Wrestling Observer Flashback–07.06.92

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I finally watched “The Revenant” on Sunday and Leo was well deserving of his Oscar, but someone please tell me there’s a YouTube video where someone overlaid JR going “STOP THE DAMN MATCH” during the bear scene?  Because I sure as hell was just about yelling it at the TV myself.

And although not quite as dramatic as a bear mauling this week, it’s still a sad start to the Flashback this week, with a notable death…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–06.29.92

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/03/10/wrestling-observer-flashback-06-22-92/

We’ve got Beach Blast AND Clash of the Champions, so it’s a packed week of mid-level WCW goodness.  But first, Summerslam tickets are doing pretty good.

(Minor note about the posting time, since it’s become a thing lately:  We don’t celebrate Daylight Savings Time here in Saskatchewan, so it’ll be either an hour later or earlier depending on where you are, because I can never keep track.  Regardless, I’ll continue posting at 6:00 AM my time.  Except for this morning, because it’s Sunday and I felt like sleeping in.)

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–06.22.92

Bah, once again moving the Flashback to the afternoon is a flop and it didn’t even beat the Daily Update.  That hurts.  I might as well be TNA now.

Previously on the Flashback (since not many people read it): http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/03/09/wrestling-observer-flashback-06-15-92/

It’s time for the WBF PPV!  What could possibly go wrong?

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–05.18.92

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/03/02/wrestling-observer-flashback-05-11-92/

Apologies for missing yesterday, but Google suddenly dropped all support for the Adsense plugin for WordPress and didn’t do a very good job of making the replacement system actually WORK for WordPress.  And since this is a major chunk of my livelihood, it was kind of a big priority to figure out why the hell I couldn’t get it to work properly.  Thankfully, I did, because I’m something of a genius and humble to boot.

Oh hey, speaking of people who are both something of a genius and humble, WCW did something they’d quickly regret this week…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–05.11.92

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/02/28/wrestling-observer-flashback-05-04-92/

OK, I missed yesterday!  I’m sorry!  I was watching John Wick on Netflix and it was FUCKING AWESOME and these need about two hours to do, so I had to make a choice.  I REGRET NOTHING.

Also, apparently I’m under some kind of confidentiality thing on the details, but Google basically informed me out of nowhere yesterday that they’re shutting down the mobile site experiment I was a part of, which meant I had to go in and change all my DNS name servers back and it was a PAIN IN MY ASS.  WordPress and Jetpack started freaking out and then I guess there was a bunch of people who couldn’t access the site at various points and if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying to do troubleshooting on a WordPress site from a cell phone while doing other stuff, well, NOT RECOMMENDED.  There’s important reasons why I just let guys like Sean Shannon and Jeremy Botter handle all the back-end webmaster stuff during the Rantsylvania days, because I really dislike dealing with it.

Anyway, still better than being Sid Justice right about now.

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