The Friday Night Thread

Hey, we’re back up after a temporary outage.  Not my fault, it was on the server side. Or maybe it was Alberto El Patron, we’re still investigating with the authorities.

Reports on Brock’s future continue to be contradictory, but we do know that he’s under WWE contract until Wrestlemania, and he can’t fight until January 2018 because of his drug failure in his last fight.  I’m still pretty sure he’s dropping the title at SummerFest, though.

Chat about the stuff tonight, and hopefully the web host won’t die again on me.

The Equalizer < Dino Bravo

Dear Scott,

I know Bravo is considered the worst, but what about The Equalizer aka Dave Sullivan? Just watched his Superbrawl IV match against Jungle Jim Steel, and ho-leee smokes what a gigantic shitshow that was. Much thanks to Equalizer’s absolute lack of talent in any important aspect of pro wrestling: abysmal selling (worst dropkick sell i’ve ever seen), tons of miscommunication (admittedly, it was against JUNGLE JIM STEEL!!! WHO THE HELL BOOKED THIS??), brutal offense, no heat, no crowd interaction, there is NOTHING there!

​You’d get no argument from me that Evad Sullivan was worse than Bravo. ​

If It Hadn’t Been Lex Luger


Was Luger always the first choice to slam and challenge Yokozuna in 1993? Meltzer at the time seemed to know it would be a top heel turning to the USA so who else could it possibly have been? Bam Bam in red,white and blue flames? Shawn?

The heel turning thing was late in the game, and the original plan was Crush. He had been the go-to guy as main eventer for the early part of 1993 when people were injured or no-showed or whatever, and Vince had him programmed with his big project, Doink the Clown. And then Hogan came back and that spot was gone, and that train was departed for good.

OJ vs. Roman

Now that OJ Simpson is going to be free from prison in a couple of months, shouldn’t WWE be chomping at the bit to bring him on board for next year’s WrestleMania? OJ was hated by so many 23 years ago that getting him to manage or compete against Roman Reigns would HAVE to get people on The Big Dog’s side, pal!

They’re letting him out of jail?!? I thought he was gonna die in there.

WWE Tag Team Division

The Tag Team Division as a whole in the WWE has taken a downturn. Cass/Enzo, Truth/Goldust, and now American Alpha are history, and it looks like Rawley/Ryder will be next. Do you think 1 or both brands will get a tag team from NXT in the future, or do you believe we’ll just see a bunch of singles wrestlers thrown together in tag teams instead? I.E.-Curtis Axel/Bo Dallas.

​Vince swings wildly between loving tag team wrestling and hating it, so it just depends on his mood any given day. I do think, however, that the Authors of Pain are going to get called up next year and Vince will push the ever-loving SHIT out of them. Frankly I’m shocked he’s been prevented from doing so already.​

Bastista’s Return In 2014

When Batista came back to the WWE in 2014 was his stay originally supposed to be longer than it was, or did it all change due to the reception he got after winning The Royal Rumble and putting the Championship on Daniel Bryan instead?

He was supposed to win the World title from Orton at Wrestlemania and hold it until Summerslam, but when they changed it to Daniel Bryan winning he was basically like "OK, back to Hollywood, bye!" because he didn’t need WWE in the least.