Ufc (154 spoilers)

Hey Scott, sure you know the results from ufc 154 but I'm a little manic about spoilers…

Anyway, Silva Superfights… after 154 which Silva superfight (if any) are you most wanting to see, GSP or Jones? And how would you want them go? Ideally I see Silva beating GSP first, then going on to Jones. But I don't know if I'd be rooting for Jones to win and send him on his way to heavyweight with that historic win, or for Silva to pull the upset (?) and retire with streak intact a la Undertaker… Or am I discounting GSP too easily before we even get to that point? Fantasy booking UFC obviously is even dumber than fantasy booking wrestling, but any thoughts?

It's not really a fair fight for GSP because Silva is a guy who walks around at 205 and has no problem fighting at that weight, whereas GSP would have to move up a lot of weight just to meet him in the middle.  I think that Jones v. Silva would be the better fight for both guys, because there's more upside for Jones to beat Silva and cement his legacy and Silva would have a better chance of beating Jones than anyone else. Although really, what do Silva or GSP have left to prove at this point?  Either way, White will drive a dump truck full of money up to someone's door and one of the fights will happen, no matter how the participants protest.  

The Only Review of No Way Out 2012 That You’ll Ever Need

This is brought to you via a request from Jobber123. Any other requests, movie or wrestling, or pretty much whatever you’d like to see reviewed, just let me know in the comments, or email at [email protected] . I’m also up for answering questions, mailbag style if you guys would like.

Before we get started, I thought I’d list my Top 5 favorite matches, so you guys have a reference point for how I see & rate matches.

1. Mick Foley vs Randy Orton – Backlash 2004
2. Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect – SummerSlam 1991
3. CM Punk vs Jericho – Extreme Rules 2012
4. Kurt Angle vs Undertaker – NWO 2006
5. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock – WMX8

I have absolutely no idea what’s on this card, besides the triple threat, so I’m actually looking forward to it.

Sheamus [C] vs Dolph Ziggler – World Heavyweight Championship
I had my fingers crossed that it wasn’t Del Rio, so now I can look forward to this bout. Geez, Sheamus really is a smiling goof, isn’t he? A few minutes in, and the match is really working. It reminds me of Freddy vs Jason, in that Sheamus is Jason, a big monster who chooses his attacks, and when you’re hit, you’re down. Then obviously Dolph is Freddy, who’s extremely quick and agile, hitting you 10 times before you have a chance to block the first attempt. It’s great how in the beginning, Dolph could barely get a 1 count, now as the match moves along, he’s getting longer 2 counts the more he lays into Sheamus. I’d also like to give some credit to Vickie, she really is a great heel manager. This really is great so far. I haven’t seen a match where a guy truly makes himself in it in years. I’m buying Ziggler as a legit threat because of this match alone now. The crowd agrees as they chant like CRAZY for him! Now what’s gonna happen? Alberto will get the feud, then Big Show gets the strap, and THAT’S why the E is where it’s at now. This is a great match, and further proof that Ziggler is the future. However, he may end up being the future for another company.
Ziggler eats the Brouge Kick, giving Sheamus the pin at 15:10 | ****

Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez – Tuxedo Match
You know, Ricardo is actually a talent. He knows how to play the Bobby Heenan style heel better than I’ve seen anyone since, well, Bobby. I know Santino annoys others, but I think he’s damn funny. Ater Ricardo rips his pocket, Santino looks at him with disbelief and says “This is my ONLY tuxedo!” The crowd is chanting “boring”, and at first I thought they were chanting Goldberg. Which makes sense I’d think that. You think formal where, you think  Goldberg.
Santino kicks Ricardo in the face, rips off the rest of his tux at 4:25 | *

We interview CM Punk, and it’s the usual. By the way, he digs crazy chicks. I’m shocked they never had a Bunny Boiler Match with her.

Cody Rhodes vs Christian [C] – Intercontinental Championship
They do a great little chain of spots at the beginning that’s unlike most of the RVD-esq chain wrestling you’d see. Honestly it’s sort of like martial-arts choreography, with kicks, jumps, blocks & reversals. Cool stuff. For a bit, there’s nothing wrong with the match, but nothing memorable. However they really picked it up near the end, putting a sweet spot on an already fine wrestling match. Great stuff. Followed up the WHC match perfectly.
Christian hits Cody with the spear, snagging the pin at 11:30 | ***1/2

We get the unskippable ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ msg. I wonder if they had this when I was a kid if it would have kept me from leaping off the sofa onto pillows while I watched Action Zone and my parent’s were at church. Severely doubt it.

Epico & Primo vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Primetime Players vs The Usos – Winners are #1 Contenders
Oh man, I’m really bummed now. I seriously only know about 3 of these guys, and since I already don’t favor tag-wrestling  I’m starting to feel angry towards Jobber123. We’re told that the tag-champs are out due to injury by The Big Show. Well,  I’m really salivating now. I mean, if one of these nobodies get a shot, they’ll be on to face a team that couldn’t handle themselves against one man! Tyson Kidd gets his chance, and he’s actually pretty exciting. Rosa Mendes is a bit of alright. Darren Young has a vicious finisher, wow. I have no problem admitting that this match completely won me over. Good stuff.
Darren Young hits Primo with his finisher for the win at 9:30 | **3/4

We get a recap of Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. Wow, what a feud. Will Lesnar face him in a cage? In a hardcore match? HIAC? NO! This will be done in a court room! With celebrity enforcer, the baddest man on the planet, Andy Griffith.

Triple H comes out to amp up the excitement. He takes about 3 hours to explain he wants to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam. He really should have been wearing a duster and telling us ‘queerin don’t work’ if he was going to conduct an interview like that.

Beth Phoenix vs Layla [C] – Divas Championship
Typical match. Nothing terrible though. Perfectly acceptable. High point being when she goes for the pin she totally grabs some of Beth’s boobage. Right on. I don’t have the ethics of Scott, that boobage earns a quarter star.
Layla hits Beth with a reverse stunner for the pin at 6:30 | *1/4

AJ’s been going around, kissing people and wishing them good luck. Well, it ends with her making out with Kane, which I just find odd for some reason. Does she not see his previous track record with woman? Does she want to end up a violated corpse? Or raped & forced to wed? Could be worse, New Jack could be telling stories about her. And uh, I don’t watch Smackdown or Raw, but I clearly see the fuss about AJ. She’s more than a bit of alright.

Hunico vs Sin Cara

I don’t get it. Is there some sort of bill
that was passed that said all Spanish wrestlers must be as stereotypical
as a George Lopez stand-up routine? Alberto is the only one who’s
escaped it. They say Sin Cara was at one point Mexico’s biggest
box-office draw. Normally I’d doubt this claim, but I’ve seen the $5 bin
of Spanish DVDs at Wal-Mart, and if I had a choice between Peligro Es Mi Segundo Nombre – Quatro, and Sin Cara, well….Honestly, not a bad match. Good enough filler.
Sin Cara hits a Hurracarana on Hunico for the pin at 5:48 | **


Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk [C] – WWE Championship
I seriously don’t see the problem with running Punk vs Bryan for a year straight. Cool moment that reminds me of Joe vs AJ vs Daniels where Bryan & Punk take turns kicking Kane, as Bryan screams “Yes!” and Punk screams “No!”. I’ve still got 10 minutes left, and this may be the best triple threat I’ve ever seen. It’s so fluid, there’s never an extended period where a guy lays out side, and the other two brawl. Wow. I didn’t type much, because I was completely involved in this match. One of the most exciting title matches I’ve ever seen. When it was announced that Kane was involved, I remember being really mad, thinking he’d drag them down. But I’m more than happy to admit I was wrong. His power based offense mixed seamlessly with Punk & Bryan’s technical wrestling. Absolutely fantastic.
Punk hits the GTS on Kane for the pin at 18:18 | ****3/4

Ryback vs Delaney & Grimes
Well, I think after last night’s Survivor Series match, the Ryback Main Event Trial is over. How many fantastic matches has Punk had this year? What two were at the bottom? The ones with Ryback. But this isn’t about that. It’s what you’d expect.
Ryback rocks a double Muscle Buster for the pin at 1:31 | *

John Cena vs Big Show – Steel Cage
So far, this match is exceeding the dread I had going into it. It’s not nearly as boring as I thought it might be. Great spot where Big Show drops an elbow from the top rope. Thankfully he doesn’t hit Cena, because there’s no way he could have kicked out of it, and not even I could suspend my disbelief if he had. Laurinaitis’ suit is insane. He looks the Kool-Aid Man, if he’d given up the drink game to become a pimp or something. Big Show knocks out the ref by accident, then Cena, and as he heads to the door, Brodus Clay shows up with a chair to prevent exit. Some nice continuity. For those who don’t remember, Show had knocked out Brodus weeks earlier, giving him a concussion. All in all, a lot of people may dislike this bout, but I thought it was a pretty decent power match that I think really established Show’s dominance. I mean, Cena only won because of other people. Flat out. Nice little spot at the end where the hero Cena puts a defenseless man though a table after he was fired. I do like that he adjusted his tie after knocking him out though. That Cena, he’ll adjust your attitude & tie.
Cena wins by escaping the cage at 19:33 | **3/4

Showcase Showdown: Big recko for this show. Almost every match was great, and those that weren’t were thankfully short. Definitely belongs alongside Extreme Rules & WrestleMania as the best the WWE has to offer this year. One hell of a show that I plan on adding to my DVD collection, and that’s the highest recko I can give something.

Hope you guys dug the review. If you’re wanting some more of the Cal-Cal Man, here’s some links:
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Smackdown – November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
two days away from Survivor Series and did you know Sheamus is
fighting Big Show again? That’s a serious question actually as it’s
been passed over even more than most Smackdown main event matches
have been in recent memory. Other than that this is likely going to
be used to talk about Foley vs. Ziggler some more, because there’s no
real reason for that match to happen, but it’s happening anyway
because WWE has no idea what they want to do right now. Let’s get to

do the voiceover nonsense again to preview the show. It’s a recap of
Raw and a quick discussion of Sheamus vs. Show.
is in the parking lot and waiting on Show I think.
the freshly face Miz to open the show with MizTV. This will help the
face reactions but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s
not in his hometown. He gets a Miz Is Awesome chant and welcomes us
to his show before talking about his match on Sunday. Miz sucks up
to the fans about voting him into the PPV but thinks it might be
because he’s on the poster.
talks about how he’s accomplished more than anyone else in the match,
including Ziggler. This brings him to the guest of the evening: Mick
Foley. Foley immediately goes for the cheap pop but Miz says this is
his hometown so he gets the cheap pop. After a cheap plug for
Foley’s new book, Mick talks about how Miz is a new person at the
moment. However, he isn’t sure which Miz is going to show up at
Survivor Series. Will it be the one that beat Cena in the main event
of Wrestlemania or the one that is always taking vacations and
growing a weak beard?
thinks there’s no point to asking that question because Miz is the
last person who Foley has to worry about. There’s the guy that stole
the Intercontinental Title from Miz and tag champions that don’t like
each other. Foley brings out those three people (Kofi and HELL NO)
along with Orton, which is all of Team Foley. Foley tells someone to
start the conversation, leading to an argument between Bryan and
says his back feels better from not having to carry Miz on Monday.
Bryan says because of him, Kane isn’t roaming basements and scaring
little children. Kane: “I roam basements and scare little children
regardless.” Kofi breaks up the argument so Miz yells at Kingston
for playing peacekeeper. He didn’t like Kofi kicking him in the face
last week and Foley has to break up another argument.
talks about his history with Foley but says he likes Foley more than
anyone else on the team. Orton shoves down part of the set and
here’s Team Ziggler. I completely forgot Barrett was on that team at
all. Ziggler says that team is pretty sad even for Foley, which is
kind of a stretch I’d think. Dolph talks about team unity but keeps
having to call down Del Rio for talking to Ricardo too much.
Rio wants to be team leader and an argument breaks out until Foley
says he has match making power tonight. Well sure, why not. It’s
Ziggler/Del Rio vs. Miz/Orton. Ziggler says Barrett is better than
Miz so it’s Barrett vs….Kane? Bryan yells NO a lot but Sandow
demands SILENCE. He runs down the team but Kofi cuts them off and
it’s Kingston vs. Damien right now.
Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
of course and the pink trunks are back. Kofi snaps off some armdrags
as we see the backdrop that hurt Cody. Kofi sends Sandow to the
floor and hits a dropkick back inside for two. More kicks put Damien
down for two and we head back to the floor for a suicide dive by
Kofi. We take a break and come back with Kingston hammering away but
Damien hitting a running flip neckbreaker for two.
Wind-Up elbow gets two more and it’s time for Kofi’s comeback. He
fires off forearms and a Boom Drop for two, followed by the top rope
cross body for the same. Sandow kicks him in the knee and rolls Kofi
up with trunks for the pin at 6:05 shown of 9:35. It’s just as quick
and out of nowhere as it sounds.
C-. Sandow getting another win
is only a good thing for him, but the problem with having so many
champions on a team is that someone has to lose at some point.
Sandow looked fine here and it’s a good sign that his in ring work is
where it is, as he’s mainly a mic based character. Any good stuff in
the ring is a bonus.
is still in the back.
recap (as in reair) the AJ/Cena/Vickie stuff from Raw.
vs. Alicia Fox/Eve Torres/Aksana
start with Natalya beating on Aksana before Layla beats on her a bit.
Off to Alicia for a mat slam by the hair for two before it’s off to
Eve for a flip splash on Layla for two. JBL tries to talk about the
Kaitlyn attack storyline as if anyone cares anymore. Off to Alicia
who gets kicked away and the tag is made to Kaitlyn. House is
cleaned and the crowd is dead. Kaitlyn dropkicks Alicia into Eve and
hits the reverse DDT for the pin at 3:42.
D. That’s becoming my standard
rating for Divas matches anymore. They’re fine I guess but man alive
I don’t care about this storyline. I don’t think they really know
what the story is anymore other than someone attacked Kaitlyn like
two months ago and a bunch of other girls are involved also. It’s
not even four minutes though so I can’t complain much.
comes up to Sheamus and says Big Show isn’t going to show up with
Sheamus in the parking lot. Sheamus says if Show has any guts he’ll
meet Sheamus in the ring. Booker threatens consequences if anything
Orton/The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler/Alberto Del Rio
and Ziggler start things off at a fast pace with Miz hitting a
flapjack for two. JBL and Josh continue to be hilarious. Josh: “Of
course Orton was the sole survivor of JBL’s Survivor Series team.”
JBL: “I’m about to be the sole survivor of this commentary booth if
you bring that up again.” Miz misses a charge and hits the floor
as Del Rio knocks Orton to the outside as well.
take a break and come back with Orton fighting out of a Ziggler
chinlock. A knee to the ribs and elbow drop get two for Dolph and
it’s back to Alberto. After he does nothing of note, Ziggler comes
in for a foot on the chest for two. Orton starts another comeback
but gets kicked in the face for his efforts. A clothesline puts
Ziggler down and it’s off to Miz. The hometown boy pounds on Ziggler
in the corner and hits the top rope ax handle for two.
goes up again but a Ricardo distraction lets Alberto shove Miz off
the top and out to the floor. Ziggler and Del Rio take some cheap
shots on Miz and Alberto hits a running kick in the corner to Miz’s
arm. Miz avoids a charge and sends Del Rio to the floor, allowing
for the hot tag to Orton. Both heels take powerslams and there’s the
Elevated DDT to Del Rio. Miz tags himself in though and hits the
Finale on Alberto for the pin at 7:24 shown of 10:54.
C. This was your standard main
event tag match which was only decent. They’re pushing the idea of
the teams arguing a lot but it’s not really coming through on the
Ziggler side. Orton and Miz looked fine here as Miz is basically his
old self but with a leapfrog now. It’s too early to tell how his
face push is going to go, but they need to change something about him
other than who he fights.
is annoyed at Miz post match and gives him an RKO to a good deal of
Sheamus to confront Big Show. Sheamus rants about Big Show attacking
Regal on Raw and being a bully. Well Sheamus wants to BE A STAR and
wants to fight. Maybe he isn’t being a star after all. Here’s Show
who says Sheamus should thank him for not coming down there. Sheamus
comes up the aisle but Booker says no and tells Sheamus to leave the
building. Sheamus goes for Show again and we go to a break.
the back, Show acts like he’s Booker’s buddy but Booker doesn’t see
it that way. Booker puts Show in the main event against a surprise
opponent. It’s not Sheamus though. Booker says no one is bigger
than the show. Ok then.
vs. Wade Barrett
has potential. Barrett immediately pounds away and hits the Winds of
Change for no count. Kane boots him down and clotheslines Barrett to
the floor….and here’s Team Ziggler for the DQ at 57 seconds.
comes in for the save and there are no other partners with him. Oh
wait here’s Kofi but the numbers are too great. Orton finally makes
the save and it’s RKO’s all around for Team Ziggler. Miz comes out
to glare at Team Foley.
recap the Raw World Title stuff from Raw.
Cesaro vs. Sin Cara
comes out for commentary. Cesaro takes him to the mat to start but
Cara grabs his arm and hits a rana out of the corner. Antonio
immediately comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two
followed by the gutwrench suplex. A European Uppercut to the back of
Cara’s head puts him down but a big spinning headscissors takes
Cesaro down. West Coast Pop gets two for Cara but Cesaro throws him
into the air for the uppercut followed by the Neutralizer for the pin
at 2:20. Just a squash for the most part.
quotes Jim Duggan and starts a USA chant.
Show vs. Great Khali
of course. This is going to be your standard battle of the giants
with a lot of slow offense. Khali stomps him down in the corner but
Show slugs away at him. A spear puts Khali down for two but Khali
breaks up the chokeslam and chops Show down for two. The Punjabi
Plunge is broken up and the KO Punch gets the pin at 3:32.
D. Was there any real doubt
about how this was going to go? Nothing match here with Khali
basically being a body for Show to beat up and bump from a bit. If
nothing else, it’s good to see Khali back in the ring after having
brain surgery or whatever it was he had done. Not exactly a quality
main event here though.
music plays but he doesn’t come out so it’s back to Show’s music.
match Show walks to the back but Sheamus jumps him as he gets on his
bus. Show fights back and shoves Sheamus through the windshield of a
car, but Shemaus dives off the car and rams Show into another
windshield. Booker pulls Sheamus off to end the show.
D+. This is one of
those shows where it depends on how you look at it. From a quality
standpoint, it was nothing at all of note. It was full of nothing of
note matches and nothing new being added for the most part. From the
standpoint of a go home show, it pushed the two main Smackdown
matches which is what the final show before a PPV is supposed to do.
That being said, I still don’t care about the show because we have no
reason to care about Ziggler vs. Foley and the world title match has
been done before. Not much here but it’s not horrible. As with most
WWE at the moment, it’s just kind of there.
Sandown b. Kofi Kingston – Rollup with a handful of trunks
b. Alicia Fox/Eve Torres/Aksana – Reverse DDT to Fox
Orton/The Miz b. Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler – Skull Crushing
Finale to Del Rio
b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Team Ziggler interefered
Cesaro b. Sin Cara – Neutralizer
Show b. Great Khali – KO Punch
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The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2012

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2012 Live from Indianapolis, IN Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio v. Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Primo, Epico & Tensai It’s Team Leftovers! What a concept – sticking 10 guys with nothing better going on into an elimination tag match so they can have a fun opener. Epico and Kidd trade wristlocks and do a cool little sequence before Epico bails. Epico comes back in with a slingshot senton, but misses, and Gabriel comes in with a sunset flip for two. Standing moonsault gets two. Kidd & Gabriel double-team Epico for two as JBL talks about Gabriel’s father in South Africa, apparently a former promoter. He got lobbed the softball of a tag team wrestler from SOUTH AFRICA and he didn’t talk about the damn Simpson brothers? What’s wrong with him tonight? Rey & Cara double-team Young with a bulldog for two, so he tags out to Primo and Cara hits him with a rana. Sweet cross body gets two. You can tell his confidence is growing with every match now. Cara with a sunset bomb for two, but Primo puts him down with a clothesline and it’s over to Tensai. Tensai and Titus trade off on Cara and Primo drops a leg for two. The heels cut off the ring as Cara is no-face-in-peril, but he comes back with an enzuigiri and it’s hot tag Brodus. See, this is his strong point: Cleaning house as the guy who gets the hot tag. Everyone gets dumped for a crazy series of dives, leaving Tensai and Clay in the ring. Brodus badly messes up a suplex attempt, then misses a blind charge, allowing Tensai to eliminate him with a senton at 8:22. Gabriel attacks next and gets beat down, allowing Titus to get the abdominal stretch. Nice overhead fallaway slam sets up another senton from Tensai, for two. Another one misses and Gabriel pins him at 10:22. The Playaz haul Gabriel back to the corner and pound him, and Epico gets a butterfly suplex for two. Kidd comes back in and quickly gets taken to the floor by Primo, and back in for two. Kidd keeps getting cut off by the heels before coming back with a rollup on Titus at 13:50 to get rid of him. Young drags Kidd back to the heel corner to continue the very long heat segment, but Kidd wraps up Epico in the Sharpshooter. And he taps at 15:00. Well, he’s no Shawn Michaels. Primo goes up and Tyson dropkicks him coming down, and it’s finally hot tag Rey. Low kick on Primo gets two. Rey goes up and gets the flying senton to set up the 619, but Primo ducks it. Backstabber misses and Rey rolls him up at 17:30. So the cheese stands alone and Young goes quickly via everyone’s finishers at 18:23. Survivors: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel. Fun opener, although it dragged a lot and the crowd didn’t really care. I’m glad to see that they continue to book Kidd & Gabriel like equals to the stars. **1/2 Meanwhile, someone in a blonde wig attacks Kaitlyn backstage, and it turns out to be Aksana. Can she even sneak up on someone without saxophone music playing? Divas title: Eve v. Kaitlyn Kaitlyn attacks and Eve runs away. After a couple of minutes of that thrilling open, Eve gets a cheapshot and gets two. Eve chokes her out in the corner and drops an elbow for two. She figure-fours the head in a kind of triangle choke, but Kaitlyn makes the ropes. Eve goes up and gets knocked to the floor, and now she’s running away again. Kaitlyn stands there making menacing faces before finally attacking with a shoulderblock and gutbuster for two. Eve runs away yet again and yanks Kaitlyn to the floor, and back in to finish with the neckbreaker at 7:00. Kaitlyn looked like an amateur out there, with no timing whatsoever. And the match was ridiculously long. DUD I’m tempted to bump it up to ½* because the replay shows Eve feeling up Kaityln while making the pin, but that would compromise the integrity of the system. US title: Antonio Cesaro v. R-Truth I don’t see this one waking up the crowd. Truth quickly gets a rollup for one, and then another one for two. Cesaro comes back with a headbutt and pounds away in the corner, then goes to a neckvice while JBL and Cole have a bizarre discussion about how JBL was tweeting in Russian with Cesaro. Cesaro with the double-stomp for two. And we go to the waistlock on the mat and now JBL and Cole are bickering about Cesaro’s fake rugby history. Gutwrench gets two. Uppercut gets two. And back to the waistlock, but Truth makes the comeback with a spinkick for two. Stunner gets two. Truth misses the axe kick and the NEUTRALIZER finishes at 6:55 to retain. Basic house show match. * AJ joins us to continue this stupid fucking storyline on a show I’m paying $55 for. So now she’s got her own evidence, and of course it’s a series of wacky Photoshopped pictures, a Vince McMahon favorite. And just as they’re about to fight or something, a repackaged Tamina Snuka (who is the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka, you know) attacks AJ and lays her out with the splash. What a waste of time. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman lets us know that Punk is now at #8 all time and will continue to be so after tonight. So let’s see, we’ve got Bruno, Backlund, Hogan, Morales and Bruno again as untouchables, but other than that he’s got a good shot at #6. He passes Hogan’s 1990 reign tonight, and he’ll pass 1998 Savage and 2006 John Cena by TLC, and then that’s as far as he’s going with it. World heavyweight title: Big Show v. Sheamus Slugfest to start, which Show wins easily. Sheamus clips the knee and ties him up in the ropes for some abuse. Sheamus goes up for the shoulderblock, but Show spears him on the way down and Sheamus ends up on the floor. Back in, Show pounds on the arm and slowly works him over, then cuts off a comeback and drops an elbow for two. Into the armbar, and a sideslam gets two. Sheamus fights back with a sleeper, but misses a charge and hits the post, allowing Show to hit the neckbreaker for two. Show goes up and Sheamus brings him down with an electric chair, and they slug it out as Sheamus makes the superginger comeback. Show catches the Brogue kick, so Sheamus hits him with White Noise for two. Show pulls the ref into the path of the Brogue Kick, and the medical crew immediately runs in to check on him. Geez, it’s just a referee, who cares? Sheamus goes to check on the ref, and Show knocks out Sheamus to retain at 14:51. However, another referee reverses the decision and Sheamus wins by DQ instead. Wow, that’s so much better. HHH would never let himself look like a dumbass that way. So now we get a THIRD match at TLC. ** Sheamus, sore winner, attacks Show with a chair and then lays him out with the Brogue kick while he’s on his knees begging for mercy. I stand corrected: Now THAT’S how HHH would book himself. Team Edward (Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, The Miz & Kofi Kingston) v. Team Katniss (Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, Damien Sandow & Wade Barrett) There’s an old saying in the wrestling business: If David Otunga can’t save this shitty PPV, it’s not worth saving. They still haven’t bothered to explain what the issue behind this match is, or why Miz is a babyface now. Kofi quickly rolls up Otunga for two and chases him out of the ring, then follows with a dive off the apron. Back in, that gets two. Bryan comes in as the crowd goes BATSHIT, but Otunga powerslams him and brings in Sandow. The ELBOW OF DISDAIN gets two. Bryan comes back with the corner dropkick and fires away with kicks, but Sandow bails. He tries to take a walk, but Kane sends him back in and finishes him with a chokeslam at 3:02. Bryan throws a tantrum, allowing Ziggler to hit Kane with the Zag Zag and pin him at 3:44. Orton comes in with the slingshot suplex on Ziggler for two, and Kofi gets a monkey flip for two. Bryan comes in and gets worked over by Barrett, missing the corner dropkick and ending up on the floor. Back in, that gets two. Otunga with a shoulderblock for two. Bryan quickly turns him into the No-Lock for the submission at 7:13. Del Rio comes in and hits the chinlock on Bryan, but gets dumped to the floor. Kofi comes in and runs wild on ADR with the Boomdrop and a crossbody for two. Barrett comes in with the Bossman slam and finishes with the elbow at 9:45. Over to Orton, who dropkicks Barrett for two. Suplex and kneedrop get two. Miz doesn’t want the tag, so Bryan comes in and wakes up the crowd again with a missile dropkick for two. Barrett dumps him, but Bryan comes back with a No-Lock on ADR, which is easily escaped. Del Rio with the enzuigiri and armbar at 12:35. So Mizzy Sue comes in for the first time and goes after Del Rio, and Orton stomps him down for two. Del Rio takes him down with an armbreaker and it’s over to Dolph with a chinlock, but Miz gets the hot tag and runs wild on Barrett. Barrett escapes the Finale, but a second try hits at 16:02. DDT on Del Rio gets two. ADR with a german suplex for two. He goes up and gets brought down by Miz, but recovers with the enzuigiri to finish at 17:15. So it’s Orton alone against Ziggler and Del Rio, and ADR quickly gets the enzuigiri for two. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for two. Del Rio goes up and Orton dropkicks him coming down and makes the comeback before getting distracted by Ricardo. Del Rio gets two off that while Foley beats up Ricardo, and heel miscommunication results in an RKO for Del Rio at 20:56. Ziggler blocks another RKO and gets the Zig Zag for two. Fameasser misses and Orton gets the draping DDT, but goes for the punt and walks into a superkick at 23:45 to give Ziggler the win. Holy crap, Ziggler won an important match cleanly! Once it got down to the final four it was pretty good, but it took a long-ass time to get there. **3/4 WWE title: CM Punk v. John Cena v. Ryback Punk runs away from both guys to start, but the babyfaces argue over who gets to beat him up. Ryback gets the honors and clotheslines him to the floor, giving us Ryback v. Cena. Cena quickly goes for the FU, but Ryback escapes and stomps him down in the corner. Punk comes back in with a suplex on Ryback, but it’s no-sold and Ryback gives him a fallaway slam to put him on the floor again. Cena grabs a headlock on Ryback as the fans alternate chants for Punk and Cena and totally ignore Ryback. Now Punk puts Cena on the floor and goes up with the flying axehandle on Ryback and a leg lariat to put him on the floor. Cena comes in with a rollup for two, but Punk gets a DDT for two. Punk with a Last Chancery, which has to be a wink at Aries, but Ryback breaks it up and then no-sells Cena’s backdrop suplex. Punk pulls Cena out and runs him into the stairs, then comes back in with a flying clothesline on Ryback for two before going to a chinlock. Ryback comes back with a spinebuster and the lariat, but Cena breaks up the Shellshock with the STF. Punk breaks that up with the flying elbow in a great visual, as you see him rising up the top rope from behind the move. Punk and Cena slug it out, but Ryback puts them both down and draws BOOS. This crowd is not drinking the Ryback Kool-Aid. Ryback tries to do something to both guys at once on the floor, but they beat him down and wisely team up to put him through a table and get rid of him. Back in, Cena makes the comeback with the FIVE MOVES OF DOOM, but Punk gets the GTS for two. Cena with the FU for two. Notice they get rid of Ryback and immediately the match is 1000% better. Punk throws the kicks, and fights off an STF attempt, but Cena blocks the bulldog and this time he hooks it. Ryback saves this time and dumps Cena, then hits Punk with the lariat and Shellshock gets two as Cena saves. Shellshock for Cena, and three guys run in from the crowd and destroy Ryback. It’s Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and someone else, all dressed in black. Punk pins the dead Cena to retain at 18:00. Kind of a crap finish, to say the least. Match was decent with Punk and Cena at the end, but the Ryback stuff was SO clunky that it dragged the rest down a lot. *** And it’s about time they did something with Rollins and Ambrose, although I don’t know if Nexus v2 is what’s going to get them over. The Pulse A horribly bland and dull show with a bunch of mediocre matches and predictable finishes means this is not worth your $55 by a long shot. Wait for the recap on RAW and move on with your life. Thumbs down.

ROH TV 11-17-12

Finally, some new stuff this week. We’re in Pittsburgh,
which is a good thing as the DuBurns arena was getting a real Impact Zone vibe
to it. The lighting is a little better than Baltimore too. Tonight’s show
features Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole for the TV title.

We open with the Briscoe Boys (carrying a big ROH flag), who
call the ROH locker room out to the ring and cut the usual hick promo. They
run down S.C.U.M., put over ROH and its history (including name-dropping Bryan
Danielson and CM Punk, among others), and introduce Nigel McGuiness as the new
on-air authority figure. No big shock there, as this company only has a small
handful of non-wrestlers on the payroll. He announces Kevin Steen vs. El
Generico in a ladder war for the world title at Final Battle, along with
Corino/Jacobs vs. The Briscoes vs. Coleman/Alexander for the tag team titles.
Allysin Kay vs.
Yeah, that’s just what we need, a meaningless women’s match. Really
now, why the fuck is this on TV? If I wanted to see bullshit like this I’d
watch Raw. I assume these girls (neither one of which are very attractive) are
from SHIMMER, but I don’t care enough to do any research on the subject.
Basically it’s a stiffer Divas match with the usual spots (hair tossing, bitch
slaps, bad kicks), no flow, and no heat. Not worthy of a full recap, Mschif
goes over with a sort of armbreaker DDT at 3:49. 1/4* for a couple decent
spots, -* for wasting my time with this shit in the first place gives us a
total of -3/4*.
TaDarius Thomas vs.
Roderick Strong:
Well, you’d think that last match would be a shoo-in for
worst match of the night, but here’s Thomas, who’s had 2 negative-star matches
since August. Truth Martini follows Strong out and joins us for commentary,
just to make what’s sure to be a bad experience even more unpleasant. Strong mocks
Thomas’ kicks, already making this more entertaining than the Thomas match at
Glory By Honor. They start with a laughably bad amateur wrestling sequence, and
Thomas goes right into the shitty kicking. They actually make contact, barely,
but are still thrown with no force at all. Thomas hits a vertical suplex (holy
shit, an actual wrestling move!) for 2, but Strong is right back up and pounds
away with chops and forearms. Thomas comes back with a silly handstand kick
that ends up being a literal slap on the wrist and Strong bails to the apron. At
this point I think it’s worth pointing out (thanks Kyle) that Thomas had a 3-way at Death
Before Dishonor that also included the supremely talented ACH, and for some
reason Thomas got the win and a job out of it in some Miami Dolphins-like
talent scouting. Anyway, Strong tries to suplex him to the floor but can only
get him to the apron, they fight there for a while, and then Strong looks like
he’s going to give him a Burning Hammer to the floor but just drops him on the top
turnbuckle. Strong rolls him back in for 2 and stomps away, then comes with
some weak-as-shit chops in the corner. Blind charge hits boot, but Strong kicks
Thomas right down for 2. Now some awfully weak shit from Thomas, and a
hangman (TWO wrestling moves!) gets 2. A “backflip” kick (this one not making
contact) gets 2, Strong comes back with a jumping knee and then blows a
double-knee backbreaker. It gets 3 anyway at 5:58. Thomas manages to get above
negative stars, barely. DUD. Strong tells off Truth again, calling him a “dweeb
piece of shit”. That could also apply to the guy he just wrestled…
Inside ROH: Just
hype for Final Battle, with a terrible promo from Matt Hardy. Coleman &
Alexander, Jay Lethal, and Michael Elgin also get brief airtime.
Nigel McGuiness announces that Jerry Lynn will have the last
match of his career at Final Battle, and also shows us the newly designed TV
title that will go to the winner of the next match.
ROH TV Title: Kyle
O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole (C):
Well, at least they don’t have to worry about
having to follow a great match or anything… A fan nails O’Reilly in the back of
the head with a streamer as Cole makes his entrance. Fight over a lockup and
some basic but fast-paced stuff to begin, then O’Reilly ends up on the apron
and a jumping enziguri sends him to the floor. Cole tries a dive through the
ropes but gets nailed, O’Reilly hops in the ring and tries it himself with the same
result, and Cole hits it on the second try. He sends O’Reilly to the barricade
a couple times and rolls him back in, but a cross-body of the top is countered
with a dropkick for 2. O’Reilly hits a running forearm for 2 as we cut to
Back from commercial as O’Reilly gets booted in the face on
a blind charge but pulls Cole of the top rope and drops a knee for 2. He hooks
a modified abdominal stretch as Davey Richards joins us on commentary for a
moment to talk shit about O’Reilly, who gets distracted by Richards leaving and
ends up taking the slingshot DDT on the apron from Cole. Back in the ring a
top rope splash gets 2. Cole goes for the Florida Key but O’Reilly escapes,
Cole tries the figure-4 and O’Reilly gets out of that too. Another attempt and
O’Reilly turns it into a cradle for 2, then gets a reverse Perfect-plex for 2
and turns that into a triangle choke. Both guys pound away with forearms, then
O’Reilly scores with a high knee and hits an Acid Drop, rolls that right into a
brainbuster for 2, and transitions that into a guillotine choke. Cole picks him
right up and drops him into a shoulderbreaker, and a kick to the back of the
head (NOT a superkick as Kelly claims, someone get him a Shawn Michaels DVD so he can learn what a superkick actually looks like) and the Florida Key
finishes this one at 8:53 aired. Cole looked good as usual, but O’Reilly was
especially impressive in the later goings of the match and I really wish this
would have got more time. Maybe if they didn’t have a pointless women’s match… **1/2.
McGuiness presents Cole with the new title. This might be a third-rate
promotion, but unlike WWE they have first-rate belts.
Outside of the main this was an absolutely terrible show,
but the good news is that outside of a sure-to-be-shitty QT Marshall match
everything else from this round of TV tapings looks alright. McGuiness is a far
better on-air authority figure than Cornette was, and I’m curious to see where
that goes. Next week we’ll see Titus & Whitmer against Corino & Jacobs
for the tag titles.

Shawn Michaels – Back Injury Talk

Hi Scott,

LONG time reader and Blog of Doomer here–having a solitude Saturday night (and not choosing UFC), so I decided to rewatch WrestleMania 14 with Stone Cold vs. Michaels. I had a question though for you–In your opinion, was Michaels in as bad as shape as everyone had us believe? I know from his book he states he injured himself at the Rumble and then pilled himself up for the match, but there are so many things that contradict that. 1) He's roided to the max and in great shape. If he was having back issues (which I have had with surgery btw), there is no way he should be looking that fit or touching a barbelle.  2) He starts the match absolutely limber and taking great bumps–no sign of a "back of doom." It's only after a conspicuous railing shot outside that he begins to properly sell how his bad back–(it was amazing selling anyway; in 1998, I believed the awful pain on his face)  3) He made it very well known at the time that he was not happy being pushed aside for Mr. Austin (yes, he states otherwise now). 
Anyway, do you think he just sold his injured back as "career ending" just to let the cards fall and let Austin hang himself (and then come to the rescue if he failed?). He wasn't a saint at the time, so I don't put it past him.  I look forward to your thoughts, as always.

Shawn was of course full of shit on a lot of stuff, but that back injury was pretty much as close to a real life miracle as you're going to get.  By all accounts, Shawn was in constant pain from his retirement all the way until about 2001, including his one "comeback" match in his TWA promotion where he worked a smoke and mirrors match against Paul Diamond and didn't take any bumps.  This would be one of the few times where I 100% believe Shawn was telling the truth, or was at least the most convincing liar in history.  

Warrior Title Reign


When Warrior won the WWF Title from Hogan at Wrestlemania 6, he never really got the chance to carry the company on his own.  Instead of shooting movies, Hogan stuck around for the feud with Earthquake, which was given a main-event build, and Hulkamania never really stopped running wild.  Do you think Warrior could have been The Guy if Hogan had stepped out of the way?  Say, if Earthquake is built up as the unstoppable monster for Warrior to beat at SummerSlam 1990 while Hogan takes time away from the product?  If the show tanks, without the almighty Hulk, they can always audible back to a Hogan-Warrior rematch or go the Slaughter route (which we got), but it seems Warrior should have had a chance to carry things alone as champ.  If not, then why bother with the clean Hogan job to begin with?

Because they thought he was The Guy, but much like Sting, once he got there they discovered that he was not.  I was as big of a fan of the guy as anyone, but with Warrior the money was in the chase, and once he got there his story had been told.  Even 16 year old me, who was as big a supporter of the guy as anyone, could tell that something was missing, especially in feuds like the Rude one where it wasn't a particularly captivating program.  I think that if they had a better feud for him earlier, like the Macho Man program BEFORE he lost the belt, they could have made people care.  But beating up generic heels like Dino Bravo every night and trying to use him to rebuild Rick Rude just wasn't going to make him into a giant money-making machine.  Say what you will about Hogan, but he had charisma by the buckets and really came across as a champion.  Warrior just never did.

Best year for wrestling

Obviously the overall product is way down and almost unwatchable cause of weak story lines and everything else.  However the actual in ring product is okay.  Reading your retro rants for as good as the product was in terms of character development and storylines in the 1997-1999 era, the actual in ring product outside of Shawn and some Austin brawls was weak.

So my question is what was the best year for in ring performance (wwf/wwe only) from the top down.

Sent from my iPad

Man, how do people do lengthy e-mails from their iPad, anyway? Is it just that you kids today have adjusted to a touchscreen keyboard?  Because as much as I love my tablet, I would go insane trying to do any kind of typing without the tactile feedback of real keys.  But then if I was up to me I'd use the full size ergonomic keyboard from my desktop all the time, so maybe I'm just weird.
I think 2000 was pretty much the consensus best, with Rock and HHH having great matches with everyone, and then the additions of Benoit and Jericho and Kurt Angle taking everyone to another level.  Plus just look at all the ****+ matches we were getting that year — HHH v. Foley, Rock v. HHH, Benoit v. Rock, Jericho v. HHH, Angle v. Rock, Hardyz v. E&C v. Dudleyz…it's pretty unheard of, actually.  Plus you had the great tag division and Radicalz spicing up the undercard and it's hard to find a better contender up and down.  

Meekin On Movies On…WWE 13′

games have always been a curious genre. They’ve always treated matches
as if they’re actual athletic competitions, where one guy is attempting
to beat the other guy within an inch of his life and pin him or make him
submit. This is problematic since we all know that a real pro-wrestling
match is more akin to a heavily muscled dance number than an actual
fight (though they both get colorful outfits) and the excitement of a
match – innovative moves, heightened drama, near falls – are all but
absent in the “wrestling is real” gameplay model because simply put, the
better you are, the shorter and less fun your matches will be,
especially against the historically brain-dead AI you find in wrestling

when played against a human friend “in the know”, as you’d say, the WWE
games become a transformative experience. Booking dream matches,
winning titles, and getting immersed in the not-quite-fiction of the WWE
universe, makes you feel like a kid again. On that front “WWE 13’” is
awesome. There are numerous gameplay improvements for long-time fans,
including the ability to fight on the announcers table, counter top rope
moves with finishers, a bevy of new superstars (Jericho!) and some of
the iffy collision detection is gone, too. But for wrestling fans who
are absent a friend to get their smackdown on with, alas, you may be in
for an all-too-familiar single player experience.

combat this, THQ has taken a quantity over quality approach to this
year’s single player offerings. “WWE 13’”’s big feature is the inclusion
of the “Attitude Era” mode. Stone Cold, Kane, Shawn Michaels, The Rock,
Mankind, British Bulldog, X-Pac, and Bret Hart are all present and
accounted for, as the mode takes you through a somewhat disjointed and
slightly modified version of the events that made WWF programming a
major success in the late 90s.

say disjointed because some of the story is told via Full motion
videos, others through in-game cut scenes, and most of it through boring
old text. It’s pretty obvious the FMV stuff was culled from an upcoming
DVD release by the WWE (Hey look at that),
the in-game cutscenes (which use real audio) are largely a mess because
they have to bleep the F in WWF every couple of seconds, and the text
is, well, text.  The problem with this mode is that anyone playing it is
likely already intimately familiar with this epoch in WWE’s history,
and it will feel like a hollow, cliff-notes retelling of the moments
they lived through every Monday night adorned in their “Austin 3:16”
shirts a little over a decade ago. There’s nothing in the mode that’s
particularly enthralling or exciting, or innovative, and at its core
it’s a series of matches against the same crappy AI that makes your
typical pro-wrestling game a slog.

that’s not to say they didn’t give it the old college try. There’s tons
of content to explore in the “Attitude Era” mode, and having specific
objectives to accomplish in-match shakes things up and provides a
challenge that’s generally absent from matches against CPU opponents.
And yes, there’s a bit of a rush in re-living Stone Cold’s Wrestlemania 14
win over Shawn Michaels, or throwing Mick Foley off the Hell In a Cell,
but much like comedy, wrestling is less exciting the second time around.

Universe mode is a bit better, as the game will throw new matches and
stipulations and storylines at you as you run through the events of a
typical WWE year. This mode is wholly customizable. You can assign
wrestlers to either Raw or Smackdown, make new shows, bring in the
legends you’ve unlocked, create belts, and if you’re anything like me,
disband the Diva’s division as quickly as humanly possible. Universe
mode has potential. But there is nothing to bring you back after a few
matches, simply because there’s no goal.  

nothing to keep gamers attached to this game. Sure, there are graphical
improvements, audio improvements, new moves and new match types, but
everything comes off feeling like a novelty simply because there is no
compelling feature that challenges you to put it all together in an
exciting and rewarding way unless you’re playing ad-hoc with a friend.

yes, “WWE 13’” is the ultimate playground for Pro Wrestling fans.
There’s dozens of wrestlers, hundreds of unlockables, and a nearly
endless combination of match and arena customization options that should
make your inner Vince McMahon squeal in glee. If you’re a fan, it’s
entirely possible to get lost in this content for hours. 

But, before you
slap that whole “WWE 13’ is the ultimate playground” thing on the back
of a box, or make it the headline over at metacritic, let me be clear by
stating that I do not *want* my wrestling games to be a playground. I
(and I suspect other gamers) want an obstacle course. Yes, Attitude Era
and Universe is fun, but it requires a great deal of imagination to
continue to play that mode without feeling a bit like an idiot – simply
because there is no goal – seriously, when was the last time you had the
urge to go to a playground by yourself?

Despite the popularly held belief that the N64’s “WWF No Mercy” is the Best Wrestling Game of All Time ® The illustrious title actually
belongs to a little known indie pro wrestling game “Booking MPire” (and
it’s sequel Booking Remix) developed by one dude in England named Matt
Dickie. “Booking Mpire” while graphically low res, was (and is still)
years beyond anything THQ has put out in the past decade. “Booking
Mpire” put you in charge of one the several not-quite-real-life
wrestling promotions, and told you to run the show. Book matches, deal
with egos, make money, use that money to sign popular wrestlers, use the
popular wrestlers to make less popular wrestlers more popular, have
good matches with said wrestlers, all the while trying not to get anyone
killed, maimed, or blown up in the process. It was (and is) wrestling
game nirvana.

Why? because it challenged you to succeed in all aspects of the
pro-wrestling business. Yes, the meat of the game involved having
matches between wrestlers and attempting to win, but you also had to
take wrestler health and (most importantly) match excitement into
consideration, as well – it wouldn’t be uncommon to switch between
competitors to pull off an exciting top rope dive to the outside, or a
powerbomb through a table to boost the match rating. THQ actually had a
“match rating” in its ill-fated “GM Mode” during the “Smackdown! Vs. Raw
years”, but it’s sadly been removed, thus giving gamers very little to
work toward in the Universe mode.

I digress. These are just the musings of a lifelong wrestling fan who
has no one to play his wrestling game with. All my criticisms melt away
if I had a friend to bash some skulls with. If you’re a parent wondering
if this is a good investment for your wrestling fan kids, or a gamer
(with friends that like wrestling) wondering if enough has been upgraded
to warrant a purchase, the answer is definitely a Yes! Yes! Yes!

(that was so cheesy I could not resist) 

You want videos?

Oh we got videos.  On a forum I post at (and no, you don't have to sign up to view it), we have a 20-page thread of people posting the most obscure or memorable videos they could find.  It's a trip down memory lane, for sure.  The thread was started almost a year ago, so no telling how many of the videos have been Linda'd from YouTube since then, but a lot of them still work:

And then the picture/gifs (and some more videos) thread, where we find basically the same thing: obscure, wacky pictures, and post them.  Some of these may be NSFW, just a heads up:

I'm sure you can find some fun blog fodder in there to post.

Yeah, there was a similar thread recently on the F4W board, too.  Really cool stuff in both threads.  Although the one with Big Show and ADR as a team should really be "Show Me The Money" instead of "Big Money".  The old pictures of Undertaker were crazy, though.  

The Only Review of nWo: The Revolution That You’ll Ever Need

Alright, before we get started let me address my absence. You see, Cracked has been really slacking as of late. So, without any proper quality articles to rip-off, I just didn’t feel right bringing you guys lackluster work. Now that they’re back on track, I feel I can deliver!
The documentary is great, but I’m a huge fan of wrestling docs & the nWo, so there isn’t more I could ask for. There’s recycled footage from The Monday Night Wars DVD, as well as Back in Black. But there’s also a good amount of fresh stuff from Dusty Rhodes, Matt Striker, Lex Luger [who looks like he hasn’t touched a weight in 10 years] Vince Russo, and quite a few others. I was very entertained, and only wished that it was longer, and included more talk about the Wolfpac era. But honestly, I guess they covered
just about as much as they needed too. Now instead of reviewing it, I thought I’d talk about my favorite moments. Before I do, I’ll mention some of the other features from the first disc. They have Hall appearing on Nitro, as well as Nash. There’s Bischoff’s reveal as a member, and when Giant get’s kicked out, and finally
when the nWo showed up at No Way Out. Honestly, seeing this stuff really makes me kick myself for not getting the bluray, because it’s packed with more moments, and that’s what the nWo was all about.

Those who read my work, you know this story, so I apologize for going into re-runs. I became a wrestling fan in May 1995, and was die hard from the get go. I started with the WWE, and that was it. I HATED, absolutely HATED WCW. I thought they were low-rent crap. I thought their stars were a bunch of old has-beens, and couldn’t compete with the superstars of WWE. Now, over in the land of Titan, my two biggest heroes were Razor Ramon & Big Daddy Cool Diesel. So, you can imagine how absolutely
torn up I was when I heard on the Ross Line that both were leaving for WCW. That night I was so upset, I cried. No joke. I cried as I ripped one of my many pictures of Razor off my wall.

But then it happened….he wasn’t going to WCW to wrestle, he was going to take over! OH MY GOD! See, I still thought wrestling was real. I thought, honest to God, that Razor & Diesel were going over to kick WCW’s pathetic ass. Then as they grew, I truly thought Ted Dibiase was funding the nWo, and the reason WCW wouldn’t have them arrested was because they were bringing in the ratings. Those were two points my mom would bring up “how are they making money? Why won’t WCW just arrest them?”. She never
gave me shit for believing it was real.

So, you can imagine my love for the nWo. I was 12 years old, I was exactly the type of crowd they were reaching for. Young folk who could spend their parents’ money. Although I never did give a dime to WCW, except for one thing; Starrcade 1997. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to miss that match. To this day, Sting vs The nWo is still my favorite feud. Sure, the match was God-awful, but oh well. I even had this tale of the tape poster from a PWI Special that was all about the feud. I lost the poster years ago, but I actually found it online while working on this review. It’s the first time in years that I’ve found it online, so it’s a good day to be Caliber.

As the nWo was losing it’s steam, they went with The Wolfpac, which rekindled my interest all over again. I still remember taking like 3 hours one Saturday as my mom drove me from store to store to find a Wolfpac shirt. I ended up getting the all red with black nWo letters. I wore it every day at PE and felt like the World’s biggest bad-ass, who caused mass destruction, guess who’s here? The bad-boy of PE.

In 2002, I lost my shit when Vince turned around to reveal he was bringing in the nWo. I went out and bought 2 VHS tapes. On one I wrote ‘nWo Raw’ and the other ‘nWo Smackdown’. I’d watch the shows, and only record moments with the nWo. Youtube wasn’t around back then, and I thought I’d never see the classic nWo footage, so I swore I wouldn’t miss a second this time around. Of course, Hogan went good, and Hall left, so that was that.

In the end, I realize the nWo was a bunch of bullshit. Every match ended in a run-in, they did nothing but bury people, on and off screen, while rarely delivering in match quality. But honestly, I don’t care. I watch the old stuff and feel like I did 15 years ago, it never fails to entertain me the same way it did when I was younger. Because when you’re nWo, well, you’re nWo for life. And that is just too sweeeeet.


The Outsiders vs Sting & Macho Man – Bash at the Beach, July 7th, 1996
If you need any proof of how completely awesome this angle was, the announcers are PISSED that The Outsiders come out alone. Even though it gives WCW the advantage, they still want to see who the 3rd man is. Luger was originally involved, but he was taken out about 10 seconds in. This actually lead a lot to speculate that the 3rd man was in fact The Total Package. Dream says “Get’em Macho, who be bad now?”, to which Tony responds “You tell’em, Dream!”. Taking this litereally, The Dream says “Who be bad now?” about 8 times in a row. It’s even more annoying than it sounds. Sting does a pretty smart move and drop-kicks Nash right on the knee, prompting Tony to scream “Sting just nailed him
in the gut!”. We all know how the rest of the match goes. It’s too bad it was simply for the angle, because the match actually had a pretty good base to it.
Match ends at 16:55 when Hogan comes in and joins the New World Organization
The Giant [C] vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan – WCW Championship – Hog Wild, August 10th, 1996
I will say, it’s weird seeing Hollywood Hogan without the big gold belt. Up until I saw Hogan & Rodman vs DDP & Malone, I had this pegged as the worst match I’ve ever seen. That was quite a while ago, so let’s see if things have changed. Although now I must admit that Zeus vs Abby from the WWC show is the worst I’ve ever seen. Anyway, Tony actually sums up this entire match with “Hogan has slowed the pace of this match down to a crawl”. Serious, the WHOLE match is nothing but stalling. I’ve never seen anything like it.
I mean, I suppose it’d work if the pace of the match picked up like Jarrett vs Shawn for the IC Title, but the pace of this match is just gonna go from crap to ass. The big spot in this match is a test of strength!  I seriously don’t understand the pace of this match. The only reason you’d have a match like this is if one of the wrestlers were dead, and you needed to hide the fact. Honestly, I would have been a lot happier seeing the Giant wrestle in a pair of sunglasses.
Hulk Hogan hits the Giant with the title and snags the pin at 6 days, 2 hours, and 43 minutes. At least, that’s what it felt like. Records say it’s 14:55.
I would go dud, but this includes Brutus getting smashed with the cake. So, it’s gotta get a star for that. Also, you have to love the fact that the Giant literally lays there on the mat for 2 days while Hogan does this deal with Brutus.
Harlem Heat [C] vs. The Outsiders – WCW Tag-Team Championship – Halloween Havoc, October 27th, 1996
This was a damn fine tag match, and perhaps the best I’ve ever seen from The Outsiders. There was a great amount of back & forth action, with each member getting in and out, as both teams traded momentum. Of course the ending was a bit deflating.
Nash clobbers Stevie with Col. Parker’s cane, allowing Hall to score the pin at 13:07
X-Pac vs Bounty Hunter – nWo Saturday Night – November 9th, 1996
This is from nWo’s Saturday Night, means they filmed it before Nitro started. Actually, that would mean these guys would have been to work early, so this has gotta be afterward. Actually, that means these guys would have had to stick around after work. So, this is filmed in some alternate universe. Bounty Hunter is just your typical jobber-with-a-gimmick that you’d normally see on WCW’s Saturday Night.
Syxx takes him out with a jumping spin kick for the pin at around 3 minutes

The Outsiders [C] vs The Steiners – nWo Souled Out, January 1997
I know a lot of people didn’t like Souled Out, and while it didn’t have a plethora of great matches, the style was awesome. The ring entrances for the WCW wrestlers were damn funny, and I thought Bischoff & DiBiase were honestly one of the best announcing teams I’ve ever heard. Decent match, nothing too exciting. The ending is pretty well done, with Nick Patrick being out, and the little southern ref Randy Anderson running in to make the count for The Steiners. It really gave a moment of WCW being triumphant for once. Of course it would be reversed the next night on Nitro, and Steiners never got their moment. Of course, when the straps were suppose to be switched at Road Wild 1997, they complained the switching of the titles was hurting their value. Yet they had no problems with Hulk Hogan getting the title back from Luger a week after he won it on Nitro.
Rick Steiner hits Hall with the Bulldog for the pin at 16:39

Hollywood Hulk Hogan [C] vs Roddy Piper – WCW Championship – WCW Superbrawl VII, February 23rd, 1997
A lot of people don’t like their match at Starrcade, but I thought it was pretty entertaining, actually. Sure, not the greatest action, but the way Hogan & Piper were acting I felt made up for it. Now, apparently, Piper’s been hanging out on Alcatraz for a week for some reason. Why? I have absolutely no idea. This match is just about the same as the last one, but not nearly as entertaining. Piper puts Hogan down with the sleeper, but Macho pulls Hogan’s legs under the ropes and slips the tape brass knuckle thing on Hogan’s hand. Match restarts when ref sees Hogan’s legs under the ropes, Hogan clocks Piper, gets the pin. The crowd did not like that. Perhaps Piper should have stayed in Alcatraz for TWO weeks.
Hogan clocks Piper with brass knux that Macho gave him for the pin at 11:32

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis ‘Rod The Bod’ Rodman vs Lex Luger & The Giant – Bash At The Beach, July 13th, 1997
They’re building up to this match on 24/7 right now, so I was actually about 25% stoked for this bout. Honestly, it would have been higher if Rodman hadn’t been involved, since WCW’s use of Rodman is the antithesis of WWE’s use of Tyson. Would it have killed them to just have this POS as an enforcer or something? Anyway, the match is terrible, and of course IT LAST FOREVER. Unbelievably, it would get even WORSE next year. Nash saunters down dressed as Sting, and who wouldn’t confuse him for Steve Borden? They’re practically twins. Everyone from Hogan, to Rodman, and finally Savage get racked.
Hogan taps to Lex Luger’s Torture Rack at 22:30
Macho Man vs DDP – Las Vegas Sudden Death Match –  Halloween Havoc, October 26th,1997
Savage comes out dressed like a Slim Jim package, and that isn’t a joke. He really is. DDP comes out in Costume 2 from nWo/WCW Revenge, which is the jeans & rib-wrap. They fight out into the crowd, and there’s a dude in a pair of Zubaz who gets so excited he takes his shirt off while watching. If the match get’s any better, then the other patrons are gonna have a front row ticket for some hangdang. They brawl amongst the tombstone decorations, which is pretty cool, despite the stuff is obviously made of harmless material. They get back to the ring, where Macho takes a video camera, but that backfires. Elizabeth tries to interfere on Macho’s behalf, but Kimberly runs down to drag Liz to the back. After a Diamond Cutter, DDP appears to have it, but a Bogus Sting comes down to crack DDP in the ribs, putting him down for good. It’s one hell of a match, as Macho & DDP give their usual intentsity. Seriously, WCW was just on fire during 1997. And this was all PG stuff, proving that it’s fantastic story-lines & wrestlers who give a damn that make for a great product.
DDP fails to answer the count of ten, giving Macho the win 18:07
Hogan vs Sting [C] – WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, December 27th, 1997
It’s better than their Starrcade match, I’ll say that. Although it isn’t saying much. Much faster paced, more action, and not completely one-sided. They give you the footage of what happened after Nitro went off the air, which is what also helps to make the whole thing for me. Hogan pulls the ref Randy Anderson in when Stinger’s going for the Splash, thus taking Randy out. Nick Patrick runs in, only for Sting to object. While he’s distracted, Hogan clocks him in the back of the head and goes for the roll-up, which Patrick counts for 3. Sting continues to beat up on Hogan however, slapping him in the Deathlock, in which he submits and Anderson calls for the bell. At that point, Bischoff comes out and says no way, laying the swift kicks to JJ “Who do you want, Sting? I have a contract here for you to fight Big Bubba!” Dillion. Sting gives Bish’ the Death Drop as the whole nWo runs down, and he does his best to fight them off before the rest of WCW make the save. The whole thing was damn entertaining, honestly. Of course, this whole debacle forced the belt to be declared vacant. With the rematch taking place at Superbrawl VII, finally giving Sting the belt once and for all. He’d go on to defend against Hall at the next PPV, then lose to Macho Man at Spring Stampede. Leading us to the next match.
Hogan submits to the SDL at 7:17

Hogan vs Macho Man [C] – No DQ for the WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, April 20th, 1998
There’s really no reason for this match to be good, but it really is. The night before Macho had defeated Sting for the title, after a 2 month reign. Honestly there’s never a bad time for Macho to be champ. He was always over, and always kicking ass. This match works because of Macho’s leg, with him constantly fighting against the odds of Hogan & The Disicple as well as his busted leg. There’s a great moment when Hogan puts him in the Figure 4, and the fans are so use to nWo run-in bullshit that everyone stands up and looks toward the enterance. Surprisingly however, no one comes down. Brutus gives the ref a neckbreaker, as he and Hogan double team Macho. Cool spot with Brutus giving Macho a stunner with the title on his shoulder. Nash finally shows up, Jackknifing Hogan. He throws Mach on top, only for Bret Hart to show up, wallop Nash, and roll Hogan ontop of Macho.
Bret comes in and puts Hogan on top of Macho at 14:26

Sting vs The Giant – WCW Tag Team Championship – The Great American Bash, June 14th, 1998
This is where The Giant & Sting were tag champs, but since they are both in different nWo factions, they don’t want to hang together. So whoever wins this match gets both straps and chooses their partner. Giant is of course smoking, something I never really understood. It’s always shocking to see what shape the Big Show use to be in. I was dreading this match, to be honest, but it’s more than adequete. It’s not as long as it should have been, but they did a fine job with it. The Giant had the power over Sting at the beginning, but through using up every available chance he had, Sting was able to chop the Giant down. The top rope Death Drop was a nice touch. Oh, and Sting went on to choose Nash for his partner.
Sting nails Giant with a top rope SDD for the pin at 6:40

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff vs DDP & Jay Leno – Road Wild, August 8th, 1998
This was the last match I watched on the DVD because I was absolutely dreading it. It’s better than anytime Rodman got into the ring, I’ll admit that. You gotta love when Leno gets Hogan in the wrist-lock, and holds it forever as cameras soak up the moment. This match should have been about 5 minutes or so. Tops. Bright side? Leno & DDP do not dress alike.
Eubanks hits a Diamond Cutter on Hogan, giving Leno the pin at 14:34
Team WCW vs Team nWo Hollywood vs Team nWo Wolfpac – War Games to determine the #1 contender for the WCW Championship – Fall Brawl, September 13th, 1998
It’s Bret & DDP first, followed by Sting, then Stevie Ray, Piper, Luger, and Nash. I stop at Nash, because he’s really the last entrant of when the match is actually a match and not pure ridiculousness. Hogan comes out about 2 minutes early, has the flapjack and literally knocks everyone out. Yet, he doesn’t pin anyone. It makes absolutely no sense. I think he fucked up and came out too early on accident, because now he’s just buying time as he waits for The Warrior. So, the ring fills with smoke, as The Renegade appears in a neato duster. More smoke. No Warrior. Oh snaps! Now the Warrior is here! God, this is so insulting. The Warrior literally wants us to believe he can vanish at will. So long as people’s vision happens to be obscured for an indeterminate amount of time. He’s used up his vanishing power, as he’s stuck in the cage now. He then breaks out, and chases Hogan. Managing to twist both ankles and tear both biceps. Well, perhaps on the flight home he’ll force the plane to take a nosedive into a hospital.
Page hits Stevie Ray with the Diamond Cutter for the win at 20:06

Goldberg [C] vs Kevin Nash – No DQ for the WCW Championship – Starrcade, December 27th, 1998
I never understood why Goldberg needed an escort to the ring. Makes him look like a wuss. I love Bobby in the beginning of this “It’s all on the line! Goldberg’s streak, Goldberg’s title, Nash’s…………reputation!”. People can say what they want about Nash booking himself to win, but who the hell else could he count on? Plus, he was extremely over. Wolfpac was really hot at the time. What’s with all the goddamn run ins?! Can’t they just leave well enough alone for the World Title matches? I guess I shouldn’t ask so much from a company that did a complete 180 in every way possible in about 8 months. As for the match though,
honestly, it’s not nearly as bad as it should have been. They both did as good as they could at this point, given who they’re both in the ring with.
Nash hits Goldberg with the Jacknife for the pin at 11:20

Bret Hart vs Goldberg – WCW Championship – Monday Nitro, December 20th, 1999
Mike Tenay says that last night at Starrcade, Goldberg go the short end of the stick. Boy, in hindsight that is extremely incorrect. This match isn’t much, at all. The only highlight is Piper covering Goldberg for the 3 count and Bret winning the belt as a result. The thing lasted less than 6 minutes. Bret must have loved working these style of matches.
Piper pins Goldberg at 5:44 to give Bret the strap

If you want to see how nWo 2000 ended up, and who doesn’t? Then do check out WCW In 2000

Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock vs The nWo – RAW, March 11th, 2002
Geez, this is like a dream match you’d come up with in No Mercy or something. Absolute ridiculous the names all crammed in this bout, and it’s on free TV no less. This is the go home Raw for WrestleMania, so it makes sense now. If they would have given this match about 5-6 minutes more, we could have had a TV classic on our hands. Everyone busts their asses in this match, and I enjoyed it. The nWo did a great job of
keeping The Rock on their side of the ring, using classic heel cheating bullshit and what have you. There was a ton of energy, and never any down time. A damn fine TV main event.
Hulk Hogan drops the leg on The Rock for the pin at 9:30

Showcase Showdown:
It’s a great DVD. If you’re not a fan of the nWo, this isn’t going to change your mind. But if you are, then you’re going to really dig the hell out of this. As I said in the beginning, you should get the bluray. It has the Roundtable Discussion, and quite a few more moments, which is of course what the nWo was all about. The group is and always will be my all time favorite angle. I was the exact demo they were looking for, and I lapped it up. Before I go, there’s an easter egg hidden on the DVD. It’s a clip of The Big Show saying something to the effect of “Was the nWo cool? No, it wasn’t fucking cool. It was the absolute worst thing for the business, and it ended up destroying the fucking company.”. I thought that was a pretty funny inclusion. Also, did X-Pac get a nose job? He looks odd. 

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