Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.19.88

We are getting closer to the magic moment that is AWA Superclash III.  But not yet.  Not until next week.  You don’t just fire up the Sunny video and whip it out right away, do you?  Have some self-respect!  Wait until the bile in your throat goes away first.

I feel like we’re off-topic right away.  To 1988, where the theme of this week is “card subject to change”.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.12.88

As a note, these things have been so overwhelmingly popular on the blog that in order to prevent things from getting too overloaded, I’m going to start posting the WWE Network TV stuff (World Class / USWA / Prime Time etc) to Place to Be Nation instead, and of course cross-posting them to Inside Pulse as always.

It’s Monday, on with the retro news!  And of course, the news that we’ve been anticipating for weeks now has finally happened…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.04.88

First up, I want to throw a shout-out to phpwebhosting.com, who have been hosting the Blog of Doom since I changed back to WordPress and have been great the whole time.  It’s only $9.95 / month despite the rather large amount of traffic that I get, and this morning my Jetpack plugin lost access to WordPress (which you probably wouldn’t notice but was a huge pain in the ass for me) and I sent an e-mail and had the problem resolved within 5 minutes.  On a Sunday morning!  For those looking for a hosting solution, they get a big thumbs up from me!

Now, time for the last few weeks before Starrcade…

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