, but the reception afterward was a bit of a fiasco for the WWE.  Rhyno had had a meltdown and broken an expensive vase in the lobby.  Meanwhile, Matt Hardy was desperately trying to hold together the remnants of his relationship and making a public scene over it.  The next day, the WWE had no choice but to release both men.  Rhyno took the time off, gathered himself personally, and went to TNA, where he had another chapter and became their champion.

Matt Hardy, however, had other ideas.  Throughout April of 2005, while sitting out the 90 days required between company transfers, he launched a social media campaign.  In the days before Facebook and in the early days of YouTube, it was MySpace that everyone paid attention to.  And Matt Hardy was telling the full story.

Well, his side of the full story, anyway.


Sometimes the need to push two people together is somewhat benign, especially when everyone recognizes it’s the two characters getting pushed that way.  Take 2011-12 and the Zack Ryder romance arc.  In late 2011, Ryder was the rising star babyface in large part due to his own internet show.  Fans began to want to see more, and more, and more of him, to the point where it became clear: the character meant nothing, they identified with the PERSON.

And this was a problem, because his character never changed.  He was a Long Island club rat on-screen, and even after the webcasts made clear he was just a wrestling fan made good, he STAYED a club rat.  This led to some serious disconnect; if you’ve ever met the person Zack Ryder pretends to be on screen, you know they’re not known for their people skills, but Ryder himself was by all accounts a great guy and a man of the fans.

At first, there were no issues; Ryder continued his club rat persona, it was played off as tongue-in-cheek, with heel announcer Michael Cole verbally rolling his eyes at the idea of taking it seriously.  Meanwhile, the wrestler was rewarded with a United States title reign, long overdue, when he beat Dolph Ziggler in December in Baltimore to much rejoicing.  In fact, the next night in Philadelphia, he was placed in elite company — alongside CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as the hot Internet darlings.

And then came the next week, and a match that changed everything.


Miss Elizabeth Hulette died on May 1, 2003, in a home she shared with Lex Luger.  An autopsy confirmed that she had OD’d, an acute toxicity of painkillers and vodka.  Her marriage to Randy Savage had long since failed, and a second marriage only lasted a couple of years.  She and Luger were co-destructive, a bad pairing.  Luger himself had had a domestic disturbance with Elizabeth just two weeks prior; he would be arrested after her death despite the death being ruled accidental.

Savage at the time was out of wrestling, but not retired entirely; he was doing minor voiceover work, still endorsing the Slim Jims, and had just appeared in the first installment of Sam Raimi’s hugely successful Spider-Man trilogy.  It goes without saying the two were separated and had lived their separate lives.  In fact, when in 2010, Savage married a longtime girlfriend from his baseball days, it seemed he’d found true love.

It wouldn’t last.  Less than a year later, Randy Savage was dead from a heart attack.  Tributes flowed in from all corners of the wrestling community as they lost a true icon of their industry.  Raw and SmackDown were stopped for a 5-minute video segment honoring Savage.  CM Punk adopted Savage’s color scheme as part of his regular appearance, modifying it to his Chicago roots as necessary, and even performed Savage’s top-rope elbow with theatrics as a setup move.  Fans everywhere mourned the loss of their hero.

But a lasting refrain was: “He and Elizabeth are together again.”


Zack Ryder and Eve had just won a mixed tag match.  There was seemingly no reason for their teaming; just the spirit of competition.  However, in the excitement of victory, Ryder gave Eve a big hug.  Eve, noticeably caught off-guard, tried to remain professional, but the damage was done.  Ryder was smitten, and the fans pounced.

If you were to step into kayfabe at this time, you’d understand Eve’s apprehension.  After all, Ryder had advanced on her out of nowhere and was clearly a determined man.  He had just spent months harassing and needling every authority figure he could to get a US Title shot, and when it failed, to get another that succeeded.  He didn’t exactly take no for an answer… and now, Eve, had to be thinking, he was coming after her.

At first, she played coy.  Soon, she figured that one date wouldn’t hurt, but it became a disaster when Kane was going after the duo.  Ryder, unable to change a flat and not attempting to defend himself, became Kane’s whipping boy, destroyed from pillar to post.  Eve began to feel sympathy for Ryder, but it wasn’t clear if it was love yet.  At least, not to the viewer.  The fan at home knew better.

Where Ryder couldn’t protect her, though, John Cena could.  Cena, after all, was Kane’s target — attacking Ryder and Eve was just a way to make Cena so mad he would do something he’d regret.  And thus it was, right around Valentine’s Day as it turned out, that Kane was ready to capture and threaten Eve when Cena, not the wheelchair-bound Ryder, came to her rescue.  She gave him a thank-you kiss.  And Zack Ryder saw it.

Understand that at no point did Eve declare love or even emotion for Ryder.  Understand also that both Eve and Cena had been under extreme emotional duress at the time and were engaging in one of Hollywood’s oldest cliches, the rescue kiss.  Now understand how little of it mattered to the audience.  They had adopted Ryder as their avatar, and to see the woman he was pursuing with another man was a slap in the face.  It was the dark side that Kane wanted Cena to show, even though Eve never was dating anyone.  Eve had cheated on Zack Ryder without ever dating him, because the fans wanted them to be dating.


Hardy’s videos and blog postings began to take a surreal turn.  He wouldn’t refer to either Lita or Edge by name — real or stage — just FGF and FBF (former girlfriend and former best friend).  He began talking about a rebirth as a new man, a vengeful spirit he called the Angelic Diablo, and referred to the scar from his knee surgery as the symbol of his betrayal.  Things went from expression of grief to need for counseling when Hardy pulled out a cardboard cut-out of Lita and ran over it with his truck, dressed it in other women’s clothing, and shot at it with a prop gun.  It was beginning to look like maybe Lita got out at the right time.

However, the WWE faithful only saw Lita, whom they had been told was eternally loyal to Matt Hardy, as having cavorted with Edge and broken his heart.  Screams for vengeance filled arenas, fueled by Hardy’s sudden firing and Lita’s rival Trish fanning the flames.  The WWE had little choice but to try to divert the trouble, having Lita join Edge and betray her on-screen husband Kane.  It did nothing to stop the tide.

The WWE, realizing that they may as well make money off the situation, made the proper short-term business decision and revoked Matt’s termination.  He returned — almost exactly 90 days after his firing, no less — and became involved in an on-screen rivalry with Edge, putting all the events in WWE canon.  Edge won — largely because, as Mr. Money in the Bank, he had to, and also because Matt needed to show he’d play ball to be allowed back.  And to all the world, it looked like Matt was avenging what had been done to him.


AJ Lee’s rise in 2012 was bizarre, to say the least.  An NXT runner-up, she soon appeared alongside winner Kaitlyn, but it became clear there was something about her.  Her relationship with Daniel Bryan was a rocky one (to say the least); she was playing CM Punk and Kane for jealousy; and her mental stability seemed affected by the treatment Bryan gave her.  However, the more she showed unstable behavior and the more she bounced from man to man, the more the crowd took to her.

It soon became clear, or at least WWE brass soon had an idea, why.  While the other Divas had Maxim Magazine looks, AJ seemed like a girl next door.  The other Divas wore fashion designs outside the ring; she dressed in plaid and sneakers.  Other girls had enhancements to their face and chest; AJ was still petite all over.  The others were supermodels; she was barely 5’2.  The female fans, especially the young ones, had adopted her as a fan surrogate.


Back in 1996, World Championship Wrestling had signed both Savage and Elizabeth, in hopes of reigniting their careers.  However, the plans were never for Elizabeth to be with Savage for long; she soon migrated to the side of Ric Flair, with whom Savage had had a long-standing rivalry.  Coincidentally, this was not the first time Flair would claim Elizabeth for his own; in the WWF, a storyline ran that Flair had been Elizabeth’s ex before she married Savage.  None of the implications worked out, and soon Elizabeth was paired with the NWO.  It was there, in 1999, that she’d begin her relationship with Lex Luger.

But 1996 saw a more interesting turn of events.  Kevin Sullivan wanted to work with a hot hand, so he had himself against up-and-comer Chris Benoit in a midcard storyline.  The idea behind the story was that Woman, who was Sullivan’s real-life wife, had a thing for Benoit that she first developed at Flair’s side while Benoit was a Horseman.  In order to sell the story more, Sullivan encouraged his wife to spend time in public with the young man.  Naturally, the fans ate it up; given their idolizing of all things Horsemen and knowledge of Sullivan’s backstage power, having the young star pull the ultimate fast one was a thing of beauty.  Then, when it became clear that life was imitating art, the stage was set.  The bitter, resentful Sullivan now had reason to curtail Benoit’s career; Benoit was an underdog who followed his heart.


AJ Lee was now General Manager of Raw, and as such every man was trying to win favor with her.  But the ones the fans reacted most to — particularly the female fans — was Cena’s attempts to get on her good side.  It was no secret that Cena’s fanbase disproportionately skewed female, and to put their chosen avatar with their chosen hero was a dream come true.

It all started innocently enough; AJ insisted on speaking to her top draw (WWE Champion CM Punk’s protests notwithstanding) over a business dinner.  Of course, no one was fooled, and Cena and AJ’s denials only fueled the fire.  Finally, in an effort to quiet the doubters, Cena just planted a kiss on AJ, hoping to give them something else to talk about.

The women in the crowd cheered, and their cheers only doubled when AJ returned the kiss with a more passionate one of her own… that Cena clearly accepted.  Their dream couple had come together.


Chris Benoit’s deteriorating mental health led to the worst-case tragedy possible.  June 25, 2007 brought sadness — Benoit, Nancy “Woman” Daus, and their son Daniel, all dead.  No news had been brought out as to the cause of death, leaving the door open for everything from a botched burglary to carbon monoxide poisoning.  But those who knew the wrestlers knew better.

Vince McMahon cancelled all live events for the Raw to take place that evening — unusual, since the last two wrestlers to die on his watch were given a memorial show with fans.  Wrestlers were allowed to give comments on Chris and Nancy, but some, such as William Regal and JBL, were abrupt and only focused on his in-ring skill.  Jerry Lawler’s final thoughts didn’t even concern Benoit; he merely talked about how we was going to tell his family he loved them.

During the broadcast, the reason became clear.  Fayette County police had reported they were treating the event as a family annihilation, and they believed he did it.  A news conference was scheduled for the next day, in which everything would be laid out.  Police departments don’t speculate in public; if they say something, they have probable cause to believe.

Wrestling fans were heartbroken.  Disaster had hit home, and one of their cult favorites could no longer be seen in a positive light.  His last act had, at the time, snuffed out everything he was.  In their grief, they searched for some way, any way, that they could not be cheering a monster.  Desperation sank in: they blamed Nancy, they blamed Kevin Sullivan, they blamed anyone they could think of.  But when it became clear that the man they cheered had taken the relationship they cheered and destroyed it and the people in it, there was only one thing left to do.

Well, for some.  Others simply pretended it never happened.  A new meme sprung up on various forums: “I choose to remember.”  It wasn’t enough to admit that we, the fans, were wrong about what we wanted; an Orwellian re-writing of a history of violence — reports that domestic disputes arose before, and that the wrestlers knew of Benoit’s short fuse and sadistic ways were summarily tossed aside as immaterial.  We made him a hero; we helped him rescue the woman; there’s no way we backed the wrong horse.


If you’ve seen my last few Raw Recaps, you’ve read me referring to AJ Lee as a Homewrecker.  In the strictest sense, this may be an overreaction.  No reports have come up as to the timeline of Punk and Lita’s breakup and Punk and AJ’s hookup.  However, compared to when Lita was in AJ’s position with regards to Edge, the reaction has been surprisingly muted.

Part of it, of course, that Lita left Matt.  Although Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy would later claim Matt was controlling of Lita, at the time we had no idea.  It was only hindsight that revealed Lita was not right for her longtime beau — be it Matt’s unstable home videos, his death threats to Edge, or even his similar meltdown when he broke up with Ashley Massaro (who subsequently dated Paul London for a short time).  Although time has caused many to shrug it off and forgive, a select few still hold it against Amy.

But more to the point, while the male fanbase is every bit as upset at April Marquez as they were at Amy Dumas, the female reaction has been nonexistent.  Total Divas has shown that AJ, still through her heel status an audience insertion, had no chance at John Cena.  However, CM Punk was a strong second choice, and the guys approved of him more than of John.  To the men, it was the two strong-willed pipe-bombing wrestling lifers, “indy darlings” coming together to join forces and take over the WWE; to the women, it was the closest they’d get to Punk himself.


We don’t know the private lives of the wrestlers, much as we want to.  What we see on TV is simply what their fictional characters do.  And yes, we can demand certain things happen — seeing Ryder with Eve or AJ with Cena is certainly harmless in the short run.  But at some point, we have to remember that wrestlers are people too.  They have lives, they have flaws; they have dark secrets, they have emotions.  It’s not our place to say how they act, so long as they behave while in the public eye.

To be fair, most fans live up to the social contract.  Usually, we can separate one from the other.  We know that Stephanie McMahon really does have some faith in Daniel Bryan despite the Authority’s protests; after all, otherwise they’d never have John Cena keep his name afloat in the main event.  We know that Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are not xenophobic bigots (even if they had to tell Glenn Beck that).  We know Goldust isn’t the quasi-sexual weirdo he portrayed in 1996, nor is he that today.

So why is this the hardest one to shake?  Why do we believe that love between wrestlers is meant to be, and that two specific wrestlers — Savage and Liz, Matt and Lita, Benoit and Nancy — are perfect?  And when they’re not, why do we the fans seem to take longer to accept it than the princples of the relationship themselves?

Love should be the last thing we try to “book” as a wrestling community.  Instead, it’s often the last thing we let happen on its own.

Thanks for letting me compose this piece.  I promise that tomorrow I’ll be back with more of the people in underwear pretending to hurt each other escapism we all love as I review SmackDown En Ciudad Mexico.  PG Week rolls on.

Allow me to say, by the way, that I love having you as an audience, because you’ve actually helped me get better as a writer as we get more comfortable with each other.  I think I’m better for having a crowd that doesn’t just post open smacktalk like some forums would.  Your constructive criticism is awesome.  You are awesome.

Impact Wrestling – December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
close out the year tonight with the fallout from last week’s Final
Resolution which saw Magnus (in theory) join up with Dixie as the new
corporate champion. This should mean the imminent return of AJ
Styles and the unification match for the two titles. It should also
be interesting to see if TNA starts having more matches during the
show or sticks with around three plus a lot of talking. Let’s get to

the usual recap of last week’s events, here’s Spud in the ring to get
things going. He gives a very elaborate introduction for someone
very important to all of us: Dixie Carter. She talks about how great
the last seven days have been and talks about how Santa didn’t
deliver the title to Jeff Hardy like the fans wanted him to. That
doesn’t matter though because the right man wanted. The fans sound
like they want AJ.
has a major announcement that she’s been hyping up all week on social
media but Jeff Hardy cuts her off. Jeff has some complaints to make
but Dixie cuts him off. The fans aren’t interested in what Jeff has
to say so he threatens Spud for what he did to Jeff last week. Spud
goes all pompous Brit on Jeff and orders him out of the ring. Spud
is sent into the corner but EC3 runs out to jump Hardy, knocking him
to the floor. Dixie loads up the announcement but here’s Sting to
interrupt as well.
and Spud roll to the floor like proper cowardly heels should and
Sting grabs the mic. He’s tired of entitled pipsqueaks getting
everything they want, so Sting isn’t leaving until both he and the
fans get what they want: Sting beating the tar out of Ethan Carter.
The Icon wants Carter/Spud vs. Sting/Hardy but Dixie says no way.
Dixie says she’ll give Sting a tag match but doesn’t say who is in
it. Her music comes on but she wants to make her announcement. The
music keeps going as we take a break.
with Dixie trying to make the announcement again but this time Gunner
interrupts. Gunner wants his title shot right now but Dixie turns
him down because Magnus is in England. Gunner grabs the mic from
Dixie and says to let Magnus know that the cash-in is coming sooner
rather than later. Dixie tries for I think the fourth time to make
the announcement but here’s James Storm to interrupt this time.
James thinks Gunner owes him something but Gunner disagrees.
talks about Gunner costing him the match against Bobby Roode when
Storm asked him to. Gunner says he did it for Storm’s own good
because Storm was in a bar fight the night before. Storm says that
may be true but he wants to know who told Roode about the bar fight.
James thinks Gunner is the stooge and wants a match for that case
tonight. Dixie says ok because Gunner interrupted her. She’s not
ready for the announcement though so everyone has to wait for later.
vs. James Storm
the Feast or Fired case. They shove each other to start until Gunner
sends Storm into the corner but walks into a headlock takeover.
Gunner shoves him into the corner again but Storm hits a quick
enziguri from the apron. A running forearm gets two on Gunner and a
facebuster gets the same. Gunner gets in a knee lift to the ribs and
puts on a quickly broken chinlock as the announcers talk about the
announcement. Storm comes back with a tackle/spear to send both guys
out to the floor…..for a VERY fast double countout at 4:58.
D. This was all about extending
the feud which is the right idea. I’d assume we’re headed for a
gimmick match at Genesis to blow this off so the ending makes sense.
That doesn’t mean it was executed well at all though as the ten count
took maybe five seconds and we didn’t see any of the count until the
fight to the back as referees fail to pull them apart.
is annoyed at Bully Ray for annoying her since he doesn’t seem to
want her anymore. That’s fine with her as she’ll just go air all his
dirty secrets in the ring. Bully says her name but that’s it.
talks about all the bad characters he’s been given over the years
which counts as paying dues. He talks about being called the future,
meaning he’s not ready yet “because some people weren’t ready to
hang it up yet, BROTHER”. This felt like part of a shoot
Brooke to demand answers from Bully. She understands that he’s mad
at her for throwing the hammer, but she’s not accepting full blame
for everything. Here’s Ray in a hoodie and sunglasses as Brooke
insists that this can be fixed. It’s neither of their faults that
Aces and 8’s ended but Ray turns his back on her. Brooke yells at
him for not respecting her and reminds him that Ray said throw the
hammer. Ray was supposed to be her ticket to the big time but now
he’s that weird high school kid that has no friends.
says she’s no one’s property and that she’s done but Ray grabs her
arm. Ray says she’s done when he’s done with her but he doesn’t
blame her for anything. After all, she’s not the smartest girl in
the world but she was there for certain uses. She wasn’t even that
good at those things thought and sometimes he would close his eyes
and think of Brooke #1.
could piledrive her right now but instead he’s going to use her to
spread his word. She knows how evil he can be, so she can let
everyone know what’s in store for them. Ray takes off the glasses
and says it’s going to be a lot worse as ominous music plays. He’s
done with her.
Park is scared to have a Monster’s Ball match.
thinks being in the Main Event Mafia was the way the Mafia kept him
on a leash.
tries to get out of the tag match but Dixie says she has them
recap Park’s revelation that he’s Abyss.
is scared but Young says believe in himself. Eric says hit the music
and it’s the old Abyss song. He gives Park Janice to make him feel
Park vs. Bad Influence
Ball, meaning anything goes with weapons at ringside. Park has
Janice while the team grabs a kendo stick and crutch. Bad Influence
surrounds Park but he swings Janice…and drops it, allowing the
heels to score with shots to the ribs and back. Park gets taken down
and Kaz hits a backsplash before more weapons are thrown inside. Kaz
throws in a trash can which hits Park in the head but there’s no
blood yet. Daniels stomps on Park in the corner and chokes him with
a cord.
loads up a chair shot but Daniels stops him to prevent blood. Park
comes back with his usual basic offense and picks up a kendo stick.
Kaz gets in a cheap shot with a trashcan lid though and Bad Influence
takes over again. They head outside and send Park into the steps but
have to stop and check for blood again. Back inside and Park
backdrops Daniels over the top before splashing a trashcan lid into
a Boston crab on Kaz’s damaged ribs but Daniels comes back in with a
crutch to break the hold. Eric Young finally comes out for some
moral support but Park says he needs help. Young loads up some right
hands to Park’s head but Bad Influence makes the save. Kaz tries a
kendo stick shot but Park shoves him out of the way to take the shot
to the forehead. We’ve got blood, kendo stick shots, Shock Treatment
to Kaz, Black Hole Slam to Daniels for the pin at 10:24.
D. WAY too long for the end
result. This is the same idea they’ve been using for months now and
the fact that it’s taking Eric Young to get us there makes it all the
more annoying. The stuff with not letting Park get hit in the head
was smart so the match wasn’t a total loss. Just too long.
Hardy is on the phone with his wife. He’s had a plan for a few weeks
and it goes down tonight.
talks about the BFG Series being proof he could hang with anyone.
The loss to AJ was what changed him because he never wants to feel
that again. The win over Sting at BFG was the biggest win of his
vs. Lei’D Tapa
the match Gail tells Madison to stay out of her business. ODB can’t
slam her so she chops at Tapa instead. Tapa sends ODB into the
corner and slowly pounds away before kicking ODB in the face. ODB
avoids a middle rope seated senton (which would have missed if she
hadn’t moved) but still can’t drop Tapa with shoulder blocks. Gail
throws the title belt into the ring and pulls ODB’s hair to distract
her, allowing Tapa to hit the TKO for the pin at 4:16.
D. They treated this as the
female version of the Colossal Jostle but even that match looked
great by comparison. I have no idea who TNA thinks cares about
either of these girls but the fans here didn’t seem interested in
them at all. Madison at least has some appeal to her while ODB is
just loud and unpleasant.
says that was a lesson for Madison.
and Velvet have a nice moment in the back. Chris has an X Title
match next week and he blames Velvet for losing the title in the
first place. She doesn’t think she can help him so he says he’ll
find a girl that can.
talks about having Dixie in his corner and how their partnership will
last for years.
Carter III/Rockstar Spud vs. Sting/Jeff Hardy
the match Dixie makes her announcement: next week there’s a
coronation. Oh and this will be a tag match, but it’s a tag team
handicap match.
Carter III/Rockstar Spud/Bro Mans vs. Sting/Jeff Hardy
and Spud want nothing to do with Sting so they both tag out with
Jesse eventually getting the start. Sting hiptosses him down but
Zema Ion grabs Sting’s leg to get an advantage. Carter comes in but
Sting gets up so it’s off to Robbie before any contact is made. Jeff
comes in with a middle rope splash for two and a backdrop to send
Robbie out to the floor. Carter accidentally tackles Godderz to the
floor, setting up a dive (with Sting as a springboard) to take out
all four heels at once.
four of them pull Jeff down and stomp away for their first advantage
as we take a break. Back with Godderz getting two off a knee to the
ribs. A powerslam gets the same and it’s back to Robbie who gets two
off a clothesline. Jesse comes back in for a half crab and Sting is
suckered in, allowing a four man beatdown on Hardy. Carter mocks
Sting with a Stinger Splash but Jeff comes back with a jawbreaker.
Sting comes in and cleans house, even with Spud on his back in an
impressive feat. Sting keeps beating everyone up but Carter grabs a
rollup for the clean pin at 13:30. Taz said he had tights but I
didn’t see them.
D+. This was another dull match
in a string of them tonight. It’s not like Sting and Hardy got
screwed over, or at least it didn’t come off like they did. The
match made the tag champions look like jobbers which is a step
backward for them after how much better they’ve looked lately.
Boring match here and I don’t know what it accomplished.
match Hardy gets on the mic and thanks Sting for getting him into the
business. Last week he was the better man but lost because of the
politics. The fans chant for Hardy but he says the fight’s all gone.
This was his last match in TNA and he’s leaving until the sun shines
on this dark kingdom. Hardy says he loves the Creatures, takes off
his shirt, and leaves.
D. Well they’re back to
boring already. Save for the decent promo work from Magnus, there
was nothing to see here. We’re still just waiting for AJ to come
back which will probably be at the coronation next week. That
doesn’t make this week any better though as we had four dull or short
matches which makes for a LONG two hour show.
Storm vs. Gunner went to a double countout
Park b. Bad Influence – Black Hole Slam to Daniels
Tapa b. ODB – TKO
Mans/Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III b. Sting/Jeff Hardy – Rollup to
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Which Shoot Interview Should be Reviewed Next

Just like last week, I will ask a question and the person who is the first to guess correctly, will get to choose the shoot interview that I will recap next week. I will send you a word document of the shoots that I have in my collection (the ones that have not been reviewed on the blog) and you email me back the one you want to see reviewed.

Here is the question:

What was the first “Timeline” shoot that I reviewed for the blog?

NXT – December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Renee Young
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Christmas time in NXT and since this is a sane promotion, tonight is
a year in review show, plus Cesaro vs. Regal. This should be
entertaining as usual given how good NXT has been over the last year.
It’s always fun to see where guys on the main roster got started and
several guys on the main shows today were in NXT earlier this year.
Let’s get to it.

arena is empty and Renee Young is our host.
up: a look at the opening of the WWE Performance Center.
get packages on all the people that have gone from NXT to the main
rosters: the Wyatts, Shield, Fandango, Xavier Woods, Damien Sandow,
Antonio Cesaro and Big E. Langston. Ignore that Cesaro, Fandango and
I beliee Sandow were in WWE before they came to NXT.
talks about the previous year has been a whirlwind and he couldn’t
have done it without the maniacal five count fans. This is just the
says that William Regal is the only technical wrestler he’s ever
respected. Regal’s evilness was an inspiration for Cesaro and he
wouldn’t have a job here without William. However, Regal knew this
day was coming: the day when one of them had to go. The younger,
stronger and better man gets to stay, and that’s Cesaro.
on the first NXT Tag Title match with British Ambition beating the
on Emma vs. Paige for the first Women’s Title.
who towers over interviewer Devon Taylor, thinks Emma is just a
dancer. However, she now has Paige’s respect because Emma has shown
she can move in the ring. Paige insists she’s a wrestler and
promises to come for the Divas, including AJ.
Dallas knows we want to hear about his rise to the title but we need
to hear how important it is to Bo-Lieve. We get a clip of him
beating Langston to prove the power of the Bo-Lievers.
Wyatts talk about how they stand for a cause. Their crusades began
in a place called NXT and whether it’s there or up in WWE, their
message is simple: down with the machine.
a package on the future of NXT: Aiden English, Mojo Rawley, Bayley,
Tyler Breeze, Alexander Rusev, Sasha Banks, Corey Graves and of
course Sami Zayn.
on all of the WWE stars who have made cameos here in NXT.
Regal has been considering his legacy. He’s a vicious fighter and a
unique entertainer but he never became World Heavyweight Champion.
That’s his fault though because he has a tendency to get in trouble.
He’s always been a world class technical wrestler, and that’s where
Antonio Cesaro comes in. Cesaro is ten times the wrestler that Regal
has ever been and Cesaro wants to prove it. The only chance Regal
has tonight is a miracle and that’s not coming to someone like
himself. Regal is going to give this every bit of evil he has and
hopes that’s enough. This was an old school wrestling promo and it
was awesome.
is about to introduce the match of the year but Shield hijacks the
signal to talk about how dominant of a year they’ve had. They’ve
destroyed everyone from Undertaker to Rock to Undertaker to John
Cena, but that was after they built NXT. All those guys that are
coming up through NXT need to be worried because Shield is waiting on
them in WWE.
to Young who introduces the only match that could have been match of
the year in NXT: Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro 2/3 falls. Cesaro
going into beast mode to get the wind is still amazing and makes me
even sadder every time I see him jobbing to Los Matadores.
talks about what an honor it is to be part of the match of the year
but now his focus is on becoming NXT Champion. There’s a roadblock
in his way named Leo Kruger and this talk about 2/3 falls has gotten
him thinking. Next week: Kruger vs. Zayn 2/3 falls. Even on a
review show they set up something for next week. Can this show do
anything wrong?
Cesaro vs. William Regal
Fink is doing entrances, which gives me an answer to the question I
just asked. The disgusted yet also terrified look on Regal’s face is
perfect. Cesaro cranks on the arm to start and Regal can’t counter.
Antonio takes him to the mat but Regal nips up to draw a gasp from
the crowd. Cesaro stays on the hold and takes Regal down again but
there’s another nip up. “You still got it!”
takes Cesaro down to his knees but still can’t get away from the
wrist control as we take a break. Back with Cesaro still on the arm
and jumping onto a standing Regal’s shoulders (basically putting
himself in a fireman’s carry) to apply even more pressure. Regal
flips him down into an armbar but Cesaro nips up just like Regal did
earlier. William takes him down by the other arm but Cesaro powers
up into a test of strength.
easily powers Regal down but the Englishman counters into a cross arm
choke. He leans backwards to put Cesaro over his knees while still
choking, only to be flipped forward to escape. Back to the test of
strength before Regal counters a front facelock into a dragon
sleeper. Cesaro flips him forward in a kind of reverse suplex for
two but Regal gets him down into the corner and does his “distract
the referee while kicking the opponent in the face” spot.
chop blocks Regal down and rams the bad knee into the apron a few
times as we take another break. Back with Cesaro holding a leg lock
but Regal keeps fighting back with kicks to the head. Cesaro keeps
control by cranking on the knee even more and taking off Regal’s knee
brace. The knee is bent around Cesaro’s neck in an old Brock Lock
but Regal counters into a rollup and backslide for two each. Cesaro
hits a series of ten uppercuts to knock Regal silly, setting up the
Cesaro Swing.
some trash talk Antonio loads up the Neutralizer but Regal backdrops
his way out. He drops a knee on Cesaro’s arm to take away the
Neutralizer. Regal goes after the arm with everything he’s got and
hits an overhead suplex for two. The knee is too damaged for the
knee trembler though and Cesaro comes back with a headbutt. Regal is
fine with that and headbutts Cesaro right back before loading up a
double underhook suplex. Cesaro backdrops Regal but can’t break the
takes him to the mat again and tries the Regal Stretch but Cesaro
makes the rope. A forearm from the good arm lays Regal out and a
double stomp to the back of the head has the referee checking him.
Cesaro looks down at Regal before picking up his limp body. He sets
up the Neutralizer but thinks twice about it and lets Regal fall back
to the mat. Regal tries to pull himself up so Cesaro puts on the
Neutralizer. He looks down at Regal’s unconscious body and looks
disgusted after pinning Regal at 16:00 shown of 24:00.
A. I loved this for a lot of
reasons. First of all, the technical stuff at the beginning was
excellent with two old school craftsmen doing their jobs as well as
anyone can. It’s wrestling in its purest form and when you have guys
who can work that style it’s as entertaining as you can get. Then
there’s the excellent storytelling with Regal trying every trick he
knew but not being able to stop Cesaro’s raw power. The ending with
Cesaro not wanting to hurt Regal anymore but giving in to his natural
instincts of winning at any cost was great stuff. I loved this match
and continue to wait for Cesaro to be taken seriously in WWE.
is taken out by referees but Cesaro goes after him and extends a
hand. Regal stares him down and shakes hands as we go off the air.
A+. An amazing match
and clips of all kinds of awesome stuff from the undisputed best
wrestling show going today make this the best hour of wrestling I’ve
seen in a long time. Even when they’re talking about a match that
happened months ago they tie in a match next week to give us a reason
to keep watching. This show can do no wrong at this point and
somehow keeps getting better.
Cesaro b. William Regal – Neutralizer
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A+ Match of the Day

Happy Boxing Day Blog O’Doomers!

Thought about Mr. T-Roddy Piper from Wrestlemania 2 but said, ‘nah, let’s stick with wrestling.’ And I picked this match to honor the soon-to-be returning Batista. Hopefully he channels the awesome that he brought in 2010, I don’t see why he wouldn’t since he remains pretty funny and witty. But if not, let him be the ass-kicking machine he’s always been.

I decided to pluck this match from 2008 since it was “the first time”, like we couldn’t see the millions of Levithan vs. Prototype matches from OVW? Anyway, Summerslam 2008, Batista vs. John Cena in a battle of true-blue A+ players. Enjoy!

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1999 WWE as told by Sean Morley

This runs at just under one hour and forty-five minutes long.

I am referring to Morley by his character, Val Venis, as he has the same first name as the interviewer, thus making it easier.


Shawn Michaels announces his retirement on January 12th at the advice of doctors after undergoing surgery to repair herniated discs. Sean asks Val how the locker room reacted to his retirement. Val said he was disappointed, as he wanted to work with him, but did not pay attention to everyone’s reaction. When asked, he said the injury was legit. He did state that some were happy and others didn’t care all that much.
At the Royal Rumble, Rock defeated Mankind in a “I Quit” match. Parts of the match were filmed for the documentary “Beyond the Mat.” Val said that he saw pieces of the documentary and thought it was decent, although he never saw the whole thing. He then adds that the locker room consensus was mixed towards the film. When asked about the chair shots, Val said back then, he thought you shouldn’t be in the business if you couldn’t take one but looking back now, he realizes that it is stupid. He then compares it to the UFC and how fighters constantly get punched in the chin. In regards to Mick Foley putting his body on the line, he said he was concerned for him and that was what led to his early retirement.
Val is asked about Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble. He said it was fun to watch, especially when it came to bumping. He didn’t care that Vince put himself over, saying that the crowd responded well and Vince knows what the crowd wants to see.
On January 26th, Mankind defeats The Rock for the Heavyweight Championship in an empty arena match in the Tucson Convention Center that aired on MTV during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII. Val is asked about the popularity that the WWF was seeing at the time. Val said that they rode on the wave of popularity caused by the Rock and Steve Austin.
Val is asked who came up with his feud against Ken Shamrock, when he learned that his sister starred in one of Val’s films. “Saving Ryan’s Privates.” Val said that it was Vince Russo’s idea. When asked what it was like pairing with Ryan Shamrock, he said that it was entertaining. He is asked about the rumor of a proposed incest angle that was nixed by Ken. Val never heard about that and said that he would be turned off by that as well.
On February 5th, Bob Backlund announces that he will run for the Connecticut First District Congressional Seat. When asked if he thought Bob was crazy, he said that anyone that would work out nonstop for two hours every night in his hotel room. In regards to Backlund as a politician, Val said that he would be the same as any other, if Republican he would give money to the military industrial complex and if a Democrat, he would give it to friends running safety net projects then talks about how we are all getting plundered.
Val is asked about the WWE acquiring the Big Show. He calls him a great athlete and said he was fun to work.
At the “In Your House: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” PPV, Val defeated Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title. When asked if he felt that it was an important achievement, Val said yes and lists the guys who have held the title before him and how the best workers in the company were in contention for the belt. He said he found out he was winning by Pat Patterson, four hours before the show. Val then said all of the writers were kept on their toes and storylines were changed at the drop of the dime. Val said that the belts changing hands too frequently does devalue the belt a little bit.
Jim Ross returns to TV after a three month absence due to his Bells Palsy. Val said that he rarely ever dealt with JR but felt that he was a huge asset to the company and that he and Lawler were a great commentary team. He said that they were cordial but also never had anything in common as JR liked football and he was into politics. When asked about any animosity between JR and Michael Cole, Val said that he believes that Cole thinks he is better than JR, which Val disagrees with.
Val lost the IC Title to Road Dogg on the March 15th episode of RAW. He said it was disappointing, especially since there was no follow up storyline. He said that he was told then he was dropping the belt and they did not have a follow up plan. He liked the Road Dogg and had no problem at all dropping the belt to him.
He is now asked about Jerry Lawler getting arrested on March 16th at the Memphis Airport after running over the foot of the airport officer who gave him a ticket. Val said that he vaguely remembers this but does not recall Lawler ever having a temper. Val then says that he should of backed up and drove over the officer’s other foot because he gets paid through tax dollars, which Val calls “the theft of our money.”
Val is asked about WrestleMania and the week leading up to the event. He said it is nonstop appearances all week long and that you can feel the buildup too. He said that he keeps himself in check by stopping and taking a deep breath. He wrestled in a four-way match and Val said when you get more than one opponent in the ring, the match becomes a little more difficult. He is then asked if the match is booked more closely during WrestleMania and Val said that several people are involved and it is hard to screw up as you are in the zone and you have been rehearsing everything the whole time.
Next, he is asked about HHH and Chyna attacking X-Pac then aligning with the corporation. Val said that he is good friends with X-Pac then jokes that he has “burnt a lot of brain cells with him” in the past. He says they have a lot of good memories together.
When it comes to the boxing match between Butterbean and Bart Gunn, Val said that it is tough for a wrestler to box, when he has been wrestling his whole life. He recalls that Butterbean was respectful and nice but in the locker room after he won, Butterbean thought that he would get a full-time job in the WWF as a result.


On April 20th, Rick Rude died of a heart attack. Val said he has lost a lot of friends due to prescription drugs abuse and that in the minds of those that abuse them, they never see that they can die from that. When asked if it is noticeable in the locker room, Val said sometimes it is but other guys can abuse everything and somehow manage to stay alive. Val then talks about how the WWE is currently doing everything within their power to prevent the abuse from happening and talks about how prescription drugs are the most abused drug in high schools.

The Rock turned face on the April 26th edition of RAW after Shane McMahon fired him from the corporation. When asked about the qualities that made the Rock such an effective face, Val said that the Rock is one of the best ever on the mic and also puts over his intelligence and wit.


On May 10th episode of RAW, Commissioner Shawn Michaels awards Debra the Women’s Title after losing an Evening Gown match to Sable, who quit the company shortly after this happened. Val said Sable was a good champion during her brief run. When asked why she was so despised, Val said he heard the stories of her attitude problem but that he always got along with her and used to travel with her and Marc Mero.

Val is asked about going back to England. He said that he wrestled there before going to the WWE and said that he heard the eruption from fans while at the airport when heading to the baggage claim. Val is asked if anything happened during the flight but he said the ribbing usually occurs on the plane ride back. He also said that when he travels overseas, he would travel but at this time, he was partying hard and would go out to the bars with A-Train and Test.

They now talk about the death of Owen Hart that occured at the “Over the Edge” PPV. Val said that he was the next match and behind the Gorilla position warming up. Bruce Prichard was near him then got up and yelled for the EMT’s and that someone fell. He didnt know that it was Owen until after a minute. Jeff Jarrett was doing a pre-match promo and had no idea that Owen fell. Val said that they wheeled Owen backstage and the EMT’s were doing heart compressions and his eyes were open but said you could tell that there was nobody home. After that, he headed out for his match and said he went out and looked at how high up he was and thought to himself that there was no way he was going to survive that. Val said that he started to calm himself down with deep breaths. Jeff then came out and did not know what had happened and after the match, they went backstage and found out that Owen had passed away and Val said that Jarrett broke down. Val said that he was pretty much the only person who knew that he was not going to survive, because he was covered by the time he was wheeled past everyone else. Val said that believed that Owen would have wanted the show to go on and puts over Owen for being a good guy. He tells a story while in St. Louis, several wrestlers were waiting to check into the Marriott. A bunch of kids come over for autographs and Val signs them. Then, a guy with a stack of photos asks Val to sign them for him and he said no, because he knew the guy was just going to go sell them. When Val gets to his room, he gets a call from that guy who said he better come down and sign his pictures, liked he promised. Val hung up and the guy called again and said that he better sign his pictures and that he is a big guy and won’t be able to get buy him. So, Val goes down to the lobby and sees Owen and Jarrett sitting on stools at the bar and Owen tells Val that the guy went around the corner. Val went looking for him but was unsuccessful so he went back to his room and it took him an hour and a half to calm down. Six months later, Val was in Canada and just about to film “Off the Record” when Edge asks him about the guy in St. Louis and tells him that Owen was pretending to be the guy on the phone. Apparently, Owen called Edge and told him to tell this to Val right before he went on the air. Val said he was seething

Next, is the RAW tribute show to Owen. He said that they day felt slow and that everyone was quiet and still in shock. He then said that a sheet was passed around for guys to sign up if they felt like working that night. Val is then asked about the problems between Owen and Steve Austin but said he never heard Steve speak about Owen after his death.


Val is asked about the lawsuit filed by Sable. He said that being a Libertarian, he is against frivolous lawsuits and said that it was frivolous.

He said that he never had a problem losing to Chyna. He thought that it was something different. He was sure that there were some objections from guys losing against women but said if done right, can be entertaining and make sense.

They bring up Martha Hart’s wrongful death lawsuit. Val said that it was not a frivolous lawsuit but that people die daily in accidents and that the company that made the harness should be sued if it was faulty.


The WWE files for an initial offering of public stock, changing the name from “Titan Sports” to “World Wrestling Federation Enertainment.” Val said there was initial excitement but it dropped down to $9.00 and guys were getting worried. Val confirmed that there was a meeting with talent and that they were told they could buy IPO’s at a discounted price. Val said it took him a few years to break even but points out that Bradshaw sold after a few days when the prices rose from $17 to $34. He puts Bradshaw over for knowing the stock market.

Chris Jericho made his debut on the August 9th edition of RAW. Val said that he didnt know Jericho that well before his debut. He said that the locker room was accepting of him. Val also said that before the WWE, he had a tryout match with WCW and said that the locker room environment was bad and clickish before stating that Jericho told him that if he had an offer for the WWE, that he should go there. Val puts over the WWE locker room for being much better.

Val talks about Jesse Ventura appearing as a special guest referee at SummerSlam. Val said that he is against Jesse for attempting to unionize, because he is anti-union.

On August 24th, the first “Smackdown” taping is held. When asked, Val said that his did not mean an extra paycheck, as they would have been working a show besides another TV taping.

Val is asked about Shawn Michaels appearing on the August 26th edition of “Byte This” when he badmouthed Steve Austin for not putting over HHH at SummerSlam, leading to Shawn Michaels getting sent home by Vince. Val that said it is all up to Vince whether or not he should have been sent home.


He is asked about the skit in which Venis saw Big Show in the bathroom stall and joked about him being called the Big Show. Val said that Bruce Prichard came up with the idea for that.

Val is asked if there was too much of Vince during 1999. Val said that he believed that Vince wanted to be part of the biggest era of pro wrestling ever and thought it was entertaining to see him in the ring. He said that if Ted Turner had that same passion, he would probably still be in business today.

Val is asked about the Kennel from Hell match between Al Snow and the Big Boss Man. He tells a story about during the storyline when Boss Man stole Al’s dog Pepper. Al was backstage doing a pretape with Russo and heard Al say “it’s Val’s” and when asked, they both said it was nothing. Several hours later, he heard the promo on-air while cooling down backstage and saw a phone number flash on the screen and didn’t think nothing of it at all. A minute later, his cell phone rings and someone called him stating that he found Pepper. Val just thought that it was someone messing with him but the phone rings again and it was a little girl talking to him and he looked around and the whole locker room starting to laugh. He powered his phone off and was driving home with Test and A-Train. He then said that in the car, he would pick up the phone and tell the people that called they won $10,000 due to being the 1,000th person to call Pepper and would turn the phone over to A-Train, who would ask them questions. Val said he changed his number the next day.


On October 3rd, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara jumped ship to WCW. He believes that Vince took them leaving personally, stating that he believed that Vince put a lot of stock into Russo. He then puts over Russo for being able to fit the entire card into meaningful storylines. He said that Vince made sure that Russo did not push the envelope too far. Val is then asked how much of the success should be applied to Ferrara and Russo in terms of how hot the company was at that time. Val thinks 40%, stating that the Rock and Austin were so hot at that time. Val also claims that at one point, Crash Holly was a bigger star than Goldberg, due to Russo’s writing. That is one of the most laughable claims I have ever heard.

Next, he is asked about Droz getting paralyzed in a match with D’Lo Brown. Val said that D’Lo broke down backstage after the match. He also said that it was hard to say who was at fault and that the locker room did not blame D’Lo for the incident.

He talks about Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. He tells a story about Mae when before she went out to give Eric Bischoff a Bronco Buster, she was backstage with him and called his name. Shen then showed him a bunch of sardines that she had stuffed in her pants as a rib on Bischoff.

Jeff Jarrett returns to WCW a day before wrestling on a WWE PPV. Val said that Vince didnt show his anger but that Jarrett did burn his bridges with the WWE.

On October 21st, Mick Foley’s “Have a Nice Day” autobiography is released. Val said that he read bits and pieces of it and is not into “storybooks,” just books about politics. He puts over Foley for being a talented writer and says he gets along with him but doesnt like the fact that he is a democrat.


Val is asked about Kurt Angle, who made his debut at the Survivor Series. He said that Angle was open to learning pro wrestling and had the attitude and commitment to make it to the top. He also said he could work the crowd and would get blown away while watching him perform. However, some of his psychology would bother him, bringing up an example of after getting frog-splashed by Eddie Guerrero, shortly after that he put him in an ankle lock and how that is the stuff that would drive him nuts if he were an agent.


On December 2nd, Smackdown was changed from TV-14 to TV-PG. Val said that Vince was worried about losing the advertisers due to the Parents Television Council. He said that he hated being in the Right to Censor, stating that he hated the uniform. He also said that when Russo left, there was no one behind the character and if he had an idea, they told him they were not going in that envelope-pushing direction.

Val is asked if she saw he chemistry between Stephanie and HHH at this time. He said he did not but there were a lot of rumors going around at the time.

Final Thoughts: This is the worst of the WWE Timeline installments. Val, who was a questionable choice to begin with due to not being involved in the main storylines, offered little insight into this year. He told a few good stories but seemed to be more interested into discussing his political beliefs rather than the subject at hand. He came across as an asshole when talking about the parking attendant that got his foot run over by Lawler. He also either didn’t know or just didn’t care to discuss much of the gossip and rumors at this time. I wonder if he was trying to get re-hired by the way he came across at times. Don’t waste your money on this DVD.

Monday Nitro – August 3, 1998

Nitro #148
August 3, 1998
Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado
Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Road Wild and up to this point there are only a
few matches announced. One of the matches that hasn’t been
officially announced yet is the main event, which presents even more
problems for the mess that WCW is in at the moment. The Leno match
will draw money, but you need a lot more than five days to promote a
match like that. On top of that, we still don’t have a match for
Goldberg and the potential battle royal between the NWO camps has
only been mentioned. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Goldberg’s HUGE 20 second speech and run-in to
close out the show last week, only to see him get chokeslammed by
is on commentary to start things off for some reason. Apparently
Larry is in a meeting with Time Warner executives.
get a clip from the Tonight Show on Wednesday with Hogan and Bischoff
taking over. Page and security chased them off a few seconds later
and Leno/Page vs. Hogan/Bischoff is official for the PPV. Publicity
on NBC is a great thing, but having it announced a week or so earlier
would have helped a lot.
DDP with something to say. He had to twist Leno’s arm a little bit
but Jay will be in the ring in Strugis. There won’t be anything left
of Scum Hogan and Sleazy E after Road Wild because Leno will clean
house with Bischoff.
vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Barbarian came out here for a match with an unnamed opponent but
Jimmy Hart issues a challenge. Page starts with a swinging
neckbreaker and a hiptoss but Barbarian slips away from the Diamond
Cutter. Jimmy distracts the referee and Barbarian gets in a low blow
to take over. Page comes back from some choking in the corner with
rights and lefts, only to have Barbarian pound him down again. A
clothesline drops Barbie but he shoves the Cutter away again. He
blocks it a third time but Page finally pulls him down for the pin.
D+. The match was nothing to
see but the ending was a nice idea for a change. I kind of like
someone just shoving Page off instead of going down, especially when
it’s someone you would expect to get pinned in a few seconds. This
actually wasn’t a glorified squash, much to my surprise.
fake Hogan on the Tonight Show.
has taken Heenan’s place and talks about the meeting with Time
Warner. Short version: nothing has changed at all.
look at every major match last week as this seems to be another recap
heavy show.
Tritt Road Wild promo.
Tonight Show clip with Hogan and Bischoff coming out to yell at Leno
for his jokes.
now…..NWO Nightcap. You get the idea here: band, stupid jokes,
Leno impressions, threat to Kevin Eubanks, Monica Lewinsky jokes, Jay
Leno jokes, Monica Lewinsky and Jay Leno jokes. The guest is Hogan
of course and we look at more Tonight Show clips of Hogan and
Bischoff storming the set to yell at Leno. Kevin Eubanks came to his
rescue but the NWO took over the show anyway.
calls that the shove that changed history and threatens Page a bit.
NBC wants Hogan and Bischoff to take over the Tonight Show after Road
Wild. We get even more trash talk as this just keeps going. They
kept it short this week and only ate up 13 minutes. Remember that
when you see who isn’t on the show tonight.
look at Hogan shoving Leno again before we go to break.
keep the trend going, here’s a video on Bret Hart.
Magnum vs. Psychosis
is supposed to be Psychosis vs. Disco Inferno but he swaps out for
Tokyo instead. Psychosis is cool with that and stomps on Magnum in
the corner but Scott Norton comes in to beat them both up after about
15 seconds.
issues an open challenge to anyone in WCW for a fight later this
evening. Hugh Morrus comes out to answer the challenge and gets
powerbombed about four seconds later.
video from last week with Bret talking about his respect for Sting
and refusing to fight him later in the night. The promo confirmed
that Bret is officially not part of the NWO.
#2 begins as I feel sorry for the crowd for the second week in a row.
Girls in gold.
Party Pack winner. They showed what the Party Pack for once and it
appears to be a bunch of plates and napkins with the Nitro logo.
That would certainly make me want to film a big party let me tell
for more Goldberg talking. Goldberg says Saturday is payback time
for the Giant because the champ is going to enter the NWO battle
royal. He’ll fight anyone to get to Giant, including Sting. That
brings out Sting himself for a showdown but Giant and the Black and
White show up on the stage. Goldberg runs through the goons and
chases Giant off as Bret Hart walks out. Some papers have fallen
from the ceiling, saying “Goldberg, you’re next!”
from a break with Sting in the back, looking over an unconscious Lex
Luger. Sting leaves as soon as medics show up.
Adams vs. Jim Duggan
slugs away and hits some bad looking clotheslines to send Adams to
the floor. Back in and an ax handle to the chest puts Adams down
again but he forearms Duggan in the head. We hit the chinlock on
Duggan before he makes his comeback and crotches Adams on the ropes.
Vincent comes in with the board and the distraction lets Adams
piledrive Duggan down for the pin.
D-. When Brian Adams is the better worker you have in a match, you’re
not having the most interesting outing in the world. Was Jim Duggan
really popular enough to warrant getting this many TV appearances?
At least he’s only jobbing and not out there taking away anyone’s
Hart comes out of the trainer’s room. He denies having anything to
do with Luger being attacked before offering his services to Sting as
a replacement partner in Luger’s place tonight.
is on a motorcycle and talks about riding to Sturgis.
on Raven, talking about a lack of joy.
the Flock to say Sick Boy vs. Kanyon isn’t happening tonight because
Kanyon is nowhere to be fine. Raven suggests that Kanyon has joined
the Flock. If that’s the case, Saturn is in big trouble on Sunday.
Raven breaks Lodi’s fingers for fun until Saturn makes the save. He
helps Lodi up but Lodi shoves him away, earning a Death Valley
Hart is caught in the back with Scott Hall.
of Hogan shoving Leno.
Nitro Girls.
even MORE talking as we’re halfway through the show. This time it’s
JJ Dillon who asks to speak to Dean Malenko. Dean says the loss last
week was last week and he’s not going to cry about it. Jericho was
the better man last week and if he was here, Dean would tell him to
his face. Now a good heel would be out there immediately to make
Dean say that to his face.
for us, Jericho is an awesome heel so here he is to gloat in person.
Jericho goes on a rant about how he was unstoppable last week and
says Malenko will never get to face him again. Dean says that’s not
entirely true. JoJo says that since Jericho has a history of
cheating, there will be a guest referee. Jericho somehow doesn’t see
it coming and says he doesn’t care. The referee of course: Dean
Guerrero vs. Juventud Guerrera
announcers talk about Sting leaving the building at some point in the
last half hour and Heenan sounds BOMBED. Juvy offers a handshake to
start but gets slapped in the face instead. Guerrera doesn’t take
kindly to that and dropkicks Eddie in the chest. Jericho vs.
Guerrera for the Cruiserweight Title is official for Road Wild due to
Eddie costing Juvy a title shot over the weekend. That took WCW
about 10 seconds to explain and also gives us a reason for this
match. Why is that so hard for modern wrestling companies to do?
blocks a superplex attempt and hits a top rope spinwheel kick to send
Eddie outside. A suicide dive sends Eddie into the barricade. The
drunk Heenan gets in a good line about David Letterman betting
against Leno at the PPV. Back in and Juvy’s charge in the corner
sends him into the buckle but he counters a powerbomb into a DDT for
two. Guerrera’s straps come down but Eddie counters the Juvy Driver
into a shoulder breaker, setting up the Frog Splash for the win.
C. It was nice to see an actual
wrestling match on this show but the booking makes me shake my head.
Who in the world thought that Eddie, who isn’t even on the PPV this
weekend, needed a clean win over a guy getting a title shot? That’s
modern WWE style booking and it’s just stupid. Tenay pointing out
that Guerrera’s momentum is all gone now doesn’t help.
Tonight Show stuff.
is on his motorcycle again.
Title: Stevie Ray vs. Lizmark Jr.
comes out to what I believe became Norman Smiley’s music. This week
Stevie has a notarized statement making him the official TV Champion.
Gene sees nothing official on it but Stevie insists. In some comedy
you couldn’t make up if you tried, Tony says you can’t fool WCW
squash here with Stevie knocking Lizmark around like the
cruiserweight jobber he is. A kick to the chest sends Lizmark into
the barricade and a World’s Strongest Slam puts him down again.
Stevie loads up the Slap Jack but here’s Chavo with a fake notary
stamp. Chavo thinks he can make his own marriage license now and
Stevie chases him off for the countout. The fans spent most of the
match shouting about how much this match sucked and how bored they
were, which is a completely acceptable feeling at this point in the
Tritt ad.
#3 begins.
Hennig vs. Konnan
a new Wolfpack shirt with a red wolf’s head on the front. I wanted
one of those so bad when I was a kid. Hennig tries to jump Konnan to
start but Konnan hiptosses him and clotheslines Hennig to the floor.
Scott Norton distracts the referee so Hennig can get in a cheap shot
to take over but Konnan hits another hard clothesline to take over
again. A basement dropkick and an X Factor set up the Tequila
Sunrise but a Norton distraction breaks it up. Hennig chokes Konnan
with his singlet straps and the PerfectPlex gets the pin. Another
short match.
comes out to chase off the Black and White post match.
Tonight Show stuff.
Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Jericho gets in a cheap shot to start but Rey comes back with a
springboard missile dropkick to send him outside. A flipping seated
senton takes Jericho down again and we take a break. Back with
Mysterio hitting what looked like a moonsault press for two. Jericho
catches a springboard cross body and puts Mysterio down with a
shoulder breaker. Mysterio rolls to the floor and gets dropkicked
into the barricade.
in and Rey suplexes Jericho down in the closest thing you’ll ever see
to a power display from Mysterio. Chris comes right back with a
bizarre looking submission hold which can best be described as an
Octopus Hold but from his back. Rey makes the rope but gets
clotheslined down yet again. Jericho launches him into the corner
but Rey lands on the middle ropes and headscissors Jericho down for
two. A springboard split legged moonsault gets the same but Jericho
hits a quick bulldog to get a breather.
tries his springboard cross body to the apron but crashes to the
floor instead. Rey hurricanranas Jericho back inside but gets caught
in a butterfly backbreaker. Mysterio gets back up again and tries a
springboard move, only to have Jericho pull the referee in the way.
Rey can’t stop his momentum and hits something like a seated senton
on Mark Curtis. Jericho powerbombs Rey down and loads up the
Liontamer but Rey counters into a rollup. There’s no referee but
Dean Malenko runs out to count the pin.
B. I really liked this match
even though it was a different style than I was expecting. It’s an
impressive feat when you can have two guys work a match the opposite
way than they usually would and still get something this
entertaining. The ending ties things in to Saturday’s match and gave
us an entertaining match at the same time. You can’t ask for more
than that.
Tonight Show package for I think the third time tonight.
look back at Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner talking about Buff’s
injuries last week and JJ Dillon making the battle of the Steiners
for Road Wild.
Scott Steiner with something to say. He talks about having black and
white blood in his veins but something has changed his thinking. On
Monday he got a phone call from his mom, telling him that the blood
in his body is the same as his brother’s. Scott takes off the NWO
shirt and says he quits. He asks Rick to come out here for an
apology and the announcers think this is a nice moment. Instead
here’s Buff Bagwell in a Rick Steiner costume and acting like a dog.
But I thought you couldn’t fool WCW announcers. Anyway Scott makes
fun of Rick until the real Rick comes out and WACKS Scott with a
Show clip, literally for the tenth time tonight.
Wild ad.
Girls again.
promises a bonus Travis Tritt concert if you buy the show, meaning
the PPV will be longer than usual.
Black and White corner Kimberly before she can get out of the ring
and say she looks good for trailer trash. Kimberly slaps Eric and
here’s DDP for the save but the numbers are too much for him. A long
beatdown ensues with Bischoff talking trash and making sexual jokes
about Kimberly. The Goldberg chants get no response as this just
keeps going. A chokeslam leaves Page laying.
announcers go into serious mode to talk about what we just saw before
directly transitioning into plugging Travis Tritt’s new CD.
look at Goldberg’s challenge for the battle royal again and him
calling out Sting.
Titles: Scott Hall/The Giant vs. Sting/Bret Hart
and Giant are defending. For some reason Sting comes from the
rafters to his old music with the white paint. Hart and Hall get us
started in a Royal Rumble 1993 rematch. Feeling out process to start
with Bret not really wanting to go after Hall. Eventually Bret
cranks on the arm a bit before offering a tag to Sting but Sting’s
arm doesn’t move from the ropes.
tags himself in and hits a running clothesline and the bulldog but
Hall bails to avoid the Scorpion. Back in and Hall scores with a
clothesline to bring in Giant. A Russian legsweep drops Sting to
give Hall a two count and a fallaway slam gets the same. Bret
finally extends an arm for a tag as Sting shoves Hall into the
corner, but the impact knocks Bret to the floor. Sting fights both
champions off and ducks a bat shot from Hart which hits Hall, giving
Sting the pin and the titles.
D. The match was your usual
junk with no time to go anywhere for the most part. This would be
another annoying example of two guys who don’t get along teaming
together to win the titles even though it’s the same story almost
every time. At least Hall and Giant lose the titles as they never
quite fit as champions.
takes the tag belts and leaves Sting to get destroyed. Goldberg
comes out to end the show and there are no new champions due to the
bat shot, even though the referee didn’t see it.
D-. Literally the only
reason this isn’t a failure is Jericho vs. Mysterio. This was
another awful show and a good example of WCW’s biggest booking
problem over the year: they kept putting the entire company on one
match instead of spreading things around. If you don’t like the Leno
match, there is no reason for you to buy the PPV at all. The battle
royal was mentioned in the Goldberg promo and a one off line from
Tony and that’s all.
a stretch to call Road Wild a two match show but other than that
there’s nothing there. The other problem: just like last month it’s
for nothing but bragging rights. Hogan’s career doesn’t change at
all either way and he still has showdowns with Page and Goldberg
coming up, at least in theory. This was a horrible show as this all
talk and almost no wrestling style gets harder and harder to sit
through every week.
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