Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.15.94

Well, since I was talking about Flashbacks this weekend, might as well do another one.

As a note, I write this directly in the blog editor, so I’ve never had a copy of them saved on my computer…UNTIL NOW!  Yes, thanks to blogbooker.com, I was able to create archived versions of every Flashback from 2016 until today, and they are now available as a part of the rant archives in very large Word documents.


OK, that’s enough cheap plugging.

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Sunday Night Heat!

Tonight!  The NBA playoffs continue, as do the NHL ones.  The Jays were rained out for a second straight day in Cleveland.

Not a lot going on in the wrestling world.  Apparently all the Rusev stuff is some kind of bizarre Twitter angle, so whatever.

Vader underwent open heart surgery and he’s out of the hospital and rehabbing now, so best of luck to him.


Coliseum Video Rant 2018–Andre the Giant

The Coliseum Video Rant – Andre The Giant

(Just to REALLY finish off the Andre run, here’s a repost of the 2013 Coliseum Video rant of Andre the Giant)

I’ve decided that I kinda like the single-show format for these, so that’s what I’m gonna go with from now on. Saves me having to come up with goofy subtitles, too.

I think the point of this tape is pretty self-evident.

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OK, the Observer with the WM review is out, and here’s the ratings…

  • ARMBAR: *1/2
  • Cedric Alexander d. Mustafa Ali  ***
  • Women’s Revolutionary First Annual Ladies Battle Royal: *1/2
  • Seth Rollins d. Miz & Finn Balor to win IC title  ***1/2
  • Charlotte d. Asuka ****
  • Jinder Mahal d. Orton / Rusev / Roode to win US title  **3/4
  • Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey d. Stephanie & HHH  ****1/4
  • Bludgeon Brothers d. Usos & New Day to win the tag titles **
  • Undertaker squashed John Cena *1/4
  • Daniel Bryan & Shane d. Zayn & Owens  ***1/2
  • Nia Jax pinned Alexa Bliss to win the title **3/4
  • AJ Styles pinned Nakamura to retain ***3/4
  • Braun & Nicholas beat the Bar to win the tag titles *
  • Brock Lesnar d. Roman Reigns to retain ***

The feedback on the show is VERY split, running about 1/3 each way thumbs up, down and in the middle.

Also, Dave reviewed NXT Takeover, and actually gave out TWO full ***** ratings on the same show, for the opening ladder match and of course Gargano v. Ciampa, with Black v. Almas getting a mere ****1/4.  DAMN.

Bryan watches his WWE debut


This is a fun little video that I think the BoD will enjoy.
I love how Bryan is so tuned to the historical details (like the difference between the Liontamer from WCW and the Walls of Jericho) that hardcore smarks would know, but I doubt 9 out of 10 guys in the WWE locker room would have any idea about.
Oh and Vince’s reaction to the match is gold…


The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Collection: ANDRE THE GIANT (Part 1)

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Collection: ANDRE THE GIANT (Part 1)

Well, in honor of the HBO doc tonight (or last night, I guess), this seems like an appropriate time to review this set of matches on the Network. It’s under “Shows” and then “Collections” in case you’d like to watch it, by the way.

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