Worst consecutive title reigns

What are the worst 3 consecutive reigns for the major US titles you can think of?

I'd go with
WCW US title: Sasaki-One Man Gang-Konnan in late 95/early 96 WCW. Brillant to hand around the second most prestigious title of your company to some new/returning hacks like that

​That US title situation was all ridiculous political bullshit.  But necessary, I guess, and we get the cruiserweight division out of Konnan's title blowjob, so I guess that's fine.  
I could also nominate the ridiculous series of Cruiserweight title changes around the end of Russo's WCW run, like Evan Karagias – Madusa – Oklahoma.  ​


Watching No Mercy, I realized something, people may disagree. Brauns aura comes from fucking shit up. But put him in a regular 1 on 1 match, the auras gone, for instance my bro became a huge Braun fan after Summerslam. He was really looking forward to Braun/Brock. About 5-6 mins into it, he turned to me and said "maybe Braun isnt as good as I thought". That crowd was ready for a fight. They chanted "use the table". They've been trained now to expect a demolition derby with Braun and they got a man who needed the ROPES to escape a submission, got suplexed around, had his finisher killed dead and could'nt kick out of one F-5. I read reports the crowd even booed him after the match. So now what? He's fueded with everyone but Balor. Least they could of done was make Brock have to literally break his neck or something to beat him.

​They're telling STORIES, though.  The story they're telling is that everyone wants to pay money to see Brock Lesnar keep the title for six more months and never defend it, then lose it to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania so they can coronate him for the fourth year in a row and THIS TIME IT'LL STICK, PAL.  Honestly, Vince could probably give two shits about Braun Strowman because he's not Roman Reigns and doesn't help Reigns get over by winning the title, and it's as simple as that.  ​

WWE creative in 2017 y’all

Chris Jericho was on Live Audio Wrestling and revealed that creative (including Triple H) tried to change the way Owens turned on Jericho.

Jericho: The day that we had the show, Vince wasn’t there and they tried to change it to where Kevin would just attack me. And my thing was the whole drama of revealing the list of KO and “hey how come my name’s on this” and the looking up and the feeling of oh (expletive) don’t do it, don’t do it and then he attacks me.

Jericho: I had to fight for that all day long and there was some real heated debates going on between me and Triple H and a couple of other people. I said this is the way we’re doing it. It’s the way I explained it to Vince and Paul was like “I’ll call Vince right now, he’s in a plane, I don’t care I’ll find him. I’ll send a carrier pigeon to get him”. And finally I think it was just exasperation, just do whatever you want.

​Jericho has a similar story of exasperation dealing with creative in his book as well, where Vince basically wouldn't tell him anything about what he was doing at Wrestlemania and then finally he was just like "Well, you're losing to Fandango" and then Jericho had to fight and fight and fight just to get any kind of storyline. ​I can see how the entire process would be incredibly frustrating for someone like him who takes pride in his work to the degree that he does.

Kingslayer/King’s Landing

I'm surprised that WWE is so blatantly using Game of Thrones names for Seth Rollins.  The Kingslayer nickname was probably OK, but Cole called one of his moves last night "The King's Landing," which I hadn't heard before.  Usually when they rip off something from pop culture they alter the names slightly to avoid legal issues and get a new trademark.  Any idea how they are getting away with this or why they would be so obvious about it?

I've never watched Game of Thrones so I wasn't aware that it was a thing they were doing.  I mean, you can pretty much call a wrestling move whatever you want because it's impossible to make a case for confusion in the marketplace with a TV show.  So that's likely how they're getting away with it. 

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I am wondering if there is a planned tribute on RAW tonight for the killing of Braun Strowman’s career? Ha. Just kidding, RAW never thinks that far ahead. Besides he’d better lay down for Curt Hawkins before he leaves!

Anyway it’s post-No Mercy. Seems like Scott liked it enough (two ****+ and one ***1/2 is pretty much a thumbs up) but the rest of you had a sour taste in your mouth after Brock’s clean-as-a-whistle victory over Braun. Luckily for you the ratings for tonight’s show will suck going against a Dallas Cowboys MNF game and Dancing with the Stars.

In other news Jeff Hardy will be on the shelf for a bit with a torn rotator cuff and Cesaro probably won’t work tonight because he’s going to have some form of oral surgery tomorrow after busting his grill last night.

Other TV, season premieres for Big Bang Theory AND The Voice. Also if you are a history buff, war buff or buff of both you should already be watching the PBS series on the Vietnam War. It is riveting.

Keep it clean!

Monster Problems

Hi Scott,

With Stroman taking the clean, massively anti-climactic fall, and Nia Jaxx once more getting pushed into a title shot and coming up short, what's with the WWE's hesitancy to pull the trigger on new monsters?

This used to be the thing they'd do really well, or just by default (Khali), and now you have this giant woman who's always presented as a threat but is always overcome, and their hottest, best built star in years now has now lost some big time shine.

Is this just situation and wrestler specific?  Is it some kind of backstage shift?  Is creative having trouble figuring out how to book a monster with a title?  I'm baffled here.

(BTW, although Brock definitely qualifies as a monster, he came into his most recent push an established beast, so not including him as an argument.)

Thanks again for Ranting through this stuff, even when the booking is as ridiculous as it has been.

​I'm also at a loss about the Nia Jax thing and why they even wanted her in the match if she wasn't going to win. Originally it was announced as Sasha Banks getting her rematch and then we suddenly moved to a Nia turning on Alexa angle, which led to a 5-way match where Bayley took the fall when Emma was right there. 
The Braun thing is equally mystifying, mostly because they would have turned him babyface by now if it was even 10 years ago, but in our post-Reigns world they stubbornly have to keep him heel so as not to overshadow Roman while we build to the match that literally no one wants to see at Wrestlemania.  ​