Vince mending fences

Hi Scott,

With Jim Cornette coming to the Hall of Fame, it got me thinking. What’s the biggest ‘fence’ that Vince has ever mended / biggest signing you thought you’d never see for WWE?

My thinking would be Bischoff coming over to Raw after all of the trash talking in the Monday Night Wars…

Bruno. Never thought it would happen while Vince or Bruno were both still alive. Also, reading the 92 Observers, I’m shocked Billy Graham didn’t end up blackballed for life.

Cornette and WWE

So if Jim cornette is willing to do business with WWE and induct the rock n rolls, then that HAS to mean we get the midnights in the HOF next year right?

I certainly hope so! Bobby Eaton might not have much longer so they might as well get him in while they can.

WWE’s “No Compete” Clause

I’ve often wondered how WWE’s "no compete" clause is legal? I mean a talent’s contract is not renewed and they are no longer be paid by the WWE, yet can’t seek employment with a rival company for a certain amount of time right after. Doesn’t "right to work" issues come into play here? Thanks.

Brock Lesnar successful sued them under "right to work" laws, but your description of the clause isn’t how it works anyway. The no-compete clause only comes into effect if the contract is terminated before it’s finished, like if the wrestler quits and receives a release, or is fired by the company and released. And if they’re under a no-compete, then the company absolutely does pay them for the 90 days stipulated by the contract. However, if a contract expires or isn’t renewed, the talent is free to go wherever they want immediately after the contract is over. Christian ended up in TNA days after his contract ended, for exampie, and Ryback could have worked wherever he wanted when his contract was done earlier this year. It’s actually handled very fairly for the most part.

I Hear Voices In My Head…

Hey Scott,

So it’s been said many times how some of the fault of the crap announcing is due to Vince McMahon in the ear of the announcers feeding them stuff to say. I remember the days of Vince the Play By Play guy, and how bad he was at that.

Do you know what level of talk he feeds the guys? Is it more just stuff like telling them to repeat buzz words & catchphrases & the repetitive stuff we fans have grown annoyed at, or more detailed stuff like full lines of dialogue the announcers are supposed to repeat word for word?

Guys like Mick Foley have said how they disliked announcing because of Vince’s voice in their ear, so I’ve always been curious…

​Depends on the person. Vince will be anywhere from "Correcting bad phrasing" all the way up to "Walking the person beat-by-beat through the story he wants to tell" based on who it is. Poor Michael Cole usually seems to get the worst of it, especially because he’s the lead voice. It’s not like anyone pays attention to what David Otunga has to say, for example, and I would hope Vince doesn’t have to prompt him to go "Wow!" every few minutes or declare someone to be a great athlete. ​

To Sign With WWE or Not

I meant to ask you this question before Kenny Omega announced his decision, but figure it’s still a decent topic. Taking away someone signing with WWE for the money (because I can’t begrudge anyone like AJ Styles who signs with WWE to better themselves and their family financially), as a fan would you prefer someone of Kenny Omega’s caliber sign with WWE or stay with New Japan? Omega, or anyone who could be comparable to him, staying in New Japan increases their potential to grow as a company and give WWE more legit competition. While signing with WWE would make it easier to see that person, and make him into a bigger star. So which option do you think is better as a fan?

​In Omega’s case I’m glad he stayed with New Japan because he’d probably get Itami’d in the developmental system and be stuck there for two years​ because he’s too small. Omega’s not the same as an AJ Styles, where he has a decade of national exposure under his belt.

Podcast Plug for the Blog of Doom

Hi Scott,

Shawn Marek here…long time fan and reader of your work.

I just started a new wrestling podcast called I CAN TALK KAYFABE with my friend, comedian Joe Todaro. Each week, we review and poke fun at the old Apter mags and off-brand Apter mags (Napolitano mags?) from times past. Its like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but for pro wrestling periodicals. They were truly the fanfic of their day.
If you are able to plug on the blog, it would be greatly appreciated. And please do check it out yourself — I think you’ll dig it.

Thanks and keep up the rad work.


Nakamura to Raw


In the draft Raw got more picks than SDL because they were an hour longer. Then they got the cruiserweight which still makes NO sense. Then they got Samoa Joe when they were already rich with talent and not even using guys like Zayn, Cesaro, Sheamus, Rusev, etc. NOW the rumor is Nakamura is going to go to Raw, coupled with Balor coming back. So what the hell?! Is this like a prank on Bryan that all of the guys he came up with are on the piping show? Why makes SD live and make a big deal then not give them any additional big names?

Because Smackdown used all the icepacks and never learned to work WWE style.

Observer – 1/26/98

"6. Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) beat Undertaker (Mark Calaway) in 20:37 of a casket match to retain the WWF title. Real good work by both, Michaels in particular. Michaels took one incredible bump early taking a backdrop over the top rope and cracking his lower back on the casket as he went over. He was really lucky he wasn’t hurt on that one."

Cant wait to see the meme for that one….

These observer recaps have been great, thanks for doing them!

No problem. That injury was one of the flukiest ever, especially after years of Shawn taking goddamn backdrops over the post and hurtling his body like a crash test dummy.

Plug Request: Positive Nerdery blog

Scott, you responsible this.

Thanks to you, I discovered Topless Robot. Now just over a year from the closing of Topless Robot, I’m trying my hand at blogging about movies, games and other assorted nerd adjacent topics. My most recent posting is a Logan FAQ, not sure if you’ve had a chance to see the movie or not, but you really should.

Keep up the Flashbacks!

​Damn, Topless Robot closed? I hadn’t been there in a long time, that’s too bad.

I did indeed finally see Logan on the weekend, and I LOVED it. Finally a movie where Wolverine can just cut loose and fuck people up in an R-rated setting, and Professor X can tell people to fuck off as well. Of course I already knew where all the story beats were going from the comics, but my wife less so and she was less enthused about the very dark and depressing direction of the story, to say the least. It definitely didn’t feel like a movie for date night, although she’s taking the little one to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon anyway. Anyway, James Mangold is just aces doing westerns (3:10 to Yuma, anyone?) and this was a great ending to the Hugh Jackman run as the character.

Now if they reboot it, goodwill will be less forthcoming.​

Peoples champ questions

The Rock essentially left WWE for Hollywood in April of 2003, but didn’t his contract expire on April 2005? I remember reading he was angry no one contacted him about his expiring contract at the time and that led to bad blood. My question is, could Vince have stopped him from going to Hollywood while still under contract? And have contracts changed since then or could Dolph Ziggler try and get a sitcom on The CW tomorrow if he wanted to?

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Lack of faces

I’m sure a lot of people have brought it up, but the lack of over faces is absolute killing the WWE right now. On raw you got Rollins,reigns(I know I know ), sammi, Jericho. That’s all I can think of. Tag teams, New Day, is sheamus/Cesaro supposed to be faces? Enzo/cass I guess. The women it’s just bayley and Sasha
On smackdown it’s even worse. Ambrose, Cena(who’s about to go part time), is Orton supposed to be a face now? He burned down a guys house. Who else is there? Styles would be if he turned. Tag team there’s American alpha and that’s it . Women there’s Becky and that’s it. What do you suggest all knowing one could be done to remedy this?