Wrestling Observer Flashback–January 1984

It was pointed out to me that there was indeed news and such in the January 84 issue, but it took 23 pages to get there.  So let’s jump back there before we continue on!

Also, the remainder of the ‘84 issues are going to be split into two parts because condensing those things into 1500 words is like trying to adapt Stephen King novels into half-hour TV shows.  So we’ll do half each day to let things breathe a little bit.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.16.89

“Oh hey, we’re really enjoying 88 and 89, but we want to see what 85 is like!  You should totally go back and do that!”

“What?  You mean after 89 is done we’ll have to go back to yucky 85 for months?  Boo!”

More proof democracy doesn’t work.

Also, Starrcade 89 was perfect as it was, with each match being ***** and better than the one that preceded it.


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Wrestling Observer Flashback–09.25.89

I know you’re all going to roll your eyes with disgust, but I took a job offer from WhatCulture again because James Dixon is on board with them in an editorial role and he talked me into it.  Plus, like Mr. Krabs, I love money.  Anyway, I think I’m going to do an article like “The 10 strangest things I learned about 1989” so I can discuss stuff like Zubaz, Idiot Kerry Von Erich, Memphis Monsters and Eric Embry’s booking. 

Remember, no one’s forcing you to read slideshows.  So just shut up in advance, Yano.

To the Observer!

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