Hogan staying with TNA

So they obviously see some kind of value in him if they offered him enough to convince him to re-sign.

I still don't understand what Dixie or anyone else sees in him. He hasn't bumped ratings or buy rates, or interest in the company. 

That money surely could've gone to hiring some new talent instead, no? 

I think perhaps Hulk talked with WWE, asked for his usual amount of money, and then got laughed out of the offices.  

BoD Daily Update

WWE.com RAW Preview


Bray Wyatt Injury Update

Wyatt was injured at a house show this past weekend. As of now, PWInsider.com was told that Wyatt suffered a deeply bruised calf muscle and will be re-evaluated today.

Credit Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

James Storm is Pitching an idea for a Reality Television Show


Wrestlemania 30 scenarios

Hey Scott, here are some potential scenarios for Wrestlemania 30. Could you tell me what you think the likelihood of each one is and how you think each would play out if they were to take place? Thanks. 1.) The Ultimate Warrior is inducted into the hall of fame. 2.) Hulk Hogan is involved in person somehow. 3.) Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement to take on Daniel Bryan. 4.) Cena takes on the Undertaker. 5.) The Rock takes on Brock Lesnar. 5.) Sting is inducted into the hall of fame.
1)  I do not believe this particular development would be very likely.
2)  Hulk Hogan returning for one last "one last" run is always on the books.
3)  Shawn really, really doesn't want to come out retirement.  But screwing him over at HIAC and then putting him over eventually at Wrestlemania would be a hell of a rub.
4)  I can't imagine any scenario where it doesn't happen.  They would be throwing away money.
5)  If he doesn't re-sign with TNA, it's 1000% likely.

Wrestlemania on free tv?


> Scott,

> Do you or anyone else on the BoD know if Vince and company ever explored the possibility of selling Wrestlemania to the networks like the super bowl? I know with the current model they are making approx.. $60 million in ppv revenue.

> The NFL tv rights are worth $3.1 billion a year across fox, CBS and NBC and that's for all games broadcasted including the super bowl.


> 2 years ago the super bowl brought in about $250 million in ad revenue. Could WWE draw a 3rd of that and get a network to pay $75 million for Wrestlemania? You would have to think you would get more eyeballs just because it's on free tv right?


> Curious to hear your thoughts.


The yearly WM special barely draws a million viewers, and their flagship show does 4 million on a GREAT day. Vince would be suicidal to throw away PPV revenue on that level when advertisers still treat our so called sport like its the ghetto of TV.

Yearly Review: WWF August 1989

The WWF gets ready for the fall and winter months with several new feuds developing.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Hulk Hogan)
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake defeated Randy Savage and Zeus at SummerSlam when Hogan pinned Zeus following a leg drop. Prior to the match, Miss Elizabeth came out to be in Hogan’s corner. After the bout, Beefcake cut some of Sherri’s hair.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Rick Rude)

The Ultimate Warrior regained the WWF Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam after Roddy Piper distracted Rick Rude by mooning him at ringside. This marks Warrior’s second title reign and the second consecutive SummerSlam where he won the championship. Rude and Heenan tried to get the match restarted after seeing the video replay of the finish but were unsuccessful.
During the August 29th taping of Wrestling Challenge, Andre the Giant made it clear that he would bring the championship back to the Heenan Family.
WWF World Tag Team Championships Scene: (currently held by: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) 
Anderson and Blanchard defended the championships against the Bushwhackers and Demolition throughout the month. They would usually lose by disqualification but as a result retained their championships.
They competed at SummerSlam but in a non-title contest against the Hart Foundation. They prevailed after Anderson, who was illegal, pinned Bret Hart following a top rope axe handle shot. Hart had Blanchard pinned prior to the axe handle shot by Anderson.

Other Happenings: 

– The Rockers and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers competed in a series of sixty minute iron man matches on the house show market. The Rockers were victorious in each instance that the stipulation was used. At SummersSlam, the Rockers teamed with Tito Santana to take on the Rougeau Brothers and Rick Martel in a six man tag match. Martel pinned Jannetty following a clothesline while Jannetty had one of the Rougeau’s rolled up.
– Barry Windham had returned to the WWF recently and was given the nickname the Widowmaker. Windham’s first feud began during the August 8th taping of WWF Superstars after he delivered a neck breaker to the Red Rooster on the ring apron.
– Rick Rude and Roddy Piper’s issues really became to escalate during the August 8th taping of WWF Superstars. Piper bullied Brother Love during a talk show segment shoving toothpaste among other things down his throat. Bobby Heenan ended up distracting Piper long enough for Rick Rude to come out and spit mouth wash into Piper’s eyes and delivered a Rude Awakening.
– Dusty Rhodes continued to aggravate the Big Bossman when he prevented Bossman from attacking a jobber after a match. Rhodes stole yet another nightstick during the August 8th taping. Rhodes competed at SummerSlam where he pinned Honky Tonk Man after Jimmy Hart accidentally hit Honky with a guitar.
– Mr. Perfect continued his winning ways and at SummerSlam defeated the Red Rooster.
– Demolition and Jim Duggan defeated Andre the Giant, Akeem and Big Bossman when Smash pinned Akeem after Duggan hit Akeem with his 2×4.
– Ted DiBiase overcame Jimmy Snuka at SummerSlam after he bragged about ending Jake Roberts’s career. At the August 30th taping of WWF Superstars, Jake Roberts revealed that if he had one more chance to DDT someone he would DDT Ted DiBiase.
– Greg Valentine defeated Hercules and after the match was got in an altercation with Ronnie Garvin who served as the special ring announcer for the bout.
– During the August 30th taping of WWF Superstars, Randy Savage defeated Jim Duggan to win the kings crown after hitting Duggan with Sherri Martel’s loaded purse. Afterwards, Savage hit Duggan with three top rope elbow drops. At the same taping, a coronation for Savage and Sherri took place. During the ceremony, Ted DiBiase gave Savage a golden scepter.
– During the August 30th taping of WWF Superstars, Rick Martel revealed that because of his good looks he would become a model.

SummerSlam 1989: 

Bob’s Opinion: 
Quite a bit of new developments taking place as the WWF prepares for the fall and winter months. I’m actually interested in most of the feuds. Rude and Piper are two great characters and from what I’ve watched from ’89, their feud was quite heated. They are two big names and should help the undercard for the WWF.

I’m not interested in a Andre/Warrior feud over the Intercontinental Championship.

Barry Windham’s return to the WWF isn’t all that exciting for me personally. He had a good run in the NWA with a few entertaining matches against Flair. I;d have to look into how his performance was. I will be able to do that since I recently got Superstars ’89 DVD set.

Considering Rick Martel is an underrated wrestler, in my opinion, it’s good to see Martel develop a heel persona with the Model gimmick. It’s a gimmick I enjoyed and thought more could have been done with it.

I kind of want to find the Rockers/Rougeau sixty minute iron man matches. I wonder if any of them were recorded. Did anyone ever attend a show with that match happening?

Yearly Review should be back and running on here. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what was going on in the WWF during this time.

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WWF Championship Wrestling April 6th, 1985

April 6th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, and the returning British Bulldogs. Also, we will get to see a match from WrestleMania

A.J. Petruzzi & Matt Borne vs. British Bulldogs
The Bulldogs returned after a several moth absence. Borne and Dynamite go back-and-forth in a nice, fast-paced sequence. Davey and Petruzzi tag in and trade hammerlocks. Davey gets a slam and tags Dynamite, who hits a missile dropkick. He hits a snap suplex then drops an elbow. After a backbreaker he tags Davey, who grabs a side headlock. He hits a running powerslam then Borne comes in and Davey picks him up in a fireman’s carry and tags Dynamite, who climbs up top then jumps off the back of Borne and hits Petruzzi with a diving headbutt for the win (3:39). The fans went crazy for that finish.
Thoughts: The Bulldogs were unlike any other team in the WWF at the time. Dynamite also was unlike just about any other worker in the United States at the time. The Bulldogs looked great and this was an awesome way to re-introduce themselves to the WWF audience.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. He lets us know that Paul Orndorff is pissed after what happened to him at WrestleMania. He shoots it over to Mean Gene, who tells us that Orndorff was angry at being left behind in the ring and says that he guesses he has no friends after all.
Don Muraco vs. Billy Mack
Once again, Fuji is absent. Mack has the physique you get from working out in prison. Muraco is billed as 270 lbs by McMahon. Muraco beats on Mack, targeting the neck and back. He uses a nerve hold then a slam as this match is dragging. Mack fights back but ends up running into a dropkick. Muraco hits a gordbuster then finishes him off with a tombstone (2:57).
Thoughts: A fairly dull squash but that might have been part of Muraco settling into his “beach bum” persona.
Okerlund is with Tito Santana. He says that Valentine has to use outside help or run away in order to keep his title. He then promises Valentine that he will get him back into the ring and regain his title.
Jose Luis Rivera & Aldo Marino vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Luscious Johnny Valiant
The crowd starts a “Tito” chant aimed at Valentine. Rivera slams Valentine then works the arm. Valentine comes back with a clothesline and a shoulderbreaker. Beefcake tags and stomps away. Valentine hammers away behind the ref’s back from the outside. The heels use quick tags to beat on Rivera, who fights back. Marino tags in and slugs away but runs into a knee on a charge. Valentine slams Marino then tags Beefcake, who puts him away with a running knee smash (2:37).
Thoughts: An odd pairing, especially with both managers present. At this time, it was rare for a singles title holder to team up with someone else. They seemed okay together though.
Okerlund is backstage. He says we will find out what happened at WrestleMania later on but does let us know that Andre the Giant is not retired. He brings out Muraco then asks him about Fuji. He tells us that he is taking care of his harem. He then tells Okerlund that he can thank him for ruining his marriage by saying he told everyone that he was fooling around and acting crazy. Muraco tells us that darkness is spreading across the country and if untreated, the fungus runs rampant. A wacky interview.
Jim Haley vs. Ricky Steamboat
Haley attacks Steamboat from behind and gets a backdrop. Steamboat comes back with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick before working the arm. Vince shits on Haley’s physique, he has a huge gut, as he rakes the eyes of Steamboat. Haley misses a charge in the corner and Steamboat hits a back suplex before getting the win with a flying body press (3:08).
Thoughts: The crowd is becoming more receptive towards Steamboat. At this point, he needs a feud to take him to another level. That will happen soon enough.
Piper’s Pit with Big John Studd. It takes place in the locker room at MSG. They all look glum. Piper talks up Studd, who gets angry and says that Andre made a fool out of him. Studd said that he never slammed him and he should go back to France.
The Tag Team Championship match from WrestleMania is shown joined-in-progress. We see the last half of the match.
Bob Wade & Rusty Brooks vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog
Tito is sporting black trunks, which was unusual for faces at the time. JYD headbutts Brooks then works the arm. He and Tito use quick tags to beat on Brooks. JYD hits his crawling headbutts then Wade tags into the match. Tito tags and knocks around both guys before working the arm of Wade. JYD tags and gives them the double noggin-knocker. Tito tags and gets worked on by both guys but fights out and tags JYD. He nails Wade with a clothesline then tags Tito, who puts him in the figure-four, getting the win (3:53). Now, after every match JYD dances with a fan and that makes Vince happy. On this occasion, JYD pulls an older lady out of the crowd and Vince goes insane, just screaming “GET DOWN GRANDMA!!!!” as he dances with her briefly.
Thoughts: Tito showed a lot of aggression out there and had a different look with the black trunks but that was about it here. The rest of the match was dull.
Okerlund is hosting the “Manager’s Forum,” with Jimmy Hart, Johnny Valiant, and Bobby Heenan. Valiant runs down the outfit of everyone, Heenan looks disgusted at him and after reviewing his shoot interview, it was clear that he hated this guy. Valiant rambles on about the Air Force and how they are cheap like Capt. Lou Albano. This goes on for way too long, Heenan makes a green card joke about Santana then said that the only thing missing at a Mexican picnic is jumper cables, and the segment ends. The gist of all this is that the managers hate and are jealous of Albano.
Bruno and Vince run down next week’s show. We will see the Women’s Title match from WrestleMania. Also, we will see King Kong Bundy, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, Big John Studd & Ken Patera, and David Sammartino. Plus, a special update on Paul Orndorff.
Final Thoughts: Well, the Bulldogs returned and looked awesome. Also, they show us some of the fallout from WrestleMania and the feuds that will be continuing. Another key thing is the status of Orndorff, who by the report given to us by Okerlund, hinted at not wanting to be aligned with Piper or Orton anymore. I thought this was a fine show overall

After careful consideration.

I’d like to start by thanking Scott for granting me posting privileges to this fine blog.

I’m sure some of you have noticed I haven’t made a post in a couple weeks, and after some thought about my schedule and priorities–I am announcing that I’m going on Hiatus from my ROH reviews for the foreseeable future.  I’ve put this off for awhile thinking I could handle everything on my plate right now, and some weeks I can–other weeks I cant.   

When things settle down, and I’ve had a chance to refresh, I’d love to return as a contributor (Scott permitting), but for now this is it for me.

Thank you to all my readers who gave me nothing but support, I hope I’ll be able to write for you again sooner rather then later.

–Kyle Warne


Vince and TNA

Hey Scott,
I have to admit, I thought you were completely exaggerating about the state of TNA Wrestling in your blog. I think it’s because there’s been rumors since its inception that TNA is going out of business. However, after reading recent reports that the Carters are potentially looking to sell the company to get something out of it, I stand corrected.
So if these reports are accurate and if you were a betting man, what would be the chances of Vince buying the company? I would think between the video library and the Thursday night timeslot on Spike, there would be interest in buying it, eh?
I’m curious if you agree but I have a weird feeling there’s going to be NXT on Thursday nights sometime in the next 6-8 months…..

The company would have zero value, and WWE already burned their bridges with Spike, so really I could only see them waiting for the company to die and then buying the tape library.  They’d probably make more profit on a “Rise and fall of TNA” DVD than the company ever has in a year.