Great work! and plug request

Hey Scott, first time caller, long time listener. I’ve been reading your rants since the Rantsylvania days. I just wanted to say I’ve always really enjoyed your work and I really dig the Observer flashbacks. I finally started writing some myself and thought I’d shoot over an article. It’s a listicle of stars who should compete in the WWE. The obvious ones are there, but they wanted 15, so I got the opportunity to get very stupid with it. Hope you enjoy!

15 Stars Who Should Step Into The WWE Ring


I bet Vince thinks Carrot Top is HILARIOUS.

American Gladiators

Hey Scott,

At this point we’ve seen the entire conception and downfall of WBF in the Observer Flashbacks. What I don’t understand, is why Vince ever wanted to go into bodybuilding considering how boring it is on its face. At that point in time in the early 90’s WWF Superstars was followed by American Gladiators. Logically speaking, isn’t it strange that Vince didn’t (and actually still hasn’t) created his own version of that show? I mean everything about seems right up McMahon’s alley; it’s got muscle freaks, the idea of "sport" being used for entertainment, and heavy production value. Has a a Gladiators type show ever been discussed or toyed with at WWF/E?

I don’t​ think so, but I LOVED American Gladiators​ back in the day. I know they’ve done ripoffs and reboots since then, but it’s never been the same.

WWE’s Excuses For Falling T.V. Ratings

All I hear from the WWE in response to falling T.V. ratings the last several years is that there are more platforms and streams to watch their shows rather than watching them when they air. However, unless they can actually quantify the viewers lost from year to year with watching their shows on another platform/streaming device instead of watching them live, isn’t it all speculation on their part at best?

If you think that promoters making excuses for falling TV ratings is a recent phenomenon, you haven’t​ been paying attention to the Observers.

Sister Abigail

Hi Scott,

This might be a case of "too little too late," but with the recent surge in the women’s division, why not finally introduce the WWE Universe to THE Sister Abigail?

​Apparently Bray’s real sister works in production for WWE, which probably explains why his mysterious video packages are so well done. But yeah, it’s always seemed like a no-brainer character to introduce. Just get the crazy chick from NXT and you’ve got a winner.​

Wrestling name change question

With the Simon Gotch /Simon Grimm development.
How much does a wrestler have to change the actual name not to get into any legal trouble?

Would names like Chris Masterpiece, Ben Kennedy, Damien Sandowsky fly?

​The name is less important a factor than the gimmick itself. Since Chris Masters was "The Masterpiece", that’d be treading on some shaky legal ground. But he could be "Chris Marsters" or something vaguely like the gimmick without actually being the gimmick. Basically you can’t use trickery to make fans think that you’re still portraying a gimmick that is WWE intellectual property. That being said, they frequently don’t care if guys do small indy shows, it’s more if someone is taking the gimmick to a TV competitor and acting in opposition to WWE. It doesn’t really matter if Simon Gotch is now Simon Grimm, but he can’t be playing a turn of the century strong man in TNA or he’s getting sued. ​

What the World Was Watching: Monday Night RAW – February 6, 1995

Vince McMahon gives a recap of last week’s show where King Kong Bundy needed interference from the Million Dollar Corporation to beat Mabel in a “mini Royal Rumble” match.  Tonight Mabel looks to settle the score in a six man tag.

Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels are doing commentary and they are still taped from Palmetto, Florida.

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Collapsing Rings


How exactly do they do the collapsing ring spot? Is it radio/remote controlled? Is it something to do with the corner that the impact move seems to always come from? I’m just thinking of Big Show with Brock/Henry/Braun and how the final spot has been from the corner.

​I’m assuming some sort of combo of wizards and a hydraulic setup underneath the ring, but I’m honestly not sure. ​

Fake Diesel And Fake Razor Ramon In 1996

When the WWF/E brought in Glenn Jacobs and Rick Bogner to play "Diesel" and "Razor Ramon" in 1996 did Vince really think it would get over, or was it just a big "Fuck You" to WCW and Hall and Nash?

​Neither, really. It was more of a legal positioning move, because they were in the process of suing WCW over violation of the Diesel and Razor trademarks and in order to prove damages you have to be actively profiting from those characters at the time you’re suing. I’m not the legal talking guy around these parts, but that’s the very simple version as I understand it. And indeed WCW lost that case and one of the terms of their settlement was that Vince McMahon had the right to purchase WCW first if Turner ever sold it. So there ya go.​