Wrestling Observer Flashback–04.13.92

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Once again, we’ve rolled around to another Wrestlemania in these.  Dave doesn’t seem too thrilled about it, but then it was pretty hard to muster much enthusiasm for the WWF at that point.  Unfortunately it would only get worse from there.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.23.92

Correction from last week’s opening blurb:  THIS is the week that all the shit hits the fan. In fact, it’s more like an elephant taking a huge shit right onto an industrial sized fan. 

Also, if you’re enjoying these and want to read the originals without my snark and memes and judicious editing down to 2000 words per issue, try a month of the F4WOnline site, including all the archived newsletters and radio shows, for just $3.99!  I have literally subscribed since the day the site launched and have never regretted it for a second. 


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Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.09.92

RIP to Nicole Bass and George “The Animal” Steele.  We’ve had enough death and tragedy in THESE issues without more people dying in the present day as well.

I’m doing this one on a new computer because it’s been, like, two months since I changed laptops and WHAT’S THE POINT OF LIVING if I have to continue to use the same one for a whole year at a time like some kind of caveman.  So let’s break in the new computer with the Terry Garvin sex scandal issue!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.02.92

Hey, I picked up a Nintendo DSi XL for $60 (Canadian) from EBGames and it’s pretty rad.  I found Super Mario 64 and New Super Mario Bros for reasonable prices on Ebay but HOLY SHIT you’d think Mario Kart was printed on literal pieces of gold or something given how expensive it is compared to every other game on the system.  Given I love me some old school platformers, are they any solid recommendations for cheap games out there?  I know there’s like 3000 titles for it so that’s kind of a broad topic, but it’s a pretty overwhelming amount of choice at this point and it would be helpful to narrow it down to something that’s not fucking Pokemon.

So anyway, back to wrestling, and the business is quickly turning to shit for the WWF.  Like, big heaping piles of shit are showing up on Vince’s doorstep every week now and the more I read, the more I’m shocked the business even survived the year considering we got hit with the steroid scandals AND the gay sex allegations AND Sid Vicious in the main event of Wrestlemania all in the same calendar year.

BUT FIRST!  Kip Frey weighs in on the steroid controversy over in WCW…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.03.92

Holy shit, GTA 4 goes Backwards Compatible out of nowhere?  TAKE ALL MY MONEY NOW, MICROSOFT!  It’s like a new surprise every time I check my “Ready to Install” list on the Xbox and discover that, oh yeah, here’s another awesome game I bought digitally on 360 and now suddenly have access to.

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/02/09/wrestling-observer-flashback-01-27-92/

So it seems we finally have a main event for Wrestlemania.  Or do we?

Yes we do.


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