The SmarK Rant for NWA WrestleWar 89 – Music City Showdown (05.07.89)

The SmarK Rant for NWA WrestleWar 89 – Music City Showdown (05.07.89)

Man, I didn’t even realize it had been so long since I reviewed this one.  22 years and counting!  But hey, I’m enjoying this trip back to 1989 so might as well redo this one and then finish off the year with Starrcade later this week.

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Daily News Update – July 8, 2020

At work we have a “Covid self test” that HR gave out, so you can determine if you’re infected or not.  Three of the symptoms listed are “trouble waking up, tiredness during the day, confusion”.  Well, I guess I’m done for then.

DATELINE:  Roman Reigns’ Controversial Royal Rumble Statement

DATELINE:  WWE May Change Some Contracts Due To Coronavirus Hiatuses

DATELINE:  WWE’s New Ring Announcer Rule


The SmarK Rant for World Championship Wrestling – 02.07.87 (Supertowns on the Superstation)

The SmarK Rant for Supertowns on the Superstation (02.07.87)

(Oh hi.  I was actually going to review this show last night because it was next in the World Championship Wresting queue on the Network, and couldn’t figure out why it was nearly two hours long instead of the usual 1:25 on the Network.  And then I remembered I had already done it when it was on WWE 24/7.  So here’s my original rant from 2007, and then we’ll get back to the weekly ’87 shows again after that.)

The idea here is that it’s a sampling of matches and interviews from various stops on the NWA’s national tour, and that’s about it.

– Your hosts are Tony & David.

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Daily News Update – July 7, 2020

Counting down until vacation…

DATELINE:  RONA-MANIA still running wild on the WWE Universe, brother!

Oh man, and here I thought forcing everyone off-camera to wear masks three months after the fact would have fixed the problem.  Obviously the solution is to stop testing because then there’s no more cases.  I read that somewhere.

DATELINE:  WWE admits that, yeah, Summerslam is at the Performance Center

You can probably pencil in Survivor Series there as well.

DATELINE:  Violent Match Set For Extreme Rules

DATELINE:  The New United States Title Design


Daily News Update – July 6, 2020

Last week before vacation!

DATELINE:  Extreme Rules Gets Second Name Change.

DATELINE:  WWE Planning Especially Violent Match At Extreme Rules

DATELINE:  Rey Mysterio Working Without A Contract.


Have a great day.

The SmarK Rant for NWA Great American Bash 89 – The Glory Days! (07.23.89)

The SmarK Rant for NWA Great American Bash 89 – The Glory Days (07.23.89)

Well obviously this is a long time in coming.  This is another one where I only ever had the home video version that was cut down to 2 hours.  I believe the full version had aired on WWE 24/7 at one point, but for some reason I never got around to reviewing it there.  But the Network has the full PPV cut (albeit with a “technical difficulties” disclaimer), so let’s continue our celebration of the Fourth of July and Sting!

Live from Baltimore, MD, drawing 12500 and a 1.5 buyrate.  That was actually quite a disappointing number given the buildup for Flair’s return.

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Bob Caudle.

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The SmarK Rant for WCW Clash of the Champions XIII – 11.20.90

(Discussion of this one came up in the Bash 90 comments yesterday, so let’s hit it again.  Originally written in 2016, shortly after all the Clashes dropped on the WWE Network!)

The SmarK Rant for WCW Clash of the Champions XIII:  Thanksgiving Thunder!

I had of course originally done this one many years back, but it reads like dogshit now, so here’s a fresh version!  This show originally aired November 1990.

Live from Jacksonville, FL

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously.

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Daily News Update – July 5, 2020

Man, the Bash 90 redo did REALLY well.  Apparently people talking about Sting’s title reign draws better than Sting’s title reign.

DATELINE: Bobby Lashley And MVP Get Into Altercation With Man At Restaurant

DATELINE:  Details On Bully Ray Leaving Ring Of Honor

DATELINE:  Drew Gulak’s In-Ring Tribute To Recently Departed Wrestler


Daily News Update – July 4, 2020

Yes, it’s time to show your patriotism if you’re an American, hopefully while wearing a red white and blue mask!

Not like Hulk Hogan did, though.

DATELINE:  WWE finally figures out that running shows with crowds is a BAD IDEA and announces taping schedule through August

Yup, Summerslam from the Performance Center.  They better have that big fan on high.

DATELINE:  WWE finally figures out that people running around without masks is a BAD IDEA and is now forcing people to wear them

I believe the phrase we’re looking for here involves horses and barn doors.

DATELINE:  New Japan Cup 2020 finals are set

I shall not spoil the results here.  Finals take place July 11.


Daily News Update – July 3, 2020

TGIF, y’all.  Don’t forget to check out TNM Tournament Edition, the wrestling simulator reborn, at if you haven’t already.


DATELINE:  NXT Wrestler May Have Spoiled Title Match Result


(some guy already spoiled it in an email last night, so THANKS for that)

DATELINE:  WWE Purchases Prominent Indy Wrestling Company

DATELINE:  Here’s Why Shayna Baszler Has Been Missing

(Geez, Tommy, that last one is a tad click-baity.  The answer is “There’s currently no reason why she’s missing”)

Daily News Update – July 2, 2020

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and made sure to leave out a bowl of Hawkins Cheezies and a glass of Crush Cream Soda in case Anne Murray visited in the night-time.

DATELINE:  WWE Trademarks WCW Pay Per View Name

DATELINE:  WWE Forced To Postpone Plans To Bring Back Fans

DATELINE:  AEW Postpones Fyter Fest Main Event And Brings Back Show


Oliver Copp of TNM contacted me the other day and hooked me up with the full version of the new game, so I’ve been downloading wrestler packs for it like crazy and my goal is to run another tag team tournament this summer using the game!  So if you’re interested in getting it for yourself, make sure to check it out at