Wrestling Observer Flashback–11.21.88

I think once I wrap up 88 I’ll continue into 1989, and then when we reach the end of THAT year, we’ll go back to 1985 again.  The 85 issues are quite a trip, since it’s a very different writing style than even these ones. 

On with the week that was and one of the most famous stories in wrestling history!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–11.14.88

Married for 11 years today!  Let’s celebrate with an Observer Flashback!

By the way, poll time:  Let’s say I suddenly came into possession of the Observers from 85-87, hypothetically speaking.  Should I go back and start there when I’m done with 88, or just keep going into 89?  Discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback-10.12.88

The dates get a bit weird here because Dave was publishing on a weird schedule for October due to travelling for wrestling shows.

Also, to answer a couple of questions I’ve had e-mailed lately (along with all the “The Flashback column is the best thing on the blog!” praise, which I greatly appreciate!), January 1988 is as far back as my personal collection of Observers goes.  So unfortunately as much as I’d love to go back to, say, the first Wrestlemania in 1985, I just don’t have access to those issues and the back issues are pretty pricey on eBay.  That being said, I have everything from 88-91 and then all the ones from 91-onwards are archived on the Observer site, so we’ve got stuff to cover for a LONG time to come.

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