Wrestling Observer Flashback–05.17.93

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and stopped on Saturday to remember all the things you love about Canada and Canadians in general.  Hope you’re also looking forward to celebrating the fourth of July and remember who your President is.

For those wondering, I’m doing this while multitasking with the New Japan US title tournament show in another window, so yes, I’m watching it mostly, but I’m not doing a rant. 

Previously on the Flashback, like six weeks ago… http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2017/06/27/wrestling-observer-flashback-05-10-93/

Oh, that wacky Onita!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–04.19.93

Wow, 16-1, huh?  Real original.  Maybe if they’d gone 16-0 I’d be impressed.

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OK, so last week Hulk Hogan won the World title at Wrestlemania 9.  Again. Dave thought that for short-term business, it might have been the best move.

And then the buyrate came in.

But first, more fallout from the Kerry Von Erich suicide…

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