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There you go, no Wrestlemania match needed now.

NXT – January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Tensai
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

main story coming out of last week is the live NXT special on
February 27 which really is the closest thing to a pay per view that
NXT has ever had. There are no matches announced for it yet but I
can’t imagine Dallas keeps the title coming out of that show. The
question now is who challenges him on the special. Let’s get to it.

announcers intro the show. We’ve got a Championship Celebration for
Bo Dallas tonight.
Neville vs. Wesley Blake
is a cowboy. The fans are WAY into Neville here. They fight over a
wristlock to start until Neville spins around to escape. A headlock
takes Blake to the mat and it’s off to an armbar as they’re still in
first gear. Neville puts him down again with a springboard missile
dropkick followed by a loud chop in the corner. Fans: ONE MORE TIME!
Blake blocks it with a kick to the ribs and is immediately the most
hated man in the arena. Neville comes back with kicks to the gut and
head before the Red Arrow hits for the pin at 4:14.
C. Take a popular act and let
him fly around for a few minutes. It’s worked as a way to open the
show for years and it still works now. Blake was as generic of a
heel as you could ask for but there’s something nice about seeing a
70s gimmick like EVIL cowboy being dragged out of mothballs.
BFF’s brag about how awesome their lives are with Charlotte talking
about riding in limos in jets. She doesn’t care about Bayley either
because life is vicious and you have to drop the nobodies. Charlotte
is good as a heel, as if she could be anything else.
Woods vs. Alexander Rusev
tries to speed things up to start but Rusev shrugs off a dropkick and
hits Woods in the head with a forearm. He rains down some heavy
right hands before a double stomp gets two. Xavier fights back with
a kick to the ribs and a second dropkick followed by a Shining Wizard
for two. Rusev hits a jumping kick to the chest of all things and
the Accolade gets the submission at 2:40. Woods still does nothing
for me.
keeps the hold on but Sin Cara of all people makes the save.
Parker vs. Antonio Cesaro
throws him around to start as the fans just don’t care about Parker.
CJ tries to speed things up but dives back first onto Cesaro’s knees
and we hit the chinlock with a knee in the back. Parker fights back
with some knees to the chest in the corner and a high cross body for
two before loading up an airplane spin. Cesaro isn’t phased for some
reason and does his own Swing before the Neutralizer gets the pin at
D. People just do not care
about Parker and it’s time to pull the plug. He’s generic in the
ring and feels like he’s playing a character instead of being natural
at it whatsoever. Still though, Cesaro looks good and him shrugging
off the 1972 offense was a very nice touch. The match sucked though.
match Sami Zayn comes out on crutches and says that 2013 was the best
year of his career. However he’s been thinking about one match in
particular (fans: “MATCH OF THE YEAR!”) because it’s the one
blemish on his record. Sami wants a rematch but Cesaro walks up the
ramp and says no to his face.
is in the back and calls Full Sail awesome. He’s feeling saucy
tonight so maybe we should have a MizTV tonight. CJ Parker comes in
and wants to know why the people keep booing him. Miz says he can
see why and accuses Parker of disrespecting him. Parker says Miz is
leaving a toxic footprint by spewing all that toxic waste before
slapping Miz in the face. Hopefully this is the start of a turn for
vs. Summer Rae
and the BFF’s are seconds here and Renee Young is on commentary.
Feeling out process to start with Natalya taking over using some
technical stuff. She can’t get a backslide though but a snapmare
allows her to step on a seated Rae’s back, sending Summer face first
into the mat.
running seated dropkick gets two but Summer goes after the legs and
puts them in a modified Indian Deathlock, only to have Natalya
reverse it into a hold of her own. Summer is sent to the floor for a
second before Natalya brings her back in for some hard clotheslines
and forearms. Summer’s spinwheel kick is caught and the Sharpshooter
makes her tap at 2:54.
Cassady and Enzo Amore (still in a wheelchair but complete with
leopard print seat cover) say Enzo is making a full recovery with
Enzo saying he’ll fly. Aiden English comes in and brags about
beating Cassady over and over. Cassady points out the cheating so
English offers to sing. Enzo runs over Aiden’s foot.
for Bo’s celebration for being a record setting 224 day long title
reign. He broke the record nearly three months ago but why not have
a celebration now? Bo thanks us for such a great ovation and says
we’re here for an historic moment. He cherishes our cheers,
especially when we say LET’S GO BO. Tonight the NXT officials are
going to celebrate the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, and
that’s not Rollins or Langston.
with the best over the top grin ever, accepts the honor and thanks
some friends in the audience: his third cousin Charles, his sister’s
college roommate, and his fourth grade teacher. We get a banner
raised which looks like it’s computer generated. Bo celebrates his
here’s Adrian Neville to protest. He’s here to speak for everyone
when he says shut up. The fans say Bo is a wanker as Adrian says
he’s going to win the title.
laughs by saying Adrian got a title match before by beating someone
in 4:45. Dallas could easily beat Neville in less than 4:45. HHH
pops up on screen and says that Bo is going to get a chance to make
him a Bo-Liever. Right now, there’s going to be a match with a 4:45
time limit. If Bo can’t win, then Neville gets his rematch at the
live show on February 27.
Dallas vs. Adrian Neville
is in street clothes. Neville avoids a charge and points at the
clock before hiptossing Bo down and out to the floor. Bo pulls him
outside as well and we’re under four minutes. Adrian gets on the
apron but Dallas pulls the ring skirt to take Neville down. The
referee gets to nine and more time is burned off the clock. Dallas
pounds away with three minutes left and gets two off a suplex.
elbows rock Neville in the corner and a slam gets two with two
minutes to go. Dallas wastes a lot of time by driving some shoulders
into Neville, only to have Adrian come back with kicks to the thigh
and a forearm. A dropkick puts Dallas down with forty five seconds
on the clock. The Red Arrow is loaded up but Bo rolls outside.
Neville stands on the top rope and looks at the clock. Bo comes back
in with fifteen seconds left but gets backdropped to the floor as
time expires at 4:45.
D. This was an angle instead of
a match. I’m glad Bo didn’t lose, but at the same time I’m not wild
on having Neville get the title shot by just surviving a quick
beating and then running away for a minute and a half. The match
will be good when they get the time to actually wrestle.
comes back in post match and misses a charge, setting up a Red Arrow
to end the show.
C-. Not one of their
better efforts tonight but at least they’ve set up some interesting
stuff for the future. The good thing about NXT is that they can
change things up next week and not have to deal with these guys again
for another week. Hopefully they don’t spend the next month building
up to the live show like WWE does every few weeks.
Neville b. Wesley Blake – Red Arrow
Rusev b. Xavier Woods – Accolade
Cesaro b. CJ Parker – Neutralizer
b. Summer Rae – Sharpshooter
Neville vs. Bo Dallas went to a time limit draw

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Has it Been 30 Years?

In the words of Daniel Bryan…YES!

30 years ago tonight, Hulkamania truly ran wild.

Blog question


So Batista's big comeback draws a huge number. I (along with many others, apparently) found the show and return to be the same dull, uninspired bullshit like usual. 

So, knowing those two things, I'll ask simply: Is it over for us?

You should watch NXT.  It's awesome, except for when they're WWE-ing it up with crap like booking matches for a live show a month in advance via HHH video cut-in.  

RF Video Shoot Interview with Jake Roberts

This interview was filmed in 2000 and conducted by Rob Feinstein.
It runs for one hour and twenty-nine minutes.

Jake starts of by stating that he starts every day off miserable so that way, no one else gets to screw it up.

He is asked how close he was to the business growing up. At first, Jake thought it was a shoot. He said he was never close to his dad as he was wrestling on the road constantly.
When asked if he always wanted to get into the business, Jake said no because he hated it as it robbed him of his family as a kid. Rob brings up how in the documentary “Beyond the Mat,” Jake said that he got into wrestling to spite his father. Jake starts by stating that he was the first in his family to graduate high school and go to college. He then said that he wanted to be an architect, believe it or not. He then said all he basically wanted from his dad as a kid was a pat on the back.
Jake is asked if his dad helped him get into the business. He said he tried to help him out of the business and would run him down and insult him constantly. He wanted to prove him wrong though.
He said that his first territory was Mid-South, where he started out as a referee. He said it is a very important role that helps you learn as a wrestler. He then said that it takes three people to have a match and that a bad referee can really hurt the flow.
His first territory that he wrestled in was Florida Championship Wrestling under Eddie Graham. When asked who helped train him, Jake said that he stupidly used the “trial and error” method, which led him to bounce around and pick up from guys like Bob Sweetan, Hiro Matsuda, and Bob Roop.
Jake puts over Eddie Graham for having the greatest mind ever in the business. He then, like many others have stated, puts him over for being the greatest “finish” guy of all-time. Rob brings up how Jake once dressed up as Santa at a show on Christmas night and the crowd went nuts, yelling “fuck santa.” Jake said that he had to stay in the locker room a few hours after the show in order to be kept safe from the angry crowd waiting outside.
When asked about who he worked with in Florida, he makes a joke about some girls he worked, stating one of them could pull “chrome off of a bumper.” Jake then says that whenever he walked into the show, he would soak it up and all of the guys were great as they knew what they were doing.
Jake loved working with Barry Windham, stating they were both really young and thin and would go out and work fast-paced matches. He wishes that he spent more time with Dusty to pick his brain.
He then talks about helping train Magnum TA. This leads Jake to say that Magnum and Brian Blair were the easiest guys to pull ribs on, stating that Jimmy Garvin and himself would pull some horrendous ribs of them. He then said that if you pull a rib on Magnum, you better be ready to go because he is a serious guy who was extremely strong.
When talking about the travel in Florida, Jake said it was rough, usually 500-600 miles a day.
After Florida, Jake went to World Class Championship Wrestling, which he said was a mistake. Jake said that he was a loner and not into cliques so he did not fit in at all. Jake also said the pay wasn’t much either.
Jake said that Fritz Von Erich was a really rough guy. He would see him with his kids and said that the problems were due to his dad. Jake said that the kids were pushed into something they did not want to do, especially Mike Von Erich who never wanted to be a wrestler. Jake said that Mike had no business out there and Kerry was just a “dumb kid” and needed to be loved like a child by his dad. He recalls that when Kevin was playing football, they would helicopter him to the Sportatrium to get to the show. Jake said that when Kevin had knee problems due to football, Fritz would yell at him about needing to be tough and reminding him that he was a Von Erich.
When asked about his memories of Gino Hernandez, Jake said that they did a lot of cocaine together. Jake is asked about his death and Tully Blanchard’s comment about Gino being murdered by gamblers and drug dealers, Jake thinks that might have been the case.
Jake left World Class and went back to the Mid-Atlantic region. Jake loved it there. He worked with the Anderson’s and the Road Warriors. One day, the Brisco Brothers asked Jake if he wanted to book. He said he always wanted to do that. They suggested to Jake that he go down to Atlanta, which was on national television.
Jake recalls working in Atlanta and he was wrestling Jerry Brisco. During the match, Jake was asked if he still wanted to book and he said yes so they told him to use a DDT and he and won the match. After that, Jake was told the job was his and to never take no for an answer. At the time, there was a power struggle between the Brisco’s and the Anderson’s and he got the job because he was the happy medium between everyone else who was feuding.
He said that he came up with the original “Legion of Doom,” that featured the Road Warriors, The Spoiler, and himself. Ronnie Garvin’s “Hands of Stone” gimmick was his idea too. Jake got the idea during a time when he was on the receiving end of Ronnie’s comeback and his knuckles felt like concrete. He has a lot of respect for Garvin as a man and a worker. He also turned King Kong Bundy babyface.
Jake did not care for Buzz Sawyer, calling him a cheap-shot artist. He said that he has a problem with people who take advantage of others in the ring. He then said that he chose to be rough on kids who couldn’t take care of themselves. Jake said that if you want to be a tough guy, be one all the time and not just pick and choose when to act like that. When asked about the toughest guy in wrestling, he said it was easier Andre the Giant or Haku.
After Georgia, he went back to Mid-South. He said that 80-90% of wrestlers today would be completely lost trying to carry a feud for a few months and wrestling a different match weekly, stating everyone else wrestles the same match today. He then says how many guys now are just mechanics, in that they could do the moves but they don’t have any meaning behind them.
When asked about the business ever returning to what it once was, Jake said that it might go back that way if new promotions go back to promoting actual wrestling.
Next, he is asked about Bill Watts. He calls him a bully and obnoxious. He then brings up when Muhammed Ali was at the Superdome in Louisiana. Jake was told to fly across the ring when selling his punches but after 3-4 of them, Jake was begging Ali to hit him again. He said that John Nord took a punch and sold it how Watts wanted them too but he didn’t and Watts was pissed .Jake told him that he was going to be here next week, not Ali.
Jake said that Watts was a thief in all aspects, claiming he would steal from your mind, pockets, and family. He tells Rob to even ask his children. Jake also claims that he can recall instances of Watts even sexually harassing people. Jake also said that Watts would always fine people and that money always went into his back pocket. He said that he would piss on his grave. He mentions that his own children will be in line behind him for that. Jake then mocks Watts for having his company go under, despite thinking he was great.
He is asked about a few more guys. Jake thinks Terry Taylor is okay and talented but that he was a brown-nose, which is what he said is led to him getting the Red Rooster gimmick in the WWF. Jake said it was a rib on Taylor. Jake said that Dusty was trying to get rid of Taylor in Charlotte for his ass-kissing and did so by telling Watts that he had someone who could help him run his company. He loved working with Jim Duggan and calls him a friend. He liked the angle with Dick Slater and Dark Journey, making mention that Watts sexually harassed Dark Journey. Jake talks about a problem he had with Dick Slater over a woman. Jake said he fell in love with a girl while in Charlotte and he was about to ask for her hand in marriage then found out the girl was the ex-wife of Slater. Jake didn’t understand why Slater was pissed about someone going out with his ex-wife, noting that they split-up and went their separate ways. He then said that Slater became a lot stranger after his car accident. Jake said that Ric Flair was repetitious in the ring and did whatever he wanted to do.
When asked how he came up with the DDT, Jake said that he was wrestling against the Grappler in New Orleans. He worked a front facelock for a long time and he got backed into the corner. At that time, Jake’s finisher was a kneelift. So, they kept working the hold for a while and Jake tripped over him and fell. He was originally embarrassed because he fell and tripped but looked down and saw that his opponent was out cold. Jake then claims that no one knows how to correctly perform the move today as they haven’t learned the mechanics of how to make it snap and everyone else jumps to perform the move. He knew the move would get over as he never would let anyone else get up from that.
Now, Jake is asked about how he came up with his interview style. He said that his thought was when he was a kid and heard yelling, he wouldn’t listen but would if someone whispered. He recalls his favorite interview was when he started just moving his lips and said that he made people at home feel foolish because they would get up and turn the volume, even thinking that it was broken. He said he liked having that control over the audience. About his material, Jake jokes that a wise man once told him to get his material from people who are successful and would take stuff from Ozzy Osborne and the Rolling Stones along with other bands and singers he listened to and his thinking for this was that the crowd would agree with him subconsciously because they had heard it before. In regards to today’s interviews, he said that they are not getting their points across and just yelling on top of each other. He said that this ties into the fact that no one knows how to work the crowd, mentioning that the companies today do not expect that from their talent.
Jake always thought the UWF wouldn’t work, citing Bill Watts as the reason. He said that Watts wouldn’t pay anyone and that he mind was not wide enough to compete on a national level.
He speaks negatively about Watts again, stating that he would always over-work the boys and would hold the fact that he could fire you at any time over his head.
Next is how Jake wound up in the WWF. He said it was thanks to Terry Taylor. Jake said that he asked where he fit in the company, stating that he was the hottest act on the card, citing his matches drew the most money and crowd response. He said one night, he went to Watts but Taylor stepped in and told Bill that this was something a GM takes care off. Taylor took Roberts into the locker room, where Jake asked him where he fit in the company? Terry told him that he was the number #5 babyface, which Jake laughed at, as Jim Duggan, Steve Williams, Ted DiBiase, and Terry Taylor were ahead of him. At that point, Jake gave noticed and Taylor went to Watts. The next morning, Jake called Vince, who was aaway for a few days. Jake said he was shitting his pants as he quit his job and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get something better. Vince called back twenty minutes later and told him to fly up and meet him ASAP.
Jake said that he was initially blown away by Vince. He said the first time he went to his office, he looked around and saw books about psychology all over the place. Jake said that Vince is the best, putting him over for working around the clock and staying sharp and intelligent.
When discussing Hulk Hogan, Jake said that he had to be alone, because everyone else was gunning for his spot. He said that they only wrestled twice because when he gave Hogan the DDT, the crowd started chanting for the move instead of Hogan.
He said that he came up with the idea for the snake by himself. Jake said that he originally tried to do it in Mid-South but Watts shot it down and said that it was wrestling, not a carnival. Jake sarcastically said that it was a good call by Watts.
He said a lot of guys were petrified of the snake. Kamala was particularly afraid and said that one night, he was putting his face paint on and Jake dangled the snake over the ledge and Kamala saw it in the mirror and freaked out, knocking stuff around in the process. Jake then said that the snake loved to bite and he received 24 stitches in his hand. He also said that snake shit smells much worse than any other type of shit.
He loved working with Ricky Steamboat, calling him a great worker and an even better person. Jake said that if he ever told Steamboat how much he looked up to him, he would probably be embarrassed. He said his matches with King Kong Bundy were pure misery because he didn’t like to move around in the ring. He said he loves Hercules but he can be really stiff in the ring. He said he was lucky that he only worked a few matches with JYD, as he is really hard to work with. He did say he had a few okay matches against JYD while wrestling in Stampede, which leads to Jake discussing that for a minute. He tells a funny story when he hurt his knee and sat on a couch when Stu Hart came in and told him that there were several ways to make someone pass out from a sleeper hold. Jake does a pretty funny Stu impression by the way. Anyway, Jake said that if he could get up he would prove him wrong but Bret walked in and Stu put him in 3-4 holds, with blood pouring from his ears and eyes. Jake put over Stu for sharing the wealth.
Jake is asked about the drug scene in the 80’s WWF locker room. Jake said it was a large scene and says with their insane travel schedule, your body would break down and to keep going, you would dabble around with things just to keep up with the schedule. He said that it was mostly that and not recreational. Jake said that he took steroids by his own choice and that he was never pressured. He did it after neck surgery, when told he might never wrestle again, and came back three months later.
He enjoyed working with Randy Savage. He does call him insecure. Jake recalls during their match on “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” Dick Ebersol told them both that this was the first time Hogan wasn’t going to open things up and they were getting thirty minutes and if they failed to sustain a good rating, they would be back in Poughkeepsie doing local television. Jake said he liked Ebersol and recalls the first time he met him, someone gave him a script which Jake said was horseshit and waded up the paper and told someone that he was going to stick it up their ass. He cooled off by going outside and smoked a joint while Jesse Ventura was outside with him (Jake is pretty funny in hinting that Jesse smoked with him) and Jesse told him that it was Dick Ebersol. He went up to Dick, who asked him what to do and Jake suggested that he shower with the snake. Jake then said that he was the only wrestler to be invited to his 40th birthday party, where the yacht broke down.
When asked about working babyface, Jake said that he didn’t mind it at all. He said that if you keep following through on what you say, that you will eventually turn babyface as it is easier to fear someone while you are on their side. He said that he worked the same style as both. Jake then says that you kill a character when he is the same exact way as a face than he was as a heel, citing Lex Luger as an example. Jake said that he himself was a prick as a heel but it worked as a face because he was an honest prick.
Jake said there was and still is a lot of politicking in the locker room. He said that was his weakness as he is terrible at politics. This leads Jake to speak about how people in charge encourage politicking in order to keep criticism off of themselves.
He liked working with the Honky Tonk Man then makes fun of his small hands. He liked the angle with Rick Rude that involved his wife. He calls Ted DiBiase a great mechanic in the ring. Jake said that the stuff with the Undertaker involving the cemetery and his hand being slammed in his casket was all his own idea. The story started to get popular but ended when the Ultimate Warrior got fired, which led Jake to talk about how Vince always told him that he had the worst luck. Jake said he was going to get a big run out of that.
He said his blindfold match with Rick Martel was the easiest match he has ever worked. Jake said Martel was scared to death out there. He said that he told Martel before the match in the locker room that he would have made the most money doing the least amount of work. Jake said they didn’t even break a sweat during the match.
Jake left the WWF after his match with the Undertaker after he was promised a position to help book, which had always been his dream. When Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin got fired and he wasn’t given the job, he felt lied to and decided to leave.
He wound up in WCW after the WWF, which was easy for him because he lived in Atlanta. He then said that Watts tore up the contract in his face before he signed it, pointing out the fact that Watts knew he left the WWF, but said that he was thankful it didn’t last as he would have been miserable. He did wish that he could have worked a program with Sting. When asked if he ever would go back to WCW, he didn’t think so and would only go back to a major company if he could help book too.
After WCW, he went to Smoky Mountain. He said it was short-lived but fun. Jake said there was an issue over payment so he left.
He is now asked about DDP, who Jake likes a lot. Jake puts over DDP for working hard all the time. He said that he helped DDP because guys like Ric Flair treated DDP like his father treated himself when he first started in the business. Jake adds that he likes Flair about as much as his dad.
Jake jokes that he wound up wrestling in Mexico for AAA because he is a “whore.” Jake said they pay and he wins. He said he had to sit in the arena for five hours after a show because the fans wanted to kill him. Rob references the shoot that he filmed with Konnan an month prior when he mentioned that Jake was “full of surprises,” which had Jake joke that he still is to this day.
Jake said he came back to the WWF for the Royal Rumble due to money and was shocked at the fan response.
He hated his feud with Jerry Lawler, stating that they went to a place they didn’t need to go. Jake talks about his addiction back then and said he was taunted and chastised and his own weakness that led him to go back. He said that he hadn’t used today but wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He then adds he would be thankful if he didn’t use. He says that god is there for addicts and talks how hard it is to get clean. He then said that he doesn’t even know if he wants to be completely clean, which leads to him talking about how his substance abuse issues have been overblown. He said he had some Scnhapps yesterday and did some cocaine last week but never endangered someone else’s life or tried to rape someone but because he was the first wrestler to openly discuss his problems. He then offers a warning to those by saying if you do not want to become addicted, don’t use because there is a good chance that you will like the effects.
Jake is asked about “Beyond the Mat” and if he still uses crack-cocaine. He said he does from time-to-time. Jake says that the movie was a rip-off and that Barry Blaustein lied. He then said that he was the only one who told the truth in the documentary because it made him look like he was the only person in the business who had a substance abuse problem. Jake then says that originally, the deal for the documentary had multiple wresters involved but he was conned into believing it would be able to help show kids the difference between right and wrong then says he feels sick over what that “asshole” Blaustein did to him. He doesn’t believe that the film will hinder his chances to get back in a major wrestling company because he had talent.
He talks about the Kliq for a minute. Jake said Shawn was an alright guy at first but once he won the belt, he became impossible to deal with. Jake said the “Shawn has left the building” idea was his. Jake said he helped Shawn start and is glad that he had success though. He is not surprised by his success because he was hungry and a tremendous athlete and once he got the break, there was no stopping him.
When asked about King of the Ring 1996 and Steve Austin saying that Jake gave him his first break, Jake said that he liked Austin a lot and thought he wasn’t getting a fair deal at the time. He said he worked hard and was honest so he pushed for him hard behind the scenes.
Other behind the scene duties in the WWF included booking, developing talent, and storylines. He said he was not a road agent and joked that smoking crack was not part of his job either.
Jake said he fell off the wagon once he was sent on the road. He said it is not a good place for him. He then said he might have been able to stay sober if he stayed in the office.
Jake then said he wants people to remember him as an “honest prick.” He then thinks that talent will always allow you to have a chance to go somewhere, even if you have burned bridges in the past.

He talks about Watts for the last time, stating that he can not judge the man and that all he is doing his providing examples of his behaviors.

He would like to work with Raven in ECW. He also wants to work with Paul Heyman.
When asked what he would say to the young guys in the business, Jake said they have to learn the art. He then said that they do not know how to work and they do not care either.
Jake said that he has no clue where he will be in ten years but hopes to be working for a wrestling company that he just started. He hopes that the business will be in better shape in ten years. Jake plugs his site,, and how he gives really candid recaps on Nitro and RAW.
He then goes off on Barry Blaustein when asked about his relationship with his daughter. Jake said that the portrayal of them in the film was a “crock of shit” and used by Blaustein to make a profit.
Jake closes by stating that he didn’t need a title to make a name for himself and when asked about what he wants to say to his fans, he jokes “to blow me is to know me.”
Final Thoughts: Jake certainly said a lot here. There was never a dull moment. Overall, this was an excellent shoot. Although he admitted he was still using, Jake was cohehrent during the interview. He seemed really relaxed unless he was talking about Bill Watts or Barry Blaustein. Yes, there was some bitterness and the constant mentions of no one being able to work today got old, even if he did state that it was due to everyone just trying to be athletic instead of working the crowd, but he was generally pleasant throughout.

One major thing I took away was how great of a mind he had for the business. The ideas and stories he came up were usually brilliant. He added a lot of little details that helped them seem more special and memorable too. It was interesting to hear how Jake got involved in the business that he hated as a child because of the negative impact it left on his family.
The other major thing I took away from this is how it seemed that all he wanted to do by entering the business was to get praised by his dad, who seemingly didn’t give a fuck. Jake ended up becoming a bigger than him but it still appears that he still hasn’t gave Jake that pat on the back that he has wanted. After watching the interview its clear that this still bothers him deeply and likely plays a big part of his substance abuse issues.
I do recommend this interview a lot, actually. The length is perfect too. Seeing that it took place fourteen years ago, I think that a follow-up shoot would be great to see. RF Video did conduct an “On the Road”  with Jake from either 2005 or 2006 that followed him from the airport to an indy show, with Jake being asked questions in the car ride to the show and at an IHOP. If he agrees, Jake would be a fantastic subject for a “Breaking Kayfabe” release. He would also be great for a “Timeline” too (either 1990 or 1991 WWF).

BoD Daily Update

Hulk Hogan Appearing at WrestleMania

According to Dave Meltzer, Hogan will be making an appearance at WrestleMania. He also states that the call has been made to not have him do anything physical so he will not be wrestling at the show. Meltzer also speculates that Hogan will make his return to WWE television on the 2/24 edition of RAW, which is the day the WWE network launches.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Original Plans for the American Wolves TNA Debut

The original plans for their debut was to win the Tag Team Titles. However, Dave Lagana nixed that idea, stating that TNA had built up the Bro Mans up to the point that they got over. Now, the plans for the Wolves are to feud with Bad Influence.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Article About the Origin of the Royal Rumble Match

Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards Announced

Here are some of the winners:

Wrestler of the year: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Most Outstanding Wrestler: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Feud of the Year: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada
Tag Team of the Year: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
Most Improved: Roman Reigns
Best Techincal Wrestler: Daniel Bryan
Brawler of the Year: Katsuyori Shibata
Most Overrated: Randy Orton
Most Underrated: Antonio Cesaro
Best Weekly TV Show: WWE NXT
Match of the Year: Tanahashi vs. Okada Tokyo Dome 4/7/13

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Hip Hop Plug. Word.

Hi there Scott. I want to ask if you would be able to plug my hip hop blog on your site.

Dedication, showing love to hip hop music and its culture, almost 30 years and counting!!!!! The best hip hop blog online!!!!! (I also consider this to be my first stepping stone to achieving my ultimate goal/dream, which is entering the music business in a behind the scenes capacity!)

A+ Match of the Day

It’s a little early in the morning, but I have a lot to do today.

The 2013 Royal Rumble links are at the bottom, for whatever reason I’m having an issue embedding Dailymotion videos to the blog and if you want to see last year’s Rumble you’ll click, if you don’t, you don’t have to. Scott gave it ***1/4 stars and seemed fairly underwhelmed by the whole thing. I’m closer to ***1/2 for what’s it’s worth but the sucker died when Jericho got eliminated because what little drama was left went with him.

(2013 Rumble Part 1)
(2013 Rumble Part 2)

After the jump are some personal thoughts on the Rumble, why it still works and where it fails.

The fact is the Royal Rumble is still a hard match to mess up because it should move at a pace to hide the weaknesses of most of the roster. Now when someone decides ‘hey let’s give the Miz a 45-minute run’ (2012) when he has maybe six minutes of offense including the stomps and punches (I’m being generous), it’s not going to turn out well for the overall work flow of the match. When they decide to give Ziggler, who is more diverse as a worker and seller, and Jericho, who is an excellent worker that understands timing and pace, 45 minute runs the match will be kept together a little better because those guys understand that they have to work those 45 minutes by doing one of three things: trying to eliminate someone, fighting off elimination or working a mini one-on-one match with another worker.

Those problem with today’s Rumble isn’t the booking of the lack of Pat Patterson, it’s the fact that workers simply don’t know how to work Battle Royales. The great Rumbles of 1989, 1990 and 1992 featured guys that knew how to work Battle Royales. All these guys came from the territory system and battle royales were a big part of working a house. Like if guys were working in Florida and it was time to do a big house in Tampa or at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg there was a better than 50/50 chance they were going to do a match and then at the end of the night the available roster was going to do a (insert amount of fake money to the winner) 20-man Battle Royale as the go home match. The crowds loved them.

It also really highlighted what made Andre a special worker. Every territory Andre hit in the states he was going to work a Battle Royal. That was part of his attraction. So he knew that even at 500+ pounds he had to sell offense and sell the idea of being eliminated. Watch an old Battle Royal with Andre as a face and usually, early in the match, the whole ring will try to gang up on him to the horror of the crowd. As a heel in the two Rumbles he was in, several wrestlers tried to gang up on him and eliminate him. He was always on the defensive and he was such a good worker he could make sense of a 500-pound man fighting defensively.

It’s no surprise the best individual performances came from guys who could work the long stretches. Flair in 1992 was great because he didn’t rest at all. He worked with all 28 guys that came in the ring with him. He interacted with each of them for at least a short segment. Backlund in 1993 was the same way. Shawn in 1995 was great at selling the threat of elimination. Benoit in 2004 and really 2005 as well was a worker. He was always doing something…like I said, either fighting off elimination, aggressively trying to eliminate someone or working a match.

Kane in 2001 is probably the most impressive for the simple reason that, at the time, he was booked to rarely leave his feet. So for his 53 minutes in that match he was really working and moving all the time because he couldn’t stay on the mat for long. CM Punk, with his extensive training and ability to diversify his offense and defense, should have no problems for the 50-or-so minutes he’ll be in the ring Sunday. I expect he’s very excited to have the opportunity to put his name up there with the great Rumble performances of all time.

My personal favorite remains the 1990 Rumble. I loved the roster and the cool little matchups that year. Seeing Dusty vs. Andre in a segment was great. The Snake, Piper, Savage, DiBiase foursome early in the match was so much fun. The ring ganging up to eliminate Earthquake. The Warrior-Hogan showdown. I loved 1992, but it was focused on one person (deservedly so) whereas 1990 gave me a lot of different little stories to keep me entertained. The Rumble, a well booked one, should be able to encompass a lot of stories into the 60 minute match. 1990 Rumble basically set up Wrestlemania VI from Snake-DiBiase; Demolition eliminating Andre to set up the tag match; Piper and Bad News Brown brawling and of course Hogan-Warrior.

The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 1 – Featuring Adam Cole

Hi Scott – wanted to pass along the excellent first episode of The Kevin Kelly Show!

In the first episode of The Kevin Kelly Show, the Voice of Ring of Honor talks the upcoming Pittsburgh ROH show. Daniel Bryan and the Royal Rumble, the Yankees signing Masahiro Tanaka, Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE and more. Kevin then speaks with ROH World Champion Adam Cole and takes your #AsKKevin Twitter questions plus much more!

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–01.22.14

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 01.22.14 Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Tensai PLUGS! As a reminder, I have new Kindle books out covering all the Royal Rumble rants and also all the RAW rants for 2013. And they, don’t forget to stop by WhatCulture for my list of 5 Returns That Rocked and 5 That Fizzled. Adrian Neville v. Wesley Blake Blake is doing a Stan Hansen thing, but with douchebag tats. Neville takes him down with a headlock and works the arm, then goes up with a missile dropkick for two. He throws a chop in the corner, but Blake fires back to the dismay of the crowd. Neville puts him down with forearms, however, and finishes with the Red Arrow at 4:00. Nice squash for Adrian. *1/2 Meanwhile, the BFFs are, like, totally sick of Bayley and her kittens and stuff. Charlotte’s not so great with the promos as of yet. Xavier Woods v. Alexander Rusev Xavier has now brought the Funkasaurus entrance with him to NXT, so that’s some nice continuity there. Rusev has a new look with shorter hair and plain black MMA trunks, so they’re getting him ready to come up pretty quick. Woods evades him and gets a dropkick, but Rusev clubs him down and then pounds the shit out of him on the mat. High kick gets two. Woods fights back with another dropkick and the running knee for two, but Rusev just gets even more annoyed and finishes him with the Accolade at 2:41. Lana would like more punishment, but Sin Cara makes the save, wearing a tattoo-obscuring armband. What an incredibly random pairing that is. Another total destruction for Rusev. * When they break Reigns away from the Shield they could probably replace him with Rusev. CJ Parker v. Antonio Cesaro This crowd wants BLOOD. It should be glorious to watch. CJ takes Cesaro down and tries a senton, but hits knee. Cesaro pounds the back with kicks and backdrops him, but Parker comes back and slugs away. Sidekick and running knees in the corner allow CJ to go up with a flying bodypress for two. The crowd is not loving this comeback. He follows with an airplane spin, which the crowd gives a hearty boo, and then Cesaro counters with the GIANT SWING and finishes with the Neutralizer at 3:30. It’s becoming a running gag that the crowd hates Parker so much and they refuse to turn him. Fun little match, though. ** This brings out Sami Zayn on crutches, asking for a rematch. Cesaro, however, does not wish one. Well then. Meanwhile, the Miz shows up for some reason, but CJ Parker interrupts and he’s MYSTIFIED as to why fans are booing him every week. Tensions are raised. Natalya v. Summer Rae They trade takedowns, but Summer gets a spinkick for two. Into a leglock, but Natalya reverses until Summer makes the ropes. Summer goes to work on the leg again, but Natalya dumps her, and then drags her back in and finishes with the Sharpshooter at 3:35. * Meanwhile, Aiden English continues antagonizing Enzo & Colin, and gets his foot run over by a wheelchair as a result. Bo Dallas is here to celebrate his historic record for longest ever NXT title reign, and he humbly (humbly) accepts, even though he didn’t ask for it. The historic banner is raised, but Adrian Neville interrupts because he wants Bo to shut up already. So HHH interrupts via video wall and agrees to give Neville the title shot if he can last 4:45 with Bo. Beat the Clock: Adrian Neville v. Bo Dallas Neville misses a dive and splats on the floor, allowing Bo and his awesome pink shirt to take over in the ring. Suplex gets two. Bo pounds away in the corner and works him over with elbows, but Neville makes the comeback, and Bo runs away, then realizes that Neville just has to run out the clock. And then it’s too late, as Neville evades him and therefore doesn’t lose. Kind of an ass-backwards way for a babyface to earn a title shot. The Pulse Not a fan of the main event program, but the rest was the usual breezy and fun show. And congrats to NXT for winning Best TV Show in the Observer Awards!

Nepotism/Saving Bryan

        2 questions:
1) If the Wrestlemania "main event" is Batista challenging Randy Orton, doesn't this open a whole can of nepotism worms in the locker room.  Obviously Triple H married the boss's daughter and inherited the company, but having Triple H's chosen two (dating back to 2003!) main event Wrestlemania XXX… I just see this getting a huge backlash both on the internet and in the locker room AND in the crowds.  Lesnar has been back two years, and Taker is Taker.  Batista literally walked in and gets the Rumble win, Mania main event?  Do you see the crowd turning on this ala Bryan/Sheamus at WM 28?

 2) Is there any chance of the following scenario happening?   Bryan pulls a Bret Hart (94) and gets "injured" in his match with Bray at the Rumble, maybe a postmatch beatdown and then limps down as a late entrant (24-27) and wins.  Batista can get eliminated by Punk and Triple H can recruit him as his avatar in that feud, possibly saving the Triple H match for Summerslam.  Heel Batista has more potential feuds than face Batista anyway. 

Batista is winning the Rumble and winning the title, guys.  Much like sex with Kobe Bryant, you can kick and scream all you want, but it's gonna happen.

RR # for Bryan Chants?

Dear Scott,

Favorite blog topic again:  Assuming Daniel Bryan isn't kidnapped again (or in some way clearly incapacitated for the Rumble) by the Wyatts during his singles match, at what number in the Rumble will the crowd begin loudly chanting for Bryan to be the next entrant?  My guess is 25.

I feel a Simpsons quote coming on…
" I've been scorched by Krusty before. I got a rapid heartbeat from his Krusty brand vitamins, my Krusty Kalculator didn't have a seven or an eight, and Krusty's autobiography was self-serving with many glaring omissions. But this time, he's gone too far!  WE WANT KRUSTY!  WE WANT KRUSTY!"
Krusty's not coming, guys.  HHH is Mr. Black and he's here to break your spirits.  

Monday Nitro – August 31, 1998

Nitro #152
August 31, 1998
Miami Arena, Miami, Florida
Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still getting ready for WarGames and even though Team WCW looked to
be in place last Monday, DDP suggested that Piper wasn’t officially a
part of the team this past week on Thunder. Other than that we get
to find out more about the Warrior’s Revolution, which is likely to
get very stupid in a hurry. Let’s get to it.

are Hogan and Bischoff to get us going. Bischoff thanks the fans for
their money tonight before talking about the pen being powerful.
Because of the pen, Eddie Guerrero has to wrestle tonight and
Ultimate Warrior won’t be in the ring. Hogan talks about how
WarGames will be proof of the NWO’s power and adds Stevie Ray to the
team along with himself and Bret. You have Giant on your side and
you pick Stevie Ray? The fans chant for Goldberg as Hogan moves on
to Warrior. He’ll get his revenge after eight years and then take
the title back from Goldberg.
Hogan doesn’t even want to wait for Warrior so get out here right
now. The lights go out and Warrior appears to some middle of the
road rock music before a song that sounds very similar to Warrior’s
WWF theme. Hogan says the fire represents the fear in Warrior’s eyes
because the NWO is at ringside. The lights go out again and the ring
fills up with smoke. They come back on and Warrior is gone, leaving
the NWO confused. We get the Warrior Symbol in the sky before going
to the opening sequence.
vs. Sting/Luger tonight.
get a video of Goldberg at the Florida Marlins’ stadium and hanging
out with Mark McGwire. For those of you unfamiliar, McGwire was
chasing the single season home run record in 1998 and was quite
possibly the biggest thing in America at that point.
vs. Jim Powers
chops away in the corner and shrugs off forearms from Powers.
Powerful shots to the chest have Jim in trouble and choking ensues.
Jim comes back with some right hands in the corner with the fans
trying to count along but Wrath keeps shoving him off to restart the
count. An atomic drop by Wrath seems to blow out Powers’ knee so
it’s the Meltdown for the pin.
D+. Wrath looked good out there
as he ran over Powers like he wasn’t even there. The Meltdown is a
good move for a guy that strong with the snap looking very
impressive. This was Powers’ last match in WCW and I don’t think
anyone missed him. Shame to go out with a knee injury like that if
it was legit.
Girls at the announcers’ desk.
and some Nitro Girls are at the Nitro Party grand prize winner in
Smiley vs. Scott Norton
immediately headbutts him into the corner. A series of chops set up
a powerslam for two as Norton pulls him up. He does the same off the
shoulder breaker before powerbombing Norman in half for the pin.
lights go out after the match and the Warrior is seen in the rafters.
carries Lodi’s bags into the arena due to losing a match on Thunder.
The servitude lasts until Fall Brawl. Saturn says he has to do this
because he lives by a code of honor as a former Army ranger.
the Wolfpack, again minus Sting, with something to say. Nash and
Konnan do their catchphrases before Luger, with a goatee, says Sting
is on his way to the arena for their tag match tonight. Nash says
that unlike the Black and White, they have no leader. He announces
the Wolfpack’s team for WarGames and to no surprise, it’s Sting,
Luger and Nash.
brings Nash to last week when DDP and Page got involved in Wolfpack
business. Page has until next week to make a decision and Piper will
be dealt with if he gets involved again. Nash also tells a story
about a warrior sitting under a tree and waking up to see himself
surrounded by wolves. The warrior tried to touch one of them and was
eaten. The moral: if you don’t run with the pack, you’re being
hunted. Not bad actually.
a break, JJ Dillon is in the ring and asks Arn Anderson to come out
for an off the record talk. Arn comes out to a WE WANT FLAIR chant
as JJ talks about having to disassociate himself with the Horsemen
when he joined the executive committee. However the other night he
was watching an old tape and wants us to look at it.
see an old promo of Arn Anderson talking about all the talent coming
into the Mid-Atlantic area. Lots of people have wanted to come here
and it’s been because of Gene and Ole Anderson. Well now the
greatest Anderson of all time is here. He’s looking for guys like
Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and Magnum TA because he does it better
than anyone else. That was probably from 1984.
live JJ talks about watching that promo many years ago and seeing
something in Anderson. Arn became the heart and soul of the
Horsemen. Over the years, JJ knew that WCW would be ok as long as
the Horsemen were alive. However he’s seen the NWO factions take
away a piece of the Horsemen at a time. Then he saw Chris Benoit and
Steve McMichael ask Arn to restart the team, only to be told they
don’t get it. Well JJ thinks Arn doesn’t get it and here are Mongo
and Benoit to back him up.
talk to Arn without microhones but Arn is shaking his head no. The
fans chant WE WANT FLAIR as Arn starts to levae. JJ stops him and
Arn is looking confused. JJ asks where Anderson is going and Arn
asks why they’re doing this to him. Dillon never thought he would
say this but he thinks Arn is afraid of all this. Anderson leaves to
end this awesome segment. There’s something special here but since
it’s WCW I’m just waiting for them to screw it up.
#2 begins.
announcers talk about what we just saw and Tony talks about Bischoff
holding the Horsemen down. This transitions into a discussion of
Eddie Guerrero asking to be released.
look at Guerrero saying he wanted out of his contract and throwing
coffee on himself. Bischoff is holding Eddie to his contract though.
Guerrero vs. Brian Adams
the match we get the Warrior signal again and Warrior is seen in the
rafters. Eddie lounges on the top rope before the bell and then lays
down on the mat. Adams won’t cover so Eddie gets on his knees and
asks Adams to hit him. Brian towers over him even when Eddie is on
his feet. Adams pulls back to hit him a few times but then throws
him into the corner for some right hands. Guerrero isn’t fighting
back at all. A hiptoss puts Eddie down and he lays there to be
pinned. Adams puts his foot on Eddie’s chest for the easy pin.
Storyline advancement.
match Eddie says Bischoff may have the power but he’s not going to be
able to sue Eddie like he has other people.
look at Ernest Miller turning heel on Thunder.
Cat vs. Riggs
takes him into the corner to start and grabs a headlock before
cranking on the arm. A dropkick, the only move Riggs is good at,
sends Cat to the floor followed by a plancha. Back in and Cat pokes
him in the eye and superkicks Riggs down. A big kick to the face
puts Riggs down again and Cat talks a lot of trash. Two straight
running spin kicks are enough to pin Riggs in a short match.
match Miller grabs the mic and says not to hate him because he’s
beautiful. He’s the best wrestler and a three time world karate
champion. No one can stop him, including all of the fans. Moving
Girls and it’s back to the Nitro Party.
vs. Marty Jannetty
takes him down to start and hits the rolling clothesline before
pulling on his pants a lot. The low dropkick sets up a rolling
armbar which isn’t broken even when Marty is in the ropes. Back up
and Jannetty superkicks Konnan to take over but doesn’t immediately
follow up. A jumping back elbow gets two and Marty stalls some more.

puts on a chinlock and Russian legsweeps Konnan down for no cover.
Jannetty stomps away and walks around a bit before putting on another
chinlock. After that eats up some time, a clothesline gets two on
Konnan. A neck snap across the top rope and a top rope cross body
get the same and Marty is mad. Back up and Konnan grabs a quick
X-Factor and the Tequila Sunrise is good for the submission out of
C. Better match than you would
have expected here, even though it needed to be about a minute
shorter. Marty could still put on a decent match when he had the
time and that’s what he got here. Konnan barely had any offense
until the ending which is a WCW tradition that I’m getting tired of.
the Flock. Lodi makes Saturn carry a sign (“I’m With Lodi”) and
they’re flanked by Kanyon and Raven. Before the match, Raven says
Saturn isn’t allowed to touch himself or Kanyon tonight before
telling Kanyon to break Saturn. Kanyon makes fun of Saturn’s
military background and dares Saturn to hit him but Saturn stands him
ground. Saturn doesn’t do it and is disgusted with himself.
vs. High Voltage
starts with Lodi and the sign guy is easily shoved down. Saturn
tells him to do something so Lodi bounces off of Rage. Now it’s
Saturn’s turn but he’s clotheslined down as well. He’ll have none of
that though and suplexes Rage down. Lodi immediately wants in but
sees Kaos, sending Lodi right back to the corner for the tag to
Saturn. Kaos gets kicked in the corner but a blind tag brings in
Rage for an overhead belly to belly suplex. Back to Kaos for a hard
clothesline but Saturn fights off both guys in lime green. The Death
Valley Driver puts Rage down and Lodi tags himself in and steals the
D+. This was angle advancement
and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not wild on Kanyon joining
the Flock but it’s nice to go somewhere in this story instead of just
doing the same stuff over and over again. Lodi is entertaining too
so having him on TV is another good thing.
DDP to open the third hour. He brags about Tom’s River, New Jersey
winning the Little League World Series as a team. They took
everyone’s talent and put them together into a team, just like Piper,
Warrior and himself will do at Fall Brawl. They’ll
take care of the NWO and Hollywood Scum Hogan in particular. Page
brings out Piper who goes on a rant about Bret being a rookie and
claiming to be Piper’s cousin.
says he has no family and rambles about Bret facing some guy named
John in Toronto. Bret followed him around like a little puppy for
years before becoming a Triple Crown Champion in the WWF. Hogan is
conning Bret for everything he’s got and Bret is just as scared as he
was before that match in Toronto. This brings out Giant but Page
pounds away on him. Giant knocks both WCW guys down and chokes Page
until security breaks it up. I still don’t get why Giant isn’t in
Scott Steiner with his doctor. Steiner
brags about his prowess with the ladies but is annoyed that JJ won’t
believe him about the injuries. Apparently Steiner’s doctor has
brought in another doctor named Juju Youbangee, which is Buff Bagwell
dressed like a Jamacian. Buff’s accent comes and goes before he
throws some powder on Scott. The fans think this is bull as Buff
declares Steiner healed. Scott says he loves the voodoo that he do
and promises to beat Rick up at Fall Brawl. Rick comes in from
behind and clears the ring. Warrior and his signal pop up again to
close the segment. This was so bizarre it was entertaining.
Title: Juventud Guerrera vs. Evan Karagias
is defending. Feeling out process to start with a shoulder block
sending Evan to the mat. The fans are paying attention to something
off camera as Evan gorilla presses Juvy throat first onto the top
rope. Juvy comes back with a springboard dropkick and some chops but
charges into a powerslam for two. Now the fans are looking at
something else as, Evan dropkicks him to the floor. Back
in and Evan hooks a chinlock as the fans get distracted for the third
sends him to the floor to escape and comes back in with a guillotine
legdrop but hurts his own back in the process. Evan
is up at two and avoids a charge in the corner to put Juvy down
again. Karagias goes after the knee as the fans chant Goldberg.
Heenan yells at Evan for letting go of a half crab, allowing Juvy to
put on a chinlock. The fans are AGAIN looking at something else and
chanting what sounds like “take it off!”.
slams Juvy down and goes up but gets crotched, allowing Juvy to hit a
top rope hurricanrana. Now it’s Juvy getting crotched as the fans
are booing something other than the match. Evan hits a top rope
hurricanrana of his own for two but misses a top rope Lionsault.
Guerrera hits the Juvy Driver to finally retain.
B-. I feel sorry for these guys
as they were having a very good match and the fans were looking at
about five other things instead. Karagias looked good out there and
hung with Juvy every step of the way. Juvy continues to be as good
of a high flier not named Mysterio as there is in the company.
Girls/Nitro Party. Jim Duggan is there too.
Title: Chris Jericho vs. Disco Inferno
is defending. Disco now has
a sweatband. Chris runs him over with a shoulder and does a little
shuffle. Disco comes right back with a clothesline and sends Jericho
into the corner for some stomping. Tony calls a slam a tilt-a-whirl
slam for no apparent reason but Jericho avoids a fist drop.
Lionsault hits knees and an atomic drop sends Chris face first into
the corner. A clothesline and spinebuster get two each and Heenan is
impressed with Jericho. Jericho comes back with a German suplex but
walks into the Chartbuster for two as Jericho gets his foot on the
ropes. Disco charges again but gets caught in the Liontamer for the
C. Much better match than I was
expecting here with Disco using his basic offense very well. Jericho
continues to be one of the most awesome things on the roster but for
whatever political reasons, he’s stuck fighting guys in the lower
card and stealing the show every time.
Nash sits in on commentary for the next match.
World Title: Goldberg vs. Al Green
mentions that Green was his original partner in WCW, which was in a
tag team called the Master Blasters. He also wouldn’t mind a shot at
the world title. Green looks like a bald Scott Norton and jumps
Goldberg to start. The choking and forearms have almost no effect as
Goldberg drives him down to the mat. A backdrop and slam put Green
down and he bails to the floor as Goldberg loads up the spear. Smart
guy. Goldberg sends him into the post and back inside it’s the two
moves to retain the title.
Hogan/Bret Hart vs. Sting/Lex Luger
and Luger get things going with the American grabbing a headlock.
Bret comes back with right hands and choking in the corner but Luge
rams him into the buckle to take over. A tag brings in Sting and
Bret immediately runs to Hogan for a tag. Hogan
fires off right hands but Sting shrugs them off and sends Hollywood
into the buckle before tagging Luger back in. Choking puts Lex down
in the corner and it’s back to Bret for some Canadian choking. We
even get an eye rake across the ropes for good measure.
holds Luger in the corner so Bret can choke even more before choking
from the apron. You may be noticing a pattern in the offense here.
The heels keep switching without tagging like good villains are
supposed to do. Bret hooks a chinlock but gets suplexed down to give
Luger a breath.
hot tag yet though as Hart makes a save, only to have a double
clothesline put both guys down again. Now we get the tag to Sting
who cleans house on Hogan, only to have Disciple shove Hogan away
from the Stinger Splash. Hogan starts whipping Sting with the
weightlifting belt but Bret pulls it away. Hart leaves but Hogan
goes after him for an argument in the aisle, leading to a countout.
C-. The match was nothing
special but we get yet another twist in the storyline. It’s nice for
Bret to FINALLY have something going on, even though it’s rather
confusing. I’m not buying into the NWO tension because it’s happened
roughly 847 times now in the last two years but never leads anywhere.
and Hogan shove each other in the ring as some smoke starts. It’s
too early apparently as it cuts off, only to start up a few moments
later. The lights go out as more smoke comes into the ring. They
come back on and everyone is out cold with Warrior in the ring. So
it’s sleeping gas, which doesn’t work on Warrior for some reason? Or
Hogan apparently as he runs to the back to end the show.
C. This wasn’t the
worst show ever, but Warrior vs. Hogan is shaping up to be the
stupidest feud in a long time. But hey, Hogan’s ego can be repaired
so who cares if he stops WCW from being the top company in wrestling
again? I’d love to hear some of the creative meetings. “So you
see, Warrior has this Bat Signal and sleeping gas that doesn’t work
on him and Hogan and then Hogan beats him in the blowoff match using
the powers of Hollywood-A-Mania. Great idea right?” As usual the
midcard helps bring the show through, but the main event guys drag it
right back down.
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