Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – March 21st, 1992

Smoky Mountain Wrestling  TV – March 21st, 1992

– Last week on SMW TV… After weeks of hype, the Tag Team Title Tournament is upon us, or so we hope… Mr. Ron Wright introduced us to his new protégé, the Dirty White Boy… Tim Horner used his White Lightnin’ to defeat Rip Rogers in a solid Main Event… Jim Cornette has promised to deliver a video of his new Tag Team… Killer Kyle squashed Jerry Lynn in a match that would mean more to Indy darlings in the following years… The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden had a warm-up match for their anticipated battle with the Fantastics and a Mystery Partner… There’s no truth to the Bob Holly/Julia Roberts scandal.

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Jinder Mahal, from the perspective of a Punjabi

Don’t know how this experiment will translate in terms of success but it’s the most curious I’ve been in quite a while.

"Why was I all-in at the very beginning? Why was I so emotional over a scripted result? It’s simple. I’m Punjabi. I’m an Indian-American who’s family lineage started in Punjab, India. There is a guy that’s on TV that’s actually representing Punjab. That’s a big deal. Not just because there’s literally no representation out there for Punjabi’s in American media, but he’s actually representing minorities and people of color as a whole."

The issue has never been with Jinder. If you want to push him, wonderful, go nuts. But PUSH HIM, don’t just decide three weeks before the show that he’s the new guy and give it a halfassed build. Why did we even bother with the Bray title switches if Jinder is where you wanna go? Did anyone give a shit about the Orton v Wyatt match at WM just because it happened to be for the title?

History Repeating

Hey Scott–

Remember that time WWE had this lower-mid card loser that Vince really wanted to push all of a sudden? I mean, they had tried getting him over as a singles attraction before, but it flopped so badly on Raw that creative threw him back together with his tag team partner in a gimmick that had worn out its welcome years prior.

Then, in a swerve so sudden it nearly broke our collective necks, this douche got a total character makeover, was thrust into a main event scene that he’d never even sniffed prior, and with a couple months of rushed build up (and wrestling very few matches to build his credibility) was put over the reigning champ in a move that baffled everyone watching.

And then JBL was WWE Champion for nearly a year.

I just find myself giggling nonstop over the outrage in SmarkTown over Jinder Mahal as world champion, when Vince has pulled this exact same troll job on the fan base before…

​Imma stop you right there, broheim. This fallacy has been floating around the internets since the title change, and it’s just not true. The JBL character might have had a relatively quick ascension to World champion, yeah, and he might have been a total disaster on top, yeah…


You can’t say they didn’t believe in him and want him to be a top guy. He was consistently pushed as a protected guy with the APA (which Jinder was the exact opposite of), and then given a test singles run in 2002 where he was heavily protected (again, the exact opposite of Jobber Mahal), plus a Hardcore title reign or seven, and the JBL character was introduced as a big deal in an important, featured role. Ratings were fine when he won the belt and during his buildup, and dropped the longer he held the title.

Jinder was literally a jobber who suddenly won a six-pack challenge on Smackdown and then beat, like, three top midcarders over the course of a month and won the title with two guys helping him. Ratings for Smackdown were decent at the beginning of the year, but have dropped to record lows during the build for his title match, before he even won the title. Ratings for RAW, the night after he won the title when you’d expect at least a LITTLE PPV bump from casual fans who might tune in to hear about him, actually hit a new record low. He doesn’t even have merchandise! They didn’t do anything to tweak his character, just made him angrier and added smaller versions of him as useless henchmen.

I will say, I think JBL was a disaster as champion, but I can respect the effort. Vince McMahon was ALL IN with that shit. Jinder has been a half-assed push to troll the fanbase and maybe kowtow to India if they ever tour there again. Totally different.

Damien Sandow In 2013

Why do you think the WWE never put the World Title on Damien Sandow after he won the Money In The Bank Briefcase in 2013, even if he would’ve just
been a transitional champ with a short reign?

​Because I’m still convinced that Cody Rhodes was the one who supposed to get that briefcase and they just pulled the swerve with Sandow to fuck with everyone, and then got bored with him after two weeks and killed him off. Plus, had he won the title, then we’d have World champion Damien Sandow, and I mean, COME ON. Really now.

Flash Season 3

Would love to hear your thoughts on the finale and the season…weakest season and ending yet IMO. I feel a disconnect from the entire team at this point and the whole "Don’t let anyone know Barry is Flash but let everyone into STAR Labs" can stop as well

Two very mitigating factors for me this season:

1) They totally lost me with this Savitar shit, repeating the Iris "death" week after week while no one communicated on Team Flash and Barry continued to brood and plot to fuck with the timeline. Seriously, UGH. I was tuning out a few episodes ago and there was nothing that compelled me to get back in.

2) More importantly, CTV cancelled the show and moved it to their "CTV 2" channel mid-season. You know whose cable provider DOESN’T have a "CTV 2" station? MINE. So that meant I really had to go out of my way to find episodes after the fact, and again, I couldn’t be bothered past a certain point.

3) I’m mostly chuffed that they didn’t use my "HR is secretly Abra Kadabra" theory. CHUFFED I TELL YOU.

Also, Supergirl was pretty damn aimless for the end of the season and finally picked up again with the last couple of episodes. Mon-El was GREAT for a while. Now, not so much. And I really love Chris Wood.

But hey, next season, fresh start. I’ll probably catch up on Flash once they dump the season on Netflix in the summer and be all excited to start again in the fall.

Smackdown – May 23, 2017

Date: May 23, 2017
Location: Huntington Center, Toledo, Ohio
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield, Byron Saxton

Somehow we’re living in Jinder Mahal’s WWE, which could mean several things. First of all, we’re in for a Punjabi celebration tonight, which could mean a good number of possibilities. On top of that Mahal needs a challenger, who is likely to be Randy Orton in a rematch. We’re also about a month away from Money in the Bank so it could be time to set up the ladder match. Let’s get to it.

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7 famous wrestling gimmicks intended for someone else entirely!


Hey, it’s my latest Sporting News column, as I take a look at 7 gimmicks that began as someone else. You might recognize a few of these from the Flashbacks. These are apparently doing gangbusters on Sporting News because it turns out that writing clickbait material leads to people clicking​ on it. Little SEO tip for you, as we say in the website biz.

NEXT TIME: 10 wrestlers that changed their gimmicks overnight!