Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. I love the weekend, it’s a pretty big deal in my neighborhood and we have so many trick-or-treaters. I am the bitch that gives out apples BUT I also give them chocolate as a balance.

Candy corn is still the worst thing on earth but Starburst Fruit-Flavored Candy Corn is actually pretty good.

Anyway. Let’s do this!

RAW begins the final push for Roman Reigns (pull the trigger!)

MNF: Panthers-Colts

NBA: 7 Games; NHL: 3 games but L.A. vs. Chicago is a good one.

New Episodes: The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Gotham, Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, Minority Report, NCIS Los Angeles, Blindspot, Fargo

Keep it Clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone had a nice fall weekend with friends and/or family. Looks like some of you caught the PPV last night and it appeared to be the epitome of a “one-match” show, which shouldn’t be the case these days given the roster. I did like the one match the show was built around and Alberto Del Rio was a nice surprise I suppose, but the rest fell flat.

And that’s what the WWE is right now…it’s flat and it’s going to take time to get things rolling again. Luckily the alternatives of NXT and Lucha Underground (finally got El Rey on my network!) help me get my fix of good stuff.

With that on TV tonight.


Monday Night Football: Ravens-Cardinals

New Episodes Of: Dancing With the Stars, Gotham, Big Bang Theory, Fargo, The Voice, Supergirl (Series Premier), Jane the Virgin, Minority Report, NCIS: Los Angeles and Blindspot.

Three hockey games tonight.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Happy Monday, I hope all of you are doing well. It’s the beautiful weather season here in Florida — those few weeks before standard time comes when the sunsets are beautiful and it hits right about 80 with a nice, healthy breeze.

It’s also the go home week before…Hell in the Cell (I think??) and the final, official, last-time-ever match between Brock and ‘Taker. Anything less than a double-juice gorefest will be a disappointment right?

I’ve also been delving through the vault of the network and I tell you there is so much gold with the early episodes of Prime Time Wrestling. Beyond the Gorilla/Heenan fun times there are a lot good matches that found themselves on Coliseum videos later and some good interview segments. Lots of Ricky Steamboat, Hart Foundation and British Bulldogs for the workrate geeks in us all too. Episode #74 has the Steamboat-Bret Hart match that’s on Hart’s first DVD and also has the awesome bloody steel cage match between Adrian Adonis/Randy Savage vs. Bruno Sammartino/Tito Santana.

Episode 77 has Piper surprising Adonis at the Flower Shop while Episode 82 has the infamous Flower Shop/Piper’s Pit battle with Muraco, Adonis and Orton jumping Piper. Episode 83 has Piper destroying said Flower Shop with a baseball bat and a very good Jake Roberts interview that he also screws up in (you have to see it to understand). Also lots of good Hogan-Orndorff stuff.

Anyway that’s what I got for you. Here’s TV

HitC Go-Home RAW

MNF Eagles-Giants

Game 3 ALCS Royals at Blue Jays, if you are going please don’t dump a beer on a baby. That’s wrong.

New episodes of: Gotham, Dancing With the Stars, Big Bang Theory, The Voice, NCIS Los Angeles, Blindspot (not the trainwreck show I was expecting), Fargo, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin and Castle among others.


Monday Night Open Mic

Don’t want to distract you guys too much from your ranting and raving in the current thread but it’s time for the evening thread.

What’s on TV:

Currently the Blue Jays are polishing off a Game 4 win against the Rangers and the Cubs and Cardinals are battling with the Mets and Dodgers scheduled for this evening.

Steelers-Chargers on Monday Night Football

RAW is live…maybe the big blockbuster angle will happen tonight!

New Episodes: Dancing With the Stars, Big Bang Theory, NCIS Los Angeles, The Voice, Gotham, Castle, Minority Report, Fargo, etc. etc.

Keep it Clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O Doomers!

Hope everyone had a nice first weekend of October. Most places the weather is getting cooler and crappy Pumpkin-flavored items are taking over the coffee shops and bars for the next few weeks. I never understood the pumpkin craze. Not my thing.

Anyway TV tonight:


MNF: Lions at Seahawks

New Episodes: Gotham, Danching With the Stars, Big Bang Theory, The Voice, NCIS, etc. etc.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

What’s happening? What’s going on? Was there a PPV last night? Is there one this week? Will Cesaro win a televised match this fall?Ā Better Tiffani Thiessen…90210? or Saved By the Bell (you can include the crappy college years since her age is closer to that of her 90210 days)….

These questions and more on your Monday night thread. As for TV


MNF: Chefs vs. Cheeseheadz

Some “Hunt for October” baseball going on

Dancing With the Stars (elimination night)

New Episodes: Voice, Gotham, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Who’s Line is it Anyway (wow that’s still on??), etc. etc. etc.

Daily Show is Back with new host Trevor Noah

Enjoy your Monday. Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Damn for a good minute there my password didn’t work and I was worried I’d finally have to open and that would suck. First I get my Moderator privileges removed and then I get locked out of the site. It’s like Scott Keith pulled a Montreal on me or something :). Luckily I just forgot a letter. It happens.

Jokes aside it’s the start of the Fall TV season so there’s plenty to watch. The PPV last night was all right. The main event matches delivered but the stink of Kane has returned to our TV. Hopefully he gets the same treatment Big Show has been getting from the fans because Seth Rollins deserves better than this. Kane already took Daniel Bryan from us.

The other big news is Sting’s injury. People seem to be making a big deal that it’s “career-threatening” but any injury for a 56-year-old performer is career threatening. Hell a sprained ankle can be career threatening at 56. If it was his final match, and for the record I hope he has one more at Wrestlemania to truly end his career, this wasn’t a bad one to have. He looked like he was in terrific condition and it was a fun match.

Anyway. Tonight on TV

Monday Night Football: Colts-Jets
Season Premieres of Big Bang Theory, Gotham, The Voice, Ā NCIS, Castle,
New Pilots of Minority Report, Life In Pieces and Blindspot

Talk about it or anything else. But remember…Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Not a lot of time tonight because I’m heading to a baseball game with some people. Time to cast the final curse on the evil New York Yankees!

Anyway there’s RAW that no one’s watching and a Monday Night Football doubleheader that everyone will be watching so I wanted to get this thread in before that game started.


Monday Night Open Mic

Happy Labo(u)r Day Blog O’Doomers!

Sadly this all day rain ruined most of my holiday plans but as the precipitation slows down the smoker is ready for this mullet and snapper. Yummy smoked mullet.

Food aside, hope all had a great holiday. Talk about whatever you like as the WWE heads into its dog days with football on the horizon and the Royal Rumble so far away.

TV Tonight


CFB: Ohio State at Virginia Tech

U.S. Open Tennis

American Ninja Warrior Finals.

I think there is some baseball on but otherwise not much new TV for the holiday.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Blog O’ Doomers, what’s good?

Not a lot here. I’m excited for college football season to start since preseason NFL just drags on.

Trying to think of anything good going on but it’s just a typical end of August. So for the TV:

— RAW (What PPV are we heading into? What’s the storyline?)
— Serena Williams plays her U.S. Open first round match tonight on ESPN2
— Yankees-Red Sox is on ESPN like it’s a big deal this season or something
— “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” is on Encore tonight. Hello Robert Redford….
— American Ninja Warrior starts its Finals tonight
— PBS documentary is on human trafficking in Cambodia.

Keep it clean!


Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Today school is back in session and I’m officially the parent of a high school junior. Man where does the time go.

Anyway I know a lot of you caught all the wrestling that came with Summerslam weekend. I was on a dinner cruise Saturday and had planned on watching Brooklyn Takeover sometime Sunday afternoon when the house was quiet. But I made the mistake of reading Scott’s review and decided I needed to watch the show…at least the women’s match….ASAP. And it was as good as advertised. I love the story they told and everything just seemed to make sense. As good as the women’s matches have been in NXT and as good as the women’s programs have been this was one of those times when the expectations were even higher than normal and they delivered on all fronts.

As for the Summerslam card. I liked it for the most part. The ending to the Brock-Taker match was horrible but the match was fine. I really thought Brock should have went over to present a retirement match at Wrestlemania but either way I think that’s going to happen. My only problem is now you’ve got Brock occupied for another seven months with a guy that won’t appear again for months.

Cena-Rollins was good, you knew it would be. Cena just delivers in these spots. He’s really on the level of the Austins, HBKs, Flairs, Bret Harts, etc. when it comes to delivering in these big main-event matches. He’ll probably never be as beloved as those guys but when it comes to the quality of his PPV matches he’s certainly earned the right to be in the discussion with the greats.

I really loved the Shield-Wyatts brawl. It was wild, had a lot of great spots and heat segments to it. The crowd was too busy being smarky toward Reigns to appreciate it but I loved it. I’m glad neither Reigns nor Ambrose turned and it shouldn’t happen. Frankly I think this should go the other way and they should team more and go after The New Day. Right now neither guy has anything going and rather than program Ambrose with Sheamus and have Reigns go after Big Show for the millionth time why not keep them together and challenge the hot heel act for the tag titles. It would give New Day a more serious program and allow them to stay over as heels. It would elevate the tag titles by having two upper-card singles focusing on it but Ambrose and Reigns have teamed up enough over the past three years that it feels more like a Sting/Luger situation rather than two guys just holding the titles as decoration like when The Rock and the Undertaker held it together.

Plus I think the matches would be very good. I could see it working out for all parties.

That’s all for me. As for TV:


NFL Preseason: Bucs-Bengals on ESPN

MLB Diamondbacks-Cardinals on ESPN2

A ton of Little League World Series

American Ninja Warrior has a highlight show
There is an interesting PBS doc on a guy that decided to get off his couch to go to the Middle East, he found himself involved in the Libyan Civil War. Next time he’ll just go fishing.

Keep it clean!


Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog Of Doomers!

Talk about how much RAW stinks here! Or if you decide that the Summerslam go-home show is too much for you to handle tonight there are other things on TV:

— Giants at Cardinals is on ESPN and it’s the baseball teams not the football ones.
— American Ninja Warrior is on NBC
— 12 Angry Men is on Turner Classic Movies tonight. If you’ve never seen the original you should.

Anyway enjoy your evening and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope you have all had a great weekend and have attacked the new week with force. Not much to report other than some idiot trying to attack Roman Reigns at a house show over the weekend. I hope he was very drunk because I couldn’t imagine a sober person thinking that was a good idea. Regardless of what the people on this site think of him from a professional standpoint I wouldn’t pick him first on the list of guys I’d want to challenge to a fight. I’d lean towards Miz or one of the Hardys…the fat, drunk one because my guess is he’d get gassed after about 90 seconds.

Anyhoo I only watched few things on the Network this weekend. I tried to watch the “Wrestlemania Tales” with Okerlund, Piper and Orndorff and couldn’t do anything but focus on Orndorff’s handlebar mustache. It seemed to be a rambling mess anyway.

So I jumped to watch Disc 3 on the Piper DVD which is a collection of Piper’s Pits. The Pits leading into Wrestlemania III were just FIRE! I can only imagine Hogan, Andre, Heenan and Piper dreaming of rolling around in bags of money after the infamous Pit when Andre made the turn official. When he raisesĀ Hogan’s chin and said “look at me when I’m talking to you”….it was like I was a pre-teen again. I had to throw on Wrestlemania III and watch the whole thing.

And after that I mostly skipped through Episode 201 of RAW until the Sid-Bret cage match and aftermath, none of which I had seen before. What a way to go home to Wrestlemania. It was wild, chaotic and show have gotten the card a couple more thousand orders on curiosity alone.

Anyway that’s all for me on TV tonight

— Royals-Tigers on ESPN
— Chris Farley doc on SPIKE TV for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

Enjoy your evening and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Obviously there was more sad news with the untimely passing of Rowdy Roddy Piper and we’ve all have the opportunity to share our favorite moments of the guy and what he meant to the business. Outside of the ring he seemed to really enjoy life on his farm in Oregon with his wife and his kids and I hope those were the people he got to see in his final moments.

From a wrestling standpoint it’s been a tough summer. You lose guys like Piper and Dusty and not only does someone like me lose a piece of their childhood and the reason I became a wrestling fan but you also lose that mind. We’ll always have memories of Dusty and Piper but we no longer have their minds to pick. As long as Dusty was around you know there could have been another crazy idea that worked or another conversation with an NXT talent that helped that kid get to the next level. We’ll always have memories of Piper but we’ll never have that special moment again like when he cut the promo on John Cena to explain to him the importance of being the champion. That’s the part that makes me sad.

It’s been very very rainy here for past week and change so between placing a lot of sandbags around the house I’ve been going through some Network stuff and I wanted to share an opinion on a few things:

“Legendary Stories of Dusty Rhodes”

Lawler hosts this sit down panel with J.J. Dillon, Michael Hayes, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson as they relay their favorite stories of Dusty. Sadly it takes about 20-25 minutes for the guys to warm up and that only leaves about 20 minutes of truly entertaining stuff. But for each of them it seemed very therapeutic. I don’t remember if there were any stories that were new information for me.

“Jericho Podcast with Stephanie McMahon”

I never watched this on original air and despite the heat she gets here I’ve always found Stephanie very fascinating as arguably the most powerful woman in the business (sorry Dixie). She’s a charming person — I think she’s very passionate and committed to the family business but she’s also much different than her on-air persona. I think she plays a role, she plays it well and I get the sense that she did grow up seeing how the Piper types played heel and how they made you wait and wait and wait for their comeuppance. She’s very much in that role. She gets hers every now and then but you have to wait for that payoff. And she spent her first two years on TV getting absolutely railed on the mic by Jericho and Rock every week so she’s taken the brunt of the jokes. Still it was a nice look at her different roles with the company and a better idea of the person off TV.

I also saw all the Kliq stuff with the best being “Kliq Behind the Curtain” and my favorite moment was them telling Owen stories and I guess he was working a match with Luger and they did the turnbuckle spot where Luger rams his head in the buckle 10 times…but Owen wanted to keep it going so he took it 50 times and apparently Luger broke down laughing after about 45 so Owen rammed himself in the buckle the last few times. That’s funny stuff right there.”

Anyway that’s all I got. Sorry for the length. Watch what you want on TV but keep it clean!