Saturday Night’s Main Event (Thread)

It’s the Remembrance Day long weekend up here in Canada, and whatever you guys down there call it.  Veteran’s Day?

Tonight, I’m off to see Murder on the Orient Express because I had two free passes, and if it doesn’t feature Pat Tanaka in a big role, it’s some serious false advertising.

I finished bingeing the first season of Fargo on Netflix last night, and DAMN is that some good TV.  Hopefully the rest are just as good.

Tonight sees all kinds of hockey and basketball to talk about, and probably more celebrities getting accused of being perverts.  Louis CK, you let us all down.


Friday Night Thread

Flair’s 30 for 30 finally airs tonight in Canada on TSN5.  But I’m not home tonight.

Lucha Underground returns next year, so good for them.

Joe Moore, the Trump guy, wrote me another email today:

“Hey fatass;  Why the fuck don’t you read email when people take the time out and send them to you???  Put down the bucket of KFC and move your lard-ass!”

Fake news, I don’t even like KFC.

Talk about the weekend here!

Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.14.94

Happy Valentine’s Day for those of you in 1994 who were engaged in relationships at the time. Not me, I was busy skipping all my university classes and playing Doom in the computer labs with other wannabe programmers and reading RSPW during programming classes.  I don’t remember how to write in C++ or machine language anymore, but I could sure tell you how to use nn on a Unix box if you asked me. 

I feel like I’m off-topic already.  To the news!

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The Wednesday Wackness

It’s Wednesday night!

Someone sent me a petition to have Donald Trump impeached, but I don’t feel like my input would be helpful given my nationality.  Plus, you know how I feel about internet petitions.

It turns out that AJ = RATINGZ, as advertising the title change in advance jumped the Smackdown rating 23% from last week’s record low.

Apparently Zayn and Owens have all kinds of heat right now, or maybe it’s a work, or whatever.  Damn Canadians, making things difficult for everyone else.

And finally, for your reading pleasure tonight, we’ve got the Chrononaut Chronicles for TNA’s Unbreakable 2005, which was a hell of a show.  I feel like big things are ahead for that Styles kid.


Smackdown Live, 205 Live and Flair 30 for 30 Thread

Oh man, we got some stuff going down tonight.  I hear something happened on Smackdown in Manchester, but NO SPOILERS here.  Nope.  But you should watch.

Also, Flair’s 30 for 30 episode debuts on ESPN tonight, and it’s supposed to be pretty darn good.

Roy Halladay was tragically killed in a plane crash this afternoon.  I don’t even know what to say.  He was a tireless charity worker and one of the greatest pitchers of the modern era.  RIP, Doc.


Monday Night Wrong: TNA tries to start a war


Given all of the recent insanity in TNA/Global/Impact/whatever, I figured an appropriate topic of conversation for this week’s Sporting News column would be the time that Hogan and Bischoff decided to restart the Monday Night Wars and literally did everything wrong in the process.