NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #17

October 23. 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Elimination Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the X Division Title
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Elix Skipper


Everyone attacks each other as Tenay explains how this match is under “Lucha Libre” rules, meaning that there are no tags and wrestlers can make saves. Why the hell would they do that in an elimination match? Everyone ends up outside and Red takes them out with a beautiful looking somersault plancha. Then in an unbelievably contrived looking spot, Jose hooks Red onto Joel as he has Kash in the Gory Special and then puts Red in the Camel’s Clutch. Skipper comes over and puts Jose into the clutch then breaks to hit everyone with a springboard dropkick. Well, that at least made for an interesting visual. Joel gets a really shitty looking headscissor takeover on Kash. He goes up top but Kash meets him with a dropkick in mid-air. He then flies to the outside and hits him with a springboard rana, almost killing himself in the process as Joel barely held him up for the move. Kash hits Joel with a jumping DDT from the table. Red and Joel slug it out in the ring. They then do a series of counters that ends with Jose catching him with a Rydien Bomb that Skipper breaks up at two, in an elimination match. Funny moment as a confused West asks for an explanation of the Lucha rules and Tenay starts improvising then just says this is a variation of Lucha. This company is priceless. Skipper kicks Jose, who was on the top rope, then gets the tight-rope walk rana for two. That was sweet! Skipper with a gutwrench then a double underhook suplex gets two as Red breaks that up. He sends Skipper out with a spinkickand fights with Kash. He goes up top but is met by Kash and powerslammed off the top. The SAT’s team up on Kash then Joel beats on his brother, Jose. DDT is broken up by Skipper and he hits the Play of the Day on Jose for the pin (7:41). Kash dropkicks Joel out of the ring and Skipper flies out with a twisting pescado. Back in, Skipper gets a headscissor takedown as West proclaims him as the favorite to win the match. Red then hits him with a spin kick then Joel gets a vetebreaker-type move for the pin (8:48). Dear god, they jobbed him out to one of the SAT’s. They go spilt-screen and Kash gets the Moneymaker on Joel for the pin (9:24). Kash and Red are left. Red with a spinkick for two. He runs into a boot and Kash comes off the top with a double springboard senton for two. They do a rollup reversal sequence that ends with Kash using a fisherman’s buster onto his knee for two. Ouch. Double springboard crossbody gets two. After a replay, we see them fight on the top rope that ends with Red elbowing Kash down then hitting the Infrared for the win (12:23) **1/4.
Thoughts: A few nice moves but the beginning was filled with blown and contrived spots. The SAT’s are really out of their league here by the way, especially Jose. The last few minutes were good and Kash was killing Red with all sorts of moves. I don’t mind Red winning and getting a shot at the belt but it seems like every title shot is earned in a multiple-man elimination match. How many of these have they had anyway? At least it can get the crowd going so putting it on first is a good idea.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler, who is peaking out the arena door, presumably looking for April. He says that he would like to talk later as he is under pressure. He is without a doubt the worst actor in this promotion.
Recap of Chris Harris & James Storm getting jumped by the Hotshots last week. This package has slightly better production values but still comes off as dated.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
The Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions)
Storm and Harris immediately charge the ring and beat on the Hotshots. They brawl outside where Storm uses his belt on O’Reilly. They continue to brawl around the ring for a while. Stevens gets caught with a powerbomb after jumping off of the guardrail in a very awkward looking spot. Harris tosses the timekeeper and takes the chair as he beats on O’Reilly. They eventually go into the ring as West calls this a “good old-fashioned beating.” I give West credit for trying to get everything over while being very enthusiastic. Harris gets tripped up by Stevens and the Hotshots are now on the attack. Stevens gets a suplex for two. They double-team Harris then knock Storm off the apron. O’Reilly gets a single-leg crab. Harris fights out and chops down O’Reilly but Stevens cuts off the tag attempt after tagging in himself. He goes for a float over in the corner but Harris was never there and gets hits with a spear. Harris tags in Storm and runs wild as West calls this one of the greatest tag matches he has ever seen. Its clear that he hasn’t seen a lot of tag matches himself. Storm hits O’Reilly with a drop toehold and he lands in the crotch of Stevens. Storm gets tossed out of the ring. Harris picks up O’Reilly for the catatonic but Stevens hits him with a superkick and O’Reilly falls on top, getting a two count. After some brawling, Harris sends Stevens to the floor and Storm hits the Eight Second Rule (Spinning Faceplant) for the win (7:22) **1/4
Thoughts: A decent match, although Harris & Storm were never really in any danger of losing. The Hotshots aren’t very good but this was the best they have looked in TNA. Harris & Storm are really coming together as a team.
Video recap of the Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki feud.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. She brings up the fact that his knee isn’t at 100% and Lynn confirms that it is indeed still hurt, but it won’t stop him from wrestling tonight. He references his injury that occurred in the WWE, like anyone remembers. Mentioning this does nothing to dispute the fact that this company is a poor imitation of the WWE. He goes on about young wrestlers using him as a stepping stone and how that will not be happening tonight. As Lynn leaves, Lawler is looking right at the camera asking for April’s whereabouts. There has been way too much Lawler on these last few shows. The interview with Lynn was passable.
Grudge Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn comes out limping, selling his right knee. He drags Siaki out from the ring and starts slugging away. Siaki tries to go for the injured knee but Lynn shoves him off with his legs, causing Siaki to fly over the guardrail. Lynn leaps over the rail and hits Siaki with a forearm. He tosses Siaki back over and punches away. He rolls Siaki into the ring as the bell goes off, signaling the start of the match. Uh, okay. Lynn tries a slam but his knee goes out. Siaki works on the knee and uses a single-leg crab. Lynn eventually reaches the ropes as Siaki breaks the hold just before the five count. Siaki lands on the apron after a backdrop but Lynn dodges a shoulder thrust and comes down on the back of Siaki’s neck with a legdrop. Siaki is able to get up and wrap Lynn’s leg around the pole. Siaki heads back into the ring and hits Lynn with a kneebreaker. He tries another won but Lynn is able to counter with a sunset flip, getting two. Crucifix gets two. He whiffs on a clothesline and Siaki takes him down. He puts Lynn in a variation of the figure-four leglock. Lynn is able to break but Siaki kicks him back down. He puts him in a bow-and-arrow lock while putting pressure on the knee of Lynn. He starts beating on the knee, slamming it down repeatedly. He tries for a figure-four but Lynn kicks him into the turnbuckle then rolls him up and uses a bridge to get the win (5:48) **1/2. After the match, Siaki then attacks the knee and uses another single-leg crab as some referees run out and break up the melee. Lynn jumps over them and assaults Siaki, who ducks out. He walks up the ramp as Lynn is on the mat in pain, holding his knee.
Thoughts: Short, but a really good match. I wished they had given this five more minutes. Loved the psychology, which is lacking in a majority of TNA matches, even if the constant WWE injury references from Tenay got tiresome.
Video recap of the Curt Hennig and Ron Killings feud. Some feud this has been
BG James and Curt Hennig head out to the ring. Curt has the mic and says he has fought many of wrestlers around the world who try to be like Curt Hennig. He then laughs at “that one mark who tried to steal my hair,” then identifies him as Diamond Dallas Page. However, the biggest “Hennig Wannabe” of all-time is Jeff Jarrett. Is there a point to this promo? He then recalls a “few years ago” when Jarrett was a rookie and he kicked his ass all over the arena then brings up the “West Texas Rednecks” from WCW and just rambles on about his past in a manner that would make you think he had a few before coming out. He then talks about his physique, oblivious to the fact that he is a bloated mess, and orders the camera to do a close-up of his face as he tells everyone that he is the man who took down Brock Lesnar from 35,000 feet. The crowd cheers for that as he then challenges Jarrett for a match next week, once again mentioning how he took down Lesnar. Jarrett’s music hits but he doesn’t come out as Tenay tells us that Goldylocks is backstage. We see Jarrett telling Lawler that they need to go to the ring. Lawler tells him that he needs to stay backstage and wait for April. Jeff tells Lawler off and walks away. We go back to the ring as James cuts a promo on Lawler that is anything but memorable. A long segment that was filled with Hennig talking about what he did in his past, you know, when he still mattered. He came across as sad and broken down here, especially when you consider how awful he looks. His mentions of taking down Brock cant even help him now, seeing how he can barely move in his matches. Hennig’s TNA stay has been a disaster as no one cares about him anymore. 
Tenay plugs the D.C. Sniper reward fund auction.
Scott Hall’s music hits and Tenay and West appear surprised that he is back. They play up his absence as taking care of family issues. He grabs the mic and says he wasn’t supposed to be out until later but isn’t good at following rules. He says he is trying to be a good boy then completely stumbles over his next line. He calls out Jarrett and they start their match. Great, the last two interviews were conducted by people who are probably intoxicated and definitely past their primes.
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hall knocks him down and Jarrett rolls out. Hall tosses him back in and beats on Jarrett. He chops him down in the corner and Jarrett ducks out again. Hall chases him around the ring then gets stomped as he re-enters. The crowd is loudly booing Jarrett. Hall catches him and hits the Last Call. Jarrett walks up the ramp but Hall follow him and they brawl into the stands. Hall throws a trashcan off Jarrett’s back, then Jarrett quickly returns the favor as Tenay babbles on about their IC Title reigns. It’s not 1995 anymore Tenay. Hall with a chairshot to the back and they brawl towards the ring. Hall rams Jarrett’s head off the announcers table before rolling him back in the ring. Kneelift by Hall but he gets backdropped to the outside after attempting the Razors Edge. Jarrett with a forearm to the back of Hall. Back in the ring, Jarrett beats on Hall for a while. Neckbreaker gets two. Jarrett jumps on the back of Hall and gets a sleeper. Hall drops down but eventually gets up. He fights out and chokeslams Jarrett as both men are down. Eventually, Jarrett climbs on top and gets two. Hall hits Jarrett a few times but ducks a clothesline and Jarrett hits the ref. As Hall checks on him, Jarrett gets a steelchair and hits Hall. Hennig runs out and decks Jarrett as the lights go out. Ron Killings shows up on the  screen and tells Hennig not to overlook him and that he will be “up his ass like a cold rectal thermometer.” The lights go back on and Hennig looks down at Jarrett as Lawler runs in and attacks. James comes right out and chases Lawler away. Jarrett tries the stroke on Hennig, but he blocks and hits a low blow. Hall gets the Razors Edge for the win (11:35) *1/2. Hennig and Hall briefly celebrate before exiting the ring.
Thoughts: Jarrett worked his ass off to hold this match together. The ending was incredibly lame though.
Brian Lawler vs. BG James
James gets clobbered as he runs into the ring. Lawler focuses on the crowd and goes flying out of the ring after James side-steps a charge. James crotches Lawler on the guardrail and bounces him up and down until Lawler breaks it up with an eye rake. He then grabs the mic and asks if anyone has seen April then hits James. He goes for a piledriver but James carelessly backdrops him and he lands on his head. He is lucky not to have broken his neck. James uses a really weak chairshot then follows Lawler around the ring. He throws him into the guardrail. He tries it again but Lawler reverses and sends him into the steps. He tries to wrestle a chair away from the same African-American lady that appeared on the first few shows. She gives that chair to James who hits Lawler. They go back into the ring and James gets his punches and a big boot. Lawler floats over on a pumphandle drop attempt and nails James with a superkick. Lawler goes up top but Syxx Pac and April are on the ramp and making out. He stays up there looking pissed then falls off, crotching himself, and James rolls him up for the win (4:40) DUD. After the match, Lawler is shown crying, displaying some more of his truly wretched acting ability.
Thoughts: A waste of time. Lawler’s stuff might work with the live crowd but that is about  it. His comically bad overacting is a huge turn-off. James has deteriorated and his just awful in the ring. His catchphrases and date references aren’t helping him either as the crowd is getting less and less into him each show. A Syxx Pac/Lawler feud doesn’t exactly generate excitement. 
Highlights of last week’s match between AJ Styles and Syxx Pac.
No DQ Match
X Division Championship
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx Pac (Champion)
A sign in the crowd states how Syxx loves necrophilia, which is most likely a response to the Katie Vick incident that was shown on RAW the Monday before this show. Syxx insults Plumtree before the match, who gets irate. Plumtree is a run-of-the-mill heel manager. AJ mocks Syxx Pac but walks into a chop. They reverse go-behinds until Styles goes out of the ring. Syxx follows him out with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Syxx catches AJ with a spinning heel kick, getting two. Pancake by Syxx who then puts him in the surfboard. AJ floats over in the corner and takes Syxx out with a headsicssor takedown. AJ gets caught attempting a baseball slide and Syxx hotshots him on the guardrail. AJ ducks the stair toss from Syxx Pac. AJ alley-oops Syxx into the post then rolls him back into the ring. He goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap, getting two as Plumtree is furious, asking if the Armstrong’s need a remedial arithmetic class. Syxx fights out of a surfboard but AJ gets the Phenomenon, getting two. Syxx pulls up on AJ dropkick attempt and gets a few spinning heel kicks. He catches AJ in a powerbomb, getting two. He kicks him in the corner and then gets the Bronco Buster. He plays to the crowd while standing on the top rope and AJ powerbombs him, getting two. Syxx bridges out and hits the X Factor but Plumtree pulls out the ref after a two count. Syxx pulls up Plumtree and AJ accidentally hits him, allowing, Syxx to get a Northern Lights Suplex for two. He goes off the top but AJ goes behind at gets a German Suplex for two. Syxx rolls through a crossbody attempts and gets two. He tries a powerbomb but AJ slips out and goes for the Styles Clash. Syxx makes the ropes but Brian Lawler hits him with a waterbottle and AJ is able to hit the move and wins the title (8:59) ***1/4. Syxx goes up to AJ then raises his hand. Lawler sneaks in the ring and AJ slips him the belt as he nails Syxx.
Thoughts: Good match. Syxx was motivated tonight and he and AJ easily had the best match of the night. AJ retaining the title is a good thing as Syxx doesn’t need the belt. They further pushed a potential Lawler/Syxx feud.
Ace Steel vs. Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla
According to Tenay, Plumtree is celebrating with AJ and feels Estrada is beneath Steel, so he doesn’t need to be out there supporting his client. works the arm then grounds Estrada. The two then trade a bunch of counters until Steel gets a hiptoss. Estrada catches Steel and they fuck up a powerbomb spot as Steel can’t do anything correctly. When Estrada has to cover for your blown spots, it’s not good. Estrada with a headscissor takedown and Steel cant even bump correctly off of that. Suplex gets two. Steel catches Estrada and gets a sideslam for two as the crowd chants for Estrada. Steel gets a dropkick off the middle rope then tosses Estrada to the floor. He flies out with a suicide dive then tosses Prsicilla after they argue. Estrada tosses Steel against the apron and they perform an ugly spot that ended with Estrada getting a DDT. Back inside, Steel rolls away form a split-legged moonsault. Estrada fights back but Steel knocks him of the top rope. Superplex gets two. Estrada gets a few clotheslines then a dropkick. Steel catches him and goes for the Twist of Cain but Estrada slips out. Steel gets a pair of Northern Lights Suplexes but cant put him away. He bounces off the ropes but Priscilla grabs his leg and Estrada rolls him up for the win (6:25) ¾*. Plumtree runs out and yells at the ref and he and Priscilla get into a fight as Steel beat on Estrada.
Thoughts: Lots of blown spots, which was to be expected. Ace Steel is awful and I have no idea why TNA was trying to push this guy. He is a ten year pro who fucks up multiple moves per match. It seems like they are building towards Estrada/Priscilla vs. Steel/Plumtree match, which no one cares about.  
A scroll at the bottom shows some of the auction items, such as being Vince Russo’s assistant for the day or waterskiing with Jeff Jarrett.
Syxx Pac comes down to the ring. He says that AJ is a world-class wrestler and that he was too worried about screwing with Lawler and that cost him the title. He calls April a piece of ass then says we can settle this now, with the winner getting April. Lawler comes out, looking preoccupied. He says he doesn’t want April and that she is used. April comes out and tells Lawler she loves him and that Syxx forced him to do what he did. Lawler comes to the ring and beats on Syxx Pac. The refs break this up as April looks happy at the chaos she created. Looks like this focus of this feud will be on April has a troublemaker. Hey, at least it doesn’t involve Necrophilia.  
West runs down next week’s show which includes:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig
Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title
Scott Hall vs. Ron Killings
Chris Harris & James Storm defend the Tag-Titles
NWA TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron Killings (Champion) vs. Curt Hennig
Hennig runs in and attacks Killings. He chops him in the corner and gets the necksnap. They go outside and Killings tosses him into the post. Hennig is already gassed. He beats the crap out of Hennig but misses an axe kick and crotches himself on the guardrail. Hennig beats Killings until he gets choked out by the camera cord. Killings taunts the crowd with pelvic thrusts then rolls Hennig into the ring. Killings gets a snapmare then hits a legdrop off the second rope, getting two. Axe kick and Killings taunts the crowd some more. Fistdrop from the second rope by the Truth and he backs him into the corner. Wheelbarrow slam gets two. Killings works Hennig over in the corner until he fights back. However Killings comes back with a flying forearm then flexes. Hennig reverses a stomp and puts on an ankle lock. Truth reaches the ropes but Hennig goes back on offense as the crowd is dying. Hennig goes low then hits a backdrop. Mr. Wrestling III runs in but Hennig beats on him then tries to unmask. Truth nails Hennig from behind with brass knuckles and gets the pin (8:29) ¼*.
Thoughts: Bad match and not at all passable for a main event. Hennig is even worse in the ring than Scott Hall at this point. Killings desperately needs someone to feud with because the World Title value is diminishing due to insufficient challengers.  
A promo airs reading that “Evil Returns” next week. The music they used sounded just like Malice’s.  
Final Thoughts: Although much better than the past two weeks, this show still needs some improvements. Hennig and Hall are not helping this company any with their performances. The veterans are phoning it in as a whole. Also, there was way too much Brian Lawler on this show. No need for that as his looking for April interfered in almost every segment. The X Division title match was really good and the Siaki/Lynn match was fun but everything else was unremarkable. At least they are building coherent storylines, even if they are not exciting.

November PPV Countdown: WWF Survivor Series 1996

The Netcop Retro Rant for Survivor Series 96 Live from New York, NY Your hosts are Jim Ross & Vince McMahon. Free-For-All match: Bart Gunn, Jesse Jammes, Aldo Montoya & Bob Holly v. Billy Gunn, Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, Salvatore Sincere & The Sultan. I only include the pre-game match because it’s the Elephant Graveyard of Dead Gimmicks. Sultan (Today: Rikishi Fatu, Sumo Wrestler) gets rid of Aldo (Today: Justin Credible) with a camel clutch without too much trouble. (The Sultan actually lasted for more than SIX MONTHS?  That’s mind-boggling.)  We take a short break in the action an AWESOME Austin-Hart promo. We return with Bart Gunn (Today: Mike Burton) (Barton, actually, although he’s long retired now anyway) taking a beating. He rallies to get Sal Sincere (Today: Tom Brandi) (and The Patriot now) on a side slam. Justin Bradshaw (Today: Bradshaw) dominates Bob Holly (Today: Hardcore Holly) and pins him with the lariat. Jesse Jammes (Today: Road Dogg) cradles him in turn and pins him. Sultan comes in and suffers the same fate. Billy Gunn (Today: Mr. Ass) hits a fame-asser on Jammes and gets him, leaving the epic Smoking Gunns battle. It ends quickly as Bart gets the pin off a forearm shot at 10:42. Not bad, if totally rushed and all. **1/4  (Yes, your sole survivor is BART GUNN.  Also reasonably notable for featuring the NEW MIDNIGHT EXPRESS teaming up before taking the tag division by storm in 1998.)  On with the show for real… Opening match: Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Leif Cassidy & Marty Jannetty v. Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, Phineas Godwinn & Henry Godwinn. Well, 6 out of 8 isn’t bad. Slow start with Godwinns & Rockers squaring off. I still love Leif Cassidy and I wish Al Snow would channel that character (and specifically his workrate) again. (He’s certainly channelling something with those jackets he’s wearing now.)  HOG pins Jannetty with a slop drop. Owen dives in and gets HOG in turn with a leg lariat. Davey then gets rid of Phineas quickly with a powerslam. Hey, the dead weight is all gone! Furnas gets dominated by Owen in a cool sequence. Lafon comes in and gets Leif on a wild inverted superplex. Owen takes over on him, however, and it’s another great sequence. Lafon gets the Bulldog on a complex sunset flip, leaving Owen 2-on-1. Bulldog clips Lafon on the way out, however, evening the odds a bit. Owen works on the knee, and the Sharpshooter is broken up by Furnas. Furnas then gets the tag and absolutely destroys Owen with a series of suplexes, ending with a release german suplex, that looked like it could have broke Owen’s neck, for the pin at 20:38. Great opener, and a reminder of how great Owen was. ***3/4 Survivors: Furnas & Lafon.  (Still don’t understand why they didn’t just run Bulldog & Owen v. Furnas & Lafon at Wrestlemania instead of the wacky Mankind/Vader tag match we got instead.)  Mankind v. Undertaker. This was the debut of UT’s current biker look, with the black leather suit. (“Current” being 2000.)  Paul Bearer is suspended in a cage for this. UT is wearing bat wings and is lowered from the ceiling, for those who care about that sort of thing. This would be a rematch from the first Buried Alive match, where UT was, well, buried alive by Mankind. Taker goes all UFC to start, working on Mick’s arm to neutralize the mandible claw. (That is actually a solid idea.  Matt Striker would approve!)  UT no-sells the Cactus clothesline and they brawl into the crowd. Back in the ring and Mick controls, but UT bites his hand. Mick gets the claw but UT tosses him to the floor. UT hits the ropewalk for two. Mankind puts him down and goes to the top, but gets caught coming down. Mick counters with the Mandible Claw, however. Taker fights it off and chokeslams him, which was a really cool spot. Taker rolls out to take a breather and Mankind tries a somersault off the apron and misses, as usual. Back in the ring, and Mankind finds an object in his tights and plays Jerry Lawler with it. (That sounds wrong.)  UT fights him off in the corner, however, and powers him into the tombstone for the pin at 14:49. God damn, no one gets the best out of Mark like Mick. ***  (Shawn and HHH would have something to say about that.  This seemed like almost a preview of the future main event style, though.)  UT gets five minutes with Paul as a result, but the Executioner (Terry Gordy) breaks it up and Bearer escapes. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Crush, Goldust & Jerry Lawler v. Marc Mero, Rocky Maivia, Barry Windham & Jake Roberts. Rocky looks like such a tool. (Rocky was a tool.  The Rock is awesome, though.)  Hey, who’s the blonde chick at ringside with Mero? Rena-something, right?  (We’re now progressing to the point where Sable has become a semi-obscure reference again for wrestling fans.)  I would be remiss in not mentioning Sunny’s color commentary here as she goes all catty on Rena and squabbles with JR. She also claims to never smoke OR drink. (Someone should send that soundbite to Bryan Alvarez for his radio show bits.)  Right, and I’m not the least bit biased or capitalistic. Incredibly boring start, until Rocky comes in and gets walloped. Hey, what’s that stuff he’s doing, where he gets hit and acts like he’s hurt? Oh yeah, it’s SELLING. It’s been so long since he’s done it, I’d forgotten he could. (Back off, 2000 Scott.)  He hot tags Jake, who promptly gets a beating in the enemy corner. Lawler’s mocking of Jake is hilarious, until he takes a DDT and gets pinned. Oops. Windham then goes quietly from a Curtain Call via Goldust. HHH comes comes in and USES THE KNEE. Only took him 14 minutes to work it in. Boring Mero-HHH segment ends with Mero hitting the Merosault for the pin. He gets knocked out of the ring right after and counted out, then Crush heart-punches Jake and pins him. (Astonishing that Jake actually managed to outlive Bryan Adams.)  So it’s Rock 2-on-1. They double-team him, but heel miscommunication wackiness allows a quick pin on Crush. Shoulderbreaker gets Goldust at 23:42 for a big face pop. Man, THAT sure didn’t last long after this match. Match was horrible, by the way. 1/2* Survivor: Rocky Maivia.  (ALL THE MONEY:  Rocky Maivia.)  Bret Hart v. Steve Austin. Austin gets all in Bret’s face, and a slugfest erupts. They trade hammerlocks, and Austin gains the advantage with power moves. Bret rallies, but gets caught with a stungun. Austin works the neck, and another slugfest develops. Bret comes back with an inverted atomic drop and a rollup for two. Russian legsweep gets two. Bulldog is countered by Austin, but Bret manages a top rope elbow for two. They fight outside, and Austin rams him into the post. Bret gets pissed and they fight into the crowd. Austin catapults Bret onto the spanish table and pounds him. He drops an elbow from the apron for good measure. Back in the ring, Austin continues punishing the neck. He uses that good ol’ heel standby: The rope-assisted abdominal stretch. Bret breaks and gets a stungun on Austin in a neat bit of irony. Rolling cradle gets two. To the top, but Austin gets a superplex. Bret pulls a Dynamite Kid and cradles Austin on the mat, however, for a two count. Austin manages the Stunner out of nowhere, but takes half a second too long to cover and only gets two. He keeps covering and gets two more two counts. You NEVER see that anymore. I can understand the kickout, since Austin didn’t kick him in the gut and flip him the bird first. Austin tries a Texas Cloverleaf, and I’m thinking Vince must be going nuts trying not to jump up and yell “RING THE BELL” from ringside. Austin sends Bret crashing to the post, but Bret reverses a bow-and-arrow into the Sharpshooter. Austin makes the ropes. Bret gets a sleeper, Austin breaks, and hooks the Million Dollar Dream. Bret walks the ropes and flips over for the pin at 28:34 to end an INCREDIBLE match, possibly the last, best match in North America before the Great Changeover to the Austin era in 1997. *****  (And they had ANOTHER, totally different ***** match just six months later at Wrestlemania!)  Faarooq, “Diesel”, “Razor Ramon” & Vader v. Flash Funk, Savio Vega, Yokozuna & Jimmy Snuka. Yeah, it’s the letdown of letdowns here, as the MYSTERY PARTNER OF DOOM turned out to the Superfly. (For months afterwards that became the standard running gag in our group, as whenever any sort of reveal or partner was teased, we would assume that the Superfly music would start playing to pay if off.)  This would be the debut of the retooled Faarooq and his Nation of Domination, Version 1.0. Vader & Funk start, with Funk pulling out a moonsault to the floor right away. Back in the ring, and “Razor” dominates Savio. Have I mentioned recently how utterly retarded that whole angle was? (It was pretty retarded.  Perhaps if they had been repackaged as a masked biker gang instead?)  Yoko is so grotesquely, utterly, FAT here that I’m shocked he didn’t drop dead from walking to the ring. Big Daddy Dentist gets beat up in the face corner, but comes back to powerbomb Savio for the pin during a melee. Snuka gets the superfly splash on “Razor” for the pin, but then a big brawl erupts and everyone is DQ’d at 9:42 for the lamest ending ever in a Survivor Series match. DUD Survivors: None.  (Yeah, that happened.)  WWF World title: Shawn Michaels v. Sid. Crowd reaction to Shawn is mixed, to say the least. (I’d have called it “John Cena-like” if it was a few years later.)  Sid pounds on Shawn to start, and gets a big face pop. They get into a slugfest, which is pretty dumb on Shawn’s part. A foot race erupts, and Shawn clips Sid back in the ring, drawing big heel heat. The crowd reactions are almost as interesting as the match. Then the crowd actually starts chanting “Let’s Go Sid” during a figure-four. Sid shakes it off and starts overpowering Shawn, who then goes back to the knee and gets mad boos. Shawn does the skin-the-cat move back into the ring, and gets clotheslined by Sid. Heh. They fight outside, and Sid kills him. Back in the ring, more pummelling. Shawn manages to get to the top, but gets caught coming down with a shoulderbreaker from Sid for two. Shawn asks for more, so Sid pastes him a few times. Shawn comes back with a slam, but misses whatever from the top. Sid hits the cobra clutch, getting a two count. HBK escapes and tries the superkick, but Sid simply catches him and chokeslams him to a BIG pop. The psychology here is actually terrific, which is shocking for a Sid match. Powerbomb attempt, but Shawn reverses to a small package for two. Shawn makes the comeback, kips up, and Sid rips his head off. YEAH! Damn, I’m marking out for Sid, what the hell’s wrong with me? Sid grabs the camera from the cameraman at ringside (before y’all e-mail me, YES, I know this was “stolen” from November to Remember the night before) and nails Jose Lothario with it, who proceeds to overact a heart attack. Frighteningly, the crowd CHEERS this. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music, but decides to check on Jose instead of covering. That costs him the match, as the ref gets bumped when Shawn gets back in, so Sid hits him with the camera to knock him out, then powerbombs and pins him to win his first World title (or major title of any kind for that matter) at 19:59. MAJOR face pop for that. This was quite possibly Sid’s best match ever, to boot. **** Shawn began a quasi-heel turn in the weeks following, which was logical, but then he did a 180 and turned face again at Royal Rumble 97, which surprised the hell out of basically everyone in the know. The Bottom Line: What the hell was I thinking back then? THIS SHOW ROCKS, BABEE! Everyone kept e-mailing me and telling me I was nuts for panning it in my “Guide to Every PPV, Ever” but I thought it was THEM who were off. Man, goes to show what difference three years makes in your thinking sometimes. Highly recommended for great wrestling and big historical value.

Fwd: 2012 Scott Sez

Good evening,

Hope all is well. Have been keeping up with your work since the late 90s – have been very much enjoying the Scott Sez series this past year.

Ran across this (http://rspw.org/faq/4-keithfaq.txt) while browsing (I was reading Lucy Punch's Wiki page, which noted that she was in an episode of TNT's Robin Hood. That page actually has a link to that – small world) and thought it might make an interesting topic for a Scott Sez, or just general discussion. It was nice running across it either way – haven't seen it since I was about 15 years old.


I know that's my namesake document, but there's SO much wrong with it.  It was written with the intention of finally updating and expanding the ancient (92-93 era) Frequently Asked Questions list for RSPW (thus why I'm always rspwfaq, get it?) and I went a bit overboard with the opinionizing.  My first draft was described to me as "The Wrestling World According to Scott Keith" and I toned it WAY down from that, so keep that in mind.  Plus I basically wrote it over the course of a weekend.  If I even had Wikipedia around back then I'd have done it a lot differently.  

Fwd: New message from Luke Matheis

Hey Scott,
Longtime fan, writing to you to see if you could give me a plug on the blog for a play I’ve been cast in for all your readers in the Los Angeles area. I am participating in the Next Stage Theater production of Darkside of the Moon, done entirely to the Pink Floyd album. It goes up Sunday November 18 and will be doing an 8 week run on Sundays at 8pm. The address of the theater is 1523 N. La Brea Ave.2nd FLoor, Los Angeles, CA, 90028. Tickets are $20 a piece. Also if they mention they are there to see Luke, I get $5 for each ticket sold in my name.
Please and Thank you,

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact–11.08.12

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact – 11.08.12 RIP Strikeforce. But if it means Ronda Rousey armbarring chicks into submission on FOX instead of Showtime, it’s worth the sacrifice. Live from Orlando, FL Your hosts are Todd Keneley (…KENELEY!) and Jeremy Borash, then Taz & Tenay. Meanwhile, in the top secret Aces & Eights clubhouse, they chew out “DOC” (The Director of Chaos) for losing his mask while still a prospect, which is like the mysterious biker gang equivalent of wearing white after Labor Day. I mean, geez, who DOESN’T know that you never lose your mask while you’re just a prospect? Bobby Roode v. AJ Styles You know, for as interesting as the stipulation in the Roode/Storm/AJ three-way is, you have to hope that James Storm the person is smart enough not to bite on it if they tell him “You’ll lose here and then we’ll build you up for the big win next year at Bound For Glory!” You’d have to think it’s Roode beating AJ to get the shot. Anyway, Roode works a headlock on AJ to start, but walks into AJ’s dropkick. Roode comes back and hammers away in the corner, and we take a break. Back with Roode dropping AJ on the top rope and following with a BUFF BLOCKBUSTER for two. The announcers discuss the “Hire A Veteran” program advertised on the ring, which leads to me to wonder: Do the Monday Night Wars count? Because TNA hired a lot of those veterans and it didn’t really do much for them. Roode holds a chinlock, but AJ comes back with a corner splash and slugs away in the corner. Roode goes up and AJ brings him down with a rana for two. Roode hits him with a spinebuster for two, but misses the spear and AJ tries the Clash. Roode then evades the Pele and hits the fisherman’s suplex for two. Roode gets frustrated and grabs a chair, but that draws Storm out to protest, allowing AJ to hit him with a springboard to the floor. Back in, AJ tries another springboard, but Roode trips him up and pins him at 14:55. Mostly a PPV-quality opener. ***1/4 Joseph Park is out to let us know that the human body isn’t meant to go through tables, and unmasking DOC felt great. He needs to feel like a man, and only Hulk Hogan can make that happen! Wait, that sounds wrong. Hogan comes out, presumably to nix the match against Aces and Eights, but Bully Ray cuts him off and defends Park’s right to stand up for the company. Bully is just tremendous as a babyface here rallying the fans. So Hogan says “Yes”, and presumably we’ll get Park v. DOC at the PPV. Meanwhile, ODB challenges Tara & Jesse to a match NEXT. Jesse is pretty hilarious as a deluded douchebag, but he’s just got nothing in the ring to back it up. ODB v. Tara & Jesse Godderz ODB holds them both off, but Tara chokes her down until ODB makes the comeback with clotheslines. She slams both of them on each other and sends Tara headfirst into Jesse’s crotch to set up a broncobuster,then finishes Tara with a spear at 2:38. The heel beatdown follows to set up Tara & Jesse v. ODB & Eric at the PPV, assuming he shows up. DUD Meanwhile, the Gut Check judges talk about Christian York. And Snow’s jacket. Kurt Angle & Sting v. Devon & DOC Sting pounds away on DOC to start, but gets taken down and pounded. Devon slugs Sting down in the corner and drops an elbow for two. DOC drops elbows for two. Suplex gets two. So is DOC named after the Billy Ray Cyrus show or the dwarf? Either way, it’s a dumb name for a supposed badass. Sting continues to get beat up in the heel corner. See, now we get into the fundamental problem with the Aces storyline once they’re unmasked, because you’re left with Reverend Devon and Festus as your big heel team while you tread water waiting for the reveal of the leader. Sting and DOC clothesline each other and it’s hot tag Angle, as he hits DOC with a missile dropkick and suplexes him to follow. Angle Slam on Devon gets two and Sting puts DOC in the Deathlock, but Devon brings in the bat for the DQ at 5:40. That cad. Nothing going on here. ** Bully Ray is more than happy to come in and kick Devon’s ass, but can’t catch him. And then it’s another Aces beatdown on Sting and Angle, resulting in Sting getting chokeslammed through the table. And then they presumably break his hand with a hammer, perhaps having seen Casino one time too many and confusing him with a blackjack cheat in a fit of Red Bull-fueled hysteria. See, you people who want TV-14 back again in WWE? THIS IS WHAT YOU GET. Like really, there’s suspension of disbelief with stuff like chairshots, but a hammer to the hand? With a camera angle clearly showing that it was missing by six inches? That’s just insulting. And then it’s like “Well, a dude’s hands just got shattered by a hammer live on TV…GUT CHECK IS NEXT!” Gut Check: Al Snow’s jacket deserves the contract moreso than York. Taz is an immediate Yes, Bruce thinks he’s lacking something but votes Yes, and we don’t even hear from Snow’s jacket. That was a no-brainer and he probably should have went over Zema Ion last week as well. Hopefully he can quit his job serving salad at the deli now. Or was that Mickey Rourke? Oh well, either way. Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan bans Matt Morgan from ringside at the PPV, and then smiles knowingly after he leaves. JUST KISS ALREADY. But for the love of god don’t let Bubba make a sex tape afterwards. Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Magnus v. Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez & Samoa Joe MEXI-JOE! Chavo pounds on Daniels to start and the poor guy gets pinballed in the babyface corner, as does Kazarian. Joe chases Daniels around and gets caught by Magnus as a result, and the heels take over. Joe decides to just beat the hell out of Daniels instead of selling, so that’s cool, and Chavo comes in with a senton to set up an overhead suplex from Hernandez. Chavo with a seated dropkick for two. He stops to lip off at Magnus, however, and Daniels hits him in the shoulder to make Chavo YOUR stereotype in peril. Kazarian gets two off that. Magnus slugs away in the corner and Daniels gets the GANGNUM STYLE neckbreaker for two. Kazarian with a legdrop for two. Kazarian works on the shoulder, but Chavo comes back with a flying headscissors and it’s hot tag Hernandez. Pounce for Daniels and he suplexes both heels and brings Joe back in. He boots Magnus down and powerslams him, but misses the corner splash. Magnus charges and Joe hits him with the uranage and it’s BONZO GONZO. Hernandez hits Daniels with the MEXICAN OUTTA CONTROL dive and Chavo bulldogs Magnus in the ring, but Kazarian distracts him. Joe puts Daniels in the choke, but the heels go high-low on him and Magnus finishes with a flying elbow at 10:50. Man, that turned into a hell of a match at the end. ***1/2 Main Event Interview: Austin Aries takes a shot at CM Punk being “best in the world” when clearly he’s best in the entire universe. I dunno, I hear there’s some developmental kids in the Beta Cygnus system that are knocking ‘em dead. Anyway, Aries promises that Jeff will take his last great fall on Sunday, and he’ll personally melt the ugly Hardy belt down and turn it into a belt buckle so he can wear his face by his crotch. And if Jeff wants the real belt back, he can come take it like a man instead of hiding behind Hogan. So Hardy comes out, Aries runs away, and Jeff gets the belt back. And then as Jeff is posing on the ladder, Aries BLINDSIDES him That’s just great. Obviously he’s not winning the belt back again, but that was a satisfying visual to end the show. The Pulse I have to say I enjoyed much more of the show than could be dragged down by the Aces nonsense, although they did a piss-poor job of clarifying what the actual matches involved in the Aces storyline were until the PPV hype segment. I would have guessed Bully & Park v. DOC & Devon, but I guess it’s Devon v. Angle and Park v. DOC and no Bully to be found. That’s kind of weird. Anyway, two great TV matches and a PPV I would totally buy if I wasn’t busy on Sunday already make for a thumbs up show this week.

NXT – November 7, 2012

Date: November 8, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: William
Regal, Tony Luftman, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight the focus of
the show is on the fourway between Mahal, Dallas, Gabriel and
McIntyre with the winner getting a shot at the NXT Title I believe
next week. However that’s not the most interesting thing we might
see tonight. More importantly: will Big E. Langston get to talk
about the number five anymore? That’s what I want to hear more than
anything else. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
the announcement of the fourway last week.
Theme song.
Kassius Ohno vs.
Trent Barreta
This is a rematch from
two weeks ago where Richie Steamboat cost Ohno the match. Trent
chops away to start and Kassius hides on the apron. Barreta tries a
sunset powerbomb to the floor but Ohno kicks him in the head to
escape. Back in and it’s a dragon sleeper by Ohno which is treated
like any other hold here. Regal says Trent enjoys pain because it
makes him feel alive. Well I guess it would.
Trent’s enziguri is
blocked and Ohno gets two off a rollup. Barreta gets the same off a
tornado DDT and Ohno is staggered. They trade elbows before Kassius
kicks Trent in the face for two. Kassius puts Trent on top, only to
be shoved off and caught by a missile dropkick. Trent loads up the
running knee but Kassius ducks to the floor. Back in and the
spinning elbow to the head gets the pin for Kassius at 6:08.
Rating: C-.
I’m not sure what it was but this didn’t work too well. The
chemistry didn’t work here as it was like they were just trading
moves while building to nothing. It wasn’t terrible or even bad but
it felt more like a collection of spots instead of a flowing match if
that makes any sense.
Post match Trent ducks
another elbow and dropkicks Ohno.
Cory Graves talks about
how his tattoos tell his story and says come and read them.
Big E. Langston vs.
Memo Montenegro
Langston starts a FIVE
chant before shoving Memo down to the mat. A big clothesline kills
Memo and the slam drop gets the pin for Langston at 1:00.
Langston does the drop
again and counts five himself to a big pop. It’s remarkable how such
a simple idea can get so over. The fans DEMAND he does it again but
they get Vickie on the screen instead. She’s issues a five thousand
dollar bounty on him and promises to laugh last. Langston is annoyed
and goes to drop Memo again, but some guy named Chad Baxter jumps
Langston. You can figure out what comes next yourselves.
Jason Jordan is in the
ring for a match but HE’S BACK!!! AND HE’S GOT A MIC! Bray Wyatt I
mean, as in the former Husky Harris who is now doing a freaky gimmick
that seems to be inspired by the villain from Cape Fear. He says
that he’s back with his wings healed, then he says something in some
other language. Wyatt talks about taking us to the top of a mountain
so we can watch everything turn to ash and then fly away. Jordan
wants to fight right now but Wyatt says he’s a monster that is never
alone. An even scarier looking guy comes to the ring to fight Jordan
for him.
??? vs. Jason Jordan
The guy who isn’t named
yet is played by former indy guy Brodie Lee, a pretty tall guy who I
think had a truck driver gimmick. Regal thinks Lee (who isn’t named
here mind you but it’s the only think I know to call him) just came
out of a swamp. He kills Jordan with HARD punches and a big
clothesline gets two. Lee misses a big boot in the corner so Jordan
goes for the knee. That goes well for about eight seconds before Lee
DESTROYS him with a Boss Man Slam for the pin at 2:18.
Wyatt says that this is
the first son of the Wyatt Family and his name is Luke Harper. This
was awesome.
Roman Reigns comes out
for an interview but says he doesn’t need Saxton for this. Reigns
says he’s sure people are doing better now that Saxton is gone and
he’s here. He says that when you’re the man like he is, all you have
to do is get up. Whether you’re with him or against him, it’s
irrelevant because everyone wants to be Roman Reigns. What he said
was fine, but he sounded scared to be talking. He’s got to work on
that for a gimmick like this.
Justin Gabriel vs.
Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
The winner gets a title
shot at some point in the future and this is under elimination rules
with no tagging. Drew and Gabriel fight in one corner while Dallas
and Mahal do so in another. The heels both get knocked to the floor
and Dallas hits a baseball slide to take McIntyre out. Gabriel dives
onto all three guys as we take a break. Back with Mahal suplexing
Dallas for two. Jinder and Drew tease a fight but instead they both
stomp on Dallas.
McIntyre kicks Mahal
down as the South African cross bodies the Scotsman who kicked the
Indian in the head after beating up the American. JR’s words, not
mine. Gabriel hits an STO on Dallas and knocks him to the floor. A
spinning sitout powerbomb puts Mahal down and there’s the 450, but
Gabriel hurt himself in the process. Drew dumps Justin to the floor
but Dallas spears McIntyre down for the elimination. He also spears
a diving Gabriel out of the air and we’re down to one on one with
Dallas vs. Mahal.
We take another break
and come back with Dallas knocking Mahal down and screaming a lot.
We head to the floor and Dallas gets sent into the steps to give
Mahal control. The title match is indeed next week. Mahal drops a
bunch of knees for two which frustrates him. A jumping knee to the
head gets the same result, as does a full nelson slam. Dallas breaks
up what appeared to be a Rock Bottom and hits a powerslam to put
Mahal down. The spear misses though and the camel clutch gives Mahal
the win at 8:26 shown of 15:26.
Rating: B-.
This was pretty entertaining and while I’m not crazy about Mahal
getting another shot, it’s only his second so it hasn’t been driven
into the ground yet. Having four guys in there was a fine idea and
they didn’t feel like they were just filling in spots, which is a
good thing. Fine main event here and it sets up something later,
which is even more important.
Post match Dallas is
put in the Clutch again but Rollins makes the save. Seth gets beaten
down too and a staredown between he and Mahal ends the show.
Overall Rating: B+.
This was an awesome show overall with the highlight being the return
of Wyatt, who might have the best gimmick in wrestling today. The
cool part about that is you can’t really put your finger on what it
is, which is what makes monsters creepy. They’re unknown, which can
be quite frightening. I’m digging NXT a lot right now as it comes
off like a full on promotion where the gimmicks don’t overlap and you
really don’t know if one person could beat another. That’s never the
case in WWE where it’s easy to tell who is going to win most matches
and feuds. Great show this week.
Ohno b. Trent Barreta – OBE
E. Langston b. Memo Montenegro – Slam Drop
Harper b. Jason Jordan – Spinning Boss Man Slam
Mahal b. Justin Gabriel, Bo Dallas and Drew McIntyre – Camel clutch
to Dallas
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Fwd: If the Iron Sheik was just starting out…

Hi Scott. Here's a question for you and the blog:

If The Iron Sheik was a rookie today, what kind of character would he play?

Would WWE push him as an over-the-top, foreign heel, like they did in the 1980s? He certainly had the charisma for it, and tensions between Iran and America are almost as bad today.

Or would the focus be on the Sheik's background as a legit wrestler? It could be both, I guess, but I feel like he'd work a different style, depending.


Sheik would literally never make it out of developmental.  They'd say he can't talk, and he's too short to be on TV.  
If by some miracle he got to the main roster instead of going to MMA like anyone with legit cred is doing now, he'd be a comedy figure like Khali.  But I think it's more likely he'd simply have trained for MMA and never bothered with pro wrestling at all.  

Fwd: Kickstarter

Heya, big fan of the blog. I'm not associated with this, but your audience would probably be interested. I've been watching the progress of this project for a while and they finally got a Kickstarter up. Some more exposure might do this some good. Marketed as a mix of the N64 games and Fire Pro.

I've heard of this project.  Hope it does well for them!

Monday Nitro – June 16, 1997

Nitro #92
Date: June 16, 1997
Location: United
Center, Chicago, Illinois
Attendance: 16,500
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
First and foremost,
this would have been my mom’s birthday so happy birthday to her.
Other than that we’re past the Great American bash and we’re heading
for Bash at the Beach. Nothing significant came out of last night’s
show other than Savage evening the feud with Page by pinning him.
The Outsiders kept the belts (of course) and other than that we’re
pretty much in the same place we were before the show last night.
Let’s get to it.

The NWO arrives in the
back to open the show. Rodman is here with them tonight and we’re in
the town of the team he plays for. I wonder who is going to get the
loudest cheers tonight. We get a long tracking show that takes us
from their car arriving to them coming into the arena. Bischoff,
Hogan and Rodman get into the ring with Eric bowing down to them.
Hogan laughs at Luger and Giant for wanting to face them at the Bash.
Hulk does his normal trash talking and Rodman sounds like an
intoxicated non-wrestler trying to fire up a crowd which happens to
love him. That’s about it.
The announcers talk
about the PPV last night a bit.
Mortis vs. Glacier
The brawl starts on the
floor before the bell with Glacier being sent into the barricade.
Mortis tries a Fameasser on the steps but Glacier pulls him down onto
them instead. They head inside and slug it out with Mortis taking
over. Wrath comes out and Mortis hits a Fameasser off the middle
rope for two. Mortis gets sent into Wrath and a superkick gives
Glacier the pin.
Wrath comes in for a
beatdown along with Mortis until Ernest Miller makes the
save…..again. Security comes in to take Miller out but Glacier
says no.
Here’s Madusa who lost
a title vs. career match last night. She says goodbye and no one
cares. Seriously, NO ONE cares. Why did she keep getting air time?
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
vs. Dean Malenko
This is happening
because Eddie Guerrero cost Dean the US Title last week. Dean calls
out Eddie but gets Chavo instead. Dean is fine with this and stomps
Chavo down in the corner. Chavo comes back with a dropkick and some
European uppercuts but Dean will have none of that. He swats away a
dropkick and we head to the floor so Dean can work on the knee a bit.

Chavo comes back with a
sunset flip for two and Malenko is getting mad. A suplex gets two
for Dean but instead of a good cover he looks around for Eddie. They
try Dean’s tilt-a-whirl into the tombstone but slip into a kind of
powerslam instead. Dean loads up the Cloverleaf for the submission
as Eddie comes out to watch on the stage.
Rating: C-.
Not much to see here but it was far more about the storyline than the
match itself. Chavo didn’t mean anything yet and wouldn’t for a few
more years. Eddie vs. Dean is one of those feuds that works almost
no matter why they’re fighting. It would wind up being great but Rey
would get involved with them soon enough.
Eddie leaves after just
looking at the ring.
Flair was on WCW’s
website earlier today.
Super Calo vs. La
This is because of last
week where La Parka attacked Calo with a chair after the six man tag.
La Parka immediately charges at him but misses a dropkick in the
corner. He runs Calo over with a clothesline and gets two off a kick
to the chest. Calo comes back with a flipping armdrag to send Parka
to the floor, followed by a flip dive that lands Calo in the crowd.
Back in and Parka kicks the leg out from under Calo and puts him in
the Tree of Woe. After taking him down, a flipping dive misses Calo
and a headscissors takes La Parka down for the unlikely pin.
Rating: C.
Not bad here but when you have Rey and Dean and Eddie, it’s kind of
hard to get fired up for Super Calo and La Parka. This wasn’t bad or
anything but it’s nothing of note at all. Calo was basically the
cruiserweight jobber while Parka was the big cruiserweight who never
did anything.
La Parka breaks a
plastic chair over his head post match.
Here are Luger and the
Giant for a chat. Luger talks about how Hogan and Rodman are too
cocky but he made Hogan give up last week. Giant wants to hurt
Rodman and Hogan. Luger wants to do it tonight.
Harlem Heat vs.
Amazing French Canadians
We get the Canadian
national anthem jazz before the match but the Canadians use the
distraction to jump the Heat. Harlem Heat won the #1 contendership
last night by beating the Steiners. Booker gets hot shotted to start
and it’s Jacques vs. Booker to get us going. Parker and Sherri get
into it on the floor and Oullette hits a splash in the corner on
An odd looking middle
rope elbow gets two for the former Qubecers and it’s off to Jacques.
Booker gets in a side kick on Oullette and it’s off to Stevie.
Parker loses a boot somewhere in there as the Heat hit the Heat Bomb
(powerbomb by Ray/elbow from Booker) but Jacques makes the save with
the boot. That gets two but the Big Apple (modified Hart Attack)
pins Jacques soon afterwards.
Rating: D+.
The French Canadians never meant anything in WCW and this would be
their last match with the company. I don’t remember if the Heat ever
got their shot but honestly I’d be stunned if they did. This was
basically a long workout for the Heat which doesn’t make for an
interesting match. Granted we’re about forty five minutes into this
show and nothing interesting has happened yet.
JJ says that Hogan and
Rodman will face Giant and Luger tonight. Harlem Heat come up and JJ
says because of the interference last night, Harlem Heat don’t get
the title shot. Next week it’s Steiners vs. Harlem Heat AGAIN for
the title shot. Vincent, the guy that interfered last night, says
that the interference was a gift from the NWO because the Outsiders
would beat up Harlem Heat. Vincent gets destroyed and no one saves
Cruiserweight Title:
Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
I’m assuming the title
is on the line here, which means Rey is challenging. The Outsiders
are here with Syxx. Syxx pounds away to start and after dropping Rey
with a flapjack, it’s HOUR NUMBER TWO!!! A pair of fast legdrops hit
Rey and Hall drops some ashes from his cigar on Mysterio’s neck. The
Bronco Buster keeps Rey in trouble as this is one sided so far.
Mysterio comes back
with a spin kick and hits a headscissors to take the champ down.
Syxx is sent to the floor and Rey hits a flip dive off the top to
take him out. Back in and Rey hits a top rope West Coast Pop but has
to beat up the Outsiders. Syxx kicks his head off and the Buzz
Killer gets the submission to retain the title.
Rating: C+.
This is the best match of the show so far and much better than the
other cruiserweight match. Mysterio was awesome when his knees
weren’t falling apart and he had someone in the ring that could keep
up with him. As soon as you saw the Outsiders out there though you
knew the ending, which sums up Nitro in a nutshell.
The Outsiders kill Rey
post match and get a mic. They talk about how they beat up Flair and
Piper last night and keep smoking the cigars. Hall brings out Savage
who also won last night. Savage brags about winning last night and
praises Hogan a bit. Page and Kimberly pop up in the crowd and they
bicker a bit. Page wants a tag match at Bash at the Beach. He has a
mystery partner and tells Savage to get one of his own.
Ultimo Dragon vs.
Chris Jericho
We’re told that Syxx is
defending against Jericho on Saturday Night. Jericho turns down an
offer from Sonny Onoo on the way to the ring. Things start very fast
with Jericho taking him down with a shoulder and a leg drop gets two.
Off to a surfboard hold by Jericho but Dragon comes back with the
rapid fire kicks. Jericho dropkicks him to the floor and mostly
misses a dropkick to the floor. They trade rollups back inside but
Jericho counters a rana into the double powerbomb. More rollups are
traded until the Tiger Suplex gets the pin for the Dragon.
Rating: C+.
This was another fast paced match as the focus tonight has been on
the cruiserweights. Jericho would get a lot better very soon while
the Dragon would get the TV Title later on in the summer. The ending
here was good stuff as they were moving around very fast with a bunch
of near falls, which is always cool to see.
Road Report.
Piper has something to
say now. He runs down Rodman, making him the biggest heel in the
arena tonight. Piper complains about Flair leaving him in the tag
match last night but he doesn’t believe Flair did it out of malice.
He calls Flair out with Naitch confirming that he didn’t do it to
hurt Piper. That’s it.
Scott Norton/Buff
Bagwell vs. Jeff Jarrett/Steve McMichael
Mongo vs. Norton to
start things off with Scott taking over with a corner splash. Mongo
comes back with a bulldog and a three point clothesline. Off to the
US Champion (Jarrett) who gets double teamed almost immediately.
Jeff comes back with a dropkick to send Norton into the corner but
walks into a bearhug. Off to Buff who runs his mouth a lot but gets
caught in an atomic drop.
Jeff hits a swinging
neckbreaker for no cover and won’t tag. A running crotch attack to
Buff’s neck keeps him down but Jeff still won’t tag. Jeff hits a
middle rope elbow but gets clotheslined down by Buff. Buff slaps the
taste out of Mongo’s mouth which results in a Horsemen double team.
Jarrett struts….and Mongo tombstones him, drawing a HUGE face pop.
This is due to last night when Jarrett accidentally hit Mongo in his
match with Greene. Bagwell gets the easy pin. Debra leaves with
Rating: D+.
Nothing to see here as was the case with most Jarrett and Mongo
matches of this era. They put the US Title on both guys and to the
shock of no one payint attention, no one cared. Buff and Norton
would wind up being the low level NWO tag team who went nowhere
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Hulk Hogan/Dennis
Rodman vs. Lex Luger/The Giant
Rodman is holding the
belt as they come out. Before the match, Hogan runs his mouth a bit
about hanging with Savage in the back. Rodman says he’s ready so we
take a break. Luger and Giant haven’t come out yet. Back from the
break and there’s still no Luger or Giant. Rodman says they’re
leaving but as they head up the aisle, here are Luger and Giant.
Hogan and Rodman get back in the ring and it’s quickly a brawl. By
brawl I mean Giant almost chokeslams Rodman until Hogan makes the
save. Rodman hits Hogan with the belt and Hogan does the same to
Luger. Here’s the Wolfpack for the big beatdown. No match.
The Outsiders and Syxx
beat on both guys and Rodman spraypaints Giant. The ring fills up
with trash and the NWO celebrates to end the show. No Sting.
Overall Rating: D+.
This wasn’t a very good show. The cruiserweight stuff was pretty
good but it’s nothing of note. This was about setting up the tag
match at Bash at the Beach but it’s another celebrity match, which
hasn’t been any good the first two times, so why should I be
interested in the third one? This wasn’t a particularly good show
but I’ve seen far worse.
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Fwd: Piper bashes Linda


Wonder if Piper will go the 2003 route and be brought back just to have embarrassingly bad matches, and be asked to take a stinkface from Rikishi just for talking about Owen's death?

Piper's had a fairly steady gig on Vintage Collection recently, too, so it's especially surprising that he'd suddenly be biting the hand that feeds.  
In related news, the McMahon's personal worth has now dropped to $230 million after the election shenanigans, according to the latest WON.  So I'm thinking we can file this one under "failure".