Stick to wrestling, Part 2.

Yeah, you are the crazy one, Scott. Well not crazy, just stupid. You can’t argue any of my points, so you play it off with humor to cover up your lack of knowledge on the subject.

Your mindset is the same as the "protestors" who scream "Trump is dangerous!" as they assault people, destroy property, and block highways.

Again, worry about your own Country. Then again if your Prime-Minister has his way, it won’t be illegal for you to kill your wife if she’s late bringing home your KFC family feast. Your fat-ass should be happy about that.

Shows what you know, I don’t even like KFC. Now who’s the ignorant one?

Stick to wrestling, Scott

Don’t you live in Canada? Doesn’t your Prime-Minister embrace Sharia Law, and say Honor Killings aren’t barbaric? Ever notice that Canadians that made something of themselves,(Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carey, etc.), all moved to the U.S.? Ever notice you pay more for items up there than in the States? Yeah, I’d be worried about my own country if I were you.

Trump won because people didn’t want 4 more years of a regime that increased the debt, more people on welfare now than ever before, domestic terror attacks, war on police, a broken health care system, illegals flooding in, etc. Also, Hilary Clinton was a horrible fucking candidate.

Stick to pro wrestling.

You’re right, clearly it’s me who is the crazy one here.

Worst. Name. Ever.

Firebreaker Chip. That’s got to be it right? What are your Top 5 worst wrestling names ever? And did anyone with a truly awful ring name actually make it big and get over huge. Closest I’d say is Dolph Ziggler

​There are large amounts of god-awful wrestling names in NXT right now. Oney Lorcan, Andrade "Cien" Almas, a bunch of the women, whatever stupid fucking names the Authors of Pain have…we’re really hitting a low point for the NXT Name Generator, to the point where Kassius Ohno sounds like a breath of fresh air. ​

BoD Daily Update: January 20th, 2017

WWE Star Victim of Theft At Live Event

AJ Styles had his bag stolen at WWE Live Event at Arkansas State University. The bag contained $1,000 U.S. Currency, 7,000 Yen, an iPhone, a set of Beats haedphones, and his X Box 360 along with several games.


Steve Corino Update

Corino started up this past week as a coach at the Performance Center

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Highspots Releases Newest Installment of the Old School Series

Hosted by Steve Corino, he welcomes guest One Man Gang and you can view the trailer by clicking on the link below.

The Trump Inauguration Thread

We have entered a world where CNN posted a serious news story about what would happen if someone bombed the Capital Building during the inauguration and killed the entire Trump regime in one shot.  THIS IS A THING THAT COULD HAPPEN.

If you’d like to follow along with all the excitement of DONALD TRUMP BEING PRESIDENT becoming a real thing that will actually happen, this is your thread.

Donald Trump.  President of the United States.  God help us all.

Talk about that or anything else going on today that could possibly top it.  Not sure what that might be.  But you never know.

Brand split question

Hi Scott,

Seeing as we’re (sort of) approaching the 15th anniversary of the brand split I’d like to ask a few questions:

1. Did you think it was a good idea in the first place ?

2. Do you think overall it can be classed as successful from a business and creative perspective ?

3. Is there anything they could/should have done differently ?

​1. Yes and no. It was a clever idea to generate competition due to the death of WCW and ECW, but the roster just wasn’t deep enough to support a proper split in the long run.

​2. No to both. It essentially gutted and destroyed Smackdown as a viable brand, turning the Smackdown house shows into glorified B-shows and oversaturating the product with titles. By the time John Cena and Randy Orton merged the belts, the "World title" was about as valuable as the toy belt replicas they sold on So of course they repeated both mistakes this time.

3. Yup, they should have stayed true to the vision of ONE CHAMPION for both brands. Ditto for the tag champions. Also, making JBL champion for a year really didn’t help, either. ​

Impact Wrestling – January 19, 2017

Impact Wrestling
Date: January 19, 2017
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the staying the same category, Lashley is yet again the #1 contender to Eddie Edwards’ World Title as those two have been feuding for months now. In the changing category, Feast or Fired has been changed into Race for the Chase, which has some unique rules but is still a four briefcase ladder match. Let’s get to it.

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BoD Daily Update: 01.19.17

Now where’s that pin button… as always, thanks to the boys at CageSide Seats for the rumor pack.

Our Top Story

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James is the direction SmackDown is heading, but don’t expect that feud to make the WrestleMania card – where whoever is wrestling Nikki Bella has the best chance of working the main show in Orlando.

Dos Cientos Y Cinco En Vivo!

WWE is sending out fan surveys again, including one to fans in Mexico asking about content from local promotions and a tournament-style lucha show, which is seen as an indicator that a WWE Latin American Championship Tournament may be on the docket soon.

GFW Status: Only Mostly Dead

Jeff Jarrett flew from the TNA tapings in Orlando to Los Angeles for meetings regarding the future of Global Force Wrestling last week, per PWInsider.

Where in the World Is Carm^H^H^H^HKenny Omega?

Still no word on his future plans, but here’s a rumor killer on Kenny Omega. While there was never much chance he’d be in San Antonio seeing as his New Japan contract is in force through Jan. 31, Omega is scheduled for an appearance in Chile during Royal Rumble weekend, making it almost logistically impossible for him to be there.

Meanwhile, in TNA

Marti Belle is said to be done with TNA, per PWInsider.

World Champions the world missed out on

Hi Scott

Was there ever wrestlers that you thought had world champion written all over them that WWE,WCW, etc passed on?

I’m not talking about a druggee or someone who, but for a Curtain Call or blown knee would’ve had a run. I’m talking about who either had the look or talent or just something that should’ve slammed them into the main event but management just passed on.

​The most egregious is still Kofi Kingston, who had all the tools in 2009 and was super-over and ready for the big push, but then got his legs cut out and never made it back to that level again. I’m also gonna make a dark horse pick and say that in a different time and place, Brad Armstrong would have been World champ, but he just came along a bit too late for that 70s style champion. ​

Yet another HOF snub

How has the Spanish Announce Table not been inducted yet? Fucker’s been taking a beating since like 1995. Carlos Cabrera or Hugo Savinovich could induct it and they could give their entire speech in Spanish (without subtitles). Spanish Announce Table > Koko B Ware.

​They ARE always looking for that Latino demographic, although I don’t know that the table is the best role model because it’s always doing the job and frequently goes off-script by not breaking. I think it even got fired by Vince after that Randy Orton match where it took three tries to RKO someone through it, and Vince swore never to do business with it again. In fact, I’m pretty sure the part has been played by a table they called up from developmental since then, because it works cheaper. Regardless, Vince mended fences with Bret Hart, Warrior AND Bruno through HHH, so maybe he can get the table into the Hall of Fame this year as well. ​

Mean Street Posse

I know this relates to nothing in either current WWE or your Observer Flashbacks.

I was thinking about the Mean Street Posse, were they really friends of Shane McMahon that he brought in as a favour or were they normal wrestlers who were just given a gimmick? or is it a bit of both?


​Well that’s random.

Pete Gas and Rodney where legit friends of Shane’s who ended up becoming "wrestlers". Joey Abs was a normal wrestler who was stuck into the group as a ringer, but might have also been a friend as well. Pete actually turned up as a running gag on the E&C Show doing cameos, and he’s a mailman now.

REPOST: WCW Halloween Havoc 1991

(Once again we’re at that point in the Observer Flashbacks, so here’s my 2012 Scott Sez version of Halloween Havoc 91, which is not one of my favorite shows ever to say the least.  I will also pop in here and there add more thoughts if needed.  This rant really needs a redo badly, but I just don’t have time this week.  The Johnny B. Badd stuff in particular remains a really embarrassing remnant of a different time in my writing career, which I apologize for.) 

The Netcop Retro Rant for WCW Halloween Havoc 91

– Live from Chattanooga, Tennessee

– Your hosts are Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, something you don’t see everyday.  (Because they HATE each other.  Weird that those two guys in particular would have heat, but announcing is a cut-throat business, I guess.)

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NXT – January 18, 2017

Date: January 18, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Percy Watson

It takes an impressive company to make a big story out of a ticket to a show but that’s what NXT has managed to do. Last week Bobby Roode sent NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura his ticket from Takeover: Dallas. It makes for a very interesting way to set up a story and that’s we’re getting as we head towards San Antonio. Let’s get to it.

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Rock Star Gary reflects on Saturday Night’s Main Event XXII

Taped from Worcester, MA

Airdate:  July 29, 1989 (taped 7/18)

Attendance:  unknown

Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jesse “The Body” Ventura

How will the road to Summerslam be paved this year? Let’s read on…

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Monday Night Raw – August 19, 2002

Monday Night Raw
Date: August 19, 2002
Location: Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the go home show for Summerslam 2002 and there’s actually a big match set up here as the Rock isn’t defending the WWE World Title against HHH. The other question is what Brock Lesnar will be doing to mess with Rock tonight because the Brand Split doesn’t mean anything when we’re close to a major pay per view. Let’s get to it.

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WWN Style Battle – Season One, Episode One

Style Battle is a new series (or promotion I guess if you want to call it that) put on by WWN Live/Flo Slam. It will feature eight shows, all tournaments, with the eight winners of those tournaments put in a tournament at the end to declare the Style Battle Champion.


January 7, 2017

From the Ivy Astoria Event Center in Tampa, FL. Just a note that the venue is outdoors and it was 48 degrees out when the show started.

Timothy Barr is your host. Trevin Adams and Mister Saint Laurent are on commentary.

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