Ring of Honor 2016 – The Year in Review, Part One


Back when I was getting my degree, I remember one of my professors preaching on the importance of endings to stories. “Hemingway may or may not have been a shit writer, that’s in the eye of the beholder, but he always stuck the landing” was one of his more favored opinions; I took issue with the ‘may not’ part of that statement, because I always felt that Hemingway was one of the more overrated writers in American Lit. But I took his meaning, that his stories were memorable because he knew how to bring them home, regardless of the long and sometimes meandering way he got there.

It’s been an interesting year in the Honorable Ring (tm Matt Hardy); so let’s take a look at it all. This is part one of my year in review of ROH; part 2 will follow soon. It’s long, got lots of lists, and hopefully will be edifying to you all. It is a handy month by month reference guide to ROH in 2016 for anyone interested. I reviewed every episode of ROH TV this year outside of two very notable exceptions, and I’ll be talking about that when we get there. Hope you all need some reading material for work today. Here we go!

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