The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–04.28.97

The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW – 04.28.97

Although last week’s show was bookended with one of the greatest angles in the history of the show, THIS week is almost as great in a lot of ways, too.

Also, they should sell retro reproductions of Vince’s black demin “RAW is WAR” jackets on WWE Shop, because I’d buy the shit out of that.

Last week: Steve Austin engaged in a show-long war with Bret Hart, attacking him from the driver’s seat of the ambulance, leading up to the return of Brian Pillman to even the score for the Hart Foundation!

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–09.27.93

The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW – September 27 1993

– JACK TUNNEY~! Announces that Shawn Michaels has failed to fulfill contractual stuff and missed dates and thus is STRIPPED of the Intercontinental title. For those keeping track, this was his first time dropping a title without dropping it in the ring. The “actual” reason was Shawn failing a drug test, but Shawn still denies that one, so who the hell knows what the real reason was. Either way, he’s gone for a while. So next week it’s a battle royale, and the last two face off for the title the week after that.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–04.14.97

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 04.14.97

The Observer newsletter back issues are apparently down at the moment due to server issues (and who hasn’t been THERE, am I right?) so I guess I’ll continue on with 1997 instead. God knows I had to do this one eventually.

Taped from a combination of last week’s arena (Muncie, I think it was), plus South Africa. It’s kind of a mess.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jim Cornette in the US and Jim Ross & Honky Tonk Man in Africa.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–04.07.97

The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW – 04.07.97

Yeah, might as well start mixing these in again because NXT just isn’t moving the chains for the blog, I’m afraid.

RATED TV-MA! Sexual content, mature language and violence, apparently, aka Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Taped from somewhere not mentioned. Muncie, IN, according to the Observer. No wonder.

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The SmarK Rant for Summerslam Spectacular ‘93

The SmarK Legacy Rant for Summerslam Spectacular 1993

– Taped from Poughkeepsie, NY, somewhere around August 16 1993. Probably that night.

– Your hosts are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon. Huh.

– I’m delighted that this show, hyped for three weeks on the 1993 RAWs, is in fact available under Mike Rotundo’s “Where are they now?” page. Gotta love the WWE’s video library.  (Not sure if it’s still there or not, but I’m pretty sure it’s not on the Network.) 

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