QOTD 8: You’ve got the touch! You’ve got the power!

Howdy Blog Otters (What? I’m sticking with it, I don’t get to nickname things very often), I was driving to work today, rocking out to a little Kid Rock, Eminem, and Big and Rich, and it got me thinking about what makes me love a song, movie, or TV show. Whereas I can enjoy a show like say Pawn Stars, I *love* a show like Breaking Bad or Scrubs or Shark Tank. I think the devil is in the details.


What are your favorite nuances?

Nuance is pretty important to me, especially in music. For example Kid Rock’s Cowboy. That song, while in addition to actually telling a pretty fleshed out story about Kid Rock going to LA to become an honest-to-goodness pimp, also does a lot of cool technical things that make me appreciate it more.

“Cowboy” came out in the heyday of Parental Advisory. Walmart wouldn’t sell uncensored CDs, Kazaa was years in the future, and most of us were downloading tunes via Napster over dialup connections, so odds are you’d end up with a censored version of the song at least occasionally. Which is fine, I actually like the censored version better.

Why? Bells and whistles. Literally. Whereas Limp Bizkit or Eminem simply bleeped out their words with silence, Kid Rock went the extra step to replace the swears with bazings and bells and whistles and cat calls that FIT IN TUNE WITH THE SONG, which is a level of craftsmanship that I really appreciate, even today. He still does it, too with the censored version of “Happy New Year” replacing the lyrics “Lets get shitfaced” with “lets get <beercan opening sound effect>-faced” .

Jay-Z does some cool stuff, too – For example if you listen to ’99 problems’ you’ll notice Bitch actually never refers to a woman. Instead it refers to a K9 dog, The music / radio industry, and a weak drug dealer, in that order. It’s really neat. Jay-Z also manages to throw the word “Faux” into “A Star is Born” using it in the context of “Some real, some Faux”, and while you may think it means foe as in enemy, the next line in the song is actually about that, meaning “Faux” fits in the context of the lyric. Hell, most lyrics sites get this wrong, too.

Thirdly, while Eminem is pretty straight forward – though he changed up his whole style on “Recovery” to make about 6000 puns,  I always liked all the “ha has” he throws in over the course of his career to particularly brutal burns or jokes or puns. There’s a bunch, if you listen to him at all, you’ll pick up what I’m putting down.

Toby Keith gets points for gradually progressing the amount of the beers ago it was, in “Beers ago” as the song moves forward in time. And as cheesy as it is, I really like the crowd coming in during “I love this Bar”.

I dig nuance in wrestling that helps me suspend my disbelief a little more. Don’t stand in the ring like an idiot when you’re about to get top-rope drop kicked, make it look like you weren’t expecting it, dummy. This is why I hate the GTS – why, exactly, do you need him on your shoulders before you knee him in the face? What exactly does that do again?

In movies I have a love hate relationship with nuance, because if you do it wrong, you come off like an idiot self important asshole. I’m not sure if anyone here has seen Paul Haggis’s “In The Valley of Ellah” which is a really well told story about The War in Iraq and its toll on soldiers, and there’s a really subtle undercurrent of American unrest, along with Tommy Lee Jones kind of losing his mind – forgetting to shave, tie his shoes, etc – as the film goes on. It’s really heartbreaking. But the ending of the movie is so ham handed and stupid, and unpatriotic that it made me hate all the nuance prior to it. What’s the point of being subtle if you’re just going to hit me over the head with a hammer later.

There’s also a great deal of nuance in “The Dark Knight”, of all flicks, which is sort of like the opposite of “In The Valley of Ellah” in that it doesn’t even bother letting you know what it’s going for subtext wise. That whole movie is ultimately a metaphor for America’s war on terrorism. Here’s America (Gordon, the cops) who are fighting a war against an enemy that has no rules (The Joker), and losing because, well, Gordon *does* play by the rules, which is like playing football against a team with 3 extra defensive and offensive lineman. You simply can’t win. Thus, Batman comes in, a guy who DOES break the rules, but has his own code. As a result Gordon must trust Batman to use his best judgement when it comes to what rules to break.

Thus Batman pulls an NSA and starts spying on everyone in order to get to his target via their cell-phones. Lucius Fox says this is wrong, that citizens should not be spied on. Naturally Batman gives this power to the man that doesn’t want anything to do with it, Lucius himself.  The ultimate metaphor being that if you’re going to break the rules to catch the bad guys, be SURE you give that power to break the rules to the right people. That’s my take (with some help from my buddy Ross on that Lucius part).

So Blog Otters, what are you favorite nuances, subtle moments, and neat details you love oh so very much?


Blog Otter Award: wnyxmcneal
for seeing more movies than I did last year. Yikes!

1. Poker Tournament E-mail is going out today around 10am. 4 sign-ups plus myself. [email protected]

2. If anyone is playing Madden this year let me heartily recommend the most popular sliders you can get from the “Share” option on the main menu. If you follow the instructions and crank your game up to All-Madden, you’ll end up with one of the most realistic games of Madden I’ve played in quite some time. 

Smackdown – September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013
Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Night of Champions and for the first time in
months, things are looking good for Bryan coming into tonight. Bryan
finally got the better of Orton on Monday night after Orton took too
long yelling at Big Show, allowing Bryan to knee him in the head.
We’re still in Canada, meaning Edge is here again tonight. Let’s get
to it.

song gets us going.
Big Show to open things up. He reads an apology for his actions on
Raw from a piece of paper. Show also apologizes to HHH for not doing
a very basic job as well as failing as a locker room leader. It
doesn’t sound very sincere though so here’s HHH to complain. He
wants Big Show to come off like a professional businessman, which
means doing what HHH asks. Since Big Show hasn’t, his job is in
jeopardy but instead of firing him, HHH is just going to suspend him
for the night without pay.
goes to leave but here’s Shield before he can get out of the ring.
Show has to fight them all off at once and does as well as you can
expect one guy to do in this situation. A single Ambrose dropkick is
enough to send him to the floor but Big Show climbs onto the announce
punches a chair into Rollins’ face and dives off the table to take
Reigns down with a clothesline (called a spear) before throwing him
back into the ring. Rollins breaks up a double chokeslam but gets
swatted out of the air. Show loads up the WMD but Reigns comes in
with a chair to finally take Big Show down. A decent TripleBomb
leaves Big Show laying.
Fox/Aksana/Layla vs. Brie Bella/Natalya/Naomi
is on commentary again. Brie stomps on Aksana to start before
talking trash to the champion. Everything breaks down a few moments
into the match but it’s quickly off to Fox vs. Naomi as AJ rails
against the Divas show. Fox avoids the Rear View and puts on a front
facelock, only to be suplexed down. Off to Natalya for a quick
Sharpshooter attempt on Aksana but AJ runs in for the DQ at 2:25.
Total Divas beat up AJ.
Vickie to introduce a dance off between R-Truth and Fandango. JBL
shouting WHAT’S UP during the entrances is rather funny. Before it
gets started, here’s Miz in a huge afro which only Cole finds funny.
He calls himself Misco Inferno (JBL: “He looks more like
Horshack.”) and Vickie allows him to enter the contest. We’re
still not ready to go yet though as Great Khali wants to join in too.
Truth and Fandango (with Summer) do their usual stuff, Miz (now in a
pink jacket and costume jewelery) twerks a bit before Khali does his
arm swinging. Miz wins, Fandango protests, Fandango gets beaten up,
this took nine minutes.
Matadores need to get here already.
interviews a guy named Robert Evans (indy wrestler Archibald Peck)
who says he’s 6’4 and 185lbs. Evans says his dream is to be a WWE
Superstar one day and compete at Wrestlemania. Ryback likes that
Evans has dreams but slaps the taste out of his mouth. It’s Ryback’s
dream to beat up everyone like Evans.
Rodriguez comes in to see Vickie who tells him that he can’t be in
RVD’s corner at Night of Champions. They argue in Spanish with
Vickie saying she’s his boss. It’s Ricardo vs. Alberto tonight and
that’s all.
Sandow vs. Santino Marella
to put a comedy character over a guy whose potential has been wasted
for months on end. Sandow runs from the Cobra to start before
headbutting Santino down and dropping some knees. The legweep sets
up the Wind-Up elbow for two and we hit the abdominal stretch.
Santino hiptosses out and hits the saluting headbutt, only to have
the Cobra broken up again. Sandow misses a charge into the corner
and the Cobra gets the pin at 2:05. Just go with it people.
are Heyman and Cole for an interview with Michael Cole. We look at a
video recapping Heyman vs. Punk which is just a Night of Champions
ad. Cole asks how Heyman and Axel plan to prevent Punk from getting
his hands on Paul. Axel says that Heyman is under a lot of pressure
to the point of hyperbole. However, Punk won’t get his hands on Paul
because he can’t beat Axel.
still looking pretty shabby, says that he’s being persecuted and begs
for a boycott of the PPV. The fans have something better to spend
their money on instead of the show, like sending your kids to college
or buying your wife shoes. If you buy the show, you’re going to see
Punk get his hands on him because Heyman has taught Punk how to get
around the system.
not because Punk is a better wrestler than Axel, but because Punk
spent so much time with Heyman over the year. If you don’t boycott
Night of Champions, Punk is going to give him such a beating that
Heyman can’t even finish his sentence. This might be the last time
you’ll get to see Paul Heyman and he’ll never forgive the people for
putting him through this. Cue up the Goodbye song from the fans.
Standard hard sell here but it still works.
recap the opening segment.
Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez
Rio kicks him down to start and hits a running knee into the ribs.
Ricardo comes back with a quick dropkick for two but Alberto hits the
low superkick to put him back down. Ricardo gets up two feet in the
corner and hits a tornado DDT for two but gets crotched on the top.
A reverse superplex gets the pin for Alberto at 2:23.
match Alberto puts on the armbreaker but RVD makes the save and hits
a quick Five Star.
get a video on Bryan vs. Orton, complete with portions of a sit down
interview with HHH. There’s nothing new here: he’s doing what’s best
for business, Orton is the face of the WWE because he’s the best
option, Bryan will see the truth at the PPV, Cody Rhodes was just a
sacrifice to keep people in line, he’ll admit it if Bryan proves him
Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose
but if Ziggler wins he gets a title shot at the PPV. Ambrose shoves
him into the corner to start but Dolph comes back with some forearms.
Dean pounds him down with ease and slams Dolph’s head into the mat a
few times. Back up and Ziggler takes him down with a cross body and
some right hands send Ambrose to the floor. Dean gets back in and
puts on a quick reverse chinlock but Dolph dropkicks him down and
hits the ten elbow drops. Ambrose avoids a Stinger Splash as we take
a break.
with Dean stomping on the ribs as Cole tells us nothing happened
during the break. Dean traps the legs and cranks back on Dolph’s
chin some more before jumping into Dolph’s raised boot. Now it’s
Dolph’s turn to pound away in the corner and a running clothesline
gets two. The Fameasser misses but Dolph gets two off an O’Connor
Roll. Dean’s sleeper is countered with a jawbreaker and the
Fameasser gets two, drawing in the Shield for the DQ at 6:10 shown of
C+. This was going ok but
Ziggler as a US Title contender doesn’t really work when he was world
champion just a few months ago. Ambrose continues to look great in
the ring but there’s still value in Shield as a team. The match
picked up after the break but the ending hurt it a good bit.
beats up Ziggler but here are the Usos for the save. Vickie confirms
that Dolph gets a title shot and makes it six man tag after a break.
Ziggler vs. Shield
is joined in progress with Ziggler getting the tag but being dragged
into Shield’s corner for the triple teaming. We go to a wide shot
for some reason as Dean works over Ziggler. Back to Rollins to stay
on Dolph’s arm and some stomping in the corner. Reigns gets the tag
and puts on a front facelock before it’s back to Dean for some right
hands to the ribs and trash talk.
running dropkick to a tied up Ziggler has Dolph in trouble but he
backdrops Dean out to the floor. Reigns breaks up the hot tag but
Ziggler avoids a charge, sending Roman’s shoulder into the post. The
hot tag brings in Jimmy who speeds things up and hits a Bubba Bomb on
Rollins. A Samoan Drop is good for two but Dean makes the save.
Things break down again and Reigns spears Jey down, only to have
Jimmy superkick Rollins. The Superfly Splash hits knees though,
giving Seth the pin at 4:33 shown.
C. Nothing great here but the
Usos are more than capable of speeding things up when they need to.
It wasn’t a good match or anything and it doesn’t really set up a tag
title match on Sunday because we have to see who wins the turmoil
match. Then again, this isn’t related to Punk vs. Axel or Orton vs.
Bryan so it’s not like it matters.
for the Cutting Edge. Edge talks about HHH bringing him back in for
one week because it’s good for business. The fans chant Good For
Business but Edge says he’s here because of all of them. Edge also
isn’t going to forget what happened to Christian on Monday. When
Christian comes back, it’s not for one more match but to take Shield
out. Edge brings out his guests: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.
question: “Randy, how does it feel to be a sellout?” Orton says
Edge is jealous because he’s just a washed up talk show host who
can’t wrestle anymore while Orton is a ten time world champion. Edge
says he’s an eleven time champion so it’s not a big deal. Randy
talks about being the face of the WWE and how we needed a change
after ten years of John Cena. Daniel Bryan is a nice wrestler with a
good following but he’s not best for business.
thinks he knows what’s best for business, just like the fans know
what’s best for business. Bryan says he doesn’t know what’s best for
business but he knows what he wants. Orton calls him naive so Bryan
tells him to shut up. It’s not about being best for business or the
WWE balance sheets. It’s about passion, love and dreams. His dream
is to be WWE Champion, not to be the face of a corporation. Orton
jumps him but Bryan counters into the YES Lock, making Orton tap.
Randy bails to end the show.
C-. This is one where
your tastes will vary depending on what you’re looking for in a show.
There was very little wrestling here and what we got was nothing
special at all. On the other hand though, they did a solid job of
setting up the two major matches on PPV. I’m not sure how many
people are interested in seeing the Punk vs. Axel/Heyman match but
it’s been well built which is a good sign. There isn’t much on the
card though so maybe more will be added on Sunday. Not much of a
show this week though.
Bella b. Aksana/Alicia Fox/Layla via DQ when AJ Lee interfered
Marella b. Damien Sandow – Cobra
Del Rio b. Ricardo Rodriguez – Reverse superplex
Ziggler b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
b. Usos/Dolph Ziggler – Rollins pinned Jimmy after blocking a
Superfly Splash
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Who could benefit from a modern-day EC-Dub?

Hey Scott,

So back in the day ECW provided a great place for WCW and WWF midcarders to revitalize their careers before heading back into the bigtime. You had Austin and Foley as the most famous ones, but guys like Al Snow, Bam Bam Bigelow, Sid, Rick Rude were able to freshen up their characters and up their worth with runs in ECW.

So let's say ECW or a modern day equivalent— a hot promotion that fans cared about, and smart creative that could crate compelling characters/angles to get guys over—existed now. (And no, NXT won't work, because it's too small scale.) Who on the WWE roster could most benefit from a 6-month repackaging in ECW?

My picks:
– Brodus Clay: Have him turn on Tensai and leave for ECW where he has a dominant run as a scary ass monster heel. Just suplexing motherfuckers through tables and looking pissed 24/7. (As an aside, I actually think they could make this work in WWE, with Brodus eventually turning heel and then getting Heyman as his mouthpiece.)
– Miz: I could see a heel Miz starting near riots in ECW arena doing a WWE shill invader act.
– Wade Barrett: Would get over as a bigtime heel or face in ECW if he just was able to act like a bad-ass and have some stiff epic brawls with the roster's tough guys.
– Cody Rhodes: Damn, now would be the PERFECT time for something like ECW to exist. A fired Cody goes to ECW, pisses on the WWE in promos, puts on some great matches, maybe wins their title. Would come back to WWE as 100x bigger star.

So what do you and the board think? Thanks!

Eh, to be brutally honest, most of the guys you've listed are severely damaged goods and not worth saving.  Brodus Clay got completely exposed when he had to work longer than a minute and there's no point in rebuilding him when you've got a perfectly good monster in the wings like Alex Rusev of NXT.  He's the guy who should be ripping shit up ala Taz, because you've got a blank slate to create whatever you want with him.  

Anything that involves pushing Miz as this point is a waste of time.  The window with him was open and then shut, barred, and the house demolished.  He should stick with being WWE's media-friendly shill and stay away from the main shows.

Wade's fight club makeover was a perfect idea for him and I have no idea how they lost the thread on that one, but it would be great to go back to it and let him dominate in a smaller promotion, as noted.  He could definitely develop into something with that main event brawling style, ala JBL.

I think Cody's capable of doing fine where he is, especially if the Rhodes v. McMahons thing works out as well as it looks like it might.  Just as long as they don't bring in, like, the Nasty Boys and Shockmaster as backup or something.  

What I really wish is that WWE would buy ROH, give it a decent budget, and then just leave it alone to develop talent for them.  That way you could have a place for Ziggler to be a giant fish in a small pond, Cesaro to have great matches, etc.  Kind of a stepping stone between NXT and RAW.  You could use it to freshen up stale guys every few months and try out ideas that are too edgy for the PG shows.  Plus then you'd have the tape library from ROH in exchange.  It'd be win-win.  

The SmarK DVD Rant for Mid South III

The SmarK DVD Rant for Mid South Wrestling: Giants, Midgets, Heroes & Villains (Volume Two) Carrying on with another one that’s been on the review pile for a while, the third DVD I picked up from http://universalwrestling.com/, as they sell off their inventory following the WWE buyout. NWA World title: Ric Flair v. Ted Dibiase This is repeated from the first Mid-South DVD I did, but is still worth watching again. Dick Murdoch turned on Dibiase and bloodied him up good because he’s jealous. Flair is more than happy to take the forfeit win, and we take a break. Back with Bill Watts in the dressing room, who reports that Dibiase is getting his gruesomely scarred face wrapped up in bandages, and he’s still gonna challenge for the belt. So if there’s children watching, parents might want to change the channel. So back to the ring we go, and Flair just kicks the shit out of Dibiase right away, throwing chops in the corner until Dibiase comes back with a backdrop. Fistdrop and Flair backs off, so Dibiase stomps a mudhole, but Flair clips him and goes to work. The bandage gets dislodged and Dibiase is a MESS. Backdrop suplex gets two and Jim Ross is having a heart attack. Now this is the match where you want to have JR on commentary. Flair pounds him in the corner and now Dr. Death comes out because even he is concerned for Dibiase’s well-being. Dibiase comes back and we get the Flair Flip, and a suplex back into the ring gets two. Dibiase wraps him up with an abdominal stretch into a rollup for two, but he’s so weak he can’t even hold the pinfall. Flair tries a piledriver and Dibiase backdrops out and throws down in the corner. Flair Flop, but the ref wants to check the cut. But Watts said they wouldn’t stop it for blood loss! Flair clotheslines him and goes up, but Dibiase slams him off. Powerslam gets two and again Dibiase can’t cover to completion. Dibiase tries a figure-four, but Flair is in the ropes, and he kicks Dibiase right over the top to break. And Dibiase is out due to blood loss, so he gets counted out at 7:20. And then Dick Murdoch returns and kicks Dibiase’s ass AGAIN, including a brainbuster on the concrete! Still one of my favorite matches of all-time, making Dibiase into a giant star and the biggest babyface in the territory. ***1/2 This DVD adds footage of Dibiase getting carted to the back on a piece of table and treated by EMTs. Butch Reed cuts a promo with Jim Ross, showing off his giant swollen eye, which prompts Bill Watts to praise him for not being a “Hollywood actor or overweight pachyderm from Titan Sports”. OUCH. Jake Roberts & The Barbarian v. Paul Brown & Richard Dye The Barbarian would be of the Nordic variety, not the Sionne variety. Can’t say as I like Dye’s chances here. He gets worked over by Jake, and Barbarian comes in with a flying shoulderblock on Brown. A full nelson finishes for Barbarian at 2:44. Bill Dundee & Little Tokyo v. Wendall Cooley & Little Coco. Wildcat Wendall Cooley was a guy with a good look who just never escaped the southern territories for whatever reason. This is supposed to be a mixed match but there appears to be two midgets on the heel side. Usual midget stuff, but the ref is bumped and Dundee drops an elbow on Coco, leading to the Fantastics coming and laying out Dundee to avenge the midget…and Coco pins Dundee at 2:46! That’s pretty great, actually. * Afterwards, Dundee bitches about the Fantastics. Ted Dibiase & King Kong Bundy v. Steve Williams & Magnum TA There are two referees for this to prevent Dibiase from cheating, so you know that’ll just encourage him to try even harder. Dibiase slugs away on TA, but a crossbody gets two. Ted Dibiase with a child molester moustache is not a good look. Over to Bundy, but Magnum evades him and brings in Doc, who overpowers Dibiase and sends him running away. So Bundy comes in and neither guy can get the advantage until Dibiase cheapshots Doc and elbows him down. Middle rope elbow gets two. Bundy drops a knee for two. Another one misses and it’s hot tag TA, the role he was born to play. Sleeper for Dibiase, and it’s BONZO GONZO. Dibiase retrieves his foreign object from Skandor Akbar and puts Magnum down with it, but Jim Duggan steals it, knocks Dibiase out, and TA gets the pin at 6:05. **1/2 The Midnight Express v. Junkyard Dog & Jim Duggan This is just the ending, as Dog collides with Condrey and Duggan gets the hot tag and everyone brawls. Jim Cornette throws powder at Dog’s eyes rather ineffectually, but Dog is nice enough to roll around in the powder to make it look better. Duggan beats on Cornette, but Hercules comes in and puts Duggan down with a loaded glove, allowing Eaton to pin him. Football Helmet Match: Steve Williams v. Jim Duggan Pretty self-explanatory, you’d think. Duggan is nowhere to be found, which brings out Ted Dibiase to explain that Duggan jumped him backstage and thus he had to knock out “that glass jaw Jim Duggan with one punch”. An incredulous Jim Ross recaps this ridiculous story like a good straight man. Ted Dibiase as a slimy heel is just the best. So they take a break and return with Bill Watts having found Duggan, absolutely covered in blood, mud and with a ripped up shirt, barely able to stand but still vowing to fight Williams anyway. I’m really disappointed that they show this stuff out of order and without the blowoffs because I really want to see these storylines through. Art Crews & Mike Jackson v. Kamala & Kendo Nagasaki Quite the freakshow on the heel side. Nagasaki uses his far east martial arts on the jobbers, but Jackson evades Kamala. Crews manages to fight back on Nagasaki and Jackson comes in with a dropkick, but walks into a superkick, allowing Kamala to finish with the splash at 3:02. Nikolai Volkoff v. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber The jobbers wisely double-team Volkoff and dogpile him for two, but Volkoff puts them both on the floor. Volkoff dogpiles the jobbers onto each other and pins them at 1:30. Jim Duggan: The Video Retrospective. He drives trucks, beats people up, and loves America. Jim Duggan v. One Man Gang Gang beats on Duggan and drops him on the railing outside, but Duggan slugs away back in the ring. Gang bearhugs him and pounds away, but Duggan keeps fighting with a clothesline. Shoulderblock gets two, but Akbar gets involved for the DQ at 4:11. *1/2 And now we get the Ric Flair-Kerry Von Erich cage match where the Freebirds turned, which would have aired on Mid-South because Watts does the intro to it. Well there’s two classic angles on this disc for you. Junkyard Dog v. King Kong Bundy Dog tries a slam and gets nowhere, allowing Bundy to work the arm. Dog responds in kind, but Bundy powerslams him and gets…four. Dog kicks out and makes the comeback, but Buzz Sawyer runs in for the DQ at 6:00. * Steve Williams & Jake Roberts v. Terry Daniels & Shawn Michaels Yeah, that Shawn Michaels. Shawn rolls up Doc for two, which has the heels backing off. Daniels puts Jake down with a shoulderblock…and my disc glitches out. Well, shit, there was still another hour to go on the disc. Further attempts to get this thing to play on either the PS3 or Xbox fail, so I guess we’re done. The Pulse Oh well, DVD-R technology ain’t what it’s cracked up to be sometimes, I guess.  I still love this stuff anyway. 

QOTD 7: Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand.

Hola Otters (for the record Otters is a bad phonetic spelling of Blog O’ Doomers). Anyway, sorry for the last posting this lovely afternoon but I actually was at the doc’s getting some fancy info about my brain-parts, after concerns and questions about my ability to work properly finally came to a head. I got some answers, and a Monkey the size of Yokozuna has been lifted off my shoulders.

On that subject, here’s today’s question:

What’s something you’ve done in life, that, despite tepid reaction from friends and family, you followed through with and are proud of? 

Mine are obviously gaming and writing and wrestling, with maybe a dash of recent Baseball fandom. I can elaborate in the comments, but I actually need to go watch a “Cutco” demo my mom set up with my sister’s ex-boyfriend. Why? Because I’m not allowed a Friday to myself, that’s why.
Blog Otter Award: OfficerFarva for probably reading one-too-many Tucker Max stories growing up, and making the most of it by pulling a reverse Clooney, by way of going to a fancy casino and doing everything exactly the opposite of how George Clooney would for the delight of wrestling fans on the internet. Thank you sir.

It’s like a Solid Snake / Liquid snake kind of thing.

1. Poker Night of Champions updates: 4 sign ups plus myself. So we have a four person game. Feel free to signup at [email protected] to sign up. I’ll send a round-up to all the e-mails by noon est on Saturday.

BoD Daily Update

WWE.com Five-Point Smackdown Preview


Spike TV Airing a Live Countdown Show Before Bound for Glory


Former College Football Players Standing out in Developmental

Mojo Rawley and Baron Corbin are getting praise for their work, especially among those without prior wrestling experience. At one point, both men attending training camp with the Arizona Cardinals at the same time. Those on the main roster who had no prior wrestling experience before attending developmental include Bray Wyatt, Big E Langston, and Roman Reigns.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Impact Wrestling – September 13, 2013

September 12, 2013
Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
yet another special tonight with No Surrender, which is a pretty
meaningless name since none of the matches have anything to do with
surrendering or not surrendering. The card however is pretty big
with the semifinals and I believe the finals of the BFG Series.
Given hos screwed up this Series has been though, they might find a
way to hold the finals of the Bound For Glory Series after Bound For
Glory. We also have Anderson challenging Bully Ray for the world
title. Let’s get to it.

see the four finalists arriving before looking at a video of all four
guys saying what this means to them.
also get a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald about fighting families to
hype up Anderson vs. Ray.
are Ray and Tessmacher to open things up. Ray talks about how his
family haven’t been seeing eye to eye as of late and blames it on
Hulk Hogan. This brings out Hogan in a blue shirt to talk about
quivering livers and thanks SpikeTV for letting us have this big show
for free. Hogan says Ray needs to be getting ready for his showdown
with Anderson and not even think about Bound For Glory yet. Ray
wants Anderson out here right now to say it to his face so here’s
Ken, though he passes Hogan’s outstretched arm.
says the Aces and 8’s are stronger than Hogan will ever been. All
Anderson has to do is apologize and this all ends. Anderson says Ray
is right and that he was out of line…..and he can’t wait to get out
of line again tonight. He decks Ray to send him to the floor and
says he’ll be the new world champion tonight. Hogan says the title
match is a last man standing match for absolutely no apparent reason.
For Glory Series Semifinals: Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles
win or go home here as the points are officially a non-factor now.
Feeling out process to start with Aries dropkicking AJ to the floor
and dropping him with a top rope ax handle. Back inside and Aries
misses a missile dropkick so AJ takes him down with a dropkick of his
own. Aries bails to the floor but he avoids a slingshot plancha from
AJ. Austin loads up the suicide dive but charges into an AJ forearm
to put him down. They head back inside to fight over a suplex and we
take a break.
with Aries still trying to hit the brainbuster but opting for some
shots to the head instead. AJ comes back with some forearms and his
AA into a backbreaker for two. Styles loads up the Clash but Aries
grabs the rope to escape. Now the slingshot plancha takes Austin out
but he manages to break up the Superman forearm, knocking Styles face
first into the apron.
loads up another suicide dive but AJ pops back in with the forearm,
though Aries stopping in place so the move could connect looked bad.
Another Styles Clash attempt is countered into a hurricanrana but AJ
gets a boot up in the corner to block a running dropkick. That’s
fine with Aries as he hits it in the other corner instead. AJ blocks
the brainbuster again but just like the dropkick, the second attempt
connects for two.
the Last Chancery but AJ won’t tap so Aries pounds in knees to the
head. AJ avoids the 450 but Aries lands on his feet. A running
dropkick misses and Aries lands on the ropes, allowing AJ to hit the
Pele to stun him. AJ goes to the ropes for a middle rope Styles
Clash to send him to the finals at 15:38.
B+. This was FUN as both guys
countered everything until Aries couldn’t get past the huge arsenal
of Styles in the end. That middle rope Styles Clash looked great and
there was no way he could kick out of it. Aries will have a big
match at BFG and he’ll deserve it, but AJ was just a step better
gives Magnus a pep talk and the Brit says he’s tired of being the
For Glory Series Semifinals: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus
gets a jobber entrance and Magnus is back in the shorts instead of
the tights. Bobby must be ticked off at the lack of respect because
he jumps Magnus from behind and takes it to the floor to send Magnus
into the barricade. Back in and a quick belly to back suplex gets
two for Roode and a regular suplex gets the same. We hit the
chinlock as this has been one sided so far.
up and Magnus blocks an O’Connor Roll and takes Roode down with a
forearm. He catches Roode diving off the ropes in a very modified
Falcon’s Arrow for two but Roode goes to the eyes. There’s the
spinebuster for two on Magnus but the Brit breaks up a superplex and
hits the top rope elbow for two. Roode can’t hook the crossface and
gets caught in a Texas Cloverleaf but Roode finally makes the rope.
Back up and Magnus blocks a fisherman’s suplex into a jackknife cover
for the pin at 7:00.
C. This was ok but nothing more
than that. Magnus got beaten up too much in the beginning and it
made the comeback better, but Roode tapping out would have been
better. Magnus looked like he couldn’t win with a big move and had
to steal a win instead of looking dominant. Still though, not bad
and it got the job done.
is freaking out when Bad Influence comes in to calm him down. Bobby
blames Hogan and says if he can’t go to the finals, no one is.
gives Manik a pep talk. Manik wants a shot at Jeff Hardy tonight and
his wish is granted. Dixie comes in and asks to talk to Hogan alone.
Apparently Rampage and Tito are off the show for fear of the
November 2 PPV getting messed up.
doesn’t know what’s happening to Aces and 8’s but he thinks the
cronies want Anderson to be President and world champion. He yells
at Knux, Brisco and Bischoff, saying he did everything and brought
Anderson into the fold. Ray thinks they’ll do the right thing and
hopes they feel the same way about him.
recap Anderson vs. Ray, which is due to Ray blaming Anderson for
losing the title to Sabin. Ray then said Tito Ortiz was the only man
he needed and Anderson was annoyed at Ray acting like a dictator.
World Title: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray
man standing with Ray defending. Anderson jumps Ray on the ramp to
start and takes Ray into the ring for a whip into the corner. The
champion is sent back to the floor as this is one sided so far. Ray
is sent into the announce table and barricade so he hides behind
Christy, complete with Hemme’s top opening (it’s similar to Lita’s
outfits in the Rated R Superstar era) but the power of tape saving
gets in a cheap shot and sends Anderson into the steps before asking
Brooke for a chair. It takes forever to get there and Anderson gets
in a shot to the ribs to take the chair away. He blasts the champion
in the back and pounds him back into the ring. Ray goes up but gets
hit low, allowing Anderson to hit a rolling senton. The fans are
COMPLETELY behind Anderson here and him telling himself to get the
tables makes them cheer even louder. Even Tenay is cheering for
takes him down with a boot to the face and gets in a chair shot of
his own. The table is set up in the corner as we take a break. Back
with Ray yelling at Hebner but Earl yells right back at him, looking
like a heart attack is imminent. Ray shoves him into the buckle to
knock him out but walks into a Mic Check onto the chair to lay him
out. There’s no referee though so Ray gets up and hits a Bully
Cutter to lay both guys down.
Bischoff, Brisco and Knux to stare at Ray before stalking Anderson.
Before they touch him, Brooke comes in with a low blow. Ray bosses
them around and a Shield TripleBomb lays Anderson out. Ray helps
Hebner up but Anderson is up at nine. Anderson comes back with right
hands but Ray drops him. Why the referee isn’t counting Anderson
when he’s down is anyone’s guess. Ray knocks Anderson out with the
chain, drawing blood. Anderson makes it up to his feet AGAIN but
staggers in front of the table in the corner. A spear through the
table is enough to retain the title at 17:30.
B. This match did something
that is the best sign you can have in wrestling: they had me
believing that something was possible when there was no way it was
going to happen. The crowd was WAY into Anderson here and that’s a
good sign for TNA. They need some fresh blood at the top and it’s
been awhile since Anderson was up there. Good stuff here but the
crowd carried a lot of it.
is taken out on a stretcher but Ray chases him down and rips the cut
off his back. A piledriver on the stage gets rid of Anderson,
probably until BFG.
is excited about the change to be Knocked Up Champion next week.
are Storm and Gunner with something to say. Storm wants to drink and
Gunner wants to fight so why not do both things? James wants some
opponents so here are Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo talks about how
Storm is the second greatest tag team wrestler in TNA and how Gunner
is the second strongest man in TNA. Guerrero wants a match so Gunner
accepts it for next week. If the non Champions win, they get a title
For Glory Series Finals: Magnus vs. AJ Styles
gets Bully at Bound For Glory. AJ takes it to the mat with a
headlock takeover and does it again since it worked so well the first
time. Magnus comes back with a quick suplex and we hit the chinlock.
Back up and AJ drop toeholds Magnus into the buckle as Tenay runs
down a Bellator card. They slug it out with AJ taking over but
Magnus avoids a knee drop. AJ does the same with an elbow drop and
gets two off a small package. Cue EGO to attack both guys at about
4:30 to lay everyone out. The bell never rang to end the match.
Referee come out to break it up as we take a break.
from a break with the two guys slugging it out. No explanation, no
restart, no Hogan announcement. Nothing at all as the match just
keeps going which is probably the right idea. AJ wins a slugout but
Magnus blocks the Superman Forearm before getting two off a Falcon’s
Arrow. AJ counters the Cloverleaf into Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate but
he has to raise his shoulder to avoid being pinned and the hold is
Pele gets two on Magnus and there’s the Calf Killer but Magnus hangs
on forever and finally makes the rope. Back up and Magnus counters a
spinwheel kick into a spinebuster for two. Magnus loads up a
superplex but AJ knocks him down three times in a row. The Spiral
Tap is enough to send AJ to Bound For Glory at 15:11.
B. The EGO thing was completely
unnecessary but the match was solid either way. Did anyone really
think this wasn’t how the Series was going to end though? That’s the
one thing TNA needs to work on: telegraphing their major moments.
The Series seemed tailor made for Styles to win from day one and
that’s exactly what happened. Still though, very good showing from
Magnus and that’s what he needed here.
thanks the fans and Magnus, seemingly reaffirming his face status.
He got a lot of replies about what he said a few weeks ago, but he
didn’t hear from Dixie Carter. Dixie needs to be here next week
because AJ has a lot to say to her.
A-. Questionable ending
aside, this was a great show. When TNA cuts out most of the
nonsense, they have the ability to put on some very entertaining
shows. The problem is most of their regular shows just aren’t that
good and you can really see that when they give an effort like they
do on these specials. BFG is set though and that’s the good thing,
even though the main story has been Hogan vs. Ray for months now.
Styles b. Austin Aries – Middle rope Styles Clash
b. Bobby Roode – Jackknife pin
Ray b. Mr. Anderson – Spear through a table
Styles b. Magnus – Spiral Tap

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