Coliseum Video Rant 2018: Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams!

(Welcome to the debut of the Coliseum Video dump on the WWE Network!  I actually did this one a couple of years back as a part of a series reboot, before the guy posting them got kicked off YouTube, so we’ll start here just like the Network does!) 

Wrestling’s Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams!

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon. Did you know that WWF superstars can LITERALLY fly in and out of the squared circle?

This is an 80 minute collection of clips rather than matches.

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Repost: The Coliseum Video Rant 2.0

(In celebration of the Coliseum content dump on the Network tomorrow, here’s a repost of my attempt to reboot the series via YouTube, which abruptly ended when the guy got kicked off YouTube.) 

The Coliseum Video Rant 2.0 – 10.10.13

Much like Star Trek, I’m rebooting the franchise. Thanks to YouTube, I can start from the beginning of the series and probably lose interest after the second one. I’m skipping WF01 because it’s a compilation of skits called “Bloopers Bleeps and Bodyslams” and doesn’t really fit the series, but here’s WF02 (Hulkamania) and WF03 (The Best of the WWF Volume 1). As always, a point for stuff that works in any way, and no points if it doesn’t.

Tape #1: Hulkamania!

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