Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.01.93

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I was listening to the Lapsed Fan podcast today, and they were reading excerpts from Brock Lesnar’s book “Deathclutch”.  Apparently Brock was mentored a lot by Curt Hennig, who gave him one piece of advice that stuck out to me the most:  “Get in to get out.”  Unfortunately Curt himself didn’t heed his own advice, and unfortunately no one ever gave that advice to the subject of this week’s issue, Kerry Von Erich. 

So after months of running jokes and sadly watching him lose everything and everyone he loved in the business, it’s time to say goodbye to Kerry as well. 

(As with the Andre issue, this is LENGTHY, so if you’re looking for the news, this isn’t the one for you.  I normally paraphrase them down a LOT more, but this was one of the finest pieces of writing that Dave’s ever done and I want to share as much of it as I can.) 

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–01.25.93

I know there’s some schadenfreude involved because I’m an embittered Canucks fan and all, but really I’m hoping for Senators v. Predators in the finals because my first preference is always for someone new to win the Cup.  Also, preferably not the Oilers.  Because screw them.

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/05/09/wrestling-observer-flashback-01-20-93/

Oh, WCW.  Things start crumbling down again this week.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–01.15.93

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/05/02/wrestling-observer-flashback-01-04-93/

Dave missed a week, so we’re back with a JAM PACKED issue full of stuff happening like crazy.

Oh, and to answer the question that no one asked but you were all thinking, I will indeed start reposting the RAW rants in sequence as a part of these, since I’m assuming there’s a lot of people who weren’t around when I began the redos of the entire show from episode one a few years back.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–01.04.93

Previously on the Flashback… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/04/28/wrestling-observer-flashback-12-28-92/

Oh hey guys, we made it through the turbulent waters of 1992 together!  I’ve got a good feeling about 1993.  Bill Watts seems to be getting a handle on running WCW, Vince McMahon appears to be free and clear from his legal troubles, and Kerry Von Erich is finding steady employment again in Texas.

Yup, the future looks bright for 1993.

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