Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.25.93

Hey, we’re back.  I literally had a week’s worth of material finished and ready to post by last Wednesday with the Mae Young Classic rants and then after setting it all to post and watching the hits roll in, realized on Sunday night at 10:00pm that I didn’t have anything ready for Monday morning on the blog. The Mae Young gravy train has finally dried up! So let’s jump back into the Observers again.

Also, for those playing along at home, this one is filed under “October 5” in the Observer archives for some reason.

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/09/02/wrestling-observer-flashback-10-18-93/

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.04.93

I won’t bore you with details, but I screwed up and posted the 10/11 issue first because I had been working on this one during all the website problems with F4WOnline.com and never got a chance to finish it.  So I had to go back last night and redo the 10/4 issue to prevent any further rips in the space-time continuum.

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/08/18/wrestling-observer-flashback-09-27-93/

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–09.20.93

So last week’s recap was the September 27 issue, but unfortunately I skipped the September 20 issue because it’s mis-labeled as September 29, so it’s CATCH-UP time.  Unfortunately, server issues persist on the Observer site, so it’s a major pain in the ass to access the back issue archives and it’s lucky I was able to get to this one.  Otherwise it’d be 1997 WWF up the wazoo until it’s fixed.  And no one wants that.  Attitude Era, yucky.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.23.93

Hey y’all, I’m testing a new version of the Disqus plugin to hopefully head off some of the complaints about freezing and glitching and such. 

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/08/07/wrestling-observer-flashback-08-16-93/

It’s the SHOCKMASTER issue.

But first, Dave attends a Smoky Mountain Wrestling fan convention.

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