Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.09.87

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Hey, Sid Jr. is back on Big Brother again this season!  Now I have someone to cheer for.  And I know how much you all love and enjoy my excitement about Big Brother, almost as much as Danimal’s fast food reviews and my dank memes, I bet!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–01.19.87

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I’m saddened that the timing didn’t line up for the Duggan/Sheik bust issue to come up this morning, because really the jokes would write themselves.

Maybe 20 years from now, THIS WEEK IN ROMAN REIGNS STUPIDITY will be a thing?

I’m gonna try something new this time to keep my smart-ass comments from mixing with Dave’s actual opinions, and put my stuff in brackets like in Scott Sez format.  We’ll see if that keeps things more clear.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.29.86

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Time to wrap up 1986 in a neat little bow.  I’ve still gotta write the Sporting News preview for Money in the Bank and maybe do some TV reviews as a break from WON recaps for a little bit, so we’ll probably dive into 1987 starting on Monday.  Plus…Orange is the New Black.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–12.08.86

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I’m gonna be sad when the free play weekend for Rocket League on Xbox One comes to an end this morning, because it’s been SUPER easy to find good games online with 40,000 people playing instead of 4000.  My obsession with the game will continue either way, though.  I’m kind of annoyed that apparently a new version of the console is launching this year that doesn’t weigh 400 pounds and supports 4K video.  I guess I could just buy a Roku 4 or Amazon Fire box…OH WAIT I CAN’T I’M IN CANADA.  Not that I’m bitter.

Hey, guess what happened in the week before this issue came out?  STARRCADE ‘86!  Let’s hit the review…

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