Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.14.94

Happy Valentine’s Day for those of you in 1994 who were engaged in relationships at the time. Not me, I was busy skipping all my university classes and playing Doom in the computer labs with other wannabe programmers and reading RSPW during programming classes.  I don’t remember how to write in C++ or machine language anymore, but I could sure tell you how to use nn on a Unix box if you asked me. 

I feel like I’m off-topic already.  To the news!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–11.15.93

“Dude, with all the problems in the world – where, oh where are the Wrestling Observer Flashbacks. Earlier this year we were on pace to hit the colossally repugnant 1995. I was waiting with baited breath. Now, my days are left unfulfilled. Help a brother out.”

I see your point, especially since I’m getting sick of hearing from groups of people on Facebook who support or don’t support kneeling or flags or what the fuck ever they’re fighting about and just won’t shut the hell up about it already.

This guy gets it.  Now, back to the relative sanity of two people fighting with a pair of safety scissors in a hotel.

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