Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Another Network Special is behind us and again I think the good is outweighing the bad. They seem to have good action storylines going with the WWE title transitioning from Styles, who looked great in his efforts, to Seth Rollins and the history there. The 4-way fight for the I-C title has been good. But I’m most happy that Rusev is back in the mix. I’m unapologetically a huge Rusev mark because he somehow has managed to stay credible as a brute powerhouse while being absolutely hilarious and having some of the best comic timing of anyone on the roster. He survived the heat from the office that Lana put on him and was the only redeeming from the crappy League of Nations. I’m hopeful they will give him a good program to work with but two of the three better babyfaced on the roster (Cesaro and Sami Zayn) are muddled in the I-C situation. Before he got hurt, they were looking at a face turn for Bray Wyatt and maybe they should continue that route and put him with Rusev.

Anyway, I’m going to prepare for the NBA and NHL game and try to catch some of RAW. I wish you well in your Monday Night endeavors.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

It’s Monday it’s time for the usual Monday night stuff and a top program that’s becoming very interesting. Normally the product loses me around this time until Summerslam but the programs are good and I like the new talent that’s come in. And the fact that it looks like they are going to give another run to guys I really like (like Rusev) has me watching a little more.

Enjoy your Monday night festivities and KEEP IT CLEAN.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day and had a wonderful weekend. It’s another beautiful day here in Florida but it’s getting hotter.

Anyhoo, good PPV on last night. There was a great match with Zayn-Owens and three very good matches with the Main Event, Ambrose-Jericho and Miz-Cesaro. Really can’t complain too much with that sort of quality action but I know people will. I thought the Main event was fine. Yeah it was overbooked but there was some charm in the overbooking. A.J. and Roman put together nice spots, nice false finishes and told a good story. Both guys worked hard. I know it’s unpopular to say anything positive about Roman Reigns but I liked the match and thought it was a good effort for his first one-on-one title defense. The fact that they can squeeze a return match out of it says a lot about how the people are responding to Styles and what he’s done.

Anyway talk freely. Watch your TV spots but keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having as good a Monday as the law allows.

I finally sucked it up and watched Starrcade 1989. Truth be told I really enjoyed it. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. And for those who want star ratings on that sort of thing.

Steiners/Doom — **3/4. First in a line of solid matches between the two teams.

Luger/Sting — ** seemed rushed, don’t know why these two never had one really good match.

Warriors/Doom — * didn’t work as a power match like I thought it would because the Road Warriors aren’t the best at selling.

Flair/Muta — *1/2 It lasted like 90 seconds but they did a lot and I would have been sold on seeing a longer match between the two.

Steiners/Warriors — ***1/4 Damn good power match. Crowd sucked but the guys were beating the shit out of each other. Not sure why the Warriors couldn’t do that with Doom.

Sting/Muta — *** Not as good as they could do. Muta tried fairly hard for being treated like shit on this card.

Samoans/Doom — *** This was like Jim Ross’ wet dream. Four hosses just hossing the piss out of each other. The headbutt duel between Rikishi and Reed was great.

Luger/Flair — **** Heck of a match after the feeling out process. These two worked their formula well even with Luger playing the heel.

Samoans/Steiners — **1/2 I didn’t always like the SST/Steiners matches but both guys worked hard.

Luger/Muta — **1/2 Luger was selling an injury. They did the speed vs. power dynamic well.

Warriors/Samoans — DUD Both teams seemed pretty exhausted by now.

Sting/Flair — ****1/4 Possibly the second best match these two ever had behind Clash 1.

That’s all I got. Enjoy RAW or Gotham or Supergirl or whatever. Just keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a tremendous weekend and enjoyed something besides rebooking Starrcade 1989. One note on that….if you are using Tully Blanchard in your rebooks, stop it. He wasn’t there. You can rebook the card but you can’t bring in add-ons and ignore drug suspensions. We have to have rules people! Otherwise we can just make the main event Flair vs. Savage vs. Hogan triple threat exploding tables match!

BTW was there ever a Flair-Savage-Hogan triangle match? And if not WHY not?

Anyway RAW is on tonight and something will happen, maybe…we hope.

More importantly there’s a PBS documentary on Jackie Robinson that I’m looking forward to watching with my son.

Otherwise there’s other stuff on line some MLB baseball and new episodes of Dancing with the Stars and Supergirl and Gotham, etc. etc.

Enjoy and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well Wrestlemania 32 was….underwhelming? Given my current situation I only caught most of the first match and the end of the last match. I think we all, as bad as the card seemed, had some hopes that these guys would pull out all the stops to surpass expectations and they didn’t.

Maybe that’s on us for expecting too much out of this completely depleted roster. Not everything was bad I suppose (and I’m going off of reading reviews). For Zack Ryder last night was probably the best night he’s ever had in the business. It probably made all these recent years of trolling around on Main Event and Superstars worth it. And giving Baron Corbin an opportunity to start his main roster time with a win at Wrestlemania is a big deal. This is the thing, as disappointing as the event may have been to fans it still holds that magical aura to the workers. A lot of us were pissed when Rusev lost to Cena last year but he made his entrance in a fucking TANK! That was crazy. Even if the promotion forgets about it it’s something he’ll probably never forget. So I always try to look at Wrestlemania from my perspective as a demanding fan but also from the perspective of the guys there, many of whom grew up as fans and dreamed of just having a spot on the card be it main event or otherwise. That way even when I look at the bad Wrestlemanias (and this one will probably be up there with some of the most disappointing) there is some good that comes from them.

Anyway it’s the Raw after Wrestlemania so even if nothing happens the crowd is going to be ridiculous.