Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.31.87

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on the debut episode of Scott’s Podcast of Doom over on the PTBN Network.  I really enjoyed doing the show with Brian, and our goal is to pump them out bi-weekly, assuming Brian’s dryer and my cat are able to handle the workload.  I was actually debating just letting my daughter jump in like she was threatening to do, since she wants to be a YouTube star anyway


And we already kick things off with everyone’s favorite feature:

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–07.13.87

It’s time for the Great American Bash!  Hopefully all the talk about freedom and MURICA will give me more opportunity to bait Libertarians with my “logic” and “reason”.  Warning:  There’s a bit near the end about government regulation of wrestling, in case anyone needs to get their tinfoil hats ready.


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