Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.08.86

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I’m gonna be sad when the free play weekend for Rocket League on Xbox One comes to an end this morning, because it’s been SUPER easy to find good games online with 40,000 people playing instead of 4000.  My obsession with the game will continue either way, though.  I’m kind of annoyed that apparently a new version of the console is launching this year that doesn’t weigh 400 pounds and supports 4K video.  I guess I could just buy a Roku 4 or Amazon Fire box…OH WAIT I CAN’T I’M IN CANADA.  Not that I’m bitter.

Hey, guess what happened in the week before this issue came out?  STARRCADE ‘86!  Let’s hit the review…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback– 10.06.86

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I’m always amused at how something as innocuous as Dave calling Gorilla Monsoon a horrible announcer can really get under people’s skin.  My views are clouded by nostalgia as much as the next person, but I don’t think he was very good either.  But then I was also never a fan of the Heenan/Monsoon combo either.  YES, I WENT THERE AGAIN.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–07.28.86

Hey Scott, any chance of a re-rant of Starrcade 86 once you get that
far in the flashbacks?

All things are possible with Jesus and/or the Olive Garden.  A re-rant of the Big Event is definitely coming when we get there, for instance.

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